Every good story needs {{Conflict}}, that's axiomatic. But to simply have TheProtagonist fight TheAntagonist would not suffice. To provide the tension necessary to drive the audience from the [[IncitingIncident opening]] to [[{{Denouement}} the end of the story]], the author must increase the {{Conflict}} gradually over the course of the story. This is Rising Conflict.

Seeing as how it is almost mandatory that the confrontation between protagonist and antagonist not happen until TheClimax, the story has to rely on lesser sources of antagonism in the meantime: fights with [[{{Mooks}} mooks]], [[MiniBoss mini bosses]], and [[TheDragon dragons]] may all provide the proper amping up needed to deliver a fully charged [[FinalBattle climatic battle between the protagonist and the antagonist]].

But not all movies have classic villains, and as such the protagonist may simply be struggling against mounting complications and obstacles that get between them and their goal. Hence this trope is also frequently called RisingComplications or RisingAction, putting the emphasis on the protagonist's struggle instead of some clash between good and evil.

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