A novel that's published in multiple parts. Popularized in the 19th century, when many writers (including Creator/CharlesDickens and [[SherlockHolmes Arthur Conan Doyle]]) would publish their novels first as monthly or weekly installments in magazines, alongside short stories and novellas. Venues included both dedicated "digest" magazines like Strand or Astounding, and more general magazines like Life or Esquire (and sometimes… [[IReadItForTheArticles Playboy]].) As time has passed, most readers now get their fix directly from separately printed books. Creator/StephenKing published his novel ''Literature/TheGreenMile'' in six installments; also, quite a bit of the more popular FanFiction is published in a serial format.

The WebSerialNovel can be considered the format's online SpiritualSuccessor.
!!Examples of Serial Novels include:
* From the 1930's or earlier until quite recently many Science Fiction novels have first appeared as serials. These include ''Dune'', ''Glory Road'', ''Have Spacesuit Will Travel'', and hundreds more.
* ''Literature/BridgetJones'' began as a newspaper column in The Independent.
* ''Literature/TalesOfTheCity'' was originally a serial in the San Francisco Chronicle.
* Several of {{Creator/Alexandre Dumas}}'s novels were originally published as serials, including ''Literature/TheCountOfMonteCristo'', ''Literature/TheThreeMusketeers'', and ''Literature/TwentyYearsAfter''.
* {{Creator/Vladimir Nabokov}} wrote ''{{Literature/Pnin}}'' in installments in The New Yorker while he was looking for a publisher for the controversial ''{{Literature/Lolita}}''.
* ''{{Literature/Musashi}}'', was published over four years, and it shows in it's episodic nature.
* ''Literature/TheDoll'' originally ran as a newspaper serial in 1887-1889.
* ''Literature/LesMiserables'', which is why it is such an infamous {{Doorstopper}}.