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[[caption-width-right:213:You'd be surprised at how much [[UnresolvedSexualTension sexual tension]] is contained in that box.]]

->''"Most of the actresses I'm required to smooch [are taller than me]. At such times they usually stand me on a box. Sort of keeps your feet on the ground, paradoxically."''
-->-- '''Creator/PaulMcGann'''

If an actor looks too short next to a costar, the easiest thing to do is to have them stand on something to make them taller.

Named for a special box from the production of ''Series/TheXFiles''. Creator/GillianAnderson was [[OneHeadTaller much shorter]] than David Duchovny. Consequently, to keep Scully and Mulder on roughly the same plane while shooting them together, they developed a special box for her to stand on (also referred on set as [[http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1egkr9/i_am_gillian_anderson_ama/ca01vck?context=3 "Gilly-Board"]] after the actress). Unlike the traditional movie apple box or trench, a Scully Box can be stacked up, or laid out in a runway. It's very versatile, and used to accommodate large height differences between cast members.

The term "apple box" is prevalent in the industry for an actor-heightening wooden box of a given dimension, typically: 12" x 8" x 20" or 30 x 20 x 50cm. A Scully Box is an 'apple' and a half, and is constructed of aluminum covered with outdoor carpeting for sound-deadening and traction.

See also HitlerCam.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* {{Invoked|trope}}, [[PlayedForLaughs for laughs]], in Chapter 36/ Episode 8 of ''Manga/GekkanShoujoNozakiKun''. Nozaki uses these to cheat perspectives or to {{handwave}} how he screws up the perspective in his manga--in the latter case, by claiming ''everyone'' has them InUniverse.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* Rorschach invokes this in ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}''. When the police arrest him, they find he wears platform shoes to make himself taller.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'', since Woody was actually much taller than Buzz, in scenes when they had to talk with each-other but their feet wouldn't be in the frame, the animators would actually have Woody's legs dangling ''below'' the ground. They called it "Ditching".
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Brave}}'', when [[spoiler:Bear!Elinor]] is standing, she is more than twice Merida's height. To fit both characters into the same shot, the animators sometimes sunk [[spoiler:Bear!Elinor]] into the floor a bit.
* In one scene in ''WesternAnimation/ParaNorman'', Norman's father is made taller than his son in this way in order to [[RuleOfSymbolism emphasize the disconnect between the two]]. The box is steadily replaced with smaller and smaller boxes as Norman walks away.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Some movies used this to make the already 6'5" Creator/MichaelClarkeDuncan look superhumanly tall.
** ''Film/TheGreenMile'' made his character look much taller.
** ''Film/{{Daredevil}}'' used this in conjunction with HitlerCam.
* Inverted in the ''Film/ScaryMovie'' series when actor Kevin Hart had to stand in a trench in order to be slightly shorter than the other actors, since his character is short. Since Kevin Hart stands 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall, it seems that he frequently employs this device, rather than subverting it as he did in this movie.
* In ''Film/{{Casablanca}}'', Creator/HumphreyBogart had to stand on a box to kiss Creator/IngridBergman. But [[HelloNurse it was worth it]].
* Similarly, in ''Film/{{Gaslight}}'' Charles Boyer stood on a box for head and shoulders two-shots with Ms. Bergman.
* The UK bus-side poster for ''Four Christmases'' has Creator/ReeseWitherspoon visibly standing on a box, as she's a foot shorter than her co-star Vince Vaughn, who is... really damn tall.
* In ''Film/{{X-Men}}'', James Marsden had to use these when filming around Creator/HughJackman and Creator/FamkeJanssen. At 5'10", Marsden is not short, but Janssen is 6'0" (not counting heels) and Jackman 6'2". This is especially ironic, since Cyclops (Marsden) is canonically about a foot taller than Wolverine (Jackman), whose shortness is one of his most iconic traits. The DVD extras reveal Marsden playfully griping about this fact. In the second and third movies scenes with Jean and Scott together were carefully framed so that their legs and feet were not visible, because he was standing on boxes and she wasn't wearing shoes.
* In ''ILoveYourWork'', Giovanni Ribisi's character kisses a woman while filming a scene in a elevator, then promptly hops off the Scully Box at the end of the take, revealing that the woman is about six inches taller than him.
