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->'''Bill''': Wow! Evil robot "us"es!\\
'''Ted''': Excellent!
-->-- ''Film/BillAndTedsBogusJourney''

A robotic version of an existing character. May have vastly different abilities and personality, especially if it's developed as an EvilKnockoff. Sometimes, this robot may simply be a [[ReplacementGoldfish stand-in for the original]] with a justification either sinister or mundane. The key point of this trope is for there to be interaction between the original and the robot, even if it is simply the original having knowledge of the robot's existence. If this is a {{retcon}} it's ActuallyADoombot.



* Flobot, a robotic version of Flo from [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvnMnMYDloE this]] Progressive Insurance ad
* Michael J. Fox built a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2TxQYCeNVg robot duplicate]] in a classic diet Pepsi commercial

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Anime/ArmitageIII: Dual Matrix'' has robot ''[[CloningBlues clones]]'' of the [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot android]] lead. Their world has [[SlidingScaleOfRobotIntelligence three kinds of robots]], dumb mechanical ones, menial work bots, and the outlawed Thirds which are organic/mechanical robots and can bear children. Armitage herself is a ReplacementGoldfish of their creator's dead daughter, and a CorruptCorporateExecutive steals her father's notes and makes more of her. Yech. Of course, since they were more like "twins" than Robot Me's, they were [[EvilTwin Evil.]]
* ''Manga/{{Hyakko}}'''s Mecha-Torako.
* Amanatsu from ''Manga/AliceAcademy'', Mikan's robotic copy as created by Hotaru.
* [[Anime/AfroSamurai Afro-droid]]
* Robo-Pecola from ''Anime/{{Pecola}}''
* ''Perman'' by Fujiko F. Fujio (creator of ''Anime/{{Doraemon}}''). Each of the three superheros (an everyday school kid, a girl child star -- and a chimp) is given a morphing robot that serves as a stand-in, so that when they come back from their call, they don't have to answer the embarrassing question of "where have you been?".
* Hilariously {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d in ''Anime/TroubleChocolate'' when Mint creates a killer robot version of Deborah and no one can tell it's not her (despite it being blindingly obvious). Even Murakata can't tell the difference.
* ''Anime/TheBigO'' has Dorothy R. Wainwright, who is a perfect android copy of late Dorothy Wainright, created by Dorothy's father as a ReplacementGoldfish.
* ''Ayame and Amane'' is a small series of two-page gags about a girl who is [[LoveMakesYouCrazy hilariously in love]] [[QueerPeopleAreFunny with her female schoolmate]]. Kamijou, the one in love, invests tons of money on her school's robotics club in hopes of creating a robot copy of her LoveInterest Chiho, for [[SexBot personal use]]. While it ends up looking nothing like the actual person (except for a wig), it ''does'' have a "sexy mode".
-->'''Mecha Chiho''': [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Oh no how embarrassing. My D-Terminal connector fell out. Don't look. Don't look at my D-Connector that just fell out. ]]

-->'''Kamijou''': ...(to the robotics club) [[{{Robosexual}} Here's another 4,000. Please continue developing]].
* In the Anime/{{Pokemon}} anime, [[GadgeteerGenius Clemont]] constructs a robot version of himself (called Clembot) to conduct Gym Battles. Unfortunately, when first activated, [[AIIsACrapshoot it went a bit power-mad.]] Clemont eventually fixed this problem and left the robot in charge of the Gym while he travels with Ash.
* ''Manga/SgtFrog'': The Keroro Platoon copy robots.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Comicbook/IronMan: Tony 2.0 (Sentient Armor)
* Franchise/{{Superman}}:
** The Superman Robot Duplicates. Made by Superman to fill in when he's unavailable and help him maintain his secret identity.
** When Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} arrived on Earth, his cousin made several duplicate robots for her. When Kara fought crime while living at Midvale Orphanage, she used a robot decoy of herself to keep the other orphans from noticing her absence.
