-->''I've looked under chairs, I've looked under tables''
-->''I've tried to find the key to fifty million fables ''
-->''They call me The Seeker ''
-->''I've been searching low and high ''
-->''I won't get to get what I'm after till the day I die''
-->--Music/TheWho, "The Seeker"

A seeker quests for the truth, uncovering mysteries, lies, deception and gaining knowledge about themselves and the universe.

Not to be confused with the Decepticon Seekers from ''{{Transformers}}'' (Skywarp, [[TheStarscream Starscream]], Thundercracker, et al), who are generally evil. Also not to be confused with the Quidditch position in ''Franchise/HarryPotter'', or the book series by Erin Hunter, which you can find [[Literature/SeekerBears here]]. Or, for that matter, the Australian band from the 60s.

See also InformationDesk; CopsAndDetectives, and MysteryFiction.

* AgentMulder
* AgentScully
* AmateurSleuth
* BornDetective
* BoldExplorer
* DefectiveDetective
* GreatDetective
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* TheIntern
* IntrepidReporter
* KidDetective
* LittleOldLadyInvestigates
* MadOracle
* MagicianDetective
* MasterOfDisguise
* MisfitLabRat
* OccultDetective
* PrivateDetective
* TheProfiler
* SeekerArchetype
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* WaifProphet
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