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[[caption-width-right:350:"Hello... ''Newman."'']]

->'''Cell:''' I see you brought the whole gang along to witness our battle! Piccolo, Trunks... ''Tenshinhan.''\\
'''Tien:''' ''(smirking)'' [[CallBack Kiko]]-how ya doin'?\\
'''Cell:''' ''(nettled) Perfect.''
-->-- ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged''

The Sitcom Arch-Nemesis is a very different creature from the dramatic or action-show ArchEnemy. He usually isn't dangerous or evil (when he is, the contrast between his cruelty and his petty bickering has comedy value of its own); although it's possible that he's very annoying, it isn't always the case. He can even sometimes be portrayed as a straight-up NiceGuy. He just rubs a character from the show (usually the lead) entirely the wrong way, and the two will never miss an opportunity to have at each other with VolleyingInsults or small-minded pranks. Often, the character and his nemesis are kindred spirits and don't realize it; these rivals are much more likely to have an EnemyMine plot than dramatic rivals. Since generally there isn't much at stake in that rivalry, it will usually revolve around insignificant, everyday matters, filled with comedic moments.

Basically, they could be considered the protagonist's "favorite enemy."

Note that these aren't necessarily unique to sitcoms, and other stories – including more comedic action stories – can have a character who fills this role, sometimes even if there is a character who fulfils the role of an actual ArchEnemy. In the more lighthearted action shows, particularly in certain cartoons and kid shows, sometimes the actual ArchEnemy will act like a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis when the story or comedy demands it, alternating between trying to murder the main character(s) one day and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking trying to wreck their birthday party the next]].

This character is rarely part of the main cast, because if he were, then TheProtagonist would do nothing but fight with them. Exceptions are on the analysis page.

Compare with TheRival and VitriolicBestBuds. Usually a supertrope to ComicallyLopsidedRivalry.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In the various versions of the anime/manga ''[[Anime/ElHazardTheMagnificentWorld El-Hazard]]'', Jinnai always has this near-psychotic hatred of Makoto, school [[TheAce ace]] and a NiceGuy to boot, who easily makes friends with anyone, including Jinnai's own sister Nanami. It also doesn't help that Makoto is too nice to notice that he's been beating him in almost every aspect ''without even trying''.
* Subverted in ''Anime/ALittleSnowFairySugar'': Greta considers Saga to be her rival in all things, but Saga, who is uninterested in rivalry, pretends to be completely oblivious to Greta's challenges and boasts.
* ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'':
** France and England, so much that there's a "French-English Quarrel Preserve" and England gets involved in The War of the Austrian Succession just to fight France. It's said that antagonizing each other is the only thing that keeps the two old timers going, and of course, it's TruthInTelevision.
** Greece and Turkey, Turkey is the ''only'' thing that makes the usually laid-back Greece get riled up at all.
** Russia and America are this after the Cold War. Though they're no longer enemies, they're still very passive-aggressive towards each other.
** [[{{Trickster}} Romania]] and [[NinjaMaid Hungary]]. As soon as they're in the vicinity of one another, the atmosphere gets tense, and [[DeathGlare Death Glares]] come out. Hungary also names her dogs after him, and locks him out of the ''Manga/HetaliaHetaween2013'' party.
** [[FieryRedhead Ladonia]] treats [[CheerfulChild Sealand]] as this due to his ambition at taking over leadership of the micronations, but Sealand doesn't reciprocate at all; he likes Ladonia and calls him "interesting."
** Cuba sees [[LoveFreak America]] as this, much to the dismay of America's brother [[NiceGuy Canada]], whom Cuba at times [[MistakenIdentity mistakes for America]].
* Cowboy Andy from ''Anime/CowboyBebop'', who is a rival bounty hunter in it for the glory. Spike hates him, and spends more time fighting off Andy than he does actually trying to catch the episode's bounty. Faye and Jet realize that this is because the two men are too similar: Both are impulsive, petty, tend to jump to conclusions and have a penchant for causing wanton collateral damage.
* ''Manga/ZatchBell'''s enemies numbered among them a demon who could brainwash other humans, a giant mindless destruction machine... and a weird-mouthed human girl who delighted in tormenting him. Somehow, that last one was a challenge he never overcame.
* ''Manga/{{Yotsuba}}'' has a couple of these relationships:
** The title character has Yanda, whom she instantly hates with a hatey five-year-old hate, but other characters merely find annoying. It doesn't help that Yanda takes a [[ManChild childish glee]] in figuratively (and literally) yanking her pigtails.
** Jumbo almost has this sort of relationship with ''Miura'', of all people. At one point, he ''flies to Hawaii'' just to spite her.
* Piyoko from ''Anime/DiGiCharat'' and the Digi Devil from ''Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat'' really ''try'' to be legitimate {{Big Bad}}s, but being inept villains in humor series whose schemes rarely rise above the level of PokeThePoodle dooms them to be this instead.
* Watanuki from ''Anime/XxxHOLiC'' hates Doumeki for no adequately explained reason, simply stating that he's thought of Doumeki as annoying from the moment he laid eyes on him. Unfortunately for Watanuki, Doumeki is also a living spirit repellent, while the whole plot of the manga was set in motion because of the fact Watanuki's very blood attracts spirits, so he's often forced into TeethClenchedTeamwork with Doumeki. Further complicating matters, several people in universe seem to [[ShipperOnDeck ship him with Doumeki]], including his boss ''and the girl he likes'', and it's implied that [[HoYay Doumeki is not adverse to the idea]].
* In ''Manga/{{Kekkaishi}}'', Shigemori and Tokiko spend their mornings attacking each other with gardens hoses; it's part of their feud about the 'legitimate heir' of the Kekkaishi founder. Both are rather upset that their grandchildren don't share their grudge.
* ''LightNovel/BokuWaTomodachiGaSukunai''
** A rare mutual form can be found in Yozora Mikazuki, a brunette {{Jerkass}} extraordinaire, and Sena Kashiwazaki, a [[MsFanservice ridiculously hot]] RichBitch. Yozora loves heaping verbal, emotional or sometimes physical (by way of a flyswatter) abuse upon Sena until the latter [[CryCute storms off crying]]; Sena in return loves showing off how rich, beautiful and hot (not to mention huge-breasted) she is compared to Yozora. But at the end of the day, both are NotSoDifferent, being friendless girls who tend to agree on anything they, ironically, are ComicallyMissingThePoint on.
** To a lesser extent, Kobato Hasegawa, a 13-year-old ElegantGothicLolita, and Maria Takayama, a [[NunsAreMikos 10-year-old nun]], who engage in outright childish fights over the attention of the former's older brother, Kodaka.
* The Evil Organization Florsheim from ''Manga/TentaiSenshiSunred'' are the sitcom arch nemesises of Sunred, who finds them all incredibly annoying for constantly picking fights with him. Florsheim, on their side, are [[ContractualGenreBlindness Contractually Genre Blind]] and know that as an Evil Organization they must fight the superhero in order to TakeOverTheWorld... But they're ''really'' bad [[HarmlessVillain at the whole 'being villains' part]].
* In ''LightNovel/{{Oreimo}}'', Kirino and Kuroneko are these to each other. While they both love anime they like different genres of it, and will often engage in HamToHamCombat to ridicule each other's favorite shows. Despite this, they genuinely do like each other, and spend a lot of time together after they first meet in episode 2, turning into more of VitriolicBestBuds.
* In ''LightNoel/SakurasouNoPetNaKanojo'', there's Rita and Maid-chan, who get into little arguments with each other over Ryuunosuke.
* [[TheHero Bossun]] and [[TheRival Tsubaki]] in ''Manga/SketDance'' will almost always bicker whenever they meet, but also often [[EnemyMine help each other]] when in trouble. [[spoiler:Might be part of their SiblingRivalry]].
* In ''Manga/MyBrideIsAMermaid'': Lunar tends to treat Sun this way, though Sun doesn't really reciprocate and simply views Lunar as a friend. Mikawa and Nagasumi's relationship basically oscillates between this trope and TheRival before eventually settling into VitriolicBestBuds territory.
* ''LightNovel/LoveChunibyoAndOtherDelusions'' has [[MrImagination Chunibyo]] Sanae Dekomori and ex-Chuunibyou [[AcademicAlphaBitch Shinka Nibutani]]. Not only does Dekomori keep bringing up Shinka's embarrassing past as 'Mori Summer', she refuses to believe Shinka was actually her idol.
* In ''Manga/OnePiece'', [[LaughablyEvil Buggy]] sees his relationship with [[NiceGuy Shanks]] as this. Shanks, in turn, sees them as HeterosexualLifePartners. It's best to identify them as VitriolicBestBuds.
* In ''Manga/KarakaiJouzuNoTakagiSan'', the protagonist Nishikata is constantly teased by his cute classmate (the Takagi-san from the title) and more often than not winds up blushing like mad or is otherwise outsmarted. He tries to get his own back, but whatever plan he comes up with either has a glaring flaw he fails to notice until it's too late, or Takagi-san turns it against him. Takagi-san genuinely likes him, but she just enjoys watching his over-the-top reactions. (Yes, you will probably die of diabetes if you read this manga.)
* In the ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}'' anime, Jessie, James and Meowth have their rival Team Rocket fraction Butch and Cassidy. Though the latter were largely an AlwaysSomeoneBetter to the trio initially, by their later appearances they're near equally bumbling and prone to childish bickering with the three over who is superior.
