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This is what happens when you mix ColorCodedForYourConvenience with LuckySeven. Not only is a color motif used, but the specific colors involved are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These are often identified as the colors of the [[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows rainbow]].

This trope was started by UsefulNotes/IsaacNewton, who really wanted there to be exactly seven colors to match the number of musical notes, the number of planets ([[ScienceMarchesOn then]]) known to be in our solar system, and days of the week. Isaac was wrong about this one, but since he was such a famous scientist, the belief that the visible light spectrum could be separated into exactly seven parts was widely held for a long time. This gave rise to the popular mnemonic "Roy G. Biv", a person's name constructed from the first letter of each color in order. Another mnemonic, more popular in Britain, is "[[UsefulNotes/WarsOfTheRoses Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain]]".

Indigo is generally considered the odd man out among the seven, due to it simply being a dark blue.[[note]]There is evidence to suggest that Isaac Newton in fact considered the rainbow colours to be Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, ''Cyan, Blue'', Violet.[[/note]] If the creator needs a few more colors to round out the cast, '''black''' and '''white''' are common additions. Alternatively, some creators opt to branch out into the non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet. Curiously, cyan is missing, creating a conspicuous gap between the primaries green and blue, while indigo and violet replace magenta between red and blue[[note]]magenta is an odd color; usually if an object reflects multiple pure colors, your brain sees the average color reflected, but if only the edges of spectrum are being reflected, ie red and violet\blue, your brain sees it as magenta rather than green[[/note]]. For printing inks and finer art, cyan, magenta, and yellow are the primary colors, making orange yet another odd color out along the same lines as indigo[[note]]as both are neither primaries nor secondaries[[/note]] and making cyan's absence even more conspicuous.

'''Example:''' The SevenDeadlySins - Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Lust, Pride often go with red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple respectively.

Another way to think of this trope is ChromaticArrangement plus four extra colors.




[[folder: Art]]
* Any of various art pieces by Lisa Frank. Most memorably, the rainbow unicorns, though pretty much ''all'' of her artwork involved this trope to some extent or another.

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'':
** The seven types of Dying Will Flame. Each is named after an aspect of weather. Red is storm, orange is sky, yellow is sun, green is lightning, blue is rain, indigo is mist, and violet is cloud. The (orange) Sky Flame is always the leader's flame.
** Each member of the Arcobaleno has a corresponding color, fitting to their Dying Will Flames. The name also doubles as the Italian word for rainbow.
* In ''Anime/SevenOfSeven'', the main character is [[LiteralSplitPersonality split into seven of herself]], and each girl has a corresponding color. Unlike most cases, indigo is shunted for yellow-green.
* This forms the motif of the seven princesses in ''Anime/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'', with pink, aqua, and deep blue subbing in for red, blue, and indigo, respectively. The second opening of the anime is even called "Rainbow Notes".
* The Seven Rainbow Crystals in ''Anime/SailorMoon''. Fought over in the correct spectral order, needless to say.
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%%* OnePiece's Straw Hat Pirates somewhat, the first 7. Luffy (red), Nami (orange), Usopp (yellow), Zoro (green), Sanji (blue), Robin (purple), Chopper (pink). Later Franky (cyan) and Brook (black) are introduced.
* ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' has Johan Andersen and the seven Gem Beasts, all of whom are needed to summon Rainbow Dragon.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'': Dark Signers and their Earthbound God cards are color coded in individual colors of the rainbow.
** Rudger is red
** Carly is orange
** Demak is yellow
** Misty is green
** Kiryu is blue
** Bommer is indigo
** Rex is violet
* ''Anime/KillLaKill'' has Ragyo Kiryuin which combines this with DynamicEntry. Whenever she appears there are always rainbows appearing in the background. [[spoiler:This is to symbolize how much stronger she is compared to the rest of the cast.]]
* Both [[CrystalDragonJesus Olivie Sägebrecht]] and [[CloneJesus Vivio Takamachi]] of ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'' have iridescent colored magic, known in-universe as Kaiserfarbe (Color of the Emperor).

