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'''RT''', formerly known as '''Russia Today''', is a multi-lingual TV network based in UsefulNotes/{{Russia}} owned by a government-run media company. The network shows various things from sports to Russian cultural programs, but is most notable for its highly controversial news service. While it is a television news network, it is also known for its Website/YouTube channel, which has beaten FoxNews in user hits. Like Creator/AlJazeera, coverage is mostly aimed at the international market rather than the domestic, but puts an emphasis on criticism of Western countries and defense of Russian policies.
!!This network contains examples of:
* [[BitingTheHandHumor Biting the Hand Coverage]]: Averted, for obvious reasons. If the U.S. becomes embroiled in controversy, RT newscasters will crawl all over the story. But when Russia is criticized, they will either rationalize or ignore everything.
* ConspiracyTheorist: Perhaps the most common criticism. RT devotes lots of coverage to conspiracy theories, giving airtime to truthers, birthers, and cranks warning of [[FalseFlagOperation False Flag Operations]]. It's no surprise that Radio/AlexJones is a frequent guest.
** One of its anchors, Abby Martin, had an extensive history in the 9/11 Truth movement before being hired by RT. Guess which subject Martin keeps bringing up on her show?
** Another anchor, Thom Hartmann (who is also a left-wing talk radio host) espouses JFK assassination theories and anti-vaccine hysteria.
** As Wiki/RationalWiki puts it, RT is an example of a (relatively) mainstream outlet that promotes conspiracy theories ''on an industrial scale.'' Indeed, it provides an absurd amount of air time and leeway to both far-left ''and'' far-right cranks.
* MeetTheNewBoss: The network has recycled much of its techniques from the old Soviet propaganda services.
* TheMoralSubstitute: For the rest of the international media, which RT implies is anti-Russian.
* MsFanservice: RT flaunts how attractive its anchorwomen are just as much as FoxNews. Enough so that "rt anchors are hot" is a search option on Google.
** [[http://occupiedpalestine.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/abbymartin1.jpg?w=588 This]] is also how female newscasters dress on the air. Make of it what you will.
* PropagandaMachine: Comes with the territory when your checks are signed by a media conglomerate that's owned and subsidized by the Russian government, not one of the most consistent fans of press freedom. Some of RT's examples have been its coverage of Russia's war on Georgia and its anti-gay laws.
** With the 2014 incursion on Ukraine, RT took a line defending Russia and [[http://rt.com/op-edge/ukraine-existential-threat-russia-413/ attacking Ukrainian revolutionaries]]. And when Abby Martin aired a segment criticizing Russia's actions, RT conveniently forgot to post the video on its [=YouTube=] pages.
* QuoteMine: According to some past guests, RT interviewers push extremely hard for a particular quote advancing a particular narrative, and will resort to making something up if they fail.
* ScareCampaign: The network's commercials for its "Question More" campaign in 2010. One ad showed BarackObama's face morphing into [[UsefulNotes/{{Iran}} Mahmoud Ahmadinejad]]'s while asking, "Who poses the greatest nuclear threat?" It's pretty clear what the desired effect of the ads were besides promoting the channel.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Liz Wahl, one of RT's American anchors, abruptly [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h79v9uirLY resigned on the air]] after calling out RT for its biased coverage of the Ukraine crisis. Whether her gesture was sincere or a calculated career move is a matter of dispute.
* VoiceOfTheResistance: Likes to pretend it's one by extensively covering protests in Western countries and hiring famous dissidents such as Julian Assange as primetime hosts, which fuels its MisaimedFandom. Not so when it's covering protests against Putin.