->''Sawed-off shotgun, hand on the pump''
-->-- '''Cypress Hill, ''Hand on the pump'''''

If you're a badass and you want your firearm to represent how awesome you are, there's only one choice for you - the Hillbilly Dueling Pistol, AKA the sawed-off shotgun. It is a standard weapon for anyone in the middle of a ZombieApocalypse. In the hands of a suitable badass, it can take out anyone in a single blast. The sound of chambering a round in a pump-action sawed-off is like a CatchPhrase showing how awesome you are -- for extra badassitude, you hold it by the slide and sort of [[OneHandedShotgunPump wave it in the air]], allowing the weapon's own weight to do the chambering (this is a great way to ruin your shotgun in real life, FYI). And if you have a sawed-off double barrel shotgun with dual triggers, you have the option of either unloading one barrel at a time at an opponent, or "giving 'em both barrels," as it were (also an excellent way to destroy it).[[note]]Only with modern shotguns with light barrels and heavy loads of long-burning smokeless powders. When using old shotguns, with heavy barrels designed to withstand short and powerful pressure bursts of black powder, hunters, in fact, ''preferred'' to fire "doublets", as it greatly reduced the chances to leave the game only wounded. Which is always good, especially when the said game is the {{bear|sAreBadNews}} -- hence the related phrase "[[CrazyPrepared loaded for bear]]."[[/note]]

In popular media, the sawed-off shotgun combines the power of a shotgun with the profile of a large handgun. It's also easy to make - all you need is a regular shotgun and a hacksaw, it seems. Its popularity easily eclipses all guns aside from the most famous, like the Desert Eagle.

In real life, [[AwesomeButImpractical sawed-off shotguns aren't very practical]]. Contrary to popular belief, shortening the barrel of a shotgun has little effect on the spread of the shot. Spread of shot is actually purposely limited with a 'choke' inside the very tip of the barrel. Sawing off 2 inches or 20 inches has basically the same effect. Shortening the barrel has different effects depending on the era. Until the advent of high quality smokeless gunpowder, longer barrels on shotguns allowed for more velocity, and a sawed-off shotgun would have reduced power because of the reduced velocity. Modern powders lose extremely little velocity even when the barrel is cut down to a foot long.[[note]]Strictly speaking, longer barrels do somewhat increase muzzle velocity because the propellant has that much longer to "push" the projectile. However, shotgun ammunition, particularly pellets, lose velocity rapidly enough that this doesn't really matter.[[/note]] However the biggest problem with sawed-off shotguns is when the stock is cut down to a pistol grip, making the weapon either extremely hard to aim, or, if aimed properly, likely to recoil straight into the shooter's teeth.

In close quarters, the ability to hide the gun until the last possible second is valuable, but this has the unfortunate effect of making the gun a gangster's weapon fit mostly for assassins or poachers and therefore carries most legal restrictions for civilian users.

Some law enforcement agencies use compact shotguns for breaching -- that is, [[ShootOutTheLock shooting hinges and locks off doors for expedient entry]]. There are even shotguns designed for this that can be mounted underneath the barrel of an assault rifle, in the same way as an M203 GrenadeLauncher (one of the most well-known is even rather humorously called the "Masterkey"). A sawed-off shotgun is also more easily concealed than the full-sized variety, so they are often used by criminals ([[BankRobbery bank robbers]] are a common example), especially in countries where normal handguns may be difficult to procure but hunting shotguns are relatively easy to buy.

This trope is prominent in British shows, where the sawed off shotgun remains the weapon of choice for the LondonGangster, or the villains in any police procedural, particularly if it involves an ArmedBlag. This is mainly due to the difficulty of obtaining handguns in the UK, while shotguns are still legally available. Incidentally, British English prefers "sawn-off" (the past participle) and American English "sawed-off" (the past preterite, which, [[DidNotDoTheBloodyResearch while sounding perfectly fine to American ears]], sounds like [[TheProblemWithPenIsland something else]] to British ones -- though it still works pretty well, considering the context).

See also ShotgunsAreJustBetter and ShortRangeShotgun.



[[folder:Anime And Manga]]
* In ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'', Jagi has a sawed-off shotgun for cheating during a fist fight.
* In ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'', Westernophile Kinzo has several sawed-off Winchester rifles (also known as a Mare's Leg) in his room. After the story gets going, the adults tend to start using them; Natsuhi in the first arc, Rosa in the second arc, and nearly everyone in the third.
* Similar to the previous example, in the ''Manga/{{Devilman}}'' manga, badass Ryo Asuka uses a sawed-off rifle to great effect, first scaring some bullies and later injuring Sirene.
* Beelzemon from ''Anime/DigimonTamers'' wields two double-barreled versions before going Blast Mode.
* One of [[spoiler: Shogo Kawada's many victims in his first go-round]] is seen with one in the manga ''Manga/BattleRoyale''.
* [[spoiler: [[BadassLongcoat Renton]] [[DisappearedDad Thurston]]]] in ''Anime/EurekaSevenAO''.
* [[GunsAkimbo A pair of these]] are Mumei's primary weapons in ''Anime/KabaneriOfTheIronFortress.''

* In the ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' comics, Detective (later Sheriff) Steve 'Shotgun' Smith carries one of these as his standard weapon.
* This was the weapon of choice for the Sineater, of 1980's ''SpiderMan''.
* Wielded by [[ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse Scrooge McDuck]] in some Italian stories of the late '60s/early '70s and called with the Italian moniker 'lupara'. Current Italian stories have replaced the lupara with a salt-loaded blunderbuss.
* One ''ComicBook/ThePunisher'' comic has Frank run into Wolverine with a shotgun. Frank comes out of it with a sawed-off shotgun.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* A notorious Creator/DavidGonterman fanfic features the [[GodModeSue hero]] Davey Crockett shooting [[Franchise/PowerRangers Lord Zedd's]] throne with a sawn-off shotgun. Davey is on Earth at the time, and the throne is on the moon. [[ImprobableAimingSkills And the throne is completely destroyed by the shot.]] [[NighInvulnerable And Lord Zedd is unharmed despite having been sitting in the throne at the time.]]
* The first weapon [[Fanfic/FalloutEquestria Littlepip]] acquires in her travels is a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun...which she quickly discards in favor of a submachine gun after discovering how [[ShortRangeShotgun useless it is at hitting anything beyond several feet.]]
* Not technically a sawed-off shotgun, but in [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10746627/1/Shakedown-the-Dream this]] ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'' fanfic specific mention and use is made of "carbine" versions of the widowmaker shotgun with shorter barrels. The weapons are described as chambering the same round and having the same stopping power, but being easier to use in close quarters. [[FairCop Judge Cassandra Anderson]] also remarks that smaller weapons are easier for her and another female to handle (a point made in narration earlier in the series).

