[[quoteright:286:[[Manga/{{Naruto}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/sasuhina.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:288:[[http://megaminoeien.deviantart.com/art/Hinata-Pairing-Guide-Pg-1-61683451 Perfect strangers]], indeed.]]

->''"I get this feeling at like, three AM while watching Netflix.''\\
''I drew some porny fanart, and I wrote some smutty fanfic.''\\
''Can't help it, I just think that they would make such a good pair.''\\
''In canon they have never met -- ''\\
''I don't care!''\\
''I ship it, I don't care!"''
-->-- [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCDgJiPBxfI "I Ship It"]] by WebVideo/NotLiterallyProductions

So you like to ship Bob and Alice. The only problem you have is the fact that Bob and Alice have exchanged little more than a few lines with one another, there seems to be little to no interaction between the two, or they may be no evidence that they've ever met each other.

This is when Ships Pass in the Night. Most of these types of ships are {{Crack Pairing}}s, but as usual TropesAreTools -- sometimes [[ShippingGoggles fans can dig deep]] and find decent proof for their beloved ship, or at least persuade the readers that the couple would give each other the time of day. Even without this a pairing can work if written well enough, but if no transition period is shown the couple is suddenly StrangledByTheRedString.

Compare LauncherOfAThousandShips and GottaShipEmAll, which can be a cause of many of these kinds of pairings. If taken to extremes and expanded across ''totally unrelated franchises'', this trope can result in a non-canon CrossoverShip.

{{Trope Namer|s}} is a remark made by Donald Hogan in ''Literature/StandOnZanzibar''.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* The ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'' fandom can be justified in doing this, since the characters are countries and the story is based off of [[RealLife history]]. Even if the author has not covered a time where the nations interact, fans can call upon their history classes or [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} The Other Wiki]] for evidence of their ship for fan works. A list of them can be found [[ShipsThatPassInTheNight/AxisPowersHetalia here]].
* Yomi and Sakaki from ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' are a semi-popular ship, even though the two barely exchange words with each other.
%% * ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
%% ** There are quite a few fanfics for Renji/Tatsuki. In the manga ''or'' anime have those two had ever had even ''one'' conversation with each other?
%% ** Toshiro/Karin, despite their only interaction being in a couple of anime-only filler episodes.
%% ** Ukitake/Nemu seems to be gaining a nice following.
%% ** Ikkaku/Nemu, based on a ''single'' panel in which they smile at each other while Ikkaku is getting medical treatment, as well as Nemu objecting to Mayuri interrogating him.
%% ** Grimmjow/Nelliel, whose sole interaction is Grimmjow kicking and yelling at Nel.
* Eriol and Tomoyo from ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'' are a textbook example. They have a handful of conversations, all about other people, and the numerous fans take that as a sign of deep connection and possibly also current affections. Not to mention the fact that in the manga, Eriol/Kaho is indicated as canon and Tomoyo was in love with Sakura. The less popular ships Touya/Tomoyo, Touya/Meiling, and Eriol/Meiling are even better examples, as the two halves only interact on one or two occasions.
* In ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'', TheHero Touma and the Misaka's TeamNormal Saten get paired in a surprising amount in fanfics, despite the fact that they've only met face-to-face when he borrowed her good luck charm for the Daihasei Borrowing Race. Probably because they're both normal (mostly).
* ''Anime/CodeGeass''
** There's more than a few Rolo/Euphemia fanfics out there. Euphie [[spoiler:was killed off]] before Rolo was even introduced as a character and almost certainly never met him or even knew of his existence.
** Rolo/Nunnally at least get some cute interaction in official art, but it's unknown whether the two ever met, and Rolo wanting to kill Nunnally kind of puts a damper on the whole shipping thing. Rolo and Nunnally interact in ''[[Manga/CodeGeassNightmareOfNunnally Nightmare of Nunnally]]'', although in that case, [[spoiler:Rolo is a clone of Lelouch conditioned to think that he is Lelouch and Nunnally's brother]], and has a significantly different appearance, personality, and role.
** Kallen and Gino has some implication that the writers tried for it but hit a RelationshipWritingFumble.
* ''Manga/DeathNote'' has Light/Mello, despite the two ''never'' meeting face-to-face in canon. The same is true for [[CanonForeigner Beyond]]/Light.
* ''Manga/DetectiveConan'': Hakuba/Sera, despite neither of them having made any contact whatsoever and Hakuba making no more than two manga appearances (he is a character from a [[CanonWelding canonically welded]] series ''Manga/MagicKaito'').
* ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'':
** Back in the day, Matt and Mimi from ''[[Anime/DigimonAdventure Digimon]]'', who have a ''single'' bit of interaction in the series aside from standing next to each other. The reason they were such a popular ship was because everyone paired all the characters according to "hierarchy": Tai and Sora because they were the male and female leads (and because they had actual [[FanPreferredCouple chemistry]]), TK and Kari because they were the two [[ToyShip youngest]], and Matt and Mimi because... they were [[PairTheSpares the only boy-girl pair left]]. There were Izzy and Joe, of course, but they were both [[HollywoodNerd really nerdy]], and weren't TroubledButCute like Matt. (And yes, this meant that Izzy and Joe were often [[SlashFic paired together]] - even though ''either'' of them would have been a better match for Mimi).
** A lot of ''Anime/DigimonTamers'' fans who like Ruki/Takato will pair Juri (Takato's canon crush) with Lee or Ryo (both of who're frequently paired with Ruki) despite the fact Juri is rarely seen interacting with them, if ever.
** V-mon/Tailmon in ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'' could also be seen as this. He ''was'' shown to crush on her... for about five minutes, and it was never mentioned before or again.
** The rival shipping Patamon/Tailmon is an interesting case that at first could be pass up as just to get one more matching set for TK and Kari [[ToyShip youngest]] but just like their partners, they're arguably seen closer than with any other partner digimon. And there is famous scene of Angemon holding Angewomon's shoulders, and once Patamon joked about how good they look together to rile Davis up.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'':
** Zeref/Mavis, Zeref being the SealedEvilInACan and Mavis being Fairy Tail's angelic looking founder. Not only have they never met, but Zeref having no idea Tenroujima was a guild island is as good an indicator as any that he has no idea Mavis exists. No longer the case as of [[spoiler:Chapter 340]]. [[spoiler:And then Chapter 450 made them canon, [[StarCrossedLovers with tragic results]]]].
** Mashima seems to love subverting this trope. Mira/Laxus is a fairly popular crack pairing in the fandom. However, there has been no sign from either side that could make them a viable pairing until [[spoiler:chapter 352]]. Cue shippers going crazy.
** Wendy and Romeo, who haven't interacted at even ''one section'' of canon material, and yet fans seem to think the viable reason to pair them up is because Romeo is finally the same age as Wendy.
** Natsu and Juvia are also being shipped from time to time, due to the whole fire/water dynamics. While they do hang around each other now and then and probably consider each other friends due to being in the same guild, they have had almost none direct interactions throughout the series even though Natsu is the main character, and Juvia is also fairly prominent. In fact, they have so suspiciously few interactions that one would almost think Mashima is keeping them away from each other on purpose to defy any fire/water shipping.
** But the biggest offender by far is Bickslow and Lisanna. The sum total of their interactions throughout the series is the Thunder God Tribe greeting her when she [[spoiler:returns from Edolas]] and when she happens to be watching the Grand Magic Games with said team. Fanon insists they're friends because they both enjoy [[ShipperOnDeck trolling Elfman and Evergreen]] (though [[CannotSpitItOut anyone with eyes does]]), but objectively, the ship is just there to PairTheSpares with Elfman/Evergreen and Laxus/Mirajane and as ShipMates to [[DieForOurShip keep her away from Natsu]].
* Sousuke/Makoto became very popular in the ''Anime/{{Free}}'' fandom. They did share some dialogue in the OAV but the ship was popular before that was released.
* ''Franchise/FullmetalAlchemist'':
** There is a following amongst [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist manga]]/''Brotherhood'' fans dedicated to Greed/Riza, who have appeared in the same CHAPTER maybe all of twice.
** Fans of the [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist 2003 anime]] sometimes ship Alfons and Alphonse (usually with [[OneTrueThreesome Edward]] [[IncestYayShipping involved]]), which is borderline [[ScrewYourself selfcest]] considering that [[spoiler:Alfons is Al's Earth counterpart from the other side of the Gate]]. The two never interact in ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemistTheConquerorOfShamballa'' because [[spoiler:Alfons dies shortly before they can]].
* ''Lightnovel/FullMetalPanic'':
** Sousuke/Insane Police Lady. Sure, they've had some (hilarious) interactions, and the Police Lady ''is'' obsessed with him in a FoeYay-riffic way... and Sousuke ''did'' compliment her skill and ability (in his mind). The only problem is that she's only like that with him when he's in his Bonta-kun mascot costume. Which can only say stuff like "Fumo-fumo fuu!!" As for actual interaction between them when he's dressed normally... there's little to none. Except an instance where he asks Kaname if he should "off" the Police Lady.
** [[OneTrueThreesome Foursome pairing of Gauron/Xia Yu Fan/Xia Yu Lan/Sousuke]]. Not so much the [[MemeticMolester Gauron]] paired with any of them part, as much as the Yu Fan and Yu Lan together with Sousuke part. Especially since the ''only'' interaction he's ever had with either of them was with Yu Fan, whom he never actually ''saw'', and whom he said all of two sentences (consisting of, at most, three words) to. Though, as absurd a pairing as this seems ([[ChasteHero Sousuke]] being in a foursome with three people he hates is... [[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs not very realistic]]), it ''is'' true that both Yu Fan and Yu Lan ''had'' been watching and pondering over Sousuke for a while (since their Sensei [[StalkerWithACrush kept talking about him]], and sent them to find him).
* ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'' fandom has Athena/Ikusa. This ''does'' at least make sense, considering that [[spoiler:Ikusa was the one who released Athena from her GildedCage.]]
* ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'' has Keiichi/Satoshi shippers... even though not only do the two never meet (until ''Kira'' came out [[spoiler:and that was a dream sequence]]), but Keiichi is more of a LovableSexManiac and Satoshi was a more serious {{Expy}} of Keiichi to begin with (though chronologically Keiichi is the one who is similar to Satoshi).
* ''VideoGame/InazumaEleven'':
** Someoka/Fubuki seemed to have become extremely popular a long, ''long'' time before the two shared any decent amount of screentime, having spent an arc and a half (about 50 episodes) taking turns getting PutOnABus starting shortly after Fubuki's introduction. In the video games -- [[TheAnimeOfTheGame which the show was based off of]] -- though they have a lot more interaction.
** Fudou/Fuyuka, ''who never interacted in either version'', yet it remains the most popular hetero shipping for that character.
* ''Manga/{{InuYasha}}'':
** Pairing up Kagome and Sesshomaru is incredibly popular within the fandom. No one seems to care that he shows little to no interest in her and tried to kill her/did not care if she lived or not early on, and she does not show any feelings towards him either.
** Pairing up Kagome and/or Sango with the Band of Seven's leader Bankotsu, even though he never had any dialogue with either of them; it's more about the chemistry between their personalities.
** There are also Bankotsu/Kikyo ships. They did share one scene together, after all.
** Sango/Inuyasha, which seems to come out of the clear blue. The two very rarely speak directly to each other, unless its regarding Kagome or Miroku, in the entire course of the series. Granted there is one episode where they get drunk in a mist and Sango professes her love for Inuyasha, bashing Miroku all the way (and Kagome) and then tries to make out with him.
** One scene together in the anime, one in the movie "The Love That Transcends Time", and a scene where he chastises Inuyasha for letting her die (calling her by name, no less!) has caused Sesshomaru to be shipped with Kikyo by some fans.
* In ''Anime/{{K}}'', Shiro and Saruhiko. They're both main characters, but they've been in the same room all of ''twice'', both times in meetings with large groups. But they're both geniuses who would probably appreciate each others' thoughts and tastes more than others, so they have something of a following.
* ''Anime/KillLaKill'' has [[KendoTeamCaptain Uzu Sanageyama]] and [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Mako Mankanshoku]]. They only share one scene together in the entire series so far and don't even talk. Yet there's plenty of art of the two together.
* ''Manga/{{Loveless}}'' fans have the suprisingly popular [[PerpetualSmiler Kio]]/[[IllBoy Yayoi]].
* The Yuuno/Hayate pairing has its small but still surprising share of fans in the ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'' fandom, despite, well... have they even talked to each other? [[AllThereInTheManual Even in the supplementary materials]]?
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'':
** Trowa/Relena is a decently popular het alternative for [[OneTruePairing Heero/Relena]] (at least among those who don't want Relena to [[DieForOurShip die in a fire]]); however, the sum total of their interaction throughout ''Wing'' canon is nine lines of dialog, all related to Heero. Such a ship could be seen as LovingAShadow, since Trowa and Heero are remarkably similar [[TheStoic personality-wise]], an idea quite a few 3XR fanfics run with.
** Wufei/Relena. The two '''never''' interact in any form or fashion, not just in the anime or TheMovie but in all the official sidestories and sequels (though they do interact in games like ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars''). Even beyond that, they're polar opposites (he's an ArrogantKungFuGuy, she's an ActualPacifist), and he makes it plain that he doesn't like her on several occasions. So any pairing would require either FoeYay of epic proportions, or a serious AssPull.
** Once upon a time, a ''Gundam Wing'' fansite had a CrackPairing {{Fanfic}} contest. One of the entries paired Relena with Rashid, Quatre's BattleButler. Not only do the two of them never interact, but Rashid is old enough to be her father.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** Kakashi/Iruka is a very popular pairing, even though they haven't interacted that much, ''not even having met at all'' when the pairing became popular. Some people responsible for ''Naruto'' merchandise had seemingly latched onto this FanPreferredCouple and produced an astounding quantity of merchandise with only the two of them (these included, back in 2006, posters, mousepads and mugs).
