What Russians and those who lived in the former Soviet Union have to read. See also RussianRelaxing.

* ''Pravda'' - several papers have been referred to this way, we'll be focusing on the best known one, the paper of the CPSU. ''Pravda'' is Russian for "truth". [[http://community.livejournal.com/ihasatardis/703938.html#cutid1 ''Da, pravda''.]]
* In Soviet times the other main newspaper was called ''Izvestiya'', literally meaning ''News'' (In Russian there is no distinction between definite and indefinite forms of nouns, so the title could also be translated as ''The News''.) This inspired the following joke: "There are no news in ''Truth'', and no truth in ''News''".
* ''Krasnaya Zvezda'' (Red Star) - newspaper of the Soviet and now Russian military. Gave UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher her "Iron Lady" nickname.
* ''Komsomolskaya Pravda'' - in Soviet times, this was a youth counterpart to Pravda. In post-soviet times, it became a yellowish, quite pro-government tabloid.
* ''Novaya Gazeta'' - a supposedly independent newspaper with liberal (as in, old-school liberal, what Americans call conservative, not quasi-socialist) and pro-Western leanings.
* ''Rossiyskaya Gazeta'' - the official newspaper of the [[TheNewRussia Federal government]].

* ''Ogonyok'' - A weekly magazine running since 1899.
* ''Krokodil'' - Satirical magazine (1922-1991).
* ''Murzilka'' - Illustrated magazine for children printed from 1924 to this day.
* ''Vesyolie kartinki'' - Another illustrated magazine for children (1956-2012). Notable for having comic book stories featuring characters pulled from folklore, cartoons and books popular at the time (a crossover if you will).

!Notable literature
See also RussianLiterature.

* [[Creator/AlexanderPushkin Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin]] (1799-1837), considered to be the greatest Russian poet and founder of Russian literature. His most famous work is a novel-in-verse ''Literature/EugeneOnegin''.
* Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov (1711-1765)
* Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov (1814-1841), also author of the novel ''Literature/AHeroOfOurTime''
* Alexander Blok (18801921)
* Anna Akhmatova (18891966)
* Boris Pasternak (18901960), also author of the novel ''Literature/DoctorZhivago''
* Osip Mandelstam (18911938)
* Marina Tsvetaeva (18921941)
* Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (1893-1930)
* Robert Rozhdestvensky (19321994)
* Andrey Voznesensky (19332010)
* Bella Akhmadulina (19372010)

!!The classics: The "Golden Age" et seq.
* Creator/NikolaiGogol: ''Literature/DeadSouls'', "The Overcoat", ''Theatre/TheInspectorGeneral''
* Ivan Goncharov: ''Literature/{{Oblomov}}''
* [[Creator/FyodorDostoevsky Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky]]: He wrote ''Literature/CrimeAndPunishment'', ''Literature/TheIdiot'', ''Literature/NotesFromUnderground'', ''Literature/TheBrothersKaramazov'' and many other books. He is considered by many to be Russia's greatest writer along with Tolstoy, though he was usually more liked outside Russia (especially in France) than within[[note]]Many famous Russian intellectuals disliked Dostoevsky's work including Turgenev, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Schaltykov-Schehdrin and in modern times Nabokov. Maxim Gorky admitted to liking Dostoevsky but called him "Russia's EvilGenius"[[/note]], [[HoistByHisOwnPetard which is ironic since he was a slavophile West-hating conservative Great Russian]].
* Nikolai Leskov (1831-1895): A great poet and short story writer whose works were highly admired within Russia by Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and others but was OvershadowedByAwesome outside. He's best known for his short story ''LadyMacbeth of the Tsenk District'' and ''[[OverlyLongTitle The Tale of Cross-Eyed Lefty From Tula and The Steel Flea]]'' which is considered one of the greatest short stories ever written.
* Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy aka Creator/LeoTolstoy: He wrote ''Literature/WarAndPeace'', ''Literature/AnnaKarenina'', "Literature/TheKreutzerSonata", and many, many others. He heavily influenced UsefulNotes/MahatmaGandhi, Creator/JamesJoyce and several many other writers around the world.
* Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883): Author of ''Fathers and Sons, First Love'' and ''The Sportsman's Sketchbook''. He was the first major Russian novelist to have an international readership, counting Creator/HenryJames and Creator/GustaveFlaubert among his friends, and he was highly influential in Russia but over time his pro-Western liberal positions earned him scorn from both the Left and the Right. His short-stories were highly influential on Creator/ErnestHemingway.

