->'''21:''' Could you sign this, boss? Itís for 24, he got knifed by the Moppets.\\
'''The Monarch:''' Which one is 24 again?\\
'''21:''' What!? Youíre kidding, right? Let me give a hint - you know how every time you talk to me, thereís usually another guy next to me? Thatís 24.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBros''; "Home is Where the Hate Is"

A character whose motivations and overall personality essentially revolve around their interaction with another, possibly more interesting, character with whom they really should be on an equal standing. Without this interaction, they would otherwise be pretty bland.

Sometimes a series will remove that "central" person from the equation somehow, and the Satellite Character has to establish their own motives. This is a common way to make a BattleButler more interesting. On the other hand, a SpinOff can fail entirely if the star is a Satellite Character whose character can't support their own stories.

Contributing to their poor image in some circles, badly-written {{Magical Girlfriend}}s become Satellite Characters if not outright {{Satellite Love Interest}}s with disturbing frequency.

Note that not all satellite characters are friendly, though... Some satellites are the exact opposite, full of all-consuming jealousy, rage, bitterness, vengefulness, or outright hatred, orbiting until the time is right to crash violently into the character they circle. This is less common, though.

Likely to count if the character is the FatGirl, BlackBestFriend, PetHomosexual, HollywoodHomely, or [[RedheadsAreUncool Uncool Redhead]].

Contrast TheFriendsWhoNeverHang, where a character has developed interaction with a much larger number of characters except for one or two significant exceptions. The romantic-only variant of this trope is SatelliteLoveInterest.

Has nothing to do with a story where the character in question is a living Satellite, nor a character that happened to be [[MegatonPunch punched or rocketed into orbit.]]


