[[quoteright:347:[[Webcomic/SandraOnTheRocks http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/sfg_3606.png]]]]
->''"This is the form in which a Kamui is able to unleash the most power! The fact that you are embarrassed by the values of the masses only proves how small you are! If it means fulfilling her ambitions, Satsuki Kiryūin will show neither shame nor hesitation, even if she bares her breasts for all the world to see! My actions are utterly pure!"''
-->-- '''Satsuki Kiryūin''', ''Anime/KillLaKill''

The "other half" of how nudism is portrayed in the media, used less often than the InnocentFanserviceGirl variation -- ironic, due to this being technically speaking [[RealityIsUnrealistic a more realistic approximation]] of [[UsefulNotes/{{Nudism}} nudist beliefs]].

The key difference between a Shameless Fanservice Girl and an Innocent Fanservice Girl is that while the Innocent Fanservice Girl's lack of a nudity taboo is based on the fact that she never knew of its existence (i.e., she's too innocent to know better), the Shameless Fanservice Girl '''does know''', but just doesn't '''care.''' She ignores nudity taboos by choice and couldn't care less who's disturbed by it.

This doesn't necessarily mean she prances around the streets in the nude constantly. Perhaps she's just the type who sleeps in the nude, spends all of her private time in her house either without clothing or in [[LingerieScene just her underwear]], or only goes nude when she feels safe doing so, such as at the beach. But whatever the reasoning and specifics, the key factor is that she ''does'' understand that nudity is typically frowned upon by people.

Her amount of consideration to people who are uncomfortable around her nudity can vary. Sometimes she will get dressed just for the sake of her house guests. Other times she'll have a "screw you" attitude and not let the [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn disturbed countenance]] of her house guests persuade her to stop being naked if she wants to be. It pretty much depends on what kind of person she is.

Satirical or comedic versions frequently have her facing no repercussions at all (much like her innocent sister-trope), or only comedic ones. Sometimes, for extra comedic effect, her nudity will only be noticed by one person whilst being [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight ignored by everyone else for no apparent reason.]] More serious portrayals will tend towards the discreet: Characters that reject the taboo but otherwise do not make it an issue, or only in semi-private situations where they are within their rights to decide what to wear.

While this trope can overlap with {{Attention Whore}}s, it is ''not'' a subtrope. This is not "the exhibitionism trope", but rather, "the knowingly unashamed trope". This does not preclude a rare AttentionWhore who is ''also'' a Shameless Fanservice Girl, but it is not a requirement. The polar opposite of ReluctantFanserviceGirl.


* [[FiveManBand The five main M&Ms]] in the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j6itFFJ1i8 "Bare All" campaign here]]
* [[http://adland.tv/commercials/mandalay-bay-suzanna-jones-2005-030-usa Suzanna Jones]] in the Mandalay Bay commercial happens to be a fifth grade teacher and a mother of three who has no problems parading around in a [[WalkingSwimsuitScene skimpy bikini]]. She takes her top off at the end of the ad.
* The young woman doing her laundry in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R8QEu-NQw4 this Miller Genuine Draft commercial]], who ends up stripping to [[LingerieScene her undies]] and smiles as she removes her bra in front of a man.

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Princess Hathor Nefert in ''Manga/AnatoliaStory,'' who walks around topless like it's nothing [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn much to the shock of the Hitite ladies and Yuri]]. Kinda justified: she's from the VERY hot Egypt, so she's used to taking off her top to be more comfortable when it's too sunny for her taste.[[note]]It's an Artistic License justification. In very hot countries, especially very sunny and dry ones, people normally stay covered all the time and put MORE clothing if it's particularly hot (as well as drink HOT drinks). As with cold and snow, imagining linear dependance between heat and clothing is a mistake.[[/note]]
* Gender-flipped: [[LovableSexManiac France]] from ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' walks around naked when he has the option. Most notably in episode 35 of Axis Powers, (England [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn freaks out upon seeing him]] and is [[JustInTime almost]] [[HoYay forced to nudity by France]]), and episode 11 of the Beautiful World (no one cares or even mentions it). Oh God, [[{{Fanservice}} that episode. . .]]
* In ''Anime/BattleAthletes'' (not to be confused with ''Battle Athletes Victory'', the remake) Kris Christopher calmly parades around the room she shares with her teammates completely naked as it's part of her culture/religion. The other girls are not particularly thrilled about this.
* ''Anime/BelladonnaOfSadness'': After having sex with the devil and becoming a HotWitch, Jeanne is pretty much done with clothing as a thing.
* In ''Manga/BGataHKei'', Kosuda argues quite regularly with his sister about her tendency to casual nudity at home. She's not so shameless that she'd walk outside in the nude or even around the house if there are guests over, but if it's just her high-school-age baby brother, who cares? (aside from said brother, and anyone walking outside while he yells at her)
* Yoruichi Shihouin of ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''. At first it was because she spends so much time [[VoluntaryShapeshifting in cat form]] that she forgets to wear clothes and just seems to find it more comfortable, but when she revealed her human form to Ichigo for the first time and he [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn protested over her nudity]], she [[ItAmusedMe found it funny and started doing it just to fluster him]]. For example;
** And then there was the time readers learn she actually came up with a way to FlashStep out of her clothes.
** Around the time Isshin and Masaki first met, he saw her naked. She just laughed and made fun of him for getting flustered.
* Kazumi Schlierenzauer from ''Manga/BrynhildrInTheDarkness'' also qualifies. With her, but also has a [[AllWomenAreLustful special reason]].
* Almost every female in ''Anime/CrossAnge'' goes to this except for the main character at the start. After Ange's character development she goes from [[ReluctantFanserviceGirl being embarassed]] to not caring at all. Even the other characters call her [[SlutShaming a slut and an exhibitionist]].
* In ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'', Brita can teleport, but can't take clothes or any other inorganic materials with her. She doesn't care about this limitation at all, and flaunts her body endlessly.
* Majority of Mamoru Onodera's BattleHarem in ''Manga/DeadlineSummonner''. Out of the ten {{cute monster girl}}s, they are only three who are dressed in more than a few scraps of fabric. Justified in that they probably don't share the same perception of "decency" as humans.
* Mitsuka-sensei from ''Manga/DearS'' is this in spades, and even the horny male teenagers in her class are turned off by her (despite being very attractive aesthetically) because of how far she takes this trope. It also might have something to do with Mitsuka being what Japan calls a ChristmasCake, meaning over the age of 25, and thus automatically unappealing because they are "unmarriable". The series on occasion pokes fun of the concept.
* After Nanami gets stripped to a halter and shorts by a magic attack in ''Anime/DogDays'', she simply laughs, strikes a pose, and says "Showing this much is okay!" She does have a limit, however, as shown when a later attack strips her ''completely'' naked.
* Ranfan from ''Manga/DragonBall'' that strips down to her underwear to seduce Namu; this is her most-powerful tactic to shock male opponents. Unfortunately for her, Namu defeated her fighting with his eyes closed to IgnoreTheFanservice.
* Yuuko of ''Manga/DuskMaidenOfAmnesia'' is an odd example. She sees no reason for modesty in her ghost form, stripping out of one school uniform to put on another right in front of Teiichi. However, she does get embarrassed when people see her physical body... which is a skeleton by now.
* Misty in ''Manga/TheElectricTaleOfPikachu'' has no shame in wearing her [[BarelyThereSwimwear very revealing swimsuit that's just a bit of robes of clothing to cover the boobs and genitals (Even then the breasts are still mostly shown)]] and is only slightly embarrassed when [[MaleGaze Ash stares at her breasts and buttocks]]. She also states that [[ACupAngst she wants to get her breasts larger]].