* ''Film/MadMax1'' used one as his main weapon during his RoaringRampageOfRevenge, which he modified himself.
** For that matter, he has it placed as his sidearm in the movie, akin to a police officer's pistol, though he still carries his pistol in the first film.
* Several Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, most notably ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay'', in which he fires and cocks a lever-action shotgun single-handed ''while riding a motorcycle''. [[JustifiedTrope Of course, he is a terminator]].
** Slight variation in ''Terminator 2'' as he is using slugs rather than the more commonly seen shot. Additionally, the gun is a 10 gauge, rather than the more popular 12 gauge (though because the model in question was no longer available in 12 gauge). The larger slug, with the lack of a spread effect, effectively turns a shotgun into a {{BFG}}.
** Also, the loop of the lever-action shotgun is enlarged, enabling the Terminator to use the loop and the shortened barrel to flip the shotgun, reloading the lever-action. If one can avoid whacking themselves with the barrel, one can effectively use it one handed.
** Kyle Reese saws off the stock of his shotgun for concealment purposes in the first ''Film/TheTerminator'', finishing with a nice DramaticGunCock.
* Antonio Banderas holds one on the cover to the movie ''Film/{{Desperado}}'', and he uses the weapon in the first major bar shootout before switching to [[GunsAkimbo two blazing Ruger semiautomatics]] for the remainder of the movie. You just know it'd be a bad move to mess with him.
* The sawed-off also makes an appearance in ''Film/OnceUponATimeInMexico'', where it has become the Mariachi's WeaponOfChoice.
* Ash from the ''Franchise/EvilDead'' series uses a sawed-off shotgun that not only never runs out of shells, but can also ''blow a sword in half''. The quote above, delivered after blowing the sword in half, pretty much says it all. Interestingly enough, Ash's shotgun seems to get upgraded every film, all this despite the fact that it's ostensibly the same weapon. In ''Film/{{The Evil Dead|1981}}'', it was a single-barreled, non-sawed-off single-shot. In ''Film/EvilDead2'', he sawed it off down to the foregrip, and it became double-barreled. In ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness'', it remained a side-by-side, but somehow grew back about eight inches on the barrels. In the follow-on video game, it effectively functions as a semi-automatic, despite still being a double-barrel.
* The title character in the "Jewsploitation" film ''Film/TheHebrewHammer'' pulls a pair out of his coat in order to blow away a bar full of skinheads.
* In ''[[Series/TheSweeney Sweeney 2]]'' the criminals use gold-plated Purdey shotguns stolen from a rock star. There's a notable scene where the blagger sticks his sawn-off in a bank manager's face.
-->"Hold it right there, squire. You are privileged to be looking down the barrels of a gold-plated Purdey shotgun. Now as a bank manager, you'll appreciate that any man capable of cutting a gun like that in half wouldn't think twice about cutting you in half."
* Reggie Bannister's signature weapon from ''Film/PhantasmII'' onwards is a sawn off double barrelled shotgun tied to another one, creating a quad barrelled shotgun.
* Used in the British gangster movie ''Film/TheLongGoodFriday'', though only the barrels are cut down, not the stock.
* Vietnam veteran Llewelyn Moss' first step after finding out his grab-the-drug-money-and-run plan in ''Film/NoCountryForOldMen'' may not go strictly according to plan is to buy a shotgun and hack off the barrel so it fits in his duffel bag. Very fitting with the grim realist nature of the movie.
* In the climax of ''Film/ThePunisher2004'' with Thomas Jane, the titular character draws his Hillbilly Dueling Pistol after being shot several times in the chest (he had body armor on, natch). After unloading both shells into a mobster's face, he does the smart thing and throws it away (he, of course, had several other weapons on him).
* ''Film/TheDarkKnight'':
** The Joker acquires a sawed-off shotgun from a BadassBystander at the beginning of the film and uses it several more times throughout the film, once killing a police officer with a point-blank shot and again when trying to penetrate the armor of a police transport. The most notable instance is when he fires it into the ceiling to disrupt a party, announcing his and his men's entrance. [[IJustShotMarvinInTheFace He then proceeds to wave it around like a toy in the face of several of the party-goers, who appropriately recoil with a lot of fear]]. Except for one old man, who defiantly states that he will "not be intimidated by thugs". A [[KnifeNut knife to the mouth changes his tune quickly.]]
** William Fichtner as the BadassBystander mentioned above busts out one of these in the beginning scene to combat the Joker's bank robbery, and succeeds in taking out at least one of the robbers before being shot himself.
* The official reason the BigBad of the Creator/StevenSeagal movie ''The Patriot'' is arrested is for sawing the barrel off of a shotgun. This was because the authorities didn't have the evidence needed to arrest him for the criminal actions of his 'militia group', and didn't know that he had stolen a biochemical weapon and was planning to use it, but ''did'' have concrete evidence that he had made an illegal modification to a firearm.
* ''Film/KillingThemSoftly'' takes it UpToEleven. The barrels of one character's shotgun have been [[http://www.imfdb.org/images/a/a6/KTS-Sawnoff-2.jpg cut down so short]] that they are ''shorter than the shells they are loaded with''.
* In ''Film/ElDorado'' Mississippi winds up with a "pistolized" shotgun after he is shown to be incredibly inept with a standard six-gun.
-->Thornton: "We need a gun for a man who can't shoot."
* In ''Film/BloodrayneIIDeliverance'', the sheriff of Deliverance has a sawed-off shotgun [[ICallItVera he calls 'Sadie']]. He also talks to it. A lot.
* In ''Film/RedHill'', Jimmy's preferred weapon is a sawn-off pump action shotgun. He usually announces his presence with a [[DramaticGunCock dramatic pump of the slide]]. This usually signals that carnage is about to ensue.

* ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'':
** In the novel ''Death Masks'', Karrin Murphy wields a sawed-off shotgun against the vampires and their Renfields.
** Harry has a sawed-off shotgun in the backseat of the Blue Beetle.
* The ''Franchise/SherlockHolmes'' adventure ''The Valley of Fear'' featured a man who tried to kill the supposed murder victim with a sawed-off shotgun. Unfortunately for him, the victim fought back, and he ended up getting shot in the face at point-blank range as they struggled over the gun. [[spoiler: Since the man who was killed was an agent for a larger secret society out to kill the victim, the victim decided to try and throw them off his trail by passing off the murderer's corpse as his own. With the face so horribly maimed, no one would be able to tell the difference]]...[[HyperAwareness except Sherlock Holmes, of course.]]
* In the novel version of ''Literature/BattleRoyale'', Shogo Kawada uses a sawed-off M31 Remington shotgun. In the movie, it was changed to a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun, which was designed with a shorter barrel than most guns.
* In ''Literature/TheTomorrowSeries'', a lot of tension in one scene where the group gets surprised by enemy soldiers comes not from the risk of them dying, but from the fact that the enemy soldiers are shot down almost immediately by a sawed-off shotgun that no one knew Homer was carrying.
* ''Literature/AbleTeam #7: Justice By Fire''. IntrepidReporter Floyd Jefferson buys a friend's shotgun and saws off the barrel when he's targeted by a Salvadorean death squad. Rather than insist he hand it over, a team member shows him the Unlocked Carry (chamber empty, safety off, action partly closed) so he doesn't [[IJustShotMarvinInTheFace accidentally blow a kid's legs off]].
* In the [[HeroesRUs similar]] ''Soldiers of Barrabas'' series (#3: Butchers of Eden), Nile Barrabas' girlfriend Erika Dykstra is trying to persuade a Tamil businessman to leave Sri Lanka because the government is stiring up hatred against the Tamil community. The man refuses to leave, saying he's prepared to defend his family, and produces a long-barreled duck-hunting shotgun. Erika appeals to Nile for help. He responds by [[CompletelyMissingThePoint advising him to cut down the barrel level with the magazine]]. The shotgun comes in handy when the city explodes into race riots, though the shortened barrel increases the recoil and even the powerfully built Barrabas has trouble keeping it on target.
* In Creator/AndrewVachss's ''Literature/{{Burke}}'' books, the Prof favors one of these.
-->"Your card is a low card, motherfucker. I see your pistol and raise you one double-barrelled scattergun."
* ''Literature/BloodMeridian'': Brown, a murderous freebooter, acquires an ornate ceremonial shotgun through pillage. He goes to a village and demands that the local gunsmith saw it down. The gunsmith refuses to ruin such an artifact, causing a tense altercation until Brown finally does it himself.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In ''Series/TheWire'', Omar Little uses a double-barreled sawed off shotgun.
* The Winchesters in ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' use sawn-off shotguns loaded with rock salt to fight ghosts. Dean uses a double barrel Baikal [=IZH43=] shotgun, while Sam prefers an Ithaca pump-action.
* On ''Series/{{Lost}}'', Caesar finds a sawed-off shotgun at the Hydra and takes it. But when he tries to use it, [[spoiler: Ben has already stolen it and shoots him]].
* Zoe's WeaponOfChoice in ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' is a sawed-off Winchester rifle called a "Mare's Leg."
* Another gun called "Mare's Leg" is wielded by Josh Randall in ''Series/WantedDeadOrAlive'' (Zoe's weapon is based on it).
* ''Series/TheXFiles''. In "Piper Maru", Agent Mulder makes inquiries at a salvage company, unaware that it's a FrontOrganisation for a French Secret Service operation. The audience sees the secretary has her hand on a double-barrelled shotgun attached to the underside of her desk, but fortunately she doesn't use it.
* This is the Mafia's mid-range weapon in the "Yakuza vs. Mafia" episode of ''Series/DeadliestWarrior''.
* The WeaponOfChoice for BountyHunter Jesse Colton in ''Series/MacGyver1985''.
* In "The Big Gun" episode of the 60's revival of ''Franchise/{{Dragnet}}'', the title object is a sawed-off shotgun with a spoon attached to the butt so it can be hooked into the armpit of a coat or jacket and quickly swing into firing position.
* One [=UnSub=] from ''Series/CriminalMinds'' used a shotgun to shoot at female pedestrians he pulled up next to at traffic lights. In this case, it's shown why it's practical for him - it's easier to aim at his victims.
* ''Series/{{Fargo}}'': Season 2 has the Kitchen Brothers who use these as their WeaponOfChoice. They attach the guns to their belt via a cord, so when not in use they let them hang at their sides, concealed under their trench coats.
* In an episode of ''Series/NightCourt'', a defendant claims that he only stole from someone because he had nothing to eat.
-->'''Dan Fielding (the ADA):''' Yeah, he was so hungry he had to eat the shotgun he was carrying!
-->'''Judge Harry Stone:''' You had a shotgun?
-->'''Defendant:''' Only a little one!
-->'''Dan:''' The term is "sawed-off!"
-->'''Harry:''' Held over for trial (gavel)
-->'''Defendant:''' There goes my security clearance!

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In the first and second editions of White Wolf's ''TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness'' games, the only difference between a sawed-off and a regular shotgun is that the former is easier to conceal.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}''
** The Remington Roomsweeper, a shotgun that comes pre-sawed-off and features an adjustable "choke" that allows it to substitute quite handily for a full-length shotgun (though with reduced range). It's probably the second most common weapon amongst Shadowrunners, right behind the Ares Predator handgun.
** One supplement for the game even included a weapon that was basically a pistol chambered for shotgun shells. Even the book commented on how brutal that'd be on the user's wrist. Then again, a somewhat similar weapon also [[http://www.taurususa.com/gun-selector-results.cfm?series=41&toggle=tr exists in real life]], even though it's only chambered for .410 gauge/.45 Long Colt and isn't nearly as hard on the shooter as a heavier gauge might be.
** As well as these the game now (as of 5th edition) features a sawed-off, or rather a short barrelled version, of the Defiance T-250 shotgun. The Defiance may not have the best stats but it still packs a decent punch is the standard cheap, versatile and street legal shotgun option. The short barrel option cuts down on range and a little on hitting power (putting it on par with the most damaging pistols) while making the weapon something that could be feasibly hidden. To do so successfully you'll want clothing that makes this work (the lined coat for instance is a trenchcoat that actually gives you a bonus to this) as well as a few points in the palming skill, but if you can pull it off it's a good way to scare the heck out of someone and ruin their neat plans they had for your defeat.
* ''TabletopGame/D20Modern'': the lead equipment designer for that game has admitted a personal distaste for this trope. Shotguns are markedly inferior to assault rifles or submachineguns, and sawed-off models hold no particular advantage.
* In ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}}'' sawed-off shotguns are just slightly lighter and easier to use in close combat. The stock can also be sawed off but that just makes it hard to fire.
* The ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'' supplement ''Kingdom of Champions'' has a villain named Brown Fox. The book notes that “brown fox” is (actually rare) British underworld slang for a sawed-off shotgun, and yes, the character uses such a weapon.

