-- ''{{Firefly}}'' slang for "Cool" or "Great".

Basically, this is when the word "Shine" and its variants are used to mean "Good", "Holy", "Righteous", or other similar things.

The reason is that to shine is to reflect a lot of light, so in a setting where LightIsGood (or at least seems to be), to shine is an indication of goodness. It's part of the reason the word is in the phrase KnightInShiningArmor. (The other reason being that "shining" in armor also means "not rusty," important in a fight.)

Again, this is just the word, nothing else.

* {{Sega}} has the ''Franchise/ShiningSeries'' of games named like this trope.
** ''VideoGame/ShiningBlade''
** ''Videogame/ShiningForce''
*** ''VideoGame/ShiningForceIII''
** ''Videogame/ShiningInTheDarkness''
** ''Videogame/ShiningTheHolyArk''
** ''VideoGame/ShiningTears''
** ''VideoGame/ShiningHearts''
** ''VideoGame/ShiningSoul''
** ''VideoGame/ShiningWind''
** ''VideoGame/ShiningWisdom''
* The ''Franchise/ShiningSeries'' also has two animes too.
** ''Anime/ShiningTearsXWind''
** ''Anime/ShiningHeartsShiawaseNoPan''
* The hero of ''GGundam'' pilots the Shining Gundam, with the attack "Shining Finger!"
* ''Series/KamenRiderAgito'''s Shining Form.
* ''Anime/DigimonSavers'' features [=ShineGreymon=].
* ''SpecialDutyCombatUnitShinesman''
* The second opening of ''Anime/MobileSuitVictoryGundam'' has [[GratuitousEnglish "Don't stop shining on!"]] in part of the lyrics. Although that was part of the BaitAndSwitchCredits.
* Several White Magic style [[LimitBreak hi-ougis]] in the TalesSeries of [=RPG=]s by {{Namco}}. Of note is [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Raine's Sacred Shine]] and [[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Tear's Innocent Shine]]. These good and holy attacks [[HolyHandGrenade easily do damage in the thousands]].
** Appears to be the basis of Shing Meteoryte's arte list in ''VideoGame/TalesOfHearts'', or at least the Japanese equivalent (mixed in with "star" and "heaven" for good measure).
* In ''{{Discworld/Thud}}'', the in-hiding king of trolls is known as "Mr. Shine,"[[note]]Like all Discworld Trolls, he is made of a particular stone. In this case, he is a Diamond Troll, so the name is not just about his character alignment.[[/note]] and Crysophase the troll refers to Captain Carrot (the suspected king of Ankh-Morpork and an all-around NiceGuy) as being "shiny."
* [[MuteProtagonist Crono]]'s ultimate Tech in ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'' is called "Shining" (changed to "Luminaire" in the translation).
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' has Shining Armor, main character Twilight Sparkle's older brother and minor supporting ally. Take a guess [[KnightInShiningArmor which trope]] he's named for.
* ''PrettyCure'' has the [[SixthRanger Third Ranger]] [[FutariWaPrettyCure Shiny Luminous]], the items [[HeartcatchPrettyCure Shiny Perfume and Shiny Tambourine]], the attacks [[YesPrettyCure5 Lemonade Shining]], [[HeartcatchPrettyCure Shining Fortissimo]] and [[SmilePrettyCure Happy Shower Shining]], and the power-up [[YesPrettyCure5 Shining Dream]]. Not to forgetting [[HeartcatchPrettyCure Cure Sunshine]].
* In ''VideoGame/DungeonsOfDredmor'', several skill lines allow the character to gain a shining aura from being (supposedly) good, improving their Righteous damage and sight radius, among other skills. For example, the Aura of Self-Righteousness skill has a percent chance to blind the enemy.
* The Knights Radiant of Literature/TheStormlightArchive.