->''"TheNineties saw a wave of middle-brow adaptations of [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare The Bard's]] plays, often taking them to new and interesting territory. There was Theatre/HenryIV [[Film/MyOwnPrivateIdaho with rent boys]], [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_III_%281995_film%29 a Fascist]] Theatre/RichardIII, Theatre/TheTamingOfTheShrew [[Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou in High School]], Theatre/{{Hamlet}} [[Disney/TheLionKing with lions]], Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet [[Film/WilliamShakespearesRomeoAndJuliet with seizures]]..."''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/BrowsHeldHigh Oancitizen]]''', while reviewing another Shakespeare update, ''Film/TromeoAndJuliet''

Adaptations of old stories will frequently move them closer to the production in time and/or space, even if the original is only a couple of decades old, in a DerivativeWorks kind of CreatorProvincialism.

Distinct from RecycledINSPACE in that the purpose is to make the story more familiar and accessible, whereas that trope is often based around transplanting a story into a ''less'' familiar setting. Also, by its nature, a Setting Update is typically made long after the original, whereas a RecycledPremise is usually a MeToo made [[FollowTheLeader to cash in on hot demand]]. Sometimes, especially with the more radical changes, it can be a genuinely clever analogy.

A Setting Update can still be described with [-[[RecycledINSPACE IN SPACE!]]-] style, though, since that usually isn't all that's changed.

Related to ComicBookTime for long running series. Also related to {{Retcon}}.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''IkkiTousen'' is ''Literature/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' [-AS A HIGH SCHOOL {{PANTY FIGHTER}} ANIME!-]
* ''KoihimeMusou'' is ''Literature/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' [-AS A {{GENDER FLIP}}PED [[GirlsLove YURI]] FEST!-]
* ''Anime/KoutetsuSangokushi'' is ''Literature/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' [-WITH {{BISHONEN}} / {{HOYAY}}!-]
* And for the younger kids at home, ''Toys/BBSenshiSangokuden'' is ''Three Kingdoms'' [-WITH ROBOTS!-]
* ''Manga/DragonBall'' is ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'' [-IN THE PRESENT-]! [-MAYBE-]!
* ''{{Anime/Shinzo}}'' is ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'' [-[[FollowTheLeader WITH COLLECTABLE CARD BASED CREATURES]] IN [[AfterTheEnd THE FUTURE]]-]!.
* ''FistOfTheNorthStar'' is, at least in the beginning, ''MadMax'' [-STARRING [[BruceLeeClone BRUCE LEE]]!-]
* ''Manga/{{Area 88}}'' is ''Literature/TheCountOfMonteCristo'' [-WITH FIGHTER JETS-]!
* ''TheBorrowerArrietty'' is ''Literature/TheBorrowers '' [-IN JAPAN!-]
* ''Anime/SailorMoonCrystal'' is ''Manga/SailorMoon'' [-IN 2014!-] Compared to the [[Manga/SailorMoon manga and original anime]]'s 1992 setting, it features updated tech. Though a cellphone is seen in Act 1, it's much more noticeable in Act 2, where the computers are much more modern than those in the manga and 90s anime (in particular, Usagi has a pink laptop with a bunny decal on it). ''Crystal'' does retain the original [[VideoArcade Game Center Crown]], (2003's [[Series/PrettyGuardianSailorMoon tokusatsu version]] updated it to a karaoke bar) but though the industry is [[http://kotaku.com/what-could-kill-japanese-arcades-1552675093 contracting]], arcades remain relatively popular in Japan, unlike the west. However, the actual ''Sailor V'' video game is something of an aversion, looking like an early '90s platformer, which is somewhat odd considering [[IKnowMortalKombat the reason]] [[Manga/CodenameSailorV the game was created]]. Maybe it's supposed to be {{Retraux}} in-universe?
* While ''Manga/HunterXHunter'' isn't set any discernible time period (since it's a fantasy series), the 2011 remake features updated technology. Flip-phones are changed to smartphones, and VHS tapes are changed to [=DVDs=].
* This happens whenever a manga from TheSeventies or TheEighties gets new adaptations. For example the ''Manga/OniisamaE'' manga is from the early 70s, while the TV series is from the early 90s; the "Oniisama" Takehiko Henmi is seen writing his thesis in a typing machine in the manga, but he uses an early desktop computer (floppy disks included) in the anime.
* A ''very'' subtle one in ''Manga/DeathNote'' where the anime is set three years later than the manga, only really noticeable through the use of dates in the series.
* The anime adaptation of ''Manga/{{Parasyte}}'' has the characters using modern technology such as laptops and touch-screen phones and wearing modern hair/clothing styles. [[UnintentionalPeriodPiece In short, the original manga was clearly made in 1988, while the anime was clearly made in 2014]].

* ''ComicBook/UltimateMarvel'' imprint is early(ish) Creator/MarvelComics [-IN THE 2000s!-] Earlier ComicBook/MarvelAdventures comics (formerly known as Marvel Age) were the same thing, only child-friendly, and they directly adapted older Marvel comics.
* ''ComicBook/RapunzelsRevenge'' is "Literature/{{Rapunzel}}" [-IN A {{SCHIZOTECH}} OLD WEST!-]
* In Creator/MarvelComics or Creator/DCComics superhero lines, almost any retelling of a character's origin will fall into this category, especially as regards technology, the status of minorities and who the President is. The only exceptions are characters whose origins are fixed in history, e.g. ComicBook/CaptainAmerica. (That said, compare the versions of Cap's awakening in the modern day from the original in ''Avengers'' #4-10 (when he was only 20 years out of date), and the ''Captain America: Man Out of Time'' miniseries for a perfect example of this trope.)
* ''ComicBook/TamaraDrewe'' by Posy Simmonds is ''Literature/FarFromTheMaddingCrowd'' [-AT A WRITER'S RETREAT!-]
* VertigoComics' ''Greek Street'' is Myth/GreekMythology [-IN MODERN LONDON-]!
