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[[caption-width-right:330:Who are you calling limbless?]]

Snake People, Naga, Lamia, or [[WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse "Sneeple"]] are a {{liminal being}} usually depicted with a human head, arms and torso with the added twist of a snake's tail similar in many respects to a [[OurMermaidsAreDifferent mermaid]], [[OurCentaursAreDifferent centaur]], and [[FogFeet some]] [[OurGeniesAreDifferent genies]]. Beings like this can also involve more exotic bodily configurations such as [[WingedTropes wings]] or changing the ratio of snake to human. Also, for some reason, most examples are female.[[note]]The reason is breasts.[[/note]]

Most of the time such Snake People are depicted as slithering upright like a cobra (as in, a cobra who's about to strike) instead of slithering face-down with their whole body. Female Snake People are almost always depicted with NonMammalMammaries and often with NonMammalianHair.

{{Medusa}} is [[Creator/RayHarryhausen occasionally]] depicted this way.

Snake People may have some aquatic ability as well, either being superior swimmers or actually able to breathe underwater, in which case they would be a subtrope of UnscaledMerfolk, with the best of both worlds. They may or may not talk in SssssnakeTalk. Similarly, they are often evil because SnakesAreSinister, but like many other {{Cute Monster Girl}}s, DarkIsNotEvil may come into play. Or they were already villains who just [[ScaledUp turned into snakes]].

Traditionally, Lamia was a Libyan queen who ate children, but Creator/JohnKeats might have turned her into a snake woman even though she wasn't [[SadlyMythtaken originally]], possibly combining her with Lilith, who was associated with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

In Hinduism and Myth/HinduMythology, Nagas (more properly nagin or nagini if a female) are a very diverse group of snake-related entities, ranging from nature spirits to gods. Perhaps influencing the number of Snake People who are {{Multi Armed and Dangerous}}. Though the Naga of Hindu myth themselves usually only have two arms or none. Sometimes they have [[MultipleHeadCase multiple heads]].

Compare with LizardFolk, TheReptilians, and GorgeousGorgon when the Snake Person is hot. Because SnakesAreSexy, this happens quite often even though snake people are, like mermaids, frequently subject to the MermaidProblem.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* The title protagonist of ''Manga/VampirePrincessMiyu'' fights against a terrifying snake woman in one of the episodes of the TV series.
* ''Manga/InuYasha''
** The twins Kinka and Ginka, who have human-looking torsos and very long snake tails which end up [[ConjoinedTwins encircling each other]]. They are from a species of {{Youkai}} always hatching with two heads, but usually with the stronger one devouring the other head early on.
** The early villainess Mistress Centipede was a [[CreepyCentipedes centipede]] variation
* In ''Manga/PetShopOfHorrors,'' one of the very first "pets" was a basilisk that looked like a beautiful snake woman. This particular variety was albino -- but looking into her eyes meant instant death.
* In ''{{Manga/Claymore}}'', Ophelia's Awakened form looks like one of these, only she has what are like gigantic blades coming out of her human-looking back.
* In ''{{Manga/Naruto}}'', Orochimaru, [[spoiler:and later Kabuto as well.]]
* ''{{Franchise/Gundam}}''
** In ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam'', India's [[http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/g/gf13-030nin.htm Cobra Gundam]] takes this form normally; the pilot can separate the upper portion into a standard humanoid mecha while the tail portion is controlled by his pet snake.
** ''Anime/SDGundamForce''[='s=] take on the Scorpio from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'' (which appears exclusively in the {{Playstation 2}} game) is another mechanical example.
* ''Anime/PanzerWorldGalient'' in the third OVA have Jashin-Hei and HumongousMecha with half-snake part.
* ''Manga/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirl'' is an {{Ecchi}}/[[HaremGenre Harem]] manga in which the main character has to be a host towards a [[CuteMonsterGirl female Lamia]] who constantly makes advances on him.
** Early on, it hits him that she's pretty much half-human, half-''anaconda''; if she ever completely lost control of herself, she could easily crush him in her coils like an empty soda can.
* In ''Manga/{{Amatsuki}}'' the demon Byakuroku usually appears as half beautiful man and half white snake.
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', when Cyan Sung-Sun activates her [[OneWingedAngel Resurrección]], her lower body becomes that of a snake's, making her look like a lamia. She can also conjure up snakes to attack with.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'' has Kinana, a girl who was unwillingly turned into a giant snake and given the name Cubellios. Eventually she's turned back into a normal human, though she later started learning [[VoluntaryShapeshifter transformation magic]].
** The guild Lamia Scale has, as the name implies, this creature as their mascot, though their members are humans and not Lamias.
* The Antarcticans from ''Manga/ACentaursLife'' are called 'Serpentines' because of their snake-like appearances, but they are not reptiles. Biologically they're related more to birds than snakes. While all shown characters are females produced by the queen, unlike most examples they are essentially huge big-headed snakes with humanoid limbs and no trace whatsoever of human faces or breasts. Some have both arms and legs, some are huge with four arms and slither around. Antarcticans are up to all kinds of things behind the scenes, but the member of the main cast, Sasasul, is a very nice and timid girl.
* In the Battle City arc of ''Anime/YuGiOh'', Rashid used the "Trap Monster" [[http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Embodiment_of_Apophis Embodiment of Apophis]]. (A Trap Monster, as the name suggests, is a Trap Card that functions like a monster once activated. Ironically, this one is the weakest, having no other effects, but it gained notoriety for being the first.)

