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->''"Food, baby! PETA is wrong, I'm right. I'm adhering to the natural order, tooth fang and claw is it! To try and tell me that I can't eat flesh is just weird. I dunno even how to respond to such stupidity. This meat is food, case closed."''
-->-- '''Music/TedNugent''', speaking on ''Series/PennAndTellerBullshit'', S2 episode 1

That cow? Food. That dog? [[EatTheDog Food]]. [[BearsAreBadNews That grizzly bear?]] Food. That roadkill? Eh... [[ExtremeOmnivore food]].

If you're a man, eat meat. If you don't eat meat, you're not [[RatedMForManly manly]]. And eat red meat. Who only eats the white stuff? That's not meat; it's gotta bleed before it's meat. What are ya? Some skinny punk? A girl?

In case you haven't guessed, real men eat meat. They are obsessed about meat, and the bigger, redder, bloodier the better. They will often brag about how rare they like it; "it should moo at me!" If the guy is eating poultry, you can bet it's a big greasy drumstick (perhaps invoking the famous image of [[http://www.debunkingmandelaeffects.com/painting-of-henry-viii-holding-a-turkey-leg/ Henry VIII]]). Fish barely qualifies for this trope in most instances, unless the character was already [[FatherNeptune nautical-themed ]] to begin with. Bonus points are awarded if those items were [[DeepFriedWhatever deep fried]] or smothered in [[BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce hot sauce]] ([[BreadEggsBreadedEggs or both]]). The other end of the spectrum goes up to [[BiggerIsBetter deer, bears, dinosaurs]] and anything bigger, depending on the setting. Bonus points if the meat is something [[ARealManIsAKiller he himself killed]].

It never occurs to them that meat is simply part of a complete meal involving salad, meat, vegetables, dairy products, fruit, and [[AdjacentToThisCompleteBreakfast this bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs]].[[note]](Technically humans can survive on only meat; if you include the organs and everything, you'll get all the nutrients you need because the cow already ate your greens for you. You might be a bit blocked--meat is low on fiber--but as long as you stay hydrated you'll still be pooping and you won't die.)[[/note]] Also prevalent is a conviction that however much non-meat food a man eats, he'll still be hungry, for some reason.

If a ''girl'' is a carnivore, unless she's a holdout for low-carb, it's to show that she's [[TheLadette tomboyish]].

A subtrope of TestosteronePoisoning. Related to ManlyMenCanHunt and unrelated to LargeHam (although overlap is possible).

See also RealMenHateSugar, MeatVersusVeggies (men are more likely to be on the meat side), and RealMenTakeItBlack.


* The Burger King "I Am Man" ad for the Texas Double Whopper: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3YHrf9fGrw I am man, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore/And I'm way too hungry to settle for chick food...]]
* The Burger Chef Rancher, basically a very large hamburger with no bun or condiments, with a side of "Texas toast" (regular toast sliced twice as thick as usual). The ads showed a big James Garner-looking guy coming in and going "I'LL HAVE A RANCHER."
* Speaking of James Garner, he used to voice-over those all-American "BEEF: IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER" ads brought to you by the National Livestock and Meat Board.
** Sam Elliot and Robert Mitchum were part of that campaign too. Just smell the testosterone!
* When Wendy's introduced a new line of salads, their commercials addressed this stigma: a guy is taunted by his buddies for ordering a salad, until they see how delicious it looks.
* Commercials for Black Angus restaurant [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7a3sBeAr_s like this one]] feature a tough-looking outdoorsman who practically radiates testosterone. (Or satirizes such people.)
* Arby's love advertising their products about how meat-filled they are, with the internet-friendly slogan, [[WeAreStillRelevantDammit "We've got the meats"]]. They are also not afraid to diss or make fun of [[GranolaGirl vegetarians]].
* A television spot for an VideoGame/ArmyMen video game shows the green soldiers stranded in a kitchen with an open refrigerator, the only available foods being cottage cheese, tofu, and salads. The men lament they're going to starve because there's nothing to eat but "chick food." Sarge saves the day by finding and securing a turkey and, in keeping with the conditions above, helps himself to the drumstick.