** ComicBook/PostCrisis Superman villain Conduit also uses robotic decoys of himself to distract the Man Of Steel.
* Comicbook/{{Supreme}}: [[CaptainErsatz Supreme]] has the Suprematon Decoys. Unlike the Superman dupes, one of the Supreme's robots, S-1, is self aware, though.
* Mecha-Dawn, from ''ComicBook/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' Season Eight
* The [[ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog Archie's Sonic comics]] have Sonic temporarily ''become'' one of these when Robotnik finally succeeds in roboticising him. Robotnik later uses the schematics to build Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, etc.
** Recurring character Fiona Fox also had one of these, though in that case the [[TheRealRemingtonSteele android double was introduced before the original]].
** Recently, one of Sonic's Robot Mes has undergone a HeelFaceTurn and is working with the Secret Freedom Fighters. His colour scheme reminiscent of Gemerl from Sonic Advance 3.
* Comicbook/DoctorDoom's Doombots.
* [[http://tinyurl.com/68e25k Page 1]] and [[http://tinyurl.com/69rzp2 Page 2]] of ''ComicStrip/WhatsNewWithPhilAndDixie'' from ''Magazine/{{Dragon}}'' magazine #63 (July 1982).
* Kang's robot Spider-Man was made with the assumption it would not meet the original. The robot was created to trick ''ComicBook/TheAvengers'' into believing he was the real deal.
* ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'': In the Judge Cal arc, the insane Cal uses a robotic copy of Judge Dredd to frame him for the unlawful murder of several citizens. Dredd is sentenced to [[PrisonColony Titan]], but he escapes his transport and dispatches his duplicate to prove his innocence.
* In one story from Wally Wood's ''[[ComicStrip/SallyForthWood Sally Forth]],'' the President of Rottenbad plans to substitute world leaders with robot duplicates.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The Evil Robot Us-es and Good Robot Us-es from ''Film/BillAndTedsBogusJourney''
* [[Franchise/{{Godzilla}} Mecha-Godzilla]] and [[Film/KingKongEscapes Mechani-Kong]].
* [[Film/{{Metropolis}} Robot Maria.]]
* Beta, from ''Film/TheLastStarfighter''. Most of the time they're in different galaxies, but they do get together briefly when [[spoiler:Alex walks out.]]

* In the Creator/RayBradbury short story ''Marionettes, Inc.'', a man acquires a RobotMe to stand in for him at home while he goes away. (A very sophisticated robot that eventually develops sentience, but still one that, if you place your head to the chest, you can hear a clock ticking instead of a heart beating.) However, the robot decides that he likes the original man's life and doesn't want to be stored away in a box in the basement. The solution? He betrays his owner by locking HIM in the box forever while he (the robot) lives the life of the owner, his family completely unaware of the switch.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'': Leia Organa II
* Beth Kittridge's simulacrum from ''TekWar.'' [[spoiler: The robot gets destroyed, but [[DoppelgangerReplacementLoveInterest Jake meets the real Beth not long after.]] True, the robot only cared about protecting Beth's life, but even so... [[CloningBlues poor, poor l'il robot.]]]]
* ''TheAdventuresOfElectronic'' by Russian author E. Veltistov have a robot built after a real boy. The robot escapes and meets said boy, who is very happy to have his RobotMe go to school instead of him and then...
** The novel has spawned several sequels, one of which points out that, since a year has passed, the boy now looks older than Electronic. Then again, everybody is aware of Electronic, so nobody would confuse the two. Then there's the plug that's attached to Electronic to charge him.
* In ''Literature/TheCavesOfSteel'', R. Daneel Olivaw is a robot built to look exactly like his creator. Elijah Baley makes a joke that he was "[[Literature/TheBible made in his maker's image]]", but it's lost on the robot. It turns out this was a key point upon which the plot turned... [[spoiler: How could a man psychologically incapable of killing a human kill a human? By thinking he's destroying the robot duplicate instead]].
* Creator/IsaacAsimov's story ''Evidence'' (the second last in the ''I, Robot'' collection), is about a man being suspected of being a robot created after the real man was crippled in a traffic collision.
