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[[caption-width-right:350:Picking your place is very important for the story.]]

''The time, place and circumstances of the narrative.''
!!Time Tropes
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+ AlternateUniverse
+ AnimeSettings
+ AnotherDimension
+ ApocalypticIndex
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+ YouWouldNotWantToLiveInDex

* AfterTheEnd \\
A catastrophe - manmade or natural - has [[ApocalypseHow wiped out a large portion of the human civilization and/or population]]. The survivors fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.
** TheApunkalypse \\
Punks usher in the collapse of civilization; the apocalypse ushers in the age of the punks. It's all the same song and dance, and the punks are here to stay.
** RuinsOfTheModernAge \\
The Empire State Building is growing moss and most of its concrete is fading away.
** ScavengerWorld \\
The world has been ruined, and people rely on what they can salvage from the old world to survive.
* AlternativeCalendar \\
If the end of UsefulNotes/WorldWarII were used as an era, it would be the year 71 as of 2016.
* AnachronismStew \\
Is that man wearing a toga, wielding a [[KatanasAreJustBetter Katana]] and listening to an iPod?
* BigFatFuture \\
Obese is slim in 25 years.
* CassetteFuturism\\
The early digital era of the 20th century's last quarter extrapolated into the future. The grungier post-microchip, pre-[[EverythingIsAnIPodInTheFuture iPod]] successor to RaygunGothic.
* ChandlerAmericanTime\\
A nastier relative of GenteelInterbellumSetting
* UsefulNotes/ColdWar\\
Iron curtains, nukes and spies.
* TheDarkTimes \\
Between the dinosaurs and early human civilization there were dragons, wizards and evil beyond imagination.
* DayOfTheJackboot \\
War's over. We lost.
* DaysOfFuturePast \\
Middle Ages + Spaceships = ''StarWars''.
* TheDungAges \\
Happens during Dark Age Britain.
* DuringTheWar
** AlienInvasion \\
They don't come in peace.
** ArabIsraeliConflict
** BugWar \\
Humans vs. Insectoid Aliens.
** UsefulNotes/TheGulfWar \\
Operation Desert Storm (1990 - 1991).
** UsefulNotes/TheKoreanWar \\
1950 - 1953
** TheMagicVersusTechnologyWar \\
The Sorcerors fight the Scientists.
** RobotWar \\
Robots [[TurnedAgainstTheirMasters turn against the creators]].
** UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar \\
1955 - 1975
** UsefulNotes/WorldWarI \\
1914 - 1918
** WorksSetInWorldWarII\\
1939 - 1945
* EarthIsYoung
* TheEdwardianEra \\
Between UsefulNotes/QueenVictoria's death and the outbreak of UsefulNotes/WorldWarI, everybody's upper-class indulgent and foreshadows a lot.
* EnforcedTechnologyLevels \\
Only certain kinds of technology, or a certain level of technology, is allowed. By law, manmade or natural.
* FantasticNatureReserve \\
A zoo, wildlife reserve, or other home for supposedly extinct or mythical creatures.
* FantasyAmericana \\
Magic, fantastic creatures, and figures of folklore lie in the wilds of North America, just beyond the reaches of civilization.
* FeudalFuture \\
Sub-category of Days of Future Past.
* TheFuture \\
100 - 200 years into the future. Think of how every house in ''TheJetsons'' [[RaygunGothic looks]].
** TheFutureIsNoir\\
We do not use sufficient lighting in the future.
** StandardSciFiHistory\\
The Far Future, the Really Far Future of Space Opera.
* GenteelInterbellumSetting \\
Sometime between 1918 and 1939.
* UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfPiracy \\
Scoundrels, treasure, and swashbuckling adventure upon the high seas.
* HereThereWereDragons \\
Once upon a time, Kings had wizards as courtiers and knights slew dragons.
* UsefulNotes/HoleInFlag\\
When everybody got tired of the nukes and spies.
* JustBeforeTheEnd \\
We are a few days from extermination.
* JustOneSecondOutOfSync \\
A time out of place.
* ALongTimeAgoInAGalaxyFarFarAway \\
Far distant in space, time or both. They've probably never even heard of Earth.
* MedievalEuropeanFantasy \\
Swords, kings and [[Creator/JRRTolkien Tolkienian]] lore.
* MedievalPrehistory \\
Pre-industrial human society set against a prehistoric backdrop.
* MedievalStasis \\
Technology hasn't changed since 1250.
* ModernStasis \\
4000 years later, still no [[IWantMyJetpack jetpack]].
* NextSundayAD \\
Just ahead of the present. That's why you haven't noticed the AlienInvasion.
* OneMillionBC \\
Hollywood Stone Age. All cavemen look Neanderthalish and live in harmony with dinosaurs.
* PlaceBeyondTime \\
A place out of time.
* PopularHistory \\
When movies set in 1968 look like they are set in 1968.
* PresentDay \\
When a show is set in the same year it is produced in.
* PresentDayPast \\
The city wouldn't let the production close down streets so our movie set five years ago is full of recent car models and billboards.
* RaygunGothic \\
Shiny spaceships, artistically designed rayguns, {{Tin Can Robot}}s, and jet packs, all done in an Art Deco style. The chief setting of futuristic stories from the the Golden Age of Science Fiction.
* UsefulNotes/TheSovietTwenties
* SpaceAgeStasis \\
You have the jetpacks, but they're the same as the ones made a thousand years ago.
* TheTimeOfMyths \\
Ancient Myths (Bronze Age Greek, what-have-you) are not only real, they are mashed together into one time period.
* UsefulNotes/TheTroubles \\
Between the 1960s and 1998 in Northern Ireland.
* TwentyMinutesIntoThePast \\
Not a PeriodPiece, but not quite the present, either.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture \\
In the year 2016 everyone is a robot and speaks 10 languages.