** Kakashi/Anko, who have occasionally been in the same room together, but have never spoken.
** Iruka and Anko have fans due to their MasculineGirlFeminineBoy dynamic but have never been seen interacting.
** Some fairly well-known ships are between characters who never speak '''at all'''. Sasuke/Hinata (pictured above) is one such example, even though Hinata only talked about Sasuke once in the manga. Of course, a fair potion of that ship's popularity might stem from the fact that it [[PairTheSpares removes the two competing love interests]] for the the Naruto/Sakura pairing. In ''Anime/BorutoNarutoTheMovie'', they have their first canonical interaction: Sasuke asks Hinata if she knows where [[spoiler:her husband]] Naruto is, she says that he's probably at work, and Sasuke leaves. Among their fanbase, this sparked major celebration and shippers made tons of gifs of the scene.
** Naruto with [[LauncherOfAThousandShips nearly every female and male character]].
** [[ToyShip Konohamaru/Hanabi]] seems growing ''too'' well [[PairTheSpares as side pairing]] mostly for the sake of GenerationXerox ([[ShipToShipCombat cough-Naru/Hina-cough]]).
** Although Sakura gets shipped with [[LauncherOfAThousandShips pretty much everyone]], the new favorite person seem to be ''Itachi'', of all people. This probably has to do with TheReveal that [[spoiler:he was actually a good guy all along ([[KnightTemplar sort]] [[DracoInLeatherPants of]])]] and the fact that [[spoiler:Sasuke has become an evil bastard ([[NiceJobBreakingItHero ironically... thanks to Itachi]]).]]
** This is the reaction to the canon pairing [[spoiler:Chouji/Karui]]. People try to figure out how this could happen. There's still no information given on how they even ''met'', let alone got together.
** Naruto/Ino and Kiba/Ino manage to be very popular despite little to no interaction between Ino and either boy, fillers aside.
** Kiba and Karui have never even interacted but are often shipped together due to the way their personalities mesh.
** The [[Manga/{{Boruto}} next generation]] has had this occur with Inojin. Two of the most popular pairings are Inojin/Himawari and Inojin/Sarada but at the time both became popular neither had interacted with him. Inojin/Himawari comes from the fact Himawari's name means "sunflower" while Inojin is presumably associated with flowers, as his clan is. Inojin and Sarada most likely have interacted off-screen as their mother's, Ino and [[spoiler:Sakura]], are best friends, however they haven't been shown interacting in canon yet.
* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'':
** Asuka/Kaworu seems to have some popularity, despite the two never interacting in canon. This is probably because of a combination of non-Shinji/Asuka writers CleaningUpRomanticLooseEnds, and the comedy value of Asuka's {{Tsundere}} nature struggling against Kaworu's DissonantSerenity. There's even a gallery that is mostly dedicated to fanart of this pairing. [[http://wwwew.web.fc2.com No, really]]
** Shinji [[LauncherOfAThousandShips is paired with everyone]], but Shinji/Hikari is the best example: she and Shinji barely know each other. Although with her being Asuka's best friend and Toji being one of Shinji's friends, they at least have ''some'' chance of social contact.
** Shinji/Maya isn't anywhere near as popular, but it crops us disproportionately frequently. It ''might'' have to do with the fact that she's essentially a female Shinji in character design (and thus a subtle ScrewYourself factor in the pairing), though it's not known if that was deliberate on part of Gainax.
** Although most likely a deliberate-joke CrackPairing, there's also [[ScrewYourself Rei/Rei]] and Rei/Rei/Rei, despite the fact that Rei I [[spoiler:is killed by Ritsuko's mother before the series]], and that Rei III is introduced after [[spoiler:Rei II dies]]. This ship/[[OneTrueThreesome OT3]] can expand near-infinitely with [[spoiler:the Rei clones in the dummy plugs]] and the Reiquarium. [[spoiler:And the fact that Rei I may well be the soul inside EVA-00.]]
** There's a fic somewhere where, among other pairings, ''Ritsuko and Kensuke'' are paired up.
** There's at least one {{hentai}} doujinshi out there (''EVANGEL FIRST'', if you're curious,) that has the utterly implausible pairing, out of all the people, ''Rei & Aoba''. (Though it was published before ''EOE's'' release, so that explains it somewhat.)
* Inevitable in ''Manga/OnePiece'' due to the LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, but X Drake/Smoker crops up quite a bit. The two have never even shared screen time in over 600 episodes, though X Drake's past as a former Marine does hint at a possible shared history. Another one that pops up often is Ace/Nojiko; though while the two never shared any kind of screentime either, they are two of the main protagonists' older siblings (Ace is Luffy's brother and Nojiko is Nami's adopted sister).
* ''Anime/OsomatsuSan'' fandom has Ichimatsu/Nyaa, who are put together based on [[ThemePairing cat theme]] alone. She also gets paired up with Choromatsu and Osomatsu a fair bit: the former since he goes to her concerts, the latter because he crashed a handshake event Choromatsu went to (and did a faux-declaration of love while he was at it). Nyaa hasn't talked to any of the brothers personally, and the one time she sees them after work is when [[spoiler:she prays for them at their funeral in season 2]]. She even goes as far as to lampshade it:
-->"I know I haven't hung out with you guys that much, but [[spoiler:I hope you find peace in the next world]]."
* The ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' fans who keep up with the anime rather than the manga see Kyoya/Kaoru as this, since their time together in the anime is limited to one scene of about 2 lines each. The pairing has developed a niche in the fandom due in part to continuing interactions in the manga.
* Most ships in the ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' anime fandom are nevermets, have something to do with filler characters, or with characters who have had little interaction with each other. [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shipping:List_of_anime_shippings Here]] is a long list of the anime's ships, including "never-mets." Most of them, the characters only interacted during one episode; James saves Cilan once, James/Cilan is born; Max talks to Misty, Max/Misty is born; and so on:
** Dawn and Paul are ''extremely'' popular, despite how the two rarely speak and when they do, it's the farthest thing from romantic (he once even ''forgot she existed'').
** Misty/Gary was popular in the old days. It still occasionally pops up as a {{ship mate|s}} if you ship Ash with a female companion besides Misty.
** [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Of course]], Ash has been shipped with plenty of girls that he met at only one time. A handful of them, such as [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Anabel]], actually ''do'' like him, [[ObliviousToLove but Ash never catches on]].
** Ash's mother and Giovanni never met yet there is a fairly popular pairing revolving around them. This has less to do with their chemistry and more to do with people liking the idea of the BigBad being [[LukeIAmYourFather Ash's father]]. It's given [[FandomNod a nod]] in ''Theatre/PokemonLive'', where it turns out that Delia and Giovanni used to date when they were younger.
** Jessie's MissingMom Miyamoto from ''Radio/PokemonTheBirthOfMewtwo'' gets shipped with Giovanni. This is less because they go together and more to explain the whereabouts of Jessie's [[DisappearedDad never discussed father]] and why Giovanni keeps such an incompetent person like Jessie around. Miyamoto was an elite member of Team Rocket and was friends with Giovanni's mother, but the two didn't interact in the radio drama.
** During the climactic battle at the end of ''X/Y'', Steven Stone joins the assembled group of protagonists and their allies across the Kalos region. This includes fellow Champion Diantha, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaHZn88EP04 who Steven personally teams up with later on.]] While most focused on [[RuleOfCool the inherent cool factor]] of two Champions [[BackToBackBadasses working together]] to help save the world, something that had never been seen up to that point in the show, others began to view their brief scenes through a romantic lens, interpreting them as a BattleCouple in the making. Their introduction didn't help matters; while entirely professional and respectful, Steven and Diantha do appear to lightly gush over having the opportunity to fight side by side.
** And now Max/Bonnie is gaining speed, due to the fact that they are both the younger siblings of another main character, and both Max and Clemont are really nerdy, which suggests [[InTheBlood Bonnie may be such in the future]].
* From the ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'' manga, [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Wally]]/[[OriginalGeneration Yellow]] is really popular, despite the pair having never been in the same REGION at the time.
* There's a small but growing group of ''Anime/PrincessTutu'' fans who think that [[ScaryShinyGlasses Autor]]/[[TheMatchmaker Pique]] and [[OneSceneWonder Femio]]/[[GenkiGirl Lilie]] are viable pairings. Partially due to CleaningUpRomanticLooseEnds (with Autor and Pique's crushes on Rue and Fakir respectively), and partially just for the sheer crack that would develop (Femio's self-obsession and Lilie's sadism).
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'': Mami/Kyoko used to be this. While observant viewers might catch the signs that Mami and Kyoko knew each other before the start of the series, they only show up on screen together for two episodes and have very little dialogue between them. But then the third [[RadioDrama Drama CD]] was released... [[AllThereInTheManual it turns out they were]] [[HoYay very close]], [[CynicismCatalyst before a personal tragedy]] [[TookALevelInJerkass altered Kyoko's personality]] [[WeUsedToBeFriends and caused her to part ways with Mami]].
* ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' has its fair share:
** One of the most popular ones is Hotaru/Shingo due to their similar ages. They’re never actually seen together (unless you count ''VideoGame/SailorMoonAnotherStory''), though as Chibiusa's close friends, it is plausible that they have met off-screen. Sometimes it is done [[ShipMates to allow Shingo's crush Ami to be with someone else]].
** There is Black Lady/Mistress 9, a technical case as they are the brainwashed, evil, grown up versions of best friends Chibiusa and Hotaru, respectively, who are already a very popular pairing. The problem with the former pairing is that those transformations are ''one season away'' from each other, and Chibiusa turns into and back from Black Lady many episodes before she and the audience actually meet Hotaru.
* ''Manga/ShamanKing'':
** Despite that Ren and Pirika barely talk to each other in either the anime or manga ''and'' the DistantFinale of the manga has Ren marrying Iron Maiden Jeanne (which is also an example of this trope), they seem to be incredibly popular as a couple, with the [[BrokenBase half of the fandom]] that doesn't [[TheScrappy dislike Pirika]] supporting the pairing. The reason for this is most likely the comedic potential stemming from how that Pirika's brother Horohoro and Ren fight almost constantly.
** Horohoro/Tamao is also a fairly popular pairing, even though (in the manga at least) they've barely talked to each other. Again, Tamao is considered TheScrappy to one part of the fandom, but not in the part that supports this pairing (or Tamao/Yoh, which has a lot more of a basis in-canon).
* Rima and Utau from ''Manga/ShugoChara''. No, really. There is a whole fanbase of them together out there.
* Sylphiel/Valgaav from ''LightNovel/{{Slayers}}'' is mildly popular, usually as a result of PairTheSpares.
* ''Manga/SoulEater'' has Crona/Death the Kid. Although they only interact twice in the anime and once in the manga, it's a rather popular pairing in the fandom. And then the end of the manga provides some kind of fanfic fodder by clarifying that [[spoiler:in a strictly technical sense they are rather similar, having both been raised for the specific purpose of replacing/counteracting the Mad God Asura. However, Kid and Crona never actually acknowledge this similarity (Death does so only to remark that he's as bad as Medusa), and Crona ends up trapped on the moon.]] So, the ship is actually no closer than before.
* ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'': [[ShrinkingViolet Ivan]] ([[{{Shapeshifter}} Origami]] [[McNinja Cyclone]]) and [[GenkiGirl Pao Lin]] ([[ShockAndAwe Dragon]] [[WaifFu Kid]]), based on them being the youngest heroes for their respective genders and both of them having names that end in "Lin". However, the manga adaptations of the anime show that Ivan and Pao-Lin are indeed friends and do spend time with each other. Also, the official guide book "Hero Gossips" contains interviews with all the characters and there Ivan claims that Pao-Lin is the hero he's most friendly with.
* In the ''Anime/WeissKreuz'' fandom, the only trend as popular as pairing the four HitmanWithAHeart leads off with one another is the practice of FoeYay shipping them with their opposite numbers in Schwarz, the team of PsychoRangers who turn out to be the ultimate villains of the first anime series, despite the fact that for the most part Weiss and Schwarz have very little direct interaction over the course of the series. The oddest case is that of Omi and Nagi, paired off with one another by virtue of being their teams' respective teen hackers (and [[ShipTease helped along]] by an [[http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/lady_ganesh/13064089/12094/12094_320.jpg infamous piece of official artwork]]). The two characters exchange no dialogue and interact a total of once in the original 24-episode series when Nagi telekinetically slams Omi into a pillar. The sequel series, however, shows that they've begun working together offscreen in the interval between the two storylines and Nagi is now acting as Omi's bodyguard, a writing decision that seems designed to capitalize on the popularity of a relationship that ''didn't exist'' in the story up to that point.
* ''Manga/YonaOfTheDawn'': The characters of Lili and Tae-woo are shipped surprisingly often on Pixiv, despite that the characters have never met in canon. It may be due to their relation and similarities to the series' AlphaCouple of Yona and Hak; Lili being Yona's closest female friend and often being used to draw contrast to Yona's CharacterDevelopment, and Tae-woo being Hak's friend/little-brother figure, as well as the successor to his position as general of the Wind Tribe. It may also come down to the characters appearing to be (though not confirmed to be) the same age, and having similar blue-clothed/dark-haired aesthetics.
* ''Franchise/YuGiOh'':
** Silent Shipping. Kaiba and Shizuka are shipped because of one scene in which Kaiba agreed to get medical treatment for Bakura because Shizuka openly begged him to do so.
** Ryuzaki and Shizuka, who have never met and probably don't know the other even exists. The pairing was likely spawned PURELY out of the fact that Jounouchi would flip a shit, causing angst or comedy, depending on the writer.
** Yugi ('''not''' Pharaoh Atem) and Dark Magician Girl is a rare but still present ship. Almost every pairing plot for this goes as follows: Yugi DidNotGetTheGirl (Anzu) for varying reasons, Dark Magician Girl tries to ease her young master's broken heart, and things proceed from there. The most recurring "varying reason" is Atem being around for Anzu to bag since it fixes the snags caused by the canon continuity's ShipTease, though getting Dark Magician Girl[[note]] a Duel Monster who lives in another dimension[[/note]] a physical presence (nevermind Atem himself[[note]] a spirit who needs Yugi's body to interact with anything [[spoiler:and passed on to the afterlife in the conclusion]][[/note]]) usually requires a blatant AssPull.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'' has most of Sherry's pairings, mostly because her obvious paramours are Yusei and Aki, who are almost always paired with each other. Sherry/Crow, Sherry/Bruno, and Sherry/Hat Guy are some of the most common alternatives.