* While he starts out as an {{Archenemy}} in ''Anime/DragonballZ'', and later views him as a TheRival, by ''Anime/DragonballSuper'' Goku has become something of a SitcomArchNemesis to Vegeta, with him being obsessed (sometimes to a comical degree) with proving he's better than Goku (not only at fighting, but at anything they happen to be doing). Implying that Goku is better than Vegeta at anything is his BerserkButton.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The "Super Buddies" (a group of losers [[ComicBook/JusticeLeagueInternational Formerly Known as the Justice League]]) had a pair of neighbours building a bar next to their headquarters. One of them was Richard "Dick" Hertz; Sue hated him when she found out that he was once the supervillain Blackguard (who?), who worked for the "1000" in Metropolis (oh, ''that'' Blackguard, sure). Oh, and Dick had an associate in the bar, who was once the greatest American hero, or so he says -- [[spoiler:Guy Gardner]]
** Humorously, Blackguard was a recurring enemy of Booster's in his early solo career, but neither seems to remember the other.
* ''ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse'': Donald Duck and his neighbor Jones (essentially a larger human [[HairTriggerTemper version of Donald]] with no relatives other than a rarely-seen mother) are often at each other's throats for petty reasons. Of course, since this is a comic, their rival schemes tend to result in a lot of AmusingInjuries.
* ComicBook/{{Deadpool}} and ComicBook/SquirrelGirl had this kind of relationship when the former hung around the ComicBook/GreatLakesAvengers.
* Franchise/SpiderMan and [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Human Torch]]. At least in earlier stories; they are now clearly VitriolicBestBuds (with more than a little HoYay).
* In ''ComicBook/HackSlash'', extradimensional talking mutant dog Pooch claims he is constantly tormented by an innocent-looking pug named Goblin. We never see this in action, but from the way Pooch talks about him it's clear that their relationship is one of intense animosity.
%%* Rocket Raccoon and Cosmo in ''Comicbook/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy''.
* ''ComicBook/TransformersMoreThanMeetsTheEye'' features Rodimus and Thunderclash; both are captains of starships searching for the Knights Of Cybertron, but Thunderclash is basically [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter ten times better at it]] ([[ParodySue as well as everything else ever]]). Thus Rodimus is virulently jealous of Thunderclash and tries to undermine him whenever the crew encounters him. Doubles as UnknownRival, as Thunderclash is clearly oblivious to Rodimus's hatred.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''[[FanFic/UltimateSleepwalker Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams]]'', Kenny Anderson has an unexplained hatred of Creator/JohnKricfalusi. He's never said exactly why he hates John K, and his friends decide they're probably better off not knowing.
* Britney from Fanfic/MyImmortal.
* Commissar Ivan to Commissar Steve in ''Machinima/ADayInTheLifeOfACommissar''. Basically, whatever Steve has, Commissar Ivan gets a cooler version of it, [[{{Trolling}} seemingly just to piss off Steve]].
* ''Fanfic/BlackSky'': After being kinda humiliated by Barty's superior knowledge in languages, Squalo considers his very existence as a taunt towards him. There's also the fact he's Varia Quality but will never join the organization, which deprives Squalo from the opportunity to raise his minions' general level of competence. Oh, and Barty just ''likes'' to rile him up.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/SharkTale'', Oscar has Don Lino's CampGay [[TheDragon dragon]], Sykes. Saving the fact that Sykes treats Ernie and Bernie like TheAce.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/TheLifeAquaticWithSteveZissou'', Steve perceives that he has a professional rivalry with Hennessy, but it's pretty obvious that in reality the former is simply bitter that the latter is a more successful oceanographer, the former husband of Steve's ex-wife and kind of a jerk.
* In ''Film/OfficeSpace'', Michael Bolton feels this way about [[Music/MichaelBolton Michael Bolton]].
* ''Film/BruceAlmighty'': Evan Baxter to Bruce, who is merely a bit of a jerkass to Bruce and "steals" (according to Bruce) a promotion from him as the new main news anchor of the station they work at, despite clearly having earned it. This is enough reason for Bruce to torment him after he gains godlike powers by publically humiliating Evan on live air (and in a DeletedScene, ''set his hair on fire'').

* In the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' book ''Discworld/{{Snuff}}'', [[MagnificentBastard Lord Vetinari]] appears to have reached this level of 'enmity' with the crossword editor of The Times, whose mastery of obscure linguistics and terrible wordplay is advanced enough to give even him pause.
** As of ''Discworld/RaisingSteam'' she has landed several victories, but the stress of the contest finally gets to her and she resigns.
** The Venturi and Selachii noble families have an intense rivalry. However, at parties, they are required to be polite to each other, and thus restrain themselves to non-controversial subjects. Such as "You appear to be standing".
* In the first chapter of ''Literature/LunarPark'', Bret (in a semi-fictionalized account of the author's real life) takes several personal shots at Creator/KeanuReeves.
* In Creator/AstridLindgren's ''Literature/KarlssonOnTheRoof,'' the strict and haughty Miss Bock quickly becomes this to Karlsson. He actually rather likes the woman, it's just that [[JerkAss what he likes the most about her is how much fun she is to rile up and insult.]]
%% * From what we've seen in ''Literature/TheInfernalDevices'', Gabriel Lightwood is this to Will Herondale.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Meera to Osha, who quickly grows jealous of Meera.
* In ''Series/OurMissBrooks'', Miss Brooks has Miss Enright, a fellow English teacher and rival for Mr. Boynton's affections.
* ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'':
** Jerry has Newman. Whenever Newman shows up, Jerry will greet him, "Hello... ''Newman''" with dripping contempt. The two will usually trade barbs whenever they're around each other. Whenever Jerry realizes that Newman is behind some misfortune of his, he will sneer "Newman!" with his lip curled. There seems to be no catalyst to their feud. They just hate each other. Newman gripes that Jerry is "a half-soused nightclub rabble that lap up your inane 'observations'!" while he toils away in obscurity at the post office. Jerry Seinfeld (the real one) says that for him, the rivalry was that Newman was the only one on the show who was always trying to make Jerry suffer instead of it being the other way around.
** "The Puerto Rican Day" reveals that Jerry has a traffic nemesis, "Maroon Golf," who refers to Jerry as "Black Saab" when they hurl taunts at each other.
** George has Lloyd Braun, a guy he grew up with and whom his parents seem to [[TheUnfavorite prefer more than him]].
** Elaine has Sue Ellen, "The Bra-less Wonder," who provokes Elaine's ACupAngst.
** Kramer has FDR... Franklin Delano Romanowski.
** Jack Klompus is this to Jerry's father Morty.
* Series/TheDrewCareyShow: Drew's nemesis is Mimi in spite of the fact that she's a main character of the show. The pair frequently trade barbs, but will occasionally begrudgingly support each other.
* ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'': Marcy increasingly becomes Al's nemesis due to how polar opposite they are. After Marcy marries Jefferson, however, comedic parallels are drawn between them now that they're both marries to lazy slugs.
* In ''Series/{{Frasier}}'', Frasier had Cam Winston. The two were virtually ''identical'' to each other, in that they were pompous, snooty, articulate egomaniacs. When they finally called a truce because they thought their parents were dating, their "treaty" included them agreeing to share grooming and personal care advice on features the other one had noticed.
* In ''Series/NewsRadio'', Jimmy James has Johnny Johnson. Jimmy also often tries to one-up Bill Gates.
-->'''Bill:''' Hasn't this been done before? I mean, every year some billionaire goes up in a balloon.\\
'''Mr. James:''' Why do you think I'm doing this? The peer pressure among billionaires is tremendous. Bill Gates practically called me a Nancy-boy.
* In ''Series/DadsArmy'', Captain Mainwaring (the pompous, upper-middle-class bank manager whose power and authority as Home Guard platoon leader has gone straight to his head) has Chief ARP Warden Hodges (the pompous, lower class greengrocer whose power and authority as Chief ARP Warden has gone straight to his head).
* In ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'', [[AntiHero Alex Russo]] has [[AlphaBitch Gigi]].
* In ''Series/{{Cheers}}'', Sam's nemesis was the rival bar "Gary's Old Town Tavern".
** Also John Hill, owner of "Melville's" the restaurant upstairs.
** Carla also considered Diane to be her worst enemy with Cliff perhaps a close second.
** Woody had his father-in-law Mr. Gaines.
* ''Series/MrBean'' had his sadistic grudge against that blue Reliant Regal car.
** His diary features a similar relationship with the Man in Room #3 down the hall, told entirely through the notes that he leaves outside the door and Bean sticks in the book. They decide to bury the hatchet (literally!) on New Years Eve.
* ''Series/{{Blackadder}}'' had an interesting one; Edmund Blackadder ''himself'' was the Sitcom Arch Nemesis for most of the series. Captain Darling in ''Blackadder Goes Forth'' is this trope played straight and the same could apply for Melchett in ''Blackadder II''.
* In ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'':
** J.D. has the Janitor and, briefly, hotshot intern Keith.
** J.D. and Sean also don't much like each other. What with stealing each other's girlfriends.
** Dr. Cox and Creator/HughJackman.
** For a while, Turk and Marco (Carla's brother).
* In ''Series/FatherTed'', the titular character has Father Dick Byrne. The two constantly get into ridiculous one-upmanship contests, not realizing how similar they are; one episode ended with a split screen of their two households, with identical action going on on both sides.
* ''Series/DesperateHousewives''
** Mrs. [=McClusky=] started out as this for Lynette, but ended up as a subversion as the two eventually came to understand each other as the series went on and formed something of a friendship.
** There's also Susan vs. Edie.
* ''Series/That70sShow'':
** Red Foreman's arch-nemesis is Bob and Midge Pinciotti. It's a downplayed example for most of the series as much as Bob annoys Red and Midge annoys Kitty, the two are probably the couple's closest friends.
** Also, Mitch and his father are enemies of Eric and Red. This was a subversion of the "actually very nice" example, because, as they started losing battles, they revealed their problematic relationship. In later appearances, Mitch was reduced to a joke.
** Fez has [[CampGay Fenton]].
** Eric's [[ReallyGetsAround trampy sister Laurie]] served as the Arch Nemesis to no less than ''three'' characters in Jackie, Hyde and Eric himself.
* The 'perfect mother' Barb Valentine in ''TheMommies''.