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The emotional spectrum in ''ComicBook/GreenLantern'' associates each of the colors with a particular feeling. Red is rage, orange is avarice, yellow is fear, green is willpower/courage, blue is hope, indigo is compassion, and violet is love. (Admittedly, the "violet" faction, the Star Sapphires, are more pink in practice, but that's down to retconning old characters into a new concept.) Plus Black appropriately represents the absence of emotion and death, while White represents life (see ComicBook/BlackestNight and ComicBook/BrightestDay).
** This was parodied in Linkara and Spoony's review of ''Warrior'' #4, where [[spoiler:they become Gray Lanterns, representing apathy.]]
* The real name of ''ComicBook/TheFlash'' villain Rainbow Raider is Roy G. Bivolo, a reference to the mnemonic.
* ''ComicBook/BatmanAndTheOutsiders''. Halo's super powers each had their own color: heat blasts (red), force blasts (orange), bright light (yellow), a stasis beam (green), mirages (blue), a tractor beam (indigo), and violet (all of the other colors' powers at the same time).
* ''Detective Comics'' #241. Franchise/{{Batman}} wears a different colored uniform each night (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet) as seen [[http://superdickery.com/images/stories/seduction/24038627564241.gif here]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Blackhawk}}'' #131. On the cover, a MadScientist is changing the Blackhawks' uniforms to all of the colors of the rainbow (red, yellow, green, blue and violet are shown).

* In a particularly impossible Union Club mystery by Creator/IsaacAsimov, we are given a list of names and asked which one would correspond to the nickname "half a ghost". The reader is expected to identify that ghost can mean spectre\spectrum(?!), and then Roy is half of that. Well, three sevenths, but indigo doesn't count.
* In ''Literature/TheSeventhTower'', the Chosen have eight castes: one for each of the seven colors, with Violet at the top, plus a colorless "Underfolk" caste at the bottom for the servants.
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' has the Rainbow Guard, Renly's chosen Kingsguard, each one wearing armor of a different color. Despite Renly's [[StraightGay predilections]], it's more of a religious thing - as the Faith of Westeros has seven gods, the rainbow is viewed as a holy symbol the same way a three-leaf clover was associated with the Holy Trinity in real life.
* In ''[[Literature/CarnackiTheGhostFinder The Hog]]'', Carnacki uses rainbow-colored rings of light in his Magitek protective circle, and describes the attractive or repulsive effects associated with each color.
* In the ''Literature/RainbowMagic'' series, this is seen with the Rainbow Fairies, as well as the series logo and title.
* The magic, or "luxin", in ''Literature/TheLightbringerSeries'' is classified in seven colors. The visible colors are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Indigo and violet are replaced with sub-red and ultraviolet. [[MagicAIsMagicA Each form of luxin has its own mass and function compared to the others.]]

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/BeakmansWorld'' had Roy G. Biv appear as a hippie wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and a rainbow wig.
* The Prism Memory in ''Series/KamenRiderDouble''.
* ''Series/ResshaSentaiToQger'' uses rainbows as a secondary motif (the primary one is [[CoolTrain trains]]), combining the franchise's usual [[ColorCharacter color-coding]] with light vs. darkness symbolism. The main team has the common arrangement of Red-Blue-Yellow-Green-Pink, while the SixthRanger helps complete the rainbow by being an extremely rare Orange Ranger. The Red Ranger even becomes a Rainbow Ranger at one point as an AllYourPowersCombined EleventhHourSuperpower. A DVD special set after the series further adds a Purple Ranger to the mix.

* The song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf33ueRXMzQ "Roy G. Biv"]] by Music/TheyMightBeGiants is named after the mnemonic.
* The Boards of Canada song "Roygbiv".
* The Abyss tracks of Music/SoundHorizon's ''Elysion'' are all color coded: Ark (purple), Baroque (blue), Yield (green), Sacrifice (orange) and Stardust(red).
* "[[http://www.mixcloud.com/MrBadAxe/the-rainbow/ The Rainbow]]", a trance mix on [=MixCloud=].
* Music/SClub7 had seven members, each of whom was color-coded with a color of the rainbow. Tina was red, Paul orange, Hannah yellow, Jon green, Bradley blue, Jo indigo and Rachel violet. Most apparent in the "S Club Party" video, where each member's name flashes on screen in their respective color.

[[folder:Mythology and Religion]]
* In the Myth/HinduMythology, the deity Surya rides in a chariot pulled by seven horses (or a horse with seven heads), each of which represents one of the seven colors of the rainbow.