* Thanks to the preponderance of HoYay and Yuma having a canon female love interest already, Anna of ''Anime/YuGiOhZEXAL'' ends up with a good number by default, thanks to most of her episodes being dedicated to unresolved ShipTease with him. Anna/Fuya (they teamed up against Mizael for about five minutes) and Anna/Rio (no interaction whatsoever) pop up with some frequency.
* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho''
** Kurama/Yukina - they only exchange lines once in the anime.
** A far more popular example is Kurama/Botan. While they interact a bit more than the above pairing, it's never much (at least not in the manga). This may be an example of ShipMates, since every other member of the main group has a romantic interest (Yusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina, Hiei/Mukuro) except these two.
** There's also Touya/Yukina, which had a decent-sized fanlisting and fanfic representation in the early 2000s. This seems to stem from them both having ice powers. At least with Kurama and Yukina or Botan, you can probably find a screencap of the two in the same crowd scene.
* ''Anime/YuriOnIce'':
** Mila/Sara is the favorite ship involving women of the fandom. They have only interacted once, very shortly in episode 9, but fans absolutely love them together. However, they are implied to have met before, since Sara is ranked 4th and Mila 3rd in women's singles figure skating.
** Phichit/Chris is fairly popular even though the two have barely interacted in the show outside of group settings. It makes more sense why people ship them when you consider they're [[PairTheSpares the best friends of]] OfficialCouple Yuri/Victor.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* It's surprising how many people ship [[Comicbook/BlueBeetle Ted Kord]] with Michelle Carter, his [[Comicbook/BoosterGold best friend]]'s twin sister. They've never met, because [[DeathIsCheap one of them was usually dead at the time]].
* It's fairly popular to ship [[ComicBook/{{Robin}} Damian Wayne]] with either [[ComicBook/GreenArrow Lian Harper]] or [[ComicBook/KingdomCome Mar'i Grayson]]. Note that the latter doesn't even exist in the mainstream universe, and if she did, the two would [[NotBloodSiblings legally be uncle and niece]]. (Though to be fair, this has canon backing--in her world she hooks up with Ibn al-Xu'ffasch, son of her world's Batman and Talia and thus theoretically Damian's counterpart.) People also started shipping him with Emiko Queen, who is Green Arrow's little sister and basically Damian's DistaffCounterpart.
* Some people ship Robbie Reyes, teenage [[ComicBook/AllNewGhostRider Ghost Rider]], with [[ComicBook/MsMarvel2014 Kamala Khan]], [[ComicBook/{{Runaways}} Nico Minoru]] or [[ComicBook/NewWarriors Water Snake]]. This became AscendedFanon during ''Comicbook/SecretWars2015'', where he was paired up with Kamala in the ''Secret Love'' one-shot. Writer Felipe Smith has said the story was partially motivated by how popular the pairing was on Website/{{Tumblr}}. [[spoiler:The pairing was then [[ShipSinking torpedoed before leaving the port at the end of the story]].]]

[[folder:Films - Animated]]
* Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon:
** Maleficent/Aurora from ''Disney/SleepingBeauty'' is pretty popular, but just from looking at the 1959 movie, you'd likely be puzzled as to why. They never really meet, since Aurora is unconscious or possessed every time she might see Maleficent, and Maleficent never talks to her unless you count a curse as talking. There's also the fact that Maleficent feels nothing but petty hatred for Aurora, but that's a different issue. The 2014 re-imagining ''Film/{{Maleficent}}'' does a better job of justifying the pairing (since it's all about Maleficent and Aurora interacting) and gave a boost to its popularity, but the fandom was already sizeable before it came out.
** The Scar/Sarafina (Nala's mom) pairing in ''Disney/TheLionKing'' fandom. The latter is such a minor character that her name isn't even revealed until the credits roll, they are at most in two scenes together (although you have to really search to find her), and never once do they interact, yet after Zira, Sarafina's the most popular character to pair up with Scar. The main reason this pairing exists is to answer who Nala's father is. Though the reasoning doesn't really eliminate the idea that Scar tried to convince Nala to be his queen in deleted scenes, as well as the Broadway production.
** Also from ''The Lion King'' is Kopa/Vitani. It's one of the most popular ships in the fandom and they're not even in the same ''continuity'' together. The ship comes from the concept that Kopa, Simba's cub from a [[Literature/TheLionKingSixNewAdventures series of books]] that [[CanonDiscontinuity was replaced]] with Kiara in ''Disney/TheLionKingIISimbasPride'', was friends with Vitani (though this would probably make Vitani older than she should be if Kopa disappeared before Kiara's birth). It's a popular ToyShip, and fanworks that don't have Kopa be killed as a cub often have them reunite as adults. It's also the most popular [[ShipMates Ship Mate]] to Kovu/Kiara.
** A lot of ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'' fans seem to ship [[SpoiledSweet Charlotte LaBouff]] and [[WitchDoctor Dr. Facilier]], even if they never interacted and Facilier tries to kill Lottie's beloved father.
** Though it's dwarfed by the popularity of some of the larger ships, there's definitely a following for the ''[[PortmanteauCoupleName Kristelsa]]'' (Kristoff/Elsa) ship for ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'', despite the characters appearing in only three scenes together and not being seen talking to each other. However, Elsa is shown to know who he is towards the film's end [[spoiler:when it's revealed she's named him Ice Master and Deliverer of Arendelle]], though whether they had offscreen interaction or if Anna told her about him is unknown.
** Among the Rescuers fandom, Penny/Cody is a very popular pairing, even though they are from [[Disney/TheRescuers different]] [[Disney/TheRescuersDownUnder movies]] and never actually meet in canon.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Sing}}'' the most popular pairing is by far Ash/Johnny. In the actual movie, Johnny and Ash don't exchange a single line of dialog. The most that happens is, after the scene where the theater floods, Johnny helps Ash up from the ground. In the background.

[[folder:Films - Live-Action]]
* ''Film/CampRock'' has the pairing of Nate and Caitlyn, which seems to serve the sole purpose of making Caitlyn straight and not alone. It still goes on even after Nate was given a love interest (and a bigger role) in the second film.
* After ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'' came out, there seemed to be quite a following for Bane and [[CanonForeigner John Blake]], who never even met in the movie. Derived from [[Film/{{Inception}} a different movie]] [[Creator/TomHardy both]] [[Creator/JosephGordonLevitt actors]] starred in, where they were also a popular couple.
* ''Film/TheForceAwakens'':
** There is the decently popular Rey/Poe ship, even though they never actually meet in the film itself (they do meet in the novelization, however).
** For girl/girl ships, there is Rey/Captain Phasma and Rey/Jessika Pava (a female X-Wing pilot with maybe one minute of screen time). Rey is never in a scene with either of them, but this probably stems from the fact that the only women she directly interacts with are Leia and Maz Kanata, who are both much older than her (and in Maz's case, a completely different species).
* ''Film/TheHobbit'' has Fili and Bard's eldest daughter Sigrid, who almost never interact with one another but who are shipped by a large portion of the fandom. This is partly through the scene where the Orcs attack Bard's house [[Film/{{TheHobbitTheDesolationOfSmaug}} in the second film]] where at one point early on it looks like Fili is protecting Sigrid after she's knocked aside by an Orc.
* ''Film/InglouriousBasterds''
** Donny (the [[MemeticBadass Bear Jew]]) and Utivich don't exchange any lines, but they are one of the fandom's most popular pairings. This can work out though, as the film shows a limited view of the Basterds, and it's possible that they all interacted at some point that we don't see in the movie.
** Donny is also paired with Soshanna quite a lot, considering they have entirely different storylines, never meet at all during the film and [[spoiler:both die at the end.]]
* The ''Film/{{Legion}}'' section on Website/FanFictionDotNet has a rather large proportion of [[ArchangelGabriel Gabriel]]/Audrey, despite the fact that they share precisely one scene, in which she tries to kill him [[spoiler:and he ''does'' kill her]].
* ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'' has Legolas and the Hobbits, with each pairing having some attention from fandom. Especially Frodo/Legolas, who have only interacted twice - once when Legolas declares his protection of the Hobbit and again when the entire Fellowship (sans the dead Boromir) reunites. Though it does help that Orlando Bloom has hung out with the Hobbit actors in RealLife. Additionally, the characters have much more interaction in the book, and the film and book fandoms have a lot of overlap.
* Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse:
** Loki/Jane in ''Film/{{Thor}}''.
** Darcy is frequently paired with either Loki or Hawkeye, despite never sharing a single scene with either character. Which is nothing compared to her being frequently shipped with [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Steve Rogers]].
** Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, even though the most they did was share a few lines in ''Film/{{Thor}}''.
** [[MillionairePlayboy Howard Stark]] and [[LadyOfWar Peggy Carter]] from ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger'' are frequently shipped as having hooked up afterwards to sire [[Film/IronMan1 Tony Stark]]. Though they do share the screen a few times, they are usually in group scenes and they share TWO lines of dialogue set about twenty minutes apart and in different countries. (They ''are'' friends, though -- Peggy is the one who introduces Howard to Steve as 'the best civilian pilot she knows' and Steve thought they were fondue-ing for a good portion of the movie.)
** The Winter Soldier/Natasha. Granted, they were a couple in the comics, but as of ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier'' all their interactions amount to one of them trying to kill the other on multiple occasions.
** Ant-Man and Star-Lord are very frequently paired together in East Asian fandom, likely due to the similarities between their masks and the fact that both protagonists are played by actors more famous for comedies, despite the two physically being incapable of meeting due to existing on opposite sides of the galaxy.
** Tony Stark and Doctor Strange, thanks to both going through similar CharacterDevelopment in their first films from insufferable AwesomeEgo to a hero willing to sacrifice their life in a good cause. Plus, Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch have both played Sherlock Holmes, half of one of the earliest popular gay ships.
* The 2012 film of ''Film/{{Les Miserables|2012}}'' has given rise to the pairing of Enjolras and Eponine. Although they see each all of three times, and never say a word to each other, a handful of strategically timed back to back shots of each other, a moment where they actually stand next to each other, a significant notice by Enjolras of her entrance into the cafe, and the shot of him sheding a tear as she[[spoiler:dies]] seem to have given the fan enough material for it to become one of the biggest ships in the fandom.
* A surprisingly large portion of the ''Film/PacificRim'' fandom ship Chuck Hansen with Raleigh's younger sister Yazmine Becket, despite Yazmine never appearing in the film itself.
* Despite only sharing three scenes together and none of which carry a hint of romance [[https://archiveofourown.org/works/7664653 this fanfic]] of the 2002 film ''Film/{{Signs}}'' teases Caroline/Graham, especially near the end.
* ''Film/StarTrek'':
** In the reboot movie Sulu and Chekov share all of five lines of dialogue. They are still one of the most popular ships in the fandom, and every once in a blue moon will surpass even slash TropeNamer Kirk/Spock on the KinkMeme for sheer number of stories written. Doubtlessly, the ship is helped along by the characters' interactions in ''Trek'' Prime canon, but there is a cornucopia of fic set specifically and solely in the Reboot Universe.
** Pairing Scotty with Gaila (Kirk's Orion girlfriend) is surprisingly popular. Not only do they share no scenes in the film, but Gaila is quite possibly [[spoiler:''dead'' by the time Scotty even arrives on the ''Enterprise'']].
** [[PortmanteauCoupleName T'Pura]] (T'Pring/Uhura) has its fans as well (for both the Prime and Kelvin Timeline versions) despite the fact that in the former they never truly interacted, and in the latter [[spoiler:T'Pring might actually be dead.]]

* ''Literature/TheSilmarillion'': Maglor and Daeron. Nowhere is it ever said they met or interacted, though it's entirely possible they did, since both attended the Feast of Reuniting. Unlike many ShipsThatPassInTheNight there's some justification for this pairing, since they're both great Elven minstrels (Daeron is canonically the greatest, ''but don't let Maglor fans hear you say that'') and they share an identical fate: WalkingTheEarth singing laments.
** Túrin and Tuor at Pools of Ivrin.
* Molly Carpenter/Carlos Ramirez is a fairly popular pairing in ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' fandom. The sum total of their interactions consist of Carlos offering Molly a hand grenade. Though granted Carlos expressed his appreciation of Molly's looks to Harry and goes on about what he'd like to do with her, but Carlos [[CasanovaWannabe fancies himself a ladies' man]] and Molly [[HelloNurse is just that hot]].
* A large amount of ''Literature/TheFaultInOurStars'' fics pair off [[PairTheSpares Gus and Hazel's respective best friends Isaac and Kaitlyn]], who never even meet in the book.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter's'' LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters are prone to this:
** The most popular example might be Draco/Ginny, which was ''insanely'' popular for a while and still has a decent sized following, even though they only spoke twice in seven books, way back in [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecrets Book 2]], when Ginny told him "Leave him alone, he didn't want all that!" and later when Draco made fun of her Valentine to Harry. Though apparently the actors dated in real life. Draco/Ginny is also used as a BetaCouple in [[FanPreferredCouple Harry/Hermione]] stories, if the writer isn't [[DieForOurShip feeling]] [[RonTheDeathEater vindictive]]. As is Blaise/Ginny, which has even less canon to stand on as, and Blaise called Ginny a "filthy blood traitor".
** Scorpius/Rose (son of Draco and daughter of Ron and Hermione) is surprisingly popular for two characters that only appear at the ending, that's because shippers see them as a replacement to the sunken Draco/Hermione or Draco/Ginny ships. They never even met each other until school, but fans like that since they are free to write any kind of fanfic.
*** Later, the ship [[spoiler:became canon]] in [[HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild the sequel,]] making this a case of [[spoiler:{{Ascended Fanon}}]] that got [[BrokenBase mixed reactions]] in the fandom.
** Sirius Black and Lucius Malfoy didn't exchange a single word in the novels. The sum total of their conversations in the films was "Get away from my godson!" "Black!" There's a pretty solid body of slash devoted to them.