* The [[Toys/NerfBrand NERF N-Strike]] [=Barrel Break IX-2=] is a reverse-plunger'd double-barreled breech-action short-barreled shotgun of a dart blaster. It even has a [[GunAccessories Tactical Rail-mounted dart rack]] to hold more ammo! Some modders merely shorten the barrel a little more, while others [[http://nerfornothing.blogspot.com/2010/08/heavily-modified-barrel-break.html go farther and]] [[SerialEscalation minimize it extensively]].
** A 2013 subline, the Nerf Zombie Strike series, will feature another short-barreled shotgun blaster, the [[http://urbantaggers.blogspot.sg/2013/07/nerf-zombie-strike-sledgefire-target-us.html Sledgefire]] Shotgun. It will be able to chamber and fire 3 darts at once with specially-designed shotshells, and will be a break-action blaster like the Barrel Break.
** Their competitor, Buzzbee, also has a Double Shot blaster, which is a slimmer double-barreled shotty with individual "shells" that you load the darts into before loading them up. While it is not sawn-off in its stock form, many modders will indeed saw off the barrels so they don't slow down the darts (due to how plunger-driven dart blasters work, too long a barrel in some kinds of blasters will actually reduce their range and power).

* Even if he's prematurely aged into an old man, Solid Snake is capable of shooting a sawed-off one-handed in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots''.
** Played more realistically in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'', where the shotguns were shortened specifically for use in the jungle environments in which the game takes place.
** Played straight and subverted in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker'', the double barrel starts off as a normal shotgun and gets the barrel shortened and the stock removed through research. However, the M37 starts as a sawed-off; research actually ''adds'' a longer barrel and a stock.
* Rufus Shinra's weapon of choice in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII''.
* ''[[VideoGame/{{STALKER}} S.T.A.L.K.E.R.]]'' has several shotguns, but for about the first third of the game you only get the sawn-off. It starts well as a decent short-range weapon, and it's your best defense against most mutants, but the fact that it's handled realistically[[labelnote:*]]no lightning-fast reloads with both shells in one hand, no opening or closing the breech with just a jerk of the wrist, and both hammers have to be manually cocked[[/labelnote]] makes it a pain to use on anything requiring more than two shots to go down. Since such enemies come around pretty early, especially in a vanilla experience, it's easy to come to hate the sawed-off as you constantly reload it slowly, getting shot full of holes in the meantime. The shotties that are [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter actually good all around]] avert the trope – even the relatively short Maverick 88 isn't sawed-off, just short-barreled.
* ''You Are Empty'' suffers from a similar problem: the sawn-off is damn useful - for the first enemy or two. Then, the slow reload causes everybody who ''hasn't'' croaked from the first two shots to demonstrate their extreme displeasure about the player's presence by severely increasing the amount of lead in his bloodstream. The game, however, has no other shotguns, so most players prefer to use the more universal machine gun or nailgun.
* ''VideoGame/{{Blood}}'' has an unusually accurate example as one of the most common available weapons. ''Blood II: The Chosen'' {{nerf}}s it with slower firing and reload speeds, and worse accuracy. Even so, it has a greater damage-per-shot rate than the Auto Shotgun introduced in ''The Nightmare Levels''.
* ''VideoGame/AllianceOfValiantArms'' has the Winchester [=M1887S=] which has a sawed-off barrel and stock. The weapon is a clear ShoutOut to the one used in ''Terminator 2: Judgement Day''; the player-character even flip-cocks it between shots.
* These sort of appear in ''VideoGame/{{Marathon}} 2'' and ''Infinity''. Sort of, because "sawed-off" indicates that they were once full-size shotguns, and these seem to have been originally manufactured at this size. And they can be used GunsAkimbo in a fashion akin to the ''Terminator 2'' example above. It even lampshades the "[[UnorthodoxReload flip it around to reload]]" maneuver.
* Oddly, for a game that's largely an enormous mass of action movie tropes and badass, ''VideoGame/MaxPayne'' handles its sawed-off shotgun comparatively realistically. You can't fire both barrels at once, it only holds two shots, and although devastating at extreme close range, it's much less useful than your standard pump-action at longer ranges. The primary mistake is that he uses it one-handed.
** The primary advantage of the sawed-off shotgun is that, by abusing the game mechanics, you can shoot-dodge into a group of enemies, blast one or two, then immediately shoot-dodge again to reload immediately. ''Max Payne 2'' "fixes" this by still requiring a reload animation, but you can still reload incredibly quickly by doing the [[RuleOfCool fancy-looking]] [[UnorthodoxReload bullet time reloads]].
** The ''[[Film/TheMatrix True Matrix]] Mod'' adds [[GunsAkimbo Sawed Off Shotgun Akimbo]] as a weapon option once you pick up a second one. It basically doubles the firepower of a normal one, making it a four-shot weapon.
* In ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', a lever-action shotgun is the Scout class' weapon of choice: Scouts being [[FragileSpeedster the fastest and most vulnerable]] class in the game, Scout players are expected to get close to their enemies, fire, and make a hasty retreat before the target gets a chance to retaliate - provided that he survives.
** The unlockable "Force-a-Nature" shotgun is a sawed-off ''par excellence'' - double-barrelled, cut down to just past the foregrip, and capable of unloading both barrels in a fraction of a second. The tradeoff is that you only get two shots before having to reload.
** The later Soda Popper is sawed off ''[[SerialEscalation even farther than that]]''; it's barely longer than the soda can that replaced its foregrip.
** Also, the Engineer, Soldier, Heavy and Pyro classes have shotguns that are slightly sawed off, much like the picture on top of this page, though the Engie and Heavy also have access to unlockable full-sized shotguns with different strengths and weaknesses[[note]]The Engineer's "Frontier Justice" holds half as many shells and deals boosted damage based on "revenge crits" stored up by making kills with the user's sentry gun once it's destroyed instead of getting random crits. The Heavy's "Family Business" holds two more shells than the standard one, but in return deals slightly less damage per shot.[[/note]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Doom}} 2'' has the super shotgun, which is a sawed-off shotgun with a big punch. It deals the damage of three regular shotgun shells while only consuming two, making it almost as powerful as a rocket when fired at extremely-close range, but is much less precise and takes twice as long to reload as the regular shotgun.
* The ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto'' series often includes a sawed-off shotgun, with the advantage of greater spread and no real reduction in power versus the basic shotgun. In ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'', not only can sawed-off shotguns be wielded like pistols, but CJ can use ''[[GunsAkimbo two at once]]'' with enough practice. [[MST3KMantra Best not to think about how he reloads]].
** In ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIVTheLostAndDamned'', your character can use a double-barreled sawed-off one-handed while riding a motorcycle.
** It returns in ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' and is still bike-compatible. (And now bus-compatible as well, for some reason). A patch also added the Double-barreled shotgun, which works almost identically but shoots both barrels at once.
* ''VideoGame/PlanetAlcatraz'' has 4 different types of sawed off shotguns (Juda, Greetings, Friend, Best Friend), both single- and double-barrelled, chambered in 12 gauge and 16 gauge. There's even a perk that improves accuracy when you use one of these.