* The Disney Channel movie ''Double Teamed'', which portrayed WNBA twin sisters Heather and Heidi Burge (both 6'5"), had the actresses portraying them (who weren't twins, and in fact weren't even related) using several methods to tower over their teammates, from Scully Boxes to specialized sneakers.
* This has been done digitally and with camera angles as of recently, most notably with Robbie "Hagrid" Coltrane in the ''Film/HarryPotter'' film series to make him seem like a half giant.
* Pretty much everyone of average height who shared a scene with Elijah Wood, Sean Astin or any other hobbits in the [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings live action trilogy of The Lord of the Rings]], in order to make the hobbits seem shorter, in conjunction with forced perspective and body doubles. The sole exception was John Rhys Davies, who (by sheer coincidence) is as much taller than the hobbit actors as a dwarf is supposed to be, so shots involving only them could dispense with any height trickery.
* In ''Film/JulieAndJulia'' in order to have Creator/MerylStreep reflect the height of Julia Child. They also used smaller scale props and hired short actors to be extras in her scenes.
* In ''Film/BackToTheFuture'', because Creator/ChristopherLloyd (6'1") is much taller than Creator/MichaelJFox (5'4"), director Creator/RobertZemeckis used camera tricks to avoid using one. For example, the two are rarely in the same shot together and, when they are, one is usually sitting down or much closer to the camera than the other. When Doc Brown is talking, he's often moving around so much that the viewer can't really tell how tall he is. Lloyd also improvised a hunch in his posture that helped give the character more of a MadScientist look.
* Used in-story by Linda Hunt's character in ''Film/{{Silverado}}''. Kevin Klein first meets her while she's tending bar. When she comes around to the other side, she's suddenly a foot shorter. He leans over and looks behind the bar to see a ramp along the other side for her to stand on and comfortably reach the table. She has a very philosophical view of things, though.
-->'''Stella''': "Life is what you make of it, my friend. If it doesn't fit, you make alterations.
* In ''Literature/WaterForElephants'', Reese Witherspoon at roughly 5'2" shared the spotlight with Creator/RobertPattinson, who is a foot taller. In an interview she mentioned this was in liberal use for the kissing scenes.
* An amusing example: Brad Garrett (Robert from EverybodyLovesRaymond) was cast as comedian Jackie Gleason in a biographical movie (titled "Gleason", naturally). Because Brad Garrett is known for being ''extremely'' tall (as in 6'8"!), ''everybody else in the cast'' had to wear platform shoes in all their scenes with him.
* In ''Film/InTime'' Creator/AmandaSeyfried (5'3") is paired up with Music/JustinTimberlake (6'1"). Rather than use a box or use perspective shots to try and hide the height difference the filmakers decided to make it part of the character and Seyfried is never seen without a pair of very distinctive towering purple high heels.
* Creator/MarlonBrando is always shown from the waist up in ''Film/ApocalypseNow'' to seem like the 6'6" Kurtz described in ''Literature/HeartOfDarkness''.
* Music/MileyCyrus is about 5'6", but her love interest in ''TheLastSong'' was played by Liam Hemsworth, who is 6'3", so this technique had to be used on occasion and it can be clearly seen in outtakes from the movie's promoshoot like [[http://heart-miley.com/gallery/albums/last%20song%20photoshoot/01_%2813%29.jpg this one]].
* Used in at least one of the ''Film/DirtyHarry'' films due to Clint Eastwood's height.
* Inverted in ''Film/JudgeDredd'', where it's to make Sylvester Stallone tower over the young recruits.
* In ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'', Creator/TomHardy needed three inch heels to be able to look Creator/ChristianBale in the eye, since having Bane be shorter than Batman would severely undermine the dynamic of the characters. Any shot that does show both of their feet is instead using their stunt doubles.
* Inverted in ''Film/ThePhantomMenace''; the set designers had to spend an extra $150,000 adjusting some of the sets to accommodate Creator/LiamNeeson's 6'4" height without making the wise mentor figure look ridiculously oversized in some of the confined spaces.
* Creator/RobertDowneyJr is 5'7" and had to wear some [[http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5rhng82mG1qgbq82.jpg truly impressive]] high heels while filming ''Film/IronMan'' and ''Film/TheAvengers'', since he spent most of the films sharing the screen with Creator/ChrisHemsworth, Creator/ChrisEvans and Creator/GwynethPaltrow (his love interest in all three films) and all three tower over him.