** After the fourth book introduced Narcissa Malfoy, there was a rash of fics pairing her with Sirius Black for some reason. Then the fifth book revealed that they were cousins.
** There's an incredibly large number of slash fic pairing [[InsufferableGenius Percy Weasley]] and [[LovableJock Oliver Wood]] despite the two having no interaction in canon. They are both Gryffindor boys in the same year so it's probable they do know each other, but what kind of relationship they have (if any) is not part of any book.
** The controversial fanfic ''FanFic/InThisWorldAndTheNext'' has a few examples. Oliver Wood winds up dating Penelope Clearwater after [[RonTheDeathEater Percy turns evil]] [[spoiler:He is kind of a dick to his family until near the end of the series]], though the two are in different houses and are unlikely to have known each other. But that pairing is downright normal compared to some of the other ones that [[ShipperOnDeck Harry and Hermione]] [[InvokedTrope create]]. In their zeal to ensure that Remus and Tonks wind up together so that Teddy can be born, Sirius Black ends up having some romantic moments with Charity Burbage. [[CrackPairing Even more ridiculous]] is that Neville somehow falls for Millicent Bulstrode, and the feeling is mutual. If ForWantOfANail were not in full effect, the two would most likely have hated each other's guts, assuming that they had any interactions at all.
* ''Literature/TheHungerGames'':
** Withinn the fandom (particularly with [[ShipMates Katniss/Peeta shippers]]), it's popular to pair Gale with either Madge or Johanna. Although Johanna does (probably in jest) flirt with Gale, it's the only time they're seen together, and he and Madge are also only seen together once by the reader, where he's not half as friendly to her as she is to him. Gale/Madge stems from Katniss jealously wondering if there is more between them than she knows after Madge runs through a snowstorm to bring Gale medicine and Haymitch channels the conclusions their shippers drew from the incident. Gale/Johanna seems to be mostly about [[BirdsOfAFeather similarities in their personalities]].
** Cato/Clove. They're often seen together, but only as "the District 2 tributes" or as part of the Careers. Admittedly they're from the same district, but the only hint that they're anything more than pragmatic teammates is Cato's uncharacteristically emotional reaction to Clove's death.
** Peeta/Cato or [[PortmanteauCoupleName Peetato]]. Though not overly popular, and only sharing a handful of scenes, they still have a pretty decent following. This may be equal parts due to chemistry between their actors in the film, Cato nicknaming him [[EmbarrassingNickname 'Lover Boy']] and the somewhat [[FoeYay rocky nature]] of their alliance. Cue the rough sex.
** Haymitch/Cinna also has a small following, despite the fact that they hardly ever even speak to each other. There's a lot of angst involved.
* In ''Literature/NewJediOrder'' fandom, Jacen/Nen Yim did a brief stint as a mildly popular pairing. The two characters never interact, never indicate that they're ''aware'' of each other's existence, are different species, and are on opposite sides of the war. Apparently, their both being introspective characters with a tendency to question their societies' values was enough common ground to get the ship going.
* In the ''Literature/PennyParker'' series, Louise has been paired with Salt, even though they barely know each other.
* In ''Literature/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' fanfiction, Erik/Meg is one of the more popular pairings. In the book he arranges her advancement in the ballet chorus (mostly to ensure the loyalty of her mother), and she finds his mask at the end of the musical, but they never meet and seem to be peripherally aware of each other at best. (Meg does have a thing for him in the musical sequel ''Love Never Dies'', but the [[InternetBackdraft less]] [[BrokenBase said of]] [[DieForOurShip this]], the better.)
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'':
** Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen is probably one of the most popular ships in the series, despite living on different continents and that the former [[CelibateHero has taken a vow of celibacy]]. It helps that they're probably the closest that the series has to protagonists, and may well be the "Ice" and "Fire" referred to in the title.
** Not as popular is the Robb Stark/Daenerys ship, since Robb can substitute Jon in most fields, though without the obvious baggage that the R+L=J theory brings.
** Robb/Myrcella also get paired up - often as a BetaCouple in stories focused on his siblings - despite having little interaction and that their families are archenemies.
** Arya Stark and Edric Dayne have met once, in a scene that exists mainly to complicate Jon's origin story, but there is a sizable body of fanfiction devoted to their relationship. (Although the pairing is most commonly used with Edric as a RomanticFalseLead in [[{{FanPreferredCouple}} Arya/Gendry]] stories). Edric is sometimes shipped with her older sister Sansa as well, and they've never met.
** Aegon Targaryen is shipped variously with Dany, Sansa Stark, Arianne Martell, or even Arya Stark or Margaery Tyrell, despite having met none of them.
** Sansa Stark/Harrold Hardyng is probably the leading Sansa pairing after Sansa/Sandor Clegane, despite how not only has Sansa not met Harry, neither have the readers. [[spoiler:They are betrothed, however (under Sansa's assumed name "Alayne Stone"), and a marriage with Harry would give Sansa control of the Vale of Arryn and a very good chance of reclaiming the North.]]
*** [[spoiler:Eventually they meet. Despite being handsome, Harry is quite the JerkJock and he's at first less than thrilled about being betrothed to bastard-born "Alayne". After a rocky start, Sansa manages to manipulate him into fancying her.]]
** Sansa Stark/Jaime Lannister seems to be pretty popular even though the two have barely ever even seen each other, let alone had any interaction, and Jaime's most romantic interactions seem to have been with Cersei and Brienne.
** Sansa/Willas Tyrell is another case, with the pair having been raised at opposite ends of Westeros and Willas not even appearing in person yet. However, the Tyrells did try to [[{{ArrangedMarriage}} betroth]] them at one point and Willas is implied to be the kind of man Ned ''would'' have found for Sansa, before everything not turned to hell. [[note]] Ned intended to find someone "strong and gentle" for her and Willas's reputation as a rare [[{{GentlemanAndAScholar}} kind and intellectual lord]] suggests his character would have been an excellent match for the previously [[{{TheIngenue}} naive and romantic]] Sansa.[[/note]]
** An increasingly popular ship is Elia Martell/Arthur Dayne, despite having being both [[PosthumousCharacter dead before the beginning of the saga]] and never noted to be particularly close, aside from being respectively Rhaegar's wife and best friend and both Dornish. The detractors of this ship see it as an [[GoodAdulteryBadAdultery easy excuse for Rhaegar cheating on Elia and running off with Lyanna]].
* ''Literature/WarriorCats'': Scourge/Ashfur is one of the more popular slash pairings, but they have nothing to do with each other. The only time they might meet is in ''The Darkest Hour'', when Ashfur (then Ashpaw) is waiting, with the rest of the forest cats, for Firestar's order to attack Scourge's group. They certainly never single each other out.
* ''Literature/TalesOfTheMagicLand'': while the Internet fandom isn't too large, Urfin Jus/Stella is pretty close to FanPreferredCouple. The two never meet in canon, and Stella only appears in person in the first book out of six (at the point where the author hasn't even thought of Urfin). It might be the simple fact that he's the EnsembleDarkhorse whom all want to find love and she's the only named female character who's human, not underage, and still young and very beautiful (at least [[ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty looks like it]]).

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'': True to her LauncherOfAThousandShips status, [[http://chlod.livejournal.com/ Chloe gets shipped with Zod]]. And that Website/LiveJournal is featured on the official Smallville account. ''They never met each other''.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'':
** Quite a few fans like to pair up JustForFun/JohnMunch and Casey Novak. Again, they haven't said much to each other, but one reporter does refer to them as [[Series/TheXFiles "Mulder and Scully"]]. Now, we all know what happened there.
** George Huang and Rafael Barba were a popular ship before ever crossing paths on the show, helped by their shared EnsembleDarkhorse status as well as the fact that Huang is openly gay while Barba has some hints of being AmbiguouslyBi.
* In ''Series/TheXFiles'', one popular fanfic pairing is Skinner with Scully's mother. This is a relatively plausible pairing for this trope, since they've actually met. They're also both unmarried (he's divorced and his ex-wife now deceased, she's a widow), close enough in apparent age, and tend to function as parental figures to Mulder and Scully anyway.
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'':
** Sylar and Heidi make for an interesting ship. They've never been seen to meet in the series, but the ship bears a [[UnfortunateImplications dubiously canon odor]] due to two timelines in which Sylar murdered and impersonated Heidi's husband.
** A lot of fans slash Mohinder Suresh and Adam Monroe, despite having never met. Reasons include Mohinder's status as [[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter evil magnet]], or the "British connection" stemming from the fanon idea that Mohinder went to boarding school in England... but mainly, the actors are just '''so freaking pretty.'''
** Claude/Sandra is another popular one. We've never seen them onscreen together, but Claude was HRG's partner at the Company and apparently his close friend, and Sandra is/was HRG's wife, so they most likely knew each other.
** Micah/Molly combines this with ToyShip. They only met briefly during the Season 1 finale and would not interact again until a later webcomic when Micah is [[ShipTease mistaken as a suitor for Molly]].
* ''Series/ICarly'': ''iChristmas'' showed that Spencer/Mrs. Benson would have worked if Spencer was a little more normal.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' and ''Series/{{Angel}}''
** The Dawn/Andrew ship, even though they've hardly ever talked and Andrew is [[AmbiguouslyGay in love with Spike]]. Andrew has expressed a certain fondness for Dawn, and she's practically fawning over him after he refuses to help the First.
** There are a fair number of ''Series/{{Angel}}'' crossovers (probably the ''majority'' of them set in season 7/4 in fact) that pair Dawn with Connor, most likely due to their closeness in ages and the fact that technically neither of them should exist (he's the biologically impossible human son of two vampires, she's a ball of ancient mystical energy in human form). After season 7/4, they also share a history of having false memories crafted by monks. The two have yet to ''meet'', even in the comics.
** A number of fanfics pair Faith and Doyle. To point out the absurdity: Doyle is now dead. During his entire stint with Angel Investigations, Faith was in a coma.
** Spike/Tara, who traded words maybe once, and Spike/Willow, who had maybe three onscreen conversations over the course of the show (though to be fair, one of those conversations was full of DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything).
** Connor/Drusilla showed up occasionally post-Season 7/4, despite never meeting onscreen and practically being incest [[note]]Darla sired Angel, who sired Drusilla, who re-sired Darla after Darla's resurrection. Connor is the child of Angel and the re-sired Darla.[[/note]]
* In ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' there is a ship called Kiva - Kate/Ziva. They lived in completely different countries, and never met. And [[spoiler:Kate dies before Ziva arrives on the show]].
* ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' fandom once had a large sect interested in pairing up minor crew members Joseph Carey and Samantha Wildman, though he only appeared in the first season (and then in a time-traveling fifth season episode) and she wasn't introduced until the second. Though in a crew of about one hundred and fifty people spending several years on the wrong side of the galaxy, it's not unreasonable to assume that everyone has at least met each other. It was a great disappointment to them when Carey was killed in the last season.
** Captain Janeway/Dr. Crusher slash fics are surprisingly common despite the characters having never met in canon. Even when Janeway appeared in the TNG movie''Nemesis''.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' has a small but devoted fanbase for Jake Sisko/Tora Ziyal, who never interact on-screen, due to the fact that [[StarCrossedLovers young lovers fighting to be together despite outside pressure]] is more interesting and less weird than [[MayDecemberRomance pairing Ziyal off with a man old enough to be her father]] in what is often interpreted as a poorly-executed and ultimately futile attempt to prove the latter's heterosexuality.(Unsurprisingly, stories featuring Jake and Ziyal [[ShipMates often include Garak/Bashir somewhere]].)
* ''Series/{{Glee}}'':
** Early on, the fandom seemed to ship Jesse with Quinn a lot, despite having only spoken once (to be fair, at the time, he was calling her "the ghost of Grace Kelly," and it would have followed the PairtheSpares trope, since they are the spares to Finn and Rachel's pairing).
** Sebastian gets this, despite not being on the show much. He's often paired with Karofsky, whom he interacted on screen with for five seconds. Sometimes he's paired with Adam, even though they live in different cities and were on the show during different seasons.
** There is a long-running fanfic that features Puck and Marley as one of the main couples, even though they never interacted on the show.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'':
** A large contingent of the fandom ships Sam/Gabriel despite the hostile nature of their few canon interactions, presumably because the ship is a good mirror for the Dean/Castiel ship. This is rarely framed as FoeYay.
** The small but growing support for Meg/Castiel (who were on screen together for all of thirty seconds) and Gabriel/Crowley (who never shared a scene).
** As of season 8, Meg/Castiel is no longer this trope.
* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' fandom has Joel/Mike, or "Joike". In canon, they've had under five minutes of screen time together.
* ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' has a few of these, since many fans like to PairTheSpares for the whole team. Notable examples are Takeru/Momoko in ''Series/HikariSentaiMaskman'' and Hiroto/Saki in ''Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger'', even though both "couples" hardly talk to each other and don't get a focus episode together.
* ''Franchise/PowerRangers'':
** [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Jason/Kimberly]] is shockingly popular despite the two barely interacting before Tommy was introduced and Kimberly started making googly eyes at him.
** [[Series/PowerRangersZeo Jason/Kat]] is fairly popular for DieForOurShip reasons, despite their only real interaction being an episode where they both are worried about Kat's soon-to-be boyfriend and Jason's {{Heterosexual Life Partner|s}}.
** Tommy and Taylor only appeared in a single episode of ''Series/PowerRangersWildForce'' together, and despite not sharing any scenes, got really popular after the fandom discovered that the actors appeared together in MTV's ''Undressed'' series.
** Tori/Kira got pretty popular by ''Series/PowerRangersOperationOverdrive'', despite only appearing together in two two-part episodes. And half of those episodes they played [[FoeYay antagonists]]. Pairing either of them up with their Retro Ranger teammates is not uncommon either.
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'':
** Mycroft/Lestrade, as illustrated by [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77cOTPQ5RXM this video]]. It wasn't clear that either of them even knew the other existed until mid-series 2, when Sherlock accused Lestrade of being sent to Baskerville by Mycroft (which Lestrade denied).
