->''"I suppose it was necessary to have a scene in which the heroine is cruelly treated by men. But (a) couldn't they have thought of something other than rape by a garden hose? and (b) shouldn't such a traumatic event have had some effect on the character?"''
-->-- '''Creator/RogerEbert''', review of ''Film/TheLonelyLady''

A popular way to establish a character as [[BrokenBird having a motivation for their depression, angst, distrust of others, and other anti-social tendencies]] is to have the revelation that he or she was raped at some point in his or her past. The overwhelming majority of characters given this treatment are female, but there are still cases of male characters, [[AllAbusersAreMale although even that is predominantly by other men]].

"Ordinary" male-on-female rape, on the contrary, is extremely common in bad fanfiction. What better justification could your SympatheticSue have for her boundless angst than having been raped in her past? If given almost no weight to the story, then it's been handled very badly.

There is TruthInTelevision to this trope, considering that rape is an extremely traumatic event and can cause serious mental illness and psychological repercussions. The fact that some writers use it to [[GratuitousRape cheap effect]] for [[RapeAsDrama drama]] is not thought of highly. See also ChildByRape and PromiscuityAfterRape.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* When [[spoiler:Kureha]] from ''Manga/AfterSchoolNightmare'' was walking home from school alone when she was a kindergartner a man grabbed her and raped her in the woods. This, and her abusive dad, is the reason she DoesNotLikeMen.
* The manga ''Asa mo, hiru mo, yoru mo'' does this with the heroine's backstory, with the main plot being that a guy she has to work with for school looks like her rapist. Incredibly, ''[[DudeNotFunny IT'S PLAYED FOR LAUGHS]]''.
%%* [[spoiler:Yoshimi Yahagi]] and [[spoiler:Mitsuko Souma]] in ''Literature/BattleRoyale''.
* Though it's only a part of his backstory as a {{Child Soldier|s}}, Guts of ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' had to deal with rape as a kid at the hands of one of the soldiers of his adoptive father's band, which among other things informs his [[HatesBeingTouched reluctance to be touched by others]]. Casca was rescued from an AttemptedRape by Griffith, who gave her a sword she used to kill her would-be rapist.
* ''Manga/BitterVirgin'''s main plot revolves around this, as Hinako was raped repeatedly by her stepfather. Her mother kicked him out (by chasing him out with a kitchen knife) after Hinako got pregnant ''for the second time''.
* ''Manga/BlackButler''
** Jim Macken aka Alois Trancy, from the anime's second season. It's confirmed in episode 8 that he was one of several young boys picked up as {{Sex Slave}}s to the elderly Earl. In addition, he had to pose as the Earl's son too, which adds an uncomfortable ParentalIncest aspect to the whole thing even though they were not related.
** The manga shows (and the anime implies) [[spoiler: Ciel Phantomhive suffered gang-rape at the hands of the cult who held him captive for a month.]]
* The ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' OVA shows that Revy was raped by a policeman as a teenager (among other [[DarkAndTroubledPast really crappy stuff that her early years entailed]]).
* [[spoiler:Osamu]] from ''Manga/BokuraNoHentai'' has RepressedMemories of being raped when he was younger by an older male friend. He thought his vague dreams were memories of a past life where he was a nymphomaniac woman.
* [[spoiler:Chizuru "Chizu" Honda]] from ''Manga/{{Bokurano}}'', particularly in the manga. Long story short, [[spoiler:Hatagai is a ''bastard'']].
* ''Manga/ACruelGodReigns'': The series immediately launches into a 6 volume flashback telling the audience about the 6 months of sexual and physical abuse the main character, Jeremy, suffered at the hands of his stepfather.
* Genkaku from ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland'' was revealed to have been beaten and raped by a group of bullies who hung around the temple. It was definitely a contributing factor for making him AxCrazy.
* Played with in ''Anime/DeathParade'', in that it was not his own rape but his ''sister'''s rape. Shimada has a backstory where his younger sister came home beaten and raped. This caused him to invoke revenge on the man, and this ultimately resulted in his [[DeadToBeginWith own death]].
* ''Manga/DescendantsOfDarkness'' has the reveal of [[spoiler:Dr. Muraki having impulsively raped thirteen-year-old Hisoka, then cursed him so that he slowly and painfully died over the course of three years]] as major character development for both of them. Made particularly painful by [[spoiler:Hisoka being an [[TheEmpath empath]] who can feel other people's emotions especially strongly through physical contact, to the extent that [[HeterosexualLifePartners Tsuzuki]] grabbing him when he's upset causes Hisoka to scream]], making it a sort of MindRape too.
** Extra points for ''1)'' the heavy implication later on that Muraki's mother molested him and ''2)'' the [[OnlySixFaces possibly-accidental]] revelation that twelve-year-old Muraki Kazutaka looked frighteningly identical to little Hisoka. So...yeah, he was working out his ''own'' backstory issues there, too.
** After the Queen Camelia arc, in which Hisoka was both competent and effective, (though the trauma of having to kill the girl he liked seems to have messed him up some more, based on how he freezes the next time he has to face his nemesis), he meditates on his fear of becoming Muraki if he isn't careful, of 'losing to the Muraki in him.' There seems to be some tenuous connection to the rape here, at least in many readers' minds. The fact that Muraki started as the {{Foil}} to Tsuzuki, but flexibly fills this role for Hisoka in a different way and even Tatsumi in another over the course of the story, never loses and frequently wins, makes him a very depressing villain.
%%* [[spoiler:Satellizer]] from ''Manga/{{Freezing}}'' was molested by her half-brother.
* It's implied that an offscreen rape is responsible for [[spoiler:Rose's muteness (and the baby that leads to her being the figurehead of a maternity cult)]] in [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist the 2003 anime version]] of ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''.
* Nakago, the BigBad from ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'' was taken to the palace of Kutou when he was [[PaedoHunt 11 years old]] (and then known as Ayuru) because he was one of the long sought-after Seiryuu warriors. The emperor looks at him, and says, [[{{Bishounen}} "He's pretty. Like a girl."]]. Then proceeds to instruct his servants to [[BatheHerAndBringHerToMe bathe Ayuru and bring him to the emperor's chambers.]] The next scene is Ayuru lying on a bed, naked, on the verge of tears.
** Also Soi, who was a child prostitute subjected to years of sexual abuse until Nakago rescued her.
* [[spoiler:Tsubaki Kasugano aka the 6th Diary Holder]] from ''Manga/FutureDiary''. [[spoiler:Blame the ReligionOfEvil that kept her imprisoned as their sex toy.]]
** In the anime, [[spoiler:Ai, one half of the Seventh pair]] was set up to be raped by her jealous classmates, and [[spoiler:Marco, the other half of Seventh never forgave himself for being too late to save her]].
* 14-year-old Rena Sendou in ''Manga/GetBackers'' was raped by both a teacher and her stepfather, although as soon as Himiko defeats her, it loses its seriousness, as Ban runs right up and rips the bodice of her dress to show Himiko her curse scar. After her HeelFaceTurn, she goes straight to GoodIsDumb and OutOfFocus, and it's never mentioned again.
%%* ''Manga/{{Gravitation}}'' has [[spoiler:Yuki]], although the main trauma was [[KillTheOnesYouLove the self-defense]].
* Subverted in ''Manga/GunslingerGirl'' as the conditioning process that turns the girls into cyborgs wipes their memories. Two girls have backstories involving rape, but all memories of the incidents have been heavily repressed by the conditioning:
** Henrietta was raped and mutilated in a home invasion that killed her family. It [[TykeBomb turns out she was only repressing the memories]], with fatal consequences [[spoiler:for her handler Jose ''and'' herself after she attacks a man who reminds her of her rapist.]]
** Triela's backstory is that she was in a child sex trafficking ring and nearly died due to being in a SnuffFilm.
* ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' has instances of this that are played completely seriously.
** [[spoiler:Alucard, aka Vlad Tepes Dracul of Wallachia]] was sexually abused as a child during his time spent as a political hostage for his father under the Ottoman Empire by Turks.
** Also, in the backstory of [[spoiler:Seras]], she witnessed a rape and was horribly screwed up by that. [[spoiler:More exactly, she saw her mother being killed and raped. [[ILoveTheDead Yup, in that order]].]]
* In the manga ''Honey Bitter'', the repeated rape and abuse of Shuri Otokawa by her ex-boyfriend and molestation by other characters caused her [[DoesNotLikeMen to hate men]]. However, it's only taken seriously in the first chapters, other characters later joking about it and trying to [[spoiler: get she and her ex back together as friends and, later, lovers]]. Her ex is [[spoiler: excused by the cast]] in pity for his [[DarkAndTroubledPast angsty backstory]].
* In ''Manga/IkkiTousen'', [[spoiler:Ten'i (Dian Wei)]] was repeatedly raped by her father first. After [[spoiler:she killed him and was acquitted of said murder]], she was raped ''again'' - this time, by the AlphaBitch of her school and her GirlPosse.
%%* In ''Manga/KazeToKiNoUta'', [[spoiler:Gilbert, Rosemariné, and Auguste]] all have this to varying degrees.
* [[spoiler:Satsuki Kiryuin]] of ''Anime/KillLaKill'' is subjected to sexual abuse by [[spoiler:[[ParentalIncest her mother]], and it's implied that the abuse has been going on since she was as young as five years old]], however her blasé attitude about it comes off as either AngstWhatAngst or ConditionedToAcceptHorror.