* The UK version of ''Series/{{The Office|UK}}'' had Tim vs. Gareth. The US version has Michael against Toby and Dwight against Jim; in the former case, Toby looked upon Michael's "rivalry" with a measure of disbelief, and in the latter case, Jim uses it as an excuse to constantly pull pranks on Dwight. A somewhat more straightforward rivalry in the US version was Dwight vs. Andy, first when Andy attempted to usurp Dwight's position as Michael's favorite and later when both got involved in a love triangle with Angela. They have since become fairly good friends. In later seasons, the Andy vs. Nellie rivalry replaced the Andy vs. Dwight one.
* In ''GroundedForLife'', Finnegan had O'Keefe as a nemesis. Their children were dating. Also, Finnegan's bar had "[=McGinty's=]".
* In the latter seasons of ''Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun'', Dick had Vincent Strudwick. Tommy dated Strudwick's daughter Alissa, making them StarCrossedLovers.
* Jake "the Klingon" Klinger, rival plumber to Ben and sci-fi fanatic, in ''Series/TwoPointFourChildren'' (although he retained his ''Franchise/StarTrek'' based nickname, the show he had allegiance to changed in every appearance).
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'':
** Ted has a big beef against the rival architecture collective "Sven."
** Also in season one, he has a one-sided rivalry with Robin's two main love interests - Sandy Rivers and Derek.
** Also Robin has Patrice her co worker at World Wide News
* On ''Series/TheDickVanDykeShow'' Buddy Sorell made every attempt to insult producer/ bald brother-in-law of the star Mel Coolley. It's also {{Lampshaded}} that their enmity is totally idiotic. Buddy's explanation for why he keeps making fun of Mel is "I do it 'cause I like to rib him! And..I sort of...hate him."
* ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'':
** Stan Sitwell to the Bluth Family in general, and George Sr. in specific. Subverted by the fact that he is a genuinely nice man who is largely oblivious to the extent of the Bluths' disdain for him, and that George dislikes him because he is in the same business and just as successful (without the need to resort to illegal practices), and his philanthropy makes the Bluths look bad. [[spoiler: George and Lucille even went so far as to adopt a daughter they didn't want (Lindsey) who Sitwell was trying to adopt, purely to spite him]].
** Lucille also had Lucille 2, her very nice neighbor who wanted nothing more than for the Bluths to succeed. Once, Lucille 2 hired some construction workers to renovate her apartment while she was away, and Lucille wound up getting them to move the wall dividing their homes two feet in, and install a larger bathtub for her.
* In ''Series/{{Chuck}}'', Season 1 had Harry Tang, arch-nemesis to Chuck and Morgan at the Buy More. Season 2 had Emmett Milbarge fill the role (and how spectacularly he did).
* In ''Series/PeepShow'', Mark has Jeff.
* On ''Series/FullHouse'', once Michelle takes over the LittleMissSnarker title from Stephanie, Stephanie redirects her snide remarks towards [[DropInCharacter Kimmy]], who only occasionally fires insults back due to her relative lack of wit. In fact, of all of the main cast who ever makes fun of Kimmy, Stephanie does it the most often -- sometimes multiple times in a single episode.
* In ''Series/{{Reba}}'', Brock has not one, but two nemeses -- Eugene (a rival dentist) and Lori Ann (Reba's friend). Both of them are eventually PutOnABus.
* In ''Series/{{Monk}}'', Adrian Monk has Harold Krenshaw, who shares a therapist and many phobias and neuroses with him. The rivalry is mutual, usually over who is better friends with the therapist or who has made more progress.
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'''s Sheldon Cooper actually has two of these, the first being [[ElmuhFuddSyndwome Barry Kripke]], who he once got in an EscalatingWar with (it didn't end well), and the second being Creator/WilWheaton. The latter has had a showdown with Sheldon twice [[spoiler:and Wheaton triumphed both times. However, he used underhanded tactics both times. You might count the Indiana Jones showing as a third occasion, meaning Sheldon has one victory.]]
** Shelly is just great at getting arch nemeses. There is also Leslie Winkle: who "made Sheldon Cooper cry like a little girl?".
** Sheldon has a long list of arch nemeses so old he keeps it on a floppy disc. [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Wil Wheaton was recently taken off the list, only to be replaced by Brent Spiner.]]
--->'''Wil:''' ''(to Brent)'' Don't worry, it doesn't take up a lot of your time.
** Sheldon's childhood idol Arthur "Professor Proton" Jeffries has Series/BillNyeTheScienceGuy (who actually admires him) for ripping off his show.
--->'''Bill Nye:''' Wow, Arthur Jeffries. It’s an honor to meet you. My show never would have happened without yours. \\
'''Professor Proton:''' That’s what I told my lawyers.
* In ''Series/HomeImprovement'', Tim's hated rival Bob Vila made several guest appearances, often dismissing Tim's show as a ripoff of his own.
** Tim shows a surprising bit of maturity after a race when he reveals to his wife that he could have won but let Bob win as to do so would have been at extreme risk of destroying the car. Bob bought his car and would just get a new one, Tim built his over the course of a year and wasn't going to throw all that work away just to prove a point.
** Tim also hated the nearby but never seen Doctor Johnson, an 80 year old proctologist who won the Christmas lighting competition every year. Considering the lengths Tim goes to beat him, the doctor's display [[TakeOurWordForIt must have been]] quite a sight indeed.
** Alternatively, Tim's [[TimTaylorTechnology exceptionally overdone and usually dangerous displays]] may actually have been ''illegal'' in the contest (leading to disqualification) and the good doctor was the best of the legal entrants. Given that one year, his display was bright enough to enable a plane landing, illegal is likely. (Then again, they won that year.)
* From ''HalfAndHalf'' Big Deedee Thorn regularly competes with her husband's ex-wife Phyllis. She also has an evil sister.
* ''Series/MyWifeAndKids'' has Wanda being this to Michael. [[VolleyingInsults They always argue when talking to each other.]]
* ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' has [[AlphaBitch Libby]].
* In ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'', there is an extremely bitter rivalry between the parks department and the library department, as well as the entire city of Pawnee with Eagleton (though it's mostly one-sided).
** Leslie also has a rivalry with local high school student Greg Pikitis. Leslie takes it much more seriously than he does and Greg admits to intentionally pushing Leslie's buttons because it's fun to rile her up.
** Leslie's other nemesis is City Councilman Jeremy Jamm. Leslie even makes a chart of how many times they've gone up against each other and who's won each time.
* ''Series/ICarly'' has two pairs: Sam with Freddie, and Carly with Nevel.
* In ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia'', the gang has a feud with the [=McPoyles=], an exceedingly creepy family with a passion for milk, sleepwear and [[BreadEggsMilkSquick incest]]. Charlie and Smitty also qualify.
* In ''Series/{{Coupling}}'', Patrick has Ivan, who is like the uber-Patrick, complete with snazzy car, corner office and blonde trophy wife.
* ''Series/ModernFamily'':
** The series plays with this trope in the episode where Cam is hosting a charity function for a music appreciation group. He keep referring to his rival (who hosted the event the year before) as his new nemesis. Mitchell tries to point out that it's just silly in real-life, but Cam takes great delight in the drama the relationship allows for.
** Played straight with Jay and Manny's father, Javier. Everything Javier does annoys Jay to no end, because Jay sees him as an irresponsible deadbeat--and yet everything always works out for him.
** Phil and Gil Thorpe, a rival real estate agent. Gil is a crueler version, as he often makes crude comments towards Phil's family members (especially Claire) just to be a dick.
** Cam and Mitchell insist that gays and lesbians are this to each other, using improvised Venn diagrams to show how they have nothing in common. Even after they bond with a lesbian couple over concern for their children, they can occasionally be heard angrily muttering "''lesbians''" whenever they do something particularly annoying.
** It's PlayedForLaughs between the kids - Luke begins to see Lily as this from about Season 3, when she grows into a snarky toddler, though the real reason is probably that with her talking and interacting more she's stealing his limelight as the precocious youngest child in the family. Lily takes it a step further herself by starting to see Joe as this from the very day he's born, which is something she and Luke actually bond over.
* ''Series/{{Community}}'' has Jeff's rivalry with Rich, the handsome doctor who is always better than him.
** There is also the rivalry between Prof. Duncan and Senor Chang [[spoiler:which they eventually settled through MutuallyAssuredDestruction.]]
** There's also Jeff and Leonard's antagonism.
** The gang also hated Shirley's unseen friend Gary and absolutely loath Todd Jacobs, Greendale's resident NiceGuy.
* ''Series/EverybodyLovesRaymond'' Ray actually calls Peggy, the leader of his daughter's scout troop and mother of her best friend, his "arch enemy".
** The rivalry between Debra and Marie can be seen in this way.
** Marie thinks that Harriette Lichman is her archenemy for Frank's affection. Frank casually toys with her on that.
** Raymond occasionally banters with his neighbor Parker despite Ally and Parker Jr. getting along nicely.
** Robert and Raymond's sibling rivalry borders on this a time or two.
** Peter, Robert's brother in law started out as this. Ironically his sibling rivalry between himself and Amy has been known to mirror Raymond and Robert's. Not to mention he is currently dating Raymond's arch enemy Peggy.
** Debra and her sister Jennifer are revealed to mirror Ray and Robert. In this case Jennifer was the favoured sibling, possibly explaining Debra's affinity with Robert.
* [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in ''Series/{{Sherlock}}''. Sherlock's arch-enemy is revealed to be [[spoiler: his smug but concerned brother Mycroft, who just wants to [[SiblingRivalry end their silly feud]].]]
* Town selectman Taylor Doose from ''Series/GilmoreGirls'' generally exists only to annoy the main characters, and generally the whole town of Stars Hollow with his obsessive need to control every aspect of the town. Luke in particular sees him as an arch nemesis.
* ''Series/SanfordAndSon'' has Fred Sanford and his sister-in-law Aunt Esther.