* Each ''Franchise/{{Tintin}}'' book is set in the year it was first published, despite the title character not ageing much, if at all. The result is that Tintin himself looks just about the same from 1931's ''The Blue Lotus'' right through to 1976's ''Tintin and the Picaros''. Other recurring characters take it even further - most notably General Alcazar, who resembles a formal-style [[TheGeneralissimo 1930s military dictator]] in ''The Broken Ear'', but in ''Tintin and the Picaros'' his dress sense resembles that of FidelCastro or CheGuevara.
* ''ComicBook/SherwoodTexas'' places RobinHood as the leader of an outlaw biker gang in the NewOldWest.

* ''Film/{{The Legend of Bagger Vance}}'' is the ''Bhagavad Gita'' [-IN THE JIM CROW SOUTH!-]
* ''Film/{{Disturbia}}'' is ''Film/RearWindow'' [-WITH TEENAGERS!-]
* ''Film/TheMagnificentSeven'' was ''Film/SevenSamurai'' [-IN THE OLD WEST!-] Then Roger Corman made ''Battle Beyond The Stars'', which is ''The Magnificent Seven'' InSpace! (It even has Robert Vaughn playing a character who's essentially and Expy of his character in the western version.)
* A classic three-way version: ''Film/AFistfulOfDollars'' is ''Yojimbo'' [-IN THE OLD WEST!-], while ''Film/{{Yojimbo}}'' was ''Literature/RedHarvest'' [-IN FEUDAL JAPAN!-] And ''Film/LastManStanding'' is ''A Fistful of Dollars'' [-IN PROHIBITION-ERA TEXAS BORDER COUNTRY!-]
* ''Film/OBrotherWhereArtThou?'' is Homer's ''Literature/TheOdyssey'' [-IN THE [[DeepSouth SOUTHERN UNITED STATES]] DURING TheGreatDepression!-]
* ''Theatre/TheWiz'' is ''Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz'' [-IN TWENTIETH CENTURY HARLEM!-]
* Creator/WilliamShakespeare gets this treatment a lot[[note]]Though this may be {{Justified|Trope}} as Shakepeare's plays were written to be modern; what is now period dress would have been modern at the time, and several Shakespeare scholars have supported this line of thinking.[[/note]]:
** TheOnion has [[http://www.theonion.com/content/news/unconventional_director_sets mocked this kind of behaviour]].
** ''GnomeoAndJuliet'' is ''Romeo and Juliet'' [-WITH GARDEN GNOMES!-]
** ''ScotlandPA'' was ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' [-AS A DARK COMEDY SET IN A RESTAURANT IN 1970S AMERICA!-]
** ''Disney/TheLionKing'' was ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' [-IN AFRICA! ANIMATED! [[DisneyFication DISNEYFIED]]! WITH A HAPPY ENDING INSTEAD OF A STAGE FULL OF CORPSES!-] Replace ''Hamlet'' with ''Romeo and Juliet'' and you get the sequel. And replace ''Hamlet'' with ''Theatre/RosencrantzAndGuildensternAreDead'' and you get the {{Interquel}}.
** 1996's ''WilliamShakespearesRomeoAndJuliet'' is ''Romeo and Juliet'' [-IN THE MODERN DAY! WITH ALMOST THE EXACT SAME DIALOG!-] (They even had guns called "Sword 9mm"s.)
** And the 2000 ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' is the play [-IN CORPORATE AMERICA!-]... featuring some of the most numerous and blatant {{product placement}}s ever filmed. Who can forget the Ghost of Hamlet's father disappearing into a Pepsi machine?
** The 2008 Royal Shakespearean Company's ''Hamlet'' is also set [-IN THE PRESENT DAY-] with lots of surveillance cameras around, adding to the sense of oppression and claustrophobia. And featuring [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor]] as Hamlet and [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Captain Picard]] as Claudius! [[http://www.pbs.org/wnet/gperf/episodes/hamlet/watch-the-film/980/ See it here courtesy of those nice people over at PBS.]]
** The 2006 ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' is the play [-WITH MODERN-DAY AUSTRALIAN DRUG LORDS! And WITH GOTH CHICKS!-] as the three witches, for good measure.
** 1996's ''Theatre/TwelfthNight'' [-IN VICTORIAN ENGLAND!-]
** 1999's ''Theatre/AMidsummerNightsDream'' [-IN 19TH CENTURY ITALY!-]
** There are also a bunch of films whose premise is Creator/WilliamShakespeare [-[[HighSchoolAU IN A MODERN DAY HIGH SCHOOL!]]-]
*** ''10 Things I Hate About You'' (''Theatre/TheTamingOfTheShrew''). It even {{lampshade}}s this heavily by incorporating quite a few Shakespeare references.
*** ''ShesTheMan'' (''Twelfth Night'').
*** ''Film/{{O}}'' (''Theatre/{{Othello}}'' [-WITH RAP STARS!-])
*** ''Film/SwitchbladeSisters'' (''Othello'' [-WITH KNIFE-WIELDING SCHOOLGIRLS!-])
** Akira Kurosawa's ''Film/ThroneOfBlood'' was ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' [-WITH SAMURAI!-] And ''Film/{{Ran}}'' was ''Theatre/KingLear'' [-WITH SAMURAI!-] And ''The Bad Sleep Well'' was ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' [-IN MODERN DAY JAPAN!-]
** Jane Smiley's ''A Thousand Acres'' was ''King Lear'' [-ON A FARM IN IOWA!-] and from Goneril's (Ginny's) perspective.
** The 2002 movie ''King of Texas'' was ''King Lear'' [-IN TEXAS!-] Starring Creator/PatrickStewart, no less.
** Before the 2000 ''Hamlet'', there was the black and white Danish film ''Hamlet Goes Business'' which was ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
** ''Film/TromeoAndJuliet'' is ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'' [-IN MODERN MANHATTAN AS A TROMA FILM!-] Instead of dying, the title characters run off and get married despite turning out to be brother and sister. It ''is'' a Troma film, after all.
** Creator/KennethBranagh's ''Love's Labour's Lost'' is ''Theatre/LovesLaboursLost'' [-AS A MUSICAL SET IN THE 1930s!!!-] Branagh's ''Hamlet'' also has an updated setting; not all the way to the 20th century, but still several centuries after the play was written. He also did ''Theatre/AsYouLikeIt'' set in 19th century Japan.