* The sawed off shotgun in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' is quite weaker than any other shotgun in the game. It's also highly inaccurate, but as it's very very short, that may be why. The spread is all over the place, making it worthless except for large enemies, or being within kissing distance.
** It is, however, relatively easy to get the unique sawed-off, The Kneecapper, which, while suffering the same accuracy issues as other sawed-off shotguns, has over [[MoreDakka double the firepower]] and is uniquely suited for Small Guns-focused characters who are interested in cleaning out ghoul-infested tunnels, close-range ambushes, and/or ammo conservation.
*** When a super-mutant DOES get in your face, however, it's much more convenient than the long-barrel variety for blowing theirs clean off. And if you can get close enough for a sneak attack it will ruin their day rather thoroughly. Additionally, in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', it's a holdout weapon, which you can sneak into most casinos, just in case you really need to kill dudes in there.
*** Also in ''New Vegas'', the Big Boomer is the unique sawed-off shotgun that does the ''highest non-explosive, non-energy damage in the game''. And the kicker? It can be acquired as early as [[DiscOneNuke the fourth town.]] Provided you [[BlastingItOutOfTheirHands know how to get it]] without hurting its owner, it can be gotten very easily. And it's also right next to an important quest location that involves intense fighting at close quarters. Have fun!
** Played straight in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 1}}'' and [[VideoGame/{{Fallout 2}} 2]] as well. The first game even gives you a sawed-off ''rifle'' as a quest reward, although the sawing is just one of the modifications - the result is to all effects a revolver firing .223 cartridges, and is the most powerful small arm in the game, even more than the [[RareGuns Desert Eagle]]. Amusingly, it also appears completely unchanged in the sequel as a RandomDrop from raiders - meaning that you can accumulate several of these "One-of-a-kind weapon(s), obviously made with care and skill." The sequel also starts recruitable character [[spoiler: Cassidy]] off with a sawed-off double barrel shotgun. Played straight in that it somehow deals more damage than a regular shotgun, though the range is reduced.
* Dante of ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'' has used, along with his trademark guns Ebony and Ivory, a double barreled sawed-off shotgun in every game, finally given the name Coyote-A in 4. And because he's a badass, Dante does not reload it at all, AND it's a break-action shotgun.
** If you upgrade your Gunslinger style enough, he can also use his shotgun like a friggin' nunchaku!
** Dante also has another shotgun-centered move, wherein he charges at an enemy and rams his sawn-off into them like a spear, before pulling the trigger, blasting them away. 'Tis great fun.
* UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga in ''VideoGame/SengokuBasara'' uses one in conjunction with a longsword as part of a SwordAndGun combo. Unlike many other sawed-offs, its disadvantages are completely averted by the fact that it can fire [[AbnormalAmmo dark spheres]] [[ThePowerOfHate of hatred]].
* ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' featured a sawed-off shotgun, which fired slowly but was slightly more powerful and took up less inventory space than the automatic shotgun. The way the game handled weapon skills also allowed you to completely avoid the "shorter barrels = shorter range" effect; indeed, if you got to Master level, all the pellets would hit in the same spot - making the sawed-off shotgun the ultimate precision rifle from hell.
* A similar weapon appears in the prequel ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'' as well, as a pre-order bonus. It has excellent stopping power against most enemies, but its reach is predictably ridiculous and only has two shots. The weapon skills finally making sense, it's also impossible to use it in a precise way. Its greatest advantage is how little space it takes in the inventory compared to every other non-handgun.
* A sawed-off double-barreled shotgun makes a rather surprising appearance in ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty: World At War'', as a one-time pickup in campaign mode (found in an abandoned insane asylum of all places). The regular double-barreled shotgun can also be sawed-down in multiplayer with a unique attachment (replacing the {{bayonet|Ya}} the Trench Gun can get).
** A further-sawed-down Sears Ranger returned in ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 2'', with the added bonus of allowing the player to [[GunsAkimbo carry two at once]] (that is, of course, if [[AwesomeButImpractical accuracy]] doesn't concern you much). ''Modern Warfare 2'' also sports a sawed-off Winchester 1887 made as a replication of the ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay'' model, complete with flip-to-reload if you dual wield. [[GameBreaker For the longest time, these sawed-off Model 1887s were horribly broken]], and they're still a surefire sign of an [[Webcomic/PennyArcade unrepentant puppy rapist.]] There's also the KAC "Masterkey" shotgun (see Real Life), which can be unlocked to attach to your assault rifles. [[AwesomeButImpractical Not that anyone ever uses the Masterkey.]]
* ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil5'' has the Hydra, a ''three barreled'' sawed-off break-action shotgun. Little magazine and long reload time, yes, but also the power to ''shred'' anything in front of it. Characters hold it with one extended arm (except Sheva, who holds it with both hands), though it's understandable considering the sheer bulk of Chris and the SuperStrength of Wesker.
* Played completely straight in the ridiculously goofy and full of MoreDakka ''VideoGame/TimeSplitters'' series. Strangely, only the double-barreled sawed-off variant may be used akimbo in the series. And it reloads the same as any other bullet weapon, dropping of the screen then coming right back as if you merely had to exchange shell clips. It is far superior to the automatic merely for this reason. Of course, the game itself is full of silly tropes taken to their extremes.
* [[spoiler:Ryouko]] wields one of these in ''VisualNovel/SayaNoUta''. It's played realistically, though, and the character has trouble with the weapon due to insufficient knowledge of how to care for the shells properly.
* Played dead straight with the damage upgrade to ''VideoGame/BioShock2's'' shotgun; the game literally says sawing off the barrel makes it deal more damage. [[CriticalResearchFailure Precisely why the developers think long-barreled shotguns actually exist is anyone's guess]].
* In ''VideoGame/BloodRayne'', a sawed-off shotgun is used in the Louisiana levels. Interestingly, for a Dhampir who is super humanly strong and can dual-wield '''assault rifles''', she fires the sawed-off realistically.
* ''VideoGame/RedDeadRedemption'' features the sawed-off shotgun as the first shotgun type weapon you can get. It has pretty horrible range, but against marauding ninja kitties, there's no better weapon until you get the longer-barreled coachgun.
* The ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' series has always involved [[ComplacentGamingSyndrome heavy abuse]] of its shotgun, and the third game has a new sawed-off, double-barreled variety.
** Played straight. The sawn-off is obscenely powerful but has an insane spread, abysmal range and a long reload, even when active reloading. It's effectively a melee weapon, hence its nickname the "Bad Touch".
* ''VideoGame/{{Killzone}} 3'' brings us the [=VC8=] shotgun pistol, which as its name suggests, is a tri-barrelled shotgun shrunken down to pistol size.
* ''VideoGame/MafiaTheCityOfLostHeaven'', a game heavily inspired by gangster films, features this weapon prominently. Especially in the mission where you are given the ''lupara'' to take out the traitorous informant.
* The Near-Sighted Assassin from ''VideoGame/GhostTrick'' uses one. Lynne even comments on how he's probably just trying to enforce the RuleOfCool by doing so, given that it's also a {{bling|BlingBang}}ed-out lever-action weapon that really has no excuse for being used for an assassination.