* Sawa from ''Anime/{{Kite}}'' as a young teen was the victim of statutory rape by her guardian Akai as part of his plan to brainwash her into being his personal assassin. Given her treatment at the beginning of the OVA, as well as his inclination against ever taking "no" for an answer, one can assume that he raped her more than that throughout her life.
* [[spoiler:Yui Kiriyama]] from ''LightNovel/KokoroConnect'' was nearly raped as a junior in high school and developed a fear of men (androphobia) as a result.
* Oyuki of ''Manga/LadySnowblood'' wasn't raped in her backstory, but her primary motivation is revenge for her mother, whose family was murdered by four men who then proceeded to rape her. The mother took vengeance upon the first of the men, but got thrown in prison before she could take out the rest, and had to charge the daughter she had in prison with the task of killing the rest.
* ''Manga/{{Loveless}}'':
** It's far from his [[DarkAndTroubledPast entire backstory]], but [[spoiler:Soubi]] was raped by his former teacher.
** [[spoiler:Mikado, by Nisei, while Seimei watched.]] Although she was more traumatized that he didn't give her a reason for it than by the rape itself.
* ''Manga/MakenKi'': {{Zigzagged}} in chapter 48. Otohime reveals that Takaki had been scouted for her talents, [[NebulousEvilOrganization by Kamigari]], despite only being a second year student. But when she refused to join them, [[BigBad Ouken Yamato]] [[http://readpanda.net/Maken-ki/48/15/ thought she was being prideful]] and decided to punish her by taking her as one of his mistresses. That is, until Yuuka saved her by volunteering [[HeroicSacrifice to take]] [[http://readpanda.net/Maken-ki/48/18/ Takaki's place.]] Regardless, the incident was so traumatic for Takaki, that it left her androphobic and caused her to become [[StraightGay a lesbian.]]
* Kira of ''Manga/{{Mars}}'' was raped by her stepfather during or shortly before middle school. She became [[DoesNotLikeMen averse to male touch]] and [[ShrinkingViolet shy to the point of muteness]]. When her [[EasilyForgiven mother asked the stepfather]] back into their home, Kira did not [[ImprovisedWeapon react well]].
* Similarly, in ''Anime/MawaruPenguindrum'' it's strongly implied that [[spoiler: Yuri Tokikago was sexually abused by her father. Who [[{{expy}} looks a disturbing lot]] like Touga's rapist stepfather.]]
* Apparently in ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'' Reccoa was at some point, though we only learn this in the second to last episode.
** As well as ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamUnicorn'' Marida, who views this as just another order. A cruel but unusual order. But an order she doesn't object to given the fact she was conditioned to be a [[HappinessInSlavery tool]].
** [=McGillis=] from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamIronBloodedOrphans'' is a rare male example of this trope, having it as part of the giant TraumaCongaLine that is his life and cementing his bitter hatred of people who abuse their power and his desire to dethrone them.
* Strongly implied for [[spoiler:Altena]] from ''Anime/{{Noir}}''. A flashback shows her as a pre-teen girl, walking aimlessly with her doll in the middle of a battle zone. Then a soldier grabs her, and the doll falls to the ground...
* Chie, also known as Shogun Iemitsu the Younger, gets this ''twice'' in ''Manga/{{Ooku}}: The Inner Chambers''. Not only was she a ChildByRape, when she decided to travel beyond the area in the castle she was permited to go while in disguise, was raped by a palace servent who had no idea she was the acting shogun. [[spoiler:It eventually led to a decree that the first man that lied with an unmarried shogun would be put to death for 'causing harm to the shogun'.]]
* [[spoiler:Touga Kiryuu]] was revealed to have been raped by his stepfather in the ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'' movie. For worse, the Utena script writer Youji Enokido has all but stated that [[spoiler:the Touga of the TV series ''also'' was raped by his stepdad.]]
* Played with in ''Manga/{{Saiyuki}}'' with Sanzo's backstory. After leaving the temple he was raised after his master's death in pursuit of his killers, Sanzo is attacked while [[WorfHadTheFlu exhausted and starving to death]] by some bandits who attempt to rape him. The farthest the guy got was a hand on his ankle before he shot him (his first time killing anything). But it is implied to have not been the last time this occurred, and obviously ties in with his trust issues and dislike of being touched once he's grown.
* ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'':
** [[spoiler: Mutsuki is implied to have been raped in the past with the scars revealed on his chest when Torso strips him of his shirt and when he's DisguisedInDrag he thinks about how predatory MaleGaze is disturbing, imagining the gazes to be included with repeating words like "a girl" and "rape". There's also the parallel between Big Madam and Juuzou in the scene where Mutsuki is soaking wet from his father trying to drown him and his father orders him to praise him. He does so to avoid further abuse and his father leers at him with a predatory gaze while saying "here's your reward".]]
** [[spoiler: Nutcracker's flashback to her childhood, including a shot of three shadowy male figures with terrible smiles looking down on her while she thinks "I need money". She's a Ghoul that focuses on crushing and eating the testicles of men, and the word she uses for "pretty" can also be translated as "pure". The implications are disturbing, to say the least.]]
* Legato Bluesummers from the ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'' manga was shown to have been raped by the mayor of the town he was living in, and he seems to have been being kept as a SexSlave his whole life. Nobody even bothered to ''name'' him. He'd just been found out in his ongoing plan to kill the entire town with his mind control powers, and therefore the Hideous Mayor was apparently raping him ''to death'' this time when Knives saved him. Accidentally, but still. ''Knives'' '''saved''' him. It definitely didn't help his view that all humans (including himself) are [[NietzscheWannabe disgusting and must be exterminated]]. It's not certain if this is also the case in the anime, where he's still nuts, but it's not clear if he was raped.
* In ''Manga/{{Tsukigasa}}'', Azuma being raped by his [[CreepyUncle uncle]] provides explanation both for why he HatesBeingTouched, and why he freaks out as badly as he does when Kuroe makes advances on him.
* ''Manga/UchiNoMusumeNiTeODasuNa'':
** The ''"MILF of Steel"'' epilogue story has Heavy recount how he defeated Athena 20 years before the manga's main plotline began. Afterward, he took her to an unmarked island where he [[spoiler: [[DoWithHimAsYouWill and the rest of her enemies]] took turns with her, before finally gang raping her]]. Athena settles the score with him by the end of the story.
** A short story in the same issue reveals that [[spoiler: Hanna]][[note]]N.U.D.E's leader[[/note]] was also a rape victim 20 years ago. She has a nightmare about [[DarkestHour how badly N.U.D.E. was losing]] against Deepthroat's forces during the time Athena had retired. One scene shows [[spoiler: Hanna]] being raped after a failed skirmish, until Athena suddenly appeared and saved her.
* ''Manga/WolfGuyWolfenCrest'':
** [[spoiler:Aoshika-sensei]] was sexually assaulted when she was a high school student, and later [[spoiler:is violently gangraped by BigBad Haguro and his Yakuza goons]].
** Also, Ryuuko Kounuma was repeteadly raped [[spoiler:by her father and a pimp of sorts. [[DeathBySex They died soon afterwards]].]]

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Franchise/TheDCU:
** In some versions of ''ComicBook/{{Batman}}'', Damian Wayne is the result of Talia al Ghul drugging and raping Bruce Wayne. However, DC is inconsistent, having also portrayed [[DatingCatwoman a consensual sexual relationship between them]] several times before.
** During ''Comicbook/RobinSeries'':
*** Tim Drake learned Stephanie Brown was [[NearRapeExperience almost-raped]] by a caretaker, making her vulnerable and constantly seeking for approval from men, which even [[TeenPregnancy caused her to get pregnant once]].
*** Tim Drake learned that Ariana fought off [[AttemptedRape unwanted advances by a classmate]]. Ariana tried to have sex with Tim (even though they were too young for it) because she wanted to get rid of her unpleasant past with a new experience.
** ''ComicBook/GreenLantern'': Bleez of the Red Lanterns was ganged raped by Sinestro Corps members in a creepy kind of way, at least it goes with the current theme that all Red Lanterns are victims.
** Starfire from ''ComicBook/TeenTitans'' was sold to slavery by her sister Komand'r (aka Blackfire) in her backstory, and it was confirmed in the original continuity that she was raped by Citadel members. In fact, she was nearly executed by Komand'r for killing one of her own abusers before they were kidnapped and experimented by the Psions. While she obsess over the events, certain things can [[TraumaButton remind her of the abuse]].
** ''ComicBook/{{WonderWoman}}'': The Amazons were made into sex slaves by Heracles. This, as well as many atrocities visited upon them by men, resulted in them isolating themselves from Man's World.
* ''Franchise/MarvelUniverse'':
** This seems to be the backstory of Hawkeye of the ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers''. She was assaulted and strongly hinted to have been sexually molested while walking home one night. She decided to deal with the trauma by taking up a bow and arrow and fencing, dressing up in purple, and beating up aliens and criminals. Her therapist approves.
** The ComicBook/BlackCat had rape ''retconned'' into her backstory removing her freewheeling adventuress origin in favor of a rape victim who turned burglar as a displaced reaction to her attack.
** Lady Bullseye from ''Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}''. She was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by the Yakuza, before being accidentally freed by Bullseye, which inspired her to become an assassin like him.