* TheWarOnTerror \\
9/11 to the Present.
* TheWildWest \\
Every Spaghetti- and Western.
** DawnOfTheWildWest \\
Just before and the beginning of the WildWest.
** TwilightOfTheOldWest \\
The WildWest gradually gives way to the NewOldWest.
** NewOldWest \\
Cowboys Now.
** SpaceWestern \\
Cowboys in space.
* WoodenShipsAndIronMen \\
The Age of Sail.

!!Space / Place
* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer \\
Because sewers in real life are at least two meters high and have enough space to hold a castle.
* AcademyOfAdventure \\
In every class you learn to fly and shoot laser beams out of your eyes.
* {{Adminisphere}} \\
The back office that administers the organisation, and is likely to be out of touch with the sharp end of the business.
* AdvancedAncientAcropolis\\
Exactly what it says on the tin. Often found in the darkest jungle. May overlap with CityOfGold.
* AdventureTowns \\
Travel between towns for new quests.
* AdventurersClub \\
When the globe-trotting hero isn't about his exciting business, he can relax at the club and swap stories with the like-minded.
* AirstripOne \\
Where TheEmpire strips a conquered nation of its identity and assigns it a number.
* AliensInCardiff \\
Unusually, the AlienInvasion has gone off the [[TokyoIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse Tokyo]]-[[BigApplesauce New York]]-[[HollywoodCalifornia Los Angeles]]-[[BritainIsOnlyLondon London]] tourist route to land in Plymouth.
* AllGhoulsSchool \\
Faculty for the freaky and fanged.
* AmazingTechnicolorWorld \\
A colorful world.
* TheAmazon \\
The biggest jungle ever.
* AmusementPark \\
It's usually closed and happens during the night.
* AmusementParkOfDoom \\
No one has entered in ages and because of that, the place is riddled with [[DurableDeathTrap traps]] that kill you.
* AncientAfrica \\
Everyone in Africa has a bone in their nose and hair, dances around a bonfire, and lives in a straw hut.
* AncientTomb \\
Tombs, burial chambers, sepulchers, mausoleums, charnel houses, ossuaries, catacombs, crypts, sometimes even dungeons.
* {{Arcadia}} \\
Quiet life in the countryside.
* {{Area 51}} \\
A top secret research facility. In the desert.
* AsceticAesthetic\\
In this setting, less is more.
* AthleticArenaLevel\\
Football and Baseball and Hockey, OH MY! And all of them are trying to play at once.
* {{Atlantis}} \\
The perfect lost world.
* AtTheCrossroads \\
Where the paths of two fates cross.
* BadGuyBar \\
Everyone inside is a macho wrestler with an evil look on his face.
* {{Barsetshire}} \\
A bucolic, often English countryside in which tales of ordinary personal comedy and drama take place.
* BaseOnWheels \\
How is it possible to keep an entire city on wheels that can drive anywhere, even submerge? Beats me.
* BazaarOfTheBizarre \\
A marketplace in the Middle East. You'll find all sorts of this and that in there.
* BBCQuarry \\
The ISO Standard alien planet set, a disused or rented quarry, full of interestingly dull rocks and fascinatingly monotonous scenery, the perfect alien-landscape-on-a-budget.
* BeachTropes
* BeautifulVoid\\
Peaceful, but oddly empty.
* BedlamHouse \\
Asylum on steroids.
* BeneathTheEarth \\
People living under the crust. Their technology is primitive and they fear the outsiders.
* TheBermudaTriangle\\
Where planes and ships go to enter inter-dimensional rifts (maybe).
* BigApplesauce \\
Because New York is the only city aliens and monsters like to destroy.
* BigFancyCastle \\
Much like Big Fancy House, but with more towers. And secret passages. And dungeons.
* BigFancyHouse \\
A house on a hill. It's not dirty. It has more rooms than any other house around.
* BiggerOnTheInside \\
A building that looks small - possibly ridiculously small - but opens up into a giant mansion or other area.
* BigLabyrinthineBuilding \\
A huge building consisting of nothing but a maze.
* TheBigRottenApple \\
Where New York is a squalid decaying crime-ridden Hell on Earth.
* BigStore\\
The setting for a Long Con. It looks like a business now, but it'll be empty again next week.
* BikiniBar\\
Strip clubs in all but name
* {{Bizarrchitecture}}\\
Implausible, ridiculous, bizarre architecture.
* BoardingSchoolOfHorrors\\
The breeding ground of [[SadistTeacher Sadist Teachers]] and cutthroat battles for social dominance.
* BoomTown\\
Whoa, these guys build and breed fast.
* TheBridge\\
Where sci-fi guys go to [[EveryoneMeetsEveryone get to know each other]].
* BrightCastle \\
A beautiful fairy-tale castle.
* BuildingOfAdventure\\
A single building is the setting.
* CaliforniaUniversity\\
When kids in a HighSchool drama get too old to be believable, expect most of them to go here.
* CampbellCountry\\
LovecraftCountry...in England!
* CanadaDoesNotExist\\
What do you do when you're ashamed to be shooting your show in Canada, but can't set it in America?
* ChezRestaurant\\
Expect snails, frog legs, temperamental chefs, and snotty waiters with [[FunnyForeigner funny accents]].
* CircleOfStandingStones\\
A ring of giant stones where important events often occur.
* CityInABottle\\
There has never been anything outside TheCity. Beyond its [[CrapsaccharineWorld well-policed]] walls is unknown darkness.
* CityOfGold\\
A country chock full of wealth and splendor.
* TheCityNarrows\\
Basically, your [[WrongSideOfTheTracks typical city slum]], but [[WretchedHive even more dangerous]].
* CityNoir\\
Like a city, except it's always dark and rainy, crime is everywhere, and the PoliceAreUseless (or [[PoliceBrutality even worse]]).
