->''"...in which a dorky white cop and a sassy black cop who uses the word 'motherfucker' the same way most of us would use a comma..."''
-->-- '''Zero Punctuation''', ''VideoGame/TheHouseOfTheDeadOverkill''

A character with a distinguishing characteristic of swearing noticeably more, or at least in harsher words, than the rest of the cast.

Keep in mind that this is relative; if ''everyone'' [[ClusterFBomb swears a lot]], that's not this trope, unless of course this character swears [[UpToEleven more loudly, more vulgarly, and more often than the rest of the cast combined]]. Conversely, in works where swearing is otherwise nonexistent, a character can be this even if the worst that comes out of their mouths [[{{Badbutt}} would look very tame in other contexts.]] Not all works have one of these: a lot of the time most or all of the major characters use about the same amount of profanity, or if some do swear more it is not by enough of a margin to make it a noticeable aspect of the character. What matters here is that a character is set apart by swearing more than everyone (or nearly everyone) else in the same work.

These characters are likely to drop {{Cluster F Bomb}}s where they're allowed to. Otherwise they may be doomed to GoshDangItToHeck or {{Angrish}}. SymbolSwearing, too, is an often effective option. May also be subjected to TheSwearJar.

Contrast TheSnarkKnight. The trope name is an example of SirVerbALot.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Edward Elric from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' sometimes has the tendency to do this.
* Jan Valentine from ''{{Hellsing}}''. [[VulgarHumor He also enjoys bringing up embarrassing bodily functions rather often.]]
* Bando of ''ElfenLied''.
* Revy of ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' is by far the most foul-mouthed character in the series, and is the most frequent contributor to its [[ClusterFBomb high volume of F-Bombs]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKwaPSkjXp0 See for yourself]].
* The ''entire'' male half of the Straw Hat Pirates from ''OnePiece''; though justified in that since they ''are'' pirates, they would ''naturally'' "swear like sailors" all the time.
** Special mention goes to Sanji, who was actually raised by sailors and who trumps them all whitout even trying (his {{catchphrase}} is ''shit'', usually as a prefix for someone male's nickname).
* Takamura from ''HajimeNoIppo''
* Vice from ''{{Karakuridouji Ultimo}}''.
* King Dedede and Knuckle Joe from ''Anime/KirbyOfTheStars'' anime. [[SpiceUpTheSubtitles The fansubbers take it]] UpToEleven.
** The English dub removes the use of profanity which is appropriate for Japanese children and inappropriate for American children. Needless to say, in the third-to-last episode, at one time it sounded like Dedede used a profane word at least once and ''only'' once, which was a simple, rare mistake left in the dub.
--->'''King Dedede''': Hey. What is that damn thing?\\
'''Escargoon''': Sire, how am I supposed to know? But whatever it is, I think our friend at Nightmare Enterprises would be very interested in it.
* Agito from ''Manga/AirGear'' has the F word as his catchphrase.
* Several characters from ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'':
** Romano, especially when he's around Germany.
** England claims to be a gentleman, but he becomes this when he's pissed off.
** Tony, America's alien friend.
** Molossia, at least when anyone who is not America is around.
** Belarus does this on occasions.
** Mochi America wasn't this at first, but he and his language got fouler as the series went on. He fits this trope so much that when [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jetS6I4mJ2Y&list=LLJRW3hh3OioiaNeHYTFQhLQ this]] video was released, many fans had to be convinced that it was canon and not just a bizarrely obscene fanwork.
* Hiruma and his charming nicknames in ''{{Eyeshield 21}}''.
* Although the series is ripe with cursing, most of it comes from Panty from ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt''.
* Vita from ''LyricalNanoha''.
* Kyouko from ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica''. By Japanese standards, her vocabulary is quite filthy, and at best is [[{{Bokukko}} inappropriately masculine]].
* Mugen from ''SamuraiChamploo''.
* Gavrill from ''FrankenFran''.
* Grimmjow from ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''.
** Even more so, Nnoitora. Every other word he says is some form of [[ClusterFBomb "fuck," "shit," or "bitch."]]
** Ichigo Kurosaki himself also swears quite a bit. This is actually more noticeable in the English Dub, where he uses about the same amount of profanity as Yusuke Urameshi from ''Manga/YuYuHakusho''. In addition to that, Grimmjow and Nnoitora both have their language noticeably toned down in the English version compared to the original Japanese translation, so Ichigo ends up actually swearing as least as much, if not more, than they do.
* Tayuya from ''{{Naruto}}'' is a ''Lady'' Swears-A-Lot.
** Hidan is an even bigger example.
--> '''Hidan''': (After his head gets chopped off) You know what, Kakuzu? Go eat a dick.
* Minatsuki Takami from ''DeadmanWonderland''. Taken UpToEleven [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT-f0lGk-JM in the English dub.]]
** Ganta swears quite a lot, though not half as much as Minatsuki and only in certain situations.
* Kyoshiro from ''GingaDensetsuWeed''.
* Guts from ''{{Berserk}}''.
* Jolyne Kujo of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' not only swears like a sailor, but also knows how to [[FlippingTheBird give the finger]] in four different languages.
** Echoes [[spoiler:Act 3]], Koichi's stand, also has a tendency to swear a lot.
* When ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' notes Victor Talbot's propensity to swearing in its DramatisPersonae, it is not kidding. If Victor is involved in a story, he is almost guaranteed to swear more than anyone else in it ''combined''.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh'' swearing was pretty rare, even in the original version; two charaters that did (at least occassionally) were Pegasus and Rebecca. (Both were American characters, and it may not have been a coincidence. Bandit Keith was also American, and was depicted as scum.)
* Watt in ''LightNovel/{{Vamp}}!'' drops the first PrecisionFStrike, and continues to pepper his speech with swear words for the rest of his scene.
* We also have ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}'' ''himself'' using such language when he is angry, annoyed, to call people names sometimes, confused, after getting a [[ShockCollar sit command]] from Kagome, and for no reason at all. Where's the soap when you need it? Inuyasha could be [[{{Naruto}} Hidan's twin for all we know...]]
* In ''Anime/MagicalShoppingArcadeAbenobashi'' when the main characters reach the American themed world, the hot dog vendor is a prime example.
** "Hey! F*cking Cowboy, F*cking Cowgirl! How the F*ck are you doing!?"
* Yusuke Urameshi, the main protaganist of ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'', is a pretty good example of this trope. He comes off as tame compared to a lot of the other examples on this page, but back when the show aired, he was notable for being the main source of the profanity on it (other characters swore, but few, if any, did it nearly as much), as well as being foul-mouthed in general for the standards of a Shonen series.
* Yata Misaki of ''Anime/{{K}}'' tends to turn into this in fansubs and the English dub made him one as well. Though, to be fair, he does have a rather crass manner of speaking which is easiest translated as vulgar.
* ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'' has two primary offenders.