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Luffy, the HotBlooded pirate captain of ''Manga/OnePiece'', has an obsession with meat and hates vegetables. In the ''Manga/{{Toriko}}'' Manga Crossover, it's revealed that his full course menu is meat. All of it. Including the Salad, Soup, and Drink categories.
* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'':
** Vegeta has this attitude: when he's introduced he's casually munching on a bug-man's arm on a planet he and Nappa have just conquered. While he and Goku explore the innards of Super Buu, he is disgusted upon seeing that the monster's stomach [[RealMenHateSugar is full of sweets]], with nary a bit of meat in sight.
** Saiyans, in general, tend to prefer meat over other kinds of food. Ironically, all the Saiyans have names based on vegetables.
* Hunny of ''[[Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub Ouran Host Club]]'' tries to follow this in as a part of building himself as a suitable heir for his family. It doesn't take and he goes back to eating sweets.
* ''Manga/HajimeNoIppo'': Ryuuhei Sawamura likes meat. Really, ''really'' likes meat. In a twist of the trope, it's used to emphasize on his insane tendencies. Oh, if I say he likes meat, I mean he also likes the meat of his enemies, strongly resembling cannibalism.
* The stage adaptation of ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' has an extra song with Ikkaku teaching Hanataro how to be manly. Eating RAW meat is one of the things a real man must do.
* In ''Manga/{{Eyeshield 21}}'', [[BloodKnight Gaou]] will only eat meat. Considering he's modeled after a T-Rex, it's not at all surprising. Other characters love meat too, but they only consider it as a tasty treat or source of protein, in case of [[TheStoic Shin]].
* Takes up a large amount of stories in ''Manga/{{Toriko}}'', as mentioned above.
* Inverted in ''Manga/LivingDead'' as Toriko, a female zombie, loves to eat meat and has great knowledge on different types of meat. In fact, if she doesn't eat enough meat, she'll revert to a mindless zombie until she eats some.
* Isana's father in ''Manga/YumekuiMerry'' uses this to justify snatching up all the meat during dinner, [[HypocriticalHumor even while arguing that Yumeji doesn't eat enough vegetables]]. Yumeji counters by claiming tomatoes are a good enough (and manly enough) vegetable, and [[TrademarkFavoriteFood he eats plenty of those]].
* Subverted in ''Manga/SilverSpoon'': The biggest carnivore at a school full of large, burly manly men is Ikeda, a small, shy, timid girl. She was one of the biggest investors in both incarnations of the Pork Fund, and the mention of 100% beef hamburgers causes her to ''spontaneously materialize'' with a facial expression high school girls normally reserve for members of their favourite BoyBand.
* Inverted in ''Manga/PandoraHearts'', where resident ActionGirl, Alice, is known for her love of eating meat, and is even distracted at times. Her and her kind though [[ImAHumanitarian usually eat humans]], hence her craving for meat.
* Parodied in the first episode of ''Anime/OsomatsuSan'' when the brothers reimagine themselves as being cooler than they actually are. CasanovaWannabe Karamatsu is described as a "carnivorous carnivore who eats his meat wrapped in more meat".

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Lance Blastoff (a politically incorrect parody character from Creator/FrankMiller) who converts a beautiful vegetarian to meat eating by the extremely manly act of killing and roasting a dinosaur.
* ComicBook/{{Asterix}} and Obelix both really like their roast boar.
* Averted in ''ComicBook/SupermanBirthright'', which established Superman as a vegetarian in keeping with his cherishing and protection of lives in general. Other stories tend to go back and forth on whether he's a vegetarian or not, ones that don't will make his favorite food beef bourguignon with ketchup.
* [[ComicBook/UltimateMarvel Ultimate Bruce Banner]] is a vegetarian. Ultimate Hulk eats meat, [[ImAHumanitarian including bad guys]]. His girlfriend seemed a little turned on.
** In the mainstream Marvel universe, Banner and Hulk both love meat.

