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Blood siblings of either gender working together as equal partners. Their business often involves ass-kicking, in which case they are likely to be BashBrothers or SmashSisters as well. The easiest way to tell that a sibling duo fits this trope is when they are most commonly referred as "the ''Surname'' brothers" or "the ''Surname'' sisters".

BrotherSisterTeam is a gender-specific subtrope. Related tropes are BadassFamily (for when the whole clan is in on the ass-kicking), SuperFamilyTeam (when the whole clan has superpowers), UnrelatedBrothers (a Sibling Team in professional wrestling - who aren't actually related), and WonderTwinPowers (for twins with superpowers that only work in concert). Contrast CainAndAbel.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Anita King, Maggie Mui, Michelle Cheung a.k.a. The Paper Sisters in ''Anime/RODTheTV''.
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'':
** The Elric brothers. They are state alchemists. Even if Al is not officially a state alchemist, they are working together as equal partners on both government missions and their personal quest for the Philosopher's Stone.
** The homunculi are all brothers and sisters.
** The [[spoiler:Slicer]] Brothers.
** In [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist the 2003 anime]], the Tringham brothers pose as the Elrics. They eventually become their allies.
* Xia Yu sisters from ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'': assassins/spies. Also, CreepyTwins.
* Kouji and Tetsuya from ''Anime/MazingerZ'' and ''Anime/GreatMazinger'' are adoptive brothers and HumongousMecha pilots. When they are actually fighting their enemy instead of each other, they are a force to be reckoned with.
** Tetsuya and Jun from ''Anime/GreatMazinger'' are also adoptive siblings. They overlap this trope with BattleCouple.
** Duke and Maria from ''Anime/UFORoboGrendizer''.
* ''Manga/SoulEater'':
** The Thompson Sisters ([[MultipleReferencePun possibly named]] for both the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thompson_submachine_gun machine gun]] and the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thompson_Twins Thompson Twins]]). In their backstory they were criminals, until [[MuggingTheMonster they met]] [[{{Shinigami}} Death The Kid]] and became his [[EmpathicWeapon partners]].
** Liz and Patti are working together as meister and Weapon, as Kid is currently imprisoned by Noah. Patti is shaping up to be a ''menace'' as Liz's meister.
* ''Manga/{{InuYasha}}'' and his half-brother Sesshoumaru do this several times later in the manga against [[BigBad Naraku]].
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** [[OnlyOneName Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari]], who are sometimes called the [[FanNickname Sand Siblings]] by the fandom, after their hometown. Early on in the series, they were actually closer to a deconstruction of this trope; Temari and Kankuro were both out right terrified of Gaara and only followed him out of a mix of obligation and fear. It isn't until post TimeSkip that they start following the spirit of this trope.
** When [[spoiler:Sasuke and Itachi meet again after [[ZombieApocalypse Edo Tensei]] brought the latter back,]] the two team up against Kabuto. Needless to say, it was a ''CrowningMomentOfAwesome''.
* [=N2R=] from ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'', a unit made up of four of the [[spoiler:Nakajima]] Sisters, namely [[spoiler:[[HeelFaceTurn Nove, Wendi, Dieci, and Cinque]]]].
** All twelve Numbers are sisters and a BadassFamily and usually fight in teams. Uno was the MissionControl sister who is out of combat, and Sein was usually the back-up sister who helped the others if they are in trouble. Some of them formed duos, like Nove and Wendi, Quattro and Dieci, Otto and Deed, and Tre and Sette, but a third sister can join them, like Deed joined Nove and Wendi during the GrandFinale. Shortly before, there were three trios, Wendi, Otto and Deed, Tre, Sette and Nove, and Quattro, Dieci and Sein. Cinque usually has no regular partners and can fight alone, but she gave a villainous YouShallNotPass to protect her sisters Nove and Wendi, and she was in a team with Tre and Quattro eight years before the start of the season. The only Number who worked alone was Due, because she was an undercover agent in secret missions, and the only sister who had contact with her was Uno.
** Also, the Liese Twins from ''A's'', although they are twin familiars rather than a real family.
** Erio and Caro are the adopted variant, and they never fight without the other until in ''[=ViVid=]''. They're also a BattleCouple.
* [[TheStoic Natsumi]] and [[BigEater Kurumi]] in the ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' OAV, ''The One To Carry On.'' The former uses a [[ImprobableWeaponUser rug beater]] to project [[RazorWind razor-sharp]] [[AnIcePerson freezing]] winds, while the other uses a [[ImprobableWeaponUser hair ribbon several yards long]] to channel [[PlayingWithFire burning]] [[BattleAura ki]]. The two sisters even have a FinishingMove CombinationAttack that uses both aspects to blast their enemies away.
** From the late manga, the sisters Pink and Link, who nearly poisoned the entire town.
** In the anime, Shampoo's childhood friends Rinrin and Ranran.
** From the first [[TheMovie movie]], the brothers Daikokusei and Daihakusei of the Seven Lucky Gods.
** As a note, the three previous SiblingTeams are all twins. Seems like you can't be twins in this series without being part of a battle team.
* ''Manga/{{Oishinbo}}'' has a pair of twin brothers who run a very successful shop together. When they decided to split up, the quality of their ramen significantly declined.
* The Hitachiin brothers from ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' are more or less inseparable twins and often partners in crime. They've also been shown beating up punks together.
* Prowl, Sideswipe, and X-Brawn in ''Anime/TransformersRobotsInDisguise''.
* The Frost Brothers of ''[[Anime/AfterWarGundamX Gundam X]]'' are twins with a PsychicLink that enables them to communicate telepathically no matter how far away from each other they are.
** Franchise/{{Gundam}} has more. There's [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam The Zabis]], [[spoiler:[[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Domon and Kyoji]], although the latter is just a clone of the former's brother]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSeed Kira and Cagali]] and [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Team Trinity]].
* ''Manga/FairyTail'' gives us 'Demon' Mirajane, [[GentleGiant Elfman]], and Lisanna. The team presumably breaks apart with the latter's death and Mirajane's retirement to TeamMom, but it later turns out that Lisanna isn't dead, and Mirajane recovers her ability to use magic, so they end up fighting alongside one another again. This is averted, though, when the S-Class Exams come and Elfman is chosen as a candidate, which means that he can choose Lisanna, who isn't a candidate, as a partner (Mirajane is already S-Class), but Lisanna instead volunteers to go with Juvia, assuming that Elfman had already teamed up with Evergreen.
** The [[spoiler:[[SummonMagic Stellar Spirits]] Gemini]] are an example of WonderTwinPowers.
* Ikki and Shun from ''Manga/SaintSeiya'' at first started off as CainAndAbel. Finally in the last movie, Tenkai Hen~ Overture, they finally worked together. If you go by the manga, you could say that this had been happening for a long time since all the bronze Saints are half brothers with Shun and Ikki being the only full-brothers of the group.
* Panty and Stocking from Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt
* The Kongo Twins of ''Manga/{{Eyeshield 21}}'', though Agon gets far more attention then Unsui. There's also the Gonzales brothers of the Nasa Aliens.
* The Pichu Brothers in the ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' anime.
* ''Manga/{{Magikano}}''
* The Borden Twins in ''[[Anime/AkahoriGedouHourLovege Gedou Otome Tail]]''.
* The eponymous characters from Chinese anime GourdBrothers. Seven brothers born from seven gourds on the same vine, each have one color from the rainbow. Rainbow...
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** The characters Ace and Luffy [[spoiler:though not biological brothers, think of themselves as siblings, and ]] are very close. They seem to be able to predict each other's moves, and from seeing them battle together in the Marineford War, (and from the filler episodes) it's known they have been fighting together for years. [[spoiler:They also shared this bond with their other adopted brother, Sabo.]]
** There are also the [=DeCalvan=] Brothers, a pair of pirate captains and two of Whitebeard's most trusted men; and Bobby and Kelly Funk, bounty hunters who can defeat supernova-level pirates. (The latter pair is named after Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr., as seen below.)
* The twins Tsuruba and Tariga Bergatt in ''Manga/AkagamiNoShirayukihime'' are master swordsmen who grew up fighting alongside each other, to the point that when they do split up to [[spoiler:take out their brother]] they state it's the first time either of them has ever fought without the other.
* Though they started out as deadly enemies that didn't know their true relationship, [[spoiler:Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin]] from ''Anime/KillLaKill'' eventually join forces and blossom into one of these.
* Abo and Kado, two brothers employed by Freeza who struck out on their own following his death in ''Anime/YoSonGokuAndHisFriendsReturn''.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ComicBook/SpiderGirl plays with this a lot. Fitting for a 'verse made up of [[LegacyHero Legacy Heroes]].
