->''Sell out, to me oh yeah''
->''Sell out, to me tonight''
->''The record company's gonna give me lots of money''
->''And everything's gonna be alright''
-->-- '''Music/ReelBigFish'''

When you succeed, do you obtain your success without sacrificing your integrity, or does it come about via your skills at sucking up, only doing it for the money, or a number of things that involve selling your soul, either literally or metaphorically?

This is what the kids these days refer to as a Sellout, which is probably one of the most subjective traits in existence. In essence, you could choose to go a certain route and feel you're doing the right thing, and there will always be one person who felt you gave up a little part of yourself to obtain your goal.

Given the contentious nature of the term, there is no completely agreed upon definition of "selling out", but the one that seems to hold the most usage is "compromising your integrity for monetary gain" (usually artistic integrity, although there are other situations in which the accusation is thrown about) and that there are degrees of selling out (From "Sure, I have to make a [[SillyLoveSongs Silly Love Song]] to make the rent, but I'm going to make the best Silly Love Song I can" at the lower end to "What's popular right now? Let's put in the minimal effort to cash in on that." at the higher end).

See MoneyDearBoy for a cases of writers, performance and such admitting money is their main motivation and OnlyInItForTheMoney for characters.
[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* This was {{the gimmick}} of The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. "Everybody's got a price. Everyone's got to pay. Because the Million Dollar Man, always gets his what. [[EvilLaugh Muhahahaha]]!" However, he could never buyout Wrestling/HulkHogan.
* Wrestling/MikeAwesome was long called a sellout by the mutants for leaving Wrestling/{{ECW}} for Wrestling/{{WCW}} while he was still ECW's Heavyweight Champion.
* Wrestling/MickFoley got chants of "You sold out!" when he left ECW for The WWF.
-->" I have a feeling that a year from now, I'm going to have to look in the mirror and admit in my heart that I sold out...I sold out the Garden, I sold out the Coliseum, I sold out every damn arena in this country!"
* The attitude era came to an end when Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin sold out to ArchNemesis Wrestling/VinceMcMahon.
* Wrestling/{{Carl|ito Colon}}y Colon was called a sellout in Puerto Rico, particularly in WWC where he worked, for signing a developmental deal with WWE. However, people quickly warmed up to the idea as he continued to show up in WWC and his work in WWE turned out to repeatable. His WWE persona eventually completely overwrote his original WWC one.
* Wrestling/CMPunk was accused of being a sellout when he won the Ring Of Honor World Championship and announced his intentions to take it to WWE before signing his WWE contract on top of the belt.
* In a ShockingSwerve, Wrestling/SamoaJoe sold out to the Main Event Mafia, who it turned out had just gotten Reality Show Survivor contestant Jenna Morasca on their side and used her winnings from the show to placate him. Morsca would also buyout [[Wrestling/KiaStevens Awesome Kong]], though it would be short lived, [[TooDumbToLive as she thought she could get away with hitting Kong now that she was being paid.]]
* Wrestling/GailKim was called a sellout off set by some in TNA for agreeing to resign with WWE. On set, she was still presented in a respectable manner though.
* Wrestling/{{Kane}}, in something of a ShockingSwerve, sold out to the Authority because he thought ruining people's lives was ultimately best for business. (It makes as much sense as anything else he does except for the fact he was in an unresolved feud with Wrestling/TheWyattFamily and just cut it short to go pal with Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon)
* [[Wrestling/SethRollins Tyler Black]] sold out to Jim Jesus at the expense of his long time partner Marek Brave in AAW and was accused of being a sellout in Wrestling/RingOfHonor when he signed a deal with Wrestling/{{WWE}}, which prompted him to threaten to take the Ring Of Honor World Championship with him. Once in WWE he would sellout to the authority at the expense of Wrestling/DeanAmbrose and Wrestling/RomanReigns.
* Wrestling/{{Rhyno}} has sold out fellow ECW Alumni to the {{bad boss}}es of Wrestling/{{TNA}} twice. The first time he even admitted it, the second time he claimed to have other reasons but Ethan Carter the third cut all pretenses and told Wrestling/TommyDreamer and [[Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys Team 3D]] he was paying Rhino.
* Wrestling/{{M|ontel Vontavious Porter}}VP was greeted by chants of "You Sold Out" after he revealed he was going to use his position as TNA's Director Of Wrestling Operations to give himself a shot for TNA's World Heavyweight Championship. He answered the chants in a manner similar to Mick Foley, except MVP claimed he had already sold out arenas all over the world, including the one he was currently in.