** Nishiki Nishio's favorite descriptive term for anything seems to be "shitty". When he begins working at Anteiku, he's reprimanded for his foul mouth....and promptly goes back to cursing up a storm after a brief pause. In the sequel, his foul mouth is one of the first clues that [[spoiler: the mysterious {{Orochi}} is Nishiki]].
** Ginshi Shirazu in the sequel, prone to FlippingTheBird and unleashing long strings of [[ClusterFBomb f-bombs]] when annoyed.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Christabella from the ''Comicbook/SilentHill'' comics published by IDW. More jarring because the character is an EldritchAbomination in the body of a little girl.
* Oyuki-Chan from ''Comicbook/{{Empowered}}'' cusses every third word, no matter what she's talking about and even when she's completely calm. Not for nothing is she referred to as "████ing Oyuki-Chan."
* Zodon, in ''ComicBook/{{PS238}}'' is apparently a terrible pottymouth -- which is especially bad given that he's an elementary school student. To keep him in line, he's been fitted with a brain chip which replaces his swear words with random nouns and verbs, and turns entire rants of obscenity into showtunes.
* The {{Punisher}} tends to curse a lot; in his own series, this is common for most of the characters, but he also does it frequently when he appears in any other title. (Of course, he ''was'' once in the Marines...)
* Negan from ''ComicBook/TheWalkingDead'', he nearly defines this.
--> '''Negan''': Shit fuck kid, calm the fuck down already! Jesus fucking christ, damn.
* Everybody swears in ''ComicBook/{{Cazador}}'', but Balrog, one of the recurring bad guys, takes it to the extreme: the demon can ''only'' say swear words, and he usually spews them out in [[MotorMouth long, uninterrupted strings]].
* In ''ComicBook/LuckyLuke'', we have Hank the stagecoach driver, and Calamity Jane. The latter is contagious, at the the end of both stories in which she appears (''Calamity Jane'' and ''Ghost Hunt''), the other ladies who have been in her company are also swearing like sailors.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* In ''Fanfic/SakiAfterStory'', Teru and Sumire do most of the swearing, with Teru having anger issues, and Sumire calling Teru's claims that ''{{Manga/Saki}}'' is not her sister "bullshit".
* In ''Fanfic/PerfectionIsOverrated'', Hitomi Kirihara, a deconstruction of a JerkSue, swears significantly more than the other characters to reflect her abrasive personality and refusal to comply with social norms; she's essentially impossible to get along with when she's talking with other people instead of killing them. Natsuki and Nao have a fair amount of profanity compared to the rest of the cast.
* The main character of ''FanFic/TheTwilightChild'' is mentioned as swearing a lot, but the NarrativeProfanityFilter and HoldYourHippogriffs usually stops her from saying anything truly offensive, though she does get in a "bastard" at one point. However, when she's truly at the end of her rope, she prefers to unleash the foulest word she can think of: "[[Literature/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Belgium.]]"
* In the ''VideoGame/StarTrekOnline'' fic-verse that started with ''Fanfic/{{Bait and Switch|STO}}'', the main viewpoint character Captain Kanril Eleya swears like a sailor, appropriately enough. Rarely does a chapter pass without a "''[[PardonMyKlingon phekk]]''" or "''[[PardonMyKlingon sher hahr kosst]]''". Other characters are more restrained, though there's still the occasional PrecisionFStrike.
* In SonicTheHedgehog DarkFic ''Fanfic/PrisonIslandBreak'' cursing is common, but Shadow is particularly coarse, to the point that the word 'fuck' ceases to have any more meaning than the word 'said'.
--> '''Shadow:''' [[OhCrap Aw, fuckaroonies.]]
* Veronica "Ronnie" Weasley, a {{Gender Flip}}ped version of Ron Weasley from the fic ''Fanfic/WeasleyGirl'' is about as fond of swearing as her canon male counterpart, but gets censored a lot less and is allowed to drop a few F-bombs:
--> ''"I'LL KILL THAT FUCKING BASTARD!"'' [[spoiler:Said about Voldemort/Quirrell, after he's placed her under the Imperius curse and Harry manages to break her out of it.]]

* Jay from the ViewAskewniverse.
* ''HappyGilmore'': After he misses a putt, the censor-bleeps can't keep up with him.
* Harry from ''Film/InBruges''.
** "[[LampshadeHanging Geez, he swears a lot, doesn't he?]]"
* Roman Moronie in ''Film/JohnnyDangerously'' sends this up.
** "What a ''mouth'' on that guy!"
* The title character of SethMacFarlane's ''Film/{{Ted}}''.
* People swear in ''Film/TropicThunder'', but TomCruise's character is possibly the king of this trope. He has a dirtier mouth than [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Eric Cartman]] and [[JayAndSilentBob Jay]] put together.
-->"First, take a big step back and literally '''''FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!'''''"
** Creator/TomCruise is also the sole reason for ''Film/RainMan'''s R-Rating. He's the only character who swears in the movie and it has no significant acts of violence.
** It's a pretty memorable trait of his character in ''{{Magnolia}}'' as well.
** Speaking of ''Film/{{Magnolia}}'', on top of TomCruise's character, Earl and Linda Partridge are also pretty good examples of this trope, ''especially'' Linda. This is already a movie where a lot of the characters are quite liberal when it comes to using {{Cluster F Bomb}}s, but in just about every scene Linda's in, she takes the usage of the trope {{Up To Eleven}}, which is quite an accomplishment in a movie like that.
* [[BigBad Frank Booth]] from ''Film/BlueVelvet'' who drops F bombs at least once per sentence. Made more apparent in that he is the only character in the film to use the word (besides a character who does it at Frank's request).
* Detective David Mills from ''Film/{{Se7en}}''.
-->'''Mills:''' Fucking [[TheDivineComedy Dante]]! Goddamn poetry-writing faggot, piece of shit! Fucker!
* Everybody swears in ''TheDeparted'', but Sgt. Dignam hardly says a sentence without using a swear word.
-->'''Queenan:''' Staff Sergeant Dignam has a style of his own. I'm afraid we all have to get used to it.
* Chris-R from ''Film/TheRoom''
* Creator/JoePesci in almost everything he's in. His performances in ''Film/{{Goodfellas}}'' and ''Film/{{Casino}}'' are particularly infamous in this regard.
** Averted in ''HomeAlone'' and its sequel, appropriately enough; instead of actual swear words, Harry curses in {{Angrish}} -- the worst word we actually hear him say is "cojones". Allegedly Chris Columbus created a SwearJar to discourage this sort of thing around the child actors, and Pesci was said to have filled it in a ''single day''.
* ''Every'' sentence spoken by the killer in ''CurseOfTheZodiac'' is laced with profanities.
* Charlie's "sons" in ''Film/MeMyselfAndIrene'', mainly due to Charlie allowing them to watch Richard Pryor stand-up comedy at a very young age, and Chris Rock stand-up when they are older.
* The Dude and Walter in ''Film/TheBigLebowski''.
-->'''[[LemonyNarrator The Stranger]]''': Do you really have to use so many cuss words?
-->'''The Dude''': [[IResembleThatRemark What the fuck are you talking about]]?