** ''ComicBook/UncannyXMen'' #434 lists this as the reason for the villainess' "Take Over the World" plan, on the last page.
** Kelsey Leigh, the second Captain Britain (later Lionheart) from ''Comicbook/TheAvengers'' and ''Comicbook/{{Excalibur}}''. She was sexually assaulted years earlier, which lead to her divorcing her husband ([[HeroicBSOD as he was unwilling or unable to help her]]) and taking sole custody of their two children.
** As revealed in ''ComicBook/NewMutants'' #1, Thai pirates attacked [[LipstickLesbian Karma's]] family on her way from Vietnam to the United States, [[RapeAsDrama raped her and her mother,]] [[ParentalAbandonment and killed her father.]] [[PromotionToParent Her mother died soon afterwards.]]
** ComicBook/{{Gamora}} (seen in ''Warlock and the Infinity Watch'', among others, but now best known for ''ComicBook/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy'') was raised and trained by death-worshipper ComicBook/{{Thanos}} of Titan after she was orphaned. When she runs away while they're on a trip, she's beaten and raped by a group of thugs, which provides the impetus for Thanos to rebuild her stronger and more powerful than she was before. Jim Starlin is a very good writer, but he has applied this trope to virtually all of the female characters he's written, including Gamora. Even decades after they have been established. One theory is he was going through his own CerebusSyndrome.
** A rare male example is Striker from ''Comicbook/AvengersAcademy''. He was molested by his manager as a child, and accidentally killed the man after his powers manifested for the first time. In the present, [[RapeAndSwitch he wonders if the incident is the reason why he's gay]], but Julie Power assures him that's not true.
** Toyed with in the origin of Meteorite/Valerie Barnhardt, a ComicBook/{{Thunderbolts}} supporting character. In her case, it was AttemptedRape. While she was serving in the United States Air Force, one of her commanding officers attempted to rape her. She fought back and accidentally crippled the man. The authorities of the Air Force believed his story and not her own, resulting in a dishonorable discharge for her. The only reason she acted as a government agent was that they promised to eventually expunge her record and give her a chance to return to the Air Force.
** Rape was just one of the many cruelties suffered by young Klara Prast prior to her joining the ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}''.
** Subtly done with with Comicbook/{{X 23}}. She was no older than ''fifteen'' in ''Comicbook/{{NYX}}'', during which time she was a prostitute under a sadistic and violent pimp. As she was legally unable to provide consent to most, if not all of her Johns,[[note]]age of consent in New York City where she was living at the time is 17, while a teenager younger than 16 and older than 13 can legally have sex with someone no more than four years older than them[[/note]] ''and'' the fact that she was essentially forced into sexual slavery by her circumstances and Zebra Daddy's violent control over her (who it's implied ''also'' had sex with her), Laura was a victim of statutory rape. And regardless of her age, [[TykeBomb her childhood]] pretty much insured that she wasn't mentally able to give consent.
** ''[[ComicBook/UltimateMarvel Ultimate Comics Avengers]]'' pulled this one out as for the backstory of the second [[ComicBook/TheWasp Wasp]]. Promising scientist, married to an activist, has a baby. Great life, right? Then the Red Skull shows up, because he's working for the side the husband is protesting against. The scientist, forced to choose between her husband and child, kills her husband, only for the Skull to toss her baby out a third story window, then allow his men to gangrape her. She ended up going into bioterrorism, before being caught by the US government, brain-chipped to make her comply with orders, and put on Fury's new black ops team.
** Inertia in ''ComicBook/SupremePower'' was super strong and durable as a child, but her father thought this unnatural for a girl and forced her to never exhibit her powers. So when some local boys started harassing her and got a little too "friendly", she could only sit there and take it. This was the beginning of her falling out with her father, and the start of her general hatred for most men.
* Parodied by Creator/GarthEnnis in ''Comicbook/TheBoys'' when Vouight-American attempt to revamp Starlight's back story. This may be a direct parody of the Black Cat story mentioned above.
* Janissa, [[ComicBook/ConanTheBarbarian Conan]]'s occasional enemy and ally, was raped by Demons every night until she could fight them off as part of her training to become a master swordswoman in Dark Horse's ''Conan'' Comic Book. Needless to say, people wrote in pissed that the writers were lazy enough to resort to this and her every other appearance in the series inevitably led to the authors apologising, printing the letters of angry readers and promoting rape help-lines.
** The writer was Creator/KurtBusiek, and an editor of later issues of ''Conan'', Rachel Edidin, [[http://www.girl-wonder.org/insideout/2007/04/16/sexual-assault-in-comics-awareness-month-conan-12-revisited/ wrote a blog post commenting on reader reactions]] (part of a series of posts for Sexual Assault Awareness Month: they are all worth reading).
* Sergeant Alexandra "Alex" Brand in the ''VideoGames/GearsOfWar'' comics. She was taken to a "baby farm"(for repopulating Sera) and raped for the ''first time'' at the age of '''12''', and until the age of 18 was raped at regular intervals until her captors realized she couldn't get pregnant and sent her off to the army.
* Parodied in ''ComicBook/TheInvisibles'', in which [[spoiler:Robin deliberately creates a false memory of being abused by her father as a distraction for the sexually-depraved Quimper, when he tries to GrandTheftMe her]].
* ''Comicbook/RedSonja'' became the badass warrior she did partly out of a reaction to being raped when she was a girl.
* Averted in Josh Lesnick's ''Webcomic/{{Wendy}}'': The comic ended before Josh could introduce this trope and further send his series into full-blown CerebusSyndrome, and only revealed his original ideas for the ending after he finally went back and tied up all the loose ends years later.
* ''ComicBook/{{Whiteout}}''. The US Marshal protagonist is ReassignedToAntarctica after she [[NeckSnap kills a prisoner]] who tried to rape her. This event and the death of her husband is shown as the reason for her emotional distance.
* In ''ComicBook/TheTechnopriests'', Albino and his siblings Almagro and Onyx were all conceived when their mother Panepha was gang-raped by Ulritch the Red and his pirate crew. She spent years amassing a fortune for the sole purpose of buying a ship and hiring a crew of mercenaries to hunt down and slaughter Ulritch and the other pirates in revenge.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In the ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' fanfic ''Fanfic/FamilyTies'' this is only implied in the main story for [[spoiler: England and Ireland as a reason for some of their behaviour and relationships with other people in their family.]] In Vincere and the related drabbles [[spoiler: it is made clear that this is the case for both of the above- the first by Rome and the second by England, making Northern Ireland an unknowing child by rape and BrotherSisterIncest]].
* In a "Literature/WickedLovely" fanfic, this is implied for Ren. [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5927860/1/Thoughts Here it is]]
* In "The Other Side Of The Curtain", a LOTR real-people fic, the MarySue confesses to her true love Creator/OrlandoBloom that she was raped by her brother. This plot element serves no purpose than to give her a reason not to invite her family to their wedding.
* [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/4764536 To the Moon]]: [[Franchise/HarryPotter Draco]] has been molested by his father his whole life.
* In ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' ''Fanfic/PrisonIslandBreak'' Shadow the Hedgehog was sexually abused at various points in his life. The reason it is not discussed in depth is because, quite simply, he doesn't want to talk about it.
* In the back-story of ''Origins'', the second story of the ''Fanfic/StreetsOfRageSaga'', [[spoiler:Blaze Fielding]] had this happen to her multiple times from as early as 12 years old, by a doctor assigned to her case while she was wrongly imprisoned at an insane asylum owned and operated by TheSyndicate.
* In the ''Manga/DeathNote'' fic ''FanFic/ACureForLove'' this is [[spoiler: V]]'s BackStory. At first she is set up as TheAce and sounds like a typical MarySue however [[TragicVillain she's the new]] BigBad and her BackStory establishes both her [[TangledFamilyTree otherwise improbable relations to other characters]] and why she's so [[RapeLeadsToInsanity unstable.]] Not only did this horrible thing happen to her but [[spoiler: the people who were supposed to be "safe" took her son away from her.]]
* ''FanFic/LegolasByLaura'': the ten-year-old [[BlackHoleSue heroine]] Laura is kidnapped by Sauron "because she got a power and she can distoy [[CardCarryingVillain us all the bad guys]]" and raped by orcs, and seems [[EmotionlessGirl surprisingly calm]] about this. Legolas comes to rescue her and casually mentions that "when I was your age they did the same thing to me", never mentioning why they did this or how he escaped, and it's never brought up again.
* In [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6340224/1/Scars_and_Stitches Scars and Stitches]], a ''Manga/SoulEater'' fanfiction, this is primarily used for [[spoiler: Soul and why he left his home]] in the first place.
* In the ''Manga/DeathNote'' fic ''{{FanFic/Solitude}}'' this becomes Light's FreudianExcuse and does it [[FridgeHorror very believably]] given what is known about his [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation psychology and character.]]
* ''FanFic/{{Hivefled}}'''s prequel ''Reprise'' is TorturePorn focusing on terrible, terrible things happening to Gamzee Makara; ''Hivefled'' proper details the aftermath and the gang's plan for revenge/ensuring it doesn't happen again.
* ''FanFic/ShadowOfTheDragon'': Himiko Satome, Tomoeda's district attorney, is revealed to have been raped in the past, her rapist [[KarmaHoudini never having been caught]]. She ended up giving birth to Ryujin Satome, TheBully at Sakura and Syaoran's school, and abusing him, seeing him as nothing but a reminder of said rape. As a result, she turned her son into a [[StrawMisogynist misogynistic]] SerialRapist.