** ''Film/MyOwnPrivateIdaho'' is ''Theatre/HenryIVPart1'' [-IN PORTLAND OREGON WITH MALE PROSTITUTES, ONE OF WHOM IS NARCOLEPTIC-]. No really, it is: Scott is Prince Hal, and Bob Pigeon is Falstaff.
** Julie Taymor's ''Titus'' is ''Theatre/TitusAndronicus'' [-IN AN AnachronismStew OF ANCIENT ROMAN AND 20TH CENTURY ITALIAN SETTINGS!-]
** ''All Night Long'' is ''Theatre/{{Othello}}'' [-IN THE WORLD OF JAZZ-]
** A 2010 PBS movie of ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' is set during the Russian Revolution, with Patrick Stewart in the lead role.
** 2011's Coriolanus is ''Theatre/{{Coriolanus}}'' [-IN THE MODERN DAY!-]
** Creator/JossWhedon filmed an update of ''Theatre/MuchAdoAboutNothing'' in 2012 that updates the setting to the present. Interestingly this causes ambiguity as to what exactly the main characters are, the main suggestion is either spies or mafia soldiers. Given the power struggles involved, the second seems more likely. It is also notable for being able to highlight the [[ValuesDissonance nasty sexual politics of the original play.]]
* There was a movie called ''{{G}}'' that was ''Literature/TheGreatGatsby'' [-WITH RAP STARS!-]
* ''Film/{{Clueless}}'' was Creator/JaneAusten's ''Literature/{{Emma}}'' [-IN A MODERN DAY HIGH SCHOOL!-]
* ''Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds'' is particularly prone to this in adaptations, with the [[Radio/TheWarOfTheWorlds 1938 radio play]], the [[Film/TheWarOfTheWorlds1953 1953 film]], the [[Series/WarOfTheWorlds 1980s]] [=TV=] series, and two of the three [[Film/TheWarOfTheWorlds 2005 films]] moving the setting to the present day from the novel's 1902. Music/JeffWayne's RockOpera [[Music/JeffWaynesMusicalVersionOfTheWarOfTheWorlds adaptation]] (and the [[VideoGame/JeffWaynesWarOfTheWorlds PC game]] based on it), along with the third of the 2005 releases, are the only ones that ''keep'' the original setting.
* TheFilmOfTheBook of ''Literature/BridgeToTerabithia'' moved from TheSeventies to the PresentDay. Someone forgot to tell the guy in charge of getting a school bus for the movie, though.
* ''Film/CasinoRoyale'' (Notably, the 2006 movie had TEXAS HOLD-EM! in place of the 1953 book's baccarat.) In fact, most of the ''Film/JamesBond'' series qualifies, as each film is set during roughly the time period in which it was made.
* The film adaptations of ''Literature/TheBourneSeries'', which was written in the '70s, which also necessitated major changes to the plot since the RippedFromTheHeadlines villains of the books was no longer relevant in the 2000s (being just a teensy bit ''in prison for the rest of his life'').
* Literature/TheSaint and Literature/MikeHammer have so far never appeared in film or TV adaptations in period pieces. The Armand Assante remake presented an updated story with Hammer as a Vietnam veteran instead of a Pacific Theater World War II veteran. Even though the last time Stacy Keach played Hammer aired over fifty years since the first appearance of Mike Hammer, it presented an updated story. Roger Moore's [[Series/TheSaint version of The Saint]] debuted over thirty years after the first appearance of the Saint in print in 1928, but presented an updated story, as did subsequent adaptations with Ian Ogilivy, Andrew Clarke, and Simon Dutton. The Val Kilmer film took place in contemporary times, arriving in theaters in 1997-almost seventy years after the Saint's debut.
* {{Superhero}} films tend to do this, often taking characters and concepts created during the [[UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfComicBooks Golden]] and {{Silver Age}}s and transplanting their origins to a contemporary setting. For example, the 2008 ''[[Film/IronMan1 Iron Man]]'' took place during TheWarOnTerror rather than TheVietnamWar, and the ''[[Film/FantasticFour2015 Fantastic Four]]'' reboot has the characters gaining their powers in 2015 rather than during the UsefulNotes/ColdWar.
* ''Film/{{Scrooged}}'' is Charles Dickens' ''Literature/AChristmasCarol'' [-IN THE 1980s!-] It works, though, because of the cleverness of using a ShowWithinAShow concept - the Scrooge analogue is producing a live TV adaptation of the original ''A Christmas Carol'', yet clearly misses the point until it happens to him.
* The movie ''Guess Who?'' was a remake of the classic film ''Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?'', updated to the modern day, [-WITH THE RACES REVERSED!-]
* ''Film/TheWarriors'' is Xenophon's ''Literature/{{Anabasis}}'' [-WITH GANGS IN MODERN NEW YORK!-] Though this is a borderline case: Only the vague plot and some character names are similar.
* ''Shortcut to Happiness'' is ''Literature/TheDevilAndDanielWebster'' [-IN LAS VEGAS!-]
* ''Film/CruelIntentions'' was ''[[Literature/DangerousLiaisons Les Liaisons Dangereuses]]'' [-WITH TEENAGERS IN MODERN NEW YORK!-]
* ''Film/{{Swimfan}}'' was ''Film/PlayMistyForMe'' [-WITH TEENAGERS!-]
* ''Film/{{Dagon}}'' is ''Literature/TheShadowOverInnsmouth'' [-IN A SMALL SPANISH VILLAGE!-]
* ''Film/ApocalypseNow'' is Joseph Conrad's ''Literature/HeartOfDarkness'' [-IN VIETNAM!-]
* This used to be commonplace for Franchise/SherlockHolmes movies. For instance, only the first two of the Rathbone/Bruce series in the 1930s-1940s took place in the Victorian era. Nowadays the world is different enough that setting them in the present day would drastically affect the concept, which is probably why it's no longer done as often.
* ''Rear Window'' (1998) is ''Film/RearWindow'' [-WITH A GENUINELY DISABLED ACTOR!!-]. While it's a well-made movie with an intense performance by Christopher Reeve, the gimmick factor was an ElephantInTheLivingRoom.