** The ship Moriarty/Moran takes this trope to an extreme - Moriarty was '''dead''' before Moran was introduced into the series. Also, the shippers often completely ignore Lord Moran's ''Sherlock'' characterisation and turn him into a modern version of Colonel Moran from the Conan Doyle stories.
* From ''Series/{{Merlin}}'': Morgana and Sir Leon. Leon was introduced in the second season and had ''no'' scenes whatsoever with Morgana in the second or third series, yet it still gained quite a number of followers. This changed in the finale of season three in which Leon [[spoiler:is forced to kneel in front of Morgana after she's seized the throne of Camelot]]. The number of shippers increased exponentially.
* ''Series/{{Skins}}'' has Cook/Katie, Effy/Emily, James/Paddy, Tony/Cassie, etc. There are even some across the generations, like Tony/Katie and Naomi/Michelle.
* In the ''Series/TinMan'' fandom, the most popular BetaCouple to Cain/DG seems to be [[BrokenHero Glitch]] and [[DemonicPossession Azkadellia]], who meet (as adults) exactly twice in the series--oh, and that bit about her ''cutting out half his brain and putting it in a jar.''
* The ''Series/{{Grimm}}'' fandom features a sizeable fan base for Barry Raeb/Roddy Piper. The two have never met and would most likely be natural enemies (one is a bear, the other is a rat), but they are both CuteButTroubled.
* There is an anthology of ''[[Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody Suite Life On Deck]]'' stories called ''The Strange Love Collection'' which exists pretty on this trope. Examples include [[Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace Alex Russo]] and London's StalkerWithACrush Corrie, Addison and the Russian chess champ Sasha and Bailey and Jessica (which actually [[HilariousInHindsight preceded]] their LesYay in a later episode
* ''Series/TheVampireDiaries'':
** Ellijah & Pearl, and Klaus and Caroline started as this before they started interacting in the show. Anna and Kol could be possible considering their ages, but Anna was dead before Kol appeared in the present.
** Even weirder is Kol and April, who never interacted while Kol was alive. The closest thing they have to interaction was Kol almost indirectly killed her because she was linked to someone else.
* Many ''Series/{{House}}'' fans pair Cameron and Thirteen together, even though the two can't have shared more than six or seven scenes in the entire series, and all of those scenes included several other characters.
* ''Series/DowntonAbbey'''s fanbase has a sizeable amount of support for the pairing of Edith with Mary's former suitor Evelyn Napier. They shared only brief scenes, he wasn't very pleasant to her during them, and after his debut in the first series he didn't reappear until the fourth (where he is once again pursuing Mary, Edith is in love with someone else, and the two don't interact.)
* ''Series/DoctorWho'''s massive universe provides tons of fodder for this. Start with any pairing of a Doctor and a companion that never traveled together (seeing as how the Doctor's had thirteen incarnations) or two companions who never travelled together. Then there's every other side character ever.
* For ''Series/StargateAtlantis'', there's a decent number of fics pairing together Evan Lorne and Laura Cadman, despite the latter only appearing twice (and spending hardly any time in her own body in the first instance) and being canonically involved with Dr. Beckett. And they never actually meet on-screen (although with the size of the Atlantis expedition, it's more likely than not that they are at least aware of each other)
* ''Series/OnceUponATime'':
** [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Red Riding Hood]] and Archie. In the show's nearly two seasons, they have spoken directly to each other in only one scene, where Archie is ordering something from Red in the diner where she works. Regardless, the pairing has quite a following.
** The Mad Hatter and Captain Hook, who have never interacted and were only briefly on the same plane of existence.
** [[spoiler:Elsa]] has been shipped with Killian's big brother, Liam, and though having interacted with the same characters, have never had a face-to-face encounter.
* ''[[Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit Law & Order: SVU]]'' fans started shipping ADA Barba and Dr. Huang pretty much as soon as it was mentioned BD Wong would be returning to the show for an appearance in season 14. The two ended up not being in the same episode, which slowed the shipping down slightly... until one year later when it was announced that Wong would be returning again, this time with a behind-the-scenes photo proving the two would meet. Now the shipping is at full force again.
* Despite the fact that they've never met and [[spoiler:are both dead by the end of Season 6]], there's a large group in the ''Series/GameOfThrones'' fandom who ship Rickon Stark and Shireen Baratheon.
* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'': In-universe. Once Quake becomes one of the public faces of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Koenig mentions that there's a lot of fanfic pairing her with Black Widow. The two have never met, and in fact Quake didn't officially join the organization until after Black Widow left.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'': Schroeder/Sally, notable for only having one real interaction in the comic strip (when Sally is a baby, at that) but somehow getting a memorable duet in the revival of TheMusical and [[http://www.nomorekings.com/music/no-more-kings/about-schroeder/ having a song by Los Angeles rock band No More Kings in their honor.]] The DarkerAndEdgier unofficial sequel play ''Theatre/DogSeesGod'' sees an older Sally transferring her affections from Linus to Schroeder ([[CaptainErsatz "Beethoven,"]] as he's now known), though the play ends up backing ''another'' crack pairing: [[spoiler:[[SiblingTriangle Schroeder/Charlie Brown]].]]

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Strangely enough, one of the more popular Wrestling/{{WWE}} pairings since 2016 — Wrestling/SamiZayn and Wrestling/FinnBalor — was this kind of ship. This was fueled mostly by their noncanonical real-life interactions on social media and at [[Wrestling/{{WWENXT}} NXT]] house shows, which would confuse ANYONE who just follows [[WordOfGod official WWE TV programming]]. Aside from sharing a stage with six other people and [[AndYourLittleDogToo Seth Rollins making a single throwaway remark at Finn about beating up "your little friend Sami Zayn"]], Finn and Sami have yet to cross paths in {{kayfabe}} as of mid- to late 2017.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The basic lifeblood of TabletopGame/TwilightSparklesSecretShipficFolder, which features such disparate characters as Octavia the Earth Pony and Crackle the Dragon.

* ''Theatre/TheTwentyFifthAnnualPutnamCountySpellingBee'''s fandom ships Leaf/Logainne and Chip/Marcy, who don't really talk.
* ''The Mystery of Edwin Drood'' can have an in-universe example of this, depending on who the audience votes to pair up as lovers at the end.
* ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'': The Elphaba/Avaric paring is quite popular in the fandom. Avaric has one line in the musical - where he is Fiyero's carriage driver (and is sometimes a woman or an Animal). Yet musical fanfics portray him as the arrogant Shiz student he was in the books (who even then didn't have much to do with Elphaba).
* ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'': Some pair Benvolio and Rosaline despite the fact that the latter [[TheGhost doesn't even appear in the play.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** Afroshipping, [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Flint]] and [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Miror B.]] These two characters have not and will never meet. [[CrackPairing They both have afros, though.]]
** [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Karen]]/[[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Sidney]], both Dark-type specialized Elite Four members. Karen/[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Will]] is also pretty popular, and also Karen/[[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Lance]] and Karen/[[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Grimsley]]. It's pretty much said that [[LauncherOfAThousandShips everyone wants]] [[MsFanservice Karen]].
** Speaking of Elite Four members, there's the rather niche pairing of Lance and Lorelei. Despite being part of the Indigo League E4 in [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue the original games and their remakes]], the two have no interaction whatsoever (compare this to their ''[[Manga/PokemonAdventures Adventures]]'' counterparts), and while Lance goes on to become the Champion during [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver the three year interim]], Lorelei just vanishes with no official confirmation on her whereabouts. [[note]]''[=FireRed/LeafGreen=]'' implies she may have retired between games to defend her home, the Sevii Islands, from remnants of Team Rocket.[[/note]] Aside of being cool and somewhat arrogant personality-wise, fans of Lance/Lorelei simply think they look good together and like the idea of Lance with another strong Trainer ([[AnIcePerson one whom]], humorously enough, Lance's [[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons type specialty]] would put him at a great disadvantage against).
** Cynthia/Steven Stone is mildly popular among the fanbase. They both are/were Champions of their respective regions ([[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Sinnoh]] and [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Hoenn]]), both belong to affluent milieus (Cynthia's a {{Socialite}}, Steven's the son of the CEO of the [[MegaCorp Devon Corporation]]), both have a background/interest in [[AdventurerArchaeologist archaeology]] (she studies ruins and other sites associated with Pokémon mythology, he collects rocks and fossils), their signature Mons are pseudo-legendaries (Garchomp and Metagross), and that's it. [[note]]Steven ''is'' implied to be the previous owner of the [[BigFancyHouse Villa]] in ''Platinum'' (and is outright stated as such in the ''[[VideoGame/PokemonAdventures Adventures]]'' continuity), as the estate formerly belonged to a rich man from Hoenn who came to Sinnoh in search of rare stones, but he and Cynthia never directly interact in any of the games they both appear in; they have separate cameos in ''[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver HeartGold/SoulSilver]]'' and are participants in the [[VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 Pokémon World Tournament]] along with the other Champions up to that point.[[/note]]
** Cynthia finds herself paired up with Diantha, the [[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY Kalos]] region Champion, for similar reasons, being cultured, graceful, elite-level Trainers with no overarching typing to their teams. (Diantha also has a pseudo-legendary in Goodra, though her signature Pokémon is actually Gardevoir.) Both women appear to share fashion styles, too, with Diantha wearing an all-white outfit to contrast Cynthia's black ensemble.
** Jasmine/Volkner is also strangely popular. Jasmine is a Steel-type leader from [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Johto]], while Volkner is an Electric-type leader from [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Sinnoh]]. Jasmine makes a cameo in Sunyshore City (where Volkner is Leader), but there's no evidence the two ever meet. [[ThemePairing The only links]] seem to be that Jasmine's Magnemite are part-Electric and that both are Gym Leaders in cities that have lighthouses.
** Erika and Sabrina have fans. They are both [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Kanto]] Gym Leaders (or at least Sabrina was until she became a Pokéstar Studios actress by ''VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2'' [[note]]though she's still counted among the Kanto Leaders in the Pokémon World Tournament; then again, so is Giovanni[[/note]]) but don't interact. The ship seems to have sparked due to Erika seeming AmbiguouslyGay to many players (has a female-only Gym, gives out the Rainbow Badge, etc.) and Sabrina is from the same region from her. OppositesAttract also applies to them; Erika's a polite, friendly, and rather outgoing YamatoNadeshiko, while Sabrina's a [[TheStoic stoic]], CreepyGood psychic with [[SugarAndIcePersonality an implied gentleness underneath the surface]].
** Partnering off Sabrina with Johto Gym Leader Morty, which appears to be the most popular of Sabrina's scant het options, is no better, rooted mainly in similar characteristics (PsychicPowers [[note]]presumably in Morty's case, as his title is "The Mystic Seer of the Future"[[/note]] and outwardly imposing but inwardly friendly personalities) and, possibly, a MythologyGag to the Haunter Sabrina befriended in the anime by means of Morty's Gengar.
** A surprisingly well-liked pairing for ''[[VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon Sun/Moon]]'' is Team Skull Boss Guzma and Kahili of the Elite Four. They've never met, but they ''do'' squat down during battles to survey the action. BlackComedy may also be involved, at least so far as a "justification" for hooking them up: Kahili is a pro golfer, while Guzma [[spoiler:is heavily implied to come from an abusive household, with a particularly violent altercation between Guzma and his dad apparently involving ''golf clubs'']]. Additionally, Guzma's home [[spoiler:at Route 2]] features numerous trophies Guzma earned in his childhood. These are stated to have been awarded for Pokémon battling, but have been mistaken as golf trophies by several fans due to the above and thus taken as a sign that he and Kahili could have crossed paths when they were younger.
** Guzma and the player character's mother in ''Sun & Moon'' occasionally pops up. They don't interact but many think they'd go good together or want to see Guzma as Elio/Selene's step-father.
** Giovanni and Red's mother pops up for the same reason their anime counterparts are shipped--people like the idea of Giovanni secretly being Red's father.
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'':
** The ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTheBlazingBlade Blazing Sword]]'' fandom was quite fond of Wil/Florina for a while. They ''do'' speak in the chapter where they're both recruited, and Wil acts friendly to her... but after that, they have no more interactions with each other.
** Most couples in ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemGenealogyOfTheHolyWar Genealogy of the Holy War]]'' are like this. Good luck finding evidence for why Dew got hooked up with [[ActionGirl Ayra]], [[FanPreferredCouple or why]] Lewyn would go for [[GenkiGirl Tailtiu]] outside of the RelationshipValues. Hilariously, Finn/Lachesis is one of these, despite the fact it's heavily implied to be ''canon'' in the {{interquel}} ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemThracia776 Thracia 776]]''. Things make more sense in the second half of the game, but that doesn't mean couples like [[MysticalWaif Julia]]/[[BlackKnight Ares]] (or [[MysticalWaif Julia]]/ANYONE besides [[BrotherSisterIncest Seliph]] for that matter) don't happen.
** Same goes for several couples in later games. In ''Blazing Sword'' in particular, ignoring whatever subtext might be present in Supports (in addition to, again, RelationshipValues), one may have a tough time trying to find out why [[HotBlooded Hector]] would want to hook up with [[ShrinkingViolet Florina]], or figuring out whether or not if [[ILetGwenStacyDie Matthew's]] feelings about [[GenkiGirl Serra]] really do change for the better, to list some examples.
** Merric and Linde are an extremely popular pairing in [[VideoGame/FireEmblemAkaneia the Akaneia games]], despite the fact that, until the remakes, they never interacted with each other. And in said remake, they get exactly ''one'' conversation together. It's often assumed that Merric is the one Linde is said to be in love with in her epilogue in ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemMysteryOfTheEmblem Mystery of the Emblem]]'', even though said epilogue never mentioned anyone specifically.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGaiden'' has Genny and Saber, who were often shipped in the original game despite having no interactions (granted, virtually nobody had any interactions with each other in that game), due to Genny's ending mentioning she fell in love with a comrade and Saber's ending mentioning him marrying an unnamed woman. The remake ''Shadows of Valentia'' [[ShipSinking sunk]] this somewhat: it revealed Genny is only 15 and Saber is 34, all {{Official Couple}}s from the original got support conversations while Genny and Saber didn't, and other characters now marry unnamed people in their endings, making Genny's and Saber's stand out less. However, Genny does mention in an optional conversation that she LikesOlderMen, possibly as a reference to the pairing.