* In this ''Movie/{{Maleficent}}'' ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/2038305 Fanfic]]'', Maleficent has rape in her backstory. She distrusts men, but never crosses the line into straw-misandrist territory, and is very protective of her boyfriend even before he earns her trust.
* In ''FanFic/SeinenKakumeiUtena'', Touga's Movie-canon childhood gets deeply explored.
* In ''FanFic/DespairsLastResort'', it's revealed that one of the boys went through this before coming to Hope's Peak Academy. It isn't specified who it is, but the author has denied that it was [[spoiler: Ryouta or Hikaru]].
* In ''FanFic/OnceUponATimeAndAgain'' [[Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast Belle]] has this as her backstory. She is, as a result, very reclusive and rarely leaves the library at which she works. However, she doesn't seem to distrust all men as a result of it and is very close to her rescuers, Princes James and Thomas of Seaborn, whom she sees as [[LikeBrotherAndSister surrogate brothers]].
* In ''Fanfic/NewFeelings'', Pearl was [[AttemptedRape nearly raped]] by the fanfic's antagonist Peridot while they were dating. As a result, she's very distrustful of men except when it comes to Steven and [[spoiler: her son Jonah]].
* Strongly implied with Alina t'Aimne, a Romulan prisoner rescued from the Kazon-Ogla in the first chapter of ''Fanfic/TheMysteriousCaseOfNeelixsLungs''. (It's known for a fact her CO died a SexSlave.) She takes a special pleasure in killing Kazon after joining the crew of ''Vetar''.
* PlayedForLaughs with an aversion in ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'' ParodyFic ''Fanfic/XtremlyScray'', where RougeAnglesOfSatin turns out to be literal: [[spoiler: When the MarySue OC says her uncle "rapped" her, he literally [[PissTakeRap rapped her.]]]]
* Shows up in many [[note]] Well, as many as the miniscule size of this fandom allows, anyway...[[/note]] ''Anime/HeatGuyJ'' fanfics involving Clair, who was known to have been physically and emotionally abused by his father, so it's pretty much {{Fanon}} that [[ParentalIncest sexual abuse happened, too]]. [[note]] It should be said [[TruthInTelevision that]] many children who are being physically abused are also being sexually abused, though this is not guaranteed. [[/note]] One that comes to mind is called ''In a Different Light'', and takes this UpToEleven: not only does it have Clair being sexually abused by his father, but mentions that Lorenzo actually paid some college boys to gang-rape Clair at school and made millions promising him as a SexSlave to ''multiple'' men before being [[spoiler: true to {{Canon}}, killed by Clair.]]
* In Hobbit fanfic ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/4661757 The Monstrous Company of Thorin Oakenshield]]'' this is the backstory of all married characters, and Thorin. As any Creator/TerryPratchett fan can easily deduce from the title, the whole company (except Bilbo and Gandalf) is actually female. This backstory is the reason why they want to reconquer Erebor; they want a place to live in peace. While others seem to cope relatively well with the (marital) rape, Thorin, having been raped out of wedlock, is so traumatized she becomes insane ... just like in the original, but for very different reasons.
* As revealed in an extended flashback in ''Fanfic/KitsuneNoKenFistOfTheFox'', [[spoiler:Matsuri]] suffered this at the hands of her step-uncle, shortly after having moved in with him and her aunt following [[ParentalAbandonment the deaths of her parents in a car crash]]. She later took [[RapeAndRevenge cold-blooded revenge]] on them and her aunt's lover, and the incident led to her having [[BerserkButton a very low opinion of sex offenders]].
* In "WesternAnimation/TeenTitans" fanfic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6263444/1/Transition Transition]], this is how Jinx learned to control her powers, as a kid she already had her wierd skin,hair and eye colors and things around her tended to break, so her father sent her to a PedophilePriest to be "exorcised" [[ArchnemesisDad with the implication that her dad knew exactly what kind of person the priest was and what he would do to her]]. Jinx ended up killing the priest by shorting out his pacemaker and running away. The story manages to make [[TheStoic Raven]] cry due to how [[MunDanger ordinary]] it is compared to her own issues with Trigon.

* In ''Film/ForrestGump'', it's heavily implied that Jenny and her sisters were sexually abused by her father.
* In ''Film/DrNo'', Honey Ryder tells Film/JamesBond that after her father was made to disappear by Dr. No, their landlord let her stay on for a while without paying. Then one night he raped her. She avenged herself by putting a female black widow spider in his bed, which fatally bit him.
* Carin, the StrawFeminist of ''Film/PatchAdams'' was molested as a child, hence why she distrusts men. Once she learns to trust them again, [[spoiler:she lets herself get too close to a crazed patient who murders her.]] Being a biography film, this would typically go into RealLife except that Carin never existed and was created for the purposes of the film.
* The eponymous character of ''Chasing Amanda'' mentions being raped by her brother almost casually. Her uncle is appropriately stunned, but she zips right by it. Her treatment of the subject may be partly due to her tendency to "hide" from her own life, but it still feels like an attempt at cheap sympathy for a movie lacking in sympathetic characters.
* [[spoiler:Lexy]] in ''Adulthood''.
* Martha Beck in ''The Lonely Hearts Killers'', though this is {{Justified|Trope}}, as the RealLife Martha Beck claimed to have been raped by her brother.
* Chances are at least one character in a Creator/TylerPerry film has this excuse.
* A rare unsympathetic male example in ''Film/BadEducation''. Ignacio was molested by a PedophilePriest when he was a child. As an adult, he chooses to {{blackmail}} this priest into giving him 1 million pesetas to pay for his heroin addiction.
* In ''Film/WildAtHeart'', Lula was attacked at a very young age by a family friend; upon learning that, Marietta arranged for him to be murdered.
* You can infer in ''Film/TheMissing'' that Maggie's first daughter was conceived this way.
* ''Film/MadMaxFuryRoad'' and its tie-in materials all suggest--though never outright confirm--that Furiosa was originally used as one of Immortan Joe's [[SexSlave "wives"]], only to be cast out for being infertile.
** Joe also had raped all of his current wives except for Cheedo (and even then, the only reason he hadn't successfully assaulted her was because The Dag stood up to him when he tried), and at least two of them are pregnant as a result. In fact, the whole plot of the movie is kicked off by the wives wanting to free themselves and their future children from Joe's tyranny.
** It's also possible that this is the case for the women used as cattle for mother's milk, as Joe has been a slaver-polygamist for a long time. Basically, if you're a relatively healthy (as in, not terminally ill or horribly mutated) woman living on the Fury Road, there's a solid chance you've been raped by Immortan Joe at some point.
* The eponymous character in the film ''RosarioTijeras'', a Colombian assassin girl, has that nickname (Tijeras means scissors) because she castrated the man who raped her with a pair of scissors. She also was molested by her stepdad.
* Etienne the Brigantian tracker in ''Film/{{Centurion}}''; her village was raid by Romans, her father burned in front of her, her mother raped and murdered, and then she herself was raped by the Romans who also cut her tong.
* Artemisia in ''Film/ThreeHundredRiseOfAnEmpire'' saw her entire family been raped and murdered in front of her by Greeks and then she was raped and sold as a sex slave, living as such in a ship for many years.
* ''Film/FaustLoveOfTheDamned'': Jade was raped when she was only 11. She is still plagued by flashes of a [[TheBlank faceless man]] breaking into her room at night. [[spoiler:This is later revealed to be her own father, whose body was possessed by the devil.]]
* As her story is told in flashbacks, we learn in ''Film/OriginalSin'' that Julia (played by Creator/AngelinaJolie) [[spoiler:was gang-raped by four men when a scam in a poker game went bad.]]
* The reason why Josey Aimes (Creator/CharlizeTheron) is a single mom in ''Film/NorthCountry'' as we learn in one of the trial scenes.
* Probably the reason behind Evie's disruptive behavior in ''Film/{{Thirteen}}'' as is revealed that she was raped by her uncle.
* The eponymous character ''Film/TankGirl'' was raped by her father at some point of her past, as [[BlackComedyRape she jokes about it in one scene]]. This is likely one of the reasons of her eccentric behavior and also the reason why she takes such strong defend of her 11 year-old friend Sam [[spoiler:who is herself almost raped in a whorehouse]].
* Bev in ''Film/It2017'' is heavily implied to have been molested by her father (which is more openly acknowledge in the book).
* Interestingly two of the most modern adaptations of Creator/HenryJames' ''Literature/TheTurnOfTheScrew'' give this backstory to the Governess: 1999's ''Presence of Mind'' with Sadie Frost and 2006's ''In a Dark Place'' with Creator/LeeLeeSobieski. In the first case due to her father's molestation, in the second after a random attack as a girl.

* In ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'', this is part of the reason why [[spoiler: Trini]] is reluctant to remarry after the death of her first husband, the rapist. Differs from other examples in that she lives in a society where male on female rape does not usually happen - her sisters don't refer to it as rape, but use the normal euphemism for sex while talking about it, and emphasize the physical violence (the rapist also beat her up) far more. She neither goes on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge, nor does she become a FragileFlower, she just makes decisions that prevent such a thing from happening again, making this one of the more realistic examples of Rape As Backstory.