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* Briefly mentioned in ''Fanfic/TheKeysStandAlone: The Soft World''; one of [[Music/PaulMcCartney the vegetarian Paul's]] many gripes about Andro is that he keeps telling Paul he'd be stronger if he ate meat.

* This might be the Aesop of ''Film/{{Troll 2}}''. Eating veggies is bad for you!
* The fishing scene in ''Film/{{Waterworld}}''.
* ''Film/{{Zardoz}}''. The Exterminators are outraged when their god tells them to grow grain.
* The two RetiredBadass uncles of ''Film/SecondhandLions'' have a diet that consists of mostly meat. Walter insists they change this later on.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheCroods'' averts this. Eep, her mother, and her grandmother are happily carnivorous. [[spoiler:Watch just how fast the giant bird's leg disappears in Eep's care.]] Granted, they're all likely opportunistic omnivores, but jeez...!
* Subverted in ''Film/MyFavoriteWife:'' The very macho Stephen Burkett, played by the very macho Randolph Scott, is a vegetarian.
* ''Film/BlackPanther2018'': M'Baku, leader of the physically-powerful Jabari tribe, threatens to [[ImAHumanitarian feed Ross to his children]]. After a moment, he bursts out laughing [[SubvertedTrope and says they're vegetarians]].

* The warriors on Literature/{{Gor}} are quite fond of meat. In one book Tarl and his friend are at a fancy dinner party, but they both preferred a big steak to the delicacies being served. In another book, he and his (different) friend take time out of their {{Quest}} to go hunting because they "need" to eat meat.
* ''Literature/KnownSpace'': Real kzin eat meat. At least, modern male kzin do. The Kzinti have taken it so far, that as a ProudWarriorRace they went from ancestral omnivores to dedicated carnivores (except for ice cream). And to make it even more [[RatedMForManly manly]], they eat raw meat. When fresh meat is not available, they heat it up to about body temperature to make it feel more authentic.
* One of the most literal examples of all time in ''Literature/TheStormlightArchive''. Alethi men eat meat, spiced food, and other thick, hearty fare. Women eat sweet food, fruit, and other similar dishes. This is not a matter of choice. It is considered abhorrent in their culture for men to eat women's food or vice versa.
* Whenever a story has a scene where Literature/ConanTheBarbarian is having a meal, he's usually eating a "joint of beef" and washing it down with either ale or wine.
* Sam Vimes of Literature/{{Discworld}} prefers his BLT[[note]]Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato[[/note]] sandwiches with as little L and T as possible, and with all the more B. His wife has been getting on his and his subordinates' case to reduce the B on any given sandwich (especially the burnt crunchy variety). It rather ties into his ongoing internal conflict with the feeling he's getting old and gentrified, and maybe even a little emasculated.
* Jerry Spinelli's ''Fourth Grade Rats'' sees peer pressure for boys to pack no sandwiches that don't have meat in them.
* In the ''Literature/YoungBond'' novel ''Literature/SilverFin''. Hellebores Sr. and Jr. are sitting down, having an all-red meat dinner, and it makes the son think of his mother, whose past influence in the household used to provide more varied meals. Even though it takes place in the 1920s, older Hellebore is consistently shown to be retrograde throughout the whole book.
* Alluded to in ''Literature/TheShiningOnes'', when Mirtai and Kring discover the picnic lunch Sarabian's servants packed for them is some sort of poultry.
-->'''Mirtai:''' We're both warriors, my betrothed. We're supposed to eat red meat.
* In ''Literature/TwentyThousandLeaguesUnderTheSea'' this is a problem for mostly manly man Ned Land since the Nautilus rarely goes even remotely close to shore. He does eventually get some pork... and promptly stops wailing about not having meat when they almost are murdered by natives. Amusingly enough, Nemo is also willing to risk his life helping Ned get the pork back to the Nautilus.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Parodied in a sketch from ''Series/TheArmstrongAndMillerShow'' where a King is hosting a massive banquet for the man of honor, but he doesn't really likes the food and so says he'll just eat his couscous he's brought in a tupperware box. He gets called out on his and says he'll gorge on the very next dish: a large roasted wild boar with an apple in its mouth. He leans over, grabs the apple and takes a bite, then complains that it's a Granny Smith apple.