* Mami of ''Anime/EsperMami'' is a strange variant -- her father's a painter, and she works for him as a nude model. As a result, she has no hang ups about being nude, especially at home.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'':
** Erza Scarlet mentions in one episode that maybe she should walk around the guild naked and is completely at ease with taking baths with Natsu and Gray. In one hotsprings scene when some of the girls are bathing they get chills and think the boys are spying on them[[note]]they were[[/note]]. Erza's reaction is to ''let them in''.
** Natsu seems to be like this too. When he ends up naked along with his female guildmates in two different contexts (Lucy, Erza and Wendy at a hot spring and Lisanna in a prison), he has some rather amusing reactions about the fact that they are in the nude, but he doesn't seem to mind nor think about that they also get to see him naked.
*** Natsu is pretty much confirmed to be this in chapter 416.5. When he is called in to use his flames to heat the women's bath by Erza he walks in totally naked. Natsu doesn't seem to notice or care that all the girls can see him. Lucy is the one to tell him [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn to get dressed]], though his reaction is nothing more than casually noting her presence.
** Lucy Ashley, unlike Lucy Heartfilia, is a bit shameless and offers to let Natsu see her naked.
* Louise from ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'' has no problem changing in front of Saito at first, because she considers him to be merely a servant. A few episodes later she hides in a closet to change, [[CantActPervertedTowardALoveInterest showing that she thinks of him differently.]]
* In ''LightNovel/FateZero'', when Gilgamesh's clothes are destroyed, he gets up and walks around, not even bothering to cover himself.
* In ''Manga/FateKaleidLinerPrismaIllya'', Gilgamesh is materialized naked. Illya freaks out and [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn orders him to get dressed]], but he says he's not ashamed of his perfect body. He finally puts some clothes on to get her to stop bugging him about it.
* ''Anime/{{Free}}'''s Haruka Nanase doesn't care if he's in public -- if there's an opportunity for him to swim, he won't hesitate to strip down to his trunks.
* In on scene of ''LightNovel/FateApocrypha'' Astolfo has no trouble with somebody seeing him walk out of the shower with a towel... resting on his shoulders. He later laughs about it with another character while they walk around town.
* The ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'' incarnation of Motoko Kusanagi regularly goes around in a windbreaker over a leotard and seems to have no compunctions about sleeping topless in the same bed as a kid she just met. There's a comment in one episode that her cybernetic body started as a consumer model that was popular several years ago (though obviously she's made many modifications under the hood), so there are probably thousands of women in Japan with her exact external body.
* Nyarko of ''LightNovel/HaiyoreNyarkoSan'' has absolutely no problem surprising her LoveInterest Mahiro by barging into the bathroom in the nude, and repeatedly attempts to seduce him regardless of their current situation (like trying to get intimate when they're both [[StuffedIntoALocker stuffed into a girls' room locker]]). In her case, it seems to be an odd application of SingleTargetSexuality, since the entirely of her efforts are focused on Mahiro; when it comes to her unwanted PsychoLesbian StalkerWithACrush Cuuko, she's a lot more modest.
* Yoshinoya-sensei from ''Manga/HidamariSketch'' she always tells her students that she can model nude if they wanted.
* ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'': The main female character, Haruhi, doesn't have a problem with changing in public because she doesn't care about anyone else or what they think. A major sign of her growing relationship with Kyon is that she ''does'' [[CantActPervertedTowardALoveInterest begin to care if he's watching]] and violently [[{{Tsundere}} tsuns]] him out of the room.
* In ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDXD'', Rias is this in spades. Rias does show concern about exposure on a few occasions when nudity is forced on her, but if she wants to be naked, she'll be naked. The other major girls in Issei's harem are on the border in this area, hovering between the sort of InnocentFanserviceGirl who doesn't realize there's a problem with getting naked in a particular situation and the Shameless Fanservice Girl who fully comprehends what she's doing but does it anyway to achieve her goals.
* Neko from ''Anime/{{K}}'' is somewhere between InnocentFanserviceGirl and this - she knows everyone wants her to put on clothes, she doesn't quite understand why, but either way, she's not embarrassed just because everyone else is. She even suggests making her two (male) friends go naked with her, so it won't be weird that she's naked.
* ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'':
** Rachel Stanley has no problem exposing herself more in order to gain more attention.
** Shigure Kosaka. She ''does'' get pissed when [[DirtyOldMan Kensei Ma]] attempts to peek on her in the bath, but could care less about bathing with Kenichi, and doesn't even bother to lock the door to her room when she changes. However, when she's captured by YAMI and subjected to a ShamefulStrip, she blushes and angrily calls them perverts.
* ''Anime/KillLaKill'':
** It is PlayedForDrama, as the price one must pay to wield the full power of a [[ClothesMakeTheSuperman Kamui]] (a living uniform), apart from feeding it blood, [[EmbarrassingButEmpoweringOutfit is to appear half-naked while wearing it.]] Satsuki fully embraces it with neither shame nor hesitation to show her total mastery of its power, while [[ReluctantFanserviceGirl Ryuko]] must overcome her fear of everyone gawking at her naked body in order to catch up (Shown in the quotes above). For Satsuki this is greatly aided by her [[ArrogantKungFuGuy thinking everyone else to be so beneath her]] that she doesn't even ''care'' what they see. Though, in actuality, she just does whatever it takes in order to accomplish her goals. [[spoiler: It's also possible that she just doesn't care [[{{Deconstruction}} due to being desensitized from years of sexual abuse at the hands of her mother]].]]
** Joining Aikuro on the male side is Uzu Sanageyama, who won't let silly little things like being completely naked get in the way of rejoining the fray.
** By the three-quarter mark of the show, especially the ending, the list of shameless fanservice characters extends to [[spoiler: ''everyone'']].
* ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'':
** Evangeline has no qualms about being seen nude, and will often tease any male characters around if they do happen to walk in on her. This is generally less than successful given her [[NotGrowingUpSucks apparent age]].
** Misa Kakizaki is a lesser example. In an early chapter when Negi is touring the campus and sees the cheerleaders at practice, a couple of them are embarrassed by his staring, while Misa replies "Oh please, like [[{{Fanservice}} these outfits are designed to discourage staring]]." She's also among the more sexually aggressive girls (she's the one who came up with the "[[WifeHusbandry Reverse Hikaru Genji Plan]]"), though her lack of story prominence means this is never elevated beyond a background gag.
* ''Manga/MakenKi'': Despite her late introduction, the manga wastes no time establishing Love Espada as having [[AllWomenAreLustful a raging libido]] and just as eager to please.
** Shortly after arriving at Tenbi, she went into the boy's locker-room in nothing but a string bikini and high-heels, in an attempt to seduce Takeru, [[http://www.mangatown.com/manga/maken_ki/c066/18.html then and there.]] It took all his willpower to turn her down, but he [[http://www.mangatown.com/manga/maken_ki/c069/17.html couldn't help staring, later.]]
** In chapter 70, she wore a PlayboyBunny costume while making the announcements at the Himekagura Festival. When she noticed [[LustObject how all the guys were staring]], she got turned on and [[http://www.mangatown.com/manga/maken_ki/c070/10.html started to strip for them.]] Her friend, Hoshii, kept her from doing it, so Espada did the next best thing: she stuffed the mic down her cleavage and bent over onstage, to give the crowd [[http://www.mangatown.com/manga/maken_ki/c070/11.html a clear view of what she had to offer.]]
** Three chapters later, [[http://www.mangatown.com/manga/maken_ki/c073/14.html she drew another crowd]] when she started posing provocatively. When Otohime tells her to stop trying to seduce the boys and focus on their objective, Espada replies that [[http://www.mangatown.com/manga/maken_ki/c073/13.html it wasn't just the boys she was after.]]