** Crazy Eight and Funny Face, a villainous example. [[spoiler:[[AlasPoorVillain Until Crazy Eight's death.]]]] Their boss is their mother, Angel Face.
** May also teams up with two [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling annoying younger kids]] in spider costumes, but she's not really related to either of them.
** However, there is [[spoiler:[[CloningBlues her clone April]]]] and [[spoiler:[[AloofBigBrother cousin Darkdevil]]]], both of whom she's worked with.
* ''ComicBook/SpiderMan'': Though they're not brothers in the traditional sense, Peter Parker has ''his'' [[CloningBlues clones]]: Ben Reilly, the first Scarlet Spider, and Kaine Parker, the second. And in the ComicBook/UltimateMarvel, that world's Peter Parker has his OppositeSexClone Jessica Drew.
* ComicBook/{{Quicksilver}} and Comicbook/ScarletWitch are nothing short of this. They are in fact twins and have a very long history together, either as ComicBook/{{Magneto}}'s Evil Brotherhood of Mutants or Comicbook/TheAvengers.
* The Brothers Grimm also fulfill the role as well, as villains, of course.
* Hawk and Dove, in regards to both the original Hall Brothers (Hank and Don) and the Granger Sisters (Holly and Dawn).
* The ComicBook/FantasticFour consist of the Invisible Woman, her younger brother, the Human Torch. Also Sue's husband, Mr. Fantastic, and former beau, the Thing. In the next generation there's Sue's children, Franklin and Valeria.
* During the rare periods when they're both alive, sane and in the same reality, Northstar and Aurora of ComicBook/AlphaFlight serve as a sibling team.
* Franchise/{{Superman}} and Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} work together most of time and they often fight together.
* ComicBook/{{Cyclops}} and Havok of the ComicBook/XMen have attempted this on occasion. It never lasts long.
* Siblings rarely seem to work together as teams in the X-books generally, that also goes for Colossus and Magik, for Cannonball, Husk and the other Guthrie kids, and for Karma and her late brother Tran. Professor X and his step-brother Juggernaut even wound up as arch-enemies, and his "sister"[[note]]Basically, we all have an EnemyWithin that we must fight against for the right to be born. Xavier's was badass enough to create its own body from its host's DNA, and grow into a female version of the Prof.[[/note]] Cassandra Nova is the X-Men's ''worst nightmare.''
* Joe, William, Jack and Averell Dalton in ''ComicBook/LuckyLuke''.
* The Double Dare sisters from ''ComicBook/{{Nightwing}}''.
* ''ComicBook/PowerPack'': Four siblings--two boys and two girls.
* The ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' comics seem to be trying to get some mileage out of the fact that Bruce Wayne has three adopted sons, a biological son, an alternate universe biological daughter, and (before the New 52 benched her) an adopted daughter:
** After Bruce Wayne's "death," the new Batman and Robin were brothers by adoption Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne.
** ''Franchise/{{Batman}}: Gates of Gotham'' is built on this trope, with the sibling dynamic between Batman, Robin, Red Robin, and Black Bat juxtaposed against the sibling dynamic of the Gates brothers in the back story.
** The ''War of the Robins'' arc of the rebooted ''Batman and Robin'' ends with a team up of the four Robin brothers.
** ''ComicBook/RedHoodAndTheOutlaws'' and ''ComicBook/TeenTitans'' were both rebooted by Scott Lobdell, and he seems to have taken the opportunity to establish that Jason Todd and Tim Drake, while still having some fundamental disagreements about things like killing, have a degree of respect for each other and share information.
* ''ComicBook/KhaalTheChroniclesOfAGalacticEmperor'' features a VillainProtagonist variant with Khaal, Dalym and Shyl, who use their combined powers to rise to power for control of a prison spaceship. Khaal eventually becomes the most dominant one ruling on his own right, but he is still dependent on his brothers to draw their powers.
* ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'': It's never discussed if they're blood related or not, however the titular turtles are a group of brothers who fight together.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* An odd case in ''FanFic/DungeonKeeperAmi''. [[BadAssBookWorm Ami]] and [[ActionGirl Tiger]], who are not sisters, siblings, blood relations, or of the same ''species''. Magical misshap, however, has made them similar in both appearence and mannerism. Later, Tiger is formally adopted into the Mizuno family, playing this trope straighter.
%% * FanFic/PrettyCurePerfumePreppy: Chloe/Cure Rosa and Chiarra/Cure Vanilla are sisters.
* The ''FanFic/HarmonysWarriors'' series has a side story featuring Pinkie Pie (a spy in this universe) going on a mission with her sister and fellow spy Marble. [[spoiler:It also seems that when [[JekyllAndHyde Pinkamena was the dominant personality]], she tended to do assassin jobs with Limestone.]]
* ''[[FanFic/MLPNextGenerationKnowFear MLP Next Generation: Know Fear!]]'' has Lazarus and Lara, the griffon brother and sister who serve as [[CoDragons Shadow Wing's]] chief [[DeepCoverAgent Pretender agents]].
* The ''MassEffect'' and ''Film/PacificRim'' crossover ''Fanfic/HuntersOfDeath'' has [[BewareTheNiceOnes John]] and [[BloodKnight Jane]] Shepard, usually fighting as a team either on the ground or [[spoiler:in a giant robot as copilots]]
* ''Fanfic/SoulEaterTroubledSouls'' has quite a few examples. The most prominent one is Tsuji and Rowena Ricardsen, twin sister and brother who work very well together. The next are Vincent, Autumn, and Damon Vanderbilt - unlike the mentioned twins (bot weapon technicians), these triplets are Meister and Weapons. After them are Meredith and Olmett, again Meister and Weapon, who are probably more skilled than even the aforementioned.
* The ''{{Disney/Frozen}}'' and ''Film/PacificRim'' crossover ''FanFic/ArcticRim'' has Anna and Elsa in such a team.
* ''Fanfic/TheNewAdventuresOfInvaderZim'' has Dib's new teammates, the twins Steve and Viera.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues a.k.a. ''Film/TheBluesBrothers''. However, they're not biologically related - they became ''blood'' brothers while growing up together in the orphanage which the film centers around saving, and took the Blues name as adults.
* Connor and Murphy [=McManus=], ''Film/TheBoondockSaints''.
* The Bagrov brothers from ''Film/{{Brother}}'', but especially the second movie.
* ''Film/FourBrothers'': Four adopted brothers team up to avenge their mother's death.
* ''Film/HanselAndGretelWitchHunters'', obviously.
* Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo, the raptor sisters of ''Film/JurassicWorld''. It's noted in the earlier films that velociraptors are pack animals, so Owen raises the four sisters together and trains them to healthily function as an effective and loyal pack. A side bonus to this is that Owen has the UndyingLoyalty and unwavering obedience of a pack of dangerous predators, as they consider him their alpha. This is in stark contrast to the ''[[spoiler:I. rex]]'', who was raised in complete isolation and ate her own sibling.
* ''Film/TheLegendOfFrenchieKing'': Louise is the famous outlaw Frenchie King and her gang consists of her four half-sisters.
* The creepy albino twins from ''Film/TheMatrix'' sequels.
* Turk and Virgil Malloy from ''Film/OceansEleven''.
* In ''Film/PacificRim'', since the co-pilots need to work together well enough to operate the Jaegers, it's understandable to see sibling teams. The original pilots for Gipsy Danger were the brothers Raleigh and Yancy Becket. The Wei Tang Triplets are another example, along with the identical twin brothers of Romeo Blue.
* [[spoiler:The Borden Twins]] in ''Film/ThePrestige'', who live their lives as one person for the sake of their magic act.
* ''Film/TheRaid2Berandal'' has Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man.
%%* Loogie, Laser and Lug from ''Film/{{Shorts}}''. Also, Helvetica and Cole.
* The clone army from ''Franchise/StarWars'' could be an example. All the clones grow up together, at any rate, and individual troopers have other troopers that they are especially close to. If not, the four-man commando squads, as in ''VideoGame/StarWarsRepublicCommando'', definitely count.
* The Stabbington brothers in ''Disney/{{Tangled}}''.
* ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'':
** We got the sisters Arcee, Chromia and Elita-1 according to the merchandise. (The movie itself has all three answer to the name, seeming to be one character with three bodies. The comic books split the difference with a [[Franchise/XMen Stepford cuckoos]]-type link.
** Skids and Mudflap count, too. Two twins who help each other and the Autobots to fight the Deceptions, Simmons against Devastator and help Sam to revive the Matrix... when they don't argue with each other.
