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''For the Marvel Comics superhero character, [[ComicBook/TheAwesomeSlapstick click here]].''

-> '''Kevyn:''' Define "funny."
-> '''Doctor Bunnigus:''' When it happens to you, rather than happening to me?
-> '''Kevyn:''' So... [[{{Nanomachines}} My bloodstream]] is [[AIIsACrapshoot full of slapstick.]]
--> --''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary''

'''Slapstick''' is essentially physical ComedicSociopathy--people who aren't you getting hurt in obscene ways (e.g. [[Creator/MelBrooks falling into open sewers and dying]]); that's comedy. The defining feature of slapstick is its highly exaggerated nature, combined with a lack of serious physical consequences. ThePratfall is a staple of slapstick humor.

The name comes from a prop in the ''CommediaDellArte'': the ''battacchio'', or "Slap Stick", is two pieces of wood that [[TheCoconutEffect sound more like punching than punching does]], without causing any physical damage; making this OlderThanSteam. It has been a staple of {{Vaudeville}} and {{Burlesque}}; and a consistent thread in many types of comedy, most notably the {{Farce}}. Exemplified in the modern era by artists like Creator/CharlieChaplin, Creator/BusterKeaton, and Creator/LaurelAndHardy; and continued by recent performers such as the British comedy team of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson, and Canadian actor Creator/JimCarrey.

While slapstick is present to some degree in many comedic works; examples should be works that depend entirely or predominantly on this form of exaggerated physical comedy for their humour.

An interesting bit of neurological trivia: finding slapstick funny is ''very'' deeply seated in the brain. A study was done of patients who had previously sustained head trauma who were shown comedy clips of varying types. It was found that while many had lost the capacity to "get" puns and higher humor, almost all still found slapstick funny. So while some people still complain that a show like ''Series/AmericasFunniestHomeVideos'' where people repeatedly fall and get hit in the crotch is not amusing, it's not really surprising that the show still continues to be popular across all demographics for well over 20 years.


* AgonyOfTheFeet
* AssShove
* BananaPeel
* BellyFlopCrushing
* BlindShoulderToss (sometimes)
* BlownAcrossTheRoom
* BoomerangComeback
* ButtBiter
* ButtSticker
* ByWallThatIsHoley
* CoconutMeetsCranium
* ComedicUnderwearExposure
* TheDoorSlamsYou
* DopeSlap
* DropTheWashtub
* ExplodingCloset
* ExtendoBoxingGlove
* FaceFault
* FacePlant
* FailuresOnIce
* FlowerPotDrop
* GardenHoseSquirtSurprise
* GettingTheBoot
* GlassSmackAndSlide
* GroinAttack
* HardHead
* HammeredIntoTheGround
* {{Headdesk}}
* HumiliationConga
* ImpactSilhouette
* JawDrop
* KickMePrank
* KitchenSinkIncluded
* LadderTipping
* TheLastStraw
* LiteralAssKicking
* MetronomicManMashing
* NonSequiturThud
* NoseShove
* OwMyBodyPart
* PainfulBodyWaxing
* PainPoweredLeap
* PeopleFallOffChairs
* PercussiveMaintenance
* PianoDrop
* PieInTheFace
* PinballGag
* PlankGag
* ThePratfall
* PunchedAcrossTheRoom
* RakeTake
* RunningIntoTheWindow
* SlapstickKnowsNoGender
* SlipperySkid
* SquashedFlat
* SpitTake
* SurpriseJump
* ThumbtackOnTheChair
* TiedTogetherShoelaceTrip
* TongueOnTheFlagpole
* TreeBuchet
* UnraveledEntanglement
* WatchOutForThatTree



[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

%%* MutekiKanbanMusume
* The first season of ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}''. Which has a lot of people being electrocuted, burnt with flame breathe, caught in explosions, and Brock is often subject to physical violence for awkwardly hitting on older women... Which makes it [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness really weird in comparison to the other seasons]].


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

%%* ''TheAwesomeSlapstick''
* Spanish comic book series ''MortadeloYFilemon''. Arguably the king of the trope in the entire medium.
* ''{{Asterix}}'' is about about a couple of overpowered separatist terrorists defeating hundreds upon hundreds of [[UsefulNotes/TheGloryThatWasRome notoriously powerful soldiers]], but keeps it all child-friendly and cute due to how all the violence is slapstick (such as the iconic scenes of the Gauls punching Romans [[SmolderingShoes out of their sandals]]). The Gauls also pick on [[DreadfulMusician Cacofonix]] like this a hell of a lot.