[[folder:Card Games]]
* LegendOfTheFiveRings includes the Naga as a playable faction.
* [[http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Vennominaga_the_Deity_of_Poisonous_Snakes Vennominaga]] from the ''Tabletopgame/YuGiOh'' card game.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Minor ''Franchise/SpiderMan'' villain Yith.
* ''{{ComicBook/Hellboy}}'''s Hecate turns into one.
* There is an obscure Creator/MarvelComics villain called Slither who is, as you might guess, a snake-man. He was usually associated with a fairly obscure team called Mutant Force, which originated as a short-lived iteration of the [[ComicBook/XMen Brotherhood of Mutants]].
* The Viper (Madame Hydra), a regular foe of ComicBook/CaptainAmerica, launched a hostile takeover of the Serpent Society so she could use them to carry out a plot against Washington, D.C.: to poison the population and turn them all into Snake People. Slither was her right-hand man for the operation.
* ''Snake Woman'' by Virgin Comics involves Jessica Peterson, who transforms into one whenever she is put under considerable stress. She's described as something "not quite snake and not quite human."
* Detective Comics #514-517 features a villain named Lady Viper who is a naga.
** In issue #516 Batgirl gets bitten by Lady Viper and later has a nightmare in which she has grown her own serpant tail replacing her legs. She awakens later relieved it was a dream only to discover to her horror that she has become half snake in reality as well. In issue #517 Batgirl in her naga form manages to defeat Lady Viper and finds a way to become human again.
* In ''[[ComicBook/AthenaVoltaire Athena Voltaire and the Brotherhood of Shambalha]]'', the way to Arharta is guarded by a statue of a four-armed, sword-wielding naga, and opening the way brings that statue to life. Ethan Storm believes that his ritual will control her; either he's wrong or he's treacherous, because she promptly kills his allies.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Superjail!'': [[http://fav.me/d4gznpk Kordora et Vulla]] The Twins' fan-made [[DistaffCounterpart female equivalents]], who are also their love interests, making them [[DoubleInLawMarriage practical double in-laws]].
* In the ''Franchise/{{Shadowchasers}}'' franchise, the first Shadowkind seen was Hebi-Na, a member of a race of Snake People called ophidian; she was also [[StarterVillain the first serious enemy character]]. The ophidia (including Hebi-Na) were serious villains in ''Fanfic/ShadowchasersPowerPrimordial'', and Hebi-Na was [[ADayInTheLimelight the main focus]] of ''Fanfic/ShadowchasersSoulscape'', [[spoiler:where she made her HeelFaceTurn.]]
* The mutie biker Harley from the ''Film/{{Dredd}}'' fanfic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10600928/1/Highway-Don-t-Care Highway Don't Care]] is never described as a snake woman, but the scales, fangs, unhinging jaw and slit-pupilled eyes rather give it away. Also described as being [[SnakesAreSexy fairly easy on the eyes]].