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Mikasa Ackerman in ''Manga/AttackOnTitan''. It's noted in-series that she ''really'' can't function very well without Eren.
* Kaorin of ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' exists mainly to be [[CannotSpitItOut in the closet]] about expressing her feelings towards Sakaki.
** And Chihiro has even less to call her own than Kaorin, being defined almost entirely as part of a pair with Kaorin herself. Kaorin at least is defined around Sakaki, Chihiro, ''and'' Kimura.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro are defined by their role in the story as the classmates and friends of the story's main TrueCompanions (Ichigo, Sado and Orihime and, later, Ishida). Tatsuki is additionally the friend of Orihime and Keigo's role expands a little to encompass Ikkaku and Yumichika. However, the interactions are still based on, and therefore revolve around, what is happening in Ichigo's life at that time.
** Choujirou Sasakibe, lieutenant of the 1st division (the division of the captain-commander himself). He stays in the background of the story, barely receiving any prominence or dialogue and only ever heading into battle twice, being defeated both times. Justified in universe as it's revealed he made a vow to never become a captain, [[spoiler: (he possesses bankai),]] never fight and to only serve Yamamoto rather than serving the Gotei 13 as a whole. [[spoiler: In the end, the most important role he has in the story is to become the first protagonist to die in the Final Arc, thereby cementing both the power and attitude of the villains as well as putting the captain-commander on the backfoot immediately via the emotional fallout of Choujirou's death.]]
** Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto is also somewhat of a version of this. While it's clear he certainly cares for the Gotei 13 and will defend it dearly, there's not really much backstory or tension for him. Even during Rukia's would be execution , he showed little emotion beyond adherence to the rules.
* ''Manga/CastleTownDandelion'' has a RotatingArcs [=/=] ADayInTheLimelight. As a result, many characters are only associated with one of the 9 Sakurada siblings:
** Aoi has her ChildhoodFriends Uzuki, Nanao and Shizuru. The latter three are often seen as [[LampshadeHanging Aoi-sama's attendents]], which annoys Aoi to no end.
** Shuu has his LoveInterest, Hana. Although in Hana's case it is eventually averted as she effectively became part of the Sakurada family [[spoiler:as Shuu's fiancee]].
** Akane has her Childhood Friend [[SchoolgirlLesbian Karen]] and the vice-class rep Fukushina, which is also secretly the president of her InstantFanClub.
** Hikari has Matsuoka, her manager and producer, and Sacchan, a fellow IdolSinger.
* In ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'', Mary Magdalene's character mostly revolves around her interactions with [[spoiler:Chrono]]. However, she's a creepier version than what's typical, particularly in the manga version (and in fact seems to have been meant to be slightly disturbing)--She's a seer that is so overwhelmed by the visions she has that she can't remember her own childhood or even ''her real name''. There's only one piece of herself she clings onto--[[spoiler:a dream she's had since she was a child of Chrono being the one to take her life. When she meets him, she willingly allows him to take her away from the safety of the religious order that guarded her because she wanted to get to know him before he killed her.]]
* Rivalz Cardemonde from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' is Lelouch's friend, member of the Ashford Student Council, and not much else beyond that. He doesn't really have a stake in the central conflict, relegating him to the status of background character, if ''that''. Shirley, Milly and Kallen have more plot relevance than he does. Even ''Nina'', who may as well have been invisible for the first eleven ([[FantasticRacism no pun intended]]) episodes, has a bigger stake in the plot...though [[TheScrappy saying fan reaction to that has been "less than kind"]] would be a ''massive'' understatement.
** Rivalz {{lampshade|Hanging}}s his status in the penultimate episode with Milly, lamenting that his friends are out there fighting for the fate of the world while he sits on his duff doing nothing but feeling sorry for himself. He actually ''is'' appreciated by some small measure of the fanbase for being [[GenreSavvy quite attuned to his status as one]]. And several more fans find him cute or fun.
** Even though she sets up plot-important gatherings and events at her school, [[CoolBigSis Milly]] doesn't do much at all after she [[spoiler:graduates from Ashford Academy]].
** A straighter example would be Kanon. We really don't know anything about him besides the fact that he's Schneizel's #2 (or something) and...that's really it. There's nothing else really notable about him and he never really does anything important.
* The fact that Riff from ''Manga/CountCain'' exists totally to serve his master becomes a ''plot point'' eventually. Especially when [[spoiler:he turns out to be a brainwashed zombie planted by the lead's evil father to set up trauma when Alexis pushes the switch and Cain is betrayed by the person he trusts most.]] Of course, their relationship is explored fairly extensively, making Riff a possible subversion.
* ''Manga/CromartieHighSchool'' lampshades this with "You", the toady of the requisite snobby rich guy. Not even his boss knows his name, and the character has made numerous attempts to say it. Of course, all of them are interrupted by myriad events, from spilling juice to ''a meteor hitting the school.''
* Matt in ''Manga/DeathNote'' is an orphan from Wammy's House who was stated to have been created for Mello, but all we know about Matt apart from his loyalty to him is that he likes video games and cigarettes, he's messy and lazy, and [[spoiler:is gunned down while trying to get away from Takada's bodyguards]].
** Even [[WordOfGod the author]] admitted that Matt was the hardest character to write since he had "no idea what kind of a person he was."
* The various ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' series occasionally fall into this with the partner Digimon - sometimes (''Anime/DigimonTamers'') they're well-developed and have actual independent characterization and importance, whereas other times (''Anime/DigimonSavers'') they simply don't. Probably the most extreme example is [=MailBirdramon=] of ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'' - he has practically zero characterization and a handful of lines early in the series, and seems to exist solely to be a MechaExpansionPack for the much more fleshed-out Greymon, to the point that when they're merged into [=MetalGreymon=]/[=ZekeGreymon=], said merger is almost always treated as just Greymon.
** ''Anime/DigimonFrontier'' also brings this in with Kouichi, [[spoiler:Kouji's twin brother]], who becomes largely defined after his introduction to the series by his relationship with Kouji. Interestingly, the introduction of Kouichi also turns Kouji himself into this, as a large majority of Kouji's character-based scenes for the rest of the series likewise involve his interactions with Kouichi (although this can be overlooked somwehat because it was late in the series and Kouji had already gone through most of his CharacterDevelopment).
* ''Manga/DNAngel'' has that one guy who is apparently a friend of Daisuke and Saehara, meaning Daisuke will sometimes ignore Saehara's fits to ask him what's happened, instead. A ''lot'' of googling will finally reveal his name as Sekimoto Masahiro; finding it mentioned in the manga itself is extremely hard. But he is fairly omnipresent, despite only speaking now and then to bemoan Saehara's antics. There are also the two class representatives; the only thing known about them is their names and relationship - the guy has a crush on the girl, who is oblivious and thus unintentionally cruel to him.
* Villain example: Nappa from ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' exists mainly as TheBrute to his boss [[WarriorPrince Vegeta]], having no real personality or characterization beyond being a mean bastard who likes smashing the Z-warriors into the ground.