* A Creator/SpiderRobinson short story about a company that rents sexbots makes one to represent the secretary who takes people's orders (because she ends up being the most popular request). She's rather upset about this and steals it. Then [[ScrewYourself the inevitable happens]].
* In ''Literature/CaptainUnderpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman'', the titular antagonist builds evil robot versions of George and Harold: Robo-George and Harold 2000.
* Alfred Slote's ''My Robot Buddy'' series involves a kid named Jack who is given a RobotBuddy, Danny, as a present; at his request, Danny is made to look exactly like him. Much use is made of this throughout the series.
* Creator/RobertSheckley has a collection of short stories entitled, ''The Robot Who Looked Like Me.'' The titular story is about a man who doesn't have enough time, and creates a robot to do some of his menial tasks for him.
* ''Literature/HowToBeASuperhero'' warns the reader to make sure his robot duplicate look and behave exactly like him, except for ''[[NoSexAllowed one]]'' thing...
-->'''Girlfriend:''' "God, you were ''fabulous'' last night!"\\
'''Superhero:''' "What? IN BED?"\\
'''Girlfriend:''' "[[SexGod In bed... on the floor in front of the fire... in the bathtub... on the stairs... on top of the breakfast bar... behind the couch... in the attic... on the porch... in the rocking chair... inside the closet... under the bed... what a night! Whooo!]]"
* There's a doppelganger in ''Literature/ToughMagic'', a golem built of [[{{Magitek}} magitek]], and programed to duplicate the main character's abilities and skills.
* In ''Literature/{{MARZENA}}'' we have Geni (General Intelligence) who is a digital clone of Marian created by Merging Minds with a BlankSlate. It's all still in [[PerpetualBeta Beta Stage]] of course, although digital clones are such a time saver you won't possibly be able to keep yourself from using them.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/StargateSG1''
** Robo SG-1
** And Repli-Carter
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': Buffybot(s). Specifically, it differed from the original in terms of being [[SexBot obsessed]] with [[FoeYay Spike]] when it didn't go out on patrol, or even when it did. When it was reprogrammed it was closer to the way Buffy was, except that to call it a {{Cloudcuckoolander}} would be an understatement.
* Robot Rangers in both ''Series/PowerRangersTurbo'' and ''Series/PowerRangersLightspeedRescue''. The former were RidiculouslyHumanRobots built by the originals to help protect an alien planet; the latter were [[RemoteBody mindless remote-controlled drones]] (with no "civilian forms" to make them seem more human) that... well, AIIsACrapshoot.
** Don't forget Cyber Cam from ''Series/PowerRangersNinjaStorm''.
* Android Kirk in the ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
* A robot Kermit (with a wind-up key in his back) took over hosting duties in one episode of ''Series/TheMuppetShow''.
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'':
** Data, Lore, and presumably all the other previous prototypes in ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' are exact (if Palette Swapped) duplicates of their creator, Dr. Soong (also played by Brent Spiner, the actor who portrays Data, et al).
** Soong later created a much more human-looking ReplacementGoldfish modeled after [[spoiler: his deceased wife Juliana]].
** When Data creates a "daughter" named Lal and allows her to choose her gender and appearance, she briefly considers taking on Counselor Troi's before [[AvertedTrope Data tells her that it would be very confusing]].
** Not technically a robot, but still an artificial intelligence: the Emergency Medical Holographic program (EMH) of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' is modeled after creator Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.
** In ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', Dr. Zimmerman considers modeling his prototype Long-Term Medical Hologram's appearance and personality after Dr. Julian Bashir, who has a better bedside manner than Zimmerman.
* Unsurprisingly for such a long-lived show, ''Series/DoctorWho'' has done this more than once: there's the robot First Doctor created by the Daleks in "The Chase" as well as the android replicas of the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane in "The Android Invasion".
* In the ''Series/BuckRogersInTheTwentyFifthCentury'' episode "Ardala Returns", the villains create an android version of Buck.
* An episode of ''Series/TheFreshBeatBand'' has the band ordering robots of themselves to assist in picking berries. Because the show is for younger viewers AIIsACrapshoot is averted, but the robots are ironically quite incompetent.