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeTheMovie'': "[[BigBad WAS]] [[SssssnakeTalk ONCCCCCCCCEEEEEE]] [[BalefulPolymorph A]] [[WasOnceAMan MAN]]!"
* ''WesternAnimation/WonderWoman'' has some wyvern/dragon things with a serpents tail as background combatants. They were intelligent enough to do so without riders compared to the pegasi.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Medusa in ''Film/ClashOfTheTitans'' (1981 and 2010).
* In ''Film/The7thVoyageOfSinbad'', an evil magician temporarily combines a woman and a snake to create a four-armed woman with a snake's tail.
* ''{{Film/Beetlejuice}}'': Snake!Beetlejuice, except with no arms.
* ''Film/TheGoldenChild''. The woman who gives information from behind a screen turns out to have a lower body consisting of several long tails. You see, one of her ancestors was raped by a dragon ...
* The vampires from ''Film/TheLairOfTheWhiteWorm'' hover between this and LizardFolk.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'' has [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Thisspiasian Thisspiasians]], specifically Oppo Rancisis in the background of the Jedi Council scenes in the first two prequels.
* ''Film/TheSorcererAndTheWhiteSnake'': The Snake Demon sisters Quingquing and Susu when they appear [[PartialTransformation half human]].
* ''Film/{{Dreamscape}}'' features no less than three Snake-Men. Alex meets the first one in Buddy's terrifying nightmare. Later, Tommy Ray transforms into one to terrorize Alex when they both enter the President's dream. Finally, Alex himself transforms into one [[spoiler: when he dispatches Bob Blair.]]

* ''Literature/FightingFantasy''
** One of the many oddities/dangers of Port Blacksand is the so-called Serpent Queen, a woman whose head and neck have been replaced with those of a giant snake.
** The supplement ''Out of the Pit'' describes the Caarth (and their elite warriors, the Serpent Guards), a whole civilization of Snake People living in the endless desert wastes of the world of Titan. They're rumored to be responsible of the curse laid on the Serpent Queen.
* In the ''Literature/LoneWolf'' series, Darklord Taktaal is described as having the body of a snake, covered by disease-ridden hair. He also has clawed hands and a smooth, ice-white head with a muzzle filled with rows of razor-sharp fangs.

* The ''Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse'' has other lesser known snake-like races such as the Ipharian-Da'Lor, who have a similar body structure to the Thisspiasians minus the excess facial hair and second pair of arms.
* A naga-like one of these (called "Man-Serpents", having human heads with snakes for hair on purely serpent bodies, to differentiate themselves from "Serpent-Men", who have scaly human bodies with the heads of snakes) appears in the ''ConanTheBarbarian'' story "Literature/TheGodInTheBowl," sent in a large jar to a man who dabbled with secrets he shouldn't have touched.
* There are no nagas in ''Literature/HarryPotter''. However, the legend may be known -- Voldemort's snake familiar is called Nagini, which is either a reference to the naga or to Kipling.
* ''{{Literature/Xanth}}'', FantasyKitchenSink that it is, is home to a race of Nagas, the princess of which ends up as a LoveInterest to one of the characters.
* In the ''Franchise/StarTrekNovelVerse'', there's a race known as Resaurians, who are essentially snakes with upper grasping limbs. They're usually quite friendly.
* In ''Literature/TheEchoriumSequence'', one of the four races of "half-creature" are naga: half human, half water snake, and obsessed with shiny objects.
* The Nyissa, especially the queen, in ''The {{Literature/Belgariad}}''
* Shay-za'ns or "Burnt Souls" from the ''Literature/WindAndSparks'' cycle. Upper torso of a human without ears and nose, short snake tail below. The [[http://jacketupload.macmillanusa.com/jackets/high_res/jpgs/9780765334893.jpg front cover illustration]] from ''[[http://us.macmillan.com/chasersofthewind/AlexeyPehov Chasers of the Wind]]'' is accurate enough. They don't crawl, they fly with magic, albeit no higher than 2-3 yards above ground. Desert dwellers, unsurpassed archers (of the ColdSniper variety), [[IAmAHumanitarian who like to eat sentient creatures]], especially Je'arre ([[WingedHumanoid winged people]]). [[UnreliableNarrator According to legends]] they used to be Je'arre too, but revolted against their god, and he took away their wings and souls; they die the final death and don't go to the Blessed Gardens or Abyss. Considering that god's [[AllPowerfulBystander general disposition]], one has to wonder what the Abyss they did to make him act. Or maybe that wasn't him at all.
* The Sssstamne of Literature/TheRogueKing.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys''
** Episode "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wrong_Path The Wrong Path]]." The title character fights the She Demon, which has the upper half of a woman and the lower half of a snake.
** Echidna, the Mother of All Monsters (and specifically of the She-Demon) also appears half woman/half snake. Sort of, but it's a bit of a stretch. She had serpent tails/tentacles for her arms and legs, but she did have '''two''' of them coming out of her hips.
* One of these appeared briefly in ''{{Series/Sanctuary}}'', a cunning predator that had been accidentally released in the Sanctuary.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** Machida, the snake-thing from "Reptile Boy" counts ... while he has a humanoid head and arms, the rest is all snake.
** Aluwyn from Season 8.
* The cobra-like Wesen Lausenschlange in ''{{Series/Grimm}}''.