** Puar is mainly defined by being Yamcha's best friend and having the ability to shape shift. He ([[ShesAManInJapan or she if you watch the English dub]]) barely talks to anyone individually outside of Yamcha and, to a lesser extent, Oolong, resulting in having little to no chemistry with the other characters. Due to his [[DemotedToExtra decreased screen time and relevance]] and his shape shifting powers becoming an InformedAbility during the shift from ''Dragon Ball'' to ''Dragon Ball Z'', Puar's only defining characteristic left was being Yamcha's friend.
** [[ADogNamedDog Turtle]], a TalkingAnimal, exists mainly to be a ServileSnarker to Roshi's DirtyOldMan attitude and high jinks and has few interactions to anyone else. Once Roshi becomes DemotedToExtra, so does he.
* In ''Manga/FairyTail'', Droy and Jet are defined entirely by being Levi's bodyguards/fanboys and probably being very weak. Levi is far from important herself, so her attachments of course fail to garner any real characteristics of note themselves. Some of the less important minion characters like Shou are little different, but at least have their own personalities.
** Juvia to Gray. Opinions will differ with her scenes with Gray being half serious and half comical, but the facts are that she has the least developed of any main character's backstory and that even when she fights battles alone or with someone else, much of her development has to do with Gray anyway.
* Chigusa Hanamura from ''Anime/{{Free}}''. As a minor character, all that's known about her is that she's a good friend of Gou and Makoto compliments her looks in one episode.
** Also, Nitori doesn't really serve any purpose other than to be Rin's roommate, look up to Rin, and worry about Rin. However, the season 1 ending montage that shows him hanging out with the others as well might signify that the next season will change this, and he's fairly popular in his own right even without that.
* Sakura Kakei, the TeamMom of ''Manga/GetBackers,'' is largely defined by her relationship with [[TheCracker Makubex]], and rarely appears without him. And he's a minor supporting character himself (a NonActionGuy [[spoiler:unable to exist outside of Mugenjou]]).
* Yukari Akiyama of ''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'' is a tank {{otaku}} whose primary defining characteristic is being an ardent fan of the protagonist, Miho Nishizumi.
* No one knows what's up with Emiri Kimidori from ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya''. The only things she ever does is have "silent conversations" with Yuki and play the nice girl for other people.
** Also Kyon's Other Friend (Kunikida, according to [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} The Other Wiki]]), at least in the anime series, who is mostly characterized as "That guy who hangs out with [[DeadpanSnarker Kyon]] and [[EnsembleDarkhorse Taniguchi]]" (to the point that in the novels he says he mostly hangs out with Taniguchi so he will ''have'' some in-universe characterization). Taniguchi is a lesser example, being [[OnlySaneMan Kyon's]] Only Sane Friend.
* [[ThoseTwoGuys Those two boys]] from ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'' who fawn over Rika and Satoko, Okamura and Tomita, respectively.
* Rin from ''Manga/InuYasha'' is largely defined by her interactions with Sesshomaru.
* Nodoka Manabe of ''Manga/KOn''. Despite being a major supporting character who is given almost as much screentime as the five main girls, most of her character can be condensed down to being [[TheHero Yui's]] childhood friend and nothing else.
* Ayano from ''Anime/LuckyStar'' is characterized as "That one girl who hangs out with [[{{Tsundere}} Kagami]] and [[EnsembleDarkhorse Misao]]". In fact, she's so non-present, she's the only one of the ten main girls to have a boyfriend!
* [[PrecisionGuidedBoomerang Sette]] of ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'', whose entire personality revolved around her loyalty to her older sister [[SuperSpeed Tre]]. This led to her becoming the only one of the younger [[QuirkyMinibossSquad Numbers]] to be imprisoned along with [[BigBad Jail]] and the older Numbers.
** Partially {{justified|Trope}}, since it's stated that she turned out [[EmotionlessGirl almost completely emotionless]], even compared to Otto and Deed.
* ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' has a few. Understandable in a series with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters that some may be less noticeable than others, such as Yue's [[WizardingSchool magic school]] class-mates or some of the mage teachers to the headmaster or each other.
* ''Manga/MedakaBox'': Despite being the male lead, much of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi's role gets boiled down to being the titular character's loyal childhood friend.
* Michal, Lucia's love rival from ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'', revolves almost completely around Kaito until she [[spoiler:becomes Michel's mana battery.]] In fact, she does this ''intentionally'', thinking that being completely devoted to Kaito in every way will help her steal him from Lucia before he gets his memory back, while her brother Rihito worries about her well-being for it.
* Saikawa from ''Manga/MissKobayashisDragonMaid'' revolves almost completely around her best friend and crush Kanna. Justified since it's established that Kanna is her OnlyFriend and the rest of the recurring cast are adults (except for Shouta, but they never really interact).
* [[DeconstructedCharacterArchetype Deconstructed]] in ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamIronBloodedOrphans'' with the protagonist Mikazuki Augus. Mikazuki is largely defined by his relationship with the {{Deuteragonist}} Orga Itsuka, to the point where Mikazuki himself views himself as nothing more than a tool to exercise Orga's will. Several other characters note just how unsettling and self-destructive this is, and urge him to start thinking about himself and what ''he'' wants to do with his life. His response is always the same: "I'll just do what Orga tells me to do."
** In the second season, we got Hush Middy, Tekkadan's new recruit. The earlier episodes portray as a potential rival to Mikazuki and has a backstory on how he joined Tekkadan in the first place. Later on, he decided to become Mikazuki's understudy, much to Mika's chagrin, [[spoiler:and carries him all around after he got paralyzed]]. Then on the second to the last episode, [[spoiler:he got killed off lamenting that he couldn't catch up with Mika. What worse is that in the epilogue, his name is not even in the Tekkadan memorial]].
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':
** Shizune is this to Tsunade. Downplayed in that it's more of an OvershadowedByAwesome thing--while she barely has a {{Backstory}} or much development, at the very least she's enjoyable to watch on her own.
** Konan is one as well, as we don't know anything about her other than she uses paper as a weapon, likes to do origami, and that she followed Yahiko and Nagato around, fighting for the same goal as them. It pretty much becomes confirmed around Chapter 449 when she calmly tells Naruto that since Nagato believed in him, she'll also believe in him. '''Without showing any emotion whatsoever towards the person who made her friend kill himself.'''
*** Nagato himself was one to Yahiko in the backstory. For all that he's supposedly prohpecied to change the world, he spends all his time orbiting Yahiko, and tells Jiraiya that all he really wants to do is protect Yahiko and Konan. After they form the Akatsuki, Nagato becomes Yahiko's [[TheLancer Lancer]] and/or [[TheDragon Dragon]], dedicating himself to ensuring his friend's dream comes true. When Yahiko dies, and Nagato loses a planet around he snaps and becomes Pain...and is still trying to fulfill Yahiko's dream of a peaceful world, not so much because he cares, as because it was Yahiko's. Even after all this time, he's still chasing his friend's ghost.
** Yamato was introduced into the series as being the substitute leader after Kakashi went out of commission. He was in the Anbu, was kidnapped and experimented on as an infant by Orochimaru, and is essentially the genetic clone of the most powerful shinobi who ever existed. On paper that sounds like one of the most interesting characters of the series. In actual practice? All Yamato has done in the series is help Kakashi train Naruto and play the straight man to Naruto and Killer B's antics.
** Despite being a main character, Sakura qualifies. She starts the series as Sasuke's {{Fangirl}} and Naruto's [[LovingAShadow object of affection]] and the most meaningful moments in her CharacterDevelopment (outside of her friendship with Ino and asking Tsunade to train her) are...related only to the boys.
** Out of all the Konoha 12, Tenten has gotten the least amount of development. She has no last name and practically all of the development she ever gets is usually in {{Filler}} episodes in the anime. It seems as if she is just there to fill in the usual "two boys, one girl" most ninja squads tend to have and also display a cool fighting style.
* Lt. Zakki Bronco in ''Anime/OvermanKingGainer'' has little else in the way of characterization than being [[BigBad Asuham Boone's]] sidekick.