* ''Manga/MedakaBox'''s title character Medaka Kurokami has no problem changing clothes in front of her childhood friend Zenkichi and wears a CustomUniformOfSexy that shows off her [[BoobsOfSteel ample cleavage]]. When Zenkichi asks if she has any shame, she responds, "What's the point in having a body this toned if I don't show it off?"; later, when a member of the [[MoralGuardians Enforcers]] complains about the uniform, she says "I'm not showing off my cleavage, I'm covering the rest of my body."
* Dragons in ''Manga/MissKobayashisDragonMaid'' lack any kind of a nudity taboo since they're all {{Technically Naked Shapeshifter}}s, though most of them are polite enough to give themselves the appropriate amount of clothing. Lucoa is not one of those dragons.
* ''Manga/MyMonsterSecret'': Shiho is a self-proclaimed pervert who rarely hesitates to give anybody an eyeful.
* Nami from ''Manga/OnePiece'' isn't ashamed to show her body to others as long as they pay her afterwards.[[note]]Though it should be noted, she didn't adopt this attitude until ''after'' Luffy defeated Arlong, allowing her to replace the Embarrassing Tattoo she had on her shoulder with [[TattooAsCharacterType a tattoo symbolizing her home]].[[/note]]
* ''Anime/QueensBlade'': Elina is openly lesbian [[BigSisterAttraction for her big sister]], [[http://www.citymanga.com/queen_s_blade_hide_seek/chapter-22/7/ Leina]], and [[http://www.citymanga.com/queen_s_blade_hide_seek/chapter-22/9/ doesn't care who knows it.]] In ''"Hide & Seek"'', she groped her sister in public, just before their semi-final bout at the tournament. She and Leina are also known for habitually sleeping in the nude, though unlike her sister, Elina isn't bothered by anyone walking in on her.
* ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'':
** Ranma is a bit of a downplayed version of this. He doesn't hate clothes; he just really doesn't care about whether he's naked or not. [[GenderBender He's]] been known to go topless in front of men without batting an eyelid and has used his female form's [[AttractiveBentGender good looks]] to [[TheTease tease]] men into giving him what he wants or needs. It's usually through Akane covering him up [[http://www.anymanga.com/ranma/005/009/007/ with clothes]] or [[http://www.anymanga.com/ranma/005/007/018/ a towel]] that he preserves any modesty. We also see him in male form at home in nothing but boxers quite a bit.
** Shampoo acts this way when she's trying to seduce Ranma. She simply doesn't have any problem with showing up in his bathroom naked.
* Alice of ''Anime/RODTheTV'' suddenly and nonchalantly strips naked to avoid getting her clothes wet, [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn much to Drake's dismay.]]
* ''LightNovel/{{Shimoneta}}'': In her Blue Snow persona, Ayame only wears a sheet with nothing under it and a pair of panties as a mask. Justified in that her lack of clothes makes the police unwilling to touch her, because if she winds up exposed they'd be breaking even more obscenity laws.
* Chocolate Misu in ''Manga/SorcererHunters'', much to the chagrin of her more conservative younger sister and the object of her desires.
* Blair, the shapeshifting cat from ''Manga/SoulEater''. Soon after Soul trashed her place and ate one of her souls (by mistake), she started living in his and Maka's place, and she's been a perpetual tease ever since: not afraid to crawl up to a snoozing Soul in the nude or to "accidentally" drop the towel she was wearing in front of the entire gang when they first come over. She also works nights at the cabaret frequented by Maka's father.
* Holo of ''LightNovel/SpiceAndWolf'' has absolutely no problem with other people seeing her naked -- her first conversation with Lawrence, [[BestKnownForTheFanservice famously]], was conducted entirely with her completely nude, and he was ''much'' more unnerved than her. Justified, since she's actually a wolf -- when she runs around all the time in her fur, why should she care if people see her human skin? She prefers to wear clothing most of the time, though, since it's much colder without her fur.
* Maria, being a succubus, likes to tease Basara a lot in ''LightNovel/TheTestamentOfSisterNewDevil''.
* Yuusaku in ''LightNovel/{{Toradora}}''. One episode featured him nonchalantly walking into a room, in full view of the three main girls, with nothing covering him except a handtowel. He excuses himself saying he didn't know there were women in the room, but couldn't be less ashamed.
* ''Manga/ToLoveRu'':
** Momo Belia Deviluke. She is more than willing to step into the bathtub with Rito, wake him up straddling him half-dressed, etc.
** Mea doesn't show any kind of embarrassment or shame, not even when her clothes got ripped off. She instead prefers to get caught in awkward and/or sexual experiences, showing a sadomasochistic side.
* ''Manga/UchiNoMusumeNiTeODasuNa'': Whenever Mei is disguised [[{{Dominatrix}} as Honey]], all she wears are her latex mask, elbow-length gloves, and thigh-high stiletto heeled boots. The rest of her is completely bare and [[NoNudityTaboo she isn't bothered]] by anyone seeing her that way.
* Mizore Yukihiro of ''Manga/UQHolder'' as no problem being televised racing in a skimpy swimsuit that can easily come off. She also mentioned that she would have preferred wearing a NakedApron when she has to replace it with one of Touta's shirts.
* Mio in ''Anime/WaitingInTheSummer'' is a deconstruction of this trope -- having been raised as a nudist her whole life she was never raised with a nudity taboo. However, instead of having the [[MsFanservice standard effect]] on her personality it actually causes her a lot of [[ShrinkingViolet self-confidence]] problems -- she's convinced that she's a weirdo in comparison to everyone else. She still doesn't wear clothing around the house, can't sleep with clothes on (even in group situations), and can't remember to wear underwear, but altogether she's ''humiliated'' by the fact that she's a "weird nudist" more than anything else. Ironically, or perhaps part of the deconstruction, she wears fairly conservative outfits for the most part (even going so far as to wear a hooded sweatshirt to the pool), and is the first anime and manga character on this list to actually call themselves a nudist, instead of just randomly deciding not to wear clothes when {{fanservice}} calls for it.
* Ryuuko Kounuma from ''Manga/WolfGuyWolfenCrest''. Not only doesn't seem to mind being nude in front of Inugami, but also not so much about masturbating in his proximity.
* ''Anime/DarlingInTheFranxx'': In episode one, Hiro is actually more concerned about [[AccidentalPervert walking in on Zero Two]] SkinnyDipping than Zero Two herself.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In an issue of ''ComicBook/BatmanAndTheOutsiders'', Cassandra Cain moves in with Grace and Anissa, and gets a glass of orange juice while completely naked, simply because she doesn't bother. Grace remarks "I didn't know the Bat-crowd was clothing-optional", while Anissa observes "she has so many scars..."
* In the ''ComicBook/{{Den}}'' series, any woman coming from Earth to Neverwhere typically becomes this: buck naked, buxom and happy to be that way in a SwordAndSorcery world with NationalGeographicNudity.
* So is MagicalNativeAmerican Rainmaker in ''ComicBook/{{Gen 13}}'', which is fitting seeing how she's an expy of Storm.
* The title character in ''Lady S'' has absolutely no problem escaping a house in her underwear. She once had to climb a roof, and removed her dress because it wasn't practical, rather than tearing it.
* Catman from ''ComicBook/SecretSix'' is a RareMaleExample, since he frequently winds up naked and knows why it makes people uncomfortable, he simply doesn't give a shit, which ties into his semi-feral personality.
* Every female character in ''ComicBook/TarotWitchOfTheBlackRose''.
* Starfire is like this in the original ''ComicBook/TeenTitans'' comics. In the 2011 reboot, she's more of a MsFanservice with an extreme dosage of EthicalSlut.
* Reka in ''ComicBook/TheSecretHistory'' is frequently naked and knows exactly what effect she has on men.
