A series of three TV movies based on David Peace's four Red Riding novels. The three specials take place over three years - 1974, 1980, and 1983 - in Yorkshire, and deal with a series of murders mirroring the RealLife Yorkshire Ripper killings. With an ensemble cast of British actors, Red Riding is a dark and engrossing (and disgusting) trilogy. The first film sees IntrepidReporter Eddie Dunford of the Yorkshire Post investigate a child's murder which may or may not be connected with CorruptCorporateExecutive John Dawson's plan to build a shopping centre over the place that the body was found in. The second and third deal with the Yorkshire Ripper and Wearside Jack cases.

!!This show provides examples of:
* AmateurSleuth
* AffablyEvil: John Dawson.
* TheAtoner: Jobson in ''1983.''
* TheBrute: Bob Craven
* CatchPhrase / MeaningfulEcho: Several characters make reference to "the North, [[ForTheEvulz where we do what we want]]."
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: John Dawson
* TheCoronerDothProtestTooMuch: The death of [[spoiler: Barry Gannon.]]
* CrapsackWorld: Anywhere in the North before about 1990 is generally portrayed as exaggeratedly crappy.
* DirtyCop: [[spoiler: Every character in the West Yorkshire Police with the notable exception of Maurice Jobson.]]
* EtTuBrute: [[spoiler: How Peter Hunter meets his death at the hands of his number two.]]
* [[spoiler:DrivenToSuicide: Eddie Dunford]]
* FromBadToWorse: ''Constantly.''
* IntrepidReporter: Eddie Dunford.
* ICanStillFight
* InherentInTheSystem: [[spoiler: The Yorkshire Post and West Yorkshire Police.]]
* KillTheCutie: Surprisingly subverted: [[spoiler:young male prostitute B.J.]] is "the one that got away."
* OopNorth: The series is set in the three districts, or 'ridings', of Yorkshire.
* PoliceBrutality: Two corrupt cops corner [[spoiler: Eddie after he visits Dawson's ill wife in hospital, drag him out to his car and slam the door on his wrist, breaking it, with a few truncheon taps to the eyeball for good measure.]]
* [[spoiler: PedophilePriest]]
* SerialKiller: The major focus of the middle episode is on the Yorkshire Ripper, a real life serial killer.
* [[ShootTheDangerousMinion Shoot The Dangerous Conspirator]]: [[spoiler: When Dawson's "private weakness" becomes a liability, the cops facilitate Eddie's killing of him.]]
* [[spoiler: SuicideByCop: Eddie Dunford goes out this way, but not before taking John Dawson with him.]]
* WrongGenreSavvy: [[spoiler: Both Eddie and Peter, who think this is a story where the IntrepidReporter and the ByTheBookCop, respectively, beat the system in the end. [[CrapsackWorld It's not.]]]]