* Trinity and Bambino, the "right and left hand of TheDevil", respectively, in the ''Film/{{Trinity}}'' series of {{Western}} films (played by Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, no less). Though Bambino isn't particularly happy about having a brother like that, they make one hell of a team when [[RivalsTeamUp they join forces]].
* Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse:
** [[Characters/MCUThor Thor]] and [[Characters/MCULoki Loki]] manage to fulfill both this trope ''and'' CainAndAbel, mostly due to circumstances forcing them into EnemyMine. Despite the considerable friction between them, they actually work quite well together, flawlessly pulling off [[spoiler:a clever subterfuge]] in ''Thor/TheDarkWorld'', and [[BashBrothers taking out numerous Mooks]] and [[spoiler:their sister Hela (via Surtur)]] in ''Film/ThorRagnarok''.
** [[Characters/MCUNewAvengers Wanda and Pietro Maximoff]] adore and support each other in ''Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron'' and kick ass together [[HeelFaceTurn no matter which side they're on]].

* ''Literature/TheHardyBoys''.
* The Weasley twins and their joke shop from ''Literature/HarryPotter''.
** And in the FinalBattle, [[spoiler:all of the Weasley siblings become a very big version of this trope]].
** Dennis and Colin Creevey.
* In ''Literature/JohannesCabalTheNecromancer'' Cabal recruits his brother, Horst, a vampire to help him run his diabolic carnival-he even had his minions paint the carnival's train with 'Cabal Bros.' ''before'' Horst had agreed, wanting to be prepared. There is mgore of this in the fourth book in the series, aptly (and somewhat punnily) titled The Brothers Cabal.
* The Geste brothers in ''Literature/BeauGeste''.
* If clones count, the so-called [[Literature/HandOfThrawn Devist family]], that [[DeepCoverAgent sleeper cell]] of cloned Imperial pilots who become {{Farm Boy}}s, and are insular and ''very'' close because of CloningBlues and FantasticRacism.
** In ''Literature/YoungJediKnights'', the Solo Twins Jacen and Jaina. Once they're out of their teens they quickly stop being together all the time, and, well, we know [[Literature/LegacyOfTheForce how it ended]].
* The Pevensies, the main characters of the first few books of the ''Literature/ChroniclesOfNarnia,'' are brothers and sisters. Later, Susan and Peter opt out and cousin Eustace comes in.
* Phury and Zsadist from the ''Literature/BlackDaggerBrotherhood''.
* The Brothers Majere in ''Literature/{{Dragonlance}}'', at least, to start with.
* The sons of Fëanor from ''Literature/TheSilmarillion''.
** And Elrond's twin sons, who get very little mention in ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings''.
** In ''Literature/TheHobbit'', Thorin's company is made up of sibling teams of Dwarves.
* Rory and Coco in ''Little League Family.'' Rory catches and Coco pitches. As pitcher-catcher are almost a subteam in baseball, that makes them a literal as well as metaphorical team.
* The ''Literature/SwallowsAndAmazons'' series is mostly about multiple [[SiblingTeam Sibling Crews]] interacting with each other.
* Most Creator/EnidBlyton protagonist groups are at least partially family-based. The Famous Five consist of three siblings, their cousin and her dog, the 'Adventure' group are two pairs of a brother and a sister, etc.
* Teucer and Greater Ajax in ''Literature/TheIliad''. They're half brothers, with Teucer being the bastard.
** Also in the Iliad there's Agamemnon and Menelaus, and on the Trojan side most of Priam's sons.
* Georgia and Shaun Mason in Mira Grant's ''[[Literature/{{Newsflesh}} Feed]]'' are adopted, but every bit as close as blood siblings (they don't like to be apart, ever). They work together on their blog network and watch each other's backs when they go into infected zones.
* Monza and Benna in Joe Abercrombie's ''Best Served Cold'' make a very efficient SiblingTeam -- he's the people person, she's the one who fights. Together, they lead a band of mercenaries. It's implied that they are [[IncestSubtext closer than most siblings]].
* [[spoiler:Half-brothers Harry Dresden]] and Thomas Raith in ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'', [[spoiler:wizard]] and vampire respectively.
* Niko and ''Literature/CalLeandros''. They even have a monster hunting agency.
* From ''Literature/AWrinkleInTime'', there's Meg and Charles Wallace Murry. Calvin O'Keefe, who just gets pulled along for the ride, isn't related to the Murrys. [[spoiler:Yet, anyway.]]
** Same goes for Sandy and Dennys, the Murry twins in ''Many Waters.''
* Sabrina and Daphne, the eponymous heroines of ''Literature/TheSistersGrimm''.
* Creator/LoisMcMasterBujold's ''Literature/VorkosiganSaga'':
** Miles and Mark Vorkosigan.
** And, to a lesser extent, Delia, Martya, Olivia, and Kareen, a/k/a Team Koudelka.
* The maran-Kaiel brothers, Hoemei, Gaet, and Joesai, from ''Literature/CourtshipRite'', discovered in childhood that their strengths complemented each other, and have been a team ever since. They're also part of an ExoticExtendedMarriage.
* The Baudelaire siblings in ''Literature/ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents''.
* In the ''Literature/SagaOfRagnarLothbrok'', the sons of Aslaug and Ragnar Lothbrok--Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Hvitserk, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye--make a glorious career as sea-raiders and conquerors acting as a team. In fact, they are always victorious when they fight by side, but every time they do not all stand together they suffer a defeat.
* [=MudWings=] in ''Literature/WingsOfFire'' work in sibling groups by nature. They're not raised by their parents. Instead, the first hatched dragonet (known as a "bigwing") helps their siblings out of their eggs and from then-on they work together. [=MudWings=] are reluctant to let "unsibs" into their groups.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheAmazingRace'' has one or two of these per season.
* The Halliwell sisters (a trio) from ''Series/{{Charmed}}''.
* ''Series/DancingWithTheStars'' had two sets in the Houghs (Derek and Julianne) and the Chmerkovskiys (Maks and Val).
* ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' and Niles Crane automatically team up for anything; from schemes to snag Frasier a date to elaborate, convoluted escapades that end up with them both being accidentally arrested for murder. The fact that they meet at least once a day to complain about their problems and beg the other to help them out contributes to this greatly, while neither the fact that their SiblingRivalry frequently interferes with their teamwork, nor several dozen chewing-outs from their father for blowing things, has never stopped them.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Jon Snow and his sister Sansa Stark become this, effectively leading a northern army to [[spoiler:retake Winterfell from AxCrazy Ramsay Bolton]]. Considering how many [[EverybodysDeadDave betrayals and deaths]] their family has suffered since the very first episode of Season 1, it's incredibly satisfying to see the Stark children, even if it's only two of them, come together to fight for themselves and their home.
** Downplayed with the direwolves. Only Summer and Shaggydog got to work together. The rest of the direwolves end up being separated into different storylines.
* ''Series/GreenAcres'' had the Monroe Brothers (Alf & Ralph): general contractors. Alf was a man, Ralph was a woman.
* ''Series/{{Iron Fist|2017}}'': Ward and Joy Meachum.
* Elsewhere in the spandex vs. PeopleInRubberSuits genre, ''Series/KamenRiderDragonKnight'' has the villainous Cho brothers, better known as Kamen Riders Axe and Spear. [[spoiler:this leads to Axe going on a revenge kick once Spear is eliminated.]] Presumably, this goes for their mirror world counterparts as well.
* The 1985 Tokusatsu series, ''Series/KyodaiKenByclosser''. The eponymous heroes are sibling team consisting of two brothers, Ken and Gin.
* Half-sisters Morgana and Morgause from ''Series/{{Merlin}}''. An {{aversion}} with Morgana and Arthur, as by the time they realize they are half-siblings, they are estranged.
* ''Minutemen'' The MadeForTVMovie features a team of just brothers.
* Don and Charlie Eppes work together to pursue evildoers on ''Series/{{Numb3rs}}''. Don is an FBI agent and Charlie is a SmartGuy math consultant.
* ''PowerRangers'' never has an ''all-''sibling team, because that would result in MonochromeCasting and PR always has a multiracial team. However, two members of teams have been siblings on a number of occasions:
** ''Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy'': Leo, the Red Ranger, and Mike, the Magna Defender, [[spoiler:or so it seems at first. But it's complicated.]] Eventually, [[spoiler:played straight after the original Magna Defender dies and Mike, whom he'd merged with, gets to TakeUpMySword.]]
