->''"Hold on, I have to appease the shippers now."''
-->--'''Tommy Oliver''', ''WebVideo/TruncatedPowerRangers''

Many fans [[{{Shipping}} 'ship.]] These fans often do it ''all the time'' (context or no) especially in certain {{demographics}}. Producers, especially those who keep their finger on the pulse of the audience, not to mention their eye on the fan {{fora}}, know this. So, they decide to tease the fans with hints about possible romantic entanglements, and thereby build that emotional attachment between the show and the audience as much as they can.

If the writers are particularly impish, they'll tease a relationship that either never comes up or takes a hard right just as it gets going. Like a sudden death.

Probably the cruelest method of Ship Tease is the MomentKiller.

See also: WillTheyOrWontThey, {{Subtext}}, {{Fanservice}}, NeverTrustATrailer, TonightSomeoneKisses, LiterallyFallingInLove, ImpliedLoveInterest.

Contrast ShipSinking.

Not to be confused with Striptease (see [[YouCanLeaveYourHatOn here for that]]).

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