* On the cover of one issue of ''Billy'', which is the R rated Norwegian variation of ''ComicStrip/BeetleBailey'', Miss Buxley's [[ToplessnessFromTheBack topless at the beach]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Superlopez}}'': Actress Valerie Astro from ''La gran superproducción''. Apparently she gets typecast in roles that require her to show her body and she's grown used to it, to the point that she actually finds having to act dressed insulting.
* ''ComicBook/XMen'': Emma Frost uses her sexuality and good looks as a tool and status symbol. Her costumes are deliberately {{Stripperiffic}} and she scoffs at anyone who questions them.
* ''ComicBook/{{Vampirella}}'': While she's sometimes depicted as [[InnocentFanserviceGirl not being aware of human conventions]], being an alien from a planet of vampires, Vampirella is usually shown to be fully aware of how [[{{Stripperiffic}} her costume is perceived by those around her]]. She doesn't care, since it allows her to use her sexuality as a weapon.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* In ''ComicStrip/HiAndLois'' Lois Flagston [[http://hiandlois.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/182/files/2015/01/LoisNaked.jpg will strip down to her panties]] before giving Trixie her bath so her clothes won't get wet because Trixie splashes a lot in the tub.
* Miss Buxley in ''ComicStrip/BeetleBailey'' has [[http://web.archive.org/web/20171008030305/http://www.artbaxter.com/images/miscellaneous/topless-backs/beetle_baily-7.1.73.gif gone topless on the beach]] ([[ToplessnessFromTheBack She's shown from the back.]]), [[http://www.byrnerobotics.com/forum/uploads/CraigMarkley/2005-09-25_160651_Beetle.jpg sleeps in the nude]] and at home, [[http://beetlebailey.com/comics/july-25-2007 her bra and panties]] are are the only articles of clothing that she'll be wearing.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''Wild Arms: The Dee Legacy'', Anne Hardin simply has more important concerns than modesty, bathing and changing whenever she needs to, although she has [[DeadpanSnarker a good deal of awareness]] when someone is paying more attention when necessary.
* In ''[[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-7497/Nycorson+Teal+c+s+Wish.htm Teal'c's Wish]]'', after [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Willow]] vanishes all of [[Franchise/StargateVerse SG1's]] clothing, only Vala and Teal'c aren't bothered. Vala poses and tells the guards to "enjoy the free show" whereas Teal'c simply doesn't care.
* In ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'', Betsy Braddock seems to have an element of this, since she's perfectly happy to drop her clothes in front of Peter Wisdom - the first time to test him, since she couldn't get a psychic read on him (his reaction was [[NotDistractedByTheSexy largely boredom]]), the second time to annoy him (which succeeded). She's also an EthicalSlut, Fandral admiringly referring to her as a 'woman of the world' after having one afternoon stand with her.
* In ''[[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-19705/dogbertcarroll+Crush.htm Crush]]'', Superman offhandedly mentions that all Kryptonians (at least those with superpowers) think nothing of being seen naked or seeing others naked because if they don't concentrate, their eyes shift through the various spectrum. As a result, they see everyone naked several times a day, including each other.
* In ''Fanfic/{{Emergence}}'', after they find Yang, Sam hands her some clothes to replace her tattered and filthy ones. She changes right in front of them. He gets scared and shields his eyes, thinking she'll beat him up, but Ruby explains that Yang doesn't care what anybody sees.
* In ''Fanfic/AMinorMiscalculation'', Ryuko undergoes the shift from ReluctantFanserviceGirl to this during a six month TimeSkip. With no more inhibitions about being exposed, she rarely sees a problem with showering or changing in front of people, though she acknowledges times when it logically might be inappropriate.
* In ''FanFic/OffTheLine'' while Rainstorm admits he still hates his {{Stripperific}} armor that he's cursed to wear, he is no longer bothered by it anymore and no longer cares if he's half-naked around people.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11021904/12/White White]]'', most [[Anime/{{Bleach}} Hollows]] don't react much to their nudity upon transforming into Arrancars, largely due to having spent decades if not centuries without having any sex drive or even genitals.
* All of Team 7 reach this point in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9948266/8/Team-7-s-Ascension-Blood-Wings Team 7's Ascension: Blood Wings]]'' out of sheer necessity, such as needing some way to stay reasonably clean in an area where the only source of water is Naruto's jutsu. After a few weeks, they think nothing of showering together to save time.
* Nii Yugito in ''Fanfic/KitsuneNoKenFistOfTheFox'' has no qualms about showing off her nudity; in fact, when Hinata walks into her hotel suite and finds Yugito bathing in an artificial waterfall on the balcony, Yugito's only response is to ask, with an amused smirk, whether Hinata [[OutdoorBathPeeping liked the view]]. Yugito later admits to Itachi that she deliberately let Hinata see her in that position, to shock the prim-and-proper younger woman.
* ''Fanfic/BaitAndSwitchSTO'': We see a few times that Kanril Eleya prefers to sleep in the nude, which usually isn't sexualized. When Franklin Drake complains about it in ''Fanfic/DidntExpectThat'' (after breaking into her quarters while she's sleeping to talk to her, [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine as Section 31 agents are wont to do]]), she retorts, "I happen to ''like'' having nothing but my man with me in bed, not that it's any of your business, ''[[PardonMyKlingon ye'phekk maktal kosst amojan]]''."
* Jennifer Black in ''Fanfic/PrincessOfTheBlacks'' doesn't remotely care who sees her naked; only logical given that she's a former child prostitute. Cedric Diggory notes that as the prefect bathroom is communal bathing, new prefects generally wear towels into the bath but eventually stop bothering. Jen walks in nude without a care in the world.
* Like Jennifer Black, the protagonist of ''Fanfic/PrefectsAfterDark'' has no qualms about being nude around other people. In this case, it's because he's an AuthorAvatar and the author is a nudist.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* The [[OurMermaidsAreDifferent mermaids]] in Disney's 1953 adoption of ''Disney/PeterPan'' and [[Disney/ReturnToNeverland its sequel]]. The SeashellBra and GodivaHair are all they sport as wardrobes.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Delly from ''Film/NightMoves'' shows little restraint in whipping her clothes off in front of much older men; it's suggested that her mother inspires such behavior.
* The European exchange student from ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie''. People notice, but reactions are comedic or nonexistent. One girl who's also completely naked complains that they have the same outfit.
* Trash from ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'' likes hanging out at graveyards naked, and the idea of asking anybody for something to wear does not occur to her for the rest of the movie. She does grab someone's vest when the Trioxin-tainted rain starts to fall, but in that case her concern is protection instead of modesty. She never does find any pants.
* Ulla from ''Film/TheProducers'' auditions with a song she wrote herself: "When You've Got It, Flaunt It". [[StatuesqueStunner And she's got it]].
-->''Clothes may make the man / All a girl needs is a tan / When you've got it, let it hang out!''
* In ''Film/LaraCroftTombRaider'' and [[Film/LaraCroftTombRaiderTheCradleOfLife its sequel]], Lara is made out to be something of this. In the first film, Lara is offered a dress by her butler as she steps out of the shower. She tosses the towel she has wrapped around her aside in indignation, giving us a moment of ToplessnessFromTheBack.
* A defining example of this trope in film is the nude biker (Gilda Texter) in ''Film/VanishingPoint'' (1971).
* Mystique from the ''Film/XMenFilmSeries'' does not give a damn about the implications of being naked all the time. It helps that her privates are naturally covered by blue scales and she probably doesn't feel the cold. It also helps that she can shapeshift the appearance of clothes onto herself when impersonating others, so actual clothing would be an impediment.
** The actress playing Mystique, Rebecca Romijn, wasn't wearing much more than blue paint and prosthetic appliques but she said she didn't feel at all naked - though she admitted she sure ''looked'' naked.