** ''Series/PowerRangersLightspeedRescue'' has Dana the Pink Ranger and Ryan the ''PowerRangers''-exclusive Titanium Ranger. The commander is their dad, as in Go Go V. With the bad guys, only one is the son of Queen Bansheera.
** The Thunder Rangers (Blake and Hunter Bradley) from ''Series/PowerRangersNinjaStorm''. (The two were both ''adopted'' by the Bradleys, but that doesn't matter in the slightest.)
** ''Series/PowerRangersMysticForce'' doesn't have Magiranger's all-sibling team, but keeps the family dynamic alive with sisters Vida and Madison, the Pink and Blue Rangers. [[spoiler:And Nick's whole LukeIAmYourFather situation, but that's neither here nor there.]]
** Twin siblings Gem and Gemma are the Gold and Silver Rangers in ''Series/PowerRangersRPM''.
** Subverted way back in ''Series/PowerRangersZeo'': It's ''heavily implied'' that Tommy's half-brother David is the Gold Ranger. [[RedHerring He isn't.]] It's also teased that he will assume the powers. He doesn't.
* The three Twist kids in ''Series/RoundTheTwist'' frequently team up to solve the secret to the latest supernatural event in [[QuirkyTown Port Niranda]], although in some stories only one character is caught up in the weird goings-on.
* Hank and Evan in ''Series/RoyalPains''.
* Gunther and Tinka from ''Series/ShakeItUp''.
* Brothers A.J. and Rick from ''Series/SimonAndSimon''.
* ''Series/SleepyHollow'' has Abbie and Jenny Mills
* In one episode of ''Series/StargateAtlantis'', Dr. [=McKay=] teams up with his sister, Jeannie Miller, to solve the problem of the week. That is, actor David Hewlett teams up with his sister Kate Hewlett.
* The Winchester brothers from ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''.
* From ''Franchise/SuperSentai'':
** The Hoshikawas of ''Series/ChikyuuSentaiFiveman'' were the first five-sibling team.
** Geki, [=Tyranno Ranger=] and his older brother Burai, [=Dragon Ranger=] from Series/KyoryuSentaiZyuranger.
** ''Series/SeijuuSentaiGingaman'' with Ryouma, [=GingaRed=], and Hyuga, the Black Knight.
** ''Series/RescueSentaiGoGoFive'', whose team is also made up entirely of five siblings, with their father as the commander. The bad guys except for Pierre (who predates all of the children) are also siblings, with the BigBad their mother!
** The Gouraigers (Ikkou and Isshu Kasumi) from ''Series/NinpuuSentaiHurricaneger''
** ''Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger'''s original team are all siblings of the Ozu family. The team's large number of {{Sixth Ranger}}s includes [[spoiler:their mother and father]].
** [=GekiBlue=] and [=GekiViolet=] (Retsu and Gou Fukami) from ''Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger''.
** The [[SixthRanger Sixth and Seventh Rangers]] from ''Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger'', Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver (Hiroto and Miu Sutō), are brother and sister.
** Aka Ninger and Shiro Ninger (Takaharu and Fūka Igasaki) from ''Series/ShurikenSentaiNinninger'' are brother and sister. The other founding members of the team are their cousins, and {{The Mentor}}s are the team's grandfather Yoshitaka Igasaki and Aka & Shiro's father Tsumuji Igasaki.
* ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}'': The five Tracy-brothers (Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon and Alan), and their TeamDad (Jeff).
* DG and Azkadelia in ''Series/TinMan''.
* Damon and Stefan Salvatore occasionally team up on ''Series/TheVampireDiaries''.
* Justin, Alex and Max in ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace''.

Musical siblings are common in rock bands and vocal/R&B groups. Family-based groups are more common in country and older vocal groups. Some examples (more can be seen at BandOfRelatives):
* Music/VanHalen
* Music/TheKinks
* Music/TheBeachBoys
* Music/{{Cardiacs}}
* Music/{{Oasis}}
* Music/{{Sparks}}
* The Black Crowes
* Music/TheAndrewsSisters
* The Carter Family
* Music/{{Sepultura}} (the Cavalera brothers, who went on to form The Cavalera Conspiracy)
* Music/VerucaSalt (original members Nina Gordon and Jim Shapiro were sister and brother)
* Music/{{ACDC}}
* Music/{{Hanson}}
* Music/KingsOfLeon
* Music/{{Evile}}
* Music/{{Gojira}}
* Music/{{Psycroptic}}
* Music/{{Pantera}}
* Music/LambOfGod
* KEN mode
* Music/{{Heart}}
* Gentle Giant
* Music/TheEverlyBrothers
* Music/TheVeronicas
* Music/RemedyDrive is made up of four brothers: Daniel, David, Philip, and Paul Zach.
* Los Lonely Boys are three brothers.
* Mary Mary (an RAndB[=/=]Gospel group).
* Tom and Bill Kaulitz of the German band Tokio Hotel form two of the four members.
* Gerard and Mikey Way of Music/MyChemicalRomance are brothers.
* Madina Lake has identical twins Nathan and Matthew Leone.
* Another set of identical twins are Benji and Joel Madden from Music/GoodCharlotte.
* [[RuleOfThree Yet another set]] of identical twins are Music/TeganAndSara Quin.
* And another set of identical twins are Music/TheProclaimers.
* While they don't play up the sibling dynamic in their act, real-life HalfIdenticalTwins David and Isabella Bennett are the core members of Music/SteamPoweredGiraffe.
* While they take a background role to the band's three singers, Music/{{Styx}} had fraternal twins Chuck Panozzo (bass) and John Panozzo (drums) as integral members of the band until John's death in the mid-Nineties.
* Music/{{Nickelback}}
* Music/AlyAndAJ (sisters)
* Music/{{Toto}} had brothers Steve Porcaro (keyboards) and the late Jeff Porcaro (drums). Later on, another brother, bassist Matt Porcaro (a founding member replaced before the recording of their SelfTitledAlbum by David Hungate, [[ExecutiveMeddling as their label wanted the same band]] that recorded Boz Scaggs' ''Silk Degrees'') joined in the mid-[[TheEighties 1980s]] until retiring as he was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.
* Music/TheHives - Howlin Pelle Almqvist and Nicholaus Arson are brothers.
* Music/DeBarge
* Music/{{Obituary}}
* Music/{{Skinless}}, during [[Music/{{Origin}} Jason Keyser]]'s time as vocalist (his brother Joe is the bassist).
* Music/{{Deicide}} had the Hoffman brothers from 1987 (when they formed as Amon) to 2004, when they were fired after years of rising tensions. They later got the rights to the Amon name back and tried this again until they had a falling-out, resulting in the departure of Brian.
* Twins L and R Nomura make up half of the idol unit ''Music/MarginalNumber4''. They also have a few songs that are just them, and they used to be a [[BandOfRelatives twin unit]] before joining MG#4. Besides their idol job, the twins are hardly ever seen without each other, and usually work together on projects.
* Music/{{Halestorm}}
* Music/TheJonasBrothers
* Music/TheJacksonFive

[[folder:Myths & Religion]]
* A common trope in pre-Columbian America involves twins doing this.
* Myth/ClassicalMythology abounds in this. Some examples:
** Brothers Hades, Poseidon and Zeus rule the world together under the leadership of the youngest, Zeus. They drew lots to decide who gets what apart from the Earth: Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld.
** Zeus also forms a GodCouple with his sister Hera.
** Twins Artemis and Apollo (children of Zeus and Leto) frequently work together, for instance as death deities -- Apollo targeting men with his arrows, Artemis women. Later, Artemis became goddess of the Moon and Apollo god of the Sun.
** Apollo's son Asclepius, the god of healing, had several children by different wives. Most of his sons became famous healers, while his five daughters -- Hygieia, Panacea, Aceso, Iaso and Aglaea -- are all personifications of aspects of healing and good health.
** Arts and sciences were the province of the nine Muses (daughters of Zeus and the Titaness Mnemosyne) and their half-brother Apollo.
** Before Apollo and Artemis usurped their roles, the Sun and Moon were charges of siblings Helios and Selene. Their sister Eos is better known as Rose-Fingered Dawn.
** The Fates are conventionally described as three sisters (Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos), although the myths are far from unanimous as to their parentage.
** Castor and Polydeuces, twin half-brothers. Eventually turned into the (Greek version of) the constellation Gemini.
** Amphion and Zethos, twin sons of Zeus and Antiope.
** Idas and Lynceus, inseparable sons of Aphareus of Messene and his wife Arene, although it was believed that Idas' real father was Poseidon.