* In Jersey Jack Pinball's ''Pinball/TheWizardOfOz,'' [[SpellingBonus spelling R-A-I-N-B-O-W]] completes the rainbow and grants access to Munchkinland.

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* in ''[[{{Supermarionation}} Captain Scarlet]]'', the Spectrum organisation is this trope: its field agents are all named, dressed in, and trhemed after, colours. There is the eponymous Captain Scarlet, his adversary Captain Black, and Captains Blue, Brown, et c. The overall commander is Colonel White, and for some reason, Green only merits the lower rank of Lieutenant.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}}'', Alpha Complex's [[FantasticCasteSystem security clearance system]] was based on the Roy G. Biv mnemonic with two additions: Infrared (black), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Ultraviolet (white).
** There are jokes (in the actual rulebooks) about breaches of this pattern...but talking about Security Clearance Plaid is of course treason. Rumors of Security Clearance Gamma are also treason. Repetition of rumors is treason. Please report all rumors to the proper authorities.
** Roy-G-BIV is used as a mnemonic in the rulebook, as the name is in the proper format for a citizen of Alpha Complex (the green-clearance citizen Roy from sector BIV).
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''
** 1st Edition
*** Adventure [=WG4=] ''The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun''. The gem eyes in 6 sarcophagi are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet: every part of [=RoyGBiv=] ''except'' indigo.
*** In adventure [=WG6=] ''Isle of the Ape'', one puzzle required the {{PC}}s to follow color-coded corridors in the Roy G. Biv mnemonic order to gain valuable information and avoid a death trap.
*** Subverted in adventure I12 ''Egg of the Phoenix''. A puzzle to open a magical doorway appears to be based on choosing which colors to touch from a Roy G. Biv palette, but it's a trick.
*** [=WG7=] ''Castle Greyhawk''. Level 5 is filled with {{Shout Out}}s to other {{Tabletop Game}}s. One room has a variety of creatures each colored one of the Roy G. Biv colors as a reference to ''TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}}''.
*** T1-4 ''The Temple of Elemental Evil''. The Great Hall on dungeon level three has a magical device with parts colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
*** The Rainbow spell give each of the seven colors a different magical effect (Bow/Arrow and Flagon/Potion options only).
*** The Chromatic Orb spell could create orbs of the following colors: Ruby (red), Flame (orange), Amber (yellow), Emerald (green), Turquoise (blue), Sapphire (indigo), and Amethyst (violet).
** The following spells give each of the seven colors a different magical effect: Prismatic Spray, Prismatic Wall, Prismatic Sphere, Rainbow (Bow/Arrow option only).
** The Faerie Dragon's color goes through almost all of the rainbow colors as it grows older. Starting with red, they pass through orange, yellow, green, blue and violet - all except indigo.
** ''Greyhawk Adventures'' supplement
*** The deity Istus can use her Spindle of Fate to cast the Web of Stars, which sends victims to another plane of existence. All creatures sent to that plane appear to each other to be glowing stars of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet or white (white replaces indigo).
*** The Nystul's Radiant Baton and Nystul's Radiant Arch spells do extra damage of different types or to specific targets based on the color chosen: red (cold: only affects heat/fire creatures), orange (heat: only affects cold/fire/ice creatures), yellow (acid), green (poison), blue (electricity), indigo (only affects undead), violet (only affects plants).
** 2nd Edition
*** The color of Wizshades (a type of monster) depends on how old they are. The scale is in reverse Roy G. Biv order: the youngest are violet, and the oldest are red.
*** ''TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms Adventures'' supplement. Torm's priests rub colors into their armor to indicate their rank within the church. The rank colors (in ascending order) are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (violet), missing only indigo.
** 3rd Edition ''Creature Collection''. A skyquill's needles come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, every color except indigo. Each has a different effect on victims.
** ''Magazine/{{Dragon}}'' magazine
*** Issue #125. Radiance quasi-elementals can fire seven different beams of light, each a color of the rainbow. Each beam does 1d6 HitPoints base damage plus 1 HitPoint per Hit Die of the quasi-elemental of a specific type: red (cold), orange (heat), yellow (acid), green (poison), blue (electrical), indigo (water) and violet (force).
*** Issue #169 short story "Swordfish and Sorcery". Ilsimar casts a spell that creates colors from a collection of fruits and vegetables: red (strawberry), orange (carrot), yellow (squash), green (mint), blue (blueberries), indigo and purple (plum).
*** Issue #220 article "Bazaar of the Bizarre - Elven Magic". The Wand of Faerie Spheres has seven possible effects, each carried by a sphere of a specific color: Red (ages organic material held/worn by the target), Orange (Fireball + Wall of Fire), Yellow (blinding burst of light), Blue (sphere of force around target), Violet (Faerie Fire on target) and Chromatic (affects target as if it touched a Prismatic Sphere). Note that Chromatic replaces poor indigo again.
*** Issue #242 article "Arcane Lore - Magic of Sight and Sound". The spell Chromatic Crown grants a +4 to defenses against a specific type of attack based on the color of the Crown's main gem: Red (fire/heat), Orange (acid), Yellow (petrifaction/paralyzation), Green (rod/staff/wand), Blue (breath weapons) and Violet (spells). Once again indigo is left out.
** ''Magazine/{{Dungeon}}'' magazine #45 adventure "Prism Keep". The title castle has six large towers, each a different color: red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple.
* ''TabletopGame/VictorianaRPG'' supplement ''Faulkner's Millinery and Miscellanea''. Prismatic Powders come in all seven of the colors, each with a different effect (red = burst into flame, orange = make metal/minerals decay, yellow = blinding flash, green = make plants grow, blue = create fog, indigo = make invisible things visible, violet = levitate objects/creatures).
* ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'' supplement ''Enemies III''. The supervillain Spectra's powers are color coded in this manner (Red = Ranged Killing Attack, Orange = Energy Blast, Yellow = Flash, Green = Ego Attack, Blue = Mind Control, Indigo = Desolidification, Violet = Regeneration).
* Judges Guild module ''Druids of Doom''. The adventure takes place in a temple to the deity Astokph. The six colors associated with Astokph are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (violet), all of the rainbow colors except indigo.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Rolemaster}}'', ''Shadow World'' campaign setting
** ''Quellbourne: Land of the Silver Mist''. In the ruined city of Quellburn is the Citadel of Wizards. The Mentalists' Rectangle building has a meditation chamber with floor tiles set in in rings tinted the colors of the rainbow, from red to purple (violet).
** ''Jaiman: Land of Twilight''. When something (beings, spells and magic items) is reflected in the Mirror of Auras, the color of the reflection reveals the specific nature of that thing's Essaence (sic). Red = Essence, Orange = Essence/Channeling, Yellow = Channeling/Mentalism, Green = Channeling, Blue = Mentalism, Violet = Mentalism/Essence. Yes, once again indigo is forgotten.
** ''Gethaena''. The {{NPC}} character Myrlaenis has a spell called Smoke of Hues. The caster can cause the smoke from a fire to change to one of the rainbow colors, each of which has a different spell effect. Red = ''Rituals I'', orange = ''Longing'', yellow = ''Regrets'', green = ''Dreams of Remorse'', blue = ''Claws of Agony'', and purple (violet) = ''Talons of Peace''. Of course, it's once again poor indigo that's forgotten.
* ''TabletopGames/LejendaryAdventures''. The Rainbow Ram power must be one of the seven colors. Each color is effective against a specific material/energy type. Red = wood, Orange = normal door/gate/drawbridge/portcullis, Yellow = Extraordinary protection around individuals or objects, Green = stone, Blue = magical or mundane barriers, Indigo = Extraordinary protection around constructions, Violet = force fields.
* Iron Crown Enterprises ''TabletopGame/{{Cyberspace}}'' main rules. Cybernetic thermal vision allows the user to see heat. The temperature of an object determines the color it's seen as. The colors are in reverse [=RoyGBiv=] as temperature increases: violet (19 °F and below), indigo (20-49 °F), blue (50-69 °F), green (70-79 °F), yellow (80-99 °F), orange (100-129 °F), red (130-149 °F), white (150 °F and above).
* ''TabletopGame/{{Earthdawn}}''. A creature using Heat Sight sees the difference between background temperature and an object's temperature as a color. As the difference increases the color goes up the ROYGBIV scale (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Extreme temperature differences appear as white.
* ''Carcosa: Weird Science-Fantasy Horror Setting''. The sorcerous ritual "The Haunter of the Phosphorescent Vault" is used to conjure the Violet Mist. It requires the HumanSacrifice of 9 young female virgins of the various colored races of the planet Carcosa, including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. When the Violet Mist appears the sorcerer must give it nine gems, including red ruby, orange topaz, yellow diamond, green emerald, blue sapphire, and purple amethyst. Once again poor indigo is excluded.
* ''Man, Myth & Magic'' Adventure 1 ''The Glastonbury Labyrinth''. Inside the Atlantean vimana (spaceship) are AutoKitchen devices that dispense food and drink when the correct buttons are pressed. Button colors include red (heated food), orange (synthetic steak), yellow (bananas), blue (water), indigo (vegetables) and violet (seafood).
* ''TabletopGame/RuneQuest'' supplement ''Dorastor: Land of Doom''. The rainbow gorp can change from one color to another. Each color gives it a different Chaos Feature: red (increase Size by 11), orange ({{regeneration}} 1 HitPoint per round), yellow (12 points of skin armor), green ({{regeneration}} 6 {{Hit Point}}s per round), blue (turn into a harmless appearing pile of dust) and purple (absorb spells that cost up to two magic points).
* ''TabletopGame/VillainsAndVigilantes'' adventure ''Assassin''. The ASA (American Security Agency) has a rank structure based on the color spectrum. It includes violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, in order of increasing rank.
* Chaosium's supplement ''All the Worlds' Monsters'' Volume III. The Rainbow Demon is a GiantSpider (36-360 HitPoints) whose legs are colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and clear. Each leg has a special power: four of them can [[AttackReflector reflect missiles, Breath Weapons, clerical magic and all magic]].