* Gallows, TheBigGuy (well, even if he looks like one, in fact he's more a [[BlackMagicianGirl Black Magician Amerindian]]) from ''VideoGame/WildArms3'' uses one, though he's the ''worst'' attacker of the party, the weapon itself is the ''weakest'' ARM of the game (stats-wise, his ARM is just ''awful''), and his aim is ''terrible''. On the other hand, when he manages to land a critical hit, it's going to hurt.
* ''VideoGame/JaggedAlliance 2'' features the pump-action [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:My_Serbu.jpg Serbu Super-Shorty]], which comes factory-manufactured as a super-sized handgun. The description [[InvokedTrope invokes the trope]] by noting that it saves time-consuming hacksaw work. They are usually regarded as AwesomeButImpractical as backup weapons since smaller, lighter handguns like the [=FN Five-SeveN=] are much faster to draw and fire; most use of the weapon is in conjunction with the v1.13 mod, which allows players to load them with a clip of [[ShootOutTheLock lockbuster rounds]] as an instant lockpick.
* ''VideoGame/PAYDAYTheHeist'' also features the Serbu Super-Shorty [[AKA47 as the Locomotive 12G.]] Compared to the game's other shotgun, it has paltry range but a very fast fire rate, and its puny magazine size (four shells) can be upgraded by two. Plus, being such a small weapon, it's treated by the game as a secondary, allowing you to take an assault rifle alongside it for other situations.
** The tradition is continued in ''VideoGame/PAYDAY2'' in the form of not only the returning Locomotive 12G, but played fully straight with the Mosconi 12G, a traditional double-barrel shotgun. The only modification options for it are to saw down the barrel and the majority of the stock, making the gun almost hilariously inaccurate and impossible to control even for its meager 2 shots, but making it incredibly easy to conceal. However, as it can't be silenced, it's rarely used in any capacity, especially since the aforementioned Locomotive does everything it does, with more ammo, higher concealment values, and the ability to be silenced... still as a secondary, while the Mosconi takes up your primary weapon slot. It's mostly good for players who want something with high power and high concealment for Dodge builds. Most other shotguns added later through patches or DLC include alternate barrel lengths as well, almost always including at least a shortened variation.
* The ''VideoGame/TwistedMetal'' reboot has this as a sidearm and a bigger one as a weapon pickup. The former is near useless when not used in extreme close range and can either unload both shells at once for massive damage or just one shell and use the other when appropriate. Did I mention that you have [[BottomlessMagazines unlimited ammo]] for it? On the other, there's [[BoringButPractical nothing special for the latter]], except being a lot stronger obviously. Both weapons are potentially among the strongest weapons in the game.
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', the asari-made Disciple shotgun serves such a purpose: It's easy on the pack load, but still performs adequately as a shotgun. It's useful for players that want to predominantly use powers instead of guns but still have a heavier small arms weapon (as pack weight affects cooldown rates of the special powers).
** The more recently released AT-12 Raider shotgun hews even closer to a sawed-off: it deals high damage, but holds only two rounds, has insane spread and reloads slowly.
** In addition, the M-358 Talon is a pistol that fires shotgun spreads.
* ''VideoGame/TheDarkness II'' has a few shotgun types, one of which being a "Sawn-Off", a pump-action with a cut down barrel (which somehow holds more shells than the full-length Defender shotgun?). A more archetypal example comes in the Vendetta campaign, where gunslinger Shoshanna, whose Dark weapon is a double barreled sawed-off shotgun with unlimited ammo and can hold up to 6 shots, which can be changed into a huge cannon blast. Under most circumstances, however, she wields it on her left hand as a shotgun, along with any sidearm in her right hand.
* ''Videogame/EYEDivineCybermancy'' has the Betty Boom sawed-off shotgun. It's wildly inaccurate and lacks the room-clearing abilities of its automatic shotgun rivals, but it has the advantage of fitting into a hip slot ([[InventoryManagementPuzzle normally reserved for pistols and small SMGs]]), weighing next-to-nothing, and it has a sweet crucifix iron sight.
* The Duplet in ''Videogame/{{Metro 2033}}'' is a side-by-side break-action sawed off shotgun, built from [[ScavengerWorld pieces of metal piping and train parts]]. It does huge amounts of damage per shell - the most of all shotguns, in fact - and a double-barreled discharge is a devastating attack that nothing bar a boss can take and remain standing, but it generally gets dropped for the more easy-to-use Uboinik/Shambler revolving shotguns which have the advantage of a PistolWhip or BayonetYa attack (although a depth-of-vision glitch impedes you from checking the watch with it equipped). The Duplet returns in ''Videogame/MetroLastLight'' with [[GunAccessories customization]], such as extended barrels for longer range, or even ''two extra barrels!''
* ''VideoGame/{{Silent Hill|1}}'' has an extremely odd one. It looks like a standard sawn-off double-barreled coach gun, but it holds ''six'' rounds, which it fires semi-automatically and fairly fast on top of that. If it wasn't for the {{short range|Shotgun}} and the very limited ammo boxes you can find for it, it would easily be a GameBreaker.
* ''VideoGame/BattlefieldHardline'' has the sawed-off shotgun, which is exclusive for the robber faction.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Bloodborne}}'', Labyrinth Watcher carrying a [[CrowbarCombatant crowbar]] and a lantern has these, should you keep a distance from them, they switch the weapons into sawed-off shotgun and fire solid slugs towards you.
** In fact, prior to release, sawed off shotguns can actually be wielded by the player, as seen in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx8KTIeSnzs Project Beast]]. It was replaced by Hunter Blunderbuss, presumably to keep to the steampunk aesthetic.
* ''Videogame/{{Warframe}}'' has the Tigris shotgun, which fires both barrels with a click of the fire button and packs a hell of a punch even at a fair range.
* ''{{VideoGame/Bayonetta}}'' features the titular character able to DualWield a pair of magic sawed-off shotguns called the Onyx Roses on her hands [[ArmedLegs or her feet]]. They were crafted by the FallenAngel weaponsmith Rodin, with their [[BottomlessMagazines unlimited ammo]] fueled by the [[OurFairiesAreDifferent souls of demonic fairies]].
* In ''Videogame/TheLastOfUs'' Joel finds a sawed off shotgun called the "Shorty", which is classified as a handgun in the game's inventory system.
* ''VideoGame/FarCry2'' features two with its "Fortunes Pack" DLC, one traditional (though heavily ornate) double-barreled shotgun for [[HandCannon the secondary slot]], and a slightly larger pump-action one with a large suppressor for the primary slot. ''VideoGame/FarCry4'' followed suit with two of these for the sidearm slot: the "D2", a sawed-down variant of the .700 Nitro double rifle converted to fire shotshells, and a Signature version of the 1887 with shortened barrel and stock, which (owing to being an 1887 in a video game) is flip-cocked like the one in ''Terminator 2'' when used from a vehicle, while carrying a body, or any other situation where only sidearms can be used.
* The SLY 2020 from ''VideoGame/GoldeneyeWii'' is one, and is the only shotgun in the game to be this. It's the most powerful shotgun in the game, has good range and uses a magazine as opposed to the other pump shotguns using individual shells. The downsides to it however, is that its accuracy is lower than the other shotguns due to it being sawn off, its magazine capacity is the lowest with 7 (though the use of High-Cap Mag extends the SLY's magazine size to 9 rounds) and it has no iron sights.
* Craftable in ''VideoGame/ProjectZomboid''. Take a regular shotgun, take a saw to it, get the sawed-off shotgun. Damage and range go down, but so does the shotgun's considerable weight, and the death arc gets wider too.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Sun Wukong in ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' uses a staff that seperates into nunchucks that contain short-barreled shotguns inside them.

* ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' referenced this trope in the "Sawn-off Schlockgun" arc, with Schlock sawing-down two multi-cannons and being told that they were now a danger to everyone around him, since he'd removed the regulators and cooling systems. When they were repaired, he kept the look for [[WeaponForIntimidation the sheer intimidation value, since just holding them made it obvious he was a maniac.]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{SSDD}}'' Norman owns a sawn-off double-barrel. When his partner in crime insists on standing behind him when he shoots that thing he assures him that it's loaded with [[http://www.poisonedminds.com/d/20120813.html slugs, not shot]].
-->'''Gary:''' So what do you hunt with slugs?\\
'''Norm:''' Small cars.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* A sawed off shotgun appears in version three of ''Roleplay/SurvivalOFTheFittest''.
* Bruno, from the completed short-story serial ''Literature/VatsyAndBruno'', wields a double-barreled variety of this.

[[folder:Web Serial Novel]]
* The party in ''WebSerialNovel/StatlessAndTactless'' find a sawed-off shotgun that Joe quickly names "Murder-Blood the Truth-Knower" after a brief disagreement over whether or not it was used in a murder. Ian's character Mari ends up carrying it around.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' has a few instances where a character weilds a sawed-off shotgun.
** In the episode where Mr. Burns is trying to kill Grandpa to get the Hellfish Bonanza, an assassin bursts into the retirement home spraying machine gun bullets everywhere. A nurse retaliates with this weapon.
-->[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Our residents! [BOOM] Are trying! [BOOM] To nap! [BOOM] ]]
** When Mr. Burns takes on Bart as his heir, Homer tries to get him back. In a deleted scene, shown on a clip show special, instead of releasing the hounds (or the bees, or the hounds with bees in their mouths so when the bark they shoot bees at you) Burns chooses to release the Robotic Richard Simmons. It chases off Homer, but continues to antagonize Mr. Burns. Smithers attempts to take it out with a sawed-off shotgun blast to the face, but it reforms ''a la'' [[Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay Terminator T-1000]]. The shotgun itself, and Smithers hiding it in his jacket, is a reference to ''Film/TheTerminator'' as well.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' uses one in the second season episode "White Lightning" that he "borrowed" from Wodehouse, who used ''two'' to protect Malory in "Double Duece". It pops up every know and a again, notably as an instrument in [[JackBauerInterrogationTechnique his family feud game with the Irish Mob]]

