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[[MostWritersAreWriters Most comic book artists draw comic books]]. As a result, it's a common occupation or hobby for characters in media. These characters are typically very GenreSavvy or WrongGenreSavvy and possible FourthWall breaker. Most often they are aspiring Comic Artists / {{Mangaka}} who work on {{Comics}} / {{Doujin}} / {{Manga}} to sell at {{Fan Convention}}s. Sometimes these can take the form of an AuthorAvatar relating problems they had or have making their work. They tend to have a penchant for {{Cosplay}} generally as the characters in their own works, or works they're fans of.

In Japan they are more often [[MostFanficWritersAreFemale Female]] and are often {{Yaoi Fan Girl}}s. Males are far more common in the Western world thanks to the western idea that ComicBooks are for boys.

A common [[StockSuperpowers Super Power]] for these characters is ArtInitiatesLife.



[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', Haruna is an aspiring artist who draws Doujins of the [[ShowWithinAShow popular]] MagicalGirl anime Mahou Shojo Biblion. And the thing she hates the most? Deadlines.
* ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'', Nagi is an aspiring artist and keeps trying to win the Rookie award for a magazine. However, her manga are completely nonsensical.
* ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'', Harumi Fujiyoshi specifically is a [[YaoiFanGirl Yaoi]] Doujin artist with an obsession with pairings. First seen drawing by hand but by season 2 she upgrades to digital.
* ''Manga/ToLoveRu'', Yuuki Rito's father Saibai is a professional manga artist who treats every page like a battle.
** Zastin, bodyguard of the alien princess Lala, becomes Saibai's assistant and decides he wants to become a professional mangaka himself. Lala's father, the emperor of the universe, doesn't appreciate this.
* There are a few mangaka characters in ''Manga/TwentiethCenturyBoys'', whose philosophizing about manga is a reflection of the author's own opinions.
* ''Manga/{{Bakuman}}'''s entire premise is this.
* ''Anime/HanaukyoMaidTai La Verite'' episode 5. Ikuyo Suzuki reveals that she's a mangaka and takes the main characters to Comiket to sell her {{Doujinshi}}, which features a (fictional) relationship between the maids Yashima Sanae and Konoe Tsurugi.
* Sora Wakanae of ''Manga/FamilyCompo'' is a professional manga author. At least three story arcs revolve around his profession.
* Hiyori Tamura from ''Manga/LuckyStar'', who draws {{doujinshi}}.
* Aki Hinata in ''Manga/SgtFrog'' is a manga editor, and thus will often make reference to manga tropes, and uses the Keroro Platoon as inspiration for new manga.
* ''Manga/DoujinWork'' is about some girls trying (and failing) beeing succesfull as doujinshi artists.
* ''Manga/{{Genshiken}}'' has 2 specific arcs about this as they attempt to complete Doujin for Comiket. Ogiue is specifically a Yaoi artist who makes her boyfriend an aspiring Editor edit it (Most definitively not a yaoi fan...)
* The protagonist of ''Manga/IAmAHero'' works as an assistant manga artist in the beginning of the series, though he strives to one day become a professional mangaka in his own right. These plans are interrupted by an ill-timed ZombieApocalypse, however.
* Hanasaki Sono in ''Sensitive Pornograph'' is an uke older than his partner. Oh, and the creator of delicate, lightly fanservicey girl manga.
* ''Manga/EvenAMonkeyCanDrawManga'' tells the tale of a loser aspiring to draw a successful manga. It's a parody of "How to draw manga" books, the Japanese comic industry, the conventions and cliches of manga, and generally very apt.
* The main character of ''Manga/{{Freesoul}}'', Keito, is an aspiring mangaka.
* The cast of ''Manga/TheComicArtistAndHisAssistants'' are all involved in manga production. Out of the recurring cast, Aito (also the main character), Tsurumeki and Meisei are manga artists; Sahoto and Rinna are artists' assistants, and Mihari and Minato are editors.
* Mashiro of ''LightNovel/ThePetGirlOfSakurasou'' switched from a classical painter to a mangaka after she moves to Japan, and has at least one series (''Nanohanasou'') serialized.
* ''Manga/MonthlyGirlsNozakiKun'' has two: Umetaro Nozaki, the eponymous "Nozaki-kun," who writes under the PenName of Sakiko Yumeno; and Yukari Miyako, a college student writing under her own name. Both authors ShoujoGenre manga.
* ''Manga/YuruYuri'' has Kyoko, a doujinshi artist, who has been shown selling her doujinshi at [=ComuKet=], shanghaiing the rest of the Amusement Club or Ayano into helping her in the process.
* Rohan Kishibe of JoJosBizarreAdventure part 4 is a mangaka and his struggles as an artist are shown in his own spinoff chapters.
* Miu Amano from ''Manga/BlendS'' is more famous as a {{doujinshi}} author under the PenName Hanazono Folder.
* ''Manga/ComicGirls'' focuses on a group of high school girls who are themselves manga artists. Ririka, the housemother, ''was'' this; she previously draw for YuriGenre.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* Franchise/GreenLantern Kyle Rayner is a professional comic book artist and writer. If he's fighting alongside other Lanterns, this tends to be shown as influencing his style of combat.
* Steve Rogers (aka ComicBook/CaptainAmerica) is a professional illustrator and cartoonist, and at one time was the writer/artist for the in-universe Captain America comic book.
* Chuck Clayton, a friend of Archie Andrews of ''Franchise/ArchieComics'' fame, is a cartoonist. His greatest ambition is to become a comic book artist after he graduates from Riverdale High School.
* Scribbly, the main character in what would [[SpotlightStealingSquad later become]] the Golden Age ''ComicBook/RedTornado'' strips, was a young boy who wandered around his neighbourhood drawing cartoons of what was happening. In the later DC mythos, Scribbly went on to work for a newspaper as a cartoonist. Granted, the strip was meant to be semi-autobiographical...
* After Creator/AlanMoore retooled ''ComicBook/{{Supreme}}'' as a homage to ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'', the Clark-Kent-equivalent character was a comic book artist, and the Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen equivalents were comic book writers.
* ComicBook/JohnnyTheHomicidalManiac, who started out as an AuthorAvatar (but was NOT actually meant to be Creator/JhonenVasquez), was once a talented artist now fallen to drawing the [[MindScrew deranged]] stick figure comics of [[TalkativeLoon Happy Noodle Boy]]. The worse Nny's mental condition [[CreatorBreakdown deteriorates]], the [[RealitySubtext less sense his comics make]]. Meanwhile, Nny's ex-girlfriend [[WeirdnessMagnet Devi]] gets a job painting illustrations for Nerve Publishing's books, which is an absolutely horrible place to work at that [[CorruptCorporateExecutive actively tries to break creativity]]. Naturally, the latter was written [[TakeThat when Vasquez was still working for]] {{Creator/Nickelodeon}}.
* Cooper Cypress of ''ComicBook/{{Revival}}'' is an aspiring comic book artist despite working in crayon most of the time. His works are sometimes showcased to recap previous issues. Late in the series he is commissioned by Jordan to draw a propaganda piece.