** The funny thing is, Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the younger Mystique, has said the opposite, that she feels very uncomfortable playing Mystique, as she does feel naked on-set with everyone seeing everything.
* Lou, Julie Warner's character in ''Doc Hollywood'', who first meets Ben (Michael J Fox) when she's skinnydipping in a lake and he's asleep next it, wrapped in her towel. He wakes up to see her walking naked out of the lake towards him, wringing out her hair.
-->'''Lou''': [''stops in front of him''] Hello.
-->'''Ben''': Uh...hi. Good morning. [''Embarrassed laugh. She stands there looking at him patiently.'']
-->'''Lou''': Is somethin' wrong?
-->'''Ben''': Uh, no. No. [''by way of explaining''] I'm a doctor.
-->'''Lou''': Yeah, I know who you are.
-->'''Ben''': {''After a long moment he gives a start and hands her her towel. She ignores it and starts putting on her shirt.''] Hey, you want this?
-->'''Lou''': If you're a doctor I ain't got nothin' you haven't seen before. [''walks away'']
* In ''Film/DiamondsAreForever'', Tiffany Case lampshades this in her first scene, saying she doesn't bother to dress for the hired help.
* In the first ''Film/{{Underworld}}'' movie, there is a very subtle suggestion that Selene may have Shameless Fanservice Girl tendencies, at least during her offscreen, non-Lycan-hunting hours. The vampire boss Kraven orders pretty blonde vampire Erika, to get Selene dressed and ready for the party tonight. Shortly thereafter, Erika enters Selene’s room to bring her the party dress she selected. Erika says, “Oh yes. You should wear this one. It’s perfect.” …And holds up a completely see-through black dress. The suggestion being, that either Selene would have no qualms about wearing a nearly nude transparent gown – or at least – Erika would like to see Selene wear it.
* In 1915 film ''Film/{{Hypocrites}}'' the character of the Naked Truth is portrayed by [[NudityEqualsHonesty a nude actress]]. The Naked Truth, being a supernatural entity who is visiting mortals to show them their hypocrisies, is pretty unconcerned about being naked.
* Delores Purdy in ''Film/InTheHeatOfTheNight'' has a routine of parading around her kitchen in the nude to get her kicks.
* In ''How to Beat the High Co$t of Living'', Elaine [[YouCanLeaveYourHatOn performs an impromptu striptease]] at a shopping mall to distract the crowd and security from the ongoing heist.
* The late [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIoL74wnThU#t=42m56s Wendy Richards]] in ''Film/PromNight1980''.
* In the [[Creator/{{Cinemax}} Skinemax]] [[PornWithPlot softcore movie]] ''Girl for Girl'', Sara lies out on a rubber raft naked in a swimming pool and she also wears just [[LingerieScene her panties]] and [[AbsoluteCleavage an unbuttoned shirt]] while talking to a guy in the kitchen and putting food in the refrigerator.
* In ''The Seduction'', Jamie Douglas' nightly routine involves [[SkinnyDipping swimming in her pool naked]] and she sleeps in the nude.
* In the French [[PornWithPlot softcore film]] ''Burning Snow'', [[CurvesInAllTheRightPlaces shapely blonde]] Lorna performs an [[YouCanLeaveYourHatOn impromptu striptease]] at an Alpine ski resort's restaurant; it gets all the other patrons so hot and bothered that an [[APartyAlsoKnownAsAnOrgy orgy ensues]].
* In ''Film/HorribleBosses'' Dr. Julia Harris has no shame or decency whatsoever. she's an exhibitionist who's idea of appropriate dental office attire is an [[AbsoluteCleavage unbuttoned lab coat]] with [[VaporWear nothing underneath]].
* The Girl in the Ferarri in ''Film/NationalLampoonsVacation'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz-z_TeJObU#t=3m44s certainly qualifies]] as one.
* The late [[http://ancensored.com/clip/Halloween/Sandy-Johnson/6314 Judith Myers]] in ''Film/Halloween1978''.{{NSFW}}
* ''Film/TheGardenOfTheFinziContinis'': When Micol catches Giorgio peeping at her through a window, she deliberately exposes her breasts.
* ''Film/BringItOn'' has a OneSceneWonder girl trying out for the cheerleading squad by giving a sexy performance to ''Cherry Pie'' by Warrant. Male cheerleader Jan [[AllMenArePerverts loves it so much]] [[AmusingInjuries he falls out of his chair]].
* ''Film/FridayThe13th1980'': The late Brenda Jones suggested that she, Bill and Alice play [[StripPoker strip Monopoly]]. Brenda was down to [[LingerieScene her bra and panties]] when she remembered that she left her cabin windows open during a storm and she[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL5Fmq-yl1o didn't get dressed]].

* A bizarre twist on this trope occurs in Creator/IsaacAsimov[='s=] novel ''Literature/TheNakedSun''. The Solarians, humans on a sparsely-populated colony world where they usually live alone on vast estates with thousands of robot servants, have become extreme misanthropes. They can barely tolerate physical proximity to other human beings. However, they make extensive use of telepresence videoconferencing ("viewing") to communicate. When Elijah Baley, a detective from Earth investigating a murder, first interviews the victim's wife it is via such means and she casually talks to him [[NakedFirstImpression naked]] having just come out of her bath. Because he is only ''viewing'' her, not actually ''seeing'' her (i.e. in-person), she sees nothing wrong with being naked on a video call and is confused by Elijah's discomfort. However, like any other Solarian, she would find it extremely uncomfortable to be in the actual presence of another person, even if she were fully-clothed (although she is nowhere near as phobic about it as most of her people).
* The Deuteragonist and main love interest in ''Literature/ZeroSight'' is one. It's the only reason the main protagonist is an AccidentalPervert. At one point she even gives tries to give him a photo of her nude, as reward for collecting the negatives and all copies of said photo. When he refuses she asks him if there is something wrong with the focus and shoves it in his face so he can take a better look.
* ''Literature/TheHungerGames'': Johanna Mason, usually combined with NakedPeopleAreFunny, playing on the awkwardness or absurdity of the situation.
* ''{{Literature/Vampirocracy}}'' criss-crosses between this and InnocentFanserviceGirl with Rosie, a member of Amy's coven. She strips down to cast a spell with the coven on Leon, but that's just how she's most comfortable performing magic. She's fully aware of Leon's reaction, though.
* The titular protagonist of the ''Literature/MercyThompson'' series. As a long-time shape-shifter, Mercy doesn't mind being seen nude by those who are familiar with shapechangers, but she'll make a conscious effort to keep herself covered in front of those who might misinterpret her casual nudity as casual sexuality.
** Also many of the werewolves in the series can fit this trope as well.
* The [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Alphas]] in ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' quickly lose their nudity taboos, since they operate in groups and their ShapeshifterBaggage doesn't include clothing. Harry, however, finds it a bit distracting -- not least because they're all quite a bit better built than he at the time.
* In Pierre Bottero's Literature/GwendalavirUniverse, such character are quite prominent. Whether if it was the Author's [[AuthorAppeal own appeal]] or if he personally wanted to make a point about body image is up to debate.
** Ellana from ''Ewilan's Quest'' has no qualms about showing her body, although being a Marchombre ("Shadow Walker", but read "Leather clad {{Ninja}}") with a thinly musculated, nigh-perfect body likely helps a little.
*** It is explained in her dedicated Prequel trilogy that she got this from her Master Jilano. When he teaches her how to swim, he removes all of his clothes, much to teenage Ellana's embarrassment. Amused, he reassures her : He takes no pleasure in exhibiting, but isn't ashamed of his body. Again, Marchombre, perfect dancer-acrobat-like finely-muscled body, etc. Ellana quickly doesn't care anymore.