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Sawed-off shotguns were used extensively in trench warfare during the first World War by the United States; according to the other wiki, one Sergeant in particular managed to [[OneManArmy single-handedly retake a French town from German control]] using only such a shotgun. The Germans, who deployed gas weapons and flamethrowers, considered the use of shotguns a war crime, even declaring that they'd execute any soldiers captured who used one. [[note]]Actually, German officers (who were mostly aristocrats) thought the shotgun to be a weapon suited only to hunt animals, so they took killing their soldiers with a shotgun as an act of equaling them to animals[[/note]]
** They weren't the only ones. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_shotgun#History Also taken directly]] from Wiki/TheOtherWiki: "During the trench warfare of the Gallipoli Campaign, Major Stephen Midgley of the Australian 5th Light Horse Regiment was widely known to use a sawn-off double barrelled shotgun while leading his troops, the weapon's effectiveness resulting in Turkish officers complaining that it was not a 'weapon of war' under international law after Midgley took one Turkish soldier's head "clean off his shoulders". Midgley was ordered by an Australian general to cease using his shotgun and switch to a conventional rifle and bayonet, to which the Major was "bitterly peeved"." Don't fuck with Australia.
* In the United States, a sawed off shotgun is illegal. Each state has their own laws which regulate the minimum barrel length of a rifle or a shotgun. Of course, law enforcement and the military are exempt from this.
** At the Federal level, the National Firearms Act of 1934 requires registration (and a $200 tax stamp, which was punitive then and perfunctory now) for machine guns, short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns. The minimum legal length of an unregistered short-barreled shotgun is 18 inches.
*** United States federal law classifies a shotgun with a barrel length shorter than 18 inches AND/OR an overall length of less than 26 inches is an AOW (Any Other Weapon), which has to be registered with BATFE. Rifles with a barrel length shorter than 16 inches AND/OR an overall length less than 26 inches fall into the same category. Short barreled rifles and shotguns aren't illegal according to federal laws (states have their own regulations), they're just heavily regulated. Shotguns built by firearms manufacturers as a short barreled shotgun only have a tax stamp of $5, but making one from a normal shotgun carries the full $200 price tag.
** The US Supreme Court ruled this law was legal in 1939, in the landmark case of ''United States v. Miller'', 307 U.S. 174. Of course only the prosecution showed up as the defendant was too poor to show up, and was dead before the ruling came down. Also, the ruling was based upon faulty information as to whether a short-barrelled shotgun was used by any national militias. It's also been a point of contention whether two Supreme Court justices who were UsefulNotes/WorldWarI veterans (but never in the trenches; one was an artillery officer and the other an Army lawyer) were personally aware of the military usage of short-barreled shotguns, regardless of it never having been introduced into evidence.
* A sawed-off shotgun was the weapon of choice of Clyde Barrow. It hung from a strap around his shoulder so that he could easily conceal it under his coat, and quickly raise it up into a firing position.
** Another favorite of the Barrow gang was a cut-down [[BigFreakingGun BAR]]. Not quite the same, but it's an automatic rifle with a shortened stock and barrel. Quite possibly MORE badass.
* Both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carried sawed-off shotguns during the UsefulNotes/{{Columbine}} High School massacre.
* This isn't always a modification, the Ithaca Auto & Burglar (1922) was a known as a "factory-built sawed-off shotgun" and aimed at police forces. Er...make that ''sold to'' police forces.
** Ditto for breaching shotguns, which often have a shorter barrel for ease of wielding and are made for destroying door locks, usually by using powdered lead rather than shot.
*** Speaking of breaching shotguns, honorable mention must go to the Knight's Armament Company [[MeaningfulName "Masterkey"]] shotgun, which is a 4-shot pump-action breacher shotgun cut down even further - so that it can be mounted underneath the barrel of an M16 or M4 assault rifle, [[IKEAWeaponry just like an M203 grenade launcher.]]
*** There's also the M26 Modular Accesory Shotgun System (MASS), which is considerably lighter, has the advantage of using box magazines, and is allegedly more comfortable to handle thanks to a bolt-action operation. And unlike the Masterkey, is actually starting to see some use in the US Army.
** Behold, the [[http://www.serbu.com/top/superShorty.php Serbu Super Shorty]].
** Typical shotguns in [[TheWildWest Old West]] skirmishes were short-barrelled from factory: the "coach gun" ([[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coach_gun issued to horseback messengers and stagecoach guardsmen]]) had 18 inch barrels. Rifled guns of the time were neither very accurate nor long ranged, and a skilled shooter could held a few enemies at bay from horseback with a short and light [[{{BFG}} 10-gauge]] shotgun.
* In Sicily, the sawed-off shotgun is called a ''lupara'' ("for the wolf"--it was originally a personal defense weapon of shepherds), and is infamous for its use in vendettas and by TheMafia. They feature heavily in Mario Puzo's ''Film/TheGodfather''.
* Thanks to the highly vegetated jungle environment during UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar, pretty much everything from shotguns to grenade launchers have had their barrel sawed off at some point to ease maneuvers. Special mention goes to the "[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch Bitch Gun]]", a weapon used by the [[UsefulNotes/AussiesWithArtillery SASR]], which is basically an SLR (a semi-auto [[CoolGuns/BattleRifles FN FAL]], for those uninformed) with everything in front of the gas block sawed off and the bipod detached to make room for an under-barrel [=XM148=] grenade launcher.
** Another addition to turn the SLR into "The Bitch" was the addition of a matchstick (or similar) to the working parts, rendering the semi-automatic weapon fully automatic.
* Already back around 1600 cavalry would often be armed with large pistols, loaded with several small pellets or with "buck and ball", a combination of that and a single muzzle sized ball. Both in looks and in effect these pistols were a lot like sawn off shotguns.
* Sawn off-shotguns are [[UsefulNotes/AustralianGunPolitics are banned in Australia]] since the firearms legislation was revised in 1996 in the aftermath of the Port Arthur Massacre. However, some sawn-off shotguns still remain in private hands due to not being registered even prior to 1996 and registering them afterwards leads to confiscation of the gun. [[http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/lindt-cafe-siege-survivor-stands-tall-as-man-moniss-gun-appears-at-inquest-20150902-gjdn5q.html One such shotgun]] was used in the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Sydney_hostage_crisis deadliest terrorist attack on Australian soil in 2014]].
* The UK currently bans all firearms (not just shotguns) with a barrel length of less than thirty centimetres or an overall length of less than sixty centimetres, with the exception of muzzle-loaders and some specialised flare equipment.
* Oddly enough, short-barreled shotguns are not restricted in Canada, so long as the barrel is factory-made and the total length of the gun is 30 or more inches. Cutting the barrel off yourself, on the other hand, can carry jail time if you're caught with it.
* The [[https://www.mossberg.com/category/series/590-shockwave/ Mossberg Shockwave]] is a pump-action gun with a 14-inch factory barrel, and is not considered a Class 3/NFA gun in that configuration, meaning it does not require a federal tax stamp (a shotgun is defined by the NFA as a "shoulder-fired" smoothbore weapon, and the Shockwave [[LoopholeAbuse rolls off the assembly line with a pistol grip long enough to bring it up to the 26-inch minimum length]]). Of course, it still might not be compliant with some states' gun laws, and it only skates by the ATF's rules in that specific configuration; putting any other type of rear stock on one without first swapping out for a longer barrel ''will'' turn it into a Class 3 weapon.
** The Shockwave seems to have [[FollowTheLeader set off a sort of arms race in the "not-a-shotgun" firearms category]], as shortly after it was released Remington followed suit with the [[http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/09/18/remington-870-tac14/ TAC-14 firearm]], and then at SHOT Show 2018, [[https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2018/1/29/shot-show-2018-ithaca-non-nfa-12-ga-pump/ Ithaca]] and [[https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2018/1/25/5-more-new-shotguns-seen-at-shot-show-2018/ Charles Daly]] also debuted similar 14-inch barreled firearms.