[[folder: Film ]]

* In ''Film/SecondHandLions'' Walter grows up to be a comic strip artist, with a strip called "Walter and Jasmine", about a boy and his pet lion, which he based on his own experiences as a child.
* In ''Film/ChasingAmy'' (and ''Film/JayAndSilentBobStrikeBack''), Holden [=McNeil=] and Banky Edwards are writers/artists for ''Bluntman and Chronic'' comic, Alyssa Jones is writer/artist for ''Idiosyncratic Routine'', and Hooper X produces the comic ''White Hatin' Coon''.
* In ''Film/FreddyGotFingered'', Tom Green plays a cartoonist named Gordon Brody.
* Michael Kellum of ''Film/ThreeMenAndABaby'' is a professional cartoonist. It is his artwork that decorates the hallway outside the apartment the three men share.


[[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]

* Rerun van Pelt from ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'', younger brother to Lucy and Linus, is an "underground cartoonist" who is apparently quite the subversive even though he's only in kindergarten.
** Also from ''Peanuts'', Charlie Brown has tried his hand at producing a strip. Nobody he shows it to ever likes it.
* Jon Arbuckle from ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' is officially a cartoonist, but he's [[ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything almost never shown doing his job]].
* The father in the somewhat-autobiographical family in ''ComicStrip/TheFamilyCircus'' is a cartoonist.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* The ''Series/CriminalMinds'' episode "True Night" features a serial killer whose crimes seem to match up with the work of a comicbook artist.
* The ''Series/{{Bones}}'' episode "The Superhero in the Alley" features a teenager who draws his own comic books.
* Isaac Mendez of ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' used his precognitive PsychicPowers to write and draw his comic book, 9th Wonders.
* Tim Bisley of ''Series/{{Spaced}}'' is writing and drawing a graphic novel... but never seems to get anywhere with it.
* ''Series/CarolineInTheCity'' focused around the life of cartoonist Caroline Duffy.


[[folder: Web Comics ]]

* ''Webcomic/MenageA3'' centres around Gary, a comic and manga fan who is attempting to make a doujinshi with the help of Yuki, the daughter of a famous hentai artist.
* Arthur, Merlin and Nimue are all webcartoonists in the modern arc of ''Webcomic/ArthurKingOfTimeAndSpace''.
* Sarah from ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' has at least two comic strips she's working on. One is entitled "[[HerCodenameWasMarySue The Wizard Sarah]]", and the other features a squirrel-boy named [[AuthorAvatar Dan]].
* ''Webcomic/SequentialArt'' focuses on Art a Sequential Artist.
* ''Webcomic/HangInThereKogasaSan'' is a JournalComic written by a ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' {{Doujin}} artist; besides him, his wife and most of their friends also make doujin and thus the series frequently covers their trips to events like Comiket.