* Gunnery Sergeant Hartman and Animal Mother in ''Film/FullMetalJacket''. The former is a master DrillSergeantNasty who has swearing down to an art form that lets him easily condition insolent new recruits, browbeating them into submission. The latter is a young, gung-ho military brat with a foolish, [[LeeroyJenkins hot-blooded confrontational streak]].
* Steve Stifler from the ''Film/AmericanPie'' series.
* Carl Showalter from ''Film/{{Fargo}}''.
* Ralphie's dad from ''Film/AChristmasStory'', though it's mostly just unintelligible shouting due to censoring.
--> '''Adult Ralphie''': My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.
* ''Film/LittleMissSunshine'' has the grandpa, and later on, [[spoiler: Dwayne, starting when he realizes he's color blind and therefore, can't fly planes. He breaks his vow of silence with an enormous AtomicFBomb, and from there, most of his limited dialogue consists of one small ClusterFBomb after another.]]
* Osbourne Cox from ''Film/BurnAfterReading'', who is responsible for approximately half of the F-words in the entire film. Unlike other examples, he only curses when he's angry, but since he has a HairTriggerTemper, this happens almost all the time.
* Gawain [=MacSam=] from the remake of ''Film/TheLadykillers''. A couple of the one scene characters shown near the beginning such as Weemack and the tv commercial director could qualify as well. Gee, Creator/TheCoenBrothers sure like having these types of characters in their movies, don't they?
* Kyle in ''Film/{{Fifty Fifty}}'', although considering he's played by Creator/SethRogen, this probably doesn't surprise anyone.
* Nino in ''Film/{{Drive}}''.
* The Abe Lincoln [[CelebrityImpersonator Impersonator]] in Film/MisterLonely. "I'm Abe Fucking Lincoln!" indeed.
* The entire ''Film/TwentyOneJumpStreet'' film series is such an epic swearfest that it's almost easier to list characters that cuss all the time than it is to name ones that don't. However, there is still no one else that can match the proficiency of the well-oiled swearing machine that is Captain Dickson.
* Charles and Cary from ''Film/{{Super 8}}'', especially Charles. If you pay attention, somewhere between 80 to 90 percent of that language in the film is from these two alone, in large part because of their tendency to drop [[ClusterFBomb Cluster S Bombs]] whenever the gang gets in stressful situations.
* Sheriff J.W. Pepper from the James Bond installments, ''Film/LiveAndLetDie'' and ''Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun'' swears noticeably often for any character from a James Bond movie. He even came close to being the first one in the entire series to use the F-word, but was censored on a couple of occasions. That honor now belongs to M in ''Film/{{Skyfall}}''.
* Nice Guy Eddie and Mr. Pink in ''Film/ReservoirDogs''.
* Wikus van de Merwe in ''Film/{{District 9}}''.
* Ray "Bones" Barboni in ''Film/GetShorty''.
* ''Film/HeavenlyCreatures'' has John/Nicholas, who says "Damn" a lot.
* Ethel in ''Film/FridayThe13thPartVANewBeginning'', who constantly drops f-bombs.
* Jeff in ''Film/SafetyNotGuaranteed''.
* Costa in ''Film/ProjectX''.
* Slide in ''Film/TowerHeist''.
* ''Film/TheShawshankRedemption'' has abundant swearing throughout, but a lot of it comes from Captain Byron Hadley.
* Phil Wenneck and Leslie Chow from ''TheHangover'' series.
* Pazuzu in ''Film/TheExorcist'', the demon that takes DemonicPossession of Regan and causes her to scream lots of obscenities.
* Hit-Girl from the ''Film/KickAss'' movies, more notable due her young age (12 in the first and 15 in the second). Quite tellingly, in the second movie her guardian had set up a swear jar at the start of it, and by the end she finished filling ''the second one''.
* Lieutenant Vincent Hanna from the 1995 film ''Film/{{Heat}}''. Not surprising seeing as how he's played by Creator/AlPacino, the same man who gave us Tony Montana from ''Film/{{Scarface 1983}}''.
* Brutish from the adult animated film "Tarzoon Shame Of The Jungle", rarely did he let a sentence go by without an f-bomb thrown in.
* Inverted in Film/{{The Objective}}. While other characters swear almost constantly, Benjamine Keynes does not utter a single damn, hell, or even goshdarn it in the entire movie, which is impressive considering the psychological trauma he experiences.

* In ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'' Jerin's sister Heria, having forgotten the password, confirms her identity by uttering swearwords that would have "made her grandfather blush and her grandmothers proud". Apparently, her grandmothers were even worse.
* Ron (it's implied he learned them from Fred and George) from the ''Literature/HarryPotter'' books and films doesn't get to drop any F-bombs, but most of the other characters aren't noted in the narrative to "[[NarrativeProfanityFilter swear loudly]]" or say "bloody hell" nearly as much as him. When discussing getting profanity past her editors, Rowling noted this caused the most trouble with Ron's dialogue, as he's definitely the kind of person who'd swear. He does get away with "effing" in the books, as does Uncle Vernon.
* Colonel Sebastian "Basher" Moran, as presented (by himself) in ''Literature/TheHoundOfTheDurbervilles'', swears a lot, though in the text, its mostly dashed out, so he says "f---ing c--t!" and things of that nature. There's also a lot of English slang for dirty words.
* Krystal, Terri, and pretty much all the rest of the Weedon family in ''Literature/TheCasualVacancy'' use the f-word in the same way a normal person would use a comma.
* Wild Rhona and one-scene character Sapphire Culpepper from ''Literature/AHarvestOfWar'' swear a lot more than the other characters and are the only ones who use CountryMatters.
* Holden Caulfield in ''Literature/TheCatcherInTheRye'', whose constant cussing was one of the main reasons the book created so much controversy on its first publication. Oddly enough, despite his knack for using other words all the time, he actually dislikes the F-word -- mainly because he's tired of seeing it in graffiti in public places.
* The hunchbacked sorcerer Beldin in ''Literature/TheBelgariad'' has a hideous body, horrid manners and an equally foul mouth. But underneath it all, he's just [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold a big softie]].
* Uno from ''WheelOfTime'' gets called out on this by other characters, especially Nynaeve.
** Also Mat. Again, Nynaeve ain't happy. Wanders into serious {{Narm}} territory when you see that "Blood and ashes!" and "Mother's milk in a cup!" apparently constitutes heinous swearing in [[FanNickname Randland]].
* Subverted with [[Discworld/TheTruth Mr. Tulip]], who doesn't [[NarrativeProfanityFilter --ing]] swear. He just says [[UnusualEuphemism "--ing"]] [[VerbalTic a --ing lot]].
* ''ASongOfIceAndFire'' has a few (who still stand out thanks to LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters). Gregor Clegane and Rorge have never actually met but still seem to be competing to see who can swear more while committing horrific acts of rape and dismemberment, but there's an otherwise irrelevant {{Mook}} nicknamed "Shitmouth" who can out-swear them both ([[MinionWithAnFInEvil but is otherwise mostly harmless]]). In ''A Dance With Dragons'', Asha interacts with Ser Clayton Suggs, a low born knight, and about 90% of those interactions consist of him calling her the [[CountryMatters c-word]]. Having said that, Asha is distinctly unafraid of bringing out the heavy-duty language herself, particularly for a Lady in this series. Just, not to ''that'' degree. Still notable, though.
