Rajesh Khanna was an enormously Bollywood popular leading man in the mid-sixties to mid-seventies, generally considered to have the most insane fangirls in the business in his heyday. Although a good-looking man in the suave, dapper mold of Dev Anand, his characters usually tended to be [[PuritySue simple, saintly souls from the countryside]], preaching traditional Indian values in the face of greed, crime and corruption. He is best remembered for his [[UptightLovesWild frequent pairings with the bubbly actress Mumtaz,]] including ''Bollywood/ApnaDesh''. In private life, he was a troubled, often depressive man, perhaps due to the early death of his parents.

His marriage to the very young movie starlet Dimple Kapadia (RishiKapoor's leading lady in ''Bobby'') caused a minor scandal, due to her age and the fact that he had broken up with a longterm girlfriend who had helped him alot in his earlier career. Rajesh and Dimple had two daughters together, [[EmbarrassingFirstName Twinkle and Rinke,]] who also had brief acting careers, until Rinke married a wealthy businessman and Twinkle married Creator/AkshayKumar and took up interior decorating. Rajesh and Dimple became estranged over Rajesh's alcoholism and womanizing, and Dimple's desire to go back to acting, but by the late nineties they were on amicable if not close terms. Rajesh died in 2012, bringing an outpouring of sympathy from his fans and colleagues. The last of his mistresses is in the process of suing Dimple and her daughters and sons-in-law for financial compensation.