** Heracles and his nephew Iolaos.
* In Roman mythology you have Romulus and Remus, twin sons of the priestess Rhea Silvia and the god Mars (Ares) and founders of Rome. It did not end well.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* {{The gimmick}} of identical twins who can win matches because they look so much alike they can [[TagTeamTwins switch places in the ring without their opponent, or more appropriately, the referee realizing it]] is a very common one.
** Ron and Don Harris, who worked both in Wrestling/{{WCW}} and Wrestling/{{WWE}} under various gimmicks including The Blu Brothers, the Disciples of Apocalypse, and Creative Control.
** The Wrestling/BellaTwins, Nikki and Brie.
** The Shane Twins, best known as the Gymini in WWE and [[Website/{{WrestleCrap}} The]] [[GagPenis Johnsons]] in early Wrestling/{{TNA}}.
** Shu and Kei Sato, two Japanese wrestlers whose gimmick changed from pop singing sailors to Hindu occultists.
** [[Wrestling/TheWorldsGreatestTagTeam Charlie Haas]] and his brother Russ, although Russ sadly passed away at a young age while in OVW
** The Briscoe Brothers in their early evil redneck days.
** Then new terrors to OVW's women's division, The Blossom Twins.
** The Samoan Soldiers, perhaps better known as Wrestling/TheUsos. (Incidentally, their father Wrestling/{{Rikishi}} also has a twin brother in the business.)
* Dory Funk Jr. and his brother [[Wrestling/TerryFunk Terry]].
* Raymond and Jacques Rougeau.
* The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Wrestling/{{Scott|Steiner}}).
* Los Hermanos Guerrero: Mando, Wrestling/{{Eddie|Guerrero}} and Chavo[[note]]Chavo Sr., not [[Wrestling/ChavoGuerreroJr Chavo Jr.]][[/note]] in the Mexican World Wrestling Association. Chavo and Héctor were United States {{Tag Team}} Champions in the Wrestling/NationalWrestlingAlliance too.
* The entire Wrestling/VonErichFamily (Kerry, Kevin, Mike, Chris and David - and sometimes father Fritz) would team in various combinations in World Class in the 80s.
* Los Hermanos Dinamita Cien Caras and Máscara Año Dos Mil, who were Mexico's National Tag Tam/Pareja Champions during the 1980s. Their other brother, Universo Dos Mil, would help them become National Trios Champions in the 1990s.
* [[Wrestling/BretHart Bret]] and Wrestling/OwenHart who had a short lived, but memorable tag team run.
* Harlem Heat (Wrestling/BookerT and Stevie Ray)
* Wrestling/{{Matt|Hardy}} and Wrestling/JeffHardy.
* Wrestling/{{Carlito|Colon}} and Primo Colón.
* Matt and Nick Jackson, Wrestling/TheYoungBucks. Sometimes their other brother, CK Jackson, joins in on the fun too.
* Wrestling/CodyRhodes and Wrestling/{{Goldust}}
* Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon and Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon control Wrestling/{{WWERAW}} and Wrestling/WWESmackDown before brand split

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Creator/GamesWorkshop games:
** ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'':
*** Naestra and Arahan are a pair of mystically separated aspects of the same elf, rather than sisters, but they behave like twins for all intents and purposes. The pair always fight together from [[DragonRider the back of their mighty forest dragon]] Ceithin-Har.
*** The High Elf identical twins Tyrion and Teclis often fight together, especially in times of great peril, but just as often operate apart.
** In ''TabletopGame/BloodBowl'', the Swift Brothers, Lucien and Valen, are a pair of Elven twins who, since reconciling with each other after a long running feud, have refused to play for any team individually. As a Star Blitzer and Thrower who have been practicing together for more than a century, the pair combine into a strong team with the only downside being the cost of hiring them (only [[OneManArmy Morg n Thorg]] is more expensive).
** ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'':
*** The pilot and gunner of [[SpaceElves Eldar]] [[GlassCannon Viper Jetbike]] teams consist of psychically-linked twin-sibling teams for better coordination.
*** An Eldar Wraithknight is a very special case of this, as it is piloted by a team consisting of identical twins, one living and the other dead.
*** Primarchs [[CreepyTwins Alpharius and Omegon]] led the Alpha Legion of Space Marines together throughout the Great Crusade (and might still be in charge despite one or the other being declared dead multiple times).
* In ''MagicTheGathering'', the planeswalker Ajani Goldmane and his late brother J'zall were a nigh unbeatable team. J'zall was their tribe's leader and strongest warrior, and Ajani's special brand of magic could make him even stronger.
* Kamaitachi, Kamanitachi and Kamamitachi of the Yosenju archetype in the ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh TCG'' are anthropomorphic weasel brothers with a kamaitachi theme

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedSyndicate'' has the two playable protagonists, twins Jacob and Evie Frye.
* Lorian the Elder Prince and Lothric the Younger Prince from ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsIII''. Lorian is crippled and mute thanks to the curse borne by Lothric, but he's willing to protect his ill younger brother regardless. [[spoiler:Should you defeat Lorian, Lothric will revive him and they will both [[DualBoss fight alongside against you]].]]
* Mario and Luigi, the Franchise/SuperMarioBros. And their {{Evil Counterpart}}s Wario and Waluigi, though it's ambiguous if those two are actually brothers.
* Lt. David "Hesh" Walker and Sgt. Logan Walker from ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyGhosts''.
** Their father also serves as their commanding officer at times, making them a
* The [=McCall=] brothers from ''VideoGame/CallOfJuarezBoundInBlood'': adventurers and robbers.
* The Chang brothers from ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines'': guardians of Ankaran Sarcophagus.
* The Kasuga Family of ''VideoGame/ArcanaHeart'', four {{Miko}} sisters that fight together with Maori as head.
* [[SpiritedCompetitor Terry]] and [[McNinja Andy]], the [[VideoGame/FatalFury Bogard]] [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters Brothers]].
* The Komodo Brothers from the ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot'' series, though they only appeared together in ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack'' and ''Videogame/CrashBash'', while Joe went it alone in ''Videogame/CrashTeamRacing''. Neither has been seen since.
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'':
** Palom and Porom are two little twins who team up with Cecil in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV''.
** The same game introduced the Magus Sisters, a trio of sisters who serve as Barbariccia's minions. They made a few reapearrances in some form in several other games since, most notably as a bonus summon in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX''.
** From ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'', we have the Summoner Issaru, along with his two younger brothers as his Guardians.
** Sisters Faris and Lenna from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV''.
** Edgar and Sabin Figaro from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI''. Royal siblings, no less. Having them in the same team together is only mandatory for one very brief period, but their most significant scenes involve both of them. Amusingly, while Sabin can be recruited before Edgar in the [[AfterTheEnd World of Ruin]], but because he's optional, the (mandatory) scenes for Edgar's recruitment leave him mostly silent. You'd think he'd have some comments about his brother's PaperThinDisguise, but no.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyDimensions'' has two sets of siblings, Diana + Aigis and Alba + Dusk. For most of the game the siblings are separated by the dimensional rift, but they can all potentially be on the same team in the endgame.
* J.C. and Paul Denton in ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' and [[VideoGame/DeusExInvisibleWar its sequel]].
* Billy and Jimmy Lee, [[VideoGame/DoubleDragon the Double Dragons]].
** In the arcade version of ''Double Dragon 3'', this trope is invoked literally by having the playable characters divided into four groups of different sibling teams (the Lee Bros., the Oyama Bros., the Urquidez Bros., and the Chin Bros.), essentially an excuse to [[ColorCodedMultiplayer allow more than one player to control the same character.]]
** Billy and Jimmy's counterpart in ''VideoGame/RiverCityRansom'' were named Randy and Andy. Their [[DubNameChange counterparts]] in the ''VideoGame/KunioKun'' series were named Ryūichi and Ryūji Hattori.
* Oscar and Emile Bielert from ''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles'', both [[FriendlySniper snipers]].
* Yun and Yang from ''VideoGame/StreetFighterIII''.
* ''VideoGame/TheGreatGianaSisters'' features twin sisters, however Giana's twin is missing in one game and is the DamselInDistress in another. The franchise [[FollowTheLeader started out]] as a DistaffCounterpart PC version of ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros''.
* The [[FanNickname Blue Bomber]] and his red brother from the ''VideoGame/MegaMan'' series, made an actual team as of ''10''.
* Faylen and Faylon from ''VideoGame/SuikodenV''.
* Twins Kat and Ana from the ''VideoGame/WarioWare'' series are child ninjas who are always together.
* The Finito brothers from ''VideoGame/MaxPayne'': gangsters.