* According to one episode of ''Series/TheRedGreenShow'', Dalton Humphrey only eats meat.
** The sketch in which they revealed that is something of a subversion of the trope. That's because Red was trying to get Dalton to guess the word 'vegetable'; after thirty seconds of false starts, Red got Dalton to (successfully) complete the sentence "Your father ate nothing but red meat for seventy years and now he's a....."
* After ''Series/That70sShow'''s Red Forman is forced to go on a low-protein diet after his heart attack, he complains that the salad Kitty makes for him "is not food, this is what food eats."
* Used as a SpoofAesop in ''Series/RobocopTheSeries''; while in prison, the MadScientist Dr. Cray-Z, who [[EvilVegetarian happens to be a vegetarian]], watches an animated commercial where an atypical, muscular, [[LanternJawOfJustice square-jawed superhero]] tells kids about the benefits of eating meat. (Ironically, Robocop himself can't eat meat, or any solid food, at all.)
* Earl was astounded when his son, Robbie, became a vegetarian. Since they are ''Series/{{Dinosaurs}}''-- specifically, megalosauri, which are bipedal carnivores similar to the more familiar tyrannosaurus rex-- it is treated like a gay/fantastic drug sort of thing.
* On ''Series/HomeImprovement'', Tim and Al build "The Man's Kitchen", which is designed to cook only two vegetables, beans, and potatoes. Meat, however? It has its own butcher shop! [[DidntThinkThisThrough Unfortunately, the butcher nearly drowns when Tim shows off the kitchen's self-cleaning feature.]]
* On ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'', Al believes this, and early-season episodes often put him into MeatVersusVeggies conflicts with Marcie. (It should be noted, Al is ''not'' the macho muscleman most entries on this Trope suggest; other "real man" traits Al believes, by the way, is using a toilet with as loud a flush as possible, not brushing your teeth, and not bathing, while trying to do things associated with the traditional image tend to get him hurt, arrested, or both. He's really not the type of guy a "real man" should admire.)
* BigEater Ron Swanson of ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'' planned a junket trip to Indianapolis around visiting his favorite steakhouse. The discovery that it had been shut down sent him into full-blown HeroicBSOD. He consoles himself by eating his other favorite food, breakfast, ordering ''all'' the bacon and eggs in a diner.
** Ron got on well with Andy after Andy recommended a burrito place for lunch - Ron cuts his suggestion short with "You had me at 'Meat Tornado'.
** Although he likes fishing, Ron won't eat fish because "Fish is practically a vegetable."
** Ron is also the inventor of the "Turf N'Turf": a 24oz T-bone steak "garnished" with a 16oz porterhouse steak. That's two and a half ''pounds''[[note]]or a little over 1.13 kilograms, for you metric-using Commies in not-America[[/note]] of meat in one sitting, folks.
* Jim and his brother-in-law from ''Series/AccordingToJim'' proudly live by this trope, though said brother-in-law would try (or pretend to try) to have a vegetarian diet if his date does it herself.
* In the ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode "Amy's Choice", one of the Dream Lord's insults implies this:
--> "[Y]ou're probably a vegetarian, you big flop-haired wuss."
** Crosses over with ContinuityNod: the Doctor became a vegetarian at the end of "The Two Doctors." It didn't stick, though: the Ninth Doctor enjoyed a steak dinner with Margaret Slitheen in "Boom Town."
* On several occasions the hosts of ''Series/TheManShow'' would crack jokes at the expense of vegetarians.
* Xander to Anya in ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': "Yes. Men like sports. Men watch the ActionMovie. They eat of the beef and [[AllMenArePerverts enjoy to look at the bosoms]]. A thousand years of avenging our wrongs and that's all you've learnt?"
* In the ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' episode "The Wink", Jerry goes on a vegetarian diet for health reasons and is worried that the GirlOfTheWeek will not respect his virility.
* On ''Series/{{NCIS}}'', Kate brings tofu-veggie wraps to the office, saying that she and Abby eat them all the time. The guys can't get through one bite before throwing them out.