* On It's Your Move, the rivalry between Matthew and his neighbor/mother's boyfriend Norman was the premise of the series.
* ''Series/LizzieMcGuire'' has Lizzie and school bully Kate Sanders.
* In ''Series/IDream'', Natalie was this, mostly to Amy. Though when they're forced to work together they do end up getting along in the end. If only until the next episode.
* ''Series/ThirtyRock'':
** Jack Donaghy and Devon Banks.
*** More recently, Jack and teenager Kaylie Hooper.
** Jenna Maroney is no stranger to this trope. Her ''official'' arch-nemesis appears to be Creator/JennyMcCarthy, but she's also apparently had a feud with Raven Symone.
--->'''She knows what she did.'''
* ''Series/{{Coach}}'' has Hayden and Judy.
* ''Series/FreaksAndGeeks'' subverts the trope by originally having Kim Kelly be Lindsay's nemesis but they become best friends. It's played straight with Sam and Alan White.
* ''Series/{{Roseanne}}'' would likely consider her son-in-law Mark her arch nemesis with Leon a close second.
* ''Series/LeaveItToBeaver'' had the Beaver and his classmate Judy.
* ''Series/{{Martin}}'' and Pam.
* ''Series/LivingSingle'' has Kyle and Maxine with an enormous dose of BelligerentSexualTension. Before him Maxine had Regine [[spoiler:who dated Kyle.]]
* Mr. Zamir from ''Series/WillAndGrace''.
** Karen has a competition with Candice Bergen.
*** And likes to torment Marlo Thomas.
* Mr. Heckles from ''Series/{{Friends}}''.
* On ''Series/JustShootMe'', Jack is constantly competing with Creator/DonaldTrump over who is King of New York. Also regular is head photographer Elliot with Annie Leibowitz. Occasionally, the entire cast and ''Cosmo'' magazine.
* On ''Series/TheNanny'', Mr. Sheffield loathes Creator/AndrewLloydWebber after the former turned down the opportunity of producing ''Theatre/{{Cats}}'', ''Theatre/{{Tommy}}'', and ''Theatre/{{Hair}}''.
* On the short-lived sitcom ''Series/HopeAndGloria'', talk show host Dennis Dupree (Alan Thicke) has a massive grudge against, um, actor Alan Thicke. This comes to a climax at a ''Series/GrowingPains'' reunion on Dupree's show which ends in a Thicke on Thicke fistfight.
* On ''Series/CarolineInTheCity'', it's Caroline's strip vs. the strip ''ComicStrip/{{Cathy}}''.
* On ''Night Stand'', Dick Dietrich and Jerry Springer.
* Although not an individual person, Australia in general seems to serve in this role for Murray and the band in ''Series/FlightOfTheConchords''
* In a rare case, UsefulNotes/DanQuayle, quasi-unintentionally, started a feud with Series/MurphyBrown, who served as a liberal [[Franchise/ArchieComics Archie Bunker]] and pretty much had a RippedFromTheHeadlines feud going on with most everyone in Washington.
* In ''Series/NightCourt'', Judge Stone had a low-key rivalry with Judge Wapner from ''Series/ThePeoplesCourt'', as well as a one-upmanship contest with another prank-obsessed judge.
* ''Series/ILoveLucy'' often referred to Ricky's rivalry with fellow mambo singer Xavier Cougat.
* ''Cybill'' Cybill Sheridan's arch-rival is Andraea (Morgan Fairchild)
* Cordelia started as this for ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''.
* In ''Series/EverybodyHatesChris'' Chris has the white racist boy Joey Caruso as arch nemesis.
* On ''Series/{{Numb3rs}}'', we meet Marshall Pennfield, Charlie's old rival from Princeton. Near the start of the episode, he performs a lecture in which he finds a flaw in the Eppes Convergence, the mathematical theorem that made Charlie famous. Charlie will readily admit that Pennfield is brilliant; he just doesn't like him because he's an asshole. In the end, Pennfield helps Charlie figure out the case of the week, and when Charlie does find a way around Pennfield's problem, he calls it the Pennfield variation.
* Averted with Roy Slater on ''Series/OnlyFoolsAndHorses''. He's presented in the context of this trope, but is genuinely villainous. He's a DirtyCop, a borderline-abusive husband, and a sociopath.
* ''Series/AustinAndAlly'' has Dez and his rival Chuck.
* In ''Series/IDreamOfJeannie'', nosy NASA psychiatrist Dr. Bellows is constantly played off Tony Nelson this way. With the good doctor always suspecting that Tony is hiding something. (Which would be Jeannie.)
** There's also Jeannie's vindictive sister, who is also named Jeannie and also played by Creator/BarbaraEden. ([[EvilBrunetteTwin In a brunette wig]].)
* [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness During the first season]] of ''Series/TheColbertReport'', Stephen Colbert had one in the form of Russ Lieber, a liberal talking head played by Creator/DavidCross, [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome before the character was written out]].
* ''Series/OneFootInTheGrave'': Victor Meldrew and Patrick Trench. They have a... not exactly one-sided, but somewhat ''asymmetrical'' feud, based on Patrick [[HanlonsRazor misinterpreting Victor's constant bad luck as malicious]] attacks on him.
* On ''Series/{{Eureka}}'', Fargo has two: Larry in the early seasons, who wants his job, and [[Creator/WilWheaton Dr. Parrish]] in the later seasons, who's in a LoveTriangle with him.
* In ''Series/{{Detectorists}}'', it's two organisations that are Sitcom Arch Nemeses: the Danebury Metal Detecting Club (who are the main characters) and the Antiquisearchers.
* ''Series/PowerRangersDinoCharge'' has Shelby and Kendall be mutual Sitcom Arch-Nemeses to each other. They're both "good guys" – Shelby's the Pink Ranger and Kendall is MissionControl [[spoiler:and the Purple Ranger]] – but they rub each other the wrong way; since Shelby has a bit of an ego and annoys people (especially Kendall, who is her boss) trying to get what she wants, while Kendall is no-nonsense and has little patience for such things. As a result, Kendall [[DeadpanSnarker makes unnecessarily bitchy remarks]] about Shelby and Shelby complains that she's not being treated as well as she deserves. They are able to work together when there's an actual crisis to deal with, though.
* ''Series/BrooklynNineNine'' has the warm and mutual loathing between Captain Holt and his rival Deputy Chief Wuntch.
** Jake very much sees Doug Judy (a.k.a. [[spoiler:The Pontiac Bandit]]) as this, with their face-offs being a once-per-season event that reliably gets a whole episode devoted to it. He even refers to Doug as his "nemesis" on numerous occasions. However, as Doug himself often points out, they often come across more as VitriolicBestBuds with their shared sense of humour and taste for wacky hijinks, and would very likely be best friends if they weren't on opposite sides of the law. Jake angrily refuses to accept this... but is almost always willing to go along with Doug's crazy ideas under the guise of catching a bigger criminal, which ''always'' results in Doug getting away. Not to mention actually taking ShipperOnDeck Doug's advice about his love life with Amy.
* Deconstructed in ''Series/{{Wilfred}}'' with his rivalry with a little boy who keeps doing the "fake ball throw" trick on Wilfred. It escalates to Wilfred (or Ryan in a drunken rage; [[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane it's rather ambiguous]]) getting him accused of burglary. The kid is eventually cleared and the robberies are pinned on a homeless man.
%% * Dr. Smith to Mjr. Don on ''Series/LostInSpace''.
* In ''Series/CornerGas'' the entire town of Dog River has this with the neighboring town of Wullerton (spits).
* ''Series/{{Letterkenny}}'' has the hicks Wayne and Daryl vs. the hockey players Jonesy and Riley.
* ''Series/TrailerParkBoys'' has Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles (and, sporadically, most of the other people in the park) on one side of this situation and Mr Lahey and Randy on the other. An unusual example in that not only is the feeling very much openly acknowledged as mutual, but both sides are presented with (more or less) equal amounts of sympathy.
* On ''Series/GoodEats'', Alton has several of these: W (a cranky sales-associate at a kitchen supply store), his "sister" Marsha (an {{Expy}} of Creator/MarthaStewart), Cocoa Carl (a notorious and unscrupulous purveyor of heavily-processed convenience and snack foods), and The Mad French Chef (sometimes shown to be one of his instructors from culinary school, who doesn't like his sometimes unorthodox ways of cooking).
* ''Series/LivAndMaddie'' has Joey and Artie.
* On ''Series/JimmyKimmelLive'', Creator/JimmyKimmel has Creator/MattDamon as his nemesis. Kimmel had a RunningGag where he always ended every episode with the words "Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time". Damon eventually responded in kind, starting a years-long mock feud with Kimmel, including an intro to an interview with Damon that took so long that they actually did run out of time, spoof music videos where Kimmel's then-girlfriend Creator/SarahSilverman revealed that she was, in fact, fucking Matt Damon behind his back (to which he responded by revealing that he was fucking Damon's friend Creator/BenAffleck behind her back), and a HostileShowTakeover on Damon's part rebranding it ''Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!''.
* ''Series/TheFlash2014'': Season Four reveals that ''[[NiceGuy Barry Allen]]'' has one in the form of [[RubberMan Ralph Dibny]]. While the reason for mutual grudge isn't humorous (prior to the series, Dibny tampered with evidence for a case to get a suspect he believed guilty convicted; Barry busted him and got him fired), the actual rivalry is PlayedForLaughs due to how unabashed both men are in their hatred of one another, from Ralph's jealousy over how successful Barry's gotten in the interim between their last meeting and his debut episode to his lamentation over how he has to hate the Flash after he learns it's Barry under the mask.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* In ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'', Calvin has several:
** The first is Susie Derkins. It has been suggested that the two might get to like each other if Calvin ever outgrew the belief that GirlsHaveCooties. (Of course, he [[NotAllowedToGrowUp never got past age six]] in the comics.) One storyline had Calvin create a [[EvilTwin duplicate of himself with the morality switch set to "good"]], who (tried to) get along very sweetly with Susie, much to the original Calvin's horror.