* While Creator/DannyTrejo is ''[[BadassGrandpa extremely buff]]'', he's only 5'6''. All his movies use tricks to make him look taller.
* Used in ''Film/{{Notorious}}'' for the diminutive Claude Rains in some of his shots with Creator/IngridBergman.
* In every close-up shot that the 5'8" tall Mel Gibson shares with the 6' even Sigourney Weaver in the film ''Film/TheYearOfLivingDangerously'', he's on a box so that it looks like he's taller than she is.
* In ''Film/KindergartenCop'', Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger (6'2") is often shown sitting in every scene he has with Linda Hunt (4'9").

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Spoofed in the ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' skits:
** In "Scott of the Sahara," an actress is standing in a trench on her own feet, while the actor with her is on a box. The result is ridiculous height disparity.
** In a skit about horse jockeys, several jockeys are so short that only their hats are visible in frame. Another jockey is so short that he has to stand on a box just to make his hat visible.
* The raised platform holding the desk on ''Series/TheDailyShow'' serves a similar purpose: observant viewers will note that Jon Stewart, who is 5'6", always shakes the guest's hand ''before'' they step up onto the platform. Despite this fact, Stewart constantly jokes about his height. He used the raised platform on ''Series/TheColbertReport'' to briefly make himself look taller than 6'4" Conan O'Brien during the MeleeATrois {{crossover}} between the three shows.
-->'''Stephen Colbert''': That's the magic of television, Jon.\\
'''Jon Stewart''': Can I have a screengrab of that?
** In his debate with BillOReilly in 2012, Stewart went [[UpToEleven a step further]], using a lifting platform that would allow him to ''tower'' over O'Reilly (and every inch in between) - used primarily to defuse tension and get some laughs.
* In earliest seasons of ''Series/That70sShow'', the scenes where the 15-year old Creator/MilaKunis (Jackie) and LauraPrepon (Donna) talked alone had either to portray them sitting, or to have Mila wearing platform heels. Not quite a box, but very close.
* Allison Mack (5'5") from ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' admits to using either a crate, or a lifted "alley board" so she doesn't look short against "ostentatiously tall" Tom Welling (6'3"). It is the only way they could [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/f1a0907e3048e8000b1ba9c287a3c6e9/tumblr_mlujscjuqf1snvqpxo1_1280.png hug naturally with the 10 inches difference]].
** Cassidy Freeman uses it a bit as well, despite being 5'9".
** Parodied in one scene in which Erica Durance kicks a stack of paper next to Tom's feet (on screen) before running to him.
** Oddly, in ''Upgrade'', Callum Blue (6') is somehow shown to be several inches taller than Tom probably due to misuse of boxes.
* ''Eight Out Of Ten Cats'' host Jimmy Carr has to have a cushion placed on his seat so he can see over his desk. This led to a fairly hilarious scene when guest David Walliams "outed" him by insisting that he stand up, and then removing the cushion, leaving Jimmy about four inches shorter all of a sudden. Also subverted since Jimmy Carr is a good 6 feet tall, so it's more of an issue with the set (or for entirely comedic purposes).
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** Used in the promotional pictures for the TV-Movie to make Creat/PaulMcGann appear to be more taller than Creator/SylvesterMcCoy, than he actually is. In reality [=McGann=] is, with his hight of 5'8.5 (1,74 meters), pretty close to [=McCoy=]'s 5'6 (1,68 meters).
** During Creator/JohnBarrowman's first five episodes, Creator/BilliePiper had to stand on a box whenever she was in a scene with him since he is seven inches taller than her. This is an unusual example given that that John Barrowman and Creator/ChristopherEccleston are the exact same height, and she never did so with the latter. It probably has to do with the mystique of the Doctor.
** Used InUniverse in the Christmas special [[Recap/DoctorWho2007CSVoyageOfTheDamned "Voyage of the Damned"]], where Music/KylieMinogue's character stands on a box to kiss Creator/DavidTennant. It's PlayedForLaughs.