* CityOfAdventure\\
All the adventure and excitement you could possibly crave conveniently rolled up into a single city.
* CityOfCanals\\
A city where waterways are used as streets. Usually mirrors Venice.
* CityOfEverywhere\\
Lady Liberty's just a few blocks from the Louvre.
* CityOfSpies\\
City. With Spies. Get it?
* CityWithNoName\\
The writers were lazy when thinking about the location, or wanted it to be anywhere.
* ClimbingTheCliffsOfInsanity\\
Tall walls of rock keeping you from your destination.
* ClockTower\\
The town clock, the one that everybody sets their clocks to. May be a [[CathedralClimax bell tower]] you [[ClimbingClimax have to ascend]].
* CloseKnitCommunity\\
Whether rural, urban, or suburban, a place where everyone knows each other and looks out for each other.
* CobwebJungle\\
A spooky, abandoned location where cobwebs are as thick as jungle undergrowth.
* {{Commune}}\\
A place where everybody lives together in a self-sustaining community. May or may not be part of a FreeLoveFuture, may or may not include the NewAgeRetroHippie.
* CompanyTown\\
A town created by a company for its employees, where they're the law for all practical purposes.
* ContainerMaze\\
A labyrinth of crates or containers in a warehouse, storeroom or dock.
* CoolAirship\\
An airship, but with lasers.
* CoolBoat\\
A boat, but with lasers.
* CoolGarage\\
A garage, but with lasers.
* CoolHouse\\
A house, but with [[RunningGag lasers]].
* CoolShip\\
Anything that's called a ship and has lasers.
* CoolStarship\\
A starship, but with even more lasers than usual.
* CoolestClubEver\\
So great, it's always packed.
* CorpseLand \\
A devastated location where no one has cleaned up the bodies of the fallen (and maybe never will).
* TheCouch\\
It's very soft, and is always center stage.
* CrappyCarnival\\
Like Disneyland, if Mickey was a grubby ConMan.
* CreepyBasement\\
Like a regular basement, but with more [[strike: lasers]] spiders.
* CreepyCathedral\\
The bells are haunting at midnight.
* CreepyCemetery\\
The place with the reputation for mass-producing the undead.
* CultColony\\
An isolated group of religious settlers.
* CutAndPasteSuburb\\
Hey, I think I saw that house before. And that one too!
* CutesyNameTown
* UsefulNotes/{{Dacha}}\\
The Russian home away from home.
* DancesAndBalls\\
England between 1700 - 1900
* DangerousWorkplace\\
Drinking from the water cooler will burn down the building.
* DarkestAfrica\\
Tarzan and co. See also AncientAfrica above.
* DaycareNightmare\\
A daycare (US) or nursery school (UK) where you really wouldn't want to send your kids.
* DecadentCourt\\
The entourage of the leaders conduct warfare in an ostensibly polite and civilised social battlefield.
* DeathWorld\\
Watch out for that grass!
* DeepSouth\\
Rednecks, moonshiners, KKK and all that
* DenOfIniquity\\
Where the {{Mook}}s and Minions unwind.
* DerelictGraveyard\\
Ship graveyard
* DesertTropes
* [[DesertedIsland Desert Island]]\\
No one lives there. Good place to be marooned. Full of JungleJapes.
* DomedHometown \\
City in a dome. Underwater optional.
* DownInTheDumps\\
Is that a skyscraper of wrecked cars?
* DownLADrain \\
The LA storm drain system is used as the setting in a film/TV show, usually a car chase.
* DriveInTheater\\
Sit in your car and enjoy the show.
* DungeonBasedEconomy\\
Dungeon delving is the major local industry.
* DyingTown\\
Having lost its reason to exist, the town is largely shuttered and abandoned, home to only those who couldn't move elsewhere.
* EasilyConqueredWorld\\
[[WeHaveBecomeComplacent Nothing]] could ever [[AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs harm]] us.
* ElaborateUndergroundBase\\
A base that has a hangar, silo and laboratory.
* EldritchLocation\\
Because Euclidean designs are for morons!
* ElephantGraveyard\\
A secret place where elephants go to die.
* EnclosedSpace\\
Hope you don't have claustrophobia!
* EndlessCorridor\\
Keep walking forever.
* EvilTaintedThePlace\\
A location that has been corrupted forever because it was once home to an evil presence.
* EvilTowerOfOminousness\\
That tower that's larger than the mountains? Definitely not the Evil Overlord's lair!
* ExtranormalInstitute \\
Super-trope of all your schools for people with weird powers or abilities.
* ExtremelyDustyHome \\
A abandoned house with layer upon layer of dust and cobwebs.
* FanConvention
* FarSideIsland\\
A tiny island in the middle of nowhere housing a single palm tree.
* FatCamp \\
A summer camp where parents send overweight kids to diet and to get off their butts and go outside.
* FictionalCountry\\
See also FictionalCultureAndNationTropes
* TheFinalFrontier \\
Space as a frontier to explore, rather than a settled area.
* FloatingContinent \\
A floating chunk of land as an exotic locale.
* FlyoverCountry \\
The middle of America, where no one from New York or California seems to want to film.
* ForbiddenZone \\
A dangerous place no one wants to go (except the heroes, of course).
* FriendlyLocalChinatown \\
Sections of large American cities where Chinese culture can be found close at hand.
* GardenOfEvil \\
A place where most or all of the plants are poisonous, carnivorous, or otherwise dangerous.
* {{Gayborhood}} \\
A neighborhood where the population is predominantly openly LGBT in a city where most people aren't.
* GeniusLoci \\
A place that is intelligent and often in control of itself or the things living in it.
* GeographicFlexibility \\
When the setting grows, shrinks, adds, and loses features as the plot demands.
* GhibliHills \\
Pristine, untouched wilderness, often within easy reach of civilization.