* The Scottish folk song "Tatties and Herrin" can be seen as an inversion, though it also invokes NationalStereotypes:
-->''Fan the queen's wantin' men tae gang fecht wi' her foes''\\
''It's nae tae the roast beef devourers she goes''\\
''But awa' tae the north amongst the brave and the darin''\\
''Tae the lads that were brocht up on tatties and herrin'''
* Mentioned in Music/TheReverendHortonHeat's "Eat Steak:"
-->''Cowpokes'll come from a near and far\\
When you throw a few rib-eyes on the fire\\
Roberto Duran ate two before a fight\\
'Cause it gave a lot of mighty men a lot of mighty might''

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* In ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'', Irma's Diner offers the [[http://garfield.com/comic/1999-07-16 "He-Man hamburger"]], which is five-pound patty of ground beef on a bun.

[[folder:Stand-Up Comedy]]
* Creator/RonWhite has a low opinion of vegetarianism. Witness this conversation between him and a vegetarian friend:
--> '''Friend:''' I feel nauseous and I have a headache. I think that vegetable soup I had for lunch must've had beef broth in it.\\
'''Ron:''' Your system's kickin' back...''broth''? [[SarcasmMode You're a manly man, aren't you?]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''{{Rune}}''. Ragnar will pick up whole roast legs (not poultry, BIG legs, like lamb or venison probably) and strip them to the bone, or pluck giant lizards off walls and '''bite their head off''' in a single ravenous bite, then throw the bone/body over your shoulder? And wash that down with a flagon of mead, which you also casually toss aside to shatter on the floor. Oh, sure, there's sissy ''fruit'' growing on bushes occasionally. But aside from that, HealthFood has never been manlier than ''Rune''.
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'':
** Saxton Hale [[http://www.teamfortress.com/war/saxtonhale/03.htm seen here]].
** Also, one PowerUp for the Heavy is the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, which is not actually a sandwich, but just steak. ("Who needs bread?")
** Also, the Soldier, as "digesting ribs" is [[http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=2663 on his list of four things men should be engaged in at all times]].
* Jack T. Ladd in ''Guilty'', even when hungry, turns down bread and potatoes. He needs his fats and proteins!
* A gender-flipped version comes from ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'', with Rozalin. During the beginning intro to chapter 7, as the team's getting ready to head to bed, she admits to wanting "a nice, bloody prime rib", and when Etna talks about the reason she ditched Laharl (him eating her pudding), Etna claims [[SweetTooth sweets are a girl's best friend]], to which Rozalin shoots her down with "I really don't like sweets. I'm more of a meat eater." The manga adaptation explores this a bit more, as when she got a cake as a child, it was WAY too sweet for her, which lead to her dislike of sweet things altogether.
** [[spoiler:Might be intended a clue that's she's actually Zenon, whose original gender is unknown and might be masculine, trapped in the body she's using since RealMenHateSugar in Japan.]]
* In several of the ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'' games, health is regenerated by finding power-ups that resemble a pot roast, sirloin, or roast turkey.
* The charr in ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'' don't waste time with many earthly pleasures, but good meat is one that they utterly love, men and women alike. As CatFolk, they're exclusively carnivorous, and the only known charr holiday is called Meatoberfest.
* In ''VideoGame/Persona4Arena'', Akihiko's obsession with protein is a variation on this trope. Chie's [[CharacterExaggeration love of meat]] leads to her receiving the tagline, "The Carnivore that Discarded Womanhood."
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius'' Ike's favorite food is (spicy) meat, along with him being a BigEater. This trait tends to be [[{{Flanderization}} Flanderized]] in fan works to the point where readers might think all he ever did was eat and occasionally swing a sword.
-->'''Ike:''' I'll pass on the [[RealMenHateSugar desserts]]... But I'll take extra helpings of meat!
* More or less alluded to in the ''VideoGame/TalesSeries''. Sometimes different characters make different recipes with different ingredients, and often characters have a preference for certain foods. Some of the manly men who prefer beef in their dishes include [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Lloyd]], [[VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia Flynn]], and... er... [[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Anise]]...
* During Bang's gag reel in ''VideoGame/BlazBlueChronophantasma'', round four of the King of Men competition is an all-you-can-meat spectacular. Much to his misfortune, Jin is a vegetarian, and is eliminated in short order this round. Azrael mocks him for it, hence this trope.
-->'''Jin''': Ugh... I cannot eat meat... how unfortunate... *collapses*\\
'''Azrael''': Fool. How can you call yourself a man if you cannot consume flesh?
* Mister Torgue of ''VideoGame/Borderlands2'' doesn't seem to care if you don't eat meat or eat things other than meat (he has vending machines that only dispense cookies, averting RealMenHateSugar). However, he doesn't like people who eat ''fake'' meat, and one of the conditions for signing up for his tournament is that you must forfeit your legal right to eat tofu (as well as several other rights such as your right to watch {{Chick Flick}}s).

