''Schloss Einstein'' is a German SoapOpera for kids and teenagers, about life at the titular boarding school (the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium, or "Schloss Einstein" for short). The first episode was broadcast in 1998; as of 2011, the show is in its fourteenth season. The stories most commonly feature things like first love, roommate drama, and students struggling with exams and grades.

!! This show provides examples of:
* DarkerAndEdgier: When the series moved to Erfurt (Season 11 and on), the average age of the kids increased and the show started dealing with more serious issues more often. The plots that served to provide edutainment about science practically disappeared, and the fact that Schloss Einstein was a sort of natural-science magnet school was downplayed.
* EggSitting: With a baby doll that made crying noises in the middle of the night and had an electronic scoring system.
* EloquentInMyNativeTongue: Mary invokes this as a form of ObfuscatingStupidity, telling Coco that she didn't mean to say something mean about Magda – she just mistranslated an English idiom into German! Coco sees through it, though.
* FakeAmerican: Joanna and Mary. When they speak English, you can tell it's not the actors' native language.
* GymClassRopeClimb: Not a literal climbing rope, but the gymnastics exercise on the bar is the moral equivalent of this for Magda.
* HotForTeacher: Antje (season 1), Franziska (season 6), and Mia (season 11) each suffer from this at one point.
* MilitarySchool: Sándor is briefly threatened with one.
* PreMeeting: Chui's disastrous first encounter with Herr Berger.
* ScienceFair
* SchoolNewspaperNewsHound: Nino. Also, most of the staff of ''Kurz und Kleinstein'' in earlier seasons.
* TheShowMustGoOn: Lilly replacing Alex in the SchoolPlay, ''Die Räuber''.
* SpoilerOpening: Ronja can't have left Schloss Einstein for good – she's in the title sequence!