* ''The Outrage'' is ''Film/{{Rashomon}}'' [-IN THE OLD WEST!-] [-WITH WILLIAM SHATNER!-]
* Film/TheFaculty is ''Film/InvasionOfTheBodySnatchers'' [-IN HIGH SCHOOL!-]
* ''Three O'Clock High'' is ''Film/HighNoon'' [-IN HIGH SCHOOL!-]
* ''AngelsInTheOutfield'' (1994) is ''Angels in the Outfield'' (1951) [-WITH A TEAM NAMED THE ANGELS! AND A KID! AND CHRISTOPHER LLOYD!-]
* ''Film/MeanMachine'' is ''Film/TheLongestYard'' [-IN BRITAIN WITH THE OTHER KIND OF FOOTBALL!-]
* ''[[Literature/BridgetJones Bridget Jones's Diary]]'' is ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' [-IN THE MODERN DAY!-] The sequel is either ''Literature/MansfieldPark'' or "Persuasion"!
* ''Film/TheDeparted'' is ''Film/InfernalAffairs'' [-IN SOUTH BOSTON!-]
* Creator/MelGibson's ''Film/ThePatriot'' is arguably Mel Gibson's ''Braveheart'' [-IN AMERICA!-]
* ''Film/{{Braveheart}}'' is ''MadMax'' [-IN SCOTLAND!-]
* ''Film/OneCrazySummer'' is ''Film/BetterOffDead'' [-IN NANTUCKET!-]
* ''Film/CastAway'' is ''Literature/RobinsonCrusoe'' [-IN THE MID-LATE 90S WITH A VOLLEYBALL AS FRIDAY!-]
* ''Film/ThreeKings'' is ''Kelly's Heroes'' [-DURING THE GULF WAR!-]
* ''Film/{{Australia}}'' is ''Film/OutOfAfrica'' [-IN AUSTRALIA!-]
* ''Armaan'' was ''Film/{{Casablanca}}'' [-IN INDIA AND AS A UsefulNotes/{{BOLLYWOOD}} MUSICAL!-]
* ''Film/ShesAllThat'' is ''Theatre/{{Pygmalion}}'' [-IN HIGH SCHOOL!-]
* The MadeForTVMovie ''Film/{{Carrie}}'' is the Brian [=DePalma=] movie and the Creator/StephenKing novel [-IN EARLY '00s!-]
* The TV movie ''Lost Voyage'' (2001) could be called ''Film/EventHorizon'' [-NOT IN SPACE!-]
* ''Film/{{Accepted}}'' is ''Film/CampNowhere'' [-IN COLLEGE!-]
* The 2005 ''Film/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' is [-MODERN!-]. In particular, Mike Teavee's addiction is changed from gangster movies and westerns to violent video games! There are animatronic puppets that malfunction comically! (Strangely enough, when Teavee is confronted with a video game setting inside the factory, he claims that it is "lame".)
* Both ''Disney/OliverAndCompany'' and ''Film/AugustRush'' are ''Literature/OliverTwist'' [-IN MODERN-DAY NEW YORK CITY!-] The difference is that ''Oliver And Company'' adds to that [-WITH TALKING ANIMALS!-] and ''August Rush'' is [-WITH MUSICAL SKILL IN PLACE OF MONEY!-]
* ''Film/KamenRiderTheFirst'' and ''Film/KamenRiderTheNext'' are remakes of ''Series/KamenRider'' and ''Series/KamenRiderV3'', but with the setting changed from the 1970s to the TurnOfTheMillennium.
* The two Allan Quatermain films with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone moved Quatermain forward to the World War I era, not the 1880s and earlier setting of the Creator/HRiderHaggard novels.
* ''Phantom of the Paradise'' was ''Literature/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' and {{Faust}} [-IN THE HAIR-ROCK '70S!-] While ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_UUf0KsvYo The Phantom Lover]]'' was ''The Phantom of the Opera'' [-IN CHINA!-] (Bit of trivia here: the Chinese title for it roughly translates into "Music of the Night")
* ''Film/EasyA'' is ''TheScarletLetter'' [-IN MODERN DAY AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL!-]
* ''Film/TheLairOfTheWhiteWorm'' was an old Creator/BramStoker novel updated to modern day for the film adaptation.
* ''Film/TheATeam'' is ''Series/TheATeam'' WITH IRAQ VETS!
* The 1998 film of ''Film/GreatExpectations'' is set in Florida and New York in the Seventies and Eighties, and Pip's name is changed to Finnegan Bell, among other name changes.
* ''TheNatural'' is ''Literature/TheOdyssey'' mixed with [[ArthurianLegend The Tale of Sir Perceval]] WITH BASEBALL IN 1939!
* ''Jindabyne'' is ''[[Film/ShortCuts So Much Water]], So Close To Home'' [-IN THE NEW SOUTH WALES HIGH COUNTRY!-]
* ''Film/{{Click}}'' is The Magic Thread, an old French tale, set in the modern-day United States. The premise of a tv remote control that can control time is taken from an old ''Buster Comics'' strip called ''Vid Kid''.
* ''Huck and the King of Hearts'' is ''Literature/AdventuresOfHuckleberryFinn'' [-IN THE 1990s! WITH A TRUCK INSTEAD OF A RAFT!-]
* The original sci-fi story ''Literature/WhoGoesThere'' was written in the 1930s. ''Film/TheThing1982'' gave the year as 1982, the same year it was released.
* ''HeddaGabler'''s 2004 American film adaptation moves the setting to present-day Wenatchee, WA.
* ''Film/YouveGotMail'' is ''The Shop Around the Corner'' IN AMERICA AND WITH THE INTERNET! (It's even lampshaded with the name of Meg Ryan's bookstore).
* Variant: ''Film/DjangoUnchained'' is a Western in the pre-Civil War DeepSouth instead of TheWildWest.
* ''StrangeBrew'' is Hamlet [-AT A BREWERY IN A CANADA-]
* ''Film/{{PCU}}'' is ''Film/AnimalHouse'' [-IN [[TheNineties THE NINETIES]]!-]
* The LiveActionAdaptation of ''DudleyDoRight'' was [-IN THE (NINETEEN) NINETIES!-]
* ''Film/WeirdScience'' was adapted from a 1950s comic book story and updated for [-[[TheEighties THE 1980s]] HOME COMPUTER AGE!-]
* The 2014 version of ''Film/{{Annie|2014}}'' is set in ThePresentDay rather than the 1930s, averting the PoliticallyCorrectHistory of the 1999 version. This produces several other changes, such as Miss Hannigan running a foster home instead of an orphanage.