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The Prism Rangers in ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'', but not [[VideoGame/DisgaeaHourOfDarkness the original]], as only the three primary colors were used in that game.
* The alter-ego of Hugh Bliss in ''SamAndMax'' was named Roy G. Biv.
* ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou''. In the bonus chapter at the end of the game, someone comments that Joshua is the "Roy G. Biv" of Tin Pin strategy.
* The downloadable game ''Peggle Nights'' has a challenge named "Roy G. Biv".
* The Seven Magypsies of ''{{VideoGame/Mother 3}}'' each [[spoiler:(but Fassad)]] wore a color of the rainbow. It doesn't help that they're CampGay. [[spoiler:Interestingly, the only Magypsy that doesn't wear one of the colors of the rainbow wears white instead of indigo, making the magypsy seem as if it weren't part of the rainbow.]]
* In the Creator/{{Infocom}} game ''VideoGame/HollywoodHijinx'' you can find Roy G. Biv's telephone number and call him up.
* ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'':
** Used by the [[MineralMacGuffin Chaos Emeralds]], but in a different configuration than normal. The current setup has orange and indigo traded for cyan and white. Before the colors became consistent, there was occasionally an orange Emerald.
** The Wisps in ''VideoGame/SonicColors'' come in seven colors (not counting the white ones, which are just boost powerups). Here, red and indigo are traded for pink and cyan, with red and violet only being available in the DS version. In ''VideoGame/SonicLostWorld'', an indigo wisp is introduced.
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
** The Star Pieces in ''Videogame/SuperMarioRPG''.
** Also, the Pure Hearts in ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario''. Though in that case, an eighth, white one is added. There is also the Chaos Heart, which is black.
** In ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy2'', the worlds on the main world select screen follow these colors. World 1 is blue, 2 is orange, 3 is green, 4 is indigo, 5 is violet, 6 is dual-layered with yellow on top and red below, and World S is rainbow-colored.
** The Sprixie Princesses in ''VideoGame/SuperMario3DWorld'' are associated respectively with the colors of the rainbows, although indigo is replaced by cyan. They're located in the worlds that are thematically connected with those colors (the Green Princess is in [[GreenHillZone World 1]], the Yellow Princess is in [[ShiftingSandLand World 2]], and so on). When World 7 is cleared and all of them appear to be saved, [[spoiler:Bowser makes a comeback and abducts them again, taking them to the rainbow-colored World 8)]].
* ''VideoGame/RainbowIslands'': The gems (small and large) fit this trope (at least nominally), although the "blue" gems are actually cyan whilst the "indigo" ones are blue.
* The first seven worlds of ''VideoGame/KirbyCanvasCurse'', with the sixth being called "Ultramarine" rather than Indigo. Also the first 7 worlds of ''VideoGame/KirbysAdventure''. Complete with AddedAlliterativeAppeal.
** ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse'' has 7 worlds that are named in order: Green Valley, Yellow Dunes, Indigo Ocean, Blue Sky Palace, Orange Woodland, Red Volcano, and Purple Fortress. The seventh world has purple instead of violet, though it is at least part of the same color family.
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' has the recurring character Alice Margatroid, also [[BossSubtitles occasionally referred to as]] "The Seven-coloured Puppeteer".
* The color of [[spoiler:the sky in each dimension]] in ''VideoGame/{{Eversion}}'' follows the Roy G. Biv pattern turned inside out: Cyan, Blue, Indigo, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple.
