The practice of removing all the dialogue from an existing movie or television show, and replacing it with an entirely new recording. Most common, of course, when translating a show for audiences which don't speak the original language.

This poses few problems when dubbing an animated feature, such as an anime or Disney film. Unfortunately, live action stuff sometimes results in dialogue which [[LipLock fails to flow naturally]] or is subtly out of sync with the character's lip movements, causing many fans of imported films to [[SubbingVsDubbing (violently) prefer the original language version]], relying instead on subtitles to understand what's going on. At worst, [[HongKongDub it can be hilarious]] -- take, for the perfect example, the ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' films.

Sometimes, rather than attempt to recreate the original dialogue, the copyright holders will simply replace the entire thing with new dialogue, to humorous effect -- a GagDub.

* Franchise/{{Godzilla}}: Though played (mostly) straight, these films tend to be hilarious to English speakers, as the translated dialogue is often multiple seconds out of synch with the original lip motion.
* One of the most famous examples in Britain is ''WesternAnimation/TheMagicRoundabout'', which took the French show ''Le Manège enchanté'' and redubbed it with a completely new script by Eric Thompson. The 2005 CGI feature film adaptation was then redubbed in the US as ''Doogal''; the dub replaced all but two of the British celebrities who provided voices for the characters with American ones.
* The initial American release of ''Film/MadMax'' had all the dialog redubbed by American actors, without the Australian accents.
* Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger's first feature film, ''Film/HerculesInNewYork'' had all his lines redubbed by an actor without the Austrian accent. Later, when English-speaking audiences had become accustomed to Schwarzenegger's Austrian accent, it was rereleased with the original audio track restored. [[ It's up to debate whether that was a good idea...]]
* Andie [=McDowell=]'s lines in ''Film/GreystokeTheLegendOfTarzanLordOfTheApes'' were redubbed, by Glenn Close. This was because [=McDowell=] was unable to do an English accent.
* ''Film/TheLifeAndDeathOfPeterSellers'' had a sad example. After he and his wife separate, Peter redubs his wife's lines so that it sounds like they stayed together.
* Parodied in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. The retirement home has a redubbed ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'' where Scarlett & Rhett stay together and all the UsefulNotes/AmericanCivilWar parts were removed.
* Weirdly, ''Film/TheGodsMustBeCrazy'' was redubbed for North American release even though the actors who weren't Bushmen spoke English. It was thought that their South African accents would be difficult to understand.
* The ''WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine'' fan community is notorious for doing this, but occasionally end up doing an (arguably) better job than the original narrator, mostly due to the fact that many of these fan redubs have /very/ large casts.
* One of the most notorious instances of this happens in the [[SoBadItsGood unintentionally hilarious]] 1968 drama ''The Legend of Lylah Clare.'' It seems actress Creator/KimNovak could not handle the German accent, so another actress with a much deeper voice dubbed on the Lylah voice when required. While this did indeed make it seem like her meek actress character was [[DemonicPossession possessed by the ghost of the dead Lylah]], it's also very obvious dubbing. Made all the funnier by the heavily Italian-accented Rossella Falk as Lylah's former dialogue coach!
* One of the most pointless redubbings was in ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'', in which Arthur's new voice actor redubbed the season during which his original voice actor had gone through puberty. Especially jarring for viewers who had viewed the episodes before the edits. That said, Mark Rendall is near universally viewed as a better actor than Justin Bradley, who the producers claimed lacked the vocal range of Arthur's original voice actor, Michael Yarmush, and would make Arthur sound whiny when he was upset. Mark Rendall is also generally considered Arthur's second best voice actor, behind Michael Yarmush.
* In the 2006 DVD re-release for ''WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail'' in the scene where the three orphans torment Fievel, two of their voices were redubbed: the fat one and the short one. Originally they were voiced by children, but in the redubbed dialogue the fat one is given a low gravely voice and the short one is given a nasally voice, both by grown men.
* When releasing anime movies and shows that have pre-existing dubs, Sentai Filmworks, on rare occasions, may record an entirely new dub and include it along with the previous dub. An example would be their release of ''Manga/{{Appleseed}}''[[note]]This only applies to the Blu-Ray release, not the DVD[[/note]]. Not only did they include the original Animaze dub, they also made an alternate dub using Seraphim Digital Studios for the purpose of maintaining consistency with the English dub of ''Appleseed Ex Machina'', which was also recorded by Seraphim Digital Studios.
* Yugoslavian movie ''The Battle of Neretva'' was filmed with an international cast which included Orson Welles, Yul Brynner and Franco Nero. However, the movie was mostly in Croatian and Serbian, and the foreign actors mispronounced a lot of lines, so they were eventually redubbed.
* When Creator/VIZMedia acquired the rights to the ''Manga/SailorMoon'' anime, rather than securing the license to the censored 90s dub, they opted instead to redub from scratch, retranslating the scripts to be faithful to the original and [[AllStarCast utilizing veteran voice actors]]. Of note, not only are all episodes covered by DIC and Cloverway getting the treatment, but also [[NoExportForYou Sailor Stars]], the theatrical movies, and all tie-in specials. Interestingly, this will avert [[Anime/SailorMoonCrystal Crystal]]'s recasting as unlike in Japan, the same cast plan to cover that as well.
* A few years before the ''Manga/SgtFrog'' anime finally made it to North America, it was dubbed into English by Sony's anime-themed satellite channel Animax, giving it the title ''Sergeant Keroro''. Although the acting (decent for Animax) may not have been quite up to American standards, this dub was ''considerably'' more faithful to the Japanese script than Funimation's dub. As a result, there are a few script purists who prefer it. A few clips of the Animax dub can be found online, for those curious enough to sample it.
* When Creator/DePatieFreleng's ''Tijuana Toads'' cartoons were broadcast as part of ''The Pink Panther Laugh-and-a-Half Hour-and-a-Half Show'', the titular characters' voices were redubbed to avoid Mexican stereotyping, turning them into the "Texas Toads".
* ''WesternAnimation/WhateverHappenedToRobotJones'': Following the premiere of Season 2, in which Robot's voice switched from a [=MacInTalk=] to a synthesized child's voice, all the Season 1 episodes were redubbed with the new actor.
* ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'': Following Creator/LouisCK's admission to sexual misconduct, his lines as "The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity" were redubbed by series creator Creator/AlexHirsch.