* In ''Literature/DragonBones'', Garranon and his brother were raped when their country was invaded, which may be part of why Garranon is very protective of his younger brother even though they're both adults. Garranon also wants revenge, but is sensible enough not to take it [[spoiler: immediately.]]
* In the original Japanese novel that inspired ''Literature/TheRing'' (and its various remakes,) Sadako is raped by Nagao Jotaro - who finds out to his disgust that she has [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgen_insensitive Androgen insensitivity syndrome]], an intersex condition that causes the woman affected to be born with a vagina, but with XY chromosomes, no uterus, and internal testes where the ovaries would typically be. Ashamed and humiliated, she retaliates with a massive telepathic attack, but he overcomes her long enough to strangle her and toss her down the infamous well. Sadako's vengeance against the world therefore stems partially from that incident.
* Esmay Suiza in ''[[Literature/FamiliasRegnant Once a Hero]]'' by Creator/ElizabethMoon was raped as a kid. That, and even more how her family handles it, gives her major personal issues to work through. She does seek therapy by the end of the book.
* Forms part of the back stories for the ''Literature/JamesBond'' heroines Honey Ryder (''Literature/DrNo'') and Pussy Galore (''Literature/{{Goldfinger}}'').
* Germain from Eric Nylund's ''Literature/AGameOfUniverse'' has AttemptedRape in his backstory. His brother was prostituted out by their father, and then his brother tried to rape Germain in retribution for not attempting to stop his rape. Germain stopped the rape by hitting his brother over the head with a jar of fermenting fruit, accidentally killing him. Germain ran from home before this was discovered and got mixed up in the events that would lead to him becoming a mentally twisted assassin.
* Most characters in ''Literature/TheHotelNewHampshire'' have rape as a backstory.
* [[Literature/TheSookieStackhouseMysteries Sookie Stackhouse's]] Cousin Hadley is mentioned offhandedly at first. She ran away from home as a teenager, got into a life of drugs and prostitution, before finally getting mixed up in vampire politics and murdered for it. As Sookie begins investigating her long-lost cousin's life and death, she realizes that Hadley was also raped by the same great uncle. Unfortunately, Hadley's parents didn't believe her, leading her to run away from home.
* The Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar series by Creator/MercedesLackey uses this on several occasions. Tarma from ''Vows and Honor'' is a classic example: beaten, raped, and left for dead by her clan's murderers. Her [[HeterosexualLifePartners partner]] Kethry also suffered this fate, having been sold into "marriage" as a child and only managing to escape due to the kindness of a servant. Each deals with it in different ways: Tarma by becoming a Swordsworn of her Goddess (and thereby [[{{Asexuality}} asexual]]); and Kethry by being forced to confront her rapist and defeat him. There are some Heralds from later novels that also have rape (often child rape) in their backstories -- Talia became Chosen after fleeing from a child marriage that would have been tantamount to rape.
* [[spoiler:Carnival]] from the ''Literature/DeepgateCodex'' series. It was [[TraumaCongaLine particularly brutal]], and even after ''three millennia'', she's still not over it.
* Lots of characters in the ''Literature/{{Outlander}}'' series have rape somewhere in their backstory but we only meet Fergus because Jamie managed to interrupt Jack Randall raping the boy.
* The [[Literature/TheWindThroughTheKeyhole final novel]] of ''Franchise/TheDarkTower'' reveals that [[spoiler:Randall Flagg/Walter o'Dim (a BigBad in the series as well as King's other novels]] had been raped when he was thirteen years old.
* Segnbora from Literature/TheTaleOfTheFive was raped as a child.
* Literature/WickedLovely series -- Leslie's brother drugged her and handed her over to his friends to be raped as a way to pay for his drug addiction.
** Also Niall, revealed to have been raped and abused by the dark court after declining Irial's offer of kingship. Made particularly painful when you see the full extent of his scars and realize that they came from the same event. And the fact that Irial, whom Niall was in a relationship with, not only allowed them to but ordered it...many of the fans consider the rape to be a MoralEventHorizon crossing. Oh, and Niall either had to give them himself or the mortals he had enchanted...Give the guy a break already!
--->"You entertain the court or they can, gancanagh. Fear and pain is the coin for their ransom; it matters little to me who pays it." ~Irial.
* This happens to Maya in ''Literature/IKnowWhyTheCagedBirdSings'' in Saint Lousis, though it's an autobiography.
* In Creator/MaryGentle's ''Literature/AshASecretHistory'', Ash, aged eight, is raped in the book's very first pages. She kills her attackers, and this begins a life of violence. It's part of what makes her into someone who's callous and lacking in introspection.
* Rosalie from ''Literature/TheTwilightSaga'' heavily implies in Eclipse that she was turned into a vampire after being gang raped and left for dead by her fiance and his friends ''the night before her wedding''. Don't worry, though; [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge she definitely got them]] [[GottaKillThemAll all back]].
* In ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey'', Christian Grey was underage when an adult woman had sex with him. He denies that this was rape, and the heroine is jealous instead of disgusted when she meets his rapist, but in any case it was statutory rape. Considering his inability to differentiate between consensual sex and rape in the relationship with Ana, it is highly unlikely that this sexual abuse didn't affect him negatively.
* Creepily a ''Literature/JamesBond'' recurring theme:
** ''Literature/DiamondsAreForever''. Tiffany Case was the daughter of a madame who stopped paying protection money to the mob, the mob chased out the hookers and gang raped Tiffany at a young age.
** ''Literature/{{Goldfinger}}''. Pussy Galore reveals she was raped by family members, causing her RapeAndSwitch lesbianism.
* In ''Literature/CodexAlera'' Odiana was enslaved and gangraped, at the same time as her [[TheEmpath empathic powers]] [[AMindIsATerribleThingToRead activated]]. She is as a result quite mad.
* Part of the reason that Kennit, of the ''Literature/LiveshipTraders'' trilogy, is so messed up is that he was repeatedly raped (among other abuse) as a child. [[FromBadToWorse This leads to]]...[[HeWhoFightsMonsters repercussions]], later.
* ''Literature/InDeath'' series: Eve and Dr. Mira have been raped as children. Dr. Mira seems to have dealt with it, while Eve basically spends the entire series trying to deal with it.
* In ''Literature/{{Phenomena}}'' is this a part of [[spoiler:Sha-ra's]] [[DarkAndTroubledPast backstory]]. He was raised to be the next [[spoiler:bearer of the titular prophecy book, but as his teacher and brother died in a fire. He was taken in by the [[CivilizedAnimal Winter Bears]]]] and tried to live his own life. He became one of the first to become a DragonRider but his destiny caught up with him, it was up to him to find the [[TheChosenMany chosen children]] whom hadn't appeared in 100s of years which was what made his teacher mad and burn his castle down. [[spoiler:Sha-ra]] then became an [[TheAlcoholic Alcoholic]]. One day he saw a beautiful woman who invited him to a drink. He doesn't remember much but followed her into an inn, and later woke up, felt dirty and disgusting and wanted to do anything to forget it. 9 months later the woman appeared before him again with a baby, he [[ThatThingIsNotMyChild said some things he shouldn't have]] and the woman offered to kill the child. He begged her to not kill the child and she [[EveryScarHasAStory scarred the child]] and placed a curse on him that the next time he met the child he would die.
* A rare male example in ''{{Literature/Touch}}'s'' main character, James, and an even rarer example in that he is actively trying to move past it rather than just angsting. The trauma of the event forms the starting point of the story.
* A complicated male example in ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''. The dwarf Tyrion Lannister met a woman named Tysha, with whom he fell in love and tried to hide from his family because she was not a noble. Then, his father reveals that she was a prostitute who Tyrion's brother had hired secretly for him. To "prove" how she was a hooker, he hires her to have sex with the entire family garrison and then forces Tyrion to go last. This experience naturally scars Tyrion his entire life, until he later learns the truth: She was never a prostitute, Tyrion's father lied, and the scene with the garrison was in fact a gang rape. Cue BerserkButton.
** Although it was just another addition to the HUGE BreakTheCutie process that formed his childhood, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish was raped ''twice'' by Lysa Tully. [[DudeShesLikeInAComa Both times he was unconscious]], the first from having drunken too much after being rejected by the girl he loved, the second at the brink of death and hallucinating because of a feverish wound.
** This is also implied in the case of [[spoiler:Aeron Greyjoy, aka Damphair. He has a recurring nightmare of his brother, Euron, sneaking into his bedroom at night (namely the sound of the hinges on his door) and doing something unmentionable to him.]]
* In ''Literature/SputnikSweetheart'', this is implied for [[spoiler: Miu]].
* Literature/SisterhoodSeries by Creator/FernMichaels: The first book ''Weekend Warriors'' reveals that three bikers raped Kathryn Lucas in front of her disabled husband, and they knew that her husband was disabled and helpless to stop them. Naturally, she was left badly scarred by this. The book has her and her new friends track down the three bikers responsible and give them the John Wayne Bobbit treatment in order for her to obtain closure in this matter. After that book, her attitude remains as combative, confrontational, explosive and fiery as ever, which suggests that her behaviour may simply be part of who she is, and not just the result of her being raped.
** Or perhaps that the scars were too deep to be healed by one act of vengeance....
* Used to effect in Music/NickCave's ''And the Ass Saw the Angel'' when toward the end, the narrator reveals that he got raped one time. He's already so completely insane that its lack of effect on him feels wholly in-character.