** Salim starts with an usual Europe-standards nudity taboo. Then he learns how to [[ShapeShifter turn into a wolf]], but it makes his clothes [[ShapeShiftingExcludesClothing completely vanish]] every time. He gets some times as [[ReluctantFanserviceGirl Reluctant Fanservice Boy]], but Ellana's influence eventually helps him get rid of this. [[note]]He also learns how to bypass the problem : In case he'd need his clothes after turning back into a human, he puts them off first, secures them inside a backpack, turns into a wolf and simply carries the bag. Though said operation is done shamelessly, even if people can see.[[/note]]
** Several bathing scenes also occur in the two first trilogies.
** Nawel, from ''The Crossed Souls'', joins the Armours' Cast, who are the Elite warriors who protect the City from serious threats. They all live together in a Spartan Style, and use common baths and showers. A few chapters hint how Nawel gradually loses her prudery, to the point that upon putting her armour on for the first time, she doesn't really care anymore about unclothing fully in the middle of the Armour's Casern, in front of her mentor and her childhood friend. Once again, it's clearly stated that she likes the body she's obtained through training, and although Nawel never got to know Ellana, one of her teachers was both a CoolOldLady and a LoveableSexManiac.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire,'' Daenerys may or may not have had a nudity taboo at some point, but due to her assimilation into Dothraki culture it's certainly gone by the end of the first novel. She regularly has sex with Khal Drogo in front of the entire ''khalasar'' without any shame.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Olivia Munn shows the attitude of this trope in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QQG_H-zMWo#t=2m35s a video]] from ''Series/AttackOfTheShow''.
* We had Karina in "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." episode "Bye Bly". She is a naked time traveler from the future. She travels naked because it's easier for the process. Though she appeared to have no problem being seen naked by Brisco and his friends, she does cover up when she realizes Brisco found her nudity distracting. Of course the only piece of clothing she wears throughout the episode is a blazer.
* The infamous Australian soap opera ''Series/{{Number 96}}'' had Miss. Hemmingway, a compulsive nudist who was in therapy to try and cure her dysfunction. She often "appeared" in the lobby of the resident psychiatrist character's office.
* Zhaan from ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' belongs to a species with no nudity taboo. She does wear clothes most of the time, though it's used for {{Fanservice}} at least once. She knows exactly how other life forms are likely to react to her nudity. Including {{Squick}} in case of the non-humanoid Rygel.
** No love for Chiana? While she doesn't engage in recreational nudity as frequently as Zhaan, she shows very little concern about her shipmates seeing her in the buff (or even watching her having sex with [[spoiler:D'argo]], for that matter).
* Cameron from ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles''. As a Terminator she's utterly nonchalant about how little she wears or who sees her. On the other hand she's acutely aware of the reactions others have to her body and is definitely not above using them.
* ''Series/SpartacusBloodAndSand'' has characters such as Lucretia and Ilithyia, who bring this into play whenever they can. Note that actual upper class Roman matrons were expected to be fairly conservative in their attire. But as [[IHaveBoobsYouMustObey seduction is an important part of their arsenal]] they often take some liberties.
** Dialogue between Lucretia and Ilithyia indicates they both rebel, to certain extents, against expectations of "proper Roman women."
* There was a variation of this on ''Series/{{Cheers}}'', one who [[TheGhost never appeared on screen]]. In a sub-plot to the season four finale, Norm mentioned how his wife's sister Donna, who he described as an "oversexed exhibitionist" was visiting, and how he was afraid she was flirting with him, describing how she was rather... liberal around him. (As it turned out, she was harmless.)
* In Season 4 of ''Series/TheVampireDiaries'' Elena displays this behaviour when she loses her humanity, walking completely naked in front of the Salvatore brothers and Caroline.
* On ''Series/TeenWolf'' Malia doesn't care about Stiles walking in on her showering.
* Marilyn [=McCook=] from ''Too Many Cooks,'' who when she catches Chris spying on her changing, just puts down her top and smirks; she's later seen playing Pictionary topless with Darren, Chloe, Armondo, Olivia, and Taylor.
* ''Series/CornerGas'' episode "Spin Cycle" focuses on the town having a nude calendar for charity. Two of the main characters (Wanda and Karen) have absolutely no qualms about stripping nude on the spot if asked about the calendar (which causes another main character, Lacey, to frantically cover her eyes and start yelling "PleasePutSomeClothesOn"). This leads to NakedPeopleAreFunny when [[spoiler:Lacey overcomes her prudishness and decides to be part of the calendar after all, and strips nude in front of who she ''thinks'' is the cameraman, but is just a customer of her diner]].
* Melissa in the ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' episode "The Apology" is very comfortable walking around naked.
* In the "Taming of the Wolf" episode of ''Doctor In Charge'', at the Medical Ball, Emma gets up one of the tables and [[YouCanLeaveYourHatOn perfoms a striptease]].
* Chloe from ''Series/DontTrustTheBInApartment23''. She's barely in the pilot for two scenes before casually walking into the kitchen and surprising [[NaiveNewcomer June]] with her (pixellated) [[NakedPeopleAreFunny naked body.]]
* ''Series/MillionYenWomen'': Minami doesn't wear clothes inside the house. It makes Midori uncomfortable, but she couldn't care less.
* Charity on ''Series/{{Passions}}'' displays this behavior when she gets up on the table at the ski lodge club and performs [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNkmre8zTQ0#t=32m05s this]] [[YouCanLeaveYourHatOn striptease]].

* Music/{{Halestorm}}'s [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naIT6XfsjAw "I Get Off"]] is about the female speaker getting off on showing off for a peeping tom.

* Naturally, just about everyone in Creator/{{Bally}}'s ''Pinball/{{Playboy|Bally}}'' pinball qualifies for this trope, with the sole exception of Hugh Hefner himself.
* Taken UpToEleven in Creator/SternPinball's ''Pinball/{{Playboy|Stern}}'', which features photos of RealLife Playboy playmates on the playfield in various stages of (operator-configurable) undress.
* Unsurprisingly, the female lifeguards of ''Pinball/{{Baywatch}}'' are always shown wearing swimsuits that are skimpy, sexy, or both.
* Horror film maven Creator/ElviraMistressOfTheDark poses alluringly in her [[AbsoluteCleavage trademark]] [[ShesGotLegs dress]] on the backglasses of both her pinball tables, ''Pinball/ElviraAndThePartyMonsters'' and ''Pinball/ScaredStiff''.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* WWE Diva Miss Kitty (aka The Kat), whose entire existence seemed to [[BestKnownForTheFanservice revolve around her desire to be naked]]. She did a nude scene at [=WrestleMania=] 2000, flashed the audience after she became Women's Champion and tried to combat Right to Censor with her own Right to Nudity.
* Wrestling/CandiceMichelle has stated that she is more than comfortable being naked. Which should be evident since she's done softcore porn and posed for ''Playboy'' twice.
* WWE Diva Wrestling/KellyKelly, when she first appeared on the relaunched version of ECW in 2006, she had the persona of an exhibitionist.

* The [[UsefulNotes/OlympicGames US men's gymnastics team]] embraced this trope in recent years, including photos of the team members lounging on the beach in Rio in all their muscular glory. This is largely because gymnastics is one of the few sports where men receive far less attention (and [[MoneyDearBoy less endorsement deals]]) than women, so the guys use fanservice to make up the difference. It helps that male Olympic gymnasts are usually adults while the ladies are still teenagers[[note]]Women's gymnastics emphasize flexibility and agility, whereas the men's side focuses more on strength and stamina[[/note]], thus the men are able to be sexualized without nearly as much controversy.

[[folder:Tabletop Game]]
* In ''TabletopGame/RocketAge'' Martian Julandri courtesans, both men and women, aren't so much shameless, as culturally trained with different social norms. They are aware of the reaction Earthlings have to their revealing or potentially non-existent attire, but they often don't see that as enough of a reason to change. Remember that Rocket Age is set in the 1930s...

