->''It's a craft, isn't it? A proper craft. And craft can be an art.''
-->--Richard Williams about animation

A prominent Canadian-British artist and animator (born in 1933) who got his start training under veterans from TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation such as DisneysNineOldMen, as well as Warner Bros. animator [[NoteworthyLooneyTunesStaff Ken Harris]] and industry drifter GrimNatwick. Totally crazy about silky smooth, seamless animation.

He has done work on several projects, most famously ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'' (for which he received both the Visual Effects Oscar ''and'' a Special Achievement Award for the animation direction of the film), the Raggedy Ann and Andy film, and his tragic attempt to make "[[WhatCouldHaveBeen the greatest animated film]]" called ''WesternAnimation/TheThiefAndTheCobbler''.

These days, Richard is now semi-retired, at least from the industry side of animation, although he still takes up personal animation projects and teaches animation via his acclaimed masterclasses.

He has also published an acclaimed book on animation, "[[TheAnimatorsSurvivalKit The Animator's Survival Kit.]]" It also exists as a live class and a 16 DVD set version of it which [[CrackIsCheaper costs over $1,000]]; fortunately, an iPad app of it exists that condenses both for the much more affordable 35$.

No relation to Creator/RobinWilliams, by the way.

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[[folder: Films he has been involved with: ]]

* TheLittleIsland (1958)
* [[http://www.cartoonbrew.com/classic/a-rare-early-short-by-richard-williams.html Love Me, Love Me, Love Me]] (1962)
* WesternAnimation/AChristmasCarol (1971)
* WesternAnimation/RaggedyAnnAndAndyAMusicalAdventure (1977)
* Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit (1988)
* WesternAnimation/TheThiefAndTheCobbler (1993, 1995)
* Circus Drawings (1965-2010): A short film that Williams based off of a series of drawings he made twelve years after he drew them at a circus in 1953.
* "[[LampshadeHanging I Hope I Live To Finish This]]" (working title, TBA): Another independent feature length project of his that has been in the works for fifteen years.

!!Tropes Related To Him

* ArtisticTitle: Williams did these for several films, including ''AFunnyThingHappenedOnTheWayToTheForum'', ''Film/TheChargeOfTheLightBrigade'' (1968), the 1974 ''MurderOnTheOrientExpress'', and two ''PinkPanther'' films.
* DerangedAnimation: Some... nah, ALL of his work is pretty surreal in one way or another.
* DoingItForTheArt
* HeAlsoDid: At least one piece of promotional art for ''TheGraduate''.
* ShownTheirWork: Richard is a walking encyclopedia of animation techniques from the Golden Age. His book is proof of this.
* TheTwelvePrinciplesOfAnimation: Knows these and a lot more.