Long-running SoapOpera, which premiered in 1951. The first truly successful SoapOpera on television, the show ran until 1982 on Creator/{{CBS}}, at which point it moved to Creator/{{NBC}} until its demise in 1986.

Set in the midwestern town of Henderson, ''Search'' (as it was often referred) focused on the trials and tribulations of Joanne "Jo" Gardner (Barron Tate Vincente Tourneur after many marriages), played for the entire 35 year run by Mary Stuart.
!!This show provides examples of:
* AlternateCompanyEquivalent: In the later years, the show introduced an Irish family who owned an Irish bar... like the Ryans on ''RyansHope''. ''Search'' even went so far as to hire Malachy [=McCourt=], who played Kevin the bartender on ''RyansHope'', to play the bartender of the [=McCleary=]'s bar.
* ChannelHop: Moved from Creator/{{CBS}} to Creator/{{NBC}} after the former network cancelled the show in 1982. ''Search'' was only the second (of three) soaps to change networks; ''Series/TheEdgeOfNight'', a sister show (both shows were produced by Proctor and Gamble Productions) was the first.
* TheCharacterDiedWithHim: When Melba Rae (Marge Bergman) died in 1971, her character died as well rather than being recast.
* FinaleCredits: The final episode used a CreditsMedley, with all of the contract cast waving goodbye to the camera, closed out by Mary Stuart ThankingTheViewer for 35 "wonderful years", all set to a Lou Rawls rendition of ''We'll Be Together Again''.
* LiveEpisode: Like most soaps in its day, ''Search'' was presented live from its premiere until 1967.
** When the master and backup tape were lost for an episode in 1983, the show was presented live for the first time since the transition to tape. {{Conspiracy Theorist}}s suspected Creator/{{NBC}} intentionally lost the tape (or lied) to bolster the flagging ratings, especially given the similarity of this situation to the movie ''Film/{{Tootsie}}''.
* LongRunner: ''Search'' ran for 35 years; at the time of its cancellation in 1986, it was the longest-running dramatic show in {{television}} history (though it ceded that title to ''GuidingLight'', which premiered 9 months later in 1952, after its cancellation).
* MissingEpisode: Almost the entirety of the CBS run seems to be lost, although random episodes exist as kinescopes or home recordings.
* RatingsStunt: In a last-ditch effort to increase ratings, the show introduced a storyline in which a massive flood destroyed the town of Henderson. The show was canned 10 months later.
* RichBitch: Stephanie Wilkins, Jo's enemy from the 1970s on.
* TitleDrop: In the GrandFinale, when asked what she's searching for, Jo replies "Tomorrow, and I can't wait."
* YoungerAndHipper: Arguably, what happened to the show in the final years, as two new families were introduced (the Kendalls and the [=McClearys=]), with the focus of the show moving onto the three young [=McCleary=] sons.