** Another nemesis was Rosalyn the baby-sitter, who was the only person Calvin actually seemed to fear.
** With Moe, things balanced out in a cosmic sort of way. Calvin ran intellectual circles around Moe, but Moe had the raw physical power to make that [[TalkToTheFist not really matter that much]] in the immediate short term.
* Bucky from ''ComicStrip/GetFuzzy'' has Fungo, the ferret that lives next door. [[InvertedTrope It's probably safer to say]] Bucky is Fungo's Sitcom Arch Nemesis, rather than the other way around. Bucky seems to dislike Fungo (and ferrets in general) on the basis that they're too clever by half, and attempts to wage a campaign of harassment against Fungo; Fungo, on the other hand, doesn't really seem to care much about Bucky at all, outside of subverting Bucky's gambits by being too clever by half.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' and Nermal.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'' has Snoopy and the vicious "Cat Next Door". The cat is never seen, but routinely rends Snoopy's house with a single swipe of its claws as a response to his cutting witticisms.
** Charlie Brown and Lucy could be considered this.

* Music/LeeAnnWomack's song, ''I'll Think of a Reason Later'' describes this toward a woman that the singer hasn't even met, but is apparently engaged to a man she likes. She concludes, "She may be an angel who spends all winter/Bringing the homeless blankets and dinner," but "I really hate her/I'll think of a reason later."
* Music/TheLonelyIsland have this as a running joke in their "Just 2 Guyz" series of music videos (which also includes "We Like Sportz", "We'll Kill U", and "We Need Love"). The two protagonists, [[ThoseTwoGuys Guy Number One and Guy Number Two]], ''despise'' their neighbour Steve (played by Andy Samberg), calling him a cunt in each video (except "We Need Love", where they instead accuse his girlfriend of being a slut)--despite him never being seen to do anything malicious to them.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* The first season of Wrestling/{{GLOW}} featured plenty of examples of the "[[ArchEnemy dramatic]]", but it also featured Americana and Spanish Red, who had much in common, in spite of open hostility and did indeed have {{enemy mine}} situations.
* On a promotional level, WWC publicly wished death on IWA Puerto Rico, as did [[Wrestling/{{FMW}} Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling]] and W*ING on IWA Japan. In private, the companies all helped one another.
* Wrestling/{{ECW}} and the Wrestling/WorldWrestlingFederation. On screen, they were antagonistic to one another. Off screen, they actually worked together against main rival Wrestling/{{WCW}}. This was also true of ECW and Wrestling/SmokeyMountainWrestling but it lacked a national TV deal so no one remembers it.
* Wrestling/CMPunk and [[Wrestling/HunterJohnston Delirious]] had many legitimately bitter feuds in IWA Mid-South. Their feud with each other was not one of them. The wrestling was serious enough for one hour time limit draws but their personal attitude towards each other was mainly down to who had the best pranks.

* Phil Harris, of the radio sitcom ''Radio/ThePhilHarrisAliceFayeShow'', had two of these on his show: his brother in law Willy and the grocery boy Julius, who is in love with his wife, Alice.
* Possibly the grandfather of them all, [[Radio/TheJackBennyProgram Jack Benny]] and FredAllen.
* In the first season of ''Music/MitchBenn's Crimes Against Music'' Mitch's arch-nemesis was Richard Stilgoe, especially as Robin Ince mentioned Stilgoe whenever Mitch referred to himself as Creator/TheBBC's most popular satirical songwriter. They eventually battled it out in the final episode of the season, and became friends.
-->'''Mitch''': Looks like I'll need a new arch-nemesis for the next series.\\
'''Richard''': Is Music/BillBailey ready for this?
** In fact, Mitch Benn's next arch-nemesis was Creator/StephenFry, King of Website/{{Twitter}}, which was a RunningGag in the 2009 series of ''Radio/TheNowShow''.
* Alex Jones and Glenn Beck [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtKsVv1HL6g]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-2sj-GSi2c]]
* Radio/TheKevinAndBeanShow on Los Angeles station KROQ had crosstown rival Rick Dees on KIIS. Kevin and Bean often mocked Dees on their show and accused him of pre-taping his show. They occasionally played pranks on him and tried to catch him at home when his show was on the air, pretending to be a live broadcast. This made headlines when Dees filed a lawsuit accusing them of stalking him.

[[folder:Video Games]]
%%* The relationship between Tycho from ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'' and ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'''s Strong Bad in ''VideoGame/PokerNightAtTheInventory''.
* Raul Tejada the Ghoul and "Best Friend" Tabitha the Schizophrenic Nightkin Super Mutant in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas''. In the Black Mountain Radio channel, Tabitha is often threatening Raul with [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness execution]]. However, Raul merely needs to remind her that he has ''not'' outlived his usefulness and is the only one who could possibly repair her beloved robot Rhonda (as well as being a useful repairman in general), to her frustration. If the Courier does not complete their quest, the two are still at it for a long time.
* Klavier Gavin to ''VisualNovel/ApolloJustice'' and detective Ema Skye, which is particularly strange as despite being a Prosecuting Attorney (an antagonistic role from the protagonist's point of view), he's very much a good guy, which makes him fall squarely into this trope.
* The DS remakes of ''VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver'' portray Gym Leaders Janine and Falkner (Who had zero interaction in the originals) this way due to both [[MyDadCanBeatUpYourDad having powerful fathers leaving a heavy legacy to live up to]].
* ''Franchise/MassEffect''
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', this is the initial relationship between Joker and [[SpaceshipGirl EDI]], leading them to partake in an EscalatingWar of pranks. Shepard and [[EveryoneCanSeeIt other characters]] joke that they really should just admit their BelligerentSexualTension already. [[spoiler:In [[VideoGame/MassEffect3 the sequel]], they do.]]
** The ''Citadel'' DLC of ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' reveals that Samantha Traynor has one in Polgara T'Suzsa, her rival in the asari version of chess, who is a very unsportsmanlike winner. They each do an EyedScreen when they see each other.
** Also in ''Citadel'', Joker has started falling into this with fellow AcePilot Steve Cortez. Particularly when they were bickering about how to fly the taxi they were in [[spoiler:when they were using it to keep the ''Normandy'' from jumping to FTL.]]
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffectAndromeda'', this is the relationship between the chief engineer Gil Brodie and the pilot Kallo Jath, due to differing styles and Kallo's belief that Gil doesn't respect the work that went into the ''Tempest'''s construction. It ends up being PlayedForDrama once the reasons for their antagonism become clear. On Kallo's end, his PhotographicMemory is so strong that he perceives all the work that went into the ship and his friendships with the rest of the construction team is still happening and he's not willing to let those things go. On Gil's end, he points out that the ''Tempest'' wasn't built with [[NegativeSpaceWedgie the Scourge]] and [[ScaryDogmaticAliens the kett]] in mind, and he's honestly afraid that the lives of the crew are going to end up in danger because Kallo's sentimentality kept them from adapting.
* A rather odd variant in ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' with the usually [[ArchEnemy arch-enemies]] [[ImmortalImmaturity Kaguya and Mokou]]. While Mokou absolutely hates Kaguya for humiliating her father a long time ago, Kaguya [[ButForMeItWasTuesday doesn't think seriously of this supposed slight]] but still [[DeathIsCheap kills Mokou just as much as she kills her]] just because she's [[WhoWantsToLiveForever bored]] and finds her frequent fights with Mokou to be entertaining.
* Bob Arnold in VideoGame/{{Phantasmagoria 2}} acts like this to protagonist Curtis Craig (rival employee, seemingly[[note]][[WordOfSaintPaul Bob's actor]] has suggested that Bob's jerkassery towards Curtis is partly because he's attracted to Curtis and tries to cover it up[[/note]] really dislikes each other, does pranks, is fighting over a promotion...). Only problem is, Phantasmagoria is a ''horror'' story... [[spoiler:so Bob gets killed. Horribly, and in a way that puts suspicion on Curtis.]]
* In ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Dark Prison]]'', this is the relationship between [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Elma, Selena Recital's]] RobotBuddy, and [[Characters/MasouKishin Chika, Shu Shirakawa's]] [[SmallAnnoyingCreature familiar]]. In fact, half of the hilarity in ''Dark Prison'' is the both of them butting heads at each other.
* Jusis, member one of the most prestigious noble houses, and Machias, a commoner who ''firmly'' believes in AristocratsAreEvil, have this kind of relationship in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel''.
* ''VideoGame/Persona5'': Futaba treats Yusuke like her psuedo-nemesis after he rearranged the body parts of her [[{{sentai}} Featherman]] models to appear more aesthetically pleasing to him, much to her own horror. She constantly ribs on him, and when he makes a mouse pun later in the game (due to them all being temporarily turned into mice in a palace), she is very unamused.
* VideoGame/{{Tyranny}} has a darker, but still humorous take on this.
** [[{{Lunacy}} Eb]] and [[CoolOldGuy Lantry]], though mostly on Eb's part. She hates Lantry because she's a [[MakingASplash Tidecaster]], and he's one of [[ProudScholarRaceGuy the Sages]], a rival school of magic, though one with a well-earned reputation for dishonesty and [[GottaHaveItGonnaStealIt stealing secrets]]. She would happily kill him, but for the fact that she would be killed in turn, [[FateWorseThanDeath at best]]. As it stands, they like to rib each other when they have the chance, though it's certainly not good natured.