** If i'm not mistaken he calls her "the big C" in the heat of the battle and does apologize for it later.
* Sharon/Shaz from the ''Literature/BridgetJones'' books and movies, "Likes to say 'fuck'. A lot".
* "Sally" Sweet in the StephaniePlum series. He can barely get through a sentence without at least one F-bomb.
* UnusualEuphemism and NarrativeProfanityFilter protect the viewers' eyes, but Grood in ''[[{{Redwall}} Lord Brocktree]]'' appears to be this. "Gorokkah! How'd that splitten flitten gurgletwip get up so high?"
* The title character in StephenKing's novel ''Literature/DoloresClaiborne'', who says she is a foul-mouthed woman which probably comes from having lived a foul life.
* In ''Literature/TheHeroesOfOlympus'', [[MoodyMount Arion]] is apparently this. We never hear any of it, because it's a kids' novel, and Arion only speaks horse, but Percy (who ''can'' speak horse) said several times that he's going to have to wash Arion's mouth out with soap.
* In ''Literature/ThoseThatWake'', Mike has the record of the most profanity in the book.
* In Geoph Essex's ''Jackrabbit Messiah'': Indra. None of the cast is outright averse to swearing, and Pen Duffy probably does it more than most, but nobody in ''most'' books can hold a candle to Indra when it comes to sheer [[VulgarHumor creativity]] and [[ClusterFBomb volume]] of swearing. He has very few lines where he ''doesn't'' say something completely revolting - it's just how he holds a conversation, and there's no NarrativeProfanityFilter. He's also just a [[MouthyKid ten-year-old kid]]. [[spoiler: (Though he's [[OlderThanTheyLook actually]] [[OurGodsAreGreater a god]].)]]
* In ''Literature/HyperionCantos'', the ''poet'' Martin Silenus. At one point in his backstory, he could only use seven words, most of which were bodily functions, swear words, or both.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': Spike. Some of this is due to DidNotDoTheBloodyResearch, but it's also a character trait.
* Dave from ''FlightOfTheConchords'' drops all but one of the F-bombs on the show. Those of the duo's songs that contain the F-word have helpfully been modified to use "[[UnusualEuphemism flip]]" instead, as the characters they play in the show aren't given to swearing.
* Malcolm Tucker (Creator/PeterCapaldi) from ''Series/TheThickOfIt'' and its spin off movie ''Film/InTheLoop'' was robustly famous/infamous for being a man whose favorite word started [[ClusterFBomb with a capital "F"]] and cropped up in nearly every sentence he spoke. So much so that when Capaldi was cast as [[Series/DoctorWho the Twelfth Doctor]], fans joked that Twelve would be a swear-happy Time Lord. But that would '''never''' fly past the censor on a show watched by impressionable kids parroting the always iconic Doctor's easily quotable lines and catchphrases.
** Also from those works, Jamie Macdonald, nicknamed "The Crossest Man In Scotland."
* Vince from ''{{Mongrels}}'' who is clinically incapable of getting through a sentence without at least three swearwords.
* Calamity Jane in ''{{Series/Deadwood}}'' has the notable distinction of being the most foul mouthed character in a ClusterFBomb cast. She keeps a swear jar for whenever she swears around little Sophia, with the intention of giving her the money.
** Don't forget Al [[MeaningfulName Swearengen]]. He's at least as infamous for this as Calamity Jane is, if not more.
* Sir Gwain in ''Series/{{Merlin}}''. While it is a family show, and therefore the number of swears is limited, more than once he has sworn in the background in an indistinct manner, sounding like fuck.
* Debra Morgan in ''Series/{{Dexter}}'' was even swearing more than anyone as a child, according to a flashback. Dexter even introduces her to the viewers on the first episode as, "my foul-mouthed step sister".
** Once, when being confronted by an InternalAffairs agent, over the course of the conversation, she manages to use ''every single obscenity in the English language'', excluding racial slurs.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbAN5g0MUpU Ladies and gentlemen, Debra Fucking Morgan.]]
** At one point, she's forced to give a press conference, and can't help dropping an f-bomb on air. When she sees herself on tv later, complete with bleeped-out obscenity, her response, in a hospital waiting room full of kids: "oh, ''fuck''."
** [[MemeticMutation Surprise, motherfucker!]] James Doakes also counts!
* Susie Greene and Leon Black in ''Series/CurbYourEnthusiasm''.
* Batiatus from ''Series/SpartacusBloodAndSand'', especially when he's suffering from a VillainousBreakdown. And in a show where virtually ''every'' character makes liberal use of the ClusterFBomb, that's really saying something.
-->'''Batiatus:''' "I speak...of being [[ClusterFBomb fucked! And I will not, not be fucked, you fucking fuck, you fucking cock-sucking, you hemorrhoid-sucking fuck]], '''[[ClusterFBomb you fuck]]!'''"
* Most of the cast from ''BoardwalkEmpire'' is quite used to dropping profanity all over the place, but the Commodore sticks out as being the worst. The part that may surprise some people about it is that he's a SENIOR.
* Inverted by Omar in ''Series/TheWire'' -- in spite of being a major {{Badass}}, he's the ''only'' character who refuses to curse and admonishes others for doing so constantly. This is the show whose EstablishingSeriesMoment was Bunk and [=McNulty=] communicating entirely through the word "fuck" for a scene.
* All the characters swear in ''Series/GoodGod'', but Danny [=McClure's=] profanity-laden rants are particularly epic and occur nearly every time he speaks.
* A short ''Series/MrShow'' sketch features Reverend Winston Dupree, who preaches while doing this.
* Jack Bauer in ''Series/TwentyFour'' is most notably well-known for his catchphrase, "Damn it".
* Detective [[IronicName Manners]] on ''Series/TheXFiles'' RashomonStyle episode "Jose Chung's ''From Outer Space''". The good detective uses lots of bleeps, blanks and blankety-blank bleeps.
-->'''Manners:''' ''(to Mulder)'' Well, thanks a lot! You really bleeped up this case.
-->''(Cut to Scully talking to Chung)''
-->'''Scully:''' Well, of course, he didn't actually say "bleeped". He said...
-->'''Chung:''' I'm, uh, familiar with, uh, Detective Manners' colorful phraseology.
* Everyone in ''Series/StrikeBack'' is prone to letting loose a ClusterFBomb in tense situations, but Damien Scott takes the cake. If he's not swearing, he's probably not conscious. When he regains consciousness, expect him to start up again almost immediately.
* The InformedAbility of Eli Gold in ''Series/TheGoodWife'' in the episode where he's introduced. Peter warns him to watch his mouth in front of his kids... and Eli doesn't say a bad word since, even when it'd be appropriate.
