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A trend in movie sequels that pops up frequently. The first one is good enough to warrant a sequel and in either the second or third installment the action takes place in a foreign country.

Depending upon why the characters are in a foreign country, this may turn out to functionally be a longer VacationEpisode and/or a BusmansHoliday if the characters end up doing the same thing abroad that they would do at home.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* The third ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' movie involves some of the Japanese Chosen Children meeting Wallace in the U.S.
* In ''Manga/KOn'' the movie, the gang goes to England.
* The [[Anime/LupinIIIRedJacket second series of Lupin III]] has the main characters going globe-trotting, where the first season was mostly set within Japan.
* The ''Franchise/LoveLive'' movie has the cast go to New York.
* ''Anime/PsychoPassTheMovie'' gets out of Japan and goes to Southeast Asia for its main plot.
* One of the ''Manga/YoureUnderArrest'' [=OVAs=] has Natsumi and Yukari transferring to Los Angelas.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* The sequel to ''Disney/TheRescuers'', ''Disney/TheRescuersDownUnder'', is set in Australia.
* ''WesternAnimation/RugratsInParis'' takes place, obviously, in Paris compared to [[WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}} the series]] that takes place in the USA.
* ''WesternAnimation/BonVoyageCharlieBrown'' takes place in London and France while the main comic strip and previous feature films are all set in the USA.
* ''WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTailFievelGoesWest'': While technically still the same country, there is a world of difference between the wild west and New York.
* ''WesternAnimation/Cars2'' takes [=McQueen=], Mater and their friends out of Radiator Springs and across the globe, with stops in Tokyo, Paris, Italy and London.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}}'': Only the first movie takes place on Madagascar. In the two sequels the characters go to mainland Africa, then to Europe.
* One of the ''WesternAnimation/MonsterHigh'' [[AllCGICartoon CGI specials]], ''Scaris: City of Frights'' (as well as the accompanying short, ''From Fear to Eternity''), involves the protagonists traveling to a monsterfied version of Paris.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/AceVenturaWhenNatureCalls'' takes place in Africa, unlike the previous ''Film/AceVenturaPetDetective''.
%%* "[[Film/ErnestPWorrell Hey Vern]]!! I went [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Goes_to_Africa to Africa]] too, [[CatchPhrase knowhutimean]]??"
* The sequel to ''Film/AgentCodyBanks'' was set squarely in London.
* ''Film/AGoodDayToDieHard'' takes place in UsefulNotes/TheNewRussia.
* ''Film/AnnieARoyalAdventure'' takes place in England.
* ''Film/AustinPowersInGoldmember'' is set in Japan.
* The gag SequelHook in ''Film/BabysDayOut'' involves a book called ''Baby's Trip to China''.
* ''[[Film/TheBadNewsBears The Bad News Bears Go To Japan]]''.
* ''[[Literature/BridgetJones Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason]]'': London, Thailand, Australia
* Inverted with the ''Captain America'' movies. ''[[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger The First Avenger]]'' was mainly set in the WWII battlefields in Europe, while ''[[Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier The Winter Soldier]]'' was in Washington, DC. Inverted ''back again'' with ''[[Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar Civil War]]'', which will take place in several different countries.
* The second ''[[Film/TheCheetahGirls Cheetah Girls]]'' MadeForTVMovie takes place in Barcelona, while the third takes place in India.
* ''Film/TheConjuring2'' sees the Warrens travel to the United Kingdom to investigate another haunting.
* Inverted with ''Film/CrocodileDundee'', where the protagonist goes to New York for the first movie and the sequel seems him back home in Australia. Played straight for part three, ''Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.''
* ''Film/TheDarkKnight'' has an extensive sequence in Hong Kong, which is further than Batman goes during ''Film/BatmanBegins'', excluding the prologue.
* ''Film/DeuceBigalowEuropeanGigolo''
* ''[[Film/DirtyDancing Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights]]'' takes place in Cuba.
* The 1975 softcore film ''Film/{{Emmanuelle}} 2'' begins with the lead character taking a boat trip to Hong Kong, where she stays as an expat for the rest of the film.
* The first two films in the ''Franchise/EvilDead'' series are set in a small cabin somewhere in the U.S., while ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness'' ups things by having Ash stuck in ''Medieval Europe''.