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* It's slightly more complicated than real ''men'' (due to a society of animals), but in ''Webcomic/KevinAndKell'', carnivores are expected to be carnivores and herbivores are expected to be herbivores. If one becomes '[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything trans-diet]]', as Bruno had, he can expect prejudice and accusations of betraying his kind.
* One of the things [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2011-06-05 Seymour]] does on ''Webcomic/SinFest'' to get more manly is eat a steak, which is drawn to look pretty rare.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* James Lileks' [[http://lileks.com/institute/gallery/meat/index.html skewering of a meat cookbook]].
* WebVideo/EpicMealTime has this but it was subverted for {{Fanservice}} in Massive Meat Log and it was played straight when they bring the girls in to eat dessert in The Black Legend.
** And in one episode of the parody series ''WebVideo/RegularOrdinarySwedishMealTime'', the chef "accidentally" makes a salad. When he realizes this, he gets pissed off. Even more than he usually is.
* ''WebVideo/LoadingReadyRun''`s "Man Cooking" sections. In a nice case of deliberately CompletelyMissingThePoint, they once did a vegetarian episode, which involved making and cooking a giant mushroom shape. Out of meat.
* A recurring theme on ''Website/TheBestPageInTheUniverse''.
* One recurring joke of the [[TestosteronePoisoning Overly]] [[RatedMForManly Manly Man]][[MemeticMutation meme]] is that he thinks salad is what food eats to become food.
* ''Wiki/SCPFoundation'': Testing with SCP-458 (a magic pizza box that generates the favourite pizza of whoever opens it) has shown that SCP-076-2's favourite pizza is a large thick-crusted pizza topped with meatballs, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon, sausage and hamburger meat. To wit, SCP-076-2 "Able" is basically [[Manga/{{Berserk}} Guts]] with the psychosis and badassery ramped UpToEleven. Manly man, manly pizza.
* In "20 Ways to Lose Your Man Card" by WebVideo/MatthewSantoro, Matthew says that all men, with the exception of ones who have freak conditions where they're poisoned by meat, should eat meat, or else they're not manly.
* Parodied by WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic in his review of ''Film/DemolitionMan'', as he's in a "really wants to be a man" mood and so eats a heart.
* Averted by [[http://www.thugkitchen.com/ Thug Kitchen]], a whole-foods vegan cooking blog which uses gangsta stereotypes and [[SophisticatedAsHell copious profanity]]. Real men don't ''need'' meat, or overly processed dairy products.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** Sokka is obsessed with meat (in contrast to vegetarian Aang). In fact, while trapped in the ground, he even admits that it's half of his personality: he's "Sokka, the meat and [[DeadpanSnarker sarcasm]] guy" (but he's willing to give all that up and become "Sokka, the veggies and straight talk fellow" if he can just get out of that hole in the ground).
** In the Fire Nation, even the meat eats meat.
* {{Lampshaded}} in ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' when a boy claims eating the flesh of lesser animals is manly. His father agrees, but then is made to eat his vegetables by his wife.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Fun with Veal", Stan refuses to eat meat after saving some baby calves from a meat plant, which causes him to break out in sores that turn out to be miniature vaginas.
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'':
** Hank Hill, who is appalled when his son Bobby temporarily becomes vegetarian to impress a girl. In another episode, when sarcastically asked "How many cows does your family eat in a year" he replies [[SincerityMode "Wait, we figured this out once..."]]
** This was {{Deconstructed}} in one episode when Hank's high meat low fiber diet left him with bad constipation that actually threatened his health.
** For Hank, not only do real men eat meat, but they only eat it medium-rare.
-->'''Hank:''' Firm, but with a little give. Yup. These are medium rare.
-->'''Bobby:''' What if somebody wants theirs well done?