!!20th century: The "Silver Age" and the Soviet period
* Isaac Babel: Wrote ''Tales of Odessa'', ''Red Cavalry'', and other works.
* Andrey Bely (18801934): Poet, literary critic, and novelist, best known for his book, ''Petersburg'' which Nabokov and many others consider the greatest Russian-language novel of the 20th Century, a masterpiece on the same plateau as ''Literature/{{Ulysses}}''.
* Mikhail Bulgakov: Wrote ''Literature/TheMasterAndMargarita'', ''Literature/HeartOfADog'', ''Black Snow'', ''[[Film/IvanVasilievichChangesProfession Ivan Vasilievich]]'', "The Fatal Eggs", and others. Living in early USSR times, he was proud enough to make fun of its ugly parts, and lucky to score UsefulNotes/JosefStalin himself as a BigNameFan.
* Creator/AntonChekhov -- yes, THE [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov]]. Wrote tons of short stories, of which perhaps the most famous is "The Lady with the Little Dog", and some legendary plays like ''Theatre/TheCherryOrchard'' and ''Theatre/TheSeagull''. Deemed heavily influential on Virginia Woolf, Creator/JamesJoyce, and most 20th Century dramatists and short story writers.
* Creator/VladimirNabokov: Famous for writing great books in both Russian ''and'' English. He wrote ''Glory, Despair'' and ''The Gift'' in Russian, and the infamous ''Literature/{{Lolita}}'' and ''Literature/PaleFire'' in English. At Cornell University he was professor of Russian Literature and wrote many scholarly works on Gogol, Pushkin, Turgenev and other writers, as well as translations of ''Literature/AHeroOfOurTime'', ''The Tale of Igor'' and ''Literature/EugeneOnegin''.
* Boris Pasternak: Wrote ''Literature/DoctorZhivago'' and many poems.
* Ilf and Petrov: 1920's-30's satirical writers. Authors of ''Literature/TheTwelveChairs'' and ''Literature/TheLittleGoldenCalf''.
* Andrei Platonov (1899-1951): A soviet-era author whose work was rediscovered during the 90s. Best known for ''The Foundation Pit'' and his other works written in experimental styles despite official policies of SocialistRealism which was the major reason his works were banned.
* Creator/AleksandrSolzhenitsyn: Wrote ''Literature/{{One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich}}'' and ''Literature/TheGulagArchipelago''. Won a UsefulNotes/{{Nobel Prize|In Literature}} in 1970. Immensely famous and influential in TheSixties and TheSeventies, his reputation declined afterwards, when he became another anti-Western slavophile in the tradition of Dostoevsky. His name is often mentioned when 'crimes of communism' are discussed.
* Creator/StrugatskyBrothers Arkady and Boris: Soviet era ScienceFiction writers. There are a number of films based on their writings. Their novel ''Literature/RoadsidePicnic'' inspired the video game ''VideoGame/{{Stalker}}''.
* Creator/KirBulychev: A friend of the Strugatskys, he also wrote sci-fi, most notably the Literature/AliceGirlFromTheFuture series. He is also a historian and wrote several educational books.
* Creator/IvanYefremov: Wrote ''Literature/ThaisOfAthens'' and the Literature/GreatRing cycle.
* Vainer Brothers: Detective novel writing duo. Authors of ''Series/TheMeetingPlaceCannotBeChanged'' and ''The Vertical Races''.
* Nikolay Nosov: a children's author from the mid-Soviet period. His most known work is the trilogy ''Literature/AdventuresOfDunno''.

!!Contemporary literature: Post-Soviet period to PresentDay
* Creator/SergeyLukyanenko, a popular modern Russian SpeculativeFiction author. He wrote ''Literature/NightWatch'', one of the most popular recent fantasy novels in Russia and his most famous work in the English-speaking world.
* The Literature/ErastFandorin series, the {{Reconstruction}} of Russian detective genre starting in late '90s.
* ''Literature/ArciaChronicles'', a HighFantasy novel series, and ''Literature/ReflectionsOfEterna'', a LowFantasy series by Vera Kamsha, who is sometimes called the Russian G. R. R. Martin.
* ''Literature/LabyrinthsOfEcho'' by Creator/MaxFrei. Another popular fantasy series.
* Creator/OlegDivov: one of the most popular modern Russian sci-fi authors.
* Creator/NickPerumov is probably the second most well-known after Lukyanenko; he is better known for his fantasy works.
* VictorPelevin: is something of an oddball. His works can be described as highly postmodernistic MagicalRealism. Think Russian Creator/GrantMorrison on even more drugs.
* Vladimir Sorokin: another postmodernist, who focuses on more grotesque and shocking aspects of Russian society. A few of his works have pretty offensive scenes, like scenes of coprophagia and rape, which became AllThereIsToKnowAboutTheCryingGame for his books.