** Also in said remake, fans who feel bad for Faye's unrequited feelings for Alm often ship her with other characters, most of whom she never speaks to. She's sometimes shipped with Catria, someone who isn't even supposed to be in the same party as Faye, and even if players use the GuideDangIt method to get Faye into Celica's party, she and Catria still never interact.
*** Also in ''Echoes'', people who dislike the canon Clive/Mathilda occasionally ship Mathilda/Sonya (if they don't like Mathilda/Clair). Like Catria and Faye, the two of them aren't even in the same armies, and there's no indication that Mathilda and Sonya even know that the other exists.
* ''VideoGame/StarOceanTillTheEndOfTime'' has Albel and Nel, two soldiers from warring kingdoms. Plenty of opportunities for FoeYay, but they mostly ignore each other in the script. Doesn't stop the shippers from using Albel as the [[GayOption Straight Option]] for Nel.
* ''Franchise/JakAndDaxter'':
** There's the Jak/Ashelin shippers who often pair Keira up with Torn despite the two never interacting with each other.
** We've also got [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3975559/1/Opposites-Attract this surprisingly well-written fic]] that pairs up Jinx/Seem.
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'':
** Any and all Organization XIII shipping in the fandom. It's not so bad for the members who appear in ''[[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories Chain of Memories]]'', but the members in ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII'' have essentially no interaction and only appear by themselves. The Director's Cut edition adds a few scenes between them, but all they do is [[TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness growl about The Plan]]. ''[[VideoGame/KingdomHearts358DaysOver2 358/2 Days]]'' may help with this, provided you're not trying to ship the Castle Oblivion group and don't mind emotionless hatesex. However, it still doesn't explain the absurd popularity of the Zexion/Demyx ship; never in ''any'' of the games do the two of them ''ever'' interact with one another.
** The only time Zexion and Demyx ever say a thing about each other is in ''Days''. Zexion mentions Demyx is [[LazyBum being completely useless to the Organization]] and gives a mission for you two, later Demyx mentions that Zexion is annoying. That obviously meant they are not friends, but [[ShippingGoggles some shippers thought]] that was [[OppositesAttract just perfect]]. (Also, since the Organization members have numbers, [[StealthPun it may help that]] Demyx is No. IX and Zexion is No. VI.)
** Despite being friends in their source game, Aerith and Tifa have literally no interactions in ''Kingdom Hearts''. It's even vague whether Tifa is a physical person or a figment of Cloud's light. Still, Aerith/Tifa is a moderately popular pairing. Fans who shipped them in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' jumped ship due to the fact Aerith being perfectly alive and healthy means the ship can thrive.
* ''VideoGame/{{Onmyoji}}'': For all the popularity that the Ōtengu and Yōko ship receives among the fandom, canonically they neither meet nor are mentioned in either's in-game recollections. In fact, due to the game's limited plotline yet [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters large cast]], many of the game's popular pairings never meet in canon.
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona'':
** From ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'', there is an absurdly high amount of fans that ship the male and the female protagonist together. That is impossible since they literally can't exist at the same time. The female MC is also paired a lot with [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} the next game's]] hero but that also would be impossible, [[spoiler:since ''Persona 3'' ends with the protagonist's HeroicSacrifice]]. Even in [[VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth the one game]] where [[RealityBreakingParadox a time-space paradox]] [[TimeTravel brings together]] the casts of both titles and the ''P3'' group ''isn't'' from a time after the events of their game (unlike the ''[[VideoGame/Persona4Arena Arena]]'' [[VideoGame/Persona4ArenaUltimax duology]]), the male protagonist is used to represent ''Persona 3'' instead of the female one. (Though to be fair, ''Arena''[='s=] establishment of a SharedUniverse for the ''Persona'' games starting with ''P3'' already canonized the ''P3'' hero as male.)
*** There are shippers that pair the ''P3'' hero with Akihiko. This pairing is extremely out of place considering the protagonist can date any girl while he and Akihiko are TheFriendsWhoNeverHang.
** From ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'', there is a surprisingly fair amount of Rise and [[spoiler:Naoto]] material on the internet. Not only does Rise love the protagonist, but since they are the last to join the group they barely talk with other, and one of the few times they do [[ShipperOnDeck Rise just teases]] [[spoiler:Naoto with Kanji]]. This pairing is also commonly used to PairTheSpares on the [[spoiler:EveryoneIsGay]] fanworks.
** Though more of a joke pairing than a serious one, ''VideoGame/{{Persona 5}}'' saw the rise of Ann/[[spoiler:Akechi]], who don't have much in the way of direct interaction throughout the game, after [[DummiedOut unused voice files]] depicting a scenario in [[spoiler:Sae]]'s Palace [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyAUgiwd0po began circulating the web.]] In the aforementioned scene, some clever thinking and sleight of hand on the part of [[spoiler:Crow]] leads to the Phantom Thieves securing victory in a rigged poker game, prompting an admiring Panther to ecstatically proclaim "You go, cheating hottie!"--to which [[spoiler:Crow]] replies "I'll gladly accept those words of praise later." Even if [[spoiler:Ann was likely acting (given that the entire group knew about [[SixthRangerTraitor Akechi's true allegiances]]), never mind the fact that [[UncertainDoom Akechi may or may not have died not too long after this event]]]], some fans couldn't resist humoring the idea of these two as a couple.
* ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou''
** [[PortmanteauCoupleName Joshyme]] (Joshua/Rhyme) is a ''very'' popular pairing in the fandom, despite having never met at any point in the game, and are indeed ''the only two'' of the five main characters who have never met; everyone else has ''at least'' seen each other at one point or another.
** Even more popular seems to be Minamimoto/Rhyme. Given that [[spoiler:Rhyme is [[DeadSidekick killed]] off before Minamimoto even comes anywhere near the rest of the protagonists]], this is slightly mystifying.
* In the ''Franchise/ProfessorLayton'' fandom, there's pairings such as Flora/Clive and Descole/Emmy. They're both fairly popular, although the characters don't really interact all that much. There's also a few with Layton, although he's a LauncherOfAThousandShips.
* ''VisualNovel/AceAttorney'' fandom has quite a few, but one that sticks out is Mike Meekins and Maggey Byrde, while on the villainous side we have Dahlia Hawthorne and [[spoiler:Kristoph Gavin]]. Another villainous one is Dahlia Hawthorne and [[spoiler:Matt Engarde]].
** While Dahlia/[[spoiler:Matt]] appears to have been brought about mainly because of [[BitchInSheepsClothing their similar dispositions]], the other two pairings do have a significant degree of plausibility on their side. Mike and Maggey both served under the police department in 2017 before Maggey was taken off the force (although Maggey was already seeing Dustin Prince prior to his death). Meanwhile, Dahlia and [[spoiler:Kristoph]] are around the same age [[spoiler:(or would have been if Dahlia didn't end up getting the death penalty slapped on her for committing murder)]] and Dahlia is known to have resided in [[spoiler:Germany]] for a time, right around when [[spoiler:Kristoph]] would have been attending university classes, an assumption [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4510409/1/Lady-Lazarus this fic]] runs with.
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
** Due to PairTheSpares, Waluigi and Rosalina are often portrayed as a couple. Mario has Peach, Luigi has Daisy, Wario has either Mona or Captain Syrup depending on the fan's preference, so who can Rosalina be shipped with? Waluigi obviously. The UglyGuyHotWife and OppositesAttract trops also boosted them into popularity.
** ''VideoGame/SuperMarioOdyssey'' is the first mainline game to feature Pauline, Mario's original girlfriend from ''VideoGame/DonkeyKong'', in years. Pauline has been subject to ''a lot'' of DieForOurShip by Mario/Peach fans both, due to being Mario's ex and due to her more provocative design. In ''Odyssey'', Pauline is the mayor of New Donk City and dresses in a red suit instead of a [[LadyInRed red dress]]. Fans didn't miss how well this matched with Peach's bridal outfit or how they're both women in power. Within a few days of the E3 2017 reveal, there was a lot of fanart of them together.
** At least one fic has shipped Bowser and Rosalina due to the fact they're both single parents (Bowser towards Bowser Jr and Rosalina towards the Luma).
* The vast majority of the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters extensive]] ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' cast have never interacted or shown evidence of being aware of each other, due to being a ShootEmUp, and even in the ExpandedUniverse most characters rarely stray from their CastHerd. Thus, almost all ''possible'' ships are like this, with basis for a pairing being anything from appearing in adjacent stages, to bad jokes (e.g. shipping the bug girl with the plant lady). Gensokyo is at least confined and not a large place, so everyone ought to run into everyone else ''eventually''.
* The website ''VideoGame/LegacyOfKain'' fansite ''[[http://www.freewebs.com/srg-teamvirus/vampiricromance.htm Bleeding Beauty]]'', devoted to the character Umah from ''Blood Omen 2'', makes a case for Umah/Magnus, two characters that never meet in the game (after considering pairing her with ''every other character in the game'').
* ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'':
** Most of the the ships are based on similarities or [[OppositesAttract blatant differences]], or because they look cute together ([[{{Kitsune}} Ahri]]/[[CuteMute Sona)]], or [[DarkAndTroubledPast they share something in common about the past]] ([[TheExile Riven]]/[[LadyOfWar Irelia]]).
** Riven/[[MagicalGirl Lux]] and [[DarkActionGirl Katarina]]/[[ColdSniper Ashe]] may [[CrackPairing sound absurd]] (not to mention Ashe is married and Lux is supposed to be Ezreal's love interest) but thanks to [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7599936/1/Guiding-Light some]][[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7958191/1/Wounded fanfics]] they actually work.
** [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Lux gets paired with lots of characters.]] Be it man, [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer woman]], or [[{{Squick}} creature]].
* ''Franchise/MassEffect''
** Theoretically, shipping almost any party member with anyone ''but'' [[PlayerCharacter Shepard]] will result in this. This effectively means that [[FriendlySniper Garrus]]/[[WrenchWench Tali]] is exactly as possible as [[BloodKnight Grunt]]/[[OnlySaneMan Jacob]], which in turn is as likely as [[MindHive Legion]]/[[OmnidisciplinaryScientist Mordin]] or ''any combination of the above''. This gains a certain hilarity in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' where [[spoiler:if Shepard didn't romance either, Garrus and Tali hook up at the end of the game.]]
** Party members, at least, can be chosen to go on missions together -- at the very least, they serve together on a ship with a very small crew. More difficult to justify is the surprisingly popular pairing of Oriana/Kolyat -- relatives of different party members, who never interact with each other, barely interact with the player character, and live on different planets, and seem to be paired up largely due to being the only teenagers in the game.
** While not extremely popular (due to both characters being love interests for Shepard), there is Ashley/Kaidan. It's particularly problematic, because [[spoiler:one of these characters is most definitely dead, thanks to the SadisticChoice]].
** And then there's the ''really'' weird one in the fanfic ''Fanfic/TheTranslationInBlood'', bordering on CrackPairing if it hadn't been carried off so well: Hannah Shepard and Councilor Sparatus. Two characters who are never even on the same planet at the same time, and one only appears over VideoPhone in a cutscene if you have the Spacer background while the other is very plot-important.
* ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'':
** [[ToyShip Tails and Cream]] is a very popular pairing. Not only do the two not interact, Tails' [[GirlsHaveCooties stance on romance]] would make things... not work.
** Shadow and Amy is astonishingly popular considering how little the two interact. It helps that one of their two interactions in ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'' is the crux of Shadow's [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn]], because Amy reminds Shadow of his dead best friend, Maria Robotnik.
** There's quite a few Shadow/Tikal shippers, despite the two never meeting, and the latter's unfortunate handicap of being dead.
** Shadow/Blaze has a sizable amount of shippers, however are only seen together in the ending of ''VideoGame/SonicGenerations''. On the other hand, Shadow and Blaze have met in ''[[ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog Sonic Universe]]'' and, believe it or not, [[spoiler:Shadow '''actually''' had feelings for Blaze]].
** Silver and Blaze could be considered one. [[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006 The game]] it originated from was erased from canon, and the two have had very little canonical interaction.
* ''VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamLand'': Due to their common jester-like appearances, [[spoiler:ManipulativeBastard tendencies]], and similarities in general, Magolor is commonly paired with [[VideoGame/KirbySuperStar Marx]] in fan works, but there is little to no evidence that the two have ever met, save for one line that he says on board his ship, stating that he heard about Franchise/{{Kirby}} "from a friend."
* ''VideoGame/{{Dishonored}}'':
** [[ProfessionalKiller Daud]] and [[SexyPriest Teague]] [[TheStrategist Martin]], who have never met in-game. Also, [[spoiler:Martin is dead by the end of the game and Daud ''could'' be dead, depending on the player's choices]]. Quite a few people ship them anyway.
** There are a lot such [[CrackPairing couples]] in ''Dishonored'', considering how the only ''hinted'' OfficialCouple was [[BodyguardCrush Corvo/Jessamine]], and since she died five minutes into the game, well. Other examples include [[EldritchAbomination The Outsider]]/[[TheWoobie Emily]], Daud/[[BrokenBird Callista]], and [[MadScientist Sokolov]]/[[RichBitch Lady Boyle]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'' fandom has the Space core and Curiosity core, even though the Curiosity core was introduced, and dies, in the first game while the Space core was introduced and [[spoiler:shot into space]] in ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}''.
* There are lots of fun cracky ships in the ''VideoGame/{{Tales|Series}}'' series. [[VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia Yuri]]/[[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Luke]] is a good example; people ship them despite the fact that their games take place in ''different universes.''
* Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Mukuro Ikusaba from ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpa'' have managed to garner a small popularity despite the fact that [[spoiler:Mukuro's only possible interactions with him are when she's disguised as her twin sister, Junko]].