* In the musical version of ''Film/TheProducers'', Ulla composes and performs a song all about this trope, appropriately named, "When You Got It, Flaunt It," explaining that if a girl wants to get ahead in show business, she has to be one of these. Ulla definitely isn't shy about wearing revealing, attractive clothing, or seducing Leo. Oddly, this is also given a dash of InnocentFanserviceGirl, in that Ulla genuinely doesn't seem to have a clue that Max is attracted to her (and is being rather crass about it, for that matter), and her nature isn't that of TheVamp, but of a good-natured space cadet.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/FatalFury''[=/=]''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters'': Mai's character design was fanservicey to begin with, but KOF [[{{Flanderization}} flanderized her]] to the point where she literally fights half naked. In most games, neither she or any of her opponents [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight seem to mind it.]] But XIII finally [[{{SubvertedTrope}} subverts it]] by having the majority of the cast point out the indecency of [[{{Stripperiffic}} what little she's wearing.]] Mai's reaction ranges from trying to explain that it's the traditional garb worn by the women of [[BadassFamily the Shiranui]] [[{{Ninja}} Ninja Clan]], to being insulted.
* ''VideoGame/FateExtra''
** The player Saber [[spoiler:who is female Emperor Nero]] doesn't seem to be ashamed that her dress is see-through. [[AwesomeEgo If anything, she wants her subjects to see and be entranced]], saying as much in ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm'' (it's [[InsistentTerminology not see-through]], she's ''letting'' people see). [[spoiler:She is the AttentionWhore of Babylon, after all.]]
** In the CCC expansion, [[spoiler: Gilgamesh defeats Elizabeth Bathory by stripping naked and letting ''her'' be the one to get offended]].
* Aversa in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'', with her revealing take on the Dark Flier costume and her sultry personality. [[spoiler: She keeps all of this if the player gets her to pull a HeelFaceTurn.]]
* In ''Franchise/MortalKombat'', sexy outfits [[EvilIsSexy seem to be a dress code for female warriors working for Shao Khan]]; with Mileena, however, it crosses into an exhibitionist attitude. [[http://mortalkombat.wikia.com/wiki/File:Mileena_2.JPG A picture of Mileena]] appeared in ''Magazine/{{Playboy}}''.
* {{Shadow|Archetype}} [[IdolSinger Rise]] in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' is a rare PlayedForDrama example. "Shadows" represent their persons true feelings and take the form of said desires but warped and turned UpToEleven. Shadow's only exist in the TV World but do appear in the real world on [[UrbanLegend the Midnight Channel]], a strange TV Channel that only appears exactly at Midnight on a rainy day. Rise's desire is for people to look past "Risette", her cutesy idol Personality and "see the real her", as a result of the aforementioned UpToEleven warped desire nature of Shadows, Shadow Rise is a scantily clad AttentionWhore who interprets Rise's desire of showing "the real her" as showing everyone ''her naked body''. Shadow Rise gleefully announces on the Midnight Channel, her intention to strip naked and expose herself to everyone and is downright giddy at the idea of being, essentially, an exhibitionist while Rise is understandingly horrified, not only because the Shadow is [[MindRape psychologically torturing her]] at the same time as all this, but for the obvious reason of she's an IdolSinger, an ''underage'' one at that, and [[GrandTheftMe someone with her body]] is about [[ShowingOffTheNewBody strip naked on what is essentially live TV]], essentially being ForcedToWatch ''her own'' ShamefulStrip. It would not only undoubtedly cause a huge nationwide scandal, it would [[RoleEndingMisdemeanor mark the end of her idol career]], and god only knows what it would do to her personal life. Thankfully Rise [[BerserkButton utterly rejects her shadow]] which causes it to go [[OneWingedAngel berserk]], leading it to be fought and defeated before anything was exposed. It's later revealed that the public believed Shadow Rise was just a lookalike pornstar, as no one believed the real Rise would get naked on TV.
* Ryōna from ''VideoGame/SenranKagura'' is this in spades, because of her masochistic tendencies. There are even moments where her fetish fueled antics border NightmareFuel territory.
* Lucy in ''VideoGame/{{Whacked}}'' goes around in nothing but gloves and boots, censored by the game show itself. In her audition, she planned to appeal to [[AllMenArePerverts a male demographic]] by originally wearing a blue dress, but then decided to take "less is more" to its logical conclusion and took it off.
* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'', Link can go on much of his quest wearing nothing but boxer briefs. Not only is he completely unconcerned by any and all [=NPCs=]' reactions to this (which range from [[EatingTheEyeCandy appreciative]] to [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn appalled]]), he'll even take some time to admire himself if left idle. This is a rare male example.
* Judith from ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'' wears very skimpy clothing and frequently boasts about having a sexy body, and on the hot springs, the idea of the men seeing her naked didn't seem to bother her.
* In ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'', Nidalee's frequent "mating season" jokes may indicate that she releshes in her sexuality and is more than happy to sleep with many men.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* [[LadyOfWar Saber]] from ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' initially isn't fazed by Shirou's embarrassment when he [[ShowerOfAwkward opens the door to the bathroom while she's showering]]. This behaviour [[CharacterDevelopment notably changes]] [[CantActPervertedTowardALoveInterest when she develops feelings for him.]]
* Amane from ''VisualNovel/GrisaiaNoKajitsu'' is this to a T, and her reactions to main protagonist Yuuji accidentally walking in on her naked tend to be nonchalance (she's more confused about [[NotDistractedByTheSexy Yuuji's nonchalance]] than vice versa). Subverted in one instance when Yuuji walks in on her while she's in his room, while she's clothed but about to engage in a... [[ADateWithRosiePalms personal moment]], which embarrasses her immensely.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Deliberately invoked with the Whites in ''WebAnimation/LuckyDayForever'' to show how inhuman they are in comparison to the Proles.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/{{Ayuri}}'': Kay feels the need to buy clothing when she finds she doesn't have any, but doesn't mind doing so naked.
* Erica in ''Webcomic/SwordCatPrincess'' strips for fellow officer Nicky while on duty, and then forgets that she was even wearing panties (in the [[http://swordcatprincess.thecomicseries.com/comics/11/ page preceding this one]] of Nicky keeping the underwear as a memento); she later shocks her co-workers by whipping off her hospital gown to dress while they're still in the room at the end of [[http://swordcatprincess.thecomicseries.com/comics/47/ this scene]].
* Guenevere in ''Webcomic/ArthurKingOfTimeAndSpace''. Her family is naturist and she tends not to wear clothes if she doesn't have to ([[EnforcedTrope and Paul can keep the art worksafe]]).
* ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive''. Grace progresses from InnocentFanserviceGirl to this after realizing her preference for nudity has sexual connotations to most people. She still doesn't agree with humankind's nudity taboo, but can fake it well enough to get along with people. After Sarah gets voluntarily turned into a CatGirl in one of the newspaper arcs, she realizes that Grace has a point: clothing ''does'' feel weird when you're already covered in fur.
* Sarine from ''Webcomic/ErrantStory'' has this attitude, though it doesn't come up very often given the setting. Jon ogles her while she bathes and she is clearly not embarrassed, though she is annoyed at the interruption.
* ''Webcomic/GirlGenius''
** Zeetha. After being accidentally stripped down to her very short leather bikini, she doesn't bother to search for clothes for dozens of pages.
** Lucrezia. She removed her dress, just because she's more interested in looking at her new body than she is in modesty. At this point, she wears quite modest underwear, but someone else would be ashamed of being in these clothes in front of a guy. It's heavily implied in the novel that Lucrezia is actually going completely naked in those scenes, but that they could only "write" about that, not show it.