* From ''Series/CuteyHoneyTheLive'', we have Duke Watari, a Panther Claw member in charge of arms manufacturing. He's usually a calm and collected individual, but if slighted in the very least, he will let loose SurprisinglyGoodEnglish swearing.
-->'''Watari''': "'''''[[CatchPhrase SHIT!!!]]'''''"
* ''Series/{{Spirited}}'' has Henry Mallet, who says a swear word of some description almost every other word. This is in contrast to his love interest Suzy, who at first can only manage the utterly feeble "Eff off, you dead...dick!".

* One article in ''{{Playboy}}'' gave the number of cuss words in ''every'' interview they had published, and then said that more than half of them were in the interview with Music/SnoopDogg. Considering the magazine's more than fifty-year history, that's ''really'' saying something.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Rat of ''PearlsBeforeSwine'', whose swearing is [[SymbolSwearing censored with symbols]].
* It is implied in one strip of ''BeetleBailey'' that Sergeant Snorkel, of all the soldiers at Camp Swampy, was the absolute worst when it came to swearing. Basically, the resident minister of the camp was complaining to one of the officers about the amount of swearing going on at the camp, and suggests Sarge teach them not to swear, to the officer's shock and exasperation. It then cuts to Sarge accidentally hurting himself with a tack that he was going to place on a bulletin board, and utters a long list of profanities ([[SymbolSwearing all censored]]), and the officer, telling the minister, who is covering his ears, that the long list of profanities he is uttering is ''only'' for a tack prick, implying that the list is even longer and far more profane with more serious injuries/more angering situations.
** In one 2013 strip, he shows Beetle he has a ''degree'' in cussing. ("Master's in Maledictation".)
** It's probably a carryover from the DrillSergeantNasty character, although Sarge isn't leading basic training and isn't particularly nasty otherwise. Other sergeants in Camp Swampy are the same -- another company once challenged Beetle's with "our sergeant can out-swear yours!" (Snorkel wins).
* Darryl [=MacPherson=] in ''ComicStrip/BabyBlues'' has a swearing problem (particularly when irritated or after injuring himself, with him once somehow managing to write a swear word on a note identifying a coffee table that was intended to help one of the kids identify furniture after stubbing his leg on it).
* Grampa Freeman from ''TheBoondocks'' is quite foul-mouthed, in particular with the N-word, having done so at least 46 times the day before in one case.

[[folder:Stand Up Comedy]]
* Creator/GeorgeCarlin is probably the TropeCodifier for this trope in comedy.
* Creator/LennyBruce may have started it, though.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Nockers have this as a kith flaw in ''ChangelingTheDreaming''. And the kithbook offers the Foul Mouth flaw, which turns it UpToEleven.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/TheWolfAmongUs'': Toad wins the prize, cursing constantly, ''even to his young son''.
* VideoGame/ShadowTheHedgehog was the first Sonic-franchise character to swear, most notably in his self-titled GaidenGame where he swears repeatedly in cut-scenes and nearly every time he gets hit.
* Syrenne from ''VideoGame/TheLastStory''. Evident from her first line in the game.
* Cid and Barret in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII''.
--> '''Cid:''' "Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair, and ''[[MemeticMutation drink your goddamn tea]]!''"
* Kanji in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}''. Although he eventually gets over it after CharacterDevelopment turns him from ChaoticNeutral to ChaoticGood.
--> "I'm gonna ''renovate'' your ass!"
* Gryz in ''VideoGame/PhantasyStarIV'' does this by being the only person to swear in the entire game.
* Jr. in ''VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}}''. Notable in that he [[OlderThanTheyLook looks like]] a preteen boy.
* The ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' series is usually conservative when it comes to swear words, but Senator Steven Armstrong from ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance'' takes the cake as the most foul-mouthed character in the entire franchise. He has a BadassBoast sporting ''[[ClusterFBomb five consecutive sentences starting with an F-bomb]]''!
* Ragna The Bloodedge and Kokonoe both tend to drop Cluster S.o.B. Bombs in ''VideoGame/{{BlazBlue}}''.
-->'''Ragna''': Take this, you son of a bitch!\\
'''Kokonoe''': You son of a bitch! Do you know how hard it was to find you?!
** Kokonoe takes her language much further than that, often getting creatively censored as a result. Let's try this dialogue from Rachel's gag reel in ''Continuum Shift'':
--->'''Noel''': Ms. Kokonoe. What were you going to do to Mr. Ragna the Bloodedge after you [[InstantSedation put him to sleep]]?\\
'''Kokonoe''': Well, no reason not to tell you. First I intended to take his [[labelnote:XXX]] (Inferno Divider!)[[/labelnote]] and put it in a [[labelnote:XXX]] (Carnage Scissors!)[[/labelnote]]. Maybe a little [[labelnote:XXX]] (Gauntlet Hades!)[[/labelnote]] too? My goodness, I can only imagine what his [[labelnote:XXX]] (Hell's Fang!)[[/labelnote]] will [[labelnote:XXX]] (Dead Spike!)[[/labelnote]]!\\
'''Noel''': Wh-wh-WHAT?! How could you stoop so low? That's totally unfair!\\
'''Kokonoe''': Like I care. Keep dreaming, kid. I'm gonna make Ragna '''mine'''!
** [[BigBad Haz]][[{{Troll}} ama]] is pretty bad for this as well.
--> "OK, what makes ''you'' think I give two '''shits''' about a vampire tea-party?"
--> "Hey, shitty vampire? Who's laughing now?"
--> "Yeah, a huge failure. Real pain in the ass to keep the Cauldron under control. But hey, we learned all sorts of shit in the process, so, you know..."
** Makoto isn't as bad as the previous offenders, but she is still quite a potty mouth.
--> "Meh. I should quit bitching. A job's a job. Can't help the family out just sitting on my tail."
--> "Sleepy? That baby's wide awake - and pissed!"
--> "What the [[CurseCutShort fuuu-?]]"
* Jack in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''.
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', she has to continually cut her curses short whenever her students are listening. She does get the chance to cut loose on Joker at the end, though [[CurseCutShort we cut to the next scene before it gets a chance to get going]]. By the ''Citadel'' DLC, without any students around, she's back in form.
* ''VideoGame/{{Bulletstorm}}'' was called "Captain Swearword's Big Fuckin' Adventure" by [=RockPaperShotgun=] for good reason, but Grayson is surprised by the walking, talking swear factory that is General Sarrano.
** While not quite on the same level as Sarrano, neither Grayson or Trishka are particularly lacking in this department.
* Kainé from ''VideoGame/NieR''. The ''very first thing you hear'' when booting up the game is her delivering a truly splendid ClusterFBomb to Weiss.
* Detective Isaac Washington from ''VideoGame/TheHouseOfTheDeadOverkill''. Considering he's the primary contributor to the game's 189 F-bombs on a normal playthrough, enough for a Guinness World Record, the game certainly earns its title. His first line of dialogue and EstablishingCharacterMoment is "Whassup, motherfucker!"