* GingerbreadHouse \\
A house or other building made of food, usually candy and sweets. Usually a fairy-tale setting.
* GhostTown \\
An abandoned town.
* GoodGuyBar \\
Where the heroes hang out after hours. Villains are welcome if they behave.
* TheGoodOldBritishComp \\
Modern British schools
* GrassIsGreener \\
An idealized place that a person desperately wishes to leave and go to.
* GreasySpoon \\
A roadside diner, often stuck perpetually in the American 1950's and serving anti-diet food.
* GreatBigLibraryOfEverything \\
An absurdly large and well-stocked library.
* HackerCave \\
A room filled with an over-the-top mess of computers and monitors and other bits of geekery, where hackers somehow get work done.
* {{Halloweentown}} \\
A setting with a very stylized creepy, gothic, Halloween theme.
* HauntedCastle \\
A spooky castle where there be monsters.
* HauntedHeadquarters \\
A spooky place where there be monsters, and you're stuck living or working there.
* HauntedHouse \\
A spooky house where there be monsters.
* HedgeMaze \\
A maze made up hedgerows, usually found somewhere fancy and rich.
* TheHedgeOfThorns \\
A large bramble of nasty thorns, usually where faeries or evil sorcerers want to block your way.
* HellHotel \\
A creepy hotel where bad things happen.
* HellOfAHeaven \\
When Heaven sucks just for you.
* HereThereBeLions \\
A distinctive, two-peaked mountain feature near Vancouver, BC.
* HiddenElfVillage\\
A secret, safe place far from the eyes of those other meddling nations.
* HighSchool \\
School for teenagers, grades 9 (or 10) through 12.
* HolyGround \\
Not full of holes. Or divine coffee.
* HomeOfMonsters \\
Any place monsters call home, whether it be a lair, a whole dimension, a MonsterTown or IslandOfMystery.
* HospitalParadiso \\
A seemingly perfect hospital or other workplace. Often rejected by a hero who wishes to focus on the downtrodden instead of the kind of people who can afford to get help there.
* HouseOfBrokenMirrors \\
Where someone gone mad from loathing their appearance has smashed all their mirrors and left them.
* HungryJungle \\
Jungles are out to kill you.
* IcePalace \\
A castle made of ice or one that's completely frozen over.
* IDontLikeTheSoundOfThatPlace \\
A place with a sinister name.
* IncompetenceInc \\
An office culture where nothing of value gets done, and where it's a mystery how they stay in business.
* IndianBurialGround \\
A place where someone desecrated the graves of Native Americans by building something on it. Expect ghosts.
* IndustrialGhetto \\
A slum near or inside an industrial area, often made of scrap and filled with crime and pollution.
* InjunCountry\\
The North American lands filled with folks who were there before the settlers arrived.
** TheRez\\
The modern-day Hollywood version of the Indian Reservation.
* InnBetweenTheWorlds \\
A pub that connects to multiple worlds, where people of ''all'' types can relax and swap stories.
* InnOfNoReturn \\
An inn or hotel where the owners kill and then rob or eat their customers. Often a HellHotel.
* InnerCitySchool \\
An impoverished city school where the teachers have given up, and students are on the fast track to prison.
* InsideAComputerSystem \\
Inside a self-contained virtual world (unlike {{Cyberspace}}, in which locations correspond to the real world).
* InTheDoldrums \\
A featureless location, often an empty plane or void. More than just somewhere boring.
* IslandBase \\
A SupervillainLair on an isolated island.
* IslandOfMystery \\
An island with any one of a number of unusual things on it.
* IsleOfGiantHorrors \\
An island inhabited by giant creatures.
* ItCameFromBeverlyHills \\
Takes place in Beverly Hills, California.
* TheKingdom \\
Where good monarchs reign. Usually small, pleasant, and an underdog against TheEmpire.
* KirksRock \\
A distinctive set of striated sandstone slabs, sharply-angled and pointed at their tops, conveniently located about 30 miles north of Hollywood.
* LadyLand \\
Where women rule, and men are either subservient or absent.
* LandmarkingTheHiddenBase \\
A secret base hidden under or in some famous landmark.
* LastFertileRegion \\
The last bit of nature and greenery in a wasteland dystopia.
* TheLavaCavesOfNewYork
* LayeredMetropolis \\
A city with multiple, vertically-separated levels, usually with the rich on top.
* LayeredWorld \\
A world with multiple dimensions, where locations in each dimension map to each other, creating "layers" of reality.
* LegitimateBusinessmensSocialClub \\
Where mobsters hang out and plan crime.
* LethalEatery \\
A restaurant that violates health codes in staggering ways. Usually played for comedy.
* LevelAte \\
A VideoGame location made entirely of food.
* LighthousePoint
* TheLittleShopThatWasntThereYesterday \\
A magical shop that appears out of nowhere to sell a MacGuffin and then disappears when it causes trouble.
* LocalHangout \\
Where the cast spends most of their time hanging out. Brits may use MyLocal (pub) instead.
* LockedInTheDungeon \\
A medieval-style underground prison / torture chamber.
* LocomotiveLevel \\
A VideoGame level that takes place on a train.
* TheLostWoods \\
A large, old-growth forest in which nature (and often magic) are supreme.
* LostWorld \\
A mysterious, isolated place not found on any maps where exotic adventures can occur.
* LovecraftCountry \\
A creepy, horror version of rural NewEngland, where {{Corrupt Hick}}s conspire with dark forces.
* LoversLedge \\
An outside window ledge where TheCasanova must hide to avoid being caught during InterruptedIntimacy.
* MacGuffinLocation \\
When the MacGuffin everyone is competing over is a place.
* MageTower \\
TheTower where a wizard does his research (or plotting) above and away from the people. Often contains telescopes, orreries, [[InexplicableTreasureChests hidden artifacts]], [[SecretPath secret passages]], [[TomeOfEldritchLore tomes of eldritch lore]], etc.