* ''Film/TheFastAndTheFurious''
** ''Film/TheFastAndTheFuriousTokyoDrift''.
** And again with ''Film/FastFive'', which takes place in Brazil.
** ''Fast and Furious 6'' primarily takes place in London and Spain.
** ''Furious 7'' goes to Azerbaijan, UAE, and returns to LA for the final showdown.
* ''[[Film/{{Flodder}} Flodder in Amerika]]'' (America)
* ''Film/TheFrenchConnection 2'' has Popeye Doyle in France, to [[spoiler:pursue the drug lord who evaded capture in the first film]].
* ''[[Film/{{Garfield}} Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties]]'', which is set in London, where Garfield [[PrinceAndPauper gets his life mixed up with that of an English cat.]]
* As part of the third series of ''Radio/GoodnessGraciousMe'', the cast recorded a "Back Where They Came From" special filmed in India.
* ''Film/TheHangoverPartII'', which takes place in Thailand and includes the characters [[LampshadeHanging lampshading]] the fact that the same circumstances happened in a foreign country.
* The first two ''Franchise/{{Hellraiser}}'' films take place in the United Kingdom. ''Film/HellraiserIIIHellOnEarth'' is the first one to move the action to the United States. The seventh film ''Film/HellraiserDeader'' is set in Romania.
* ''Film/JohnWick'' had the titular character in the U.S. fighting local mobsters, while [[Film/JohnWickChapter2 the sequel]] sees him head to Rome.
* ''Film/TheKarateKidPartII'' is set in Okinawa, Japan because Mr. Miyagi returns to his hometown to visit his dying father and Daniel decides to tag along.
* French-Canadian film ''[[Film/LesBoys Les Boys 2]]'' is set in a Hockey Tournament in France.
* French film ''Film/LesVisiteurs'' had a sequel ''Les Visiteurs II'', followed by a US Foreign Remake, Just Visiting. The remake was released in France as a semi-sequel, ''Les Visiteurs en Amerique''.
* ''Film/LondonHasFallen''. Sequel to ''Film/OlympusHasFallen'', which takes place in Washington, D.C.
* ''Film/TheMummyTombOfTheDragonEmperor'' is set in China.
* ''[[Film/NationalLampoonsVacation National Lampoon's European Vacation]]''.
* ''Film/OceansTwelve'' went to Europe, justified by the title gang being too high profile to work in the USA without raising alarms (Not that it stopped them in Ocean's Thirteen).
** By the time the third movie rolled around, most of the gang had settled down and those that still worked had gone straight.
* ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'':
** ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEnd'' opens in Singapore
** ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanOnStrangerTides'' opens in London. There's a good amount of Spanish influence as well - Creator/PenelopeCruz, the Spanish armada representing the Church, and Rodrigo y Gabriela are in the soundtrack.
* ''Film/PitchPerfect 2'' takes the Barden Bellas to Denmark for a worldwide a cappella championship. Downplayed in that they don't actually go to Denmark until the final act. But in ''Pitch Perfect 3'', they reunite and leave America after the first act to join a USO tour of American army bases in Europe.
* ''Film.PoliceAcademy7MissionToMoscow''.
* ''Franchise/{{Rambo}}'': The [[Film/FirstBlood first film]] is set in the Northwestern United States. In the sequels, he's doing his battles in Asia.
* ''Film/{{Red 2}}'': Most of the action takes place in Paris, London, and Moscow.
* The second half of ''Film/RockyIV'' is set in Moscow.
* ''Film/RushHour'': Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong cop FishOutOfWater in LA. ''Film/RushHour2'' is set in Hong Kong - now his partner is the one out of water. ''Film/RushHour3'' takes place in Paris, where they're both out.
* ''Film/SexAndTheCity2'' has its New Yorker cast taking a trip to Abu Dhabi.
* ''Film/ShaftInAfrica''
* ''Film/ShanghaiKnights'', the sequel to ''Film/ShanghaiNoon'', is set in London. A third installment, ''Shanghai Dawn'', would have taken them to Russia but it never got made.
* ''Film/SherlockHolmesAGameOfShadows'' took Sherlock Holmes out of London and across the Continent to France, Germany, and then Switzerland.