* Jao and Mao, the twin co-leaders of the Tenkou Pirates in ''VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia''.
* Dante and Vergil from ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry''.
* Hisui and Kohaku Hearts from ''VideoGame/TalesOfHearts''
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfGraces'': Asbel Lhant and Hubert Ozwell.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'': Hawke and his or her twin siblings are quite capable in battle, and the surviving twin will always have a class that compliments Hawke's, also making them SwordAndSorcerer.
* ''VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}}'': [[spoiler:Dunban and Fiora.]]
* ''VideoGame/StarWarsRepublicCommando'': Every Commando squad, being clones.
* ''VideoGame/ASuperMarioThing'' and its spin-offs have Demo and Iris, the two cycloptic demon sisters and main characters.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** ''VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire'' has Tate and Liza, the BrotherSisterTeam of Gym Leaders from Mossdeep City.
** Some of the trainer classes you can encounter throughout the series are also siblings, like the Twins, Sis and Bro, and the Mysterious Sisters.
* ''VideoGame/Disgaea4APromiseUnforgotten'': Fuka and Desco, though the former isn't initially happy with the idea of a demon she just met calling her a sister. She does warm up to her and the idea over time, though, and they end up forming a proper team in short time.
* The protagonists of ''VideoGame/TelepathTactics'', Emma and Sabrina Strider, who work together to free their father from slavery. There is also the BrotherSisterTeam Gavrielle and Farasat Hashmal, who are similarly trying to rescue their enslaved brother.
* Sans and Papyrus from ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', often referred by fans as "[[DemBones the bone bros]]".
* Very common in the ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'' series:
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemShadowDragonAndTheBladeOfLight'', ''VideoGame/FireEmblemMysteryOfTheEmblem'', and their remakes have a few. Both games have the Whitewing sisters Palla, Catria, and Est and the axe fighter brothers Barst, Bord, and Cord, ''Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light'' has Lena/Matthis and Minerva/Maria, and ''New Mystery'' has [[spoiler:Minerva/Michalis]]. Marth/Elice in both games, Lena/Matthis and Minerva/Maria in ''Mystery of the Emblem'', and [[spoiler:Maria/Michalis]] in ''New Mystery'' are downplayed examples since the sisters of each pairing are among the last characters to join the party.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGaiden'' has the above-mentioned Palla, Catria, and Est return, while the remake ''Echoes: Shadows of Valentia'' has [[spoiler:Celica]] fight alongside [[spoiler:her long-lost and presumed-dead older brother Conrad]].
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGenealogyOfTheHolyWar'' has Sigurd fight alongside Ethlyn in the first generation, and almost every playable character in the second generation has a playable sibling.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheBindingBlade'' has the pegasus siblings Shanna, Thea, and Juno, the armor knight siblings Bors and Gwendolyn, and the Etrurian nobles Klein and Clarine.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheBlazingBlade'' has the pegasus siblings Florina, Fiora, and Farina.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones'' stars the royal siblings of Renais, Eirika and Ephraim (who double subvert this in that they don't spend much time fighting alongside each other until halfway through the game). In addition, the royalty of Frelia, Innes and Tana, fight together, as well as Tethys and her brother Ewan.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemPathOfRadiance'' and ''VideoGame/FireEmblemRadiantDawn'' both have Ike/Mist, Oscar/Boyd/Rolf, Marcia/Makalov, and Lucia/Geoffrey, while ''Radiant Dawn'' has Lethe/Lyre and [[spoiler:Micaiah/Sanaki]] (who don't learn about their relationship until the end of the game). Reyson/Rafiel/Leanne is an aversion in that they can never take the battlefield at the same time.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'':
*** Ylissean royalty Chrom can be this with his younger sister Lissa, taking advantage of the same Pair Up mechanic that originated in this game and passed on to ''Fates.''
*** Any of the second generation children can form a Paired Up team with their sister Lucina or their sister Morgan, if their father is Chrom or a male Avatar, respectively.[[note]]The first-generation female characters have one child they will always have when paired up, while Chrom and a male Avatar will have always two, as Lucina will always be born to Chrom and Morgan will always be born to the Avatar when their fathers are paired up.[[/note]]
*** Through [=SpotPass=], [[spoiler:Say'ri]] can team up with one of the {{Secret Character}}s, [[spoiler:an alternate version of her brother Yen'fay]].
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'':
*** The [[PolarOppositeTwins Polar Opposite Twin]] ninja [[HotBlooded Saizo]] and [[NiceGuy Kaze]] can act as this on the ''Birthright'' and ''Revelation'' paths with the Pair-Up mechanic, which lets units of the army support and defend one another in battle. But on the ''Conquest'' path, they have more of a one-sided (on Saizo's part) CainAndAbel, with Saizo enraged over Kaze's defection to their homeland Hoshido's ArchEnemy Nohr.
*** The members of the Hoshidan royal family (Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi and Sakura) and the Avatar can act as this with each other on the ''Birthright'' and ''Revelation'' paths using the Pair Up mechanic, though it's [[spoiler:subverted in the Avatar's case, as he or she is NotBloodSiblings with the Hoshidan royals.]] Likewise, the Nohrian royal family (Xander, Camilla, Leo, and Elise) can team up (although it's downplayed here; they are paternal half-siblings, and the Avatar is adopted).
*** As in ''Awakening'', any of the second-generation children can Pair Up with their brother Kana or their brother Shigure, as long as their mother is a female Avatar or Azura, respectively.[[note]]In a reverse of ''Awakening,'' the first-generation ''male'' characters in the game will always have one child if paired up, while a female Avatar and Azura will always have two, as Kana will always be born to the Avatar and Shigure will always be born to Azura when they are paired up.[[/note]]
*** Twin [[KnifeNut maids]] Flora and Felicia of ''Fates'' can Pair Up on the ''Conquest'' and ''Revelation'' routes.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemHeroes'' has the twin protagonists Alfonse and Sharena, the royal siblings of Askr.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemWarriors'' has the twin protagonists Rowan and Lianna, the royal siblings of Aytolis.
* The Shitodo siblings (Aoji, Hooaka, and Kuroji) from the ''VideoGame/LenEn'' series where the first game they appeared as stage bosses and by the fourth game, they become a playable team.
* ''VideoGame/Uncharted4AThiefsEnd'' sees series protagonist Nathan Drake team up with his long-lost and presumed-dead older brother Sam. One chapter explaining their backstory is even called "The Brothers Drake".
* ''VideoGame/AVeryLongRopeToTheTopOfTheSky'': Mint and Ivy are sisters who start out with only each other, fighting monsters, but gain companions on their journey.
* ''VideoGame/{{Chantelise}}'': Chante and Elise are sisters, on a journey to free Chante from the curse that transformed her into a fairy. [[spoiler:It turns out that the witch's curse does this to a pair of sisters every few years, at least, until Chante and Elise stop the ViciousCycle.]]

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/{{Danganronpa}}'' with [[spoiler: Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba, the Despair sisters. Or at least that's how it was supposed to go, if Junko hadn't executed Mukuro [[ForTheEvulz for fun]]. For what it's worth, they were still probably this leading up to the [[DeadlyGame killing game]], when they engineered [[ApocalypseHow/{{Class0}} The Tragedy]]]].
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney'': [[spoiler:Apollo Justice and his half-sister Trucy Wright]], though this isn't revealed until the end of the fourth game and [[spoiler:the two of them aren't even aware of it]].

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' has the Freelancers North- and South Dakota, who are twins and, according to South, always put together on a team, explicitly to figure out if this trope could give them an advantage. [[spoiler:Until South [[FaceHeelTurn sets him up]] to be killed.]] As we learn in season 10, the Director has all ''kinds'' of relationship issues, putting experiments like this in a whole different light.
* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'':
** Half-sisters Ruby and Yang, who are part of the four-woman titular team.
** There's also the Malachite twins.
** The Branwen Siblings during their Academy days.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* From ''Webcomic/{{Widdershins}}'', we have Edie and Gladys Shaw.
* The siblings Fudge, Batter and Mix Cakea of ''Webcomic/{{CAKE}}'' are this.
* Bill and Barry Heterodyne from the backstory of ''Webcomic/GirlGenius''.
* The eponymous heroes of ''Webcomic/NipAndTuck'' are implied to be this, especially [[http://www.rhjunior.com/NT/00258.html here.]]
* Kavra and Khevresh from ''Webcomic/WayfarersMoon''. This does not end well when [[spoiler:Khevresh is killed by Iri and Kavra goes for revenge]].