* MagicalLibrary \\
A library of magic books, often itself enchanted and often safekeeping magical artifacts.
* MajorWorldCities \\
An index of the largest and most important real world cities used in fiction.
* MakeOutPoint \\
A secluded place, often with a good view, where teens go for AutoErotica. [[TerrorAtMakeoutPoint Bad things often happen there]].
* TheMall \\
A modern, indoor, shopping complex, peaking in TheEighties. Home of the ValleyGirl and the MallSanta.
* MaltShop \\
A popular teen LocalHangout in TheFifties where burgers, hot dogs, and malted milkshakes are served while the jukebox plays.
* UsefulNotes/{{Mars}} \\
The Red Planet. Not (necessarily) the planet where communism rules.
* MartyrdomCulture \\
A culture that [[DeathSeeker glorifies death]] in the name of some cause or belief.
* MasqueradeBall \\
An [[DancesAndBalls elaborate, period dance]] where all the attendees wear masks. Duplicity often occurs.
* TheMaze
* MegaCity \\
A city with the size or population of a country.
* MerchantCity \\
A trade city, ruled or mostly populated by merchants, bankers, and traders.
* MercurialBase \\
A base on a planet close to a star that stays out of the sun by following the night around the planet.
* MetalPoorPlanet \\
A planet where the key ingredients for technological civilization are missing.
* MicroMonarchy \\
A modern, very tiny nation ruled by a royal family. Usually an eclectic mix of tradition and modernity.
* MiddleOfNowhereStreet \\
A very small location that is a WeirdnessMagnet, and no one outside notices or minds.
* MishmashMuseum \\
A museum with no apparent rhyme or reason to the ways its exhibits are laid out.
* MisplacedWildlife \\
A place where animals that don't belong are present, usually due to [[ArtisticLicenseBiology creator error]].
* MissingFloor \\
A secret floor in a multilevel building. Often skipped by the buttons in an elevator.
* MobileMaze \\
A maze which changes ([[GeniusLoci itself]]) to make it hard or impossible to escape.
* MoebiusNeighborhood \\
ConservationOfDetail applied to a TV neighborhood, usually to save budget on actors and sets.
* MonsterShapedMountain \\
A rocky terrain feature resembles, or is, a giant creature or portion thereof.
* MonsterTown \\
A town entirely populated by monsters. May have a twisted, alien culture or one NotSoDifferent from ours.
* MonumentalBattle \\
Dramatic battles always seem to take place around major landmarks.
* MonumentalView \\
A place with an impossible cool view (often of a landmark) that is way beyond the means of its owner.
* {{Mordor}} \\
A {{Shadowland}} where the {{Big Bad}}'s {{Fisher King}}-ness poisons the land and makes it utterly inhospitable and ObviouslyEvil.
* MuseumOfBoredom \\
A boring, often extremely niche museum in which (almost) none of the cast is interested.
* MuseumOfTheStrangeAndUnusual \\
An awesomely eclectic museum with a collection of impossibly cool and downright ''bizarre'' stuff.
* MyLocal \\
A pub, where the main cast usually hangs out. A British-specific LocalHangout.
* MysteriousAntarctica \\
One of the last explored places on Earth's surface. Popular location of lost civilizations and [[ThoseWackyNazis hidden Nazi bases]].
* NativeAmericanCasino \\
All movie Indian reservations have casinos.
* NeoAfrica \\
{{Cyberpunk}} Africa, often with all the problems of today made worse by the technology of tomorrow.
* TheNeutralZone \\
Territory in between nations in a UsefulNotes/ColdWar that is off-limits to keep a war from restarting. Opposite of TruceZone.
* NeverLand
* NewNeighboursAsThePlotDemands \\
RememberTheNewGuy as applied to a small town setting.
* UsefulNotes/NewYorkSubway
* NoCommunitiesWereHarmed \\
The geographic equivalent of a BlandNameProduct or CaptainErsatz.
* NoTellMotel \\
A sleazy motel that caters to a low-class clientele.
* NothingExcitingEverHappensHere
* NotSoSafeHarbor\\
A WretchedHive of seaside villainy.
* OceanPunk \\
Take your standard dystopian [[PunkPunk Punk setting]] and [[InstantIndexJustAddWater Just Add Water]].
* {{Office}} \\
Cubicle-land. Your standard white-collar workplace, where [[INeedAnIndexByMonday you'll need an index by Monday]].
* OldDarkHouse\\
The classic setting for TenLittleMurderVictims. A HauntedHouse without the actual haunting.
* OminousFloatingCastle
* OpiumDen \\
A 19th century drug house, often far more romanticized than modern equivalents. Associated mostly with the British Empire and China.
* OneDegreeOfSeparation \\
Every character has a direct connection or relationship with every other character.
* OneGenderSchool \\
Single-sex education. In [[YaoiGenre modern]] [[YuriGenre works]], expect SituationalSexuality.
* OneProductPlanet \\
For simplicity's sake, a planet in SF is only ever famous for a single good or service.
* OnlyLawFirmInTown \\
The law-firm at the center of a show [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment about a law-firm]].
* OnlyShopInTown \\
Small towns (or towns of any size in most VideoGames) only have a single store run by the town's ShopKeeper.
* OppressiveStatesOfAmerica \\
A fictional United States in which democracy doesn't exist anymore.
* OrphanageOfFear
* OrphanageOfLove
* OutlawTown \\
A town run for the benefit of criminals or one entirely populated by criminals.
* TheOutsideWorld \\
Any place outside a place of confinement, isolation, or seclusion.
* ThePampas \\
The endless grasslands of South America, and home of the gauchos. Very common in LatinAmericanLiterature, specially ArgentineLiterature
* ParkingGarage\\
Nothing good ever happens in a parking garage.