[[folder:Multiple Media]]
* Metus from ''Franchise/{{Bionicle}}'' was turned into one by Mata Nui using the Mask of Life, as punishment for betraying his folk. He turned back into his original form some time later as a result of Mata Nui using his powers to restore the planet Spherus Magna into its original state and undo all mutations that befell the characters.

* Myth/GreekMythology
** Echidna, the mother of all monsters, is something of this. She's depicted as having anywhere from one to two snake tails. She is technically called a dragon-lady or drakaina, but she comes close to being this.
** The story of Lamia, Queen of Libya, a woman driven to eat her children, sometimes depicts the title character as half snake.
** Also Kekrops, an early king of Athens who was depicted as being CloserToEarth by having the lower body of a snake.
** There was also a tribe called the Skiritai who were snake men with slit nostrils in place of a nose (think Voldemort) and a pair of serpent tails instead of legs.
* In Thailand, the Naga is a Pluto-analogue, an underworld deity associated with wealth. Another related being is a dragon that lives in the Mekong River, where the Naga Fireball phenomenon occurs.
* The Malay believe nagas are multiple-headed dragons.
* Laosians view the naga as sea serpents with beaks.
* Cambodians believe they are descended from the daughter of the King of the Nagas, a race of snake creatures with a vast empire under the Pacific Ocean. Seven-headed Nagas decorate Angkor Wat, hinting at this union.
* In Myth/ChineseMythology the primordial goddess Nuwa, who created humans, is often depicted with the body of a serpent and the head of a woman.
* Speaking of the Chinese, there's always [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_White_Snake Madame White Snake]] and her sister. They even had a Western opera done up in Boston.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melusine Melusine]] was supposed to have been like this, though they are often depicted with two tails instead of the standard one.
* The snake-headed Roman deity Glycon, worshiped by Creator/AlanMoore, is closer to the trope, as are certain depictions of the serpent in the garden of Eden, sometimes shown with a woman's head.
* Nure-onna are {{Youkai}} in Japanese folklore that have a woman's face and a serpent's body.

* One of the aliens in ''Pinball/BigBangBar'' is a giant serpent with a cartoonish humanoid head.
* ''Pinball/{{Viper}}'' features a RobotGirl amid a group of robotic snakes--the gynoid appears to have snake-like features herself.
* The mermaids of ''Pinball/{{Fathom}}'' have long prehensile tails that evoke this trope.
* In ''Pinball/AsteroidAnnieAndTheAliens,'' a yellow serpent alien with spindly arms and a bald humanoid head watches a saucer on the right side of the playfield.

* Mentioned in the introduction, Creator/JohnKeats' ''Lamia'' involves the god Hermes helping restore the titular character to her human form, in exchange for help in finding his love interest (a nymph). At the end of the poem, however, the sage Apollonius reveals to Lamia's lover Lycius that she's still a serpent--she suddenly vanishes, and Lycius dies instantly.