* In ''Series/GetSmart'', Barbara Feldon was slightly taller than male lead Don Adams. This led to Don Adams standing on an apple crate or Barbara Feldon bending her knees and/or not wearing shoes so he would appear taller than her in close ups.
* While Series/{{Angel}} was in ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', Creator/SarahMichelleGellar had to stand on a box just so she can be seen in the same frame as the much taller David Boreanaz. The later seasons had her wear high heels to have Buffy appear taller than Dawn.
** James Marsters, who plays Spike, has admitted that he would wear lifts in his shoes so that he would look about equal height to David Boreanaz.
* Staging scenes in ''Series/{{Glee}}'' is often difficult because of this, especially when Creator/CoryMonteith was involved. Monteith was much taller than anyone else in the cast (even the cast members playing teachers), thus he spent a lot of time not only sitting, but also leaning forward with his forearms resting on his thighs (otherwise seated cast members behind him ''still'' wouldn't be visible). Other times they actually used his height to their advantage, for example: When sharing a scene with Rachel the camera sometimes switched to a shot closer to her perspective which only served to make him look even ''taller.''
** Creator/ChrisColfer is slightly taller than his on screen love interest, Darren Criss, but, because Criss' character was meant to serve as a mentor type figure, efforts were made to make him him appear taller than Colfer, even in photo shoots promoting the show.
* [[Series/TopGear The Hamster]] was once seen to be standing on a box so he could see over the bonnet of a Cadillac Escalade.
* Nodded towards in ''Series/TheBigBangTheory''. Bernadette is played by the under 5' Melissa Rauch, but Howard, her boyfriend, isn't that much taller and thus it isn't that big of an issue. In one episode at her apartment she got a ring at the doorbell and in order to look through the peephole she had to use a step stool. Rauch mentioned that most of her family is pretty short and her husband is around 6', so whenever they get together it feels like he is visiting [[TheLordOfTheRings the Shire]].
** Both Leonard and Howard are fairly short, which is commented upon frequently in the show. Leonard and Penny are generally the same height but if Penny wears high heels she [[OneHeadTaller towers over him]]. In one episode the group was having a formal cocktail party and Bernadette was complaining about climbing the stairs in high heels and Howard revealed he was wearing heels as well. After a confrontation, Sheldon comments that Howard seemed taller than normal.
* Melissa Rauch also had this taken to new levels when she was on ''Series/TrueBlood'' as she spends most of her screentime with 6'4" Jim Parrack.
* On ''Series/AllInTheFamily'', Sally Struthers regularly wore platform shoes, as she was 5'1" while her TV husband, Rob Reiner, was 6'2". The height difference is played for laughs in a flashback to when their characters, Gloria and Mike, first met.
* In ''Series/ICarly'', Nathan Kress was very short in the first season, compared to the 2 girls in their power trio. So he had to wear a very visible pair of giant platform boots. By the time season 2 started he'd hit puberty with a deeper voice (mentioned on the show), and he was as tall as Carly. In the current episodes, he's starting to tower over Carly as well.
** In Season 4, MirandaCosgrove has continued to get taller, while JennetteMcCurdy has not, so in episodes from Season 4 onward she starts wearing platform shoes.
* Inversion. In the later seasons of Series/{{MASH}} with Major Burns, Burns seems to get shorter, despite Larry Linville being 6'1" to Alan Alda's 6'2", and Mike Farrell's 6'3" (BJ in particular seems to be noticeably taller than Burns, while Trapper, played by Wayne Rogers who is ''also'' 6'3", did not). It may have been a nod to the movie, where Burns was played by Robert Duvall (5'8") and Hawkeye by Donald Sutherland (6'4"), and Trapper Elliot Gould (6'3").
* In ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', both Katie Cassidy (5'7") and Genevieve Cortese (5'4") played the demon Ruby. Since almost all of their screen time was spent in the company of the 6'4" Creator/JaredPadalecki and 6'1" Creator/JensenAckles, tall, spiky heels became a standard of Ruby's wardrobe from the get go. Katie Cassidy has stated these caused her to lose her balance on more than one occasion.
** According to Richard Speight (Gabriel), he had to use ''four'' of these while sharing a scene with Jared and Jensen. Without them, he wasn't even in the frame.