* PatchworkWorld \\
A world assembled from multiple other worlds or sources. If done haphazardly, may result in a PatchworkMap.
* PenalColony \\
A remote land to exile criminals to to make sure they can't escape (in theory). Populated only by crooks & guards. Sometimes used to dump off the poor and other undesirables too.
* UsefulNotes/ThePentagon
* PeopleZoo \\
An alien zoo containing humans and other intelligent life as part of the exhibits.
* PhoneBooth \\
An outdoor booth intended to give privacy to people using public pay telephones. Obsoleted by more space-efficient boothless pay-phones in the 80s & 90s and later by cellphones.
* PhysicalHeaven\\
Heaven on Earth... literally.
* PlaceOfPower
* PlanetEngland \\
A series that starts in a small, named region of a greater world will use that name for the greater world once you are introduced to it.
* PlanetOfCopyhats \\
Writers use the quirks of a single character as the [[PlanetOfHats "hat"]] for their entire people. (e.g. When you visit the drunk guy's homeland, everyone else is an alcoholic too.)
* PlanetOfHats \\
All alien or foreign cultures are homogenous, and a single stereotype or quirk applies to everyone from that place.
* PleasurePlanet \\
An entire planet is dedicated to being a perfect leisure spot. May or may not [[PossessiveParadise be a trap]].
* PollutedWasteland \\
A land destroyed by pollution. SF and modern equivalent of {{Mordor}}, but don't expect [[NoOntologicalInertia quick fixes]].
* PortTown\\
A city by the sea.
* PossessiveParadise\\
A paradise setting with an unfortunate tendency towards the yandere.
* {{Premiseville}} \\
The name of the place [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin establishes the premise of the setting]].
* {{Prison}}
** TheAlcatraz \\
A high-security prison where there's lava instead of the ocean and the guards are huge robots.
** CardboardPrison \\
A prison that is way too easy to escape, so that villains can be reused.
** EpiphanicPrison \\
To exit: Have epiphany.
** POWCamp \\
Populated by soldiers captured on the field of battle by their enemies.
** TailorMadePrison \\
A prison made specially to hold an individual a normal prison cannot. Frequently fails anyway.
* PrivatelyOwnedSociety \\
Everything is owned by individuals, nothing is run by the government (at least not effectively). [[MarySuetopia Expect]] [[MarySuetopia Straw]].
* ThePromisedLand \\
The place that promises to be ''better'' than where we are. Where the GrassIsGreener.
* QuirkyTown \\
A small town filled with quirky and adorable characters.
* RailroadToHorizon \\
A railroad disappearing into the distance is used as a metaphor for the journey ahead.
* RedLightDistrict \\
The part of town where all the brothels, bars, and other places of seedy night-time enjoyment can be found.
* TheRez \\
Reservations. Communities where Native Americans were herded by settlers and the government.
* RidiculouslyDifficultRoute \\
When a route is usually never used because it's just too difficult and/or there are other, easier ways.
* RiverOfInsanity \\
People who go on a journey down a river into the unknown will not make it back unchanged.
* RunawayHideaway \\
[[CaptainObvious Where]] TheRunaway [[CaptainObvious hides]].
* SapientShip \\
Your spaceship has a mind of its own and often flies itself.
* ScavengedPunk \\
People rely on junk and other "found" technology rather than manufacturing their own, either due to it being AfterTheEnd or due to living the shadow of human society.
* ScenicRoute \\
SceneryPorn while traveling.
* SeaStories \\
Any story taking place with the ocean as its primary setting.
* SecretGovernmentWarehouse \\
Where the government hides all the stuff the people are better off not knowing about.
* SecretShop \\
A shop whose business model somehow revolves around having great stuff and telling next to no one about it.
* SecretUndergroundPassage
* SelfInflictedHell \\
A character suffers in the afterlife only because they believe they deserve it.
* SetBehindTheScenes \\
Hollywood, but not Hollywood.
* SettingAsACharacter \\
The setting is as important a driver of the story as any character but is not truly an intelligent person in its own right like a SapientShip or GeniusLoci.
* SettlingTheFrontier\\
Can serve as either a setting for a story or as a {{Plot}}.
* SeverelySpecializedStore\\
We sell ''one'' thing, and one thing only.
* ShapedLikeWhatItSells \\
A shop's storefront or whole building is shaped to advertise the product it sells.
* ShatteredWorld \\
A planet broken into pieces and floating in space / the void but still inhabited.
* TheShangriLa \\
A paradise high up in the mountains.
* ShiningCity \\
The greatest and most beautiful city in the world. The home of righteousness, justice, and civilization.
* SimulatedUrbanCombatArea
* SinisterSubway \\
The {{Absurdly Spacious Sewer}}'s more realistic and spooky counterpart.
* SmallSecludedWorld\\
It may be safe here, but there's got to be a bigger world out there, beyond the [[WallAroundTheWorld walls]]...
* SkyscraperCity \\
In the future, skyscrapers will be ''tall''. An entire city of {{Star Scraper}}s.
* SmallTownBoredom
* SmallTownRivalry \\
Two small towns close by, but that hate each other intensely.
* SmartHouse \\
A CoolHouse with a built-in AI. [[AIIsACrapshoot Hope luck is on your side.]]
* SmokyGentlemensClub \\
Where stereotypical rich men hang out away from wives, servants, and other common people.
* SoapboxSquare \\
A public park or square where rabble-rousers can make impassioned speeches to cheering or booing crowds.
* SoiledCityOnAHill \\
The ruins of a failed ShiningCity.
* SolidClouds \\
Clouds that you can walk or even build on top of. Commonly seen in FluffyCloudHeaven.
* SoulSuckingRetailJob \\
StockParody of UsefulNotes/{{Walmart}} and other big box retailers.
