Books that are considered sacred by at least one religion. For sacred books as a trope in fiction, see SacredScripture. The latter will also tell you more about the genre.

Note that not every text concerned with religion is also considered sacred. For instance, within UsefulNotes/{{Christianity}}, Literature/TheBible is considered holy, but theological or devotional literature, the Lives of Saints, and Christian fiction are not.

Also, the status of a text as sacred may be ambiguous even within a single religion, as one branch of a religion may regard a specific text sacred while another doesn't. For the purpose of this index, it is enough if ''one'' branch regards it as sacred.

!! Works with wiki pages:


[[folder: Ancient Greek Religion ]]

* Literature/{{Theogony}}


[[folder: Ancient Sumerian and Babylonian Religion(s) ]]

* Literature/EnumaElish
* Literature/InannasDescentToTheNetherworld

%% The Christian and Jewish sacred books are sorted thus to avoid listing the same works twice (as this makes clicking through the index a problem).

[[folder: Christianity and Judaism ]]

* Literature/TheBible. The whole book for Christianity, the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) for Judaism. The Torah (Tawrat), the Psalms (Zabur) and the Gospel (Injil) are recognized as based on divine revelation by Islam, but assumed to be corrupted in their biblical form. The Bible contains the following (among others):
** Literature/BookOfGenesis
** Literature/BookOfExodus
** Literature/BookOfJudges
** Literature/BookOfRuth
** Literature/BooksOfSamuel
** Literature/BooksOfKings
** Literature/BookOfEzra
** Literature/BookOfNehemiah
** Literature/BookOfEsther
** Literature/BookOfJob
** Literature/BookOfPsalms
** Literature/BookOfProverbs
** Literature/BookOfEcclesiastes
** Literature/SongOfSongs
** Literature/BookOfIsaiah
** Literature/BookOfJeremiah
** Literature/BookOfEzekiel
** Literature/BookOfDaniel
** Literature/BookOfHosea
** Literature/BookOfJoel
** Literature/BookOfJonah
** Literature/BookOfZechariah
** Literature/BookOfMalachi

* The [=Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical=] Books
** Literature/BookOfTobit
** Literature/BookOfJudith
** Literature/BooksOfMaccabees


[[folder: Christianity only ]]

* Books of the New Testament:
** Literature/TheFourGospels
** Literature/ActsOfTheApostles
** Literature/BookOfRomans
** Literature/BookOfCorinthians
** Literature/BookOfGalatians
** Literature/BooksOfThessalonians
** Literature/EpistlesToTimothy
** Literature/EpistleToTitus
** Literature/BookOfHebrews
** Literature/EpistleOfJames
** Literature/EpistlesOfPeter
** Literature/EpistlesOfJohn
** Literature/EpistleOfJude
** Literature/BookOfRevelation


[[folder: Useful Notes/Mormonism only ]]
%% Breaking of the alphabetical order is intentional.
* Literature/TheBookOfMormon


[[folder: Judaism only ]]
%% Breaking of the alphabetical order is intentional.
* Literature/TheTalmud


[[folder: Discordianism ]]

* Literature/PrincipiaDiscordia


[[folder: Hinduism ]]

* Literature/{{Ramayana}}
* Literature/{{Mahabharata}}
** Literature/BhagavadGita


[[folder: Islam ]]

* Literature/TheQuran


[[folder: K'iche' Maya Religion ]]
%% note: "Mayan" is incorrect spelling
* Literature/PopolVuh


[[folder: Scientology ]]

* Literature/{{Dianetics}}: Also known as Book One among Scientologists and the starting point of Scientology's {{alternative calendar}} ("AD" = "After Dianetics")