* The Franchise/UniversalHorror films ''Film/{{Frankenstein 1931}}'' and ''Film/{{Dracula 1931}}'' are both based on books written in the 19th century but the films take place in then-present day.
* The plot of ''WesternAnimation/TheBookOfLife'' is very similar to "[[Myth/ClassicalMythology Orpheus and Eurydice]]", though transplanted to turn-of-the-century Mexico, with an added focus on a cultural holiday - the Day of the Dead.
* The 2001 MadeForTVMovie ''Murder on the Orient Express'' is ''Literature/MurderOnTheOrientExpress'' [-AT THE TURN OF THE MILLENNIUM!-]

* StephenFry's ''The Star's Tennis Balls'' is ''Literature/TheCountOfMonteCristo'' [-IN 1990s BRITAIN!-]
* James Joyce's ''{{Ulysses}}'' is ''Literature/TheOdyssey'' [-IN DUBLIN WITH ORDINARY PEOPLE!-] And [-[[MindScrew REALLY CONFUSING!]]-]
** And Jacob M. Appel's ''The Biology of Luck'' is ''Ulysses'' [-IN NEW YORK!-]
* Creator/HarryTurtledove's Confederacy series ''Literature/{{Timeline 191}}'' is [[HistoryOfTheUSSR The Great Patriotic War]] [-IN AMERICA!-] Featherstone is Hitler, Houston/Kentucky is Austria/Sudetenland, [[SignificantAnagram Morrell is Rommel]], and Pittsburgh is Stalingrad.
* Jane's Smiley's ''A Thousand Acres'' is ''Theatre/KingLear'' [-ON A FARM IN IOWA! FROM GONERIL'S POV!-]
* ''TheGreenMile'', according to WordOfGod, is the story of the execution of Jesus [-IN A 1930s PRISON-]
* Reginald Hill's ''Pictures of Perfection'' is ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' [-OopNorth IN THE 1990s! AS A GAY ROMANCE!-]
* Will Self's ''Dorian'' is ''Literature/ThePictureOfDorianGray'' [-IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY-]
* OlderThanPrint: The Middle English poem ''Sir Orfeo'' is ''Orpheus and Euridyce'' [-IN MEDIEVAL WESSEX, WITH THE KING OF TheFairFolk INSTEAD OF THE GOD OF THE DEAD AND A HAPPY ENDING!-]
* ''OneQEightyFour'' is ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'' [-IN TOKYO!-]
* The Austen Project is all Creator/JaneAusten's novels (but not ''Literature/LadySusan'' or ''Literature/LoveAndFreindship'') [-IN 21st CENTURY BRITAIN!-] Starting with ''Sense & Sensibility'' by Joanna Trollope, which is ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility'' [-WITH SOCIAL MEDIA!-]
* ''Looking Glass Girl'' by Cathy Cassidy is ''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland'' [-WITH ALICE IN A COMA FOLLOWING AN ACCIDENT (OR WAS IT?) AT A SLEEPOVER!-] Written for the 150th anniversary of ''Alice''.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Shakespea Re-Told'' [sic] is blatantly this:
** ''Theatre/MuchAdoAboutNothing'' [-IN A MODERN DAY TV STUDIO!-]
** ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' [-IN A MODERN DAY RESTURANT!-]
** ''Theatre/TheTamingOfTheShrew'' [-WITH POLITICIANS!-]
** ''Theatre/AMidsummerNightsDream'' [-IN CENTER PARCS!-]
* ITV did a TV production of ''Theatre/{{Othello}}'' [-AS A MODERN DAY COP DRAMA, WITH OTHELLO AS A NEWLY PROMOTED POLICE COMISSIONER AND IAGO AS HIS JEALOUS FORMER PARTNER!-] Worth checking out for Creator/ChristopherEccleston emanating pure malice as [[strike: Iago]] Jago, before being cast as Series/DoctorWho.
* Brazilian soap opera ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O_Cravo_e_a_Rosa O Cravo e a Rosa]]'' (lit. "The Carnation and the Rose", after a local song) is ''The Taming of the Shrew'' [-IN 1920s SÃO PAULO!-]
* ITV's 2000 ''Literature/AChristmasCarol'' is ''A Christmas Carol'' [-WITH ROSS KEMP AS A [[LondonGangster LONDON GANGSTER]] SCROOGE!-]
* Spoofed in a ChannelFour documentary about ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'', which reinvented it as [-AS A GLOSSY AMERICAN SOAP!-] to make a point. The Ghost was replaced by a VideoWill, and the [[FreudWasRight Oedipal undertones]] rapidly became text.
* The Creator/{{NBC}} series ''Series/{{Kings}}'' is the [[Literature/TheBible biblical]] story of King Saul and David [-IN SOME SORT OF PARALLEL UNIVERSE CLOSELY RESEMBLING MODERN AMERICA!-]
* ''Series/{{House}}'' is ''Manga/BlackJack'' [-WITHOUT THE [[Creator/OsamuTezuka TEZUKA]] STAR SYSTEM AND MORE SURGEONS!-] A lot of people think it's more like "Literature/SherlockHolmes [-AS A DOCTOR!-]" (lampshaded slightly when House is shot by Jack Moriarty)
* ''Series/TheBrothersGarcia'' is ''TheWonderYears'' [-WITH HISPANICS!-]
* Based on the premise, ''Series/StargateUniverse'' may be ''Series/StarTrekVoyager''... [-IN THE PRESENT!-]
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' is ''ComicBook/{{X-Men}}'' [-IN THE REAL WORLD!-]
* There are two unrelated Russian TV miniseries, ''Graf Krestovsky'' (''Count Krestovsky'') and ''Favorsky'', both of which are ''Literature/TheCountOfMonteCristo'' [-IN PRESENT-DAY RUSSIA!-] And now there's a '''third''' one, aptly named ''Montekristo''...