* Subverted in-character in ''Russka'', where a young woman from the Ukraine confesses to her fiance that she's no longer a virgin, having been raped by a Tatar when she was younger. (Truth is, [[spoiler: she's been in [[ParentalIncest an incestuous relationship with her widowed father for years]], brought about due to mutual grief and social isolation, plus her father's alcoholism]].) The alleged rape is only alluded to once after that, when her now-husband kills a Tatar raider, and by that point she's forgotten telling him the story.
* In ''Literature/JohnDiesAtTheEnd'' it is heavily implied [[spoiler: that the genesis of Dave's cynicism, as well as the reason he was put in the 'Emotionally Disturbed' school program where he met Amy, was because he took [[RapeAndRevenge bloody revenge against a bully who had raped him.]] ]]
* Rosemary in ''Literature/TenderIsTheNight''. Largely to justify her bizarre behaviour and highlight the fractured nature of Dick Diver's life.
* Literature/HonorHarrington has {{attempted rape}} in her back story. Lord Pavel Young tried to ambush her in the showers at the academy, without accounting for the fact that Honor was a {{heavyworlder}} in Earthlike gravity. Unfortunately she reacted to the near-rape in stereotypical female fashion, giving Young time to report his injuries as sustained "falling down the stairs". The academy instructors didn't believe it, but Honor refused to press charges.
* DS Diane Fry in Stephen Booth's Cooper/Fry detective series. Fry was gang-raped shortly before the first novel in the series. Eventually, she discovers that [[spoiler: one of the rapists was her foster brother, and her foster parents helped cover up the crime.]]
* Angel, the heroine of ''Literature/RedeemingLove'' by Francine Rivers, was raped at the age of eight and then [[SexSlave forced into prostitution]] by her rapist. Aside from a brief bout with StockholmSyndrome, the subject of this experience emerged a deeply cynical and lonely BrokenBird, and the [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin premise of the novel]] is that ThePowerOfLove ([[TheFourLoves unconditional ''agape'' love, not only romantic love]]) can heal her deep psychological and emotional wounds.
* Zilpha Keatley Snyder came as close as she could in 1970 to giving Ivy Carson this backstory in ''Literature/TheChangeling''. This was written just prior to the time publishers began to allow children's fiction that dealt openly and frankly with sexual abuse.
* If it doesn't happen in the novel proper, it is often revealed that the heroine (or one of her friends or relatives) of the average Creator/DanielleSteel novel had this happen to her.
* Zarate Arkham, main protagonist in Daniel Gonzalez's horror novel ''Un grito en las tinieblas'' (A Scream in the Dark) was raped by her father as a child. Gonzalez also use this resource with his character Laura Talbot on the ''Ravencraft'' series, when at the beginning of the first novel she is raped by a werewolf -and turn into one as well-.
* Also Cara (and maybe all the Mord-Siths) in the ''Literature/SwordOfTruth'' series, Darken Rahl raped them often. In the TV series it is never mention if Cara was raped.
* Sleepy, narrator of Glen Cook's ''[[Literature/TheBlackCompany Water Sleeps]]'', was raped repeatedly by at least one of her uncles as a child and young teen. Her justification for joining the Black Company and then sticking with it when their fortunes fell after the events of ''She Is the Darkness'' is that the Company is her family now, and it's either stay with them or go back to the blood relatives who abused her.
* Sam in ''Literature/ThePerksOfBeingAWallflower'' via a friend of her father's. The climax of the story reveals that [[spoiler: Charlie himself was molested as a child by his deceased Aunt Helen]].
* The ''[[Literature/CormoranStrikeNovels Cormoran Strike]]'' novel ''Literature/CareerOfEvil'' reveals this to have been the case for [[spoiler:Robin--though it was foreshadowed as early as ''Literature/TheSilkworm.'']]
* In ''Literature/TheRedTent'', it's mentioned that Laban groped Leah and Zilpah when they were young, but before things could escalate further (and before he could hurt Rachel and Bilhah), Leah told her mother Adah, who [[MamaBear gave Laban ''quite'' a beating.]] He "made amends" by offering sacrifices, buying gold bangles for all the girls, and setting up a brand-new statue of The Goddess. For her part, Leah doesn't let it bother her or sully her views on men in general, but Zilpah DoesNotLikeMen at all, and this ''could'' be a major reason why. Also, the gold bangles that are among the trinkets used to [[spoiler: buy Ruti back from slave-traders Laban has gambled her away to]] are implied to be Zilpah's from the aftermath of that incident, that she buried rather than chose to wear.
** Later, Laban's second wife Ruti (who is roughly the same age as his daughters) drinks an abortifacient herbal concoction, so that Laban won't have any more sons she feels he doesn't deserve the honor of, or any daughters that he'd molest. When Ruti asks Rachel to help her abort, she threatens to kill the child anyway after it's born. The other women of the camp all support Ruti's choice, on the grounds that ''they'' don't care much for Laban or [[DomesticAbuse the way he treats her]], either.
* Both the protagonists of the "Literature/DogAndSpiderPrivateInvestigations" series have this. Nick was a child prostitute, and his lover [[spoiler:wife, later on]] Jessica was held by a supernatural creature for two years. Long enough for her to develop StockholmSyndrome which comes back to haunt her when the rapist decides in the second book that Jessica is to become his queen. Though the titular Dog and Spider have become inseparable lovers, ThePowerOfLove does not heal these wounds. It does, however, prompt her to seek therapy.
* In ''Literature/BooksOfTheRaksura'', the main character, Moon, a Raksura, never saw another member of his species and didn't even know how they were called or if he was the only one left. Moon was desperately trying to find any signs, anything about his race, until he found a city attacked by the Fell, a race of vicious flying predators who eat intelligent beings. There, a Fell ruler (always male gender) called Liheas tried to brainwash him into thinking he was Fell too, and then raped him, after which Moon realized he was not one of them and broke the ruler's neck while the ruler was sleeping, then set the room on fire and escaped. Because of this traumatic event, he stopped all attempts to ever try to find his race, didn't care anymore about himself for a long time, and became cynical, wary and distrustful of others, especially of the Fell and even more of the Raksura.
* In ''[[Literature/TheAscendantKingdomsSaga Ice Forged]]'', because the guards at the Velant PenalColony are usually people who were a hair away from being prisoners there themselves, it's common for female inmates to get raped repeatedly by the guards. What sets Kestel Falke apart is that the first two guards to force themselves on her both turned up dead later, due to her prowess as an assassin. There wasn't a third attempt. Notably this ''isn't'' used as a reason for Kestel's personality: in the time we know her she simply takes it in stride as something that happened to her a long time ago.
* In ''Literature/SmallerAndSmallerCircles'', [[spoiler:Alex's gym teacher in high school rapes and otherwise sexually abuses him and his classmates. This prompts Alex's StartOfDarkness.]]

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* In ''Series/{{Justified}}'', Detroit mob lieutenant Quarles reveals to Donovan and Duffy that [[spoiler: his father pimped him out when he was a child to get money for heroin. Quarles's proclivity for abducting and torturing male hustlers seems to be a pathological attempt to process his childhood sexual abuse.]]
* In the episode "The Satyr" of ''Series/BuckRogersInTheTwentyFifthCentury'', it is strongly implied that this has happened to Dolph's mother.
* In ''Series/PrisonBreak'' Gretchen, when she was still going by the alias "Susan B. Anthony," rather creepily tells her hostage, L.J., all about her own abuse at the hands of her captors when she was a prisoner of war, all to explain why he shouldn't ever attempt to escape like she did.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'':
** Det. Olivia Benson on believes that she is the product of her mother's rape, and it forms the core of her character, although in later episodes it is debated whether or not her mother had fabricated this story to cover the shame of a drunken sex act; her mother was an alcoholic. It is confirmed even later that Benson's mother was telling the truth. It was just harder for Olivia to acknowledge when her father became more than just the faceless monster she always pictured.
** Also Rollins was raped by her superior before she came to Special Victims Unit, which becomes an issue in one episode when she has to deal with him.
* ADA Abbie Charmicheal on ''Series/LawAndOrder'' was raped by her boyfriend in law school. And [[spoiler: Detective Mike Logan]] was molested by a Catholic priest, alongside other kids.
** This is left ambiguous on ''Series/LawAndOrderUK'' with Logan's expy, Matt Devlin, though Devlin mentions that the priest in question was always eyeballing him, resulting in him feeling very uncomfortable even if he was not being abused outright.
* In ''Series/HigherGround'', Scott, [[spoiler: Shelby, and her sister Jess]] were all victims of sexual molestation at the hands of a step-parent.
* In ''Series/TheListener'', it's revealed that Charlie was raped by a teacher. This is used to explain why she is so upset about Toby being able to read her mind, because no-one who hasn't been raped is ever protective of their privacy, no sir.
* In a first season episode of ''Series/BeverlyHills90210'', Kelly reveals that the way she really lost her virginity was not to her ex-boyfriend Steve, but to Ross Weber, an older boy she had a crush on as a freshman, who took her into the woods and had sex with her. The word "rape" is never used and so the scene is open to interpretation, but a good number of the fans (and Jennie Garth herself) regard the story as a case of date rape. In the seventh season, the show's [[spoiler: [[BrokenBird vixen troublemaker Valerie,]] ]] is revealed to have been [[ParentalIncest raped by her father]] since she was 11 until he killed himself when she was 19. It is also revealed that he killed himself because she and her boyfriend had threatened to tell the cops on him if he didn't get help. [[RetCon In the next season]], the story changes in that [[spoiler: Valerie [[SelfMadeOrphan killed her father]] in response to him raping her.]]