* Used in-universe in ''Series/{{Veep}}'', where the Vice President's assistant has a folding stepping stool in his bag for her to use during speeches when the lectern is too tall. This is understandable, given that the actress, [[Creator/JuliaLouisDreyfus Julia Louis-Dreyfus]], is 5'3".
* ''Series/GreysAnatomy'', in-universe: Miranda Bailey is very short and can clearly be seen using a variant in the OR to ensure she is at the proper height when operating.

* Required quite often on ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' whenever Creator/HaydenPanettiere and Creator/KristenBell, who are both 5'1", share scenes with Creator/ZacharyQuinto, who is 6'3".
* Inverted in ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', where due to Jonathan Frakes being significantly taller than most of the cast, Riker was often shown learning forward in a CaptainMorganPose, simply because it was the only way they could manage to fit him into frame.
* ''Series/WheelOfFortune'' puts the contestants on risers that may be raised or lowered to fit their height and make spinning the Wheel easier. However, this doesn't always work, particularly for little people or wheelchair-bound contestants, who are allowed to bring a friend or relative to spin the Wheel for them.
* ''Series/{{Jeopardy}}'' does likewise for shorter contestants so that they can see over the podiums. This was humorously referenced on the celebrity episode of February 9, 2001, on which Creator/SethGreen was a contestant.
-->'''Creator/AlexTrebek''': We started off the week, ladies and gentlemen, here in Las Vegas with me feeling vertically challenged because one of our contestants was [6'6"/198 cm] [[UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation Charles Barkley]] and I felt very short next to him. Seth [who is 5'4"/163 cm] took pity on me.
-->'''Seth Green''': ''(points down)'' I got this sweet box! ''(steps down and loses about a foot in height)''
-->'''Alex Trebek''': He wants to make me feel a lot better.
** The 1993 College Tournament winner Phoebe Juel recounted that the coordinators had to search the studio for more boxes because the ones which were on hand were still too small for her.
* {{Inverted|Trope}} on ''Series/{{Password}} Plus'', where host Allen Ludden was placed in a depression on the set so as not to appear as tall in comparison to the contestants. One contestant fell in Allen's "pit" upon walking back from the BonusRound to the tables for the main game.
* When the Granada Series/SherlockHolmes replaced David Burke's Watson with the shorter Edward Hardwicke, this trope came into play:
--> '''Jeremy Brett''': So he watched the previous thirteen films (and) decided to try and look a little like David Burke, as much as he could, bless him. So he put on a rug, I mean a toupee, and put lifts in his heels. And the first film we shot together was "The Abbey Grange". And we were running across a field, and these heels were too high so he was slipping and sliding. And I said, 'Oh, Edward, take them out! I'll bend my knees for the rest of the film!'
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' has [[HugeGuyTinyGirl 6'4 Marshall paired with 5'4 Lily]], which is sometimes commented on. But the rest of the male cast is still above 6' and the other female cast member Robin is a fairly tall 5'9, which leaves Lily as often wearing high heels even when lounging around at home.
* ''Series/{{Elementary}}'' has the 5'3 LucyLiu with 5'10 Creator/JonnyLeeMiller. This results in Joan Watson wearing quite a lot of heels.
* On ''Series/{{Arrow}}'', the 5'5" Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) spends most of her scenes with the 6'1" Stephen Amell (Oliver) and the 6'3" David Ramsey (Diggle.) You can see where this is going. In fact, her [[https://twitter.com/EmilyBett Twitter bio]] says point-blank "I stand on apple boxes for a living."
* On the 9th season of Australian reality show/ renovation show/ competition The Block, contestant Deanne, married to the much taller, retired pro-sports star Darren (a solid 2 m tall - roughly 6'8"), stands on a Scully Box during the weekly judging. The box can often be seen in the shots showing all contestants.
* ''Series/BabyDaddy'' actually came up with a clever piece of set design for this, no doubt since their cast already existed in the extremes, with the 5'6" Tahj Mowry sharing scenes with the 5'10"-and-heeled Melissa Peterman and the 6'5" Derek Theler. Realizing they had large height differences to deal with, they seemed to design the sets with this in mind, such as the [[http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140612213059/babydaddy/images/1/1c/10259256_654741817906378_2039755034018526124_o.jpg bar set]] being designed with a staircase in the background for the actors to line up their heights on (this came in '''really''' handy when the aforementioned Theler got a love interest played by the 5'3" Lacey Chabert, a full fourteen inches shorter than him.) This only seems to be used for blocking, however, as the show will often use the height differences of their actors as a [[http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140612214805/babydaddy/images/1/1f/10358936_660808070633086_4784475361706970306_o.jpg source of humor.]]