* UsefulNotes/{{Hinduism}}
** Nagas can shift from their (often multi-hooded) snake form to human form and almost all are capable of magic in some form or the other. One of the most powerful is the thousand-headed Naga named Ananta("the unending one"), a servant of the God Vishnu, who reincarnated as his master's brother in some incarnations (notably, as Rama's brother Lakshmana and Krishna's brother Balarama).
** The king of Nagas is Vasuki, who lives in the netherworld. The Nagas living in the human world are nature spirits associated with water — rainfall, lakes, rivers, wells, seas and springs — and will bring droughts and floods if provoked.
** Naga occur frequently in the ''{{Mahabharata}}''. Even though the text proclaims them to be the "persecutors of all creatures" and they are powerful, poisonous creatures, the naga we see in the story vary between good and evil.
** The Buddhist tradition, on the other hand, tends to associate the naga with whatever dragon-like deity exists in the local culture, such as the Chinese long or Tibetan klu. The Buddhist naga is usually depicted as a cobra, sometimes with several heads, or as a human with a snake behind its head, indicating that it shapeshifted into a human form. The most famous naga in Buddhism is Mucalinda, the naga that protected the Buddha. When you see the Buddha meditating under the hood of a coiled cobra, that is Mucalinda.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''
** Nagas (snake with a human head) and Marilith demons (AlwaysFemale, human head and torso, snake tail, and six arms; pictured above).
** The yuan-ti mix human and snake features to a varying extent, ranging from almost entirely human with a few snakelike parts to being entirely snakelike.
** Their ancestors, the Sarrukh, from the ''TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms''.
** And the Lillend, a rare explicitly good-aligned example, who has wings along with the female human torso & arms. When they first appeared in the 2nd edition, they were one of D&D's rare dabblings into {{transsexual}}ity; these early lillends came in feminine and masculine forms, though they were all biologically female -- "male" lillends looked male and followed male human patterns of dress and custom, but had female reproductive organs and produced offspring by spontaneous self-fertilised pregnancy, just like the visibly female ones. This trait has been lost in all subsequent editions; even ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' hasn't reused it.
** Then there are the Salamanders, who are a [[WreathedInFlames fire-version]] of this (they have arms, reptilian heads however).
** The Jarkung in ''{{Magazine/Dragon}}'' magazine #14 and #37. Snake-like body, 2 arms, long tail with a knob on the end.
** {{Medusa}}e in 2e had a 10% [[BizarreSexualDimorphism female only]] minority who were of the "Lamia style"; human from the waist up, giant snake from the waist down. In 3e and 4e, though, they are fully humanoid SnakePeople, having no tails, but definitely reptilian features, scaly skin and, of course, snakes for hair.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}''
** The Lillend and the Naga have reappeared from their parent game.
** Though the common Lamia is a [[OurCentaursAreDifferent Centaur-like melding of woman and great cat]], a variant known as the Lamia Matriarch does fit the bill.
*** A fan article from ''KoboldQuarterly'' #23 has a weaker version of the Lamia Matriarch, known as the Lamia Commoner, as a playable race.
** The Serpent Folk are one part an expy of Faerun's Yuan-ti and one part a ShoutOut to the humanoid snakes of ''Literature/ConanTheBarbarian'' and ''Literature/KingKull''.
** A playable race, the Vishkanya, are arguably also Yuan-ti expies, as they are SnakePeople who essentially resemble humans with scaled skin and snake eyes, as well as [[PoisonousPerson poisonous blood and saliva]]. They come from Pathfinder's as-yet unrevealed India [[FantasyCounterpartCulture stand-in]], like the Vanara monkey-folk, and were based off of mythological female assassins from India.
** The Nagaji, meanwhile, are far more dramatic hybrids of human and snake, though still bipedal and tail-free; they come from the Dragon Empires, where they were created by the nagas as a servitor race.
* The Followers of Set in ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade'' acquire the power to become this at advanced levels.
* ''{{TabletopGame/Earthdawn}}''
** The Horror named Ysrthgrathe in the supplement ''Scourge Unending''.
** ''Earthdawn'' also has its own Nagas, as seen in ''Creatures of Barsaive''.
* ''The Lexicon (Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis)''. The tropical jungle of Yallock had the Nagaraja, who were half human, half serpent.
* One of the races (and a former playable faction) in ''TabletopGame/LegendOfTheFiveRings'', the Naga are an ancient race of snake-folk. Despite their alien nature (and the assumption of many characters early on that they were demons) the Naga were dedicated to the destruction of The Foul (their race's term for creatures of the Shadowlands and Lying Darkness).
* In ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse'', the Nagah weresnakes turn into this in their warforms. Unlike most examples, this is not meant to be sexualized; similar to other werecreatures in the game, their heads are fully snakelike, and their humanoid torsos have the same scale pattern as the rest of them.
* In ''TabletopGame/ChangelingTheDreaming'', merfolk from House Melsinee have the lower halves of air-breathing sea creatures, which can include snakes.
** The fu hsi ''hsien'' are serpent shapeshifters with three forms: their human form, their snake form, and their supernatural form, which is half-human, half-snake.
* ''TabletopGame/FengShui'' has the Snake Men, just one of the many demons the [[EvilSorcerer Lotus]] like to summon, which are not to be confused with Ascended-style transformed snakes, which are descended from snakes which transformed themselves into humans.
* The Lemurians in the Freedom City setting for ''TabletopGame/MutantsAndMasterminds''. Evil snake-men who worship an EldritchAbomination.
* ''[[http://galileogames.com/bulldogs-fate/ Bulldogs!]]'' features the naga-like Saldrallans, who are not only one of the core player races, but make up one of the setting's two rival empires.
* One of the very first Champions of Chaos for ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' was Dechala the Denied One, a Slaanesh-worshiping High Elf who had been corrupted into a very Marilith-like form (six arms, all carrying swords, and snake-tail for a lower torso). This very similar look to the ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' creature and her absence from more recent editions of the game might not be unrelated.
* In the furry sci-fi game ''TabletopGame/HcSvntDracones'' snake Vectors are playable, though they can only take the [[TalkingAnimal Lateral]] or "taur" Morphisms, in the latter case their two extra limbs are arms and they are colloquially known as "nagas".