* In various ''[[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Zelda]]'' games, the Seven Sages are split up this way. The same goes of the Lokomo Spirits in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks''.
* In ''[[VideoGame/{{Turgor}} The Void]]'', Color is a substance, and comes in seven varieties, six of which correspond to the classical spectrum colors -- Crimson, Amber, Gold, Emerald, Azure and Violet. Indigo is traded for Silver.
* ''VideoGame/{{Photopia}}'' uses the colors of the rainbow as title cards and each section has text in the same color as the current title. The order of colors is: Red, Sea Blue, Gold, Sky Blue, Green, Violet. [[spoiler:And then the very last section reveals that the titular Photopia is a device designed to entertain infants by displaying rainbows of color.]]
* ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'' has the Hylek clans pigmented green, blue, yellow, orange, or red. The first two are friendly, the last two are hostile, and yellow can be either depending on their mood. An asura child idly comments it would be better if they were all friendly and there was a purple one that gave out candy. No mention is made of indigo.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Coryoon}}'', the stages are Green Wood, Blue Lake, Orange Valley, Yellow Park, Red Mountain, Purple Cave, Indigo Star and finally Black Road.
* In ''[[http://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=g0fl99ovcrq2sqzk Coloratura]]'', the protagonist is an alien who [[BizarreAlienSenses senses the world and humans' emotions in colors]] and has the ability to sing to "color" others' emotional states differently. The visible spectrum for it includes all the typical rainbow colors (red signifies panic, orange unease, yellow curiosity, etc.), plus infrared (anger/hatred) and ultraviolet (assertiveness), as well as white (bliss), grey (apathy), and black (madness).
* The Japanese original of ''Videogame/PokemonRedAndBlue'' had six of their eight badges be the standard colors[[note]]Blue for [[MakingASplash Kasumi (Misty)]], Orange for [[ShockAndAwe Matis (Lt. Surge)]], and Green for [[DishingOutDirt Sakaki (Giovanni)]],[[/note]] or close variants.[[note]][[RealMenWearPink Pink]] (Magenta) for [[PoisonousPerson Kyo (Koga)]], Gold (Yellow) for [[PsychicPowers Natsume (Sabrina)]], and Crimson (Red) for [[PlayingWithFire Katsura (Blaine)]].[[/note]] The exceptions are [[DishingOutDirt Takeshi's (Brock's)]] Gray Badge (''absence'' of color) and [[GreenThumb Erika's]] (kept her name) Rainbow Badge (AllYourColorsCombined). [[DubNameChange This correlation was dropped in the english translation]] in favor of names corresponding to their elements with the exception of [[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows Erika's]], though the ''cities'' adopted a looser ColorMotif.[[note]]With both Surge's and Blaine's towns having shades of red and Erika's city being sort of a greenish-cyan. [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg Plus]] [[BigBoosHaunt Lavender town]].[[/note]] Indigo was excluded from the badges but became the dub name of the Quartz Plateau, lair of the Elite Four.
* ''VideoGame/{{Tetris}}'' commonly features one of two tetromino color schemes, both of which share the same set of rainbow colors:
** Sega/Jaleco/Arika colors: I = red, L = orange, O = yellow, Z = green, T = cyan, J = blue, S = purple
** Guideline/"Official"/SRS colors: S = red, L = orange, O = yellow, S = green, I = cyan, J = blue, T = purple
* ''VideoGame/Idolish7'' Each member corrspond to their theme color. Also counts as a [[ColorCodedCharacters Color Character Motifs]] Riku (Red), Mitsuki (Orange), Nagi (Yellow), Yamato (Green), Tamaki (Blue), Iori (Indigo), and Sougo (Purple)

