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->'''Megatron:''' Oh well, come on, let's have it. The usual "destiny and honor" speech.\\
'''Optimus Primal:''' Speech ''this''. '''''[POW]'''''
--> -- ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'', "Nemesis, Part 2"

So you're [[FinalBattle finally facing the villain]]. He's being all {{smug|Snake}} and [[BreakThemByTalking trying to break you]] with his words, [[{{Deconstruction}} deconstructing]] your motives for fighting him and reminding you of how ''[[NotSoDifferent similar]]'' you are to him, unleashing a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech blistering spiel of how your flaws make you pathetic]], making you uncomfortable with his [[AccentuateTheNegative too-close-to-truths]], offering you the opportunity to [[WeCanRuleTogether join him]], et cetera et cetera… and what should your response be? [[KirkSummation Tell him the error of his ways,]] and [[LastSecondChance offer him a chance to join the good guys?]] A measured, reasonable response, indicating your disagreement? [[VillainHasAPoint Let the villainous argument throw you]] and make you wonder if you and he are NotSoDifferent?


'''''[[TitleDrop Shut up]]''', Hannibal!''

He's a ''villain''. A ''bad guy''. He has tried to kill you and your friends a dozen times over. He dangled your {{Sidekick}} and your {{Love Interest|s}} over a cliff, [[EvilGloating taunting you]] to [[SadisticChoice pick one of them]]. He treats other people, [[BadBoss including his own underlings]], like dirt. He doesn't care about people, order, or [[StrawHypocrite whatever he's using to justify his actions]]--he just wants power. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking And he]] [[KickTheDog ran over your daughter's puppy]]. You're ''nothing'' like him. He's ''wrong''. So you tell it to him, spell it out if necessary, then beat the crap out of him in a manner [[RightMakesMight most righteous]] (or, if you are a common human against a superpowered villain, or the work is not action-oriented, an ArmorPiercingSlap may be an appropiate outcome as well).

This happens a lot. Heroes usually use the "fist to face" variant of this, though a hero giving a villain a verbal beatdown is not unheard of. Often done by the more [[CombatPragmatist practical]] AntiHero, who doesn't really care about philosophy, and just prefers to beat up anyone who has messed with them or their stuff.

More heroes will often at least listen before coming up with a counterargument. When the villain rationalizes their villainy with something truly depraved, the hero will often roar to the bad guy, "YoureInsane" before delivering the smackdown.

Doing this to ''[[EvilVersusEvil another villain]]'' is even dumber, as they're likely to either not be big on listening, or have an outright conflicting ideology. But it still happens every now and then.

Sometimes, TheHero needs to be told "YouAreNotAlone" to come up with this reply.

Combining it with the WorldOfCardboardSpeech will just make it that much more badass.

Usually goes hand-in-hand with the villain having a [[VillainousBreakdown breakdown]], either before or after this reply is delivered.

Conversely, when the hero is on the ropes, he may interrupt the villain by saying GetItOverWith. It tends to shock the villain that anyone would prefer death to listening to him.

As these generally occur at the conclusion of most stories, feel free to use spoiler marks if you think it [[{{Spoiler}} gives away too much]]. For readers, '''spoiler-caution is advised'''.

The name is a reference to this being a response to a HannibalLecture, but it would be more accurate to refer to the trope BreakThemByTalking, since HannibalLecture only concerns certain interrogation scenes.

Contrast KirkSummation which is where the hero rebuts the villain's speech with his own. Here, the hero doesn't bother.

Compare ShutUpKirk, YouKeepTellingYourselfThat, VerbThis, ArmorPiercingResponse, and whichever variations of IWillShowYouX are said specifically to a villain. For the more… forceful version, see TalkToTheFist.

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