* ''Zarkana'' features a number of "Mutant Ladies" who try to seduce the titular Zark. Among them is Kundalini, a snake woman.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Lamia, the first boss in ''VideoGame/TheBattleOfOlympus''.
* Deis/Bleu from the ''VideoGame/BreathOfFire'' series.
* ''VideoGame/EverQuest 2'': The Nizari. There's also the Onaya and Ca'Na as aquatic variations.
* ''{{VideoGame/Warcraft}}'' / ''{{VideoGame/World of Warcraft}}''
** ''Warcraft 3'''s naga are this. [[BizarreSexualDimorphism The males are more monstrous, the females more human-like with four arms]]. They show up again in most beachside zones of ''World of Warcraft''.
** There are also venomlords, trolls who have overdosed on the mojo of their native snake Loa (animal spirit) and turn into a more realistic looking snake naga than the actual nagas (who look more dragon-like than snake-like).
* The Forgotten from ''VideoGame/GuildWars Prophecies'' and the Nagas from ''Factions''.
** The Krait from ''VideoGame/GuildWars2''.
* ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'' has the Naga-ette. You can find an item called "Naga-ette Bromide," which is in fact an erotic photo of said creature.
* The ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' series occasionally includes Lamia as an enemy type.
** The [[UndergroundMonkey upgraded]] version are often called Liliths.
** The very first game has the Fiend of Fire, Kary/Marilith as a powerful, multi-limbed snake person. It's the game's second WakeUpCallBoss (the first being Astos).
* A great deal of these exist in ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' -- naga (usually portrayed as male), lamia, gorgons... ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiII'' even had [[Film/{{Beetlejuice}} Betelguise]] in snake-person form as a boss.
* The aptly named Snakemen from ''{{VideoGame/X-COM}}: Enemy Unknown''. They are infamous among X-Com veterans, mostly in part of their race's terror unit, the Chryssalid.
** The remake, ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown'' and its expansion pack ''Enemy Within'' replace Snakemen with Thin Men; snake-eyed, [[SuperSpit venom-spewing]] [[NoodlePeople exaggeratedly slender and tall]] humanoids with subtle patches of scales. The sequel to the remake, ''VideoGame/{{XCOM 2}}'', has the Vipers, which are basically Snakemen with better graphics and given a more feminine mein (subtle NonMammalianMammaries and HartmanHips).
* The PC Engine/Turbografix pinball game ''Devil's Crush'' has a shadowy face in the middle of the pinball board that, when struck, reveals itself to be a woman. Hit it a few more time and she slowly morphs into a half-snake hybrid, then a full-on snake.
* The Sanctuary faction introduced in ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic VI''. Also Nagas and Medusas from earlier games.
* The RPG ''VideoGame/ArxFatalis'' features a friendly race of snake-women who served as librarians and advisers to the king. They were not all good though: [[spoiler:the human princess was demanded to join them without giving her (or her father, the king) much say in the matter.]]
* ''VideoGame/AgeOfMythology'' depicts Medusa this way, and gives them a bow as well. [[Film/ClashOfTheTitans That sounds familliar...]]
* ''VideoGame/DungeonCrawl'' has Nagas as one of the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfRaces many playable species.]] They are semi-humanoid with a snake tail instead of legs, are stealthy, can spit and resist poison and are good at poison magic.
** Poison resistance is very useful, but nagas are the slowest race in the game. And Dungeon Crawl is a game where running away is a vital survival skill. However, there is a deity who can turn slowness into substantial stat bonuses, and one of his worship powers deals a massive amount of damage to anything faster than the invoker.
* ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' has the snakemen in Sen's Fortress. Unlike most other examples listed here, though, these snakemen have the upper torsos of snakes and the lower bodies of humans.
** ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsII'' now includes the boss "Mytha, the Baneful Queen", a naga [[HeadlessHorseman carrying its detached head]] that resides in Earthen Peak, a Sen's-Fortress-esque tower. She holds it in her hand and uses it to [[DetachmentCombat fire magic at you while also stabbing you with her spear]], and can also [[TailSlap slap you with her tail]] or grab you, wrap you in her tail and crush you. [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill In a pool of]] [[UniversalPoison poison.]]
* Shows up from time to time in Roguelikes as a playable class. Notable is the Echidna in ''Hydra Slayer''. More fragile than a human character in a game where being able to kill a level-appropriate monster quickly - or ''at all'' - is never certain and the only source of healing is killing, too slow on their lower body to run without being brutalized every "step" of the way, and they start (like humans) only able to carry two weapons. But where any trained human is ambidextrous, an echidna is (as the page image would imply) ''multidextrous''; their "basic attack against one target" can be executed with any subset of held weapons. With enough arms and a versatile set of weapons, this race can master the quick kill or stun.
* Some mentions of the Tsaesci describe them as this in ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''. However, thus far they have not appeared in the games, only in the lore (due to living on a different continent).
* Isis from ''VideoGame/RagnarokOnline''.