* Homura Akemi in ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica''. Her entire life revolves around Madoka. She has no past outside of [[spoiler: being a ShrinkingViolet who devoted her life to saving Madoka]], and not a thing is said of her family or life prior to meeting Madoka.
** Kyousuke Kamijou is a rare male-to-female example. His only purpose in the story is for Sayaka to wish to heal him in the hopes of winning him over, and his character can be summed up as "sad because disabled in accident" and "good with violin." He takes no actions of his own initiative in the story, and is mostly there as something for Sayaka to covet. He doesn't even make an effort to know her, which ends up factoring into Sayaka's [[FateWorseThanDeath eventual fate.]] Consequently, he's often considered the [[TheScrappy least popular]] character in the series.
** Kirika Kure, of ''Manga/PuellaMagiOrikoMagica'', is an enforced example; her wish modified her personality to be a match for love interest Oriko Mikuni. At one point, she memorizes the names of a number of flowers to impress Oriko, but when Oriko informs her that it was her father who liked flowers, she deliberately erases the memory.
* In ''Manga/SailorMoon'', the [[WordOfGod original author admitted]] Michiru was so unlike her she was difficult to write for, a trait carried over to the [[Anime/SailorMoon original anime]]. While her musical career is well-documented and she does occasionally interact with other people from time to time, the otherwise cryptic girl is largely defined by her interactions with Haruka, whom she usually appears alongside. Even an episode that shows how the two met is told from Haruka's perspective and doesn't explain that much of her life before Haruka meets her. In contrast, the fans liked [[{{bifauxnen}} Haruka's personality]] enough she got her own mini-arc and BackStory episode. Even so, Haruka only rarely appears in the series without Michiru (despite being better defined as a character) and most fans of one character are by default fans of the other.
** Mamoru was always like this in the anime. The writers ran out of anything to do with him once he hit the RelationshipCeiling, and he promptly became TheArtifact.
* In ''AudioPlay/SaintBeast'', Luca is [[TheQuietOne quiet]] and frequently overlooked by other characters, and even {{lampshade|Hanging}}s it by saying he is [[TheLancer the shadow]] to [[TheHero Judas]]' light. However, he is the [[TheNotLoveInterest most important person]] to [[HeterosexualLifePartners Judas]] and [[LoveInterests Rey]], both of whom have more dominant personalities, and this is mainly how he gets developed.
* Gopher from ''Manga/SoulEater'' lives to please his master, Noah. He is, however, not very competent and very jealous.
** There's also Jacqueline, the weapon partner of the Kim, whose entire character is defined solely by her relationship with her meister and is rarely, if ever, in a scene without her. In the spin off, ''Soul Eater Not'', she's allowed to flesh out a little bit more outside of being Kim's partner but overall her motivations and interests seem to always revolve around Kim.
** Also in ''Manga/SoulEaterNot'', there is Clay Sizemore who is the weapon partner to Akane. Out of all his appearances in the series, he's not with Akane in only one of them, and even then what little is known about him is based entirely on his interactions with his partner.
* Sakuya in ''[[Anime/TenchiMuyo Tenchi In Tokyo]]'', who was also a MagicalGirlfriend. This was, however, deliberately built up for TheReveal.
* The [[MemeticMutation non-existent]] ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'' anime did this to Akiha. She's Shiki's concerned sister, and... uh... Though this is somewhat remedied in the last few episodes, where she's still a borderline non-character, but is at least a borderline non-character with a backstory, an opinion on a couple of the other characters, and the illusion of being relevant to the plot.
* While other characters show HiddenDepths eventually, Momoko from ''Manga/WanderingSon'' never really goes farther than "That girl who clings to Chizuru constantly".
* Asuka in ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' grew to serve less and less purpose over the course of the series outside her interest in the protagonist and TheRival's interest in her.
** Not to mention Yubel, one of the aforementioned rare villainous examples. She was the BigBad of the third season whose only defining trait is her obsessive love with Judai and the depraved lengths she is willing to go for the sake of that love. Take away Judai, and you have nothing left.
** The standout example from this series would have to be Echo; she has literally ''no'' characterization outside her devotion to Amon, to the point that [[spoiler:when Amon decides to sacrifice her to release Exodia, she obliges without hesitation]].
* Aki Izayoi from ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'', post-HeelFaceTurn, becomes totally devoted to Yusei to the point that the devotion eclipses all of ther other traits.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Panacea from ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}}''. The character appears only to exist so Obelix can have a crush on somebody. She rarely ever had lines that waren't responding to other characters. Most of the time she just "[[MsFanservice stands there and looks pretty]]". She also don't have any comical trades which make her stand out from the rest of the cast.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* [[Literature/HarryPotter Hermione]] fears becoming this in ''FanFic/HarryPotterAndTheMethodsOfRationality''.
* Willow, B'loody Mary Smith, Ron, and Ginny in ''Fanfic/MyImmortal''. Willow does little except be Ebony's best friend, B'loody Mary is slightly more developed but her sole purpose is to agree with Ebony's goffikness, and Ron and Ginny have no characters at all, except to be concerned with Ebony. It makes you wonder why the author went to the trouble to concoct new names and backgrounds for them, and then ditch them from the plot. The guys in Tom Satan Bombadil's gang seem to stand out of their own right, though their lives seem to revolve round their band and goffik stuff. To give Tara Gilesbie credit, this is true to life. Teenage girls tend to be satellite to the popular chick more than guys do, even when the popular chick (Ebony) is evidently being a bitch.
* {{Deconstruct|ion}}ed in ''FanFic/YouGotHaruhiRolled''. Emiri's canonical exemplar of this trope is {{exaggerated|Trope}} to the point where Haruhi takes it as license to be rude to her for no reason. Emiri, depressed at having no friends[[note]]it's a CrackFic, the OOC-ness is intentional[[/note]] becomes emo. This sets in motion a chain of events where Kyon and some other characters try to get Emiri back to normal. [[spoiler:They succeed, only for Emiri to join the Anti-SOS Brigade [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe because they were nice to her]], thus giving them enough strength [[CruelTwistEnding to destroy the SOS Brigade]].]]

