Scottish actress, born November 24, 1965, best known as Moaning Myrtle in the ''Film/HarryPotter'' movies, as well as ''Literature/{{Trainspotting}}'', ''Literature/BridgetJones' Diary'', ''Film/MarieAntoinette'', ''Film/TwentyFourHourPartyPeople'' and the ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode [[Recap/DoctorWhoS28E10LoveAndMonsters "Love & Monsters"]]. Was Queen Catherine in ''Series/CharlesIIThePowerAndThePassion''.

!!!Related Tropes

* Creator/{{Equity}}: If you're a British actor or actress these days, you're bound to eventually do either ''FIlm/HarryPotter'' or ''Series/DoctorWho''. Shirley's done ''both''.
* OlderThanTheyLook: You wouldn't think that Moaning Myrtle was [[DawsonCasting pushing 40]].
* UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}}