* ''Film/Speed2CruiseControl'' takes place in the Caribbean.
* Inverted for ''Film/{{Taken}}'': The first film primarily takes place in France and the second in Istanbul, but the third and final film is mainly set in Los Angeles.
* ''Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesIII'' ups the ante by taking place in ancient Japan. Of course they ''are'' ninjas.
* ''Three Men and a Little Lady'', the sequel to ''Film/ThreeMenAndABaby'', takes place mostly in London.
* In ''Film/ThreeNinjas Kick Back'', the three ninjas and their grandfather go to Japan. (Of course ''they'' are ninjas and Japanese, respectively.)
* ''Film/TheThompsons'', the sequel to ''Film/TheHamiltons'', takes place in England.
* The Midgard parts of ''Film/{{Thor}}'' were set in New Mexico, while ''Film/ThorTheDarkWorld'' was in London.
* Much of ''Film/TheToxicAvengerPartII'' takes place in Japan, where Toxie goes to search for his missing father.
* ''Tremors''
** ''Film/Tremors2Aftershocks'' takes place in Mexico instead of Nevada.
** ''Film/Tremors5Bloodlines'' is the second movie to take place outside the United States, being set in a South African wildlife preserve that is attacked by a Graboid subspecies.
* ''Film/XMenFilmSeries''
** ''Film/TheWolverine'' takes place almost entirely in Japan.
** Although ''Film/XMenFirstClass'' was the first ''X-Men'' movie to make forays outside of North America, ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'' goes further, with all of the future scenes taking place either in Russia or China, and much of the '70s action unfolding in Paris and Saigon.

* ''Discworld/WitchesAbroad'' plays with this tradition and pertinent cliché.
* ''Literature/{{MASH}}'' had a number of sequels titled ''M*A*S*H Goes To _____'', starting with Maine (Hawkeye returns home, Trapper decides to come with him) and hitting, before that particular horse was flayed beyond recognition, New Orleans, Paris, London, Las Vegas, Morocco, Hollywood, Miami, San Francisco, Montreal, and Moscow.
* ''Topper'' by Thorne Smith was followed by ''Topper Takes a Trip'', set on the French Riviera. Both were later turned into [[Film/{{Topper}} movies]].

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/JoeMillionaire'' season 2 went to Italy and cast female contestants from Europe, because everyone in the US would be Genre Savvy enough after the first one that they couldn't pull the same trick again.
* ''Series/EscapeOfTheArtfulDodger'' has the characters from ''Literature/OliverTwist'' in Australia.
* ''Series/TwentyFour'' was mainly set in the United States. A little bit of the third season was set in Mexico and the TV movie ''Redemption'' that served as a prequel to season seven had Jack in Africa, but a lot of the action, mainly the political stuff, was still set in the U.S. ''Live Another Day'', which follows up on the series after it originally ended, is set entirely in England.
* ''Series/InspectorRex'' was an Austrian series, but when it was revived in 2008, the setting of the majority of cases was Rome.
* ''Music/SClub7'''s TV series is a strange example. It was a British band on a British TV show, but the first three series all took place in the United States, specifically Miami and L.A. The fourth season, however, took place in Barcelona, Spain.
* The original run of ''Series/TheWrongMans'' was set almost entirely in Berkshire, England. The second series, while still featuring Berkshire a fair bit, had the characters go to Texas, USA [[spoiler:due to witness protection]]. Subsequently, they ended up in Eastern Europe and then France before returning to the UK.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* The third Wrestling/RingOfHonor Champion, Wrestling/SamoaJoe, would take the title to Europe and declare his Ring Of Honor singles belt was a world title after successfully defending it there. The {{tag team}} belts actually were taken to Asia when Wrestling/RoderickStrong and Wrestling/AustinAries of Generation Next decided to upgrade them to world status.
* The third Full Impact Pro Heavyweight Champion, Roderick Strong again, would declare belt a World Tile after successfully defending against Wrestling/{{Pac}} at ROH's fifth year festival in Liverpool.