* ''Webcomic/MenageA3'' has Matt and Senna for male and {{transgender}} variants of the trope. Both are professional lingerie models and hence required to have limited nudity taboos, but both of them are also habitual seducers who are happy to exploit their looks to the full. Matt is fairly good-natured about this, if a bit of a [[{{Jerkass}} bastard in his love life]], but Senna is melodramatically vain and catty. As the comic itself is relaxed about depicting nudity, both provide plenty of fanservice for the readers.
* Cammi of ''Webcomic/SandraOnTheRocks'' doesn't seem to give a damn. She does enjoy winding her boss Zoé up, with gratuitous nudity as well as with her casual affair with Domenico, Zoé's ex-husband and the owner of the company. Apparently, she's just so good a chauffeur that her job is safe regardless.
* Aisha from ''Webcomic/SlimyThief''. She's an elf and elves aren't ashamed of being seen nude. When her human friend Azamat accidentally walks in on her taking a steam bath she tells him she doesn't mind if he looks just as long as he stops staring at her so creepily.
* ''WebComic/VampireCheerleaders'': [[AsianAirhead Suki]] [[NoNudityTaboo has no problem with others seeing her naked.]]
** She habitually sleeps without underwear and keeps [[Franchise/HelloKitty "Kitty-chan"]][[note]]her [[AffectionateNickname nickname]] for her vibrator[[/note]] on her [[http://www.vampirecheerleaders.net/strips-vc/waking_up at all times.]]
** Suki is just as liberal when it comes to her sex life. By vol.4, she's officially Leonard's [[FriendsWithBenefits "v.w.b."]] and openly refers to him [[http://www.vampirecheerleaders.net/strips-vc/hey_frell_buddy as "frell buddy"]][[note]]which is slang for "fuck buddy"[[/note]]. She even banged him in front of Katie, [[spoiler: [[CoitusEnsues while they were at the Lemurian hotsprings]]]]. After they were done, and Katie complained about it, Suki replied by mentioning she had [[ThreewaySex offered to let Katie join in.]]
* Super MILF from ''{{Webcomic/Spinnerette}}'' has immense breasts, and she is well aware that they draw attention (which she enjoys). To a lesser extent, the same is true of Greta Gravity, who gained this in the process of accepting her [[BigBeautifulWoman new body shape]] that came with her enhanced powers.
* In ''Webcomic/SwordPrincessAmaltea'', Amaltea and Ossian found a nice river and, since they have no money to pay an inn, Amaltea strips right there to take a dip. Thanks to women being "males" in this story, Amaltea's behavior is like of any teenager boy, and when Ossian [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn freaks out]], she just tells him to turn around if he's that prude.
* Larisa from ''Webcomic/SandraAndWoo'' had no problem when she accidentally [[spoiler:sent a nude pic to over 60 million people. [[LikeYouWereDying There is a reason for this]].]]
-->'''Larisa:''' [[spoiler:[[WhamLine I'll be blind in ten years and dead in twenty. I don't give a damn if some puritans have a problem with my naked body]].]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* This is the whole idea behind the Naked Vlog trend on Website/YouTube.
* Faun Muranaka of ''Literature/{{Tasakeru}}''. Her whole ''[[UpToEleven species]]'' [[PlanetOfHats tends to be like this]].
* "Sunglasses" from the WebOriginal/{{Creamsicle}} meme has an ambiguous black band around her chest which can be interpreted as a skimpy top or a censor bar. In the latter case, it suggests casual toplessness.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The nudist Campbell family from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' somehow go nude in public without more serious repercussions than their son getting bullied. They either ignore or fail to notice how disconcerting Peter and Lois initially find their nudity, and since nobody [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn asks them politely to get dressed]], it's hard to tell which.
* The cast of ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' tend to bounce around this. In some episodes, public nudity is completely normal, while in others, you can be arrested for streaking. Hilariously, the most common offender is ''[[FanDisservice Professor Farnsworth]]''.
* There was a ''[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Simpsons]]'' Treehouse of Horror segment which featured a Swedish Crossing Guard that was naked except for gloves and a hat.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Terri Sue Webb from Bend, Oregon was about as close as you can get to this in real life -- she's a militant nudist, part of "The Freedom to be Yourself" campaign, which contends that indecent exposure laws are racist against ''humans''. She stopped wearing clothing sometime in 2001, but kept living her life as normal. Unlike in fiction, she was promptly arrested, multiple times, her prison sentences extended due to her refusing to wear clothing in jail, and a judge threw her in an institution, using a legal technicality to prevent her from ever leaving. She was released on appeal in 2003, and has apparently toned things down since then per the advice of several nudist groups in the US.[[note]]Non-sexual public nudity is legal in the state of Oregon, she was instead charged with disorderly conduct.[[/note]]
* Reportedly, Joan of Arc decided it would be a bit pointless to worry much about modesty while travelling with the French army, and was therefore frequently at least topless in front of them while getting in and out of her armor. Soldiers later testified that they felt no desire for her; whether this meant that she wasn't very attractive or that they did not want to admit to sexual desire for someone who was beloved to the point of worship (or just had other things on their mind entirely) is up for debate. Manners and habits were really different in medieval Europe, people were far more comfortable being nude around relatives and servants, or in certain circumstances (such as going bare-naked to the bathhouse from your house).
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] in ''Among the White Moon Faces: An Asian-American Memoir of Homelands'' (1996, pp. 142-146, 149) by Shirley Geok-lin Lim. While searching for an ideal roommate, she accepts an offer from Jason and Brenda Clinken, a nudist couple, and finds their nudity off-putting.[[note]]Her unease is justified by the fact that she didn't find out about their nudism until ''after'' she'd already moved in with them.[[/note]]
--> "Their nakedness was intrusive." — page 143
--> "May I say something to you? You can't get too prudish with us. You know, a pussy is a pussy. It doesn't mean anything." — Brenda, to Shirley, page 146
* Several (warm climate areas) have nudist colonies and/or clothing-optional beaches where pretty much ''everybody'' is in the buff and doesn't see a big deal about it.
* It was [[AccidentalPun revealed]] that sportscaster Erin Andrews is one when she was [[ThePeepingTom secretly videotaped]] by [[StalkerWithACrush a stalker]] in two different hotel rooms. In her personal life, Ms. Andrews [[NakedFirstImpression practices casual nudity]] and the video, which has since gone viral shows her ritual of ironing and curling her hair in the nude.
* Creator/CindyCrawford has practiced casual [[WalkingSwimsuitScene toplessness]], as shown by some [[{{Paparazzi}} paparazzi photos of her]] that were taken while she was at the beach and at the pool .
* Newsanchor Wendy Rieger once mentioned that in the summer, she drives home from work in the nude and then [[SkinnyDipping goes for a swim]]:
-->"You shed the city and [[UnusualEuphemism lots of other things]] during the drive. By the time I see that water, I'm good."
* ''Magazine/{{Playboy}}'' Playmate and ''Series/{{Baywatch}}'' star Marliece Andrada admits that she's "allergic" to clothes at home in her March 1998 pictorial:
-->"I hate clothes. As soon as I get home everyday I take off as many clothes as possible. Am I an exhibitionist? It depends on your definition. Maybe I'm just sexy and relaxed."
* During filming of ''Film/LifeOfBrian'' in Tunisia, Graham Chapman, who was a licensed medical doctor, would allow the locals into his accommodations for free medical advice since many of them were too poor to afford a doctor in the normal course of events. His partner, David Sherlock, would occasionally wander through in the nude.
* All the beaches on the German island of Sylt, in the Baltic, are specifically reserved for nudists ONLY; nakedness is compulsory and anyone seen wearing clothes will be told to leave; the authorities believe that this is the only way to protect sunbathers from harassment by "gawpers" and disapproving moralists.