* SouthernGothic \\
Creepy, gothic LovecraftCountry in the DeepSouth.
* SouvenirLand \\
A disappointing, cheap ThemePark that tries (and fails) to ride on the coattails of A-list parks like [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks Disneyland]].
* SpaceAmish \\
A space colony that gives up use of advanced technology after making the initial trip.
* SpaceBrasilia\\
Everything looks like identical whitewashed concrete towers with the same odd angles.
* SpaceCadetAcademy\\
The Sci-Fi equivalent of a WizardingSchool.
* SpaceStation
* SpySchool
* StandardRoyalCourt \\
An explanation of the structure of a typical fictional royal court.
* StarScraper \\
A sky scraper taller than modern technology can build.
* SteelMill \\
Lots of large machinery, fiery furnaces, molten metal and heavy objects falling from heights. Often a SmokeAndSparksFactory.
* StepfordSuburbia \\
When the CutAndPasteSuburb meets the TownWithADarkSecret and everyone has a {{Stepford Smile|r}}.
* StrawmanU \\
College stereotypes. You're either a hedonistic liberal la-la-land or a fascist and higher-stakes redux of all the worst, bullying cliques of HighSchool.
* StuckAtTheAirportPlot\\
The characters are SnowedIn or otherwise unable to leave a transportation hub/terminal
* {{Subculture}} \\
Notes on the more prevalent American subcultures.
* SubStory \\
A story that takes place on a submarine (not a minor plot in a larger work).
* {{Suburbia}} \\
Useful notes on the sprawling residential areas surrounding larger US cities, post WWII.
* SuckECheeses \\
A StockParody of TheEighties wave of family restaurants with arcades and animatronic puppet shows, most of which were pretty run-down by TheNineties.
* SuddenlySignificantCity \\
A real-world city becomes significantly more important in the story. (e.g. UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}} becomes capital of Earth.)
* SummerCampy \\
Summer Camp PlayedForLaughs.
* SuperheroSchool \\
Where kids with superpowers go to learn to be superheroes (and maybe math and stuff).
* SupervillainLair \\
The cliche, surprisingly elaborate facility in which a supervillain plots and prepares for their villainy.
* SwampsAreEvil \\
Swamps are out to kill you.
* SweetHomeAlabama \\
When the {{Deep South}}'s and the {{Good Ol Boy}}'s better sides are played up.
* ThatNostalgiaShow \\
Our world, as you remember it, 20-50 years ago.
* ThemeParkLandscape \\
The land of all-natural rollercoasters and water slides.
* ThirstyDesert \\
Deserts are out to kill you.
* TidallyLockedPlanet \\
Natural satellite where one side always faces the body it orbits and the other always faces away.
* ThrivingGhostTown \\
Cities in [=RPGs=] and other VideoGames have impossibly low populations.
* TokyoTower \\
A broadcast tower in Tokyo that is the single most unlucky landmark in all of Japanese media.
* TortureCellar \\
The room in which unspeakable things are done to captives. Modern equivalent of LockedInTheDungeon.
* TownWithADarkSecret \\
Everyone in town is in on some terrible secret that the hero is not.
* TrailerParkTornadoMagnet \\
Trailer parks have a reputation for attracting tornadoes due to the disproportionate damage they receive.
* TravelingLandmass \\
Makes it kind of hard to find on maps. May serve as a BaseOnWheels.
* TreasureRoom \\
Here there be dragons! [[DeathByMaterialism Expect difficulty leaving with it.]]
* TreehouseOfFun \\
A popular hang out for a kid's closest friends.
* TreeTopTown \\
When adults make an entire town out of [[TreehouseOfFun Treehouses of Fun]]. [[NoOSHACompliance Don't expect safety railings]].
* TrophyRoom \\
Where a character keeps mementos of their greatest adventures.
** ShrineToSelf \\
When a narcissist takes this trope UpToEleven.
** SuperheroTrophyShelf \\
When a superhero takes this trope UpToEleven in a different way.
* TruceZone \\
Neutral ground between two hostile nations where their peoples are encouraged to mingle to help warm relations and build a future peace. Opposite of TheNeutralZone.
* TunnelNetwork
* TurtleIsland \\
A turtle, whale, or other creature big enough and old enough to support a mobile ecosystem on its back.
* UncannyAtmosphere \\
Some vague sense of ''wrongness'' in an area sets the heroes on edge.
* UncannyVillage \\
A seemingly idyllic small town isn't quite what it appears on the surface. The townsfolk may or may not be in on it.
* UndefeatableLittleVillage \\
A small, close-knit community manages somehow to repeatedly repel an enemy power far more massive than it.
* {{Undercity}} \\
A city that suffered some calamity has been built-over and forgotten -- but it's still there.
* UndergroundCity \\
A city BeneathTheEarth which may have been buried, built by non-humans, and/or as a bunker to survive the apocalypse.
* UnderwaterBase \\
An underwater SupervillainLair.
* UnholyGround \\
%%Insert description here
* UnitedEurope \\
Europe is one, united superpower, acting as a single unit.
* UnnecessarilyLargeInterior \\
Buildings with impractically high ceilings and cavernous rooms. Architectural RuleOfCool.
* UrbanSegregation \\
Cities in fiction are very neatly divided between rich parts and poor parts with little patchwork or mixing.
* {{Veganopia}} \\
Peaceful societies don't eat meat.
* VestigialEmpire \\
The corrupt, declining remnant of a once mighty empire.
* ViceCity \\
A crime-ridden urban setting that has not quite yet declined into WretchedHive status. The default setting used in most WideOpenSandbox games.
* VideoArcade
* VillainWorld
* VolcanoLair \\
A SupervillainLair in a (usually inactive) volcano. Saves time digging. [[CollapsingLair Beware victory.]]