** To a lesser extent, Eb and [[TheBigGuy Barik]]. They have good reasons for disliking each other, but there's a pretty transparent element of UST between them. It's not big enough of a plot point for anything to come of it other than a few humorous lines of dialogue.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* In ''VisualNovel/CodeRealize'', Herlock Sholmes deals a significant blow to Lupin's pride when he interrupts the train job in Chapter 4. Thereafter, Sholmes is the one subject guaranteed to make Lupin lose his cool, even when they're not actually working against one another. Sholmes doesn't help matters by [[TheGadfly gleefully poking at Lupin]] whenever the opportunity presents itself; at one point on Lupin's route, Cardia observes that Sholmes seems to bring out the worst in Lupin.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/PvP'' has Max Powers. Cole and Brent hate Powers with a passion, with Francis often joining in on the hate on. It gets to the point his name is the comics' TheKhan whenever something goes wrong for Cole.
** Later on Cole admits that he doesn't even really have a good reason for hating Max, he's just petty and begrudges Max the fact that he's an overall good guy ''and'' more successful than Cole[[note]]the only hint of anything less than exemplary character on Max's part, in fact, was an inability to see Skull the troll, and this is hinted to be more self-absorption than any legitimate sin on Max's part[[/note]]. This admission prompts Max to [[PutOnABus go on walkabout, as the Australians call it]], and he eventually comes back with the grating edges sanded off his personality, and the staff of the magazine grow to think of him as a good friend[[note]]and he can see Skull now, too[[/note]].
* In ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'' Gwynn seems to feel she and Torg have this relationship at times. Torg actually thinks of her as a really good friend, if maybe a little too hot-headed.
* ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob'' has Jean and Voluptua. Jean has always considered Volly to be a rival for Bob's affections and resented her for it. After years of ambiguity, her suspicions have now proven to be true.
* The rivalry between Brad and Shaz in ''Webcomic/BloodyUrban'' is something of a RunningGag.
* Chet from ''Webcomic/TipOfTheIceberg''.
* ''Webcomic/ProblemSleuth'' and his next-door neighbour Ace Dick detest each other for unknown reasons, although at the start of the story he does accidentally blockade PS in his office with a bust of Creator/BenStiller. They continue writing insulting notes to each other and pissing on them until PS accidentally orders AD a load of whores, and AD decides it's time to bury the hatchet and [[EnemyMine start working together with PS to get out of the building]].
* Rachel from ''[[http://www.drunkduck.com/Dragon_City Dragon City]]'' and her neighbor Emily don't like each other, though they got a little better when their daughters became friends and a little better after Rachel became Emily's deputy mayor.
** Rachel's daughter, Erin has a girl named Cynthia that she's always feuding with at school.
* Shows up in ''Webcomic/AnimeArcadia''.
* Commander Badass in ''Webcomic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings'' has Canadian Guy.
-->'''Commander:''' ''[to his wife]'' What do you mean, "Don't fight Canadian Guy to death on the front lawn?" Why else would I invite Canadian Guy over!?
* [[Webcomic/QuestionableContent Jeph Jaques]] and [[Webcomic/SamAndFuzzy Sam Logan]] act like each others' sitcom arch nemesis in guest comics and on their own comics' homepages, but are friends in real life.
* In ''Webcomic/CaseyAndAndy'', Andy had an EscalatingWar across time with none other than ''Grover Cleveland''.
** Although Grover Cleveland made regular one-panel appearances for years, before the final arc where he was a major character. And it turned out there were really good reasons for all of it.
* In an example that exists only in the character's head, Sensei Greg of ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' is convinced that [[http://egscomics.com/?date=2002-04-08 Carrot Top is his arch-rival.]]
* ''WebComic/CommanderKitty'' has an oddly one-sided example between [[HeroicWannabe CK]] and [[TheAce Ace]]. [[http://www.commanderkitty.com/2009/07/18/commanders-on-the-spacephone/ CK can't even hide his disdain for Ace when they talk]], but Ace honestly acts more like CK's a good friend.
* ''Webcomic/BusterWildeWeerwolf'': Trey the bouncer is this to Buster because Trey is always having to kick out Buster from the club but Buster somehow makes it back in, only for Trey to throw him out [[RunningGag once every now and then]].
* ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'': Lalli doesn't like cats very much, which causes him to not be very fond of TeamPet Kitty.
* ''Webcomic/MenageA3'' has the relationship between Yuki and Sonya. Initially, their enmity is at least somewhat justified, in that they are rivals for the affections of the hopelessly passive Gary and the elusive Zii. However, by the time that they've joined Zii's band together, both have bedded Gary, and they've had a rather deranged affair, it's clear that their continued bickering is mostly fueled by the fact that Sonya is addicted to drama while Yuki sees life through an {{anime}}-tinted lens.
* Ryan North of ''Webcomic/DinosaurComics'' is occasionally this to Randall Monroe of ''Webcomic/{{xkcd}}'', explaining ''xkcd'''s scorning of North's field of expertise ("Because FUCK computational linguistics"). Like the previous examples, they're really friends.
** Meanwhile, North and [[Webcomic/MSPaintAdventures Andrew Hussie]] played this to each other for a while, to the point of... [[http://mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=ryanquest well, this]]. Again, actually friends.
* [[MemeticMutation Hitler Rants Parodies]] depicts Fegelein this way.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd and WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic play this to each other. The guys who play them actually get along in real life, but even the characters' attempts to do a review together ends in them beating each other up... again.
** And as of his review of ''Film/ASimpleWish'', WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic has a rivalry in Mara Wilson (also fueled by his past bashing of her roles in ''Film/{{Matilda}}'' and ''WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine'').
* In [[http://sooniwillrule.blogspot.com/ Soon I Will Rule The World]], [[OurLichesAreDifferent the main character]] has an unusual one in that said archnemesis is one of his own minions, the Shapeshifter, who keeps playing annoying pranks on him. He would get rid of him if not for the fact that the Shapeshifter has [[HealingFactor a nigh ungodly resilience to death]] and whenever AA tries to kick him out, it always turns into a case of TheCatCameBack.
* This is more or less the best way to describe the relationship between Encyclopedia Dramatica and Wiki/{{Uncyclopedia}}, and Wiki/TheOtherWiki too for that matter. (We're the wacky special guest if anything.) Although the former two tend not to bother feuding anymore since given that they're both parody wikis (albeit with ''entirely'' different themes) and all involved just look silly.
* [[Wiki/TVTropes This very wiki]] sometimes appears to view Wiki/TheOtherWiki this way, while believing that from the other side it's more like UnknownRival.
* {{Inverted|Trope}} in ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'', as despite the two sides literally being at war, they act in more of a friendly rivalry, and the only one to actually take the war seriously is [[CloudCuckooLander Sar]][[BloodKnight ge]].
* On Twitter, Creator/KevinSmith and Creator/NeilGaiman treat each other this way. (In real life, they are friends and fans of each other's work.)
* In Roleplay/WeAreOurAvatars, [[@/LeChuck4 The Grinning General]] has it in for [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Eridan Ampora]] because as GG puts it, "HIPSTERRR!" Here is an example of an exchange between the both of them in Trollian.

[[folder: cybernetic Sharklover began trolling caligulas Aquarium ]]
CS: HIPSTERRR! [[note]] This is supposed to be in the color of the rainbow[[/note]]\\
CA: oh jegus its the rainbowwblood again\\
CA: listen wwe wwill have enough convversations in the future so please dont mind wwhen i do this\\
CS: Do what???\\
CA: this\\

[[folder: caligulas Aquarium blocked cybernetic Sharklover ]]

* [[Radio/TrueCapitalist Ghost]] has Alex Jones and Howard Stern.
** Also, [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic bronies]], who respond by [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment calling the show as characters and urging him to be nicer]].
* ''WebVideo/PittsburghDad'''s Ravens fan next-door neighbor Tom.
* ''Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale'':
** Cecil, the {{narrator}}, absolutely ''loathes'' Steve Carlsberg, for reasons that have yet to be made clear. Some fans assume [[FoeYayShipping they're exes]]. However, it appears that Cecil has an entirely valid reason to hate Steve [[spoiler: as he's the neglectful (at least according to Cecil) stepfather of Cecil's niece.]] Later episodes give even more depth and nuance to their relationship, suggesting [[spoiler: that Cecil only dislikes Steve because he is too open about the town's many dark secrets, and is afraid that it'll affect said niece.]] It should also be noted, that as far as we can tell, Steve seems to be quite nice, a protective step-father, and his scones are probably decent.
** The nearby town of Desert Bluffs appears to fill this role for Night Vale as a whole. Albeit quite a serious one.
* In ''Franchise/{{Noob}}'', Omega Zell is TheTeamWannabe to Justice guild, but also a self-centered HeManWomanHater. Saphir, the person who gets to call the shots on whether or not he gets in, is basically an IronLady with a little of ThePerfectionist mixed in. Their personal interactions shown in the webseries and mentioned to happen in the novels are conflictual, but their respective guilds remain allies to each other.
* ''WebVideo/VinesauceTomodachiLife''
** Walrus is by far the biggest one. He's a NiceGuy, is beloved by just about everyone, and tends to solve more problems than he causes. Why does Vinny hate him? Because he "stole" (read: got asked out by) Two-Faced, who, as far as Vinny is concerned, is only allowed to be with [[AuthorAvatar Vinesauce]]. Thus, Vinny does everything he can to bother Walrus, including feeding him hated foods and putting him in a jail cell apartment. It borders on UnknownRival at times, as Walrus has stated at one point that he's devoted to Vinny. [[spoiler:Vinny doesn't have this attitude forever; after a decision he makes leads to Two-Faced cheating on Walrus for DK in Episode 37, he ends up feeling sorry for him, and from then on starts treating him just as well as he does anyone else.]]
** Bonzi Buddy and WebComic/{{Dolan}} are also this to Vinny. This isn't because of anything they did in-game, but rather because of their origins; Bonzi is a DiscreditedMeme that grew popular because of ''WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}}'', and Dolan is a not-entirely-discredited meme that was added on a whim. Vinny loathes both of them, and constantly threatens to evict them, [[StatusQuoIsGod even though he never does so]]. [[spoiler:Unlike Walrus, they do not redeem themselves in time, and they both get the axe in Episode 38.]]