* Garlot and Leon in ''VideoGame/BlazeUnion'', both of whom have awful tempers. After the TimeSkip in route A, Garlot's new speech patterns as Gulcasa have him swearing a bit less and becoming more eloquent--probably due to coaching by Nessiah.
* In ''{{Neptunia}}'', out of the four goddesses of Gamindustri, White Heart is the one that drops the highest amount of S-bombs. As a sample, a few lines she says during ''the first game's intro sequence'':
-->'''White Heart:''' I won't let any of you selfish, icy bitches take the title of True Goddess!
-->'''White Heart:''' (''Having received [[BerserkButton a derisive comment from Green Heart about her flat chest]]'') The hell's that? Listen to that crap, talkin' out yer ass! [[PrepareToDie I'll kill you! DIE!]]
* Dana Mercer from ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'', notable not for swearing the ''most'' out of all the cast (which includes her salty-mouthed and hot-tempered brother and several dozen soldiers, who swear like, well, soldiers), but for swearing so much and so ''colorfully'' that the [[ArmiesAreEvil Blackwatch]] [[SociopathicSoldier trooper]] in the middle of kidnapping her was taken aback. Her favorite appears to be the f-bomb and its variants.
* ''TheWitcher'': Thaler has a mouth about a magnitude fouler than that of any other character in the game. That says quite a lot, as pretty much everyone swears regularly and he still manages to stick out.
* Enzo in ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'' swears even when it doesn't make sense to swear. It's likely that he swears the most out of everyone in the game, despite having the least screentime and the fact that the game has no shortage of F-bombs.
* The ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' series takes full advantage of being Rated M, and [[ClusterFBomb drops more S bombs than you can shake a stick at]]. However, of all the characters, [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Coach]] and [[BadassBiker Francis]] stand out. Just try going a full sixty seconds without hearing them swear, it will fail.
** Lampshaded by [[DeadpanSnarker Nick]] regarding Ellis.
--> '''Nick''': He's like [[ManChild a five-year-old with guns]]. And a comprehensive grasp of every swear word in the English Language.
* Feinne's LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters'' recorded the number of times Gig swore. Oh, and Gig is definitely this trope.
--> "Yeah, I said "shit" 33 times. Got a problem with it, numbnuts?"
* Dylan in ''VideoGame/DukeNukemForever'' swears in virtually every sentence, and quite often more than once per sentence. Becomes hilarious in the DLC when he shrinks and continues swearing with the voice of a chipmunk.
* Mister Torgue in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'', to such a hilarious extent that his company's shareholders installed a censorship device into his vocal cords to bleep out his cursing.
* While the splicers from ''Franchise/BioShock'' say a fair amount of curses, the Brute splicer from ''VideoGame/BioShock2'' takes the cake as the most foul-mouthed, using almost every swear word known to man right up to CountryMatters (although he's British, the word isn't as offensive where he comes from as it is in North America).
* Zed the Punk Rock Zombie, the first boss in ''VideoGame/LollipopChainsaw''. He attacks you by yelling swear words that become physical and come flying at you, and he also yells several insults like "I'M GONNA RIP OPEN YOUR CHEST AND SHIT IN YOUR RIBCAGE!", "I THINK YOU PISSED YO' PAAAAAANTS!", and "YOU THINK THAT HURT ME? I JUST JIZZED A LITTLE!"
* [[LittleMissBadass Ellie]] from ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs'' is an incredibly foul-mouthed little girl who swears more than most of the adult characters and provides one of the biggest aversions of ChildrenAreInnocent in gaming. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em_0fB0W1PE Observe]].
* The in-game profile for [[TheLadette Sully]] from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' describes her mouth as one that would make sailors blush. Granted, this is a T-rated game, so she's mild compared to most examples.
* Kumatora in ''VideoGame/{{Mother 3}}'', being the {{tomboy}} that she is. Lighter as well, to a lesser extent.
* The only reason ''VideoGame/KnyttUnderground'' has an M rating is because Cilia exists.
* Compared to the rest of the cast of [[VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy,]] [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI Prishe]] drops mild swears much more often. Most notable are her quote for being called in as an assist character "It's about damn time!" and having "Aw hell!" instead of a death scream.
* ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'': over the course of both games, Travis;
** Says "Fuck" 32.5 times.
** Says "Shit" 19 times.
** Says "Hell" 18 times.
** Says "Damn" 13 times.
** Says "Bitch" 9 times.
** Says "Ass" 8 times.
** Says "Bastard" 2 times.
*** and that's just Travis, mind you.
* Swaine in ''VideoGame/NiNoKuni,'' which is especially notable as the rest of the game is otherwise fairly innocent and kid-friendly. Of course, the worst he ever says is "Dammit," but it's still somewhat surprising.
** Drippy uses [[GoshDangItToHeck family-friendly language,]] but in a way [[ClusterFBomb rather evocative of this trope]]: "Flipping heck, mun! Use [[FunetikAksent youer]] flipping head and flipping think, ye barmy lad!" ]
* In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3'', The Fury is an angry, ''angry'' man. His rage-induced vulgarity stands out since the other members of the Cobra Unit are not nearly as coarse. For instance, if you attempt to damage his protective suit, you'll certainly know if you succeed, because he'll take a moment to yell "Son of a BITCH!" loud enough to be heard ''anywhere'' in his BossRoom, even over the roaring fires caused by his flamethrower and jetpack.
* Everyone in ''VideoGame/MetalArmsGlitchInTheSystem'' curses at least a bit, but Krunk, the short, squat, peg-legged Droid mechanic, is constantly being bleeped out. Even the name of the level where you play him, [[SymbolSwearing F&!?ing Krunked]], has to be censored out.
* Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko from ''Rogue Warrior'' over-uses swear words to a hilarious degree. During gameplay, he rarely opens his mouth without spewing a series of random curses.
* Mayor [=MacCready=] from {{Videogame/Fallout 3}}. He is notable for swearing more than any other character in the game, especially when it comes to dropping F-bombs (which is rare for the M-rated Fallout series). It's more jarring when you first meet him, considering how he's only twelve years old himself.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The protagonist of ''VisualNovel/DraKoi'' was translated with an extremely foul mouth to get across his OnlySaneMan attitude across. He's surrounded by crazy idiots, so the frustration is understandable.
* Mondo Oowada from ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpa'' swears significantly more than any of the other students.

* [[http://thedugs.com/?p=873 Bob the Crab]] from ''[[http://www.thedugs.com The Dugs - Baseball Comics]]'' tends to be the only cussing character in The Las Vegas Tsunami. His speech is usually bleeped out by black boxes with alternative wording.
* ''{{Homestuck}}'': [[{{Jerkass}} Karkat Vantas and Eridan Ampora]] as well, to a lesser extent. Eridan seems to use harsh language as a VerbalTic resulting from his generally poor linguistic skills, but Karkat's just [[StealthPun always]] [[GrumpyBear crabby.]]
** Dave Strider as well. Amusingly, both Dave and Karkat [[CharacterClassSystem are Knights]] in Sburb, taking this trope name quite literally.