* WackyHomeroom \\
A HighSchool comedy setting, focused on a class of eccentrics who share an arbitrarily assigned homeroom.
* TheWarRoom \\
Hollywood's version of a command and control center. Rarely well-lit.
* WatchingAVideoGame \\
When movie heroes are forced to navigate a PlatformGame environment, such as a DeathCourse.
* WaterIsAir \\
Underwater shows ignore water resistance.
* {{Whitehall}} \\
Where British shows about government agencies and politics take place.
* TheWhiteHouse \\
Home and office of the President of the United States.
* WhereEverybodyKnowsYourFlame \\
Hollywood gay bars, where everything is cooler and more stylish, and stereotypes are taken UpToEleven.
* WhiteVoidRoom \\
A ''white'' featureless location, often an empty plane or void. Sometimes just meant to look futuristic.
* WildWilderness \\
The untouched wilderness is a place of adventure and is treated as almost another world.
* WizardingSchool \\
Where kids with magical talent go to learn to cast spells (and maybe math and stuff).
* WorldInTheSky \\
All civilization is sky-based.
* WretchedHive \\
A lawless land, populated almost entirely with cutthroats and other scum.
* WrongSideOfTheTracks \\
The bad places to be in a setting with UrbanSegregation.
* YeOldeNuclearSilo \\
In the future, abandoned nuclear silos are ready-made {{Elaborate Underground Base}}s.
* YouthCenter \\
Places for kids with little parental supervision to play that's safer and more wholesome than the streets.

!!Dimensions / Universes
* AlienSpaceBats
* AllMythsAreTrue
* AlternateWorldMap \\
When an RPG has alternate worlds.
* BizarroUniverse
* BloodyBowelsOfHell
* ConstructedWorld
* {{Cyberspace}}
* DarkWorld
* DreamLand
* {{Elseworld}}
* FireAndBrimstoneHell \\
The Common Hell
* FluffyCloudHeaven
* ForWantOfANail
* GiantFood
* {{Heaven}}
* {{Hell}}
* HellIsWar: \\
Hell is dedicated to the aspects of war
* IronicHell
* LandOfFaerie
* MagicalLand
* MentalWorld
* TheMetaverse
* MirrorUniverse
* MouseWorld
* TheMultiverse
* OnlyOneAfterlife
* PhantomZone
* PlaceBeyondTime
* PlatonicCave
* PocketDimension
* RolePlayingGameVerse
* RetroUniverse
* RPGMechanicsVerse
* SpiritWorld
* TheUnderworld
* {{Wackyland}}
* WarriorHeaven \\
Where [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Proud Warrior Race Guys]] go when they die.
* WorldOfChaos
* WorldOfHam \\
Where a simple conversation is spoken in ALL CAPS and [[PunctuatedForEmphasis PUNCTUATED! FOR! EMPHASIS!]]

!!Other / Multiple
* AdventureFriendlyWorld
* CaliforniaDoubling
* CasualTimeTravel
* {{Cloudcuckooland}}
* CrapsackWorld
** CrapsaccharineWorld
** CrapsackOnlyByComparison
** {{Dystopia}}
** DystopiaIsHard
** GaiasLament
** AWorldHalfFull
** WretchedHive
* CultureChopSuey
* DesolationShot
* DividedStatesOfAmerica
* DoublingForLondon
* EarthDrift
* {{Egopolis}}
* EmotionsVsStoicism
* EnvironmentalSymbolism
* EveryoneIsASuper
* ExoticBackdropSetting
* ExpandedStatesOfAmerica
* ExpandedUniverse
* ExpansionPackWorld
* FallenStatesOfAmerica
* FalseUtopia
* FantasyCounterpartCulture
* FisherKing
* FisherKingdom
* GodIsInept
* {{Gotterdammerung}}
* HellOnEarth
* InvadedStatesOfAmerica
* LegionOfLostSouls
* LocationSong
* LostColony
* MarySuetopia
* {{Matriarchy}}
* MetroSpecificUnderworld
* MundaneDogmatic
* NeverRecycleABuilding
* NewAge
* OneDegreeOfSeparation
* TheOutsideWorld
* PastRightNow \\
When something very much like the past is found in present day, either recreated or preserved.
* PlaceWorseThanDeath
* PlanetOfHats
* {{Planetville}}
* [[RecycledInSPACE Recycled IN SPACE!]] \\
An existing story is given a new setting.
* RTPStylePeriodPieceLocationShooting \\
When you take archive footage and make it like your characters were doing stuff in the exact moment the footage was being filmed.
* SchizoTech
* ScienceDestroysMagic
* {{Shadowland}}
* SharedUniverse
* SingleBiomePlanet \\
A desert planet, ice planet, ocean planet.
* SlidingScaleOfShinyVersusGritty
* SmallSecludedWorld
* SomewhereSong
* SpookySilentLibrary
* StandardFantasySetting
* StandardSciFiSetting
* StandardSuperheroSetting
* SugarBowl \\
A bright, colorful, happy world.
* TelevisionGeography
* ThereAreNoGoodExecutives
* TheUnmasquedWorld
* {{Utopia}}
* TheVerse
* WainscotSociety\\
The setting may look like our world to most of its inhabitants -- but there's a whole secondary society in hiding.
* WeWillUseLasersInTheFuture\\
Setting where FrickinLaserBeams are portrayed as superior to kinetic weapons.
* WhereTheHellIsSpringfield
* TheWonderland
* WorldGoneMad
* WorldOfBadass \\
''Everyone'' is a {{Badass}}.
* WorldOfHam \\
''Everyone'' is a LargeHam.
* TheWorldAsMyth
* WorldOfPun
* WorldOfSymbolism
* WorldOfWeirdness
* WorldShapes
** DysonSphere
** FlatWorld
** HollowWorld
** RingWorldPlanet
* YouWouldNotWantToLiveInDex