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* The [[ProfessionalWrestling WWF's]] Wrestling/AndreTheGiant frequently employed a crate during backstage interviews; he was already incredibly tall and large, but this served to make him truly tower over the interviewer. Sadly, the condition that caused his large size ultimately led to his early death.
* When he came into the WWF in the 1990's, Jorge "Giant" Gonzales was 7'7" tall. Despite this, he wore lifts in his boots so the WWF could bill him as being "nearly 8 feet tall".

[[folder:Video Games]]
* At one point in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'' a dwarven Inquisitor who is romancing [[AnythingThatMoves Iron]] [[TheBigGuy Bull]] gets a very emotional and heartwarming scene with him that's identical to the one you see when playing as any other race -- except that the Inquisitor is standing on a stool so Bull doesn't have to look down as much.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* When ''{{Drowtales}}'' released its 14th chapter [[http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=5323 the cover]] showed Ariel and Chirinide standing back to back and at even heights, even though other [[http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=5252 pages]] show that Ariel is about a head shorter. The joke naturally became that she's standing on a stump, or in one piece of fanart, [[{{Jerkass}} Rikshakar]]. Ironically after a 15 year {{timeskip}} Ariel is now so tall that [[http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=8341 she has a full head of height on everyone in her squad]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Elliot Morgan and, during the early days, [[WebVideo/ThePhilipDefrancoShow Philip DeFranco]], are both significantly taller than the other members of {{SourceFed}}, so everyone else has to stand on an apple box in order to look similar heights.
* WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob and DiamandaHagan's crossover review of ''Myra Breckinridge'' starts by showing [[TinyGuyHugeGirl their height difference]] as they are standing in a corridor. But later as they're sitting in bed they are leveled, with Brad even bigger... due to him sitting on a pile of pillows (easier to see in [[http://blip.tv/diamanda-hagan-lecher-bitch/flubs-myra-breckinridge-6799184 the blooper reel]]).
** Earlier, while he confronts [[BrowsHeldHigh Kyle Kallgren]] in a corridor, the scenes of him berating Kyle are shown only up close. Once it gets to wider shot it's blatant why, as Kyle is taller.
* WebVideo/RedLetterMedia's ''WebVideo/HalfInTheBag'' episode covering ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'' and ''Film/AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest'' has Mike mention (in his [[BadBadActing typical style]]) that Jay had to stand on a box to be "almost as tall as me".

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* A similar trick was done in ''TotalDramaWorldTour''. Since Sierra is just shy of OneHeadTaller than her crush Cody, the animators had to cheat whenever she employed a MarshmallowHell, and kept Cody's feet a few inches above the ground.
* An in-universe example in the 1987 ''[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]'' episode "Rondo in New York" when action Hollywood star tours the theater to promote his latest film. The actor is really short and has a crew placing apple boxes as he walks by the crowd looking down on them, much to Michelangelo's disappointment.
* Jeremy Hawke in ''WesternAnimation/TheCritic'' is apparently very, ''very'' short (18" shorter than he appears), and disguises it with heels. When one heel breaks, he starts running ''very'' askew.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* TomCruise uses these (apparently it's not just couches he stands on). In his wedding photos, where they couldn't be used, he had Katie Holmes squat down a bit so that she wouldn't be taller than him.
** After divorcing him, Creator/NicoleKidman (who is 6'0") declared "Now I can wear heels again."
** In just about every photo where you can see his feet, Cruise wears shoes with lifts to give him those much needed extra inches.
** Cruise is 5'7". Shorter than average, yes, but not excessively so. He just happens to spend his non-ChurchOfHappyology time around tall actors. Most people nowadays assume he's even shorter.
** A bit of aside trivia, Cruise was the only actor in ''TopGun'' that met the height requirements for a Navy fighter pilot. For comparison, Anthony "Goose" Edwards is 6'2", and was barely able to fit in the backseat of an F-14.