* ''Series/VeronicaMars'':
** The main character herself. Later it turns out [[spoiler:she wasn't raped, she had consensual sex with her equally drugged ex-boyfriend who left because he thought she was his sister]]. Then even later it turns out [[spoiler:she ''was'' raped after all.]]
** There's [[spoiler: Cassidy Casablancas]], who both had Rape As Backstory and caused it.
* Gabrielle in ''Series/DesperateHousewives''. It's casually mentioned in season 1 that she ran away from home after being raped by her stepfather and later referred to as to why she has a cold relationship with her mother.
* James Robson on ''Series/{{Oz}}'' was a murderer who enjoyed raping other inmates. It is later revealed that he himself was raped as a child.
* Jenny Schecter from ''Series/TheLWord''. Her entire second season story arc revolved around dealing with the trauma.
* On ''Series/TheWire'', Michael's coldness, [[HatesBeingTouched aversion to physical contact]], and distrust of authority figures stems from his [[spoiler: molestation by his stepfather]].
** Its hinted that [[spoiler: Cris]] was also raped.
* [[spoiler:Sookie]] of ''Series/TrueBlood'' was molested by her great uncle as a child. When [[spoiler:vampire boyfriend Bill]] finds out, [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge he doesn't take it well]].
* [[spoiler:Don Draper]] of ''Series/MadMen'' lost his virginity when he was raped by a prostitute as a teenager, as revealed in the sixth season episode "The Crash." When his mother found out about it, she beat him with a wooden spoon.
* Derek Morgan of ''Series/CriminalMinds'' was raped by his football coach as a young boy
* ''Series/{{ER}}'': Dr. Simon Brenner reveals that he was molested by one of his mother's boyfriends. The person he's confiding in has already begun to suspect this, given his BerserkButton reaction to a pedophile admitted to the hospital.
* This is a frequent trope of [[SoapOpera soap operas]]--if a heroine isn't raped onscreen, it's often revealed that this happened to her:
** ''Series/AllMyChildren''. In 1993, when her long-lost daughter came to town, Erica Kane was revealed to have been raped as a teenager.
** ''Series/OneLifeToLive''. Luna Moody is revealed to be a rape survivor when she's assigned to be Marty Saybrooke's rape counselor. When she confides in her fiance, he suddenly realizes that this is why she was so nervous about consummating their relationship.
** ''Series/GeneralHospital''. Karen Wexler couldn't figure out why she kept freaking out every time she and boyfriend Jagger tried to have sex. But when her mother's sleazy ex-boyfriend came to town for a visit, she began having frightening flashbacks of him approaching her bed, and finally remembered that he had sexually abused her as a child.
** Two rare male examples on ''Series/{{Loving}}'' and ''Series/TheBoldAndTheBeautiful''. Much like the "Karen" example, the men in question, Cooper Alden and Jake, respectively, suffered from disturbing flashbacks and an inability to be intimate with their girlfriends. Therapy helped Cooper remember that he'd been abused by a babysitter, and Jake by his uncle.
* Nicci in ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker'', she was raped twice by the same man when she was a novice.
* Alex in ''Series/{{Nikita}}'', after her parents were killed she was sold into sex slavery.
* Alan Shore of ''Series/BostonLegal'' was raped by a friend of his mother's when he was fourteen. It's implied this is why his interactions with women are, in general, so messed up.
* In the ''Series/MastersOfHorror'' episode "Imprint", the prostitute eventually reveals that a big part of why she's so emotionally scarred is her horrific youth, where she was separately raped by both her father and a local Buddhist monk.
* ''Series/CasesOfTheFirstDepartment'': The team suspects that the perpetrator in the episode "Hatred", Ms. Fabianova, was raped when she was small but they don't confirm it because she refuses to answer their questions. Her female lover was raped by an old pedophile when she was a teen, among other unfortunate girls. The old man was Ms. Fialova's first victim.
* ''Series/{{Defiance}}'': Pottinger reveals that he was gang-raped by Votan soldiers to Amanda, who then tells him of her own attack, so that he'll know he's not alone, which he seems to be genuinely touched by. It's later revealed that [[spoiler:Pottinger was probably Amanda's rapist]]
* Claire from ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS'' was raped in college. It becomes prominent in the second season after she runs into her rapist (now a Marine general) and launches a campaign to curb sexual assault within the military.
* Very common trope in Mexican telenovelas and many Colombian/Mexican narconovelas. To quote some examples:
** Griselda Blanco was raped at 14 teen by her stepfather in ''La Viuda Negra''
** Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) a.k.a. ''La Reina del Sur'' tells how she was raped for the first time by six guys in her neighborhood and then again by her boss, all before turning 18.
** Yolanda in ''La Querida del Centauro'' when she was a kid living in the streets, that's how Cristina was conceived.
** Again a Kate del Castillo's character, Muriel Cabrera/Maria Anastasia in ''Dueños del Paraíso'' was raped at the age of 8 by one of her motherís clients. She was raped again by mooks in the first episode.
** Rosario Tijeras as mentioned in the Film section.
** Also what happened to poor Aldonza by the evil Severiano in ''La Sombra del Pasado''.
** The central plot in ''Leonela'' is her rape and the pregnancy that it caused.
* Maggie in ''Series/FallingSkies'' was raped by Pope's gang during her captivity. She [[spoiler:killed two of her rapists and turned on Pope]] because of that. In her own words, one of them thought it was OK [[TearJerker because he gave her chocolate]].
* Eretria in ''Series/TheShannaraChronicles'' was sold to Cephelo as a child and according to her own words: ''Spent my childhood fighting off Cephelo's men".
* Unlike her comic counterpart, Jessica Jones in the Netflix' TV show ''Series/JessicaJones'' was raped by [[BigBad Kilgrave]].
* Justine in ''Series/PennyDreadful'' was raped and forced into prostitution, which is one of the reasons for her to join [[ThePictureOfDorianGray Dorian Gray]] and [[BrideOfFrankenstein Lily Frankenstein]]'s cause. This is coherent with her character as she is based on the Creator/MarquisDeSade character.
* Britta in ''Series/{{Community}}'' was molested at her eleventh birthday by a man in a dinosaur costume. Obviously as it's a comedy the subject is PlayedForLaughs, making it a case of BlackComedyRape.
* ''Series/ThePath'': Mary's father pimped her out starting when she was eleven.
* Implied to happen to Missandei in ''Series/GameOfThrones'' when she was a slave:
-->'''Tyrion''': You don't play games, either one of you, ever?
-->'''Missandei''': My master Kraznys would sometimes make us play games.
-->'''Tyrion''': There, that's a start.
-->'''Missandei''': Only the girls.
-->'''Tyrion''': No, no, no. Not that. Of course not that. Innocent games. Fun games. Drinking games.
* ''Series/HandOfGod'': Alicia was raped by an intruder prior to the events of the series. [[spoiler: It turns out this was cover to steal PJ's software, and punishment by his mistress for breaking off their affair.]]
* ''Series/TheHandmaidsTale'': Janine was gang-raped in a basement. Along with the fact that she had a son (perhaps due to this) it's all we know of her past.
* What happened to Lou in ''Series/TheYoungRiders'' while she was working as a cleaning lady on a brothel before joining the Ponny Express.

* The backstory to Music/EvelynEvelyn involves the twins being kidnapped by a man with candy at age six and taken into an orphanage that was a cover-up for a child prostitution ring. Eva and Lynn were [[TwinThreesomeFantasy quite popular]] because they are ConjoinedTwins. They were eventually kicked out at age thirteen and sent to a CircusOfFear, where it's implied they were abused by the clowns.

* An interesting variation can be found in Music/GiacomoPuccini's ''Theatre/{{Turandot}}'', in which the FemmeFatale character explains to the protagonist that her ancestor, Princess Lo-u-Ling, was raped and killed by an invading foreign prince. As a revenge, Princess Turandot challenges her suitors to answer her [[RuleOfThree three questions]], with the terms that, in the case of failure, they will be executed.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Betsy, an elite sharpshooter of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' was raped by a Fiend gang leader after her squadmate was knocked out. Although she claims she's fine, her C.O. explains that she's getting progressively more unhinged. The player can convince her to see a counselor and treat the PTSD.
* In the computer game adaptation of ''VideoGame/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream'', Creator/HarlanEllison expanded on Ellen's backstory by making her a rape victim in the past: Specifically, she was once assaulted by a man in a yellow repairman's jumpsuit in a halted elevator. AM uses this fact to his advantage in torturing her in the game, by decorating every environment with the colour yellow as a reminder of the event. However the player is given the chance to help her conquer her fear and give her the strength to fight back against her rapist.
* ''Franchise/MetalGear'':
** Otacon's social awkwardness in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' was explained in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2'' as the result of being sexually abused by his stepmother at age 14. Later his [[spoiler:father committed suicide by drowning himself in the family's pool after he learned it and his step-sister nearly drowned and is still terrified by water due to that.]]