* Billy and Dan of ''Film/FugitiveAlien'', per the page quote from the ''[[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 MST3k]]'' version.
* Do-won "The Good" of ''Film/TheGoodTheBadTheWeird'' has little characterisation outside of his interactions with Tae-goo.
* Gretchen from ''Film/MeanGirls'', toady in chief to [[AlphaBitch Regina]], who is possibly a {{Deconstruction}} in that she may actually be a more developed character than Regina herself; despite being beautiful and rich she is such an insecure mess that she is willing to put up with any amount of crap just to follow Regina (seething bitterly all the while). At the end of the film it is revealed that [[spoiler:she actually learns Korean just so she can join the new top clique.]]
* Out of all the ''Film/SevenSamurai'', Shichiroji gets the least to do.
* ''Film/XMenFilmSeries'':
** In the original trilogy, we know very little about Mystique as an individual outside of her UndyingLoyalty to Magneto.
** ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'': Despite receiving a fair amount of screentime, Hank [=McCoy=] doesn't undergo any proper character development, as his existence ''completely'' revolves around Charles Xavier.

* In ''Literature/BubbleWorld'', for people who have trouble making friends, an Insta-Friend can be programmed in to give them someone to connect to.
* The narrator of ''Literature/TheFallOfTheHouseOfUsher'' doesn't have much of a personality, just an OnlySaneMan reacting to Roderick's actions.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'':
** Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, for the first six books, are Draco Malfoy's two dumb cronies. And...that's it. Despite their frequent mentions throughout the series, neither one of them even gets a single line of dialogue until ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows Deathly Hallows]]'', when Crabbe finally gets some characterization -- he's not very nice, and [[spoiler:he dies within pages of his first line]]. This all makes sense, though; for the first six books, Crabbe and Goyle were intimidated by Draco (and his father) and were perfectly willing to be little more than Draco's cronies, but when the Malfoy family falls out of favor with the Ministry of Magic, the Death Eaters, and Voldemort himself, Crabbe and Goyle abandon their leader. Under the Carrows, Crabbe and Goyle unleash their sadistic natures. (Yeah, Goyle's still pretty much just Crabbe's sidekick, but at least one of them took the initiative.)
** Also, Wormtail. He basically finds the most influential person he has access to and sucks up like nobody's business. He lived as someone's pet for years--literally--just so he could avoid braving the world on his own under the SLIGHT chance that someone might have discovered his incredibly well-concealed Death Eater crimes. One wonders how he got into Gryffindor in the first place.
* Colonel Moran, Professor Moriarty's [[TheWatson Watson]] in ''Literature/TheHoundOfTheDurbervilles'' is essentially this to Professor Moriarty, despite being quite engaging by himself. Two characters, the fake publisher who printed the book which is supposed to Moran's memoirs and Moran himself note that if Moran is remembered (the modern publisher calls him a minor Victorian), it is because of his association with the Professor. This is not strictly, because Moran gets more characterization than Moriarty, but Moriarty, like Holmes is a bigger deal, in and out of universe. Moran actually grows resentful of this over time.
* Nora Grey from ''Literature/HushHush''. The only reason at all she's involved in the plot of the first book is because of her interactions with Patch. [[spoiler:Because Patch loves her, Jules and Dabria want to kill her. If he wasn't interested in her, they wouldn't look twice at her.]] Not even being in a relationship with Patch is her own doing, because they officially hook up after ''he'' declares that they should do so, giving her pretty much no say in the matter.
* ''LightNovel/TheUnexploredSummonBloodSign'' has an unusual example of the main character and the BigBad being this to each other, simultaneously. [[TheHero Kyousuke]] is driven to save anyone in need because of his perceived failure to [[spoiler:control the White Queen, causing her to kill many people]]. His main goal in life is to find some way of permanently destroying her. Conversely, [[spoiler:the White Queen wants nothing more than for Kyousuke to love her again]], and is involved in every story arc solely for this reason.
* ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' brings us Bella, who despite being the protagonist, barely manages to stand on her own as character. Then when Edward shows up... well, you know.
** Ignoring Bella, the majority of her human admirers and friends have no characterization, back-story, or purpose outside of being Bella's long-suffering lackeys. Mike's about the only one with some depth, and even he is pushed to the darkest corners of the book when Edward shows up, only popping back out now and then to be jealous of Edward.
** Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, Victoria, Esme, and Laurent were all this in ''Twilight''. Rosalie's sole purpose exists to be the bitchy blonde foil to Bella. Emmett and Jasper serve no purpose but to be husbands to Rosalie and Alice respectively, and Esme is only really there to be Carlisle's wife. Victoria and Laurent, meanwhile, are defined through their interactions with James - Laurent's only purpose is to warn the Cullens how powerful James is, and Victoria acts as James's back-up/mate.
* In the ''Literature/WaysideSchool'' books, Paul's entire character revolves around his obsession with pulling his classmate Leslie's pigtails. Leslie has slightly more development than Paul, though not by much.