[[folder: Film ]]

* ''Film/TheThreeStooges'': Which pretty much pioneered this art in the 30's. A common form involving one of them punching the other two for doing something stupid. Alternately they'd hit each other with a blunt object. Plenty of pratfalls and amusing injuries too.
* Creator/LaurelAndHardy also had their share of AmusingInjuries, pratfalls, [[EscalatingWar Escalating Wars]], etc. This is one of the things the duo is primarily remembered for-even after they switched to sound and slapstick began to make way for verbal humor, they still used lots and lots of slapstick in their shorts and features, which is why they are still funny with modern day audiences today.
* Creator/BusterKeaton's and most of Creator/CharlieChaplin's works are built on this trope.
* ''Franchise/ThePinkPanther'' films, particularly the later '70s ones.
%%* Creator/JerryLewis.
%%* Creator/JimCarrey.
%%* ''Film/TheMask''.
%%* ''SonOfTheMask''.
* ''Film/{{Idiocracy}}'': the "Ow, my balls!" ShowWithinAShow
%%* Creator/BruceCampbell.
* ''Film/HomeAlone'': A movie with several sequels about a Kid (played by Macaulay Culkin in the first two movies) who is left at home by himself while his parents are on vacation. Two criminals try to break in. The kid sets up [[HomeAloneAntics traps that cause pratfalls, taking out the floors, setting them up with remote control cars, ropes, etc]]. Dropping buckets on them from above. There's even some electrocution as slapstick. By the end the criminals are usually CoveredInGunge, scratched up, battered and bruised, and either completely humiliated or arrested.
%%* ''TheMasterOfDisguise''
%%** ''DanaCarvey''.
%%* ''Film/GeorgeOfTheJungle''
%%* Creator/LucilleBall
%%** Also crosses over into TV.
* ''Film/StrangePsychokineticStrategy'' uses slaptick comedy to keep itself entertaining. Watch it in the mind of a series of slapstick scenes held together by a larger (and largely irrelevant) plot, and you'll wet yourself laughing at the cast's loony antics.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* In Literature/{{Discworld}}, the Fools' Guild has actually ''weaponised'' slapstick in the form of a martial art, as seen in ''Discworld/MakingMoney''.
* Almost everything in Literature/HowToSurviveAZombieApocalypse, which parodies tropes commonly used in zombie apocalypse scenarios and takes it UpToEleven.


[[folder: Live-Action TV ]]

%%* ''Series/TheMuppetShow''.
%%* ''Series/{{Jackass}}''.
%%* "Tool Time" and other handyman segments on ''HomeImprovement''.
%%* ''TheYoungOnes'', as well as its Spiritual Successors ''Filthy, Rich and Catflap'' and ''Bottom''.
%%* Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer engage in moments of grotesque slapstick in ''TheSmellOfReevesAndMortimer'' and ''ShootingStars''
* ''TheMightyBoosh'' loves exaggerated comedy violence, usually directed at Howard, who is often hit with something equivalent to a stick.
* One of the other more common kinds of videos on ''AFV'', usually a GroinAttack.
%%* Series/TheGoodies.
%%* Series/TheBennyHillShow.
%%* ''Series/ABitOfFryAndLaurie''


[[folder: Music Videos ]]

* The videos for Music/TwistedSister's "I Wanna Rock" and "We're Not Gonna Take It".


[[folder: Pinball ]]

* In ''Pinball/{{Hurricane}},'' making key shots during Clown Time frenzy will show clowns performing assorted slapstick antics.


[[folder: Theatre ]]

* A staple of circuses, from Ringling Brothers to Creator/CirqueDuSoleil, via their clowns.


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* Spoof video [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8h7N2mVWjk Rorschach's Plight]]
* {{Deconstructed}} by ''TheOnion'' [[http://www.theonion.com/articles/man-gets-into-mess-usually-reserved-for-stars-of-s,2639/ here]].
* {{Eddsworld}}


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry'': A lot of the humor comes from Jerry's abuse of Tom, by causing Tom's schemes to catch him to backfire.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes''.
%%* ''TinyToonAdventures''.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}''.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/DonaldDuck''.
%%* Goofy's 'how-to' cartoons.
* ''HappyTreeFriends'' turns it UpToEleven and accidentally hits the button marked [[{{Gorn}} "Blood Spray"]].
%%* ''OggyAndTheCockroaches''
* ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy'': There's a lot of the slapstick humor in this show, usually because one of Eddy's {{Get Rich Quick Scheme}}s either fails spectacularly and causes them to get beaten up during the episode, or the things they build for their schemes cause them to get hurt. The Eds will inflict slapstick on each other a lot too.
%%* ''FanboyAndChumChum''
* Sokka in ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' is the common victim which involves being the practice dummy, the one who always gets beaten up, always lands face first, getting hopped up on cactus juice, getting hit in the head (especially by Katara when he says Kyoshi has an alibi when Chin the Conquer was killed in the ''Clear My Name'' Episode), the one who always gets Chi-blocked by Ty-Lee, etc.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants''
%%* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents''
%%* ''CourageTheCowardlyDog''