** The biggest swearer in the series, though, is [[{{Juggalo}} Gamzee]], who seems to begin, end, punctuate, and sometimes even make up different forms of curse words in his speech.
* The [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin aptly-named]] Swearing Friend in ''Webcomic/SexyLosers''.
* [[MeaningfulName Frigg]] from ''GuildedAge''.
* Nick Zerhakker from ''Webcomic/SkinHorse'', but he has a profanity filter which changes them to family-friendly words.
* Sette from ''{{Unsounded}}'' was raised by thieves and it shows.
* Those sweet fukken dwarves in ''Webcomic/{{Oglaf}}''!
* ''AnsemRetort'': Andrew Jackson, motherfucker!
* Alex Williams, the titular ''CaptainSNES''. The author of the comic was once asked why he swears so much, and replied thusly:
-->"Some people just have a potty mouth. Alex is one of those people."
* Coyote from ''Webcomic/DrugsAndKisses'' not only swears the most, but is the only character in the comic to drop the occasional [[CountryMatters C-Bomb]]
* Thaddeus Vent in ''{{Mokepon}}''.
* [[Webcomic/BlackAdventures Jesus the Whimsicott]], dumbasses!
* X-Pletive from ''EssaybeeComicsPresentsFusion'' gets his power from cursing. It's always blacked out (being an all-ages comic), but you can tell he has a very colorful vocabulary.
* Freija in ''Webcomic/TheSenkari'' swears like a soldier, maybe because she is one.
* On-camera, Tabitha from ''Webcomic/{{Pulse}}'' is mostly just a DeadpanSnarker, but it's implied that out of frame, she is ''extremely'' foulmouthed.
* Adrestia from ''[[{{Webcomic/morphe}} morphE]]'' frequently drops S-Bombs and though far less often, Billy has his finger on the [[PrecisionFStrike F-Bomb button.]]

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Dusty from ''WebAnimation/MattNDusty'' is one of the few characters on the show to swear.
* ''Machinima/RedVsBlue''. Pretty much every character needs to wash their mouth out at some point, but by far the worse offender is [[{{Adorkable}} Cab]][[CloudCuckoolander oose]]'s mental image of [[{{Jerkass}} Chu]][[KnightInSourArmor rch]].
* Foamy the squirrel from ''NeuroticallyYours''.
* ''WebVideo/UltraFastPony'' is a (sort of) profanity-free series. Twilight Sparkle stands out for being the one character involved in the most CurseCutShort and ClusterBleepBomb gags to date. And her CatchPhrase is "Dammit!"

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* While many characters swear in ''SurvivalOfTheFittest'', there are a few that are... particularly notable. Adam Dodd, Kris Hartmann (in multiple languages!), Dorian Sanders, and Jimmy Brennan are such examples.
* Deimos from the ''InsaneCafeSeries'' swears ''far'' more than anyone else.
* The Chief Toad in ''WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries''.
* [[EvilUncle Teppei]] in ''WebVideo/HigurashiParodyFandub''.
* ''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd'', when compared with... just about everyone else, ever.
** [[KungFuJesus Super Mecha Death Christ 2000]] as well, if not more so. However, he will not tolerate blasphemy.
-->'''The Nerd''': Holy shit!\\
'''Super Mecha Death Christ''': ''(blasts the Nerd)'' Watch your fucking language!
* TheTourettesGuy, and ''how!''
* LetsPlay/GIProz: While most members are fond of swearing, David Da Nugget takes the cake for shear volume and density.
* Swearing actually isn't that commonplace on ''Roleplay/{{AJCO}}'', but Kube is the exception. Shits and fuckin's are scattered throughout their dialogue in all the places another person might say 'um' or 'er'.
* Inverted by [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]], who swears a lot less than his fellow reviewers at Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
** Further Inverted in that, when he does swear, he typically uses 'lighter' profanities as opposed to F bombs and such. Perhaps the only reviewer on the site who swears less than Linkara is ThatDudeInTheSuede.
** WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic, on the other hand, is...prone to getting worked up, shall we say, especially when the movie he's watching is at the calibre of ''Film/TheNeverendingStory III''.
* The Engineer in ''Radio/TrueCapitalist'' wouldn't count under most circumstances, except F-bombs are [[TheUnintelligible the only understandable ones he ever speaks]].
--> Mrrmarragharrgasawrra fuck you mrrgahrmrragahgrrahhh!
* In ''Literature/EnginesOfCreation'', the characters of Sergeant Boone and Lily Rasmussen are exceptionally adept at throwing numerous swear words into their dialogue.
* Combine this trope with HairTriggerTemper and you've got Creator/MichaelJones of Creator/RoosterTeeth and Creator/AchievementHunter's ''Rage Quit''.
--> '''''"[[CatchPhrase GOD DAMMIT!!!]]"'''''
* Skidmark from ''Literature/{{Worm}}'' is far from the only person in the story who swears, but he is heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of sheer creativity of vulgarity.
* Monica Ray from ''WebVideo/StripSearch'' is, based on not only her looks but her art style as well, the last person in the cast you would expect to tell you about her desire to fornicate with your mom, or her frequent rhetorical soiling of her own pants, or say "shitting dick nipples" in any context whatsoever. But there she stands. Quoth her [[https://twitter.com/montiray/status/335877956280913920 Twitter:]]
-->"An actual sailor came to my booth and said my cursing made him blush #stripsearch"
* In ''Series/{{Noob}}'', Master Zen is another case of HairTriggerTemper induced swearing. Couette actually once called him something along the lines of "the guy who's using swear words all the time".
* {{Egoraptor}} on GameGrumps can be this trope sometimes, like in the early {{Jeopardy}} [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht28MePcLlc episode]].
* ''WebVideo/TheUnusualSuspect'' swears quite a bloody lot.
* [[WebVideo/MrRepzion Mr Repzion]] swears in most of his videos.
* Cammy of [[WebVideo/ACoupleofCuntsintheCountryside A Couple of Cunts in the Countryside]] swears more the more he drinks.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* [[PunnyName Fowlmouth/Foulmouth]] from ''TinyToonAdventures''; bleeps in the show, "Dad Gum" in TheMovie. It's noted, however, that Fowlmouth cleans up his language when [[NotInFrontOfTheKid there are little kids nearby]].
* Krueger from ''{{Undergrads}}''.
* Though almost everyone in ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' swears except for Butters (usually), most of it comes from Eric Cartman. Kenny [=McCormick=] is also known to have an incredibly filthy mouth (sometimes even moreso than Cartman), but most of what he says is unintelligible anyway.
* Parodied on ''CodenameKidsNextDoor'' with Pottymouth, a rarely seen villain who uses child-caliber profanity in literally every sentence he utters.
-->"Oh, go flush yourself down a pee-pee-hole, you toilet paper covered doody head!"