[[folder:Live-Action Television]]
* ''Series/TheAdventuresOfBriscoCountyJr'': Had an episode featuring the notorious (and entirely fictional) Utah Johnny Montana, a master duelist and bounty hunter. He was unable to speak due to a bullet wound to the throat, so the man he kept with him at all times said everything for him, fully aware of his intent despite never receiving any cues. When Montana is defeated, he even collapses as though he was the one defeated.
* ''Series/BostonPublic'': The school coach was billed as a main character in the opening credits, but his entire role seemed to be commenting on other people's plotlines. The Website/TelevisionWithoutPity recaps dubbed him "Coach Lamphrey the Plot Parasite."
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** Oz. Even in spite of him being a werewolf which seems like it would be a potentially interesting backstory it often times barely got glossed over, and felt like the only real time he got to shine was when he was with Willow. This is one of the reasons Creator/SethGreen eventually left the show.
** His friend Devon was this even more so. Devon was the lead singer of their band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, and aside from very briefly dating Cordelia in his first appearance, his entire role in the show was to jam on stage with Oz during scenes set at the Bronze. In fact, after Oz left Sunnydale, [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse it was never explained what happened to Devon or the other members of Dingoes Ate My Baby]], as they simply vanished without a trace.
** Tara played this trope straight for a while until it was subverted. Originally there to just be a love interest to Willow and also someone to help her magic growth, she soon became efficient to the Scoobies. Aside from being Willow's girlfriend, she proved to be the moral center of the Scooby Gang. After [[spoiler: Buffy's death at the end of season 5]] she and Willow [[spoiler: grew to be [[HasTwoMommies surrogate parents]] to Dawn]] and during the 6th season [[spoiler: she was the the only person to know of Spike and Buffy's affair and helped Buffy deal with it]]. Plus [[spoiler: her and Willow's breakup also allowed the character to expand more]].
* ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'':
** Hazel became the butt of constant jokes among the fandom over how little she did. Depending on the episode, she's either a SpearCarrier or holding the StrawmanBall. The problem was that she started out as a RecurringCharacter, received a PromotionToOpeningTitles -- and then received the exact same amount of screen time and plot relevance as before.
** Hazel ''literally'' has ''one'' character-centric episode (ironically, it was in the first season, ''before'' her PromotionToOpeningTitles). The episode has to do with her not wanting to embrace her Somali Muslim ethnicity, and is a pretty interesting and [[TheWarOnTerror topical]] episode. Other than that, there are only a few other episodes that feature her prominently... interacting with Jimmy, Paige, and others in their far-more interesting problems.
** ''Degrassi'' is also prominent for having Satellite Characters that become members of the SpotlightStealingSquad. For instance, Manny Santos, who seemed to have set up camp in Emma's shadow in earlier seasons, finally busts out in Season 3 complete with BeAWhoreToGetYourMan, LoveTriangle, TeenPregnancy, and abortion storylines. And those are ''just'' in Season 3.
** And another more annoying example is Chantay Black, who somehow managed to be introduced in Season 4, do nothing for literally 4 seasons, be put in the title credits, and do a whole lot more of nothing before she begins dating Danny Van Zandt. The producers must feel really bad for the actress or something.
** Then of course there's Leia, who does pretty much nothing other than just existing (Coincidentally she also dated Danny Van Zandt). The fact that she just kind of appeared out of nowhere and was instantly shown in the opening credits makes it even more noticeable.
** In Season 7, Anya and Sav are in the story strictly to further drama between Mia and Holly J. While they have gotten better, they spend a lot more time as support to other plots then they do on their own plot.
** Blue was introduced as a love interest for Holly J in season 8, they break up in season 9, he leaves the show before season 10. Given his only interaction outside of Holly J was one episode with Riley and he didn't do much in it. Safe to say, when he leaves, nothing of value was lost.
** Zane's not a bad or flat character and actually became a bit of an EnsembleDarkHorse, it's just that all of his storylines revolved around [[ArmouredClosetGay Riley]] and when they broke up he disappeared until graduation.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** The families of Rose, Martha, Donna and Rory become recurring satellite characters of one form or another for as long as they remained on the show (and not one second longer). AvertedTrope with Donna's grandfather Wilf, who becomes a companion in his own right, although briefly.
** The classic series had all the minor UNIT people who were satellites to the Brigadier.
** Then there's Rory, who starts off like this, then [[spoiler: dies, gets erased from existence, comes back with his [[OurSoulsAreDifferent soul]] in a plastic Auton body, then properly revived and graduated to full companion status]].
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Rickon Stark is the least prominent Stark in the story, and mostly served as a KidSidekick at best.
* Juliette in "Series/{{Grimm}}". She seemingly only exists in Nick's presence. Despite being a licensed veterinarian, we only see her go to work when it furthers the plot of a case Nick is investigating. We know nothing about her family or where she's from. Her friends on the show consist of Monroe and Rosalie who she met through Nick. The one friend who appears from her past only appeared because she needed Nick's help and disappeared never to be heard from again after the situation was resolved. Juliette is bilingual but this is only revealed when Nick needs a Spanish-speaker to help him with a case based in Mexican lore. When Juliette finally got an independent plot involving [[LaserGuidedAmnesia amnesia that made her forget Nick]] she decided she was in love with Captain Renard, Nick's boss! When [[TheScrappy fan's had had enough]] she was [[PutOnABus put on a bus]] [[spoiler: until the writers could retool the character and bring her back as "Eve" who is a reprogrammed with Juliette's memories and powers, but stripped of her feelings for Nick.]]
* Leo Valentine in ''Series/{{Hollyoaks}}'' has almost no characterisation beyond the premise of "irresponsible, cheating father", and no real storylines of his own. Everything he does is connected to his children, and he seems to exist primarily to cause trouble for them.
* Ted's children in ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' are only featured listening to their father's story of how he met their mother.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'': There's Niki and Paulo. When alone, Paulo stood up better than Niki did. And in season four Charlotte is one who is best when interacting with Daniel.
* ''Series/{{Merlin}}'': Guinevere has no real CharacterArc of her own, at least not one that isn't connected to her relationships with Morgana, Arthur, or Merlin. She ''does'' have a father and a brother, but the former was killed off and she barely interacts with the latter. That said, it's also an example of [[TropesAreTools Tropes Are Not Bad]], as her relationships with Merlin, Arthur, and Morgana make up a significant part of the show.
* ''Franchise/PowerRangers''
** ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'': Angela, Curtis and Richie are there solely to expand the characters of Zack and Trini. Angela was chucked as soon as Zack finally got the girl, and the other two vanished when Zack and Trini left. Trini herself also has shades of this, making Richie somewhat of a satellite character for a satellite character.
** ''Series/PowerRangersTimeForce'': Despite being part of the SpotlightStealingSquad, all of Jen's development is tied to either Alex or Wes. Her entire motivation of the series is to avenge her fiance's supposed death, and even after she [[spoiler:breaks up with him]] her loyalty does not waver. Pretty much the only part of her character, that is exclusive to her character, is that she loves [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Frankie Chang]] movies. Even her leadership was undermined after the SixthRanger tried stealing leadership from Wes, leaving her out entirely.
** ''Series/PowerRangersNinjaStorm'': Blake was pretty much just Hunter's brother and Tori's potential boyfriend. Even when he gets his own special weapon, the episode just as much focuses on Tori's jealousy of his female instructor.
** ''Series/PowerRangersMysticForce'': Subverted with Madison, whose tendency to go OutOfFocus makes her seem like just the [[FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling responsible sibling]] to her brash sister or the shy girl pining over the new kid. However, she does in fact have enough personality to stand on her own if you actually pay her enough attention.
** ''Series/PowerRangersMegaforce'': Despite having shades of TheAce, Gia's whole personality revolves around being the recipient of Jake's affection and Emma's best friend.
* ''Series/{{Revolution}}'': Charlie Matheson is supposed to be one of the main characters. After [[Recap/RevolutionS1E11TheStand episode 11]], she becomes this, revolving around her uncle Miles Matheson.
* ''Series/RobinHood'': David Harewood's Tuck gets some interaction with Guy and the outlaws in his first episode, but from then on out, he barely interacts with anyone except Robin, acting as his P.R. spokesperson.
* ''Series/StargateSG1'': Although Vala is more than capable of standing on her own feet as a character, she is noticeably much more interesting and funny when she's teasing Daniel. In fact, she often seems more lost and bored without him, and definitely much less manageable.
* ''Series/{{V 2009}}'': Tyler is supposed to be a MoralityChain for [[TheHero Erica]], but [[TheScrappy fails miserably]], becoming this. To add insult to injury, his girlfriend Lisa began as a SatelliteLoveInterest for him before emerging as one of the most important characters on the show, making him one to her as well.
* Zoe Bartlet in ''Series/TheWestWing''. Her plotlines are all about either her relationship with Charlie or her father's PapaWolf tendencies ([[spoiler:including the part where she gets kidnapped]]) to the point where her breakup with Charlie is offscreen and they get back together offscreen. Although we see her at Georgetown U occasionally, we never learn what her major was or what she intends to do with it, unlike her sisters.

* [[TropesAreTools This trope is not bad]]: ''Manhwa/WitchHunter'' has Aria, whose entire characterization is that she's [[AxCrazy literally]] [[{{Yandere}} mad about]] [[BrotherSisterIncest her brother]] Tasha. She is a rather prevalent character, and the fact that she never seems to talk or think about anything else than Tasha makes her even creepier and that much awesome.

* Andrew Ridgeley of Wham! is one of, if not the most notable musical example. Although Wham! were always presented as a duo of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael was the one who wrote the songs and had the most star appeal. This was confirmed when George Michael's solo career became very successful, but Ridgeley's sank without trace.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* In ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'', Nicole and Steve pretty much existed only to be the respective friends of Paige and Peter. Morton Goldthwait and Eileen Jacobson also spent most of their time in the strip as little more than antagonists for Paige and Jason, respectively, with little to no interaction with any other character. Morton is also Peter's classmate and, at one time, Jason's camp counselor, but neither of those roles is quite as prominent as his relationship with Paige.
* {{Exaggerated|Trope}} with Kitty, the family pet in ''Polly and her Pals''. 90 % of Kitty's actions can be summed up as, "follow Pa around and perfectly mirror his mannerisms and expressions". Naturally, this was PlayedForLaughs.

[[folder: Radio]]
* ConversationalTroping on ''Radio/TheNewsQuiz'' back in 1995. During all the rumours that Will Carling was having an affair with Princess Diana, his then wife Julia won Satellite Personality of the Year at some TV awards, and Alan Coren pointed out what a perfect description "satellite personality" was.

* OlderThanSteam: A lot of [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare Shakespearean]] love interests fall into this category.
* [[Creator/GilbertAndSullivan W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan]] are one of theatre's most famous, if not the most famous, examples of mutual satellites. Both were successful in their own day even before they met, but it is unlikely that either would have gained their long-enduring fame without the other. The most important part of Gilbert & Sullivan was neither Gilbert nor Sullivan, it was the ampersand.