* ''Cosmo and George'' is ''Series/MorkAndMindy'' [-IN SINGAPORE! WITH MINDY AS AN INDIAN GUY!-]
* There's a BBC ''Macbeth'', [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV25yBl9VkM&list=PLC79AF51422D5BDB7 made in 1997]] and starring James Frain and RayWinstone, set in [-A PRESENT DAY SLUM!-]
* ''SeaQuestDSV'' was effectively ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' [-OUT OF SPACE!-], much more pronouncedly so after the end of TNG's run. (In the first ''[=seaQuest=]'' episode after TNG ended, an alien race arrives in a ship whose design was quite obviously lifted from that of the Borg Cube.)
* Currently making waves across east Asia, the Korean revenge drama ''Cruel Temptation'' is ''Literature/TheCountOfMonteCristo'' [-IN MODERN TIMES WITH GENDERFLIPS!-]
* ''Series/ChoujinkiMetalder'' is ''[[Series/{{Kikaider}} Android Kikaider]]'' [-SET IN THE TheEighties WITH A UsefulNotes/WorldWarII BACKDROP!-]
* ChannelFour schools programmes about Shakespeare often did this: ''Julius Cesear'' [-AS A MODERN DAY POLITICIAN! WITH MARK ANTHONY'S FINAL SPEECH BEING TELEVISED!-]; ''Macbeth'' [-ON A COUNCIL ESTATE! WITH TEENAGE WITCHES ON ROLLERBLADES!-]; ''Twelfth Night'' [-WITH THE ROUND SUNG BY SIR TOBY AND FESTE AS A RAP!-] Since they only did a couple of scenes, they didn't have to maintain the concept for the whole play.
* ChannelFour again, ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' [-IN MODERN DAY SCOTLAND, ONLY IT'S STILL AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY!-]
* Creator/TheBBC did a version of ''Theatre/TwelfthNight'' [-IN THE MID 20TH CENTURY! WITH SEBASTIAN AND VIOLA AS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!-]
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' is ''Literature/SherlockHolmes'' [-IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!-] Ditto for ''Series/{{Elementary}}'', which one-ups ''Sherlock'' by moving the action to [[BigApplesauce New York]] and making Watson an [[RaceLift Asian]] [[GenderFlip woman]].
* ''Series/DaimajinKanon'' is a remake of the original film, but with the setting changed to TheNewTens.
* The 1991 prime time revival of ''Series/DarkShadows'' was essentially the same as the classic series with the modern story arcs updated from the mid-to-late 1960s/early 1970s to the early 1990s. The aborted 2004 WB version would have once again updated the modern portions of the series to the then present day.
* ''Series/PrettyGuardianSailorMoon'' still takes place in Tokyo, but in 2004 rather than 1992 like in the original [[Manga/SailorMoon manga]]. As such, the technology and fashion are updated accordingly, with the Senshi using cellphones to transform rather than pens.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderUK''. With its episodes based off of episodes from the [[Series/LawAndOrder original series]], not only did the dialogue need to be "translated" into BritishEnglish, it needed to be updated to reflect modern times--technology, cultural references, etc.
* Sky/Canal's The Tunnel was an Anglo-French remake of the Danish-Swedish crime drama 'The Bridge'.
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' is the original ''ComicBook/{{Superboy}}'' comics with a HotterAndSexier tone and the setting changed from the 1950s to the TurnOfTheMillennium (ThePresentDay when the series was made).
* InUniverse example in the ''Series/RedDwarf'' episode "Better Than Life":
-->'''Lister''': They've remade ''Film/{{Casablanca}}''! Philistines! How can you remake ''Casablanca''? The one starring Myra Binglebat and Peter Beardsley was definitive!\\
'''Holly''': I saw that. Knockout. "Of all the space-bars in all the worlds, you had to rematerialise in mine."
* ''Series/{{Selfie}}'' is ''Theater/MyFairLady'' set in a modern-day pharamceutical company. Lowly flower girl Eliza Doolittle is now Eliza Dooley, a self-absorbed PluckyOfficeGirl obsessed with social media, while Prof. Henry Higgins becomes PR SpinDoctor Henry Higgs, who takes it upon himself to make Eliza into a better person.
* Only a borderline example as the original is ''very'' vague about whjen it's set, but the 1981 BBC adaptation of ''Literature/TheDayOfTheTriffids'' moves the setting from "TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture from the perspective of TheFifties" to NextSundayAD in TheEighties. The 2009 adaptation might also count, although it also diverges so far from the source material that it's probably beyond the remit of this trope.

* Basshunter's "Now You're Gone" is his previous "Boten Anna" [-IN ENGLISH!-] Ditto this for "All I Ever Wanted"/"Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota".
* Peter Schickele claims to have updated for contemporary audiences the references in Music/PDQBach's "Classical Rap," whose alleged original was about 18th-century Viennese yuppies.

* Creator/TheBBC Radio 4 series of Afternoon Plays ''New Metamorphoses'' was Ovid's ''Literature/{{Metamorphoses}}'' [-IN MODERN BRITAIN!-]
* Creator/TheBBC Radio 4 ''Woman's Hour'' drama ''The Way We Live Right Now'', was Creator/AnthonyTrollope's ''The Way We Live Now'' [-[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin RIGHT NOW!]]-]
* ''Franchise/TheGreenHornet'' was ''TheLoneRanger'' [-IN MODERN TIMES!-]
* Creator/TheBBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play ''The Patience of Mr Job'' was the [[Literature/TheBible Biblical]] story of Job [-IN MODERN AFRICA! WITH "FAITH" IN FREE-MARKET ECONOMICS INSTEAD OF GOD!-]
* Creator/TheBBC Radio 4 comedy series ''Brian Gulliver's Travels'' is ''Literature/GulliversTravels'' [-WITH THE SATIRE UPDATED TO BE ABOUT MODERN BRITAIN!-]
* Creator/TheBBC Radio 4 series of Afternoon Plays (they like this trope) ''Arabian Afternoons'' is '' Literature/ArabianNights'' [-IN THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST!-]
* Creator/TheBBC Radio 4 serial ''The Mumbai Chuzzlewits'' is ''Martin Chuzzlewit'' by Creator/CharlesDickens [-IN MODERN INDIA!-]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* D20Modern is... well, ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' [-IN THE MODERN WORLD!-] Especially the ''Urban Arcana'' setting.
