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''This'' couple is having sex. ''That'' couple is having sex. And that couple is having sex, ''too.'' And a few ''other'' couples are having sex, maybe. Usually all at once, but [[TimeCompressionMontage not necessarily]]. Usually not an orgy. The narrative goes from couple to couple to couple, and sometimes singles and threesomes.

This trope can also be [[ContrastMontage a tool to emphasize the one person or couple]] who is not having sex -- or the one person / couple engaging in ''very'' vigorous and regular sex. May be used to contrast how GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex with how Bad People... don't.


[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/RedEars'': One comic shows a montage of couples having sex around the globe, except for the last one.

* ''Film/{{Amelie}}''
-->"How many people are having orgasms right now?"
-->''([[TheImmodestOrgasm Montag]][[TheModestOrgasm e]])''
* ''Film/AmericanPie's'' virginity loss sequence.
* ''Film/AmericanPie2'' features an aftermath montage near the end.
* ''Film/AFishCalledWanda'': Kevin Kline and Creator/JamieLeeCurtis are preparing for a night of wild sex, and Creator/JohnCleese and Maria Aitken... aren't.
* Film/{{Beyond the Valley of the Dolls}}: Rolls Royce sequence.
* ''Film/FridayThe13thPartVIITheNewBlood'': partay in a cabin.
* The end of the 1999 film version of ''Film/AMidsummerNightsDream'' has the three main couples head upstairs for their wedding nights. Puck's ending narration plays over this.
* ''Series/NoahsArc'': Jumping the Broom'' partay in a cabin.
* ''{{Film/Nowhere}}'' (1997) somewhere in the middle.
* ''Film/{{Shortbus}}'' begins and ends like this.
%%* ''Film/WeddingCrashers''
%%* ''Film/AnotherGayMovie''
%%* ''Film/AnotherGaySequel''
* ''Film/{{Delicatessen}}'' features one of these wherein only one couple is actually having sex, but the activities of everyone else in the apartment building sync up to the same ever-quickening rhythm. The couple is the [[IAmAHumanitarian Butcher]] and his mistress. It's to show how everyone in the building is dancing to his rhythm, as it were.
* ''{{Suite 16}}'' at one point intersperses a montage of one of the main characters having sex with a variety of prostitutes whilst the other one watches him do so on a hidden camera. It's... a pretty creepy film.
* ''SaligeErDeSomTorster''', a norwegian thriller, has an opening that cuts back and forth between two sex scenes (one straight and one lesbian, the later one with the heroine) and the brutal rape that starts of the central plot of the movie.
* One of many porno movies called ''Sugar Pussy'' about two white blonde lesbians and two uncut Latino men who abduct three blonde white women.
%%* ''Film/GoodLuckChuck'', except that it's just him during his many sexcapades
%%* ''Porn Star: The Legend of [[BiggusDickus Ron Jeremy]]''
%%* ''[[GayCowboy Wrangler]]: Anatomy of an Icon''
%%* ''Inside [[MysteriousInformant Deep Throat]]''
%%* ''Wadd: The Life & Times of [[PornStache John C. Holmes]]''
* ''Film/FriendsWithBenefits'': When Jamie and Dylan first start with their arrangement.
* ''Film/SeducingDrLewis'' has one to show how the entire little fishing village used to have [[GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex good sex]] when the fishing was still strong and plentiful.
* A sex montage makes up about a third of the Greek slasher film ''Razor''.
* There's a hilariously raunchy one in ''Film/{{Deadpool}}'', as Wade and his girlfriend Vanessa have holiday sex throughout the year-- all set to [[SoundtrackDissonance Neil Sedaka's "Calendar Girl".]] Valentine's Day, naturally, is played straight, but after that:
** Chinese New Year is, uh... [[UnusualEuphemism Year of the Dog.]]
** International Women's Day has Vanessa doing the inserting, to Wade's obvious discomfort.
** [[SubvertedTrope During Lent, the two of them sit together by the window, reading.]]
** On Halloween, Wade goes down on Vanessa while wearing plastic vampire fangs. "Ouch", indeed.
** Thanksgiving, of course, involves mashed potatoes.
** The montage ends on Christmas, when [[spoiler: Wade proposes.]]
* The SignatureScene of ''WesternAnimation/SausageParty''.

