British {{science fiction}} and {{fantasy}} author.

He created the following series:

* ''Literature/{{Deathstalker}}''
* ''Hawk and Fisher''
* ''Literature/{{Nightside}}''
* ''Literature/SecretHistories''
* ''The Twilight of the Empire'' (prelude to the ''Literature/{{Deathstalker}}'' series)
* the ''Forest Kingdom'' series which is set in the same continuity as Hawk and Fisher.
* ''GhostFinders''

As well as some stand-alone books:
* ''Drinking Midnight Wine''
* ''Shadows Fall''
!!This writer provides examples of:
* AngelsDevilsAndSquid
* AuthorAppeal: Expect a love of TheSixties to crop up in any modern fantasy series he writes.
* BatmanColdOpen: All three of the modern fantasy works have employed this.
* BattleCouple:
* CanonWelding: He's managed to tie in almost all of his own personal property without even resorting to parallel dimensions (though those do exist in his works).
* CatchPhrase: In all three of his urban fantasy series, he uses variations on "Needs must, when the devil drives" and "Suddenly and messily." And when we say variations on the first one, we mean he's gotten [[UnusualEuphemism pretty damn creative.]] Also, he ''loves'' to have his characters to use their over-the-top reputations to intimidate their foes.
** ''blank'' always lies; unless the truth hurts more.
** [[Theatre/DoctorFaustus Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.]]
** Ah, the old jokes are the best.
** But then, you would say that, wouldn't you.
** There's some shit with which I will not put up.
* DeusExMachina: Frequent and unashamed.
* EldritchAbomination: He absolutely loves them. Even more, he loves having his heroes bitch-slap them and laugh in their faces.
* FantasyKitchenSink: UpToEleven
* RuleOfCool: done in '''all''' of his works
* ShoutOut: Several references to the works of MRJames turn up in his novels.
* TheWorldIsAlwaysDoomed