* ''DeltaGreen'' is ''TabletopGame/CallOfCthulhu'' [-WITH SPECIAL FORCES!-] [[spoiler:It doesn't make much difference.]]
* InUniverse examples in a ''TranshumanSpace'':
** In ''Teralogos News'' a review of a new production of ''Theatre/TheTempest'' says "Over the last few years, Shakespeare's final complete play has suffered the most tragic fate which can overtake a classic text; it has become relevant. I swear, if I see one more [=InVid=] staging which transmutes Prospero's island into an L-5 station, with Ariel as an infomorph and Caliban as an experimental bioroid, I'll claw out my implant." Doesn't count as RecycledInSpace, because it's the present day from the perspective of the reviewer.
** ''Toxic Memes'' mentions a 2042 remake of ''Film/MrSmithGoesToWashington'', in which Smith expresses the opinion that [[DemocracyIsFlawed democracy is all a big con]], and a 2097 remake of the German silent film ''Alraune'' under the title ''Mandrake'', with the ThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow updated from artificial insemination to computer generated genomes.


* ''Pan'' was ''Literature/PeterPan'' [-IN THE MODERN DAY, IN NIGHTCLUBS!-] And it was performed in an abandoned power station.
* ''Theatre/WestSideStory'' was ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'' [-IN TWENTIETH CENTURY NEW YORK CITY ON MANHATTAN'S UPPER WEST SIDE!-] [-AS A MUSICAL!-]
* There are a bunch of examples of Shakespeare in an unconventional setting [-WITH THE SAME DIALOGUE!-]
** ''Hobson's Choice'' (a play, later filmed) is ''Theatre/KingLear'' [-IN A 19TH CENTURY INDUSTRIAL TOWN IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND!-]
** OrsonWelles first did ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' [-WITH AN ALL BLACK CAST, IN HAITI!-].
** Creator/PatrickStewart starred in ''Theatre/{{Othello}}'' [-IN AN AFRICAN STATE! WITH THE RACES REVERSED!-] because he wanted to play the role, but wasn't blacking up.
** Baz Luhrmann did ''Romeo and Juliet'' [-IN THE MODERN DAY! WITH GUNS!-]
** In 2012, Seattle's Intiman Theatre did a production of ''R & J'' in a present-day setting, but retaining some Elizabethan elements such as the sword fights.
** The 2011 ''Theatre/MuchAdoAboutNothing'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjmqSJ0ElNs production]] [- IN THE EIGHTIES AT A TASTLESS VACATION RESORT -]
* Shakespeare pulled one himself; ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' is [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amleth Amleth]] [-WITH HAMLET AS A PRINCE INSTEAD OF A GOVERNOR'S SON!-]
* ''MissSaigon'' is the Opera ''MadameButterfly'' [-IN UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar, WITH A MORE SYMPATHETIC MALE LEAD!-]
* ''Theatre/{{Rent}}'' is the Opera ''Theatre/LaBoheme'' [-IN THE LATE '80s, WITH AIDS, AND LGBT THEMES-]! In turn, the off-Broadway revival updates the setting to the "end of the millennium" (early 2000s).
* Examples from Creator/BertoltBrecht's dramatic oeuvre:
** ''Theatre/TheThreepennyOpera'' is ''Theatre/TheBeggarsOpera'' in Victorian or Edwardian times (and DarkerAndEdgier).
** ''Die Heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe'' takes Schiller's ''Jungfrau von Orleans'' and transports her to the 20th century Chicago of Upton Sinclair's ''Literature/TheJungle''.
** ''Schwejk im Zweiten Weltkrieg'' (The Good Soldier Shvejk in World War 2) transports Jaroslav Hasek's ''Good Soldier Svejk'' from UsefulNotes/WorldWarOne to UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo.
** ''The Caucasian Chalk Circle'' takes an Chinese play based on a story of Judge Bao (which had already been translated into European languages, adapted into various plays and operas, and which Brecht himself had also transposed to his native Augsburg at the time of the UsefulNotes/ThirtyYearsWar in ''The Augsburg Chalk Circle'') and transforms it into a play within a play performed just after the end of World War 2 in Georgia (the one in the Caucasus, obviously).
* ''Brigadoon'' borrows its plot (without acknowledgment) from the obscure 19th-century German short story "Germelshausen", setting it [-IN THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS!-]
* Oscar Hammerstein II adapted ''Film/CarmenJones'' from the opera ''Theatre/{{Carmen}}'', keeping the Bizet score but resetting the action [-IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH DURING {{WORLD WAR II}} WITH AN ALL-BLACK CAST!-]
* When StephenSondheim and George Furth musicalized the play ''Merrily We Roll Along'', they reset the action between 1980 (about when the musical was produced) and 1955. (Kaufman and Hart's original play went from 1934, when it was written, to 1916, and was also BackToFront.)
* ''Music/{{Hero}}'', possibly the ballsiest adaptation on this list, is ''the friggin' story of Jesus'' [-TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture!-]
* ''JesusChristSuperstar'' is the [[Literature/TheBible Crucifixion of Christ]] [-IN WHATEVER MODERN SETTING THE DIRECTOR FEELS LIKE-]. (It tends to involve guns and drugs).
* ''{{Carousel}}'' is ''Liliom'' DOWNEAST!
* Inverted with the ''SisterAct'' musical, which was set in 1978, with Alan Menkin's disco-style songs.
* Thanks to censorship at the time, ''Rigoletto'' is Victor Hugo's ''Le Roi s'amuse'' [-IN ITALY-] and ''Un ball in maschera'' is the story of the assassination of king Gustav III of Sweden [-IN COLONIAL MASSACHUSETTS-].
* There was a 1994 Scottish tour of ''Theatre/TheOddCouple'' [-IN 1990s GLASGOW-]!
* Similarly Neil Simon's own ''Felix & Oscar: A New Look At The Odd Couple'' is ''The Odd Couple'' [-IN THE 21st CENTURY-]!