[[folder:TV Tropes Wiki]]
* In terms of story role, TheLancer seems primarily defined by being a foil and NumberTwo to TheHero[=/=]TheLeader, in comparison to other members of the FiveManBand, who have distinctive roles.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Due to limits on how much story time (developers usually have to spend a lot of time tweaking the gameplay, so if there's a minor character they're just there to take up space) there is to develop characters with, non-RPG video games have far too many examples of this to list, mostly in the form of rivals, love interests, parents, slain mentors and other already-cliched roles.
* ''VideoGame/BackyardSports'': Amir Khan, for Achmed.
* In ''VideoGame/DeadRising2'', Chuck Greene's main motivation aside from clearing his name is to make sure his daughter, Katey, stays safe. [[spoiler:In the WhatIf game ''Off the Record'', Katey dies during the Fortune City outbreak, turning Chuck into an alcoholic psychopath.]]
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', Penelo's official character description says it all: "Vaan's friend."
** Fleshed out in succeeding Ivalice games, thankfully. It's sort of sad to have a satellite character being the satellite to, well... [[SupportingProtagonist Vaan]].
* Babus is mainly defined by his loyalty to Mewt in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance''.
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts''
** Luxord of Organization XIII's claim to fame is being able to insert the word "[[{{Pun}} game]]" into any sentence. And that's it for characterization.
** Demyx isn't much better, with his only distinctive character traits being [[ThrowItIn ad-libbed]] by his original Japanese voice actor. However, due to his [[ThatOneBoss boss battle]], and his [[{{Bishonen}} looks]], he has actually become an EnsembleDarkHorse of ridiculous proportions.
** The only purpose of [[{{Disney/Pinocchio}} Jiminy Cricket]] most of the time is to fill in the journal with story summaries and descriptions of enemies and characters. You could be forgiven for forgetting that he tags along with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, because he almost never speaks (or shows) up. ''Chain of Memories'' and ''coded'' do [[CharacterFocus give him a more expanded role]], however, since the erasure of his journal in the former becomes a plot point in the latter.
** Much of Aqua's role in ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep'' is to be associated with her fellow males and support Ven (making friends and warn Terra of Vanitas) and Terra's own motives (investigate on the matters regarding Xehanort and the Unversed) while lacking a motive herself besides to look after them.
* Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross to Jet from ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog''. Rouge the Bat also became this to Shadow after ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'' and until ''[[VideoGame/SonicRiders Sonic Free Riders]].'' Cream the Rabbit became one to Amy after ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'' as well.
** Amy herself was initially designed almost solely as a girl with a crush on Sonic. Later games and medias have attempted to give her chemistry with other characters, with varying degrees of success (and [[DependingOnTheWriter wildly varying portrayals, even within the same continuity]] - depictions range from a [[LoveMakesYouCrazy crazy]] [[StalkerWithACrush stalker]] who [[TheFriendNobodyLikes everyone would rather avoid]] to a rather sweet girl who may or may not happen to have a HairTriggerTemper).
* Several characters in the ''VideoGame/SoulSeries'' are this, especially as the series becomes more evidently about only a select few characters. These include Setsuka, the UnknownRival to Mitsurugi, who already ''has'' a rival; Amy, the foster Daughter to Raphael who himself has already served his importance to the main plot; and several other characters who were either never important or have concluded their importance.
* Thanks to having OneHundredAndEight characters, ''VideoGame/{{Suikoden}}'' can be pretty bad about this. ''VideoGame/SuikodenTierkreis'' in particular has satellites to satellites (for instance, Megion's male follower, or the two kids who argue about whether Fredegund should be forgiven).
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros''
** Angry variant: While Wario's main characteristic is his greed, Waluigi used to be defined primarily by his hatred of Luigi. Later games have given him an trickster and bitter cheater personality, but only once has he featured without Wario (''VideoGame/MarioTennis: Power Tour'') and is never not seen competing with Luigi. He has never appeared in his own (official) game. He was created for ''Mario Tennis'' and has since only appeared in the [[GoKartingWithBowser multi-player party and sports games]]. He's had a cameo in the Paper Mario and a loose reference in ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii'', but that's about it.
** After a while, Waluigi became defined by his crazy and jerkish behaviour and self-pity.
** [[TomboyPrincess Princess Daisy]] is mostly defined by being Peach's gal pal and a [[ImpliedLoveInterest possible love interest]] to Luigi. After a while she did get a more energetic personality, her own flower motif, and a louder voice to go with during the UsefulNotes/NintendoGameCube games, which is an improvement from her first few playable appearances, where was there was little to differentiate her from Peach. In later games such as ''VideoGame/MarioTennisUltraSmash'' and ''VideoGame/MarioStrikersCharged'' she doesn't even share the same gameplay type and statistics as Peach, and is fully playable without Peach's involvement, and the two don't even show up in the same events in the 3DS version of Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
** Luigi himself began as this, serving as Player 2 to Mario's Player 1 with no distinguishing characteristics. He was then given a higher, floatier jump but wasn't shown in the video games to be anything more than Mario's most frequent sidekick and his abilities defined as variants of Mario's until ''VideoGame/LuigisMansion'', where he got to be in his own game and was portrayed as cowardly and in need of confidence. Since then, Mario and Luigi have diverged in personalities and abilities. Luigi's behavior was even [[FreudianExcuse given a reason]] as a direct cause of Mario always [[SuccessfulSiblingSyndrome overshadowing him]], making Luigi a {{Deconstruction}} of this trope.
* Jude Mathis from ''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia'' has gotten this as the main complaint of his being one of the two protagonists. He has no real motivation of his own and merely follows Milla, about whom the game more revolves around, because he can't think of anything better to do once he's labelled a fugitive criminal. Even later on in the game, [[spoiler: after Milla's death]], Jude cannot hold his own in his route and suffers a HeroicBSOD that takes some time to shake him out of. He improves a little more, but is ultimately not very important to the plot. The [[VideoGame/TalesOfXillia2 sequel]] has improved Jude as a character a lot, by giving him his own motivation and arc that revolves around his attempt at spyrite technology, including making him more determined to be present during important plot scenes, despite still being more a helpful sidekick to [[TheHero Ludger]].
* Miharu Hirano only exists in the ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'' continuity to be a friend for Xiaoyu, and now Panda and Alisa as well.
* Justified in ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines'' with Heather: she seeks the player character out if they use their ''highly addictive'' blood to save her from a deadly injury, and, if allowed, comes to devote her entire life to them without question. For players who save her out of kindness, watching her slow LossOfIdentity as the blood addiction makes her more fanatically dependent and eventually [[spoiler:gets her [[StuffedIntoTheFridge killed by the character's enemies]]]] is quite a PlayerPunch. For those who enjoy ordering her around and exploiting her dependency, it can be [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential hilarious]].
* ''Videogame/FireEmblem:''
** Geoffrey of ''[[Videogame/FireEmblemTellius Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance]]'' and its sequel ''Radiant Dawn'' is ''heavily'' defined by his UndyingLoyalty to his ChildhoodFriend Elincia, Princess (and later Queen) of Crimea. Other than his painfully obvious BodyguardCrush on her and his being a bog-standard straightlaced and morally upright knight, there's not much more development from him.
** Giffca, the [[{{Animorphism}} black lion laguz]], in ''Path of Radiance'' and ''Radiant Dawn'' serves as the [[UndyingLoyalty extremely loyal vassal]] to the king of the cat, tiger and lion laguz, Caineghis, even though in the laguz tribes AsskickingEqualsAuthority and his strength is said to be comparable to his king's. What does he do other than being "The Lion King's Shadow"? Nothing.
** The purple tiger laguz Kyza of ''Radiant Dawn'' serves as the subordinate to the lion laguz [[LeeroyJenkins Skrimir's]] aid [[OnlySaneMan Ranulf]], and in-game all of his development revolves around him vying for Ranulf's attention and approval alongside his subordinate Lyre. Other than him being uptight and bureaucratic, there's not much else that's developed about him.
** Faye, who was [[CanonForeigner added for the]] [[VideoGameRemake remake]] of ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGaiden'', has very little personality outside of her [[AllLoveIsUnrequited unrequited crush]] on Alm. Her one support chain outside of Alm's is with Silque, who Faye refuses to speak to at first because Silque wants to talk about things besides him. One of her base conversations also has her mention that her family wishes she would write to them about things besides Alm every once in a while. She ''is'' excited to see Celica again if you [[DevelopersForesight wait until Act 2 to recruit her]], implying she still likes her despite Celica's own feelings for Alm, but this is ''very'' easy to miss, and something that players have little reason to do.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Achewood}}'', Roast Beef originally just exists as a third character to fill out a clique, and is only given a name later as a [[http://achewood.com/index.php?date=03212002 joke]]. He goes on to be [[EnsembleDarkHorse one of the most fleshed out characters in the strip]].
* Tavros's role in ''{{Webcomic/Homestuck}}'' is largely limited to his interactions with [[JerkAss Vriska]]. He only appears in the story when Vriska needs a [[KickTheDog dog to kick]], and he rarely interacts with any characters except Vriska, unless it is to talk about her, or to set up another interaction with her.
* {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d, parodied, and [[spoiler:eventually subverted]] in ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' with Blackwing, V's crow {{Familiar}}, who like most ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' familiars, only appears when V needs him. It turns out that Blackwing isn't happy about the arrangement, and [[spoiler: [[WhatTheHellHero ends up calling out V for this treatment]], after V [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope went a bit too far]]. Now Blackwing is V's MoralityPet.]]
** Quarr, an Imp who serves as a minion to various minor villains, gives us these sagelike words of advice: "The first thing you learn when you're my height is to find someone who's bigger to you and latch your lips firmly on their ass." Subverted in that he can come up with decent schemes on his own, and occasionally summon the odd demon who owes him a favor, but left completely to himself, he's capable of fighting V's bird to a draw and not much else.
* In ''Webcomic/OurLittleAdventure'' Lenny's motives for adventuring basically revolve around protecting and supporting his wife [[TheHero Julie]], who has the task of [[GottaCatchEmAll finding pieces]] of the [[CosmicKeystone Magicant.]]
* Shep in ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' started out as one of ThoseTwoGuys, but as Nick got more and more fleshed out, it started to seem like Shep's only use in the strip was as an occasional foil. Eventually, the author caught on and Shep was PutOnABus for a while, then got his own arc a couple of years down the line.
* Trike Girl in ''Webcomic/{{Sinfest}}'' doesn't really do anything except show up to do something to oppose The Patriarchy.
** Most new characters get their start this way, including Lil' E, all of the devil women, coffee shop lady, and others. Apparently CharacterDevelopment being included in the benefits package makes entry-level Satellite Character work attractive at the comic.
* ''Webcomic/YuckHeads'' parodies this. Wood just forces Pecker to be his satellite character.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Exaggerated in ''WebVideo/MyLittlePonyTheMentallyAdvancedSeries''. Quick recap: a cutie mark is supposed to symbolize what a pony's special talent it. Silver Spoon's cutie mark in the MAS is ''literally'' a picture of Diamond Tiara, rubbing it in that she only exists as Diamond's friend/lackey.
* In ''Franchise/{{Noob}}'', Decklan and Battos seem to exist only to fill in the FragileSpeedster and TheMedic spots in the Roxxor guild main roster. The novels state that they are both the leader of another guild as well as part of the top players, which is a status identical to Roxana who has been seen interacting with enough different people to stand on her own. They are seen pulling out weapons and using healing spells in the fights involving the team they form with Amaras and Roxana, but otherwise get little development other than always acting in accord with them.
* ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' has Elizabeth Priestly, who plays the satellite to her twin brother, Lenny. Most of what she does consists of following Lenny around and angsting about his psychotic behavior.
* Another angry variant: in the ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse'', Tempest is pretty much defined by her massive hatred of Chaka (and by extension, all of Chaka's friends).

