Rishi Kapoor is probably the supreme example of Bollywood's dynastic tendencies. He's the son of RajKapoor, the nephew of ShashiKapoor and ShammiKapoor, the father of rising star RanbirKapoor, and the uncle of KarismaKapoor and KareenaKapoor. He made his debut in ''Bobby'', a teen romance directed by his father in the early seventies, and quickly became a heartthrob. Despite his formidable comedic talents, slowly expanding waistline and penchant for weirdly patterned and {{Adorkable}} sweaters, he remained locked into boring romantic-lead roles until the early nineties, by which point he was often being saddled with much younger leading ladies. Once he broke away from this typecasting, he proved a much acclaimed character actor, bringing life to even the most generic father/uncle roles. He is married to [[ThoseTwoActors frequent costar]] Neetu Singh.

Notable films include:
* {{Bollywood/Bobby}}
* AmarAkbarAnthony
* ''Fanaa''