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* ''Franchise/TheMuppets''
** ''Film/TheGreatMuppetCaper'', the sequel to ''Film/TheMuppetMovie'', is set in Britain.
** The Muppets would repeat themselves with ''Film/MuppetsMostWanted'', the next film after ''Film/TheMuppets'' and the 7th theatrical sequel to ''The Muppet Movie'', which is set on a European tour.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/DoubleDragon III'' starts the game in New York City, but moves to various foreign countries (namely China, Japan, Italy and Egypt) after the first stage.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFight 2'' involved Mike Haggar traveling to various Eurasian nations to take down the remnants of the Mad Gear Gang. The setting would move back to Metro City in ''Final Fight 3''.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto: London 1969''
* ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'' is implied to be set somewhere in Eastern Europe, compared to the first being in an American laboratory in New Mexico.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':
** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'' takes place in standard franchise setting Hyrule, whereas its direct sequel, ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'', takes place in the alternate land of Termina.
** Earlier, ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast'' takes place in Hyrule, while ''its'' direct sequel ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaLinksAwakening'' takes place on the island of Koholint.
** The [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOracleGames Oracle duology]], set between ''A Link to the Past'' and ''Link's Awakening'', has Link traveling from Hyrule to either Holodrum or Labrynna to save it from Onox or Veran respectively. If you're playing a linked game, Link then travels to the other country to save it from the other villain [[spoiler:as well as Twinrova and Ganon]].
** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds'' takes place in Hyrule, while its sequel ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTriForceHeroes'' takes place in Hytopia.
* ''VideoGame/MaxPayne3'' sees Max shooting bad guys in the sunny Brazil, in a change of pace from New York.
* The original ''VideoGame/OutRun'' doesn't take place in a specific location, but ''[=Turbo OutRun=]'' took place in America, and ''[=OutRunners=]'' took this UpToEleven by having multiple SceneryPorn nations and locations as ''stages''!
* [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue The]] [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver first]] [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire four]] [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl generations]] of ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' were based on regions of Japan, before ''[[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Black and White]]'' was based on New York, ''[[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY X and Y]]'' on France and ''[[VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon Sun and Moon]]'' on Hawaii.
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
** This is sorta the case when comparing ''VideoGame/{{Super Mario Bros 1}}'' with ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2'', ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3'', ''VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld'', and ''VideoGame/SuperMarioLand'', since it took awhile for the Mushroom Kingdom to be fully established as the default setting for the main {{Platform Game}}s.
** The ''VideoGame/PaperMario'' sub-series started off in the Mushroom Kingdom with ''VideoGame/PaperMario64'', then moved to Rogueport and the surrounding areas in ''VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor'', then ventured into several {{Alternate Dimension}}s in ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'', before finally returning to the Mushroom Kingdom in ''VideoGame/PaperMarioStickerStar''. However, ''VideoGame/PaperMarioColorSplash'' takes place in Prism Island, which is far away from the Mushroom Kingdom.
* ''VideoGame/ShenmueII'' takes place in Hong Kong. The third installment will take place in China.
* The third ''VideoGame/YokaiWatch'' game takes place in America instead of Japan.
* Every subseries in the [[VideoGame/KisekiSeries Trails]] series takes place in a different country across the continent of Zemuria. Some characters from previous games have made cameos or the occasional supporting role, but direct crossover between nations is rare aside from the [[GreaterScopeVillain Society of Ouroboros]].
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'':
** The first ''VideoGame/DigitalDevilSaga'' game is set in a place called the Junkyard, a place of perpetual war between six tribes with themes taken from Hinduism [[spoiler:that turns out to be a virtual reality]]. The second game is set in the United States, with the currency changing from Macca to dollars to reflect this.
** ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIV'' appears to play this trope straight at first by taking place in a fictitious kingdom called Mikado with heavy Western influences, rather than Tokyo like the past three mainline games. However, it's a subversion, as Mikado is built on top of a still-populated Tokyo.
** ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiStrangeJourney'', spun off directly from the mainline games which take place in Tokyo, is set in Antarctica.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney''
** The premise of ''VisualNovel/DaiGyakutenSaibanNaruhodouRyuunosukeNoBouken'' is that Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, a young man from Meiji-era Japan with aspirations in defense law, goes overseas to Victorian England.
** ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneySpiritOfJustice'' happens in a kingdom called "Khura'in", as opposed to Phoenix Wright's usual setting (which can either be Los Angeles or Tokyo, depending on the localization). Parts of the game are still set in the usual city, though.