* At least two passages in ''Literature/GravitysRainbow'' feature a panorama of random sex acts. Probably more {{squick}} than sexy, however.
* ''Literature/HouseOfLeaves'' features a brief part where Johnny reviews a list of his friend Lude's sexcapades of the past month, many of which involve some rather eyebrow-raising activities (golden showers, wetsuits, threesomes, etc). However, Johnny immediately deconstructs this trope by mentally giving each girl a tragic backstory (abortions, rape, ParentalIncest, prostitution, etc.) It's that kind of book.
* Used in ''Literature/BestServedCold'', in a scene that initially looks like estranged lovers [[spoiler: Shivers and Monza]] patching things up, but slowly reveals that they're not having sex with each other.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Season 7 of ''Series/SonsOfAnarchy'' features one so long that it actually got complaints from parents groups saying it was inappropriate for children. The group never explained why any child would be watching a show as violent as Sons of Anarchy, particular season 7.
* ''Series/BigLove'' (a couple times, at least)
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' did this in season 7, except with one of the couples (Buffy and Spike) very pointedly ''not'' having sex
* The opening ten minutes of the first episode of ''Series/DantesCove''.
* This is how ''Series/{{Glee}}'' shot Like a Virgin in the Madonna Episode, with three couples. Until it turns out to [[AllJustADream only be a shared fantasy]] between the three virgins, and only one of the couples actually has sex.
* ''Series/QueerAsFolk'' All the time.
* ''Series/TheLWord'' (season 5 ''Liquid Heat'')
* The TV movie ''TheRatPack'' has a humorous take on this, showing the hotel rooms of the members of the titular group in sequence (made easier by the simple mechanic of giving them rooms in a vertical stack so all the camera has to do is a slow pan up the building). The activities depicted within become increasingly risque up to the penultimate shot of Frank Sinatra with ''two'' women... with the final shot showing Dean Martin [[spoiler: sitting up in bed, alone, quietly reading a newspaper and drinking a glass of '''milk''']].
* ''Series/TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager'' did a strange variant of this with the main female characters [[ADateWithRosiePalms going solo]] night after night. They got bored of it within a week.
* ''Series/SexAndTheCity'' (Season 4, ''What's Sex Got to Do with It?'') Charlotte's having great sex with her ex-husband, Carrie's having great sex with a guy with ADHD, Samantha's having great lesbian sex, and Miranda is eating junk food and watching television.
%%* ''Series/TrueBlood''
* A run-of-the-mill episode of ''Series/GeneralHospital'' ended like this--two couples reconciling after an estrangement, one celebrating their engagement, and for another two couples, it was simply a nice way to cap off a lovely day.
* A similar episode on ''Series/OneLifeToLive''. What's touching is that one of the couples in question ''didn't'' have sex. She was still recovering from her rape and so they settled for snuggling together.
* ''Series/TheAffair'': When Noah is seperated from his wife at the end of season 1, he's shown hooking up with a number of women in quick succession.
* In ''Film/AntoniasLine'', Danielle's falling in love with Ms. Anderson is followed by the narrator saying "and then love burst out all over", followed by a montage of all the couples in the house humping away.

* Music/{{mothy}}'s ''The Lunacy of Duke Venomania'' from the Franchise/EvilliousChronicles has the titular duke sleeping with several women he brainwashed into his harem. Its [=PV=] shows several (censored) images of him having sex with the individual women during each chorus.
* After an entire video full of incredibly blatant VisualInnuendo, Hot Action Cop's ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAURo0rwt6g Fever for the Flava]]'' [[{{Pun}} climaxes]] with apparently the whole ''city'' getting it on at once.

* ''Theatre/AvenueQ'': ''You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Making Love)''
* ''Theatre/{{RENT}}'': "Contact", which was obviously cut out of the movie version.
* Danced around ([[MatingDance literally]]) in ''Theatre/{{Company}}'''s "Tick-Tock": all the couples can be heard but not seen.

* Toward the end of the "[[HotterAndSexier Behind Closed Doors]]" storyline of ''Webcomic/PennyAndAggie'', there's a montage of what Stan and Michelle, as well as various plot-unimportant couples, are thinking about.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In part 2 of Kirbopher's ''[[WebAnimation/SuperFreakinParodyRangers Parody Rangers: The Movie]]'', the original rangers + a robotic owl do the nasty in order to gain their new powers. [[CampGay Billiam]] was not invited.
* The PV for "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsIOkbxTA9M Duke of Venomania's Madness ]] by [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Gakupo]] shows the many conquests of the Duke, along with lists showing their name, age, and occupation before they "went missing." [[JailBait Disturbingly, some ages are censored.]]
* The infamous ''VideoGame/RhythmHeaven Fever'' porn parody of Remix 10 made by flash fanartist [=Minus8=], called "Fever X", is a ''music game-based'' version of this trope.