In a Ramping Shot, the camera moves in rapidly on its subject -- both a physical move and a closeup zoom -- for a dramatic reaction from the actor. Final editing usually speeds up the take and adds a "whoosh" sound for additional emphasis.

* An UrExample can be found in ''Film/NorthByNorthwest''.
* Used frequently on the American version of ''QueerAsFolk''.
* Used [[RefugeInAudacity to the point of ridiculousness]] in ''Film/{{Shaun of the Dead}}'' and ''Film/{{Hot Fuzz}}''.
* Sam Raimi loves to do this, for example in the ''Franchise/{{Evil Dead}}'' films.
* This is an iconic filming technique used in [[MartialArtsMovie 1960s and 1970s kung fu movies, like the ones from the Shaw Brothers.]] Sometimes this is done in reverse, you see the character emote, then the camera zooms out to reveal the rest of the scene. KillBill used this in homage to these movies.