** [[AnthropomorphicFood Broccoli]] is a minor one; he doesn't do much good or bad, but his SmugSnake-like face makes Vinny very angry, and he has a [[VeryPunchableMan strong desire to punch him]]. This desire only grew when Broccoli acted very immature over getting a job in Episode 52.
* Michael Ian Black on ''Podcast/MikeAndTomEatSnacks'' hates Creator/IanMcShane to the point that he could be considered Mike's nemesis, because according to Mike he was up for the role of Swearengen on ''Series/{{Deadwood}}'', but got sick and Ian took the role from him.
* In ''Podcast/{{Qwerpline}}'' [[HeWhoMustNotBeHeard Gus]] seems to enjoy irritating Graham and Alex, for example by giving Lorna Schlitzwhistle the studio's new number whenever they change it.
* Neither of them are main characters, but Nerris and Harrison have this kind of relationship in ''WebAnimation/CampCamp'' due to both thinking [[{{LARP}} their kind]] [[MagiciansAreWizards of magic]] is superior to the other's. That said, the episode "Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak" reveals that they ''can'' put their differences aside if the situation is dire enough, [[spoiler:or at least ''would'' be dire if they weren't playing pretend]].
* James "{{WebVideo/Caddicarus}}" Caddick and Ian "{{WebVideo/Brutalmoose}}" [=MacLeod=] have a ridiculously intense feud where they can't spend two minutes together without bickering or pranking each other. It feels similar to the Nerd/Critic war, except neither of their online personas are of the irritable CausticCritic type (especially Ian, who usually reviews edutainment and NarmCharm-filled classics over jazzy music and is one of the chillest people in the Youtube reviewer sphere), making their cartoonishly over-the-top rivalry even funnier by sheer contrast with their regular stuff.
* WebVideo/UrinatingTree:
** In his video about the Washington Capitals that the Caps of late have gotten one with '''''[[LargeHam THE FUCKING PENGUINS!]]''''', as have his Pittsburgh Steelers and '''''THE FUCKING PATRIOTS!'''''
** More directly, there is a guy who gets blamed for everything wrong in the sports world now by him and his fandom. [[RunningGag Fuck you, Spanos!]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
%%* ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGummiBears'' has Gruffi and Grammi as this, due to the former's Jerkass attitude.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/AngelaAnaconda'': "Oh no, it's [[AlphaBitch Ninny-Poo]]."
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'':
** Mallory is constantly talking about trying to one-up that bitch Trudy Beekman, her best frenemy who [[TheGhost never actually shows up on screen]].
** ISIS as a whole had this sort of relationship with the more competent ODIN, as well as the KGB. They could never quite be ''real'' arch-nemesii, as Mallory was in a romantic relationship with the heads of both organizations. However, things seem to have gotten DarkerAndEdgier between the rival organizations, as [[spoiler:Len Trexler (the head of ODIN), was last seen brainwashed and possibly lobotomized by ISIS agents, Major Jakov (of the KGB) has been murdered, and his murderer (ODIN agent Barry) is now running the KGB and is a completely psychopathic cyborg]].
* AP of ''WesternAnimation/AtomicPuppet'' has this relationship with the Felt family's pet cat Bubbles. AP claims he's a supervillain conspiring to destroy Atomic Puppet from the inside, but Bubbles remains just the ditzy, overweight feline the family loves.
* Babar and Rataxes’ animosity in ''WesternAnimation/{{Babar}}'' is basically a version of this trope with diplomatic relationships, as the show is mostly comedic and lighthearted, the rivalry between both sovereigns is PlayedForLaughs most of the time. Only in the movies Rataxes is truly evil.
%%* WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}} and [[MonsterClown Scuzzo]]. Also, Lydia and AlphaBitch Claire Brewster.
* ''WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers'' is across the street from Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, and the two managers have a mutual obsessive hatred as a result.
%%* On ''WesternAnimation/{{Catscratch}}'', the cats have this relationship with the [[TerribleTrio Chumpy Chump Brothers]], Tad, Luther and Brick.
%%* In ''WesternAnimation/ChalkZone'': Rudy Tabootie is on the receiving ends of this relationship from [[SadistTeacher Mr. Wilter]] and [[TheBully Reggie Bullnerd]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Chowder}}'': Mung Daal and Endive are both restaurant-owning cooks with a large rivalry, mostly with Endive trying to one up Mung and succeeding most of the time. ''Most'' of the time because there are times Mug has her caught by the short hairs such as "Endive's Dirty Secret" where not just Mung Daal's Catering Company blackmails her into letting them use her pools but also the rest of Marzipan City as well!
%%* ''WesternAnimation/CloneHigh'' had Principal Scudworth's perpetual rivalry with John Stamos. [[SayMyName "STAMOOOOOOS!"]]
* ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck'' hated [[WesternAnimation/DuckTales Gizmo Duck]], mainly due to Gizmo's skillset (FlyingBrick vs BadassNormal) and popularity (TheAce vs ButtMonkey) being the complete opposite of Darkwing's.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}'' Funnie and Roger. Also humorously echoed in Doug's dog Porkchop and Roger's cat Stinky.
* In ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy'', Eddy has petty squabbles with Kevin and Sarah, who seem to hate him the most out of all 3 of the Eds.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/EekTheCat'' gives us Sharky the Shark Dog, Who's seems to have some bad luck thanks to Eek.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'', Mr. Turner had his one-sided rivalry with his next-door neighbor, Mr. Dinkleberg. Or, as Mr. Turner usually called him, "''Dinklebeeerg...''". Mind you, in one episode the two of them fought each other with milk-powered GiantMecha and Dinkleberg didn't seem to have a problem with the idea.
** This is eventually played with in the 7th season episode "Operation Dinkleberg", where Dinkleberg reveals himself to be completely evil after all and the leader of [[FunWithAcronyms M.E.A.N. (Ministry of Evil and Abusive Neighbors)]], only to ''later'' reveal to Timmy that it was all an act (that cost him $30,000!) because he knew how much it meant to Mr. Turner to have an arch-nemesis.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''
** Peter vs Ernie the Giant Chicken, a store hand who gave him an invalid coupon, spawning multiple long drawn epic battles.
** Brian used to have one in Stewie, though CharacterDevelopment has slowly evolved them into VitriolicBestBuds.
** Afterwards Brian started another rivalry with Quagmire. This was initially more of a one sided hatred on Quagmire's part at its earliest points, who loathed all of Brian's preachy, unctuous qualities, though after too many gratuitous (and sometimes violent) outbursts, Brian started venting a similar anger and contempt towards Quagmire and began provoking or heckling him on purpose.
** Chris/Monkey. {{Subverted|Trope}} in that it was revealed that the monkey was not evil and never wanted to hurt Chris.
** Meg has a rivalry with Connie, but it's mostly one-sided, as Meg has tried many times to befriend Connie.
%%** Stewie/Bertram,
%%** Lois' father, Carter Pewterschmidt is rivals with Ted Turner.
%%** And Peter is in bad relations with James Woods.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'':
** The ongoing and largely unexplained hatred of Zoidberg on Hermes' part. It was shown on subtle occasions that Zoidberg was something of an annoying leech to him, as well as his incompetent qualities that Hermes barely tolerates the rest of the team for. Add to that his sheer lack of backbone and he's the ideal stress ball for a traditional bullying employer. In one episode, Zoidberg claims Hermes is his best friend, as he is the only one who cares enough to insult him even when he doesn't have any reason to, as opposed to the others, who only insult him only when he does something wrong.
** Professor Farnsworth's rival "Wernstrom!" and smug "young" former understudy who swore revenge for [[DisproportionateRetribution ranking one of his pop-quizes an A minus (for bad handwriting).]]
* ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'':
** Dipper is openly hostile towards {{Jerkass}} EmoTeen Robbie after he starts dating Dipper's crush, Wendy Corduroy. This comes to a head in "Fight Fighters", where Robbie gets fed up of Dipper's reciprocation to his provocative and bullying behaviour and threatens to beat him up, only to come to the realization that [[WouldntHurtAChild he doesn't hate Dipper enough to physically hurt him]] after Dipper spared him from [=McSkirmish=]'s rampage.
** Stan and Gideon's bickering play with this--Gideon is ''[[EnfantTerrible genuinely evil]]'', having tried to commit murder just by the end of his first episode and spent most of the season trying to steal ownership of the Mystery Shack, but in episodes where he's not the main antagonist he spends most of his screentime [[EvilIsPetty inflicting minor, pointless torments upon Stan]]. Stan, not knowing of Gideon's worst side [[spoiler:until the first season finale]], treats the kid as simply an annoyance.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyTest'' has the protagonist's [[AbusiveParents bully father]], Hugh.
* ''WesternAnimation/KappaMikey'' provides us an odd example, where the ''lead'' is the Sitcom Arch-Nemesis to another main character. Mikey is utterly oblivious to Lily's seething hatred and jealousy towards him. This is what happens when you put the {{Cloudcuckoolander}} and the AlphaBitch on the same set.
* ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible''
** Kim and Bonnie Rockwaller. Considering the latter is an AlphaBitch, it isn't particularly surprising; she's a constant recurring thorn in the "basic average girl" side of Kim's life.
** Mr. Barkin. Mostly toward Ron, but occasionally toward Kim as well such as the episode where he catches her not making it to class on time and gives her detention.
** Several of Kim's actual enemies- including her ArchEnemy [[MadScientist Dr Drakken]] and his henchwoman [[TheDragon She-Go]], ended up evolving / devolving into this sort of relationship, DependingOnTheWriter. Drakken has tried to outright kill Kim Possible on several occasions, but he has also spent a great deal of time trying to publicly embarrass or bicker with her; She-Go, meanwhile, is just as likely to take pot shots at Kim's fashion sense as fight her to the death, and once stole a green leather jacket simply because Kim had her eye on it.