* Having accidentally killed Will Radcliffe with a copy of the ''Complete Works of Shakespeare'', ''Series/NightAndDay'''s Kate Ellis "hired a number of electrical engineers, and, with the latest nanotachnology and a lot of hard work", created a robotic replica - which looked uncannily like the human Will, covered in silver spraypaint. Naturally, Will's daughter Frankie is thrilled to have her dad back, particularly when he declares her 'the boss'.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Mario Kart Arcade GP 1 and 2 has Robo Mari, who has a black version and silver version. His emblem on his hat shows E.Gadd's symbol, implying that E.Gadd created this robotic being. He is fought in a challenge on Rainbow Coaster in Rainbow Cup.
* [[VideoGame/{{Nasuverse}} Mech Hisui]].
* The ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' series has had many examples appear over the years, including:
** ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2'''s Silver Sonic, the original robot Sonic who served as the penultimate boss battle in the Death Egg.
** Metal Sonic, introduced in ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehogCD'', is the only example that actually served as the BigBad for a game, with his nearly successful attempt at taking over the world in ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes''.
** ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'''s Mecha Sonic, Silver Sonic's upgraded model who can harness the power of the Master Emerald to go [[SuperMode "Super"]].
** The Eggrobos, introduced in ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'', who are built in the likeness of Dr. Eggman's classic appearance.
** ''VideoGame/SonicR'''s Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles, built in the image of Tails and Knuckles, respectively.
** ''VideoGame/SonicAdvance'''s Mecha Knuckles, who ([[TurnsRed initially]]) bore a closer resemblance to Knuckles than the above-mentioned Metal Knuckles.
** ''VideoGame/ShadowTheHedgehog'''s Shadow Androids. They bare such a close resemblance to the original, that Shadow initially believes Eggman when he claims that Shadow is one of them.[[note]]Eggman eventually admits that he was lying and that Shadow is the real thing.[[/note]]
** ''VideoGame/SonicRivals 2'''s Metal Sonic 3.0, Dr. Eggman Nega's version with a color scheme reminiscent to that of [[VideoGame/SonicAdvanceTrilogy Gemerl]].
** ''VideoGame/SonicChronicles'''s Egg Bot, who, unlike the Eggrobos, is based on Dr. Eggman's contemporary appearance.
** ''VideoGame/SonicColors''' Robo-Sonics, the playable characters in the Wii versions's Sonic Simulator mode.
* The robot Invaders that assist Earth's Final Weapon in ''VideoGame/SpaceInvaders Get Even''.
* Miharu and robot Miharu in ''VideoGame/DaCapo''. Miharu knew about her robo version but they never really interacted because the second Miharu only came out when she was in a coma. The personalities were almost exactly, but not quite, the same. Robo Miharu is also apparently somewhat less intelligent due to limitations on the design nor does she possess any superior strength or abilities.
* Axel has an evil robot knockoff as a boss fight in ''VideoGame/StreetsOfRage 3''. The robot has the exact same appearance as Axel, except for the color of the gloves. The robot clone has all of Axel's techniques, and it can do them a ''lot'' faster than Axel can.
* The Mini-Mario toys from ''VideoGame/MarioVsDonkeyKong'' are a RedShirtArmy of these.
* ''VideoGame/MetroidZeroMission'' introduces the aptly-named Ridley Robot, a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin robotic version of Ridley]], built by him. Given that it's incomplete (its leg and wing units are yet to be installed, meaning it has to drag itself along the ground to move), and ''still'' serves as the FinalBoss of that game, it's chilling to think of how devastating it could've been if it had been finished before Samus blew it up.
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' has [[ManVersusMachine Mann vs. Machine]], which is focused around fighting an entire army of these.
* ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStormRevolution''. {{Anime/Naruto}}? Meet [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReKxw2e8Nyg Mecha Naruto]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}}'': A GagDub from [[CatGirl Ms. Fortune]]'s voice actor has lead to the MemeticMutation of Robo-Fortune, which then became an AscendedMeme. Robo-Fortune is set to join the cast as a playable character within the next few months.
