Sex advice column written by UsefulNotes/{{Seattle}} writer Creator/DanSavage, with a SpinOff {{Podcast}}, the Savage Lovecast.

In general, Savage (a gay man, married with an adopted child) is remarkably open and blunt with his advice. He has one or two BigNo kinks (Incest and Scat among them), but tends to be open to advising gays and straights alike.

Responsible for a somewhat successful campaign to make [[ a senator's name]] [[ slang for ... something related to anal sex]].

Savage has his biases, and more than one bisexual have given him a [[WhatTheHellHero what the hell]] due to his prejudice against those claiming bisexuality. The same goes for asexuals and trans people. (He's gotten rather better over the years, though he still says some pretty bigoted things on occasion.)

Dan Savage also does a podcast, and is Editorial Director of Seattle's alt-newspaper, the Stranger.

[[ The column is archived at its home paper, the Stranger]].