* Palpatine in the ''RobotChicken'' Star Wars specials was probably the worst offender in regards to swearing. In particular, he uttered exactly nine usages of the F-word, six of which were in a chain, in the skit where Vader calls him at his office when telling him about the destruction of the Death Star. He later gives four usages of the F-word in a later skit detailing his bad day on the Death Star, two of which were, again, in a chain. In fact, with the exception of two Stormtroopers in Episode II and Lando Calrissian, a large majority of the more profane language (ie, the ones that are required to be bleeped out when in syndication) are from Palpatine's mouth.
** The alien that keeps shouting, "DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!!!" in triplicate whenever his and his less blue partner in crime's plans go horribly wrong.
** How can we discuss ''Robot Chicken'' and not mention the queen of the guttermouths, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjRxVxquOrY Bitch Pudding]]?
* Velvet Von Black from ''TheHauntedWorldOfElSuperbeasto'' is a female version of this trope, who literally cusses at least once in just about every single sentence.
* Calhoun is one of these in comparison to the rest of the ''WreckItRalph'' cast. Being a Disney movie, it's on the GoshDangItToHeck and creative expletives level.
* ''TheClevelandShow'': Larry Box, the "casually profane" mayor of Stoolbend.
* Dexter and [=DeeDee=]'s rude halves from the ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'' BannedEpisode "Rude Removal".
* Boomhauer in the Hungarian dub of ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' replaces his {{Verbal Tic}}s with random cuss words, at least in the first six seasons. After that, the dub became clean.
* One episode of ''PhineasAndFerb'' is set on a steampunk past. The counterpart of Perry the Platypus in said episode is Sweary the Swan. Despite only [[TheUnintelligible making swan noises]], everyone seems to be disturbed about the language he uses.
--> '''Von Doofenshmirtz''': Wow, do you preen your feathers with that mouth? They should call you Sw- Oh! Oh, I get it.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Comedian Katt Williams. So much so that whenever his stand up specials are edited for TV every 3rd to 5th word is bleeped out.
* Former [[NationalHockeyLeague New York Rangers]] coach John Tortorella is quite given to expletives, in contrast to his basketball counterparts. In January of 2012, he called his boss's early Stanley Cup prediction "a bunch of bullshit".
* Former Prime Minister of Australia Paul Keating was infamous for his barnyard vocabulary ''while still in office'' (probably he still drops the odd ClusterFBomb), being very much the guttermouth by Australian political standards - link:http://www.webcity.com.au/keating/
** Kevin Rudd, another Former Prime Minister of Australia was noted has having a volcanic temper behind closed doors, in comparison to a downright LighterAndSofter public image.
* Creator/GordonRamsay.
* Believe it or not, cutie Creator/JennaColeman. Despite her being polite and speaking quietly, and being really fond of her kid fans, she has a tendency to swear a lot in her interviews.
* Pamela Segal, according to fellow voice actress Creator/AprilWinchell.
* In an interview with ''Electronic Gaming Monthly'', somebody associated with him said that in day-to-day life, every sentence John Madden says contains the F-word, which isn't too surprising since he used to be a pro football coach (a type known for being rather potty-mouthed), but they found it remarkable that he's able to completely turn that off when he's on the air.
* OzzyOsbourne.
** It seems to have rubbed off on his longtime guitarist, [[Music/BlackLabelSociety Zakk Wylde]], who swears as much or maybe even more than Ozzy does.
* BenedictCumberbatch will be all SesquipedalianLoquaciousness, and then follow it up with, "[[SophisticatedAsHell Oh, fuck, I don't know]]."
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qatgR-3-g04&feature=youtu.be Fuckety fuck fuck! (7:19)]]
*** During the same day, he greeted a BigNameFan with [[http://vimeo.com/50921467 "fuck's sake"]]!
* [[Music/{{Oasis}} Liam and Noel Gallagher]].
* Joel Zimmerman, A.K.A. Music/{{Deadmau5}}. He's known to be ''especially'' bad whenever he gets enraged or enthusiastic, but even in a normal mood, he's quite the guttermouth. Read almost any quotes from his interviews and postings on Twitter and Facebook: odds are that the majority will have some sort of cuss word in them, if not plenty in some cases.
* [[Music/ChildrenOfBodom Alexi Laiho.]] He writes the lyrics for nearly all of Children of Bodom's songs, and it's '''extremely''' difficult to find a song that doesn't have swearing in the lyrics. Ditto for his actual personality; if anything, he swears even ''more'' when simply talking.
* Music/XJapan would like to present [[Music/YoshikiHayashi Yoshiki]] and [[Music/ToshimitsuDeyama Toshi]], the latter being a subverted example. Yoshiki has a definite love of the ClusterFBomb and the random f-bomb, while Toshi is better known for the AtomicFBomb and the unexpected digressions into TooMuchInformation.
* A lot of Youtubers in general are like this, but it's particularly noticeable with some, particularly female comedians, when it seemingly clashes with their general image. Serial offenders include Catie "Boxxy" Wayne, occasional pinup JennaMarbles[[note]]who will occasionally lapse into rambling monologues which serve no purpose other than to give her an excuse to mention dicks as many times as possible[[/note]], and Grace Helbig. On the other hand, played straight with Mamrie Hart, whose onscreen persona revolves around being a drunken slut with a fascination with potty humor. (It all works.)
* MileyCyrus, at least compared to a few years before, tends to lean on this trope at times in 2013. May be part of the reason her ''Bangerz'' album from that year [[DarkerAndEdgier was released in clean and explicit versions]].
* [[SamuelLJackson Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson]]
* Adele 'Twink' King, an Irish entertainer famous for acting in {{Pantomime}}. She is infamous for unleashing a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhQnyME98pw foul-mouthed three minute tirade]] against her ex-husband for having had a baby with another woman. "Zip up your [[GagPenis mickey]]" was a particularly famous phrase from this rant.
* UsefulNotes/AndrewJackson. The man was long on action (having won the Battle of New Orleans two weeks ''after'' the WarOf1812 ended), longer still on anger (claiming his two regrets in his presidential term were not shooting Henry Clay and not hanging John C. Calhoun, his ''vice president''), and apparently even longer than ''that'' in profanity. Jackson was quite talented in the art of cursing in both English and Spanish, [[NotInFrontOfTheParrot and passed this trait on to his beloved pet parrot.]]
** On that note, the parrot, Pol, outlived Jackson and was present at his funeral. At least, until it started [[FowlMouthedParrot cursing up a storm]] in both English and Spanish at the previously solemn event. Pol had to be removed before its constant swearing could stir up any further ruckus, but it was probably just the sort of thing that would have amused Jackson to no end.
* Brian Mulroney, Canadian Prime Minister from 1984 to 1993 had a reputation for being abrasive and straight-talking in public, and didn't mind throwing in the odd curse word now and again. But in private... let's just say that if he'd kept a swear jar and donated its contents to the treasury, he'd never have needed to implement the Goods and Services Tax.
* According to those who worked with him, Disney animator Milt Kahl had quite the potty mouth.
* Dana White, president of the [[UsefulNotes/UltimateFightingChampionship UFC]]. Despite running the largest UsefulNotes/MixedMartialArts organization in the world and one of the biggest sports brands in the US, he still talks like a kid from the streets of Boston.