** Subverted by the Beauty And Beast unit in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4'', despite the horrible tragedies afflicted upon them. None of them were supposedly raped by the soldiers in the past. However what happened to them is pretty much MindRape in the worst way possible.
** Both Chico and Paz were raped in between ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker'' and ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidGroundZeroes'', which justifies their [[ShooOutTheClowns drastically darker personalities in the later game]] and the DarkerAndEdgier tone.
** Made even worse in Ground Zeroes after Big Boss has his medic on the copter [[spoiler:hurriedly pull a bomb out of Paz's stomach, only for Paz to attempt to jump out of the copter to save them saying there's a second bomb.]] Fridge Horror ensues when you realize the only two possible places her captors could have [[spoiler:hidden a second bomb while the obvious fresh stitches on her stomach for the first bomb provided a distraction.]]
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', Jack has apparently been repeatedly sexually abused. Unlike many characters, though, Jack doesn't apparently angst over it; it says something about how screwed up her life is when being sexually assaulted is one of her ''least'' traumatic memories.
** When talking about her escape from the Cerberus lab, Jack mentions that she hitched a ride on a transport freighter, and that "the crew used me, then sold me." It's spoken with the same casual tone one would associate with getting the mail or ordering coffee, which makes it all the more chilling.
*** She seems more emotionally involved when she describes being caught by guards in the toilet and beaten and raped while she was in prison. Though the emotion in that is mostly restricted to her description of later killing her attackers.
* In ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive'', Ayame, the wife of the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan, was raped by a rogue ninja named Raidou. As a result, she would give birth to Ayane. The truth of Ayane's origins was kept secret from her for years, and when she finally learned where she came from, it changed her profoundly.
* Although not the actual rape victim, Luca Blight from ''VideoGame/SuikodenII'' was forced to watch the rape of [[spoiler: his mother, the Queen, on the hands of bandits hired by the Muse mayor. ]]. Luca will hold a deep grudge against his father because of his perceived inaction, culminating in the prince killing the king with a poisoned chalice. [[spoiler: His sister Jillia is the result of the rape, and the queen descended into severe depression.]]
* ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'':
** Sapphire, a member of the Thieves' Guild, had her family murdered by a bandit gang, which then took her back to their camp to be gang-raped for two weeks. Then she managed to get her hands on a knife and [[RapeAndRevenge slaughtered them]].
** Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, had a CreepyUncle who made certain "unwanted advances" on her, resulting in him becoming her first kill.
** In the Dawnguard DLC, Serana and her mother are "Daughters of Cold Harbor" and became vampires during a rite to the Daedric prince Molag Bal. Molag Bal, known as the [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast King of Rape]], raped a girl to make the first vampire, and it's implied that event is re-enacted during this rite. Neither of them like to talk about the details.
* Rapha from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'' is implied to have been raped by her surrogate father, Duke Barrington. Her brother, Marach, is unaware of this, holding the Duke in great regard for taking them in after their village was razed, unaware that[[spoiler: the Duke ordered the village to be destroyed when they refused to hand over the children to him so he could exploit their powers.]]
* A few of Niles's supports in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' imply he was subject to this before becoming Leo's retainer. It's downplayed, though, as it's shown his abandonment issues, bitterness at growing up in poverty and hatred of the rich that make up the bulk of his issues.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Characters with these backstories feature in just about all the works in the Franchise/{{Nasuverse}}. [[spoiler:Kohaku]] (''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}''), [[spoiler:Sakura Matou]] (''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''), and [[spoiler:Fujino Asagami]] (''LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai''). Yes, they all went crazy, [[AxCrazy really crazy]].
* ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'':
** Three boys ''{{attempted|Rape}}'' to rape [[spoiler:[[TheCutie Rena Ryuugu]], who still went under the name [[ClearMyName Reina]]]], at her old school. [[spoiler:These are the same boys she beat with a [[BatterUp bat]] when she was at a [[BreakTheCutie certain level]] of [[HatePlague Hinamizawa Syndrome]]]].
** In the manga, it's revealed that [[spoiler: the BigBad Miyoko Tanishi aka Miyo Takano]] was violently raped in the OrphanageOfFear that she was stashed in [[spoiler:until her grandfaher rescued her.]]
* In ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'', [[spoiler:Beatrice Ushiromiya]] unfortunately grew up to look identical to her deceased mother, leading her father [[spoiler:Kinzō]] to lose it and eventually rape her. [[spoiler:The result is the third Beatrice. When learning how [[AmbiguousGender (s)he]] was born, (s)he doesn't take it well.]]
* The second thing that started the screwed up life of [[spoiler:Shinji]] in ''VisualNovel/KaraNoShoujo''. And it only got worse from there.

* In ''Webcomic/AModestDestiny'' a character is bizarrely unhappy that she ''doesn't'' have a rape backstory. Instead it was attempted rape, and what happened instead mentally scarred her for life. Yes, this is a webcomic.
* ''Webcomic/DominicDeegan'' has ''two'' characters with a back story like this. It's debatable whether the love interest of the protagonist would count, since she consented beforehand, but was heavily pressured into it and was verbally abused immediately after. The character Melna, however, was raped by Stonewater in one of the most mind-boggling arcs in the entire series, in what was essentially a mix of ScarpiaUltimatum, MateOrDie and RapeByProxy that effectively victimized ''both'' of them.
** As for Luna, it's generally accepted that if one participant is under emotional duress and would not have consented if mentally sound, it is rape.
* ''Webcomic/TheLawOfPurple'' has ''two'' male examples.
* [[spoiler: Boudica]] in [[http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/shades%20surround.html Shades]]:She is a HistoricalDomainCharacter and the event happened. 2000 years later and she still isn't quite over it.
* It's revealed in the Interview section for the characters of ''Webcomic/{{Flipside}}'' that Umber was raped as a girl.
%%* [[http://www.whatisdeepfried.com/COMIX/Family/PAGE1.html Clarissa]], enough said.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Both referenced and played very, very straight in ''{{Literature/Touch}}'''s child protagonist, James, who spends much of the first chapter trying to figure out how to get everyone in his family to forget about it so that he can just move on.
* Shin in ''Literature/SailorNothing''. A rare example of it being done just right -- she's mostly gotten over it, but it does subtly color her character. [[spoiler:When she realizes Himei is going to be raped, her reaction is heart-rendingly visceral.]]
* ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' has several characters in version one and the version two pregame (most characters in version two proper either [[{{Retcon}} retconned]] it out or didn't use it to begin with) who mention having been raped in their profile, to the point that some handlers were exasperatedly asking if anyone had ''not'' been raped.
* Scratch from ''AudioPlay/WereAlive'' reveals that she became pregnant as a result of rape and had an abortion which left her sterile. She now treats Lizzie and her unborn baby as something of a MoralityPet.
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic was date-raped when he tried to go to prom. When he's raped again by Spoony, he's so traumatized he can't speak, but then goes into Rape is Love mode.
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick was molested by her uncle when she was a child.
* Rebecca from ''WebVideo/DemoReel'' is another case of CreepyUncle, which admitting while stoned is what drives Tacoma to try and look after her. Grossly, her parents sent her on camping trips with the guy.
** Donnie was raped by someone who wanted to reenact the sexual assault scene from ''[[Literature/TheMillenniumTrilogy The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo]]'', but the horror for Rebecca and Tacoma mostly comes from just how casual he is admitting that it happened.
* In ''WebVideo/BerserkAbridged'' Casca tells Guts about the time she met Griffith, who saved her from being raped by a nobleman. Guts, in response, tells her that his backstory is a bit different. WordOfGod is that he intentionally didn't play any of the sexual abuse for laughs, though this scene does contain a level of BlackComedy regardless.
--> '''Guts''': And do you know who [[BigDamnHeroes showed up just in the nick of time]], and gave me a sword and a blanket, and taught me to believe in myself?\\
'''Casca''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Was it Jesus?]]\\
'''Guts''': '''[[IronWoobie NOBODY!]]'''
* ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged'' plays its two backstory rape instances for '''very''' BlackComedy, but '''never''' in a way that detracts from the horror and justified angst of said backstories.
** Episode 6 has Seras tell Pip that [[BlatantLies nothing happened]] when she grew up in Leeds, despite the flashback slideshow telling a very different story. Episode 7 shows us exactly what happened, and [[HarmfulToMinors it is as horrifying as you guessed]].
** Despite all the [[PedophilePriest pedopriest]] jokes Alucard likes throwing around, he is very much [[spoiler:the same Vlad Tepes Dracul that everyone knows and fears]]. [[spoiler:Ten years of sexual assault]] would leave someone with a '''lot''' of pent-up aggression[[spoiler:, something even '''God''' acknowledges]].
-->'''Alucard''': [The source of my anger] was the ten years of ''rape!'' Nailed it like the ''fucking'' Romans!

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* [[spoiler: Agnes Sculptham]] on ''WesternAnimation/MoralOrel''. Although it was not part of her "backstory" at the beginning of the show, it was revealed in the third season this had occured offscreen at one point sometimes between "[[spoiler:Courtship]]" and "Alone."
* The vampire Lilly in ''WesternAnimation/{{Spawn}}'' describe herself as someone who was raped and murdered by the last Spawn.
* Sarah-Lynn in ''WesternAnimation/BojackHorseman'' was molested by her bear stepfather. This, [[BlackComedyRape however]], is PlayedForLaughs.
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