* [[BlowYouAway Taffe]] and [[MakingASplash Larima]] from ''Webcomic/{{Pacificators}}''. They're awfully protective of each other, as they're the [[DeathByOriginStory only family they have left.]]
* The protagonists, Cuinn and Kiri Synclair of [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/SolsticeTwins Solstice Twins]].
* Emi and Feng, a couple of fire-wielding trouble-makers in ''Webcomic/{{Skyvein}}''.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', there are several sibling teams, some of which include Alain, Despard and Grady Silverbranch; Desdemona and Mordecai de Ardyn; Antigonus and Belial de Ardyn; Distreyd Thanadar XIII and Tarna; Vaetris and Nina Heeate L'andariel; Corwin, Deidra, Kendra and Irvin Finian; Thrax and Illyria; the Seven Sisters (each of whom represents one of the seven sins). Leraje and Ronove Thanadar were this too until Leraje betrayed Ronove.
* Hamper and Damper are twin brothers with different psychic powers in the ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse''. One can cloud minds, the other can suppress powers.
* Doug and Rob Walker of Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, though Rob usually works behind the camera. He's still credited, mentioned and even shown a couple of times in the videos.
* Creator/{{John|Green}} and Music/{{Hank|Green}} of ''WebVideo/VlogBrothers'' are a real-life sibling team.
* Ben and Jay Carlin of the WebVideo/SuperCarlinBrothers are another real-life sibling team, much like the [=VlogBrothers=].
* ''Podcast/MyBrotherMyBrotherAndMe'' and ''Podcast/TheAdventureZone'' is produced by real-life siblings Justin, Griffin, and Travis [=McElroy=]. The former two also now produce the web-video series ''WebVideo/MonsterFactory'' at Polygon.
* ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory'' has featured the Wright Brothers vs. the Mario Brothers.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The new ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest'' has the Daughters of Zim.
* ''WesternAnimation/TazMania'' had the Platypus Brothers: general contractors.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' are a set of triplets who fight crime. They have {{Spear Counterpart}}s in the Rowdyruff Boys and {{Evil Counterpart}}s in the Powerpunk Girls.
* ''WesternAnimation/SonicUnderground'' had a version of Sonic who had a sister and a brother, all on a quest to find their mother.
* Sunstreaker and Sideswipe of ''Franchise/TransformersGeneration1''.
* Twins Jetfire and Jetstorm in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated''.
* Lifty and Shifty from ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends''.
* The Duck Brothers in ''WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog''.
* [[WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers "GO TEAM VENTURE!"]]
* Dave, Fang, and Candy from ''WesternAnimation/DaveTheBarbarian''
* ''Team Go'' was a five-sibling team in ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible''. At least until [[FaceHeelTurn Shego became a villain]]
* The Trix in ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub'' are a villainous version, though whether they are actually blood related is left ambiguous.
* XJ-9 and her robotic "sisters", XJ Mark 1 through 8, on ''WesternAnimation/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot''. (They're actually prototypes of Jenny herself, but possess independent personalities and abilities.)
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** Sokka and Katara.
** Zuko and Azula during the season 2 finale, but this one is [[CainAndAbel unstable]].
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'':
** Mako and Bolin, Earthbending and Firebending brothers who make up two-thirds of the show's PowerTrio.
** Lin and Suyin Beifong, once they settle their SiblingRivalry.
* The eponymous four Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles display their siblinghood TurtlePower.
* Más y Menos of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' animated.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': Bart and Lisa whenever they fight Sideshow Bob, or help Krusty.
-->'''Lester:''' "Thanks everybody, but I couldn't have done all this without the help of my brainy sister Eliza."
* ''WesternAnimation/WildKratts'' has the Kratt Brothers Martin and Chris. Real life example too as they both worked together on nature shows ''Series/KrattsCreatures'' and ''Series/{{Zoboomafoo}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'', while technically stepbrothers, are never referred to as such and still fit this trope like a sock.
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'' has Savage Opress and [[spoiler:his fraternal twin brother Darth Maul.]]
* Unlike their comic counterparts, Cyclops and Havok from ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'' are quite close and work together often.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' has several examples:
** The royal sisters, Celestia and Luna. They defeated Discord together; they defeated King Sombra together; they guard the day and night, respectively, so that Equestria is never without a watchful guardian.
** The Apple Family siblings, Applejack, Big Mcintosh and Applebloom. They work Sweet Apple Acres together.
** The Flim Flam brothers are a two pony cider business.
** In the War Against Sombra timeline from ''The Cutie Re-Mark'', Maud and Pinkie are a badass, flank-kicking SiblingTeam on the front lines.
** The Spa twins run a spa together.
* Kin and Kon Kujira and their gender opposites, Kim and Konnie Kagami from ''WesternAnimation/{{Grojband}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' had a villainous variant with Hyena and Jackal, a brother-sister team of twins who served together on [[FiveBadBand the Pack]]. Even during the Pack's occasional periods of separation, the twins still worked together as freelance thieves and mercenaries.
* Wirt and Greg in ''WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaPresentsTheRidonculousRace'' has the Adversity Twins [[BornUnlucky Jay and Mickey]], the Sisters [[FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling Emma and Kitty]], and the Stepbrothers [[TeethClenchedTeamwork Chet and Lorenzo]].
* Two pairs in ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' Dipper and Mabel Pines, and [[spoiler:Stanley and Stanford Pines.]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/ThunderbirdsAreGo'' remake of the original series, as above, has the five Tracy brothers (Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon and Alan). In this iteration, however, the brothers are not joined by [[MissingDad Jeff Tracy]].

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Creator/StrugatskyBrothers: the most popular Soviet sci-fi authors.
* Creator/TheWachowskis[[note]]formally known as the Wachowski brothers, but both have come out as {{transgender}} women[[/note]]: the people who brought you ''Film/TheMatrix''... and a couple other movies.
* Creator/TheCoenBrothers.
* Creator/TheWayansBrothers.
* Music/TheShermanBrothers, who, among other things, wrote the songs for ''Film/MaryPoppins'' and ''Film/ChittyChittyBangBang''.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saints_Cyril_and_Methodius Saints Cyril and Methodius]], the creators of the UsefulNotes/CyrillicAlphabet, were the youngest and the oldest among seven children their parents had. Cyril was a TeenGenius, Methodius was a [[TheStrategist military general]].
* James Brothers: UsefulNotes/{{Jesse|James}} and Frank James, famous American outlaws and leaders of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James-Younger_Gang James-Younger Gang]].
** The James brothers seem to have made a habit out of working with sets of brothers as well. The James-Younger gang included the four Younger brothers: Cole, Jim, John, and Bob. Later the James brothers worked with the Ford brothers: Charlie and Robert/Bob. That didn't work out so well for Jesse though (or, for that matter, the Fords).
** The Youngers were also cousins to the Dalton brothers, Bob, Gratton and Emmett.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_Gang The Kelly Gang]] consisting of brothers Ned and Dan (and two other close friends of the family) were part of an Australian outlaw gang (referred to as 'bushrangers'). Unfortunately Dan tends to get the SecondBanana status while Ned was immortalised as a hero who stood up to police corruption.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wright_brothers The Wright Brothers]].
* 18th-century aviation pioneers, [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montgolfier_brothers the Montgolfier Brothers]].
* Early film pioneers [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumi%C3%A8re_brothers the Lumière Brothers]] and their German counterparts [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Skladanowsky Max and Emil Skladanowsky]].
* The Creator/MarxBrothers.
* Director Creator/SamRaimi, who often casts his brother Ted Raimi in his films. Ivan Raimi, also Sam's brother, was one of the screenwriters on ''Film/SpiderMan3''.
* Creator/ChristopherNolan's brother [[Creator/JonathanNolan Jonathan]] is sometimes his screenwriting partner.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bryan_brothers The Bryan brothers]], a pair of American twins, are a 16-time Grand Slam-winning UsefulNotes/{{tennis}} doubles pair who are known by their creepy ability to be in perfect sync both on and off the court.
* Creator/TheBrothersGrimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, also had a third brother, Ludwig Emil. He was an artist who also illustrated one of the early editions of their fairy tales.
* [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_von_Humboldt Wilhelm]] and [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_von_Humboldt Alexander von Humboldt]].
* Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goncourt_brothers Goncourt brothers]], after whom the most prestigious French literary award is named.
* Prussian generals Georg Dubislav Ludwig von Pirch (Pirch I) and Otto von Pirch (Pirch II). At Ligny and Waterloo the elder brother commanded a corps, the younger a division.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oswald_Boelcke Oswald Boelcke]], German WWI Flying Ace and developer of the ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dicta_Boelcke Dicta Boelcke]]'', was initially posted to ''Fliegerabteilung 13'' (Aviation Section 13). His bother Wilhelm was also a member of said group. They were such a successful team they aroused antipathy in other members of the section. As a result, Wilhelm was transferred away from his brother.