** [[VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2 The second game]] has the surprisingly popular pairing of [[BornLucky Nagito]] [[WhiteHairBlackHeart Komaeda]] and [[HospitalHottie Mikan]] [[ShrinkingViolet Tsumiki]]. Their only noteworthy interaction was [[spoiler:Nagito outing Mikan as the killer in the Chapter 3 trial]], yet fans have elevated this ship to being the BetaCouple to Hajime and Chiaki.
** [[VideoGame/AbsoluteDespairGirls The spinoff game]] has Takemichi Yukimaru (Mondo Oowada's captive) and Yuta Asahina (Aoi Asahina's captive) have grown into a surprisingly popular ship, despite neither character interacting, Yuta dying before having much Character Development, and Takemichi not appearing in the game at all.
* [[McNinja Jago]]/[[WaifFu Kim Wu]] from ''VideoGame/KillerInstinct'' has developed a small but vocal fanbase on the [[http://www.ultra-combo.com/forums/index.php?topic=878.0 official forums,]] in spite of the fact the series has little to no romance (save for Maya/Tusk) and that, outside gameplay, the two had no real interaction between each other in ''Killer Instinct 2''.
* Tia and Dekar have all of ''one'' interaction together in ''VideoGame/LufiaIIRiseOfTheSinistrals'', but said interaction is so [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments heartwarming]] (and [[spoiler:comes off of Tia realizing she can't have Maxim]]) that they became a popular fan couple. They do get a lot more interaction in ''VideoGame/LufiaCurseOfTheSinistrals'' [[spoiler:and do hook up after Maxim and Selan's wedding]].
* Among ''Franchise/DragonAge'' shippers, [[VideoGame/DragonAgeII Bethany]] / [[VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins Alistair]] is surprisingly popular considering we only see them interact once, and then only if [[spoiler: Bethany becomes a Warden.]] Also strange considering [[DieForOurShip what]] the reaction was to Alistair/Leliana being suggested in the ''Darkspawn Chronicles'' DLC.
* Many fans ship Annie and Spyke from ''VideoGame/{{Splatoon}}'' despite the fact that they never interact with anyone but the protagonist (and Moe in Annie's case).
* The ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' fandom is filled with these. For example, Papyrus/Mettaton. [[https://www.reddit.com/r/Undertale/comments/3pfy8d/so_i_notice_people_are_shipping_mettaton_and/ They never meet in person]] and the only reason this ship exists is because Papyrus calls Mettaton "a sexy rectangle." To twist the knife further, 99.99% of the shipping fan art uses Mettaton's EX form, his humanoid one.
* Any pairing between the human characters of ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'', since there's little to no indication that they have met or had any significant interaction. But then again, there's little to no indication of ''anything'' concrete about ''Five Nights at Freddy's'' and the fandom is pretty much made up of WildMassGuessing anyway, so the shippers go right ahead.
* ''VideoGame/YokaiWatch'': Venoct and Kyubi have no interacts but have a lot of shippers because they're both {{bishonen}} (or at least Kyubi is when he's in human form).
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV'', Cor/Prompto is a popular ship in Japan, but the only times they interact is when Cor's in the party, which [[GuestStarPartyMember doesn't last for a very long time]] and it's early in the game.
* Some ''VideoGame/GranblueFantasy'' circles pair up Belial with Gran/Djeeta for either the comedic or sexy value of a DepravedBisexual making advances on a straightlaced protagonist-type. Belial interacted with them only once, and that was in the middle of a battle where he made passes at everyone ''but'' them.
* ''VisualNovel/MonsterProm'': The four playable characters have an unclear relationship with each other, and only interact very tangentially in special events during multiplayer events, but ships between them aren't uncommon, with Oz/Brian in particular having developed a solid fanbase.

* ''Abe and Kroenen'' centers around Abe Sapien and Karl Reprecht Kroenen, two characters from ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'', getting together in a secret post-film romance, even though they never shared a scene.
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' fandom, thanks to the power of [[Fanfic/OneiroiSeries well-written Crack Fanfiction]], has a following for Redcloak/Vaarsuvius. The two haven't spoken directly to each other once and are on opposite sides.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': John/Eridan is a moderately popular ship between two characters who have not once interacted in canon yet. Oddly enough, neither have Terezi and Kanaya for that matter.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
** [[WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses Ask That Guy]] and [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Dr. Insano]] are a popular ship. They have yet to interact onscreen together. Pity, because when one is a {{Canon}} [[DepravedBisexual Depraved Omnisexual]] and the other is a MadScientist and they're both fiendishly evil, you can imagine they'd [[UnholyMatrimony hit it off right away.]]
** Shipping Ask That Guy with WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick seems pretty popular.
** Ask That Guy and WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic. While its pretty easy to see Ask That Guy wanting to bang someone who looks exactly like him, the characters have exchanged like five lines of dialog. But suddenly in fanfic, they're incestuous twins who are ridiculously co-dependent and the Critic is usually Ask That Guy's fuck-and-torture toy.
** As soon as Dr. Tease's evilness became apparent, people started shipping her with [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Dr. Insano]].
** Ask That Guy and Malcolm's Devil. While they haven't met, the reason is mostly that it's canon that the former has a sexual relationship with TGWTG's devil, and the devil takes many forms.
* ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'':
** [[HoYay Flippy/Splendid]] has a surprising following, especially in the Japanese fandom, in spite of having never met. One of the reasons may be that people always wanted them [[FoeYay to fight each other]], so that they could see who would win, which earned them a lot of popularity. In Japan, it is probably the most popular pairing after [[FanPreferredCouple Flippy/Flaky]] and [[OfficialCouple Handy/Petunia]].
** Nutty/Flaky is strangely popular, even though they've only interacted on screen once and that was when Nutty was a total douche to her.
** Pop/Disco Bear, even though they're polar opposites in personalities.
* ''WebVideo/DontHugMeImScared'': In the first one, a notepad sings about creativity, and in the second one, a clock sings about time and schedules. They have never officially met. At least a week after the second one was posted, the ''[[OneTruePairing entire fandom shipped them together]].'' Seriously. Each video contains a new BigBad but fans instantly thought the first two [[FoeYayShipping would have a good love-hate relationship]].
* The most popular ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' ships tend to be the ones involving the four main characters, but since two of them are sisters, there's a limit to how many non-incestuous combinations you can make. Because of this, the odd ones out after a writer or author's favorite main couple is formed end up getting paired with other characters, often completely at random. A bizarrely popular one is Yang and Pyrrha, as the two are barely ever in the same room together and have never spoken to each other.
* On the subject of Creator/RoosterTeeth creations, there's ''WebAnimation/XRayAndVav'', where people ship the characters Hilda and Mogar due to the fact that their voice actors, Lindsay and Creator/MichaelJones, are married. This is despite the two characters not interacting at all.
* ''Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale'':
** Two fairly common ships that involve Intern [[spoiler:later Mayor]] [[MauveShirt Dana]] are Dana/Intern Maureen and Dana/Intern Vithya. There is very little connections between them aside from being interns at Night Vale Community Radio, they haven't interacted on 'screen' itself, and Vithya was only in one episode.
** Played with in the case of Maureen/Michelle Nguyen; when the ship first started to pop up in fanworks, they practically had no connections. Then in Year Four, they received some ShipTease, and by the end of the year [[spoiler:had something of a RelationshipUpgrade]].
* Referenced in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YT021TFgog This Fangirls video]]:
-->-- ''[[Series/GameOfThrones Khaleesi and Jon Snow]]''\\
''They're my {{OTP}}''\\
''Sure it makes no sense''\\
''Doesn't bother me!''

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** [[ToyShip Toph/the Duke]] and Toph/Teo are popular ShipMates for the [[OfficialCouple canon pairings]]. The former's sole interaction is Duke letting Toph use his helmet as a barf bag during "The Day of Black Sun", and a hug in the finale (during the finale commentary, the creators coyly [[TrollingCreator point out the hug]]). There's hardly any at all for the latter.
** Ursa, meet Hakoda, Hakoda, meet Ursa, I think you'll get along great. Oh yeah, we ship Ursoda. ThemePairing: opposite-gender single parents of two major characters each. Pulled off exceptionally well [[Fanfic/GuideMeHome here]].
** Azula and Toph are starting to gain a small fanbase. The two only talk once, in "The Day of the Black Sun", when Azula proves she can get past Toph's LivingLieDetector ability. After being asked "Who is Lin's father?" one too many times, one of the writers decided that [[http://i.imgur.com/EaMQTMY.jpg it's Azula.]] That caused a boost in fans.
** Some [[FanPreferredCouple Zutarians]] like to ship off [[DeadpanSnarker Mai]] with Jet, [[spoiler:despite Jet being dead and that they've never met.]]
** Jet/Azula. Despite the fact that they have never met and would almost certainly try to kill each other on sight if they did. [[BelligerentSexualTension Or maybe because of that]].
** [[http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs23/f/2008/002/0/d/Crack_ship_JunSpark_by_AlisaChristopher.png June/Combustion Man]] anyone?
** The Zutara (Zuko/Katara) ship started out this way. Yes, they ran into each other half a dozen times in the first season, but with the exception of one scene where Zuko tried to barter Katara's necklace for Aang, he never even spoke to her. The second season was even worse. It wasn't until the season finale that Zuko and Katara had any real interaction with each other, but the Zutara ship was already running strong.
** June/Piandao is another one that's appeared.
** Haru/Ty Lee were paired in the Super Deformed Shorts, despite never meeting.
* ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales2017'': Some of the fanbase ships Delpad (Della Duck/Launchpad [=McQuack=]), despite the fact that as far as we know, they've never even met, and given that Della's fate is uncertain, they might not ever do so.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'':
** There's a surprising amount of [[ToyShip Jinora/Skoochy]] fic. One is Tenzin's CuteBookworm airbender daughter and the other's a street rat who trades information for money, and naturally they've never met; it's just that, for two seasons, he was the only canon boy her age. This pairing has largely died down since the introduction of [[TheArtfulDodger Kai]], since he's ''also'' a sneaky street rat her age, and [[LoveInterest they actually get together]].
** Bolin and Lin is a semi-popular ship too, in a PairTheSpares kind of way, despite the age difference. They are in a lot of crowd scenes together, but their only interaction with each other is the time Lin busts Bolin and Mako out of jail. However, in that scene Lin zips up Bolin's fly for him, which caused all manner of reactions from the internet.
** Lin and Kya are kind of an odd example. They are in very few scenes together and never speak directly to each other on screen, but they have to know each other pretty well because, despite Kya being several years older than Lin, they were probably raised together, and Lin dated and was apparently pretty serious with Kya's younger brother.
** There even appear to be those who quietly ship Lin with the acupuncturist from season three, even though he doesn't play a particularly big role. Seems those needles just lend themselves to the imagination.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'':
** Robin/Raven used to be this way. Of all the Titans, they interacted the least, yet people liked pairing them up because they liked the aesthetics of it: both were the darkest Titans, both were named after birds so writers could do a contrived "birds of a feather" metaphor, etc. It wasn't until the Trigon StoryArc where Raven started confiding in Robin more and scenes like Robin rescuing a [[MindRape mindraped]] and [[ClothingDamage clothing-torn]] Raven that shippers finally had decent canon stuff to write off of.
** Blackfire and Red X. Never met, but each is the EvilCounterpart to the official couple of Robin and Starfire.
** Even more extreme is Slarella - Slade and Arella. One is an enemy of the Titans living in their dimensions, and the other is the mother of a Titan living in an alternate dimension.
** Although they've only met about three or four times throughout the entire series (and when they did it was in a relatively dispassionate skirmish), Raven x Jinx happens to be one of the most popular femslash couples of them all, second only to Raven x Starfire.
** Jericho and Raven are a popular pairing despite never interacting. This is because they had a romance in the source comics.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'':
** [[DeadpanSnarker Craig]]/[[NervousWreck Tweek]] is the most popular pairing after Stan/Kyle and [[FoeYay Cartman/Kyle]]. In the first eighteen seasons there was only one episode where they directly interacted with dialogue - "Tweek Vs. Craig", where the other boys trick them into [[FoeYay fighting each other]]. They occasionally appeared in the background within the same friend group in later episodes but never interacted directly in these instances. Eventually, Creator/TreyParkerAndMattStone became aware of this pairing and gave Tweek and Craig their own OhCrapThereAreFanficsOfUs episode, "[[Recap/SouthParkS19E6TweekXCraig Tweek x Craig]]", which [[spoiler:ends with them giving into peer pressure and feigning a relationship]]. However, by the episode "[[Recap/SouthParkS21E2PutItDown Put It Down]]." they seem to have started [[spoiler:to have actually [[OfficialCouple officially dating]], with Craig using pet names in private conversation]]. This was further confirmed by WordOfGod on Twitter.
** There's more than a few shippers for Stan and Ike, despite the interaction between the two being nothing more than Ike being the little brother of Stan's best friend. A similar following for Cartman and Ike also exists.
** Kenny/Butters, or Bunny, is surprisingly popular; while they do both appear among the main characters [[TheFriendsWhoNeverHang they don't actually interact]] -- Butters is almost always played against Cartman, while Kenny usually appears with Stan and Kyle in newer episodes, if at all. The two did receive screentime together during "Going Native," - when the episode was announced, fan reactions prompted voice actress April Stewart to ask fans on Twitter what Bunny was.
** A fair number of people have paired Stan's sister Shelley and Kenny's brother Kevin since the show's earliest seasons. This is chiefly based on the fact they appear to be the same age, have braces, and are older siblings of two of the main boys. Kevin, however, has never been in focus, and his number of spoken lines during the show's twenty seasons can be counted on one hand. Consequently, they've never interacted and have only shared one scene together.
** Kenny/Bebe is a surprisingly popular straight pairing (for either character), but in the show, the two rarely interact, because [[GirlsHaveCooties Kenny is only friends with boys, and Bebe only friends with girls]]. This is probably because Kenny is a LovableSexManiac while Bebe has a [[NeverLiveItDown fandom reputation]] of being a slut. The biggest interactions they have had is that Bebe has been responsible for two of Kenny's deaths.