* The 2013 stage musical version of ''Theatre/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' updates the story much the way the 2005 film adaptation did with regards to Mike Teavee's technology fixation, and updates Violet's vice of {{Pride}} to have her parlaying her non-talent of gum chewing into a lucrative entertainment career (ala socialites and certain reality show stars). That said, while it's set in ThePresentDay, PurelyAestheticEra applies, with the songs drawing upon many different styles (and eras) of music -- British music hall, jazz, disco, rap, techno, etc.
* ''Uncle Varick'' by Scottish playwright John Byrne (the one who did ''Series/TuttiFrutti'', not ''Comicbook/XMen'') is ''Theatre/UncleVanya'' [-IN SCOTLAND IN THE 1960s-]!
* ''One Man, Two Guvnors'' by Richard Bean is the CommediaDellArte play ''Servant of Two Masters'' [-IN BRIGHTON IN THE 1960s! WITH GANGSTERS!-]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Many fantasy [=MMORPGs=] boil down to ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' [-ON THE INTERNET!-].
* ''VideoGame/{{Bioshock|1}}'' is ''VideoGame/SystemShock'' [-UNDERWATER, IN THE 1950S-]!
* ''VideoGame/AgeOfEmpires'' : ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}}'' + ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'' [-IN A REAL, SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD !!!-]
* ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire'' is ''KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' [-{{IN A WORLD}} [[FantasyCounterpartCulture THAT RESEMBLES ANCIENT CHINESE MYTH!]]-]
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' is ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion'' [-WITH GUNS!-]
* ''VideoGame/EarthBound'' is like ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' and ''DragonQuest'' [-SET IN [[TheNineties THE 90S]], USING BATS AND PSYCHIC POWERS INSTEAD OF SWORDS AND MAGIC!-]
* ''[[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare]]'' is essentially ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty'' [-[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin IN THE PRESENT DAY!]]-]
* ''VideoGame/HeavenlySword'' is ''VideoGame/GodOfWar'' [-IN ANCIENT CHINA-], [-WITH [[ActionGirl A GIRL]]!-]
* ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaBloodlines'' is ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'' [-IN THE 20TH CENTURY!-]
* ''Armed Police Batrider'' is ''Battle Garegga'' [-IN A MORE MODERN SETTING AND WITH LESS [[RealIsBrown BROWN]]!-]
* The Konami arcade game ''M.I.A.'' (unrelated to the ChuckNorris movie of the same name) can be described as ''Rush 'n Attack''/''Green Beret'' [-IN VIETNAM-].
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' features the same premise and events as the first two ''Franchise/MetalGear'' games for the [=MSX2=], but moves the setting to early 21st century Alaska.
* ''Strikers 1999'' (aka ''Strikers 1945 III'') is ''Strikers 1945'' [-IN [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin 1999]]!-]
* Played with: ''VideoGame/{{Rosenkreuzstilette}}'' is ''VideoGame/MegaMan'' [-IN 16TH CENTURY GERMANY (AKA THE HOLY [ROMAN] EMPIRE)! THE HERO, EIGHT BOSSES, AND [[spoiler:[[ManBehindTheMan TRUE VILLAIN]]]] ARE ALL FEMALE! AND MAGIC IS HEAVILY FAVORED OVER TECHNOLOGY!-]
* The SNK arcade game ''P.O.W. Prisoners of War'' is ''VideoGame/DoubleDragon'' [-IN A PRISONERS' CAMP!-]
* The obscure arcade game from Creator/{{Konami}} ''Combat School'' is ''VideoGame/TrackAndField'' [-IN A MILITARY BOOT CAMP!-]
* The Japanese PC-FX game ''Battle Heat'' is ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'' [-IN A EUROPEAN MEDIEVAL SETTING!-]

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* Blatantly inverted by the ''[[http://tattuinardoelasaga.wordpress.com/ Tattúínárdœla]]'' saga, which is ''Franchise/StarWars'' [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: as an [[Literature/The Icelandic Sagas Old Norse Saga ]]
* Pemberley Digital has both produced and created several of these:
** ''WebVideo/TheLizzieBennetDiaries'', which reimagines Elizabeth Bennet as a modern day vlogger. So it's ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' [-IN CALIFORNIA IN THE NEW TENS!-]
** ''WebVideo/WelcomeToSanditon'' A spin-off of ''The Lizzie Bennet Diaries'', set between LBD and ''Emma Approved''. Based on [[Creator/JaneAusten Jane Austen's]] final, unfinished novel Sanditon [-IN CALIFORNIA IN THE NEW TENS!-]
** ''WebVideo/EmmaApproved'' is ''Literature/{{Emma}}'' [-IN CALIFORNIA IN THE NEW TENS!-] with Emma as a professional matchmaker and lifestyle guru.
** ''WebVideo/FrankensteinMD'' is ''Literature/{{Frankenstein}}'' [-IN THE NEW TENS WITH A FEMALE DR. FRANKENSTEIN!-].
** ''WebVideo/TheMarchFamilyLetters'' Not created by Pemberly Digital, but distributed by them, is ''Literature/LittleWomen'' [-IN THE NEW TENS IN CANADA-]
* ''WebVideo/TheAutobiographyOfJaneEyre'' is directly inspired by ''The Lizzie Bennet Diaries''. Jane is a young Canadian woman and she vlogs! It's ''Literature/JaneEyre'' [-IN VANCOUVER IN 2013!-]
* ''[[Literature/AStudyInMoonlight Tamanous of the Brackenwoods]]'' is ''[[Literature/SherlockHolmes The Hound of the Baskervilles]]'' in [[TheOtherRainforest the Hoh Rainforest]] during the New Tens. [[MundaneFantastic With werewolves.]]
* ''WebVideo/NothingMuchToDo'', also inspired by ''The Lizzie Bennet Diaries'', is ''Theatre/MuchAdoAboutNothing'' [-IN A NEW ZEALAND HIGH SCHOOL!-]
* ''WebVideo/CarmillaTheSeries'' is ''Literature/{{Carmilla}}'' [-IN A MODERN UNIVERSITY!-]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/NightHood'' is ''Literature/ArseneLupin'' [-IN THE INTERWAR PERIOD-].