-->'''Hank:''' [[SeriousBusiness We ask them politely yet firmly to leave.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/MyGymPartnersAMonkey'': Made fun of when Adam invites Amazon Kevin to Darwin Middle School, a hyper-masculine rugged adventurer who advertises cereal made of miniature pieces of meat that turn red when dipped in milk.
* Yam Roll of ''WesternAnimation/YamRoll'' becomes quite offended at a restaurant when the waitress tells him that they don't serve short ribs and [[RealMenHateSugar offers him strawberry shortcake instead]].
* ''WesternAnimation/RenAndStimpy'' - Ren volunteers to be 'fake dad' to problem-child Kowalski, who looks like the scariest guy in prison. At a picnic, Kowalski requests a meat-on-meat sandwich [[ExaggeratedTrope washed down with a glass of meat.]]
** In "Lair of the Lummox", Stimpy angers the Lummox by rejecting its offer of meat by saying he's a vegetarian.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/BountyHamster'' episode "Fashion Victim", though she's not a man, Cassie claims "Vegetarianism's for wimps!" which her partner Marion, himself a vegetarian, takes offense to.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Vilhjalmur Stefansson experimented with the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-carbohydrate_diet no-carbohydrate diet]] after observing that the Inuit diet consisted of mostly meat and fish, since there is very little vegetation in the Arctic circle. [[http://www.biblelife.org/stefansson1.htm Here is the article in question]].
* The book ''The Sexual Politics Of Meat'' is about this from a female perspective, making the case for vegetarianism from a feminist perspective.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Xc5wIpUenQ Simply called TurBaconEpic]], it's a bird, in a bird, in a bird, in a bird, in a bird, in a pig with endless bacon strips and bacon stuffing, garnished with Baconators.
* Real Life inversion: [[http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/ Vegan bodybuilders]]
* Alternate inversion: [[http://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/26/national/26vegan.html Vegan firefighters]].
* Steppe Nomads were very carnivorous. And while many have said nasty things about them, no one has called them unmanly. [[ARealManIsAKiller For reasons you can guess]].
* Creator/FriedrichNietzsche believed that vegetarianism was bad for the human spirit (not just men, but his philosophy definitely emphasized manliness (although Nietzsche's definition of "manly" is much more cerebral/Apollonian than most people's); he specifically calls it a cause of "physiological inhibition" in ''On the Genealogy of Morals''.
** This is possibly a reasonable stance for the time given that a ''poorly-managed'' meat-free diet can result in a lack of energy and other health problems. Of course, these days it is much easier to engage in vegetarianism or veganism and still receive one's required nutrients.
* A lot of evidence shows that the early Neanderthals had a mostly meat-based diet. Researchers also believed this carnivorous diet may have been partially responsible for their demise, as the end of the ice age meant there was no big game for them to catch and little knowledge on how to grow crops, unlike their rivals and human ancestors, the Cro-Magnon.
** [[ScienceMarchesOn Recent finds]] suggest that the end on the Ice Age did little harm to the biosphere, and actually ''increased'' the biomass and biodiversity of the early European lands, which became a home to what is now known as a European megafauna. The lack of big game that brought the demise of the Neanderthals is entirely their own fault: they simply [[ManlyMenCanHunt hunted and]] [[BigEater ate it all]]. Similar situations repeated many times when the early humans arrived at the pristine ecosystems, like the Clovis culture in early North America and ancestors of the Aborigines in Australia and New Guinea.
* Inverted: Creator/AlecBaldwin is a vegan animal rights activist... that pretty much settles it.
* Another inversion: Vegetarianism and veganism are very popular in the hyper masculine HeavyMetal and HardcorePunk scenes. Attila Csihar of Music/{{Mayhem}}, Gaahl of Music/{{Gorgoroth}}, Mark "Barney" Greenway of Music/NapalmDeath, Geezer Butler of Music/BlackSabbath and Ian [=Mac=]Kaye of Music/MinorThreat are examples.