** The background characters Kevin Stoley and Red were seen together in background scenes extremely frequently in the show's early seasons, and seem to trade one line of dialogue ("Let's trade sandwiches") leading to the implication among fans they were friends, or perhaps more - but they never interacted in dialogue otherwise, and Red was mentioned dating other boys. During the show's twentieth season, in "Skank Hunt", they are seen breaking up among the show's other canon heterosexual couples, revealing that they did, in fact, have a relationship.
** Some consider Heidi and Cartman's relationship, first developed in Season 20, as an example of this trope. While the two characters have a long list of small, incidental interactions in previous episodes, none of them contributed to the narrative, leading many fans to ignore these as coincidental or only retroactively significant. These smaller interactions, however, also lead to fans shipping them for over ten years before they became linked officially.
* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama''
** Crack fans will pair just about anyone together, so there are several popular examples of this: Izzy/Ezekiel, Noah/Katie, DJ/Eva, Tyler/Gwen, Cody/Bridgette, Cody/Sadie and DJ/Sierra, all of which have had little to no on-screen interactions.
** [[FanNickname Billy the Intern/Emily The Flight Attendant]] from the fourth aftermath of ''Action''.
** Trent and Courtney are a popular fanon couple despite barely interacting in canon (in fact Trent may be the contestant Courtney has talked to ''least'' on the whole show). Originally it was just ShipMates for Duncan/Gwen, but it's developed a small following of its own.
* Out of the three main fan pairings in ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'', only Gwen/Kevin was like this ''at first'', as the [[KissingCousins Ben/Gwen]] and [[FoeYay Ben/Kevin]] shippers had ''plenty'' of evidence to back themselves up. The writers may have caught on to this, and paired Gwen and Kevin off [[StrangledByTheRedString awkwardly]] in ''WesternAnimation/Ben10AlienForce'' to [[ShipSinking sink]] the [[PortmanteauCoupleName Bwen and Bwevin]] shippers. This was [[RomanticPlotTumor so forced]] it had the effect of stopping approximately no-one.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' has Ferb & Gretchen (the Fireside Girl who wears glasses). Despite Ferb's PrecociousCrush on Vanessa and their lack of onscreen interaction, it's a very popular ship, though it seems to have started just because she was the first girl his age (other than Isabella) to get a name.
* Just try to tell some of the ''WesternAnimation/WolverineAndTheXMen'' fans that [[DitzyGenius Forge]] and [[UglyCute Toad]] have never so much as been in the same room together. That doesn't stop them from being rather plausible if they ever did meet, or the fact that their ship is hands-down ''the'' cutest one in the fandom.
* You can count on one hand the number of times that Prowl and Jazz, in any version of ''Franchise/TransformersGenerationOne'', interacted in any significant way - and according to FFN, they're the biggest pairing in the whole franchise. It's at the point where, if one of them exists in a universe and the other doesn't, people will write fics that [[CanonImmigrant add a functionally-identical counterpart of the other one to that universe]] to facilitate maintaining the ship. It seems to arise from the idea that Jazz's personality (party animal) and Prowl's (TheSpock) might have some interesting interactions, and from the fact that they're both white cars from the same year. For a decent period, the pairing had one of the most fervent listings on the HoYay page for ''Transformers''... despite having literally no actual examples.
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated''
** Prowl and Blackarachnia only met once [[spoiler:and all she did was poison him so she could manipulate Optimus]]. But his FriendToAllLivingThings and her self-loathing for her technorganic BodyHorror had a strange appeal for fans.
** A very extreme, disturbing example is a fanart involving Blurr/Longarm, despite the only interaction they ever had was when [[spoiler:the former ''was killed'' by the latter.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' has Knock-out and Arcee. The two of them barely spoken and have little interaction with each other, and the little they have is hostile. Yet this seems to be the fan favorite pairing if fanfiction has anything to say about it.
* ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'':
** Zim/Gaz have have just a few scenes together, and [[FanPreferredCouple it's the second most popular ship in the entire fandom and the most popular het pairing]], mostly because they're both kind of evil. Hell, even Johnoen Vasquez, who never wanted to put romance in the show in the first place, said that if there was romance, they would be the most likely couple.
** [[HeroAntagonist Dib]]/[[OCStandIn Gretchen]] is an odd example. They only interact in about two episodes, and in one of them Gretchen doesn't even speak. However, that silent appearance makes it very clear that she has a crush on him. It comes nowhere near [[FoeYay Zim/Dib]] or [[DatingCatwoman Dib/Tak]] in popularity, but the ship has its supporters for being the most "normal" and [[NoHuggingNoKissing only real canon]] couple on the show.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'' fandom has Chester and Trixie, and Chester and Veronica. Remy and Trixie never interact but are a popular BetaCouple to Timmy/Tootie
* A fair number of ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'' fans support [[OppositeSexClone Dani]]/[[BrattyHalfPint Youngblood]], even though they never meet, as they're the only two recurring "kid" characters.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' has a few examples--some fans ship [[HomeschooledKids Ted]] with [[TheWoobie Stacy]], for example, because they're both generally kind people. [[HairTriggerTemper Mr. DeMartino]] and [[HippieTeacher Ms. Defoe]], the most notable teachers to still be single at the end of the series, are also sometimes paired together.
** A semi-official example: the WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue implies that [[TheAlcoholic Lindy]] and [[DepravedBisexual Alison]] get together and raise a group of foster kids on a farm. Both are one-off characters and there's no indication that they ever met. WordOfGod says that the epilogue need not be considered canon, though.
** The finale also somewhat randomly had [[ExtrovertedNerd Upchuck]] hook up with EnsembleDarkhorse [[{{Goth}} Andrea]].
* A small number of ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'' fans pair [[StalkerWithACrush Brainy]]/[[ParodySue Lila]] as a {{Ship Mate|s}} for [[OfficialCouple Helga/Arnold]]. It's PairTheSpares to be sure, but when you consider that Lila liked [[CreepyChild Arnie]], who's possibly even ''weirder'' than Brainy, it actually makes a bit of sense.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** Due to the ImprobablyFemaleCast, female/male pairings that don't involve Big Macintosh are very prone to this. Soarin'/Applejack is one of the more plausible ones (he bought a pie from her, and that's it), while ones like Twilight Sparkle/[[AllThereInTheScript Doctor Hooves]] and Pinkie Pie/[[FanNickname Pokey Pierce]] are not uncommon.
** Speaking of which, Big Macintosh [[TheQuietOne hasn't spoken to many ponies]] apart from his sisters, but that doesn't stop anyone. [[TwiceShy Big Macintosh/Fluttershy]] is easily one of the most popular het pairings (behind [[PrecociousCrush Rarity/Spike]] and [[OfficialCouple Cadence/Shining Armor]]) despite them only interacting in one episode... which aired three years ''after'' the ship became popular.
** [[LargeHam The Grrrrreat and powerful Trixie]] demands you ship her with everypony despite having no meaningful interactions with anypony but Twilight! The Great and Powerful Trixie especially demands to be shipped with [[PairTheSpares Luna and Zecora]], two individuals she has never met, simply on the basis that all three [[StrangeSyntaxSpeaker speak in a distinctive and unusual manner!]]
** [[AllThereInTheScript Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon]] are only seen in the background standing next to each other, but [[http://chzbronies.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-because-absolutley-all-of-the-fanbase-loves-shipping.jpg it gives the fans ideas]]… to the point that the two are [[OneTruePairing easily the most widely-accepted pairing in the whole show]]. The show has [[FandomNod acknowledged this]] by placing them next to each other on the official posters and purposefully giving them ShipTease-filled {{Funny Background Event}}s in the second season onward.
** An especially odd example (if only because of how popular it is) is the shipping between [[AllThereInTheScript DJ Pon-3 (a.k.a. Vinyl Scratch)]] and [[AllThereInTheScript Octavia Melody]]. It started with fans juxtaposing the two [[{{Foil}} for]] [[StraightManAndWiseGuy humorous]] [[VitriolicBestBuds effect]], since they represent conflicting musical aesthetics. However, the sheer volume of such fan works was enough to [[ShippingGoggles get the gears turning]] for the community's shippers, to the point that a large chunk of fan art, fiction, comics, etc. involving the two is now shipping-based. DJ Pon-3 also has a growing Shipdom with [[FanNickname Neon Lights/EmCee W1SH]], who in popular fanon is seen as another musician who has a friendly rivalry with her. It is only until [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E9SliceOfLife the 100th episode]], [[AscendedMeme which was explicitly made]] [[FandomNod as a love letter to the fans]], that she and Octavia appeared in the same scene, revealed to be roommates. Meanwhile, DJ Pon-3 only appears in the same episode as Neon Lights in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E26ACanterlotWeddingPart2 the Season 2 finale]].
** When the fandom decided that the Creator/DavidTennant-looking stallion with an hourglass cutie mark was named [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor Whooves]] (which became AscendedFanon) and made a living of travelling through time and space, the most popular pony to appoint as his companion was [[TheDitz Derpy]] [[TheKlutz Hooves]], thanks to the obvious HilarityEnsues potential; the widespread shipping was the next logical step, despite the two having no discernible relationship in the show. This got a FandomNod when the two were shown [[ShipTease spending the pony equivalent of Valentine's Day together]].
** Invoked in "Hearts and Hooves Day", in which the Cutie Mark Crusaders try and pair up Big Macintosh (of course) and their teacher Cheerilee, two ponies who before this episode never even stood next to each other. It goes about as well as expected.
* In ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'' fandom, Pietro/X-23 and Kurt/X-23 are very popular ships. her and Kurt's closest interaction being off screen and involving her knocking him out, and her and Pietro's closest interaction only happening in people's imaginations. Kitty and Pietro is slightly more believable, but even more jarring as the two have interacted, and by 'interacted' we mean Pietro insults her, she glares at him, and once threatens him.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' fans tend to ship Hustler Kid and Butch, who hardly interact in the series.
* ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'': "Wonder Beetle" (Wonder Girl/Blue Beetle) is a surprisingly popular ship, seeing as the two characters have yet to exchange any dialogue on the show. The tie-in comics though have the Scarab note that seeing Wonder Girl causes [[MySensorsIndicateYouWantToTapThat "bio-chemical changes"]] to him.
* CJ/Thomas from ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''. They've never met, and Thomas didn't debut until after her first appearance in "Yes Dude Yes".
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'':
** Ms. Keane and oneshot character Mr. Green from "Substitute Creature." Quite a few fans ship these two together, even though they've never interacted onscreen. Part of the popularity of this pairing may come from the fact that they're both very nice teachers.
** Also Mr. Green and HIM. In fact, any of the characters from the show with Mr. Green since he was only in one episode and the only characters he interacts with are the girls and their classmates.
* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'':
** Lapis/Peridot used to be seen as this before the third season, the closest they got to interacting was just being being in the same scene. This is largely due to them being the only known [[spoiler:Homeworld Gems]] for a while until Jasper showed up. And even when they do begin interacting, [[spoiler:Lapis showcases every negative emotion short of murderous intent towards Peridot. The two are happily cohabitating by season's end, though]].
** Pairing {{fusion|Dance}}s with each other is not only this trope in the usual way, but in some cases, like Opal/Sugilite, it is ''physically impossible'' for the two to exist at the same time.
** Blue Pearl, Yellow Pearl, and Pearl never interacted -- heck, Blue Pearl doesn't even speak until "Steven's Dream" -- but fans instantly began shipping combinations of them together.
** Greg/Jasper (termed "Grasper") is a somewhat common ship, despite the fact that they've never interacted. It seems to mostly stem from a mix of PairTheSpares and Greg's well-established love of women with Jasper's build.
** Jasper and Pearl has a following despite the extremely minimum interaction between them in Season 1. Many fans enjoy the contrast in their characters and their size difference.
** Kiki Pizza and Ronaldo Fryman. Some of the few scenes where they are together, (dancing next to each other during Steven's song with the Gems, their family restaurants being next door to each other, Ronaldo including Kiki and titling her as a Pizza Heiress in his documentary) along with some comments about Kiki from Ronaldo's blog on tumblr, provide "proof" for fans of this ship. This ship got a FandomNod in one episode, where the two pretend to be dating as part of a plan to stop their dads from fighting.
** Holly Blue Agate/Andy [=DeMayo=] has fanart for it, despite the fact that the two have never even been on the same planet. This one seems to come from their shared traditionalist mindset and tendency towards jerkishness.
* ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'': Crane and Viper has a shipdom that actually caught the attention of Crane's TV voice actor, who now supports it.
* Talia/Mephisto is quite a popular ship among the ''WesternAnimation/LoliRock'' fandom, even though they barely interact outside of fight scenes. If anything, Mephisto appears to be more romantically interested on Auriana than Talia, calling her "cute and talented" at one point.
* ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'':Numbuh 86 and Numbuh 60 is a rather popular ship, despite the fact that they never really had any onscreen interaction. (The closest was Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G., when Arctic Base got a distress signal from Moonbase. And even that turned out to be just Father disguised as Numbuh 86.)
* Tom and Janna is somewhat popular in ''WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil'', even though the two didn't even interact until Season 3. Given that Janna is an occultist and Tom is a demon, they are somewhat similar.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLoudHouse'':
** Clyde/Lynn has a bit of a following for it, even though the two hardly interact and their connection is mainly through Lincoln, who is Clyde’s best friend and Lynn’s brother.
** There are also people who ship Lincoln with Luna’s crush, Sam, even though it has yet to be established if Sam even knows Lincoln at this point.
** The "Luaggie" pairing, consisting of Luan and Maggie, the EmoTeen from "Funny Business". They exchange no lines, Maggie has yet to appear again, and the fanbase loves to ship them.
* The Chase/Kimiko pairing (or [[PortmanteauCoupleName Chamiko)]] is surprisingly popular in the ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'' fandom, despite them barely interacting with each other [[note]]in fact, Chase barely interacts with any other monk besides Omi[[/note]]. They do interact more in the [[WesternAnimation/XiaolinChronicles sequel]], however, but their interactions are more trying to defeat each other than romantic ( [[BelligerentSexualTension or not?]]).