* ''[[VideoGame/CityOfHeroes City of Villains]]'' had a whole enemy group called the Snakes, which were giant snakes with arms. They were the children of Stheno, a woman who became a serpentine Incarnate by drinking from the Well of Furies.
** Speaking of Furies, the all-female Talons of Vengeance is host to a number of snake people as well--women who succumbed to the HatePlague spread by the Talons, joined their ranks, and morphed into a half-human, half-snake hybrid.
* The Deceivers from ''Videogame/DiabloIII''. They can even take the appearance of a human for a while.
* ''Monster Girl Quest'' is loaded with lamias of different varieties, most notably Alice, the lead female character [[spoiler:and current MonsterLord]] who is distinguished by her [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe purple skin]].
* ''VideoGame/PuzzleAndDragons'' has two Snake People in the "Healer Girl" series. There's Naga -> Echidna. Then there's Succubus -> Lilith. In the case of Lilith, she has a snake permanently attached to her, as traditionally depicted. Then there's an upcoming REM monster Typhon, a very muscular Snake Person with ''two snakes'' as his tails. As a nod to mythology, he's wielding the same swords as "Crimson Lotus Mistress, Echidna". [[note]]In Greek mythology, Typhon is Echidna's husband.[[/note]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Toukiden}}'' has two examples, one added in UpdatedReRelease ''Toukiden Kiwami'':
** The Nightblade is a huge [[MultiArmedAndDangerous four-armed]] snake person with a rather masculine, reptilian face and attacks with a combination of giant weapons and magic. There is also a stronger version called the Sableblade.
** The Glaciabella (and PaletteSwap Mortabella) introduced in ''Kiwami'' has a woman's torso, an inhumanly beautiful face, and soft "wings" growing out of its back. [[spoiler: Its ''real'' head, revealed when it goes berserk, is snakelike with a woman's face growing under the jaw.]]
* ''VideoGame/LaMulana'' has Tiamat, one of the eight Guardians of the ruins. She's a powerful RealityWarper and has eleven monstrous children, who act as minibosses in the area she resides in.
* ''VideoGame/WindChildBlack'' gives us Echiradne "Ecchi" Abraxurxes, a long-lived sorceress who has slept for the last 10,000 years.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Several ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''-inspired webcomics features the races of SnakePeople mentioned above.
** [[http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?id=767 Kwaii]] from ''{{Webcomic/Drowtales}}''.
** Kia's sister Guinness in the original ''{{Webcomic/Krakow}}'' (she's based on the ''D&D'' marilith).
** In ''{{Webcomic/Goblins}}'', Kin the yuan-ti is a CuteMonsterGirl and a rare case of snake person as a main character.
** A red-headed yuan-ti with a Texan accent appears in ''Webcomic/RustyAndCo''
** In ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'', Malack identifies himself as LizardFolk, but seems to lack hind legs (it's not quite clear at first due to his long cloak). [[spoiler: He's also [[OurVampiresAreDifferent a vampire]].]]
* In ''Webcomic/TheWotch'', both the [[http://www.thewotch.com/comics/2005/03/20050325.jpg title character]] and the writer Anne Onymous have been portrayed as shapechanged into the form of a naga.
* Nagas (both armed and armless) are just one of the local species of PettingZooPeople in ''Crossworlds''. Apparently both male and females have NonMammalMammaries. AllThereInTheManual, or at least in the background information on the site: the naga have a caste system, and a naga's status is based on the number of arms, with the eight-armed being the leaders down to the two-armed being the peasants, and armless being an "untouchable" caste. Armless Naga gain telekinesis to allow them to manipulate objects and are commonly gifted with sorcery.
* ''Webcomic/EerieCuties'': Brooke is a 14 year old Melusine (now 15, as of the timeskip) with the ability to [[VoluntaryShapeshifter voluntarily shift into]] [[http://www.eeriecuties.com/strips-ec/thick_scales! snake form.]] Though she's ashamed of it and would rather her friends [[http://www.eeriecuties.com/strips-ec/going_through_a_phase not know about it]], which is why she prefers to remain in human form - [[YouWouldntLikeMeWhenImAngry unless provoked.]]
* ''{{Webcomic/Zoophobia}}'''s Latika is a naga.
* In ''Webcomic/MeatShield'', the inhabitants of Vedris, the City of Serpents. Extract from the ''Encyclopedia Ardrisia'':
-->''The Church of Vasra, God of Serpents and Secrets, is headquartered here. Long ago, a fundamentalist movement in Vedris prompted the faithful to undergo magical transformations into snake-human hybrids to prove their devotion. This magical alteration has bred true and now nearly 50% of the population are snakepeople.''
* ''Webcomic/KarinDou4koma'' has Sara, a white snake youkai. She has the lower body of a snake and on one occasion gets slit pupils and a snake tongue while angry. Ironically, her boyfriend is a toad youkai, who's a little unsettled by Sara's regular, loving remarks about him looking delicious and wanting to eat him up...
* The whole Ananta sura clan from ''Webcomic/{{Kubera}}'' is this... and manages to cover the whole spectrum of snakey-reptileness and peopleness, sometimes in [[ShapeShifting one individual]], depending on the age and type of sura in question. The younger and lesser sura are [[ShapeshifterModeLock mode-locked]] in the snakiest forms, though.
* Charlotte in ''Webcomic/AtArmsLength'', a four-armed naga who owns an auction house and provides information on exotic artifacts.
* Geenie, the snake genie from ''Webcomic/AddictiveScience'' with a crush on Lukas.
* Francesca from ''Webcomic/TheHorrifyingExperimentsOfDrPleasant'' is a "fusion of mammalian and reptilian biologies."