** See also [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeZlih4DDNg Vegan Black Metal Chef]].
* Subverted by the tenth-century warrior-saint Gerald of Aurillac. Although he would eat meat, especially venison, he preferred fish and vegetables. This did not make him [[ChurchMilitant any]] [[TechnicalPacifist less]] badass.
* Subversion: Former Hockey enforcer Georges Laraque [[RealMenWearPink is a vegan]] ''[[RealMenWearPink and]]'' [[RealMenWearPink an active member of the Canadian Green Party.]]
** See also vegetarian slugger Prince Fielder, of the Milwaukee Brewers (at least for the next month or so. After free agency, who knows where he'll be?)
* Several cultures, such as the Massai of Africa and the Mongols of Central Asia, subsist on diets that are almost entirely meat due to living in grasslands where there is little vegetation that humans are capable of digesting. Cattle, on the other hand, thrive on grasses.
* Another straight example: Ted Nugent, who provides the page quote, basically subsists on a meat diet and yet remains healthy as a horse. Say what you will about the Motor City Madman, [[BerserkButton just don't say it to his face]]; when an animal-rights protestor threatened The Nuge's family, Nugent put the guy in an armlock and bodily dragged him down to the police station single-handedly.
* The Lewis and Clark expedition was so put off by the idea of subsisting on ''fish'', of all things, that they resorted to buying ''dogs'' from the Native tribes as they journeyed west. They ended up [[EatTheDog consuming]] about two hundred and fifty dogs in all, though by all accounts they'd resigned themselves to eating fish like the natives by the time they reached the coast.
* The reason the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beefsteak_banquet beefsteak banquet]] was once popular as a political fundraiser (and began to disappear due to women getting the vote). It's also the reason they haven't disappeared altogether.
* Lemmy Kilmister of Music/{{Motorhead}} loathed vegetables and lived on a diet of mostly meat, cheese, and Jack Daniel's. Amazingly, he was quite healthy for being in his late-60s (aside from the terminal cancer, obviously) and is well-known for his RatedMForManly music and for allegedly bedding over 2,000 women in his life.
* The "paleo" diet trend, which emphasizes eating only foods that would have been available to our caveman ancestors and is very popular among [[RatedMForManly male-heavy]] circles that usually eschew diet trends, tends to be very meat-heavy.
* TruthInTelevision: building muscle mass requires a large amount of protein, usually gained from a combination of whey supplements and meat. While it is ''possible'' to get all the protein one needs to build muscle mass without eating meat, you have to really know what you're doing, especially since large amounts of soy (a popular non-meat source of protein) can cause an excess of estrogen. Turkish oil wrestlers ideally eat four kilos of meat a day along with half a kilo of honey for this reason.
** It's a similar deal for polar explorers, who typically burn 3 times as many calories than normal while pulling sleds in the extreme cold.
* With common chimps (''Pan troglodytes''), the males go off on hunting raids and enjoy the meat themselves. They ''might'' share the meat with females, [[AllMenArePerverts but usually only as a bargaining chip for sex]]. At least one population of chimps, however, has seen females learning to hunt for themselves instead of waiting for a male to notice them and share.
** Male baboons are also more predatory than females. Having gigantic fangs may have something to do with this preference, although their impressive canine teeth are primarily for defense.
* Averted by Roman gladiators [[http://www.bbc.com/news/education-29723384 who seem have had a mostly vegetarian diet]].
* The Japanese term "herbivore men" refers to men not interested in getting married or having a girlfriend (often being stereotyped as {{Otaku}} with PerverseSexualLust), with the use of "herbivore" implying [[AManIsAlwaysEager lack of manliness]].