** Drakken arguably has the supervillain equivalent of this in Professor Dementor, his AlwaysSomeoneBetter arch-rival who keeps one-upping him with better funding, equipment, henchmen and general level of success. They rarely actually fight, though Drakken has been known to steal from Dementor because his inventions are grudgingly better.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' Hank Hill had... Thatherton! A rival propane salesman who used less than morally scrupulous methods!
%%** He also had a pretty major rivalry with Kahn Souphanousinphone...[[DependingOnTheWriter sometimes]].
* ''WesternAnimation/LeagueOfSuperEvil'': Justice Gene is this to Voltar, as he's the only superhero (read as in: a random guy who put on a costume and decided to oppose Voltar) who cares enough to try and stop Voltar's [[PokeThePoodle "evil" schemes.]] Voltar, on the other hand, is utterly delighted to have his own superhero enemy because it makes him [[BigBadWannabe feel like a real supervillain]].
%%* Bessie Higgenbottom of ''WesternAnimation/TheMightyB'' has three of these. The first being [[AlphaBitch Portia]]. The second being Portia's YesMan, Gwen. The third being [[TheRival Anton St. Germain]].
%%** Penny also serves as this. Mainly because she the only KarmaHoudini who ever gets punished for bulling Bessie.
* In ''WesternAnimation/MiloMurphysLaw'', the safety-obsessed crossing guard Elliot Decker seems to consider [[TheJinx Milo]] his arch enemy.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/MyGymPartnersAMonkey'' [[TheProtagonist Protagonist]] Adam Lyon has Principal Pixiefrog, Bull Sharkoski and Chad.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** After she undergoes her HeelFaceTurn, Trixie ends up acting as one of these to Twilight, spending most of their mutual screentime bothering her without ever crossing into genuine villainy. [[spoiler:Discord]], another former antagonist, becomes this for her after the Season 6 finale.
** Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are this to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, taunting them about their [[FantasticSlur blank flanks]] and also referring to them as such. Then came Season 5's "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" when Silver Spoon finally called out Diamond Tiara for her behavior which led to them befriending the Crusaders when they got their cutie marks.
%%* Dee Dee, Marky, and Joey are this to Oggy from ''WesternAnimation/OggyAndTheCockroaches''.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'': Although Doofenshmirtz is an actual villain and he has a real {{archnemesis}}/best friend in Perry the Platypus, he also has a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis in Rodney, a fellow villain who's constantly trying to outdo him, and his brother Roger, who was [[ParentalFavoritism the favorite]] when they were children and still gets the lion's share of their parents' attention.
%%** Notably, Lawrence also has an "Antiquing Nemesis" in Wellington.
%%** In a crossover special, Isabella is this to ''[[Franchise/StarWars Han Solo]]'' of all people.
* ''WesternAnimation/RandyCunninghamNinthGradeNinja'': Brent, the school's metal shop teacher's apprentice, is this towards Howard. He only calls him by his last name and he got upset when he thought Howard was replacing him as apprentice.
* On ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'', Rigby feels this way about his brother Don purely because Don has had more success than him and is taller (despite actually being younger than Rigby). This is one sided - Don loves Rigby and wants to spend time with him, and shows absolutely no signs of sibling rivalry with him.
%%* Wilbur Cobb from ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' apparently had an antagonistic relationship with Creator/WalterLantz ("No-account son of a bus driver...") back in the good ol' days.
* Rick Sanchez and [[DatingWhatDaddyHates son-in-law Jerry Smith]] from ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty''. Rick cannot stand Jerry for impregnating his daughter on prom night, causing her to give up on her options, and also for being cowardly, mediocre, and using other people's pity. Jerry meanwhile can't stand how Rick has hijacked his family's attention while putting them in danger. When Jerry gives Beth an ultimatum to get Rick to leave or else he will, Beth instead [[spoiler:chooses Rick, causing her to divorce Jerry]].
* Ed Bighead to the titled protagonist of ''WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife''. Rocko is largely oblivious towards Mr. Bighead's hatred for him and is actually quite friendly towards him sometimes (especially since Mrs. Bighead has no animosity towards Rocko), not unlike Spongebob and Squidward.
%%* ''WesternAnimation/SanjayAndCraig'': The title duo's next-door neighbor, Mr. Noodman.
%%* WesternAnimation/ScaredySquirrel has Nester (who is also the show's BigBad) and Paddy Padderson (who is also one of the show's [[TheDragon Dragons]]).
%%* ''WesternAnimation/{{Sidekick}}'''s Eric Needles has Professor Pampelmoose.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' has many examples :
** Homer abhors Ned Flanders, out of both jealousy for his good lifestyle and popularity as well as his insufferably pious and goody goody demeanour. Ned was almost always jovial and kind in return, though by later episodes starts showing some mutual contempt after everything Homer does to him.
** There is a noted mutual dislike between Homer and Patty and Selma, being ObnoxiousInLaws and all.
** Maggie had a lampshaded case with Gerald, the baby with one eyebrow. There's amusingly little context to it outside the lampshade hanging.
** The relationships among some of the supporting characters touch this, e. g. Principal Skinner vs. Groundskeeper Willie (who frequently makes disparaging remarks about him behind his back) and Mayor Joe Quimby vs. Police Chief Clancy Wiggum (corrupt incompetent politician vs. corrupt incompetent official).
%%*** Reverend Lovejoy also feels the same way about Flanders.
%%** Homer also had Frank Grimes, though that was entirely one-sided.
%%*** Another one-time example for Homer was being George H.W. Bush in "Two Bad Neighbours".
%%** Principal Skinner is more conventionally a sitcom arch nemesis to Bart.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' has their iconic rivalry with Kyle and Cartman. Cartman is an insane, sadistic anti-Semitic ComedicSociopath, Kyle is an [[HeWhoFightsMonsters over-persistent]] moral-loving voice of logic (and a Jew). Their feud ranges anywhere between exchanging childish insults, attempting to humiliate the other (typically Cartman's style) or actually trying to kill each other on numerous occasions. Cartman is seen as very obsessive with their rivalry, and can go great lengths to ensure his rival's misery. Kyle himself has also been shown to get quite competitive on multiple occasions as well, just to get back at his frenemy.
* On ''WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil'', Marco has this relationship with Jeremy Birnbaum, his rich, {{Jerkass}} karate rival, who delights in Marco's misery even when he doesn't cause it directly.
* Given the way {{supervillain}}y is treated in ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', The Monarch and Doctor Venture fall under this trope. The Monarch's aggression is [[UnknownRival hardly noticed]] by Venture himself, seems almost completely arbitrary (aside from the fact that Venture made fun of The Monarch's poetry in college), and Doctor Girlfriend has [[LampshadeHanging even acknowledged within the show]] that the two [[NotSoDifferent share enough similarities]] to be good friends were it not for the supposed hatred that exists between them. However, the Monarch has genuine, murderous hatred toward Rusty for reasons yet to be revealed.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump and [[Series/TheView Rosie O'Donnell]]. The feud began when Rosie described Trump as being reminiscent of a 'snake oil salesman' from ''[[Series/LittleHouseOnThePrairie Little House on the Prairie]]'' on her first talk show. Rosie makes fun of the Donald's hair, Don reacts like a little girl who's had her pigtails pulled, calls Rosie fat, rinse and repeat.
-->'''[[http://dlisted.com/2015/08/07/donald-trumps-touching-love-affair-with-rosie-odonnell-was-reopened-during-the-debate-last-night/ Michael K.]]''': The night started off with a bang when ranting merkin Donald Trump declared that he maaaay run independent, and then he blew another wet, slobbery air kiss at his longtime soulmate Rosie O’Donnell...The Juliet to Donald’s Romeo, Rosie O’Donnell, responded to what Trump said by tweeting: ''“try explaining that 2 ur kids.”'' I don’t know if she was talking about the shit Trump said about her or the shit on his head.
** Trump has this with Barack Obama as well.
* The rivalry between Texas A&M University and the University of Texas has this vibe. A&M students seem to identify themselves more as "not Longhorns" than as "Aggies." Maybe a third of the t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other memorabilia sported by Aggies actually don't say "A&M" but bear anti-UT (which they call "t.u."--no caps--because it's just another "Texas university") slogans and logos (many with biblical references). The A&M fight song, for goodness sakes, is more about insulting UT than building up A&M. Yet UT students don't really think about A&M except when they have sporting matches scheduled--which is not often anymore, given that they are in two different conferences now.
** The UT Longhorn logo appears on so much A&M memorabilia--albeit with disfigurements---that UT had to sue several clothing vendors that cater to Aggies for trademark infringement.
* When the tech college [[note]]American readers, think "community college", only slightly more glamorous and debatably well-resourced[[/note]] in Wrexham, Wales, rebranded itself as a university, this led to a lawsuit with a university of the same name in New England. Apparently Yale College, USA, felt threatened by a very minor British new university wanting to call itself Yale University, and alleged this would lead to confusion. Wrexham countered by saying it had been called Yale College for over a century, and had in fact been founded by the same Mr Yale who had emigrated to the USA and latterly had another educational establishment named after him. Alas, Wrexham had neglected to copyright the name. Unlike New England. The court found in favour of the American version of Yale, but it was agreed the Welsh-language ''Coleg Ial'' offered no scope for confusion. NEWI Wrexham rebranded itself as University of Wales, Wrexham, or ''Prifysgol Owain Glyndwr/ Coleg Ial''.
* Website/FourChan, Website/{{Reddit}}, and Website/{{Tumblr}} have shades of this trope together. The three sites hate each other and bicker constantly but rarely, if ever, do anything truly serious to one another. Arguments and raids between the sites tend to be more akin to childish arguing than legitimate conflict. Reddit also has this with websites 9gag, Funnyjunk, and imgur. [[note]][[{{Irony}} Amusingly]], imgur was originally developed by a redditor, but has since spawned its own community.[[/note]]