[[folder:Web Original]]
* Erotic TF artist Darin Brown uses the pseudonym Naga, and has drawn several "self-portraits" of his female Naga persona. [[http://www.nagasden.com/ NSFW link]].
* Nagas appear in ''{{Felarya}}'', often [[{{Pun}} scaled up]] to AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever proportions.
* Snakes in the ''Roleplay/DarwinsSoldiers'' universe take this form. They have no hair, no breasts and only two arms.
* Diamondback, one of the mutant students (and secondary viewpoint characters) at [[Literature/WhateleyUniverse Whateley Academy]].
* Japanese artist Ogitsune (AKA Anakakecya-han), known for his {{Moe Personification}}s of warships and military vehicles, [[http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=32520619 personified the American P-39 Airacobra]] sporting a snake's tail, CuteLittleFangs, and mechanical wings.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* "[[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampies]]" in ''WesternAnimation/RoswellConspiracies''.
* Nagas appear in ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays''.
* ''WesternAnimation/ConanTheAdventurer'' had a naga that was less a human with the lower half of a snake, more like a large snake with small arms and a humanoid face. The Serpent-Men are examples of the rare "fully humanoid" version, having snake-like facial features (including fangs, tongue and breathing tube), scaly skin and legs, without any hint of a tail.
* There was a episode of ''{{Disney/Aladdin}}'' where Jasmine began turning into a venomous naga, and Aladdin had to go on a quest to find the cure.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' has an Aesop villian become some kind of naga with stuff added [[FromBadToWorse before going]] ClippedWingAngel.
* There is an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TaleSpin'' where the villain is a cobra fellow. He appears to be anthropomorphized like the rest of the cast, but when he loses all his clothes at the end of the episode, [[MobileSuitHuman he's just a big snake]].
* Cedric, TheDragon from the first season of ''{{WesternAnimation/WITCH}}'', is one of these in his true form, though he spends a lot of his time shapeshifted as a human. Interestingly, his race all seem to be shapechangers, but aren't all SnakePeople- the only other one shown, [[CreepyChild Miranda]], changes into an anthropomorphic ''spider''.
* In an early episode of ''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce'', [[ButtMonkey Carl]] [[ItMakesSenseInContext picks a mummy's headdress out of the garbage]] and shows it off to the other characters, completely unaware to the fact his legs have turned into a snake's tail.
* The skeleton mooks from ''{{Ninjago}}'' have been phased out in favor of Serpentine later in the series, [[CaptainObvious which the name tells you everything you need to know]]. As of now, they've become [[SealedEvilInACan trapped underground again]] by the next BigBad.
* A gargoyle with this body type was part of the Guatemalan clan in ''Westernanimation/{{Gargoyles}}''; [[WordOfGod according to Greg Weisman]]. this is the standard form in Guatemala.