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Quite common in kids' shows, where writers try to portray [[CastHerd duos, cliques, entourages, and other groups of background characters]]. In the all-too-common worst case, a character can go throughout the entire series without ever speaking, [[NoNameGiven let alone being given a first name]], despite appearing in almost every episode.
* This is spoofed with the character "Star" on ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'', a preppy blonde who Tucker nicknames "Satellite," because she is "the marginally attractive girl who always orbits around the popular girl". Before this, she'd received a few solo cameos, but ever since the joke, her appearances have almost always been beside Paulina, the popular girl in question.
* Stacy and Tiffany from ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' were this in the first season; they essentially filled up the fashion club and served to either converse with Quinn or Sandi, the characters of real importance about matters related to their feelings or the plot. However, season two onwards saw more characterization with respects to Stacy, actually making her highly sympathetic.
** Tiffany becomes an ''inversion'' as she actually becomes even more flat. [[VerbalTic This... may be... duuue.... to the straaaange.... manner... of... speaking... thaat... her voice... actress... gave... her.]]
* Creator/{{Disney}}:
** Sidekicks by their very nature, whether good or bad characters. Possibly the most glaring (and inexplicable) example is Lefou, Gaston's little stooge in ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast''. Lefou spends most of his time running errands for his 'friend', only to be constantly abused and beaten up for his pains. And yet still he insists he thinks Gaston's wonderful. If Lefou was a girl the implications would be very disturbing. The implications are [[HoYay already there.]]
** Almost every mom character that is not dead before the plot starts. It's a disturbing trend that the father's role in Disney (and, by extent, [[AllAnimationIsDisney Disney wannabe]]) animated movies is to be the mentor and rolemodel for [[TheHero the hero(ine)]], while mother serves as a satellite who supports the family. Even in the scenarios where father dies early, it's made sure that he passes his ideals onto their offspring well in advance, while his widow never grows beyond the role of passive family provider.
* Zordrak of ''WesternAnimation/TheDreamstone''. Despite being the BigBad, [[OrcusOnHisThrone his involvement is pretty limited]], rarely leaving his lair outside a handful of episodes. As such he only directly challenges the heroes a small number of times, otherwise restricted to his BadBoss banter with Urpgor and Sgt. Blob.
** Urpgor similarly rarely leaves Viltheed and thus usually only interacts with the other villains. He branched out a little in later episodes however.
* Jealous variant: Veronica from ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'', is Trixie Tang's satellite. She is in love with Timmy, and wishes that she could be Trixie, because Timmy likes Trixie.
* Depending on the episode in ''WesternAnimation/GoofTroop'', occasionally PJ and Pistol will be little more than extra mouths to agree with Peg or Pete and will be treated as a single entity of "the kids". In most of these episodes, both the SiblingYinYang relationship and Pete's ParentalFavoritism apparent in the rest of the series are removed, though there are a few that still hint at them.
* In ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', Tyler the "Cute Biker" is hardly ever seen in any context besides cheering on Manly Dan. Later on, however, he gains his own storyline by [[spoiler:becoming mayor of Gravity Falls.]]
** The same goes with Manly Dan's three sons; all they ever do when seen is cheer on their dad when he does something manly and join in on their dad's activities... we don't even know their names! The limited role of Dan and his boys seems rather strange when we start to realize that they're ''Wendy's family.''
* ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'': Subverted with Helga and Brainy, almost to the point to Plotted A Good Waste: Brainy almost only interacted with Helga, who seems much more smart and sophisticated that him. (He cannot talk because his asthma). After seeing various episodes, it becomes clear that Brainy is trying to propose to Helga, (confirmed by [[AllThereInTheManual book six of the series Hey Arnold!]] [[http://www.amazon.com/Arnold-Arnolds-Files-Groening-Bartlett/dp/0439381495/ref=pd_sim_b_3 Arnold's E-Files]]). That book also confirms that Brainy has HiddenDepths. So, [[RunningGag the continuous]] {{Offhand Backhand}}s to Brainy are Helgaís way to [[InterruptedDeclarationOfLove interrupt him]]. The point is Brainy, [[BeYourself with all his defects, is completely convinced he deserves to be loved and never gives up trying to propose]], while [[{{Hypocrite}} Helga will deny her true feelings time and again]]. Brainy is showed only interacting with Helga ''because Helga is Brainyís'' ShadowArchetype.
* Dukey from ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyTest''. Although he's ostensibly the {{Deuteragonist}} of the show, he is rarely important to the plot and is mostly defined by his status as the OnlySaneMan to the Test children, but even that almost never actually effects anything.
* ''{{WesternAnimation/Madagascar}}'' gives us King Julien's personal attendant Maurice. A voice of reason in the first film, that comes along with Julien when he joins the zoo animals in the sequels, where he becomes nothing but a guy who follows Julien around, only speaking up in agreement with whatever Julien says. By the third movie he is completely OutOfFocus as Julien is by himself for most of his plot.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** Scootaloo started off this way. Due to the being the only Cutie Mark Crusader not related to one of the main characters, her appearances were limited mostly to those with Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. Later episodes subvert this by developing her HeroWorshipper status towards Rainbow Dash and with an [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E6SleeplessInPonyville episode]] [[ADayInTheLimelight centered around her]].
** Silver Spoon is mainly one for Diamond Tiara. Diamond Tiara is in turn an angry variant for the [=CMCs=], though she eventually gets some character development.
** Most of Shining Armor's personality is centered around his relationships with his sister Twilight Sparkle and his wife Cadance, and in the six episodes he's appeared in, he hasn't had a whole lot of development or displayed any particularly notable character flaws. He gets a good bit in his focus comic book, however.
* High Five Ghost and Margaret of ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'' seem only to exist to stand mostly silently next to Muscle Man and be the object of Mordecai's affections, respectively.
** Interestingly enough, characters introduced as satellite characters to Margaret, such her dad Mr. Smith and Eileen, continued to appear after she left and had more character development.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''
** Sanjay is this for Apu. This may be why he was eventually phased out.
** Janey, Lisa's AmbiguouslyBrown friend. She too was phased out.
* On ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', Dr. Mephesito's "friend" Kevin is a tiny, mute creature that silently follows him around everywhere but does nothing else. In one episode Chef becomes abruptly disturbed by Kevin, noticing him for the first time. Mephesito reacts dismissively.
* Karen is usually this to Plankton in ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants'', despite being a fully mobile computer device, usually working behind the curtains in one of his schemes. Only a few episodes have her come in contact with other main characters, and even then in a very limited manner.
* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama''
** [[SingleMindedTwins Single Minded Friends]] Katie and Sadie from are this for each other. Fanfics try to avert this (usually for shipping reasons), but the show's writers haven't given them a drop of [[CharacterDevelopment development]]. Even when Katie's elimination forcibly separated them for five episodes, the best the writers seemed able to think of was [[DemotedToExtra demoting Sadie to a silent extra]] for most of them.
** Tyler for [[BrainlessBeauty Lindsay]] in the first season. Luckily he receives some development in ''World Tour''.
** Cody's only purpose in Island was to be Gwen's creepy HopelessSuitor, after he does the IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy shtick in ''Island'', he gets eliminated. [[BearsAreBadNews In a very painful way]]. Then along comes ''World Tour'' where his only purpose (in addition to the above) was to be the target of Sierra's unhealthy affection (only ironically served the purpose of how how pathetic and over the top Cody's real-life Fangirls are).
** Zoey is viewed as being a SatelliteLoveInterest to Mike for most of ''Revenge of the Island'' and ''All-Stars'', this was subverted for three episodes where Zoey was away from Mike after he's eliminated, but quickly returned to it's original path.
** Amy & Samey in ''Pahkitew Island'' have no purpose other than their conflict with each other and every individual aspect about them as separate characters (such as Samey's friendship with Jasmine) still has something to do with their conflict with the other.
** Topher in ''Pahkitew Island'' has no purpose, other than to annoy Chris. Most other characters don't even seem to be aware he exists.
** Due to the spinoff series ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaPresentsTheRidonculousRace'' having a different structure from Total Drama, about half of the teams end suffering from this problem with the characters on a team most of the time interacting only with their partner and/or being on the show purely for their conflict. This becomes especially noticeable for teams that managed to make it more than halfway into the race despite their limited purpose or development:
*** The only reason why the LARPers (Leonard & Tammy) are a team is just so that they can be [[spoiler:the first ones eliminated]]. Further proven by [[WordOfGod confirmation]] that Leonard was a last minute addition to the show to replace a magician character (which also lead to Tammy's creation since the magician would've been paired with an assistant).
*** Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen) are very similar to Topher in which they had no purpose and rarely interacted with any of the other characters or were even acknowledged.
*** Mother & Daughter (Kelly & Taylor) were pretty much this show's answer to Amy & Samey (to the point where Taylor's voiced by the same person who also did Amy & Samey) in which they had very little purpose other than their unhealthy relationship with each other. The only conversations they ever had with others is Taylor being mean to the Adversity Twins, and in "Hello and Dubai" when Kelly has a conversation with Dwayne over her parenting, [[spoiler:which also happened to be the episode where she's eliminated]].
*** Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo) were also kinda like Amy & Samey where they had virtually no purpose other than to bicker and fight with each other, aside from the occasional one-time conversation with another character, or hanging with the Rockers in their elimination episode.
*** The Rockers (Rock & Spud) went through most of their run without interacting with any of the other characters. The only time they did interact with others was in their final episode where they both interacted with the Stepbrothers and Spud briefly interacted with Carrie.
*** Just like with Mother & Daughter and Stepbrothers, the Daters/[[spoiler:Haters]] (Stephanie & Ryan) had virtually next to no reason for being in the game other than [[spoiler: their extremely unhealthy and toxic relationship with each other.]] The only other characters that they interact with are Stephanie with Kitty in "Hawaiian Honeyruin" and Ryan with Carrie in his last few episodes as part of their OddFriendship.
*** The only purpose Best Friends (Carrie & Devin) had to be on the show was their [[ArcFatigue long drawn out]] WillTheyOrWontThey plotline and as a result they ended up mostly being... There. The only notable interactions they had was both of them with Kitty & Emma and Carrie's OddFriendship with Ryan.
*** The Surfer Dudes (Geoff & Brody) never once had a major storyline and pretty much went through the race doing their own thing while being limited to the background most of the time. Very ironic since they ended up interacting the most characters out of their team and [[spoiler: made it all the way to the finale]].
* Angry variant: Depth Charge, from ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}: WesternAnimation/BeastWars'', is an [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Ahab-esque]] satellite character defined by his all-consuming '''hatred''' for the monstrous Rampage. It's heavily implied that Rampage caused this intentionally, making a point of destroying everything else Depth Charge ever cared about. [[spoiler:In the end, [[TakingYouWithMe Depth Charge gives his life to end Rampage's]].]]
** In-universe, Inferno defines himself by his loyalty to Megatron, who he considers "The Royalty". However, this is more of a subversion in that this is because Inferno was somewhat uniquely damaged as a protoform, causing his personality to be heavily influenced by his ant beast mode. In practice, he ends up with a fair amount of personality, being an AxCrazy (even by Predacon standards) PyroManiac, whose loyalty to Megatron was hilariously over-the-top in contrast to, say, Scorpinok, who was implied to be loyal because he was just too dim to have his own agenda.
* On ''WesternAnimation/CreativeGalaxy'', Epiphany's role is generally to hang floating around Arty, animating the Creative Spark rocket ship, repeating things that are said, and occasionally shapeshifting to reflect something that Arty is thinking or which is being talked about. About the only exception to this is in the second season story "Epiphany's Dino Dance / Epiphany and Eureka," in which Epiphany somehow suddenly becomes a full character, expressing her anger (in the [[ThirdPersonPerson third person]]) after losing a game of spaceball, and playing with a friend named Eureka that looks just like her except for being blue instead of purple.