* Tom Cruise's BFF David Miscavige uses a box for nearly every speech he makes. He also surrounds himself with short people, and has regular-sized and tall people stand in the back for group pictures.
* During a debate when Robert Reich was running for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 (against the 6'2" Mitt Romney), a camera pan showed he was standing on one of these behind the podium. Understandable, since Reich is 4'10" due to a bone condition. [[SelfDeprecation He's made fun of this]] in interviews, notably during one with the famously tall Conan O'Brien.
* John Kerry, former longtime Massachusetts senator and current Secretary of State, frequently has this device used by people he's posing with, since at 6'4" he towers over practically everyone. This is especially notable whenever [[http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y70/TayTayTay/KerryPatrickTall.jpg he has to stand next to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick]] and is a good head and then some taller.
** It's also thought that this is one reason former President GeorgeWBush was frequently drawn as a midget in political cartoons, since while the real Bush is actually 5'11" -- not small by any means -- he wound up looking short next to the outrageously tall Kerry (same with Al Gore, who's 6'2"). There was apparently some behind-the-scenes handwringing by the Bush staff about this that resulted in negotiations with his competitor's counterparts about the best way to film them to prevent this, not that it worked.
* During an event where speeches were given by UsefulNotes/BarackObama and [[TheNapoleon Nicolas Sarkozy]], several pictures were taken from the side, revealing the... vertically challenged French president had stood on a box, presumably because he wouldn't have reached the microphone -- set up for the 6'1" Obama -- otherwise. Sarkozy, who is 5'5"[[note]]That's an inch ''shorter'' than the actual historical Napoleon, folks![[/note]], even needs one of these when pictured with his own wife, an ex-supermodel.
* CNN reporter Frederik Pleitgen typically ends up with a cameraman on a box. Fred is very tall, and when doing interviews stands with his legs apart to bring himself down to the level of most of his interviewees. This way, they aren't looking up and we don't get a lovely shot of the subject's nostrils. However, when doing a OneShot, to avoid the opposite effect of Fred looking down, the cameraman needs a boost to operate the camera at a suitable height.
* Famed architect FrankLloydWright accomplished the same effect by designing many buildings around his own height of 5'8". Tall people find them notoriously cramped.
* Many photographers have boxes in their studios for just this purpose. It really comes in handy for couples with large height differences. Some studios also employ phone books (and [[{{Doorstopper}} other thick literary titles]]).
* In the BBC's flat racing coverage, Willie Carson, a five foot tall ex-champion jockey, employs one of these to be seen in shot with his much taller co-host Clare Balding.
* Creator/PaulMcGann (perhaps most notably seen in ''Film/WithnailAndI'', being short, and ''Series/DoctorWho'', being less so) shares his thoughts on his height and the Scully Box:
-->''"Five feet nine. Quite little, really. From a squat tribe, you see. My brothers (and sister) are all taller than me, as are most of the actresses I'm required to smooch. At such times they usually stand me on a box. Sort of keeps your feet on the ground, paradoxically."''
* President George H.W. Bush made it a personal rule never to be photographed standing next to Ronald Reagan while he was Reagan's Vice-President, because the 6'2" Bush didn't want to overshadow his boss (Reagan was 6'0").
* During a political debate with the 6'3" [[BillOReilly Bill O'Reilly]], a 5'6" Creator/JonStewart uses an adjustable podium to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPtqoU-2Bz4&feature=player_detailpage#t=368s reach the same eye level as his opponent]]. Or [[OneHeadTaller gain a few feet over him]].
* When Music/ChristinaAguilera and Music/JustinTimberlake embarked on a tour together, they did a photo shoot for RollingStone to promote the tour where they were eye level. However, because Justin is 6'2 and Christina is just barely over 5 feet tall, he had to bend down while she had to stand on a step ladder in order for them to be at eye level with the camera.
* In certain videos and photos, voice over CreatorCouple Creator/LauraBailey (5'2) is shown standing on a chair to reach her husband Creator/TravisWillingham (6'4). In some photos she's sitting on his knee/lap like she's a child.
** Another with voice actor Creator/TroyBaker (6'3) and his second wife Pamela. There are a lot of photos showing her wearing heels, but it makes little difference to reach her husband's lips. In one of their wedding photos, he had to bend over in order to kiss her on the lips.