* In ''[[VideoGame/BanjoKazooie Banjo-Tooie]]'', Mingy Jongo is this to Mumbo Jumbo.
* ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' has Robo Ky, an attempt to recreate [[KnightInShiningArmor Ky Kiske]], however... it's an utter failure, as far as personality goes, in combat however, he's very good at it.
** Which led to the creation in Videogame/{{Mugen}} of several Robo- knock offs, the most populars are Robo Jam, Robo Sol, and [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Robo]] [[VideoGame/FatalFury Rock Howard]]
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker'' features an [[InvertedTrope inverted]] example, Gear Rex is an organic dinosaur version of [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Metal Gear REX]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}}'' features KOS-MOS who has two other characters similar to her but they both [[InvertedTrope inverts]] it, T-elos [[spoiler: who has Mary Magdelene's original body]] and [[VideoGame/XenobladeChroniclesX Elma]] [[spoiler: who is an organic [[SpaceElves alien]] version of her.]]
* Nega-Toby from the ''VideoGame/{{Battleborn}}'' DLC "Toby's Friendship Raid" is a robot copy of Toby that Thaddeus sent to deal with the penguin and the Rogues.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* Mecha Mario, of the Flash series ''WebAnimation/SuperMarioBrosZ''. Made by none other than Robotnik. There's also the BigBad of the same series: Mecha Sonic.
* Twilight Sparkle builds the [=RDash-5000=] in the ''WebAnimation/PonyDotMov'' series because if they can't have the real one, building one is the next best thing. It ''immediately'' [[CrushKillDestroy goes rogue]] and over the course of two more episodes somehow multiplies thousands of times over.
-->'''[=RD5000=]:''' CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. [[CatchPhrase SWAG]].
* In the ''WebAnimation/BarbieLifeInTheDreamhouse'' three-parter "Send in the Clones", Ken creates a robot clone of Barbie, in hopes that she can help Barbie complete her work more quickly. Unfortunately, her ArtificialIntelligence motivates her to try and ''replace'' Barbie. [[FromBadToWorse Even worse,]] [[spoiler:the tennis-playing robot accidentally breaks a control on the cloning machine, unleashing a slew of mindless Barbie robots on Malibu.]]
* In the ''WebAnimation/StrongBadEmail'' "personal favorites", Strong Bad claims that Bubs once built a robot version of Strong Bad from an old Speak-and-Spell, a cereal box, and other assorted junk.
-->'''Grape-Nuts Robot:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Now spell "Come back Ali, come back Ali's sister". ]]
'''Strong Bad:''' No way! [[BlatantLies That sounds just like me!]]

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/AnsemRetort'' has a one-off appearance by an android version of Zexion, set up to provide "political talking points" while Zex was otherwise occupied.
-->'''Robot Zexion''': FUCK TIBET!
* In the ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' doujin ''Webcomic/LifeOfMaid'', Nitori makes a Robo-Marisa to screw around with Patchy's emotions. [[http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=700743&pool_id=81 Marisa herself]] is surprised to discover her robotic clone after its head fell off.
* From ''Webcomic/CommanderKitty'', [[TheWoobie poor]], [[TheChewToy poor]] Android Nin Wah. Making it even worse, [[spoiler:androids in this universe are made by subjecting [[CloningBlues exact clones]] to UnwillingRoboticization.]] The original doesn't care for her much, and [[JustAMachine neither does anybody else]], even though she's just as nice (or nicer) than her flesh-and-blood counterpart and slowly evolves more free will.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In ''Roleplay/AlphaTeamMissionDeepFreezeRPG'', [[MadScientist Dr. Voltage]] built robotic copies of Alpha Team agents to serve as MechaMooks. After he was defeated, Kotua took command of the robotic Alpha Team copies and used them to fight alongside the real Alpha Team. More robotic clones of Alpha Team and Dino Attack agents appeared under the command of Cane in ''Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG''.
* The evil video game directors send robotic versions of their games' critics at them to kill them in the third ''Declin of video gaming''. See the Page quote.
