Senseless Phagia is when someone eats something because they can't tell what it is by using their five senses.

Senseless is when the senses aren't in use. Phagia means "consume."

If a person has no sense of smell or taste, so they eat dirt and thinks that it's chocolate, ''that'' qualifies, and they've committed geophagia.

This also applies when characters don't use their sense of sight while they're eating and pick up something gross and stick it in their mouths without even looking at it.

Related to {{Squick}} and NauseaFuel and CringeComedy (as well as IAteWhat).

A subtrope of RuleOfPerception.



* ''Film/ProblemChild 2'' has two examples: One is Junior's urinating into a pitcher and passing it off to an unsuspecting man as lemonade. The other is Junior's releasing his cockroach army into his family's dinner.
* ''Film/TheHitcher'' features a severed finger in a man's fries. He doesn't notice until he directly looks at it.
* ''Film/{{Mallrats}}'' and the "chocolate pretzel."
* ''Film/AmericanPie'' and the jizz in the beer.
* ''Film/TheLostBoys'', the vampires use their hypnotic powers to either make food look like something disgusting, like maggots instead of rice, or to make actual disgusting things look ordinary, tricking the protagonist into drinking blood by pretending it's wine.
* In ''Film/SoylentGreen'', Thorn steals a spoon that a woman is using to eat something out of a jar. He takes it home and gives it to Sol to eat so he can tell him what it is (strawberry jam).
* ''Franchise/TheTexasChainsawMassacre'' - The theme of corporate and non-profit cannibalism is addressed on varying levels in every movie.
** "You could have dinner with us... my brother makes good head cheese!" in [[Film/TheTexasChainSawMassacre1974 the original]].
** And in [[Film/TheTexasChainsawMassacre2 the sequel]]:
-->'''Cookoff Hostess''': "You've got to tell the secret of that fabulously tasty chili!"
-->'''Drayton Sawyer''': "No secret. It's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat. I got a real good eye for prime meat. Runs in the family." ''(the hostess bites into chipped off piece of bone)'' "Whoop, whoop! One of those hard-shell peppercorns!"
* ''Film/MinorityReport'' has one, just after Anderton's eye replacement. The surgeon tells him that a sandwich and milk are in the fridge. Well, that much is true, but John's blind bumbling leads him to the rotten equivalents first.
* ''Film/{{Waiting}}''... The staff of a restaurant use this as a punishment, as is showcased in the [[ trailer]]
* The short film known as [[ 5:45 A.M.]] features a waiter doing something to the food that involves having his pants around his knees, as seen [[ here]].
* In ''Film/HaroldAndKumarGoToWhiteCastle'', the duo stop by a fast food drive-thru, where one of the disgruntled workers informs them that the secret ingredient to the food is [[spoiler: animal semen]].
* In ''Film/CabinFever 2'', a custodian who shows signs of infection with a flesh-eating virus takes a leak into the punch that a girl was mixing up for the prom (yes, just to be a douchebag). Halfway through the stream, the urine turns into a stream of blood. The promgoers later remark that the punch tastes like piss, but don't seem to think it noteworthy enough to not drink the punch, apparently dismissing it as bad punch.

* In ''Literature/FightClub'', sabotaging restaurant food is one of Tyler Durden's pastimes, which leads to this trope for the unfortunate customers.
* In ''Discworld/{{Hogfather}}'', Lord Downey keeps his liquor in bottles with labels spelled backwards. A footnote explains that some RealLife aristocrats have done this, apparently assuming their servants will be too stupid to tell what's in the bottles and hence, won't steal drinks on the sly. The same footnote points out that this seldom works ... and that the servants trust that the aristocrats would, themselves, fail to notice that the bottles had been topped off with "eniru".

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] with ''Series/{{Millennium}}, episode: Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me'' - Four demons, in their human forms, assemble in the predawn at a doughnut shop and reflect on the havoc they've wreaked on humanity. They, of course, mistreat the doughnut store clerk, who then urinates in their coffee, [[SlidingScaleOfComedyAndHorror which they love]].
* One episode of ''Series/UprightCitizensBrigade'' featured a sketch where one man claimed that color-blindness was the reason his niece couldn't tell the difference between a juicy, delicious apple and a raw, slimy pig anus. An audience member is incredulous of the claim, insisting there is something far more serious wrong with the girl if she really can't tell the difference. The first man offers him a chance to experience simulated color-blindness with a special pair of glasses and then offers him a choice of two clear ziploc bags (one with apples, the other with pig anuses):
--> Skeptical Man (reaching into the pig anus bag): "Oh yeah… ''that's'' an apple! OH GOD I WAS WRONG!"
* ''Series/BlackBooks'': Bernard denies that he's lost all sense of taste through his booze and cigarette habits, and believes that he's eating "some sort of delicious biscuit". It's a coaster. Made of cork.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* [[DogsAreDumb Satchel]] in ''ComicStrip/GetFuzzy'' displays a variant: He usually knows what something is, but he has no idea whether it's edible until he's tried it.
** There was also one comic where he ate an apple-shaped candle because he didn't realize it was a candle when he started. He was aware that he shouldn't have eaten the other candles, but by that point he just had a taste for them.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' are drinking some fruit punch.
-->Homer: "Ooh, punch!"
-->Lisa: "Ew! Dad, this is blood!"
-->Homer: "Correction: ''Free'' blood."
* From Pixar film ''WesternAnimation/{{Ratatouille}}''...
-->Remy: What's that you're eating?
-->Emil: ''*smacks lips*'' I'm not exactly sure, to be honest.
-->Remy: You don't know what it is... and you're ''eating it''?
-->Emil: You know, once you get past the gag reflex, a whole world of possibilities opens up!
* * In episode 11 of ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryInc'', Fred returns from visiting a Blood Bank with a huge red stain on his mouth and shirt. Shaggy and Scooby nervously ask him if it's blood, and he replies no, it's juice. He goes on to mention they have bags of the stuff hanging all over the place.

[[folder:Urban Legends]]
* [[ Kentucky Fried Rat]]
* [[ Pork and Coke]]
* [[ Bubblegum Spiders]]
* [[ Cockroach Tacos]]
* [[ HIV + Burgers]]
* [[ Sandwich pus]]
* [[ Worm meat burgers]]
* [[ Chinese cat won tons]]
* [[ Genetically modified chickens]]
* [[ Eyeball McNuggets]]
* [[ Poop Shakes]]
* [[ Human fingers Menudo]]
* [[ Chocolate Milk blood]]
* [[ Pee steak]]
* [[ Penis in the punch bowl]]
* [[ Pee beer]]
* [[ Needle Pepsi]]
* [[ Toilet dish washer]]
* [[ Evian blood]]
* [[ HIV + Ketchup]]
* [[ Halloween Candy]]
* [[ Human finger chili]]
* [[ HIV + pineapple]]
* [[ Cockroach drinking straws]]
* [[ Frog Salad]]
* [[ Mouse sushi]]


[[folder: Real Life]]
* [[ Daniel Rakowitz]] of New York killed his girlfriend in 1989 and made soup with her remains that he fed to homeless people.
* [[ Coffee pee]]