* Manfred (the Red Baron) and Lothar von Richthofen. Both served in the same squadron, and were among the highest scoring aces of WWI.
* Andrew and Allen Cunningham in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII . Andrew in the Royal Navy and Allen in the British Army. Andrew was a genuine FourStarBadass. Allen was at first thought to be so because of his conquest of Ethiopia from the Italians. But he went down in history as a might-have-been because he lost his nerve [[OvershadowedByAwesome facing Erwin Rommel]].
* The Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel, of the UsefulNotes/NationalHockeyLeague's Vancouver Canucks. They are decent players on their own, but when they're on the ice together, look the fuck out.
** Before the Sedins, there were the Sutters, ''six'' brothers who all played in the NHL. Brent and Duane were teammates on the New York Islanders, while twins Rich and Ron played together for the Philadelphia Flyers ''and'' St. Louis Blues.
** Now there is another family with many hockey players, the Staals. Three of them are on the same team, the Carolina Hurricanes (where the eldest, Eric, won UsefulNotes/TheStanleyCup in 2006; in 2012, he was joined by Jordan, who had been champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009, and the following year came the youngest, Jared). Another brother, Marc, is with the New York Rangers, who traded for Eric in February 2016.
** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_family_relations_in_the_National_Hockey_League#Siblings Brothers playing together]] [[http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/49997/so-you-want-to-be-an-nhl-fan even earns some jokes]].
-->Its some sort of hockey rule that every set of brothers has to play on the same team for some reason. The Staals, the Sedins, the Stastnys, the Bures, the Schenns everyone gets to play together at some point. Its kind of like Little League.
* Creator/SandraBullock, wearing her producer hat, is sometimes partnered with her sister Gesine Bullock-Prado.
* German director Fatih Akin usually manages to include a part for his brother Cem in his movies.
* German [[UsefulNotes/AssociationFootball football]] legend Uwe Seeler and his brother Dieter frequently played together for the Hamburger SV and a few times in the West German national team. It was said that any player who fouled Uwe in a bad way could expect to be tackled by protective big brother Dieter later in the game.
** Fritz Walter (captain) and his brother Ottmar were a successful team within the forward line the 1950s team of 1. FC Kaiserslautern and the West German national team that won the 1954 [[UsefulNotes/TheWorldCup World Cup]].
* The Dutch team also had two notable twin combos: René and Willy van de Kerkhof in the 70s (who played together in two Dutch teams and made it to two World Cup finals), and Frank and Ronald de Boer in the 90s (who played together in ''five'' teams and also had success with the national squad).
* UsefulNotes/RobertFKennedy served as attorney-general to his elder brother, President UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy.
* Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen, head of the Central Intelligence Agency, both played important parts in shaping United States policy during the Cold War.
* Writer Creator/StanLee (born Stanley Martin Lieber) and his artist brother Larry Lieber have collaborated on many comics, such as the ''Spider-Man'' newspaper strip.
* Creator/CharlieChaplin and his half-brother Sidney; the latter e. g. often played supporting parts in Charlie's movies.
* The Jackson Five, back in the day.
** The BreakoutCharacter, Music/{{Michael|Jackson}}, recorded in his solo career with sister Music/{{Janet|Jackson}}.
* [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Brothers The Nicholas Brothers]], tap-dancing legends.
* Creator/{{Fred|Astaire}} and Adele Astaire.
* [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kessler_Twins The Kessler Twins]].
* King UsefulNotes/FrederickTheGreat and his middle brother Henry (Heinrich), commanders of the two main Prussian field armies in the UsefulNotes/SevenYearsWar (and also the War of Bavarian Succession, 1778-1779).
* General Charles Mann, Lord Brome, Marquess and Earl of Cornwallis (best remembered for being forced to capitulate at Yorktown) and his brother, Admiral William Mann, Earl of Cornwallis.
* Harold, Gyrth and Leofwine Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings, Gyrth and Leofwine even died together. Harold and Gyrth had formerly teamed up against their other brother Tostig at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, and before Tostig's defection Tostig and Gyrth were a close team.
* The Farrelly brothers
* ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' is made by Mike and Matt Chapman ("The Brothers Chaps").
* ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' is mostly the work of Tarn Adams, but his brother Zack is helping him.
* The legends of WesternAnimation, Max and Dave Fleischer of Creator/FleischerStudios!
* The brothers Hernandez who made ''ComicBook/LoveAndRockets''!
* Saint Benedict of Nursia and his twin sister, Scholastica. They were so close, they died in the same month, and share a grave.
** There's a legend that cast a good light on their relationship: Shortly before Scholastica's death (though they didn't know it at the time), Benedict came to her convent for a visit. She asked him to stay the night so they could go on talking but he refused, not wanting to sleep away from his abbey. Scholastica wasn't about to take no for an answer, so she prayed to God and a ''huge'' storm came out of nowhere making it impossible for Benedict to leave.
-->'''Benedict'''(shocked): Sister, what have you done?
-->'''Scholastica'''(smugly): You refused me, but God did not.
* Several of the sons of Music/JohannSebastianBach became musicians and composers, most notably Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Johann Christoph Friedrich, and Johann Christian.
* Composing brothers Music/JosephHaydn and Michael Haydn, the latter working mainly in the field of church music. And their kid brother, tenor singer Johann Evangelist Haydn.
* Music/WolfgangAmadeusMozart and Maria Anna Mozart.
* Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and his sister Fanny Hensel.
* Creator/NoelFielding and Mike Fielding seem to be shaping up to be this way. Mike was dared by a friend to go up onstage at one of Noel's live comedy gigs in the early 2000s, and since then they've done ''Series/TheMightyBoosh'' TV series, all live shows since then, and are now working on Series/NoelFieldingsLuxuryComedy together. Noel himself has said he wants to be in as many things with Mike as possible.
* Pau and Marc Gasol, scoring points and kicking ass in the Spanish national basketball team since 2006.
* Venus and Serena Williams, American tennis players who have won major events as a doubles team.
* Maia and Alex Shibutani, a sister and brother figure skating pair.
* The Russo brothers
* The conquistador, Francisco Pizarro and his [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizarro_brothers brothers]], helped played a major role in conquering the Inca Empire.

!!Other relative teams

* TheHulk and ComicBook/SheHulk, cousins.
* ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} (or ComicBook/PowerGirl) and either Franchise/{{Superman}} or ComicBook/{{Superboy}} are cousins, since Superboy is a clone of Superman.

* Sostratos and Menedamos, cousins, in ''Literature/OverTheWineDarkSea'' and its sequels. The pair of them are {{Intrepid Merchant}}s from Rhodes in the Hellenistic Age, and have to deal with nature, pirates, warlords, strange cargo (like peacocks), and, worst of all, each other.
* Literature/NancyDrew's sidekicks George and Bess are cousins (though unrelated to Nancy herself).
* Merry and Pippin, cousins, from ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings''.
* Hunter and Sky, cousins, from Cate Tiernan's ''Literature/{{Sweep}}'' series.
* More than one in ''Literature/ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents'', including the main protagonists.
* Ivan and Miles are cousins and HeterosexualLifePartners in the ''Literature/VorkosiganSaga.''
* Jake and Rachel in ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' are cousins, while [[spoiler:Ax and Tobias are revealed to be uncle and nephew, though they don't know this at first]].

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheDukesOfHazzard'', cousins.
* Kate, Sarah, and Nicholas Redding, the heroes of ''Series/PirateIslands''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The Squid Sisters from ''VideoGame/{{Splatoon}}'' are actually [[spoiler:cousins]]. They are never seen without the other and are a very popular duo of {{Idol Singer}}s who have a news show. They're also [[spoiler:secret agents for their grandfather's militia in the single player campaign.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'' has cousins who certainly act like, and to an extent are treated like, siblings.
* Though only posing as siblings, Illana and Lance from ''WesternAnimation/SymBionicTitan'' could count as they are not romantically involved, but care strongly for each other.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* During the French Wars of Religion there was Henri of Navarra (later [[UsefulNotes/LetatCestMoi Henri IV of France and Navarra]]) and his cousin and brother-in-arms Henri I, Prince of Condé.
* Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia and his cousin Prince Frederick Charles commanded two main armies in the wars of 1866 and [[UsefulNotes/FrancoPrussianWar 1870-1871]].