* Mechakara from ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'' was originally introduced as Linkara's robotic clone from an alternate universe. [[spoiler:Turns out he's actually an alternate version of Pollo who had snapped and killed his universe's version of Linkara, and now runs around wearing his skin.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] in ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'', where Dinobot meets a flesh clone created by Megatron to infiltrate the Maximals' ship.
* The Phinedroids and Ferbots from the ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' episode "I, Brobot".
** Also, the "platyborg" version of Perry in [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerbTheMovieAcrossTheSecondDimension The Movie]] might also qualify, though he's technically a brainwashed cyborg.
** In addition, Karl created robotic duplicates of the entire Flynn-Fletcher family in case of emergency.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSnorks'', the villains create two robotic Snorks as part of a scheme. Unusually, the robo-Snorks pull a HeelFaceTurn and become regular characters.
* The British government once gave WesternAnimation/DangerMouse and Penfold robot doppelgangers to help with their workload. The robots [[SlidingScaleOfRobotIntelligence were mindlessly stupid]], and [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity Ensued.]] In another episode, one of Dangermouse's enemies covertly replaced Penfold with a robot double who was braver and more confident. The downside was that at the villain's command, the robot would transform into a HumongousMecha form and follow its true programming....destroy Dangermouse.
* Mr. T had one in ''WesternAnimation/MisterT''. The only thing that's cooler than one Mr. T is him fighting his robot self.
* In one episode of the ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' animated series, Cyborg builds a robot copy of himself before going undercover at the Hive Academy (oddly enough, using an identity based around his real name). Brother Blood later builds an entire army of them.
* Herbie and Jane from ''WesternAnimation/KaBlam'', which were robot lookalikes of Henry and June to replace them on the show.
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/JimmyTwoShoes'' had Heloise build a DoAnythingRobot double to be her lab assistant. Jimmy falls in love with it, completely missing its similarity to Heloise.
* On ''WesternAnimation/{{Catscratch}},'' The cats build robot versions of themselves to help around the house. [[AIIsACrapshoot It backfires.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes'' once saw Ultron creating robot versions of some of the Avengers, with the intention of gradually replacing all the people in the world with emotionless robots.
* An unintentional case in ''WesternAnimation/BigGuyAndRustyTheBoyRobot'', where Legion Ex Machina creates a duplicate of the Big Guy. What they (and almost everybody else) don't realize is that the real Big Guy is just a guy in PoweredArmor, as they could never get the AI to work. The Legion is surprised when the Big Guy's maintenance team starts banging on his back, asking for the pilot to get out.
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/WowWowWubbzy'' has Widget inventing her robotic double Gidget. Her programming eventually gets mixed up and she has to be deactivated.
* In ''[[WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure]]'', Boogey's [[TheDragon Dragon]] Mr. Creeper invents two robots of Billy and Mandy that he sends back in time at the beginning of the movie to make sure the real duo do not get the ArtifactOfDoom. Their voices are so heavily vocoded that every time they speak is accompanied by subtitles.
* WesternAnimation/TheRobonicStooges made droid replicas of themselves to help with chores at the junk yard. They were as inept as the Stooges themselves.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheCattanoogaCats'': In the ''It's the Wolf'' short "Smart Dummy", Mildew Wolf built a robotic duplicate of himself to distract Bristle Hound so he [the real Mildew] could pursue Lambsy at his leisure.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/PacMan'' episode "The Bionic Pac-Woman", the Ghost Monsters abducted Ms. Pac-Man so Mezmaron could replace her with a robotic clone, which Pac-Man would innocently take with him to the Power Pellet Forest.
* Atomic Android from the ''WesternAnimation/AtomicPuppet'' episode of the same name, which was built as a RedHerring when Joey and AP found out their neighbor had evidence they were Atomic Puppet. Naturally, the robot went haywire and tried to destroy the duo in the end.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* This Japanese researcher, attempting to build a robotic duplicate of himself, certainly counts. [[http://www.irc.atr.jp/Geminoid/overview.html In a very creepy way.]]