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Russian superheroine Prezma ("Prism") from the ''Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'' can split herself into seven color-coded duplicates, each one having a different set of light-related powers.
* The trolls in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' have this. Their social caste system is based on blood colour, which can be anywhere from red to magenta. Powerful, long-lived, psychic-resistant highbloods are blues and purples, and the unstable, short-lived, psychically-gifted lowbloods are reds and yellows, with the greens and turquoises in the middle class. Each of the twelve trolls we meet fits into the spectrum, save for Karkat, who is a mutant whose blood is a super-saturated, brilliant "candy-red" instead of the more muted red normal trolls have.
* ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse'': SPECTRUM, Cincinnatiís superhero group of Generation 1, was named by the media for their founders' codenames. The lineup at the time we see them, is:
** Golden Knight
** Goldstar
** Green Witch
** Blue Streak
** Red Thunder
** Violet
** Azure
** Tawny
** Silver Ghost
* ''Wiki/SCPFoundation''
** [[http://scp-wiki.net/scp-261 SCP-261 ("Pan-Dimensional Vending")]]. One of the items provided by SCP-261 was a flashlight with 6 lenses, each a color of the rainbow (with indigo being the color missing). When the flashlight was used to shine light on someone, they tasted an appropriate flavor: Red (cherry), Orange (orange), Yellow (banana), Green (lime), Blue (blueberry) and Violet (grape).
** [[http://scp-wiki.net/scp-535 SCP-535 ("Communicative Beaker")]]. When certain types of information transmission or storage come within one meter of the liquid in the Beaker, the liquid changes color as follows: red (digital media), orange (radio waves), yellow (sound waves), green (photographic film), blue (text and physical visual imagery), purple (magnetic tape), white (human brain).
** [[http://scp-wiki.net/scp-819 SCP-819 ("Vital Suckers")]]. When consumed, these lolipops drain liquid from the victim's body. The type of liquid consumed depends on the lolipop's color: red (blood), orange (gastric acid), yellow (urine), green (phlegm), blue (aqueous and vitreous humors) and purple (cerebrospinal fluid).
** [[http://scp-wiki.net/scp-839 SCP-839 ("Candied Worms")]]. SCP-839 are candy worms that, when eaten, replace one of the body's organs. The worms come in different colors: red (heart), orange (liver), yellow (stomach), green (one eye), blue (one kidney), and purple (one lung). Indigo is replaced by pink (brain).
** [[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/log-of-anomalous-items Log of Anomalous Items]]. All written text regarding a certain notebook will be one of six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue or violet).
* Seeing as color motifs are pretty much universal in ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'', there are several characters themed around rainbows.
** Neon Katt is a cat faunus who wears bright colors, leaves behind a rainbow trail as she rides on her roller skates, and has an ImageSong where she refers to herself as a "neon rainbow". She's also a walking ShoutOut to [[MemeticMutation Nyan Cat]].
** Ilia Amitola is a chameleon faunus who changes colors based on her emotions with a last name that means "rainbow" in Sioux. It also served as foreshadowing, since [[spoiler:rainbows are associated with the LGBT community and she has (or had) a crush on Blake.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite''. The seven Color Kids are named after the Roy G. Biv scale: Red Butler, Lala Orange, Canary Yellow, Patty O' Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo and Shy Violet.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' Raven has seriously repressed emotions (necessary because her powers stem from them and require tight control). In "Nevermore", where Beast Boy and Cyborg use a mirror to step inside of her mind, we see Raven's true colors... literally! Each side of her personality (even the parts she tries to hide normally) appears as an image of her but characterized by a different color. Although it is not ''just'' the seven colors of the rainbow, it does make sure to include them. Even the original Raven's cloak is an indigo!
* The seven daughters of Triton in ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'' each have a different color tail. If we were to arrange them chromatically: Arista (red), Attina (orange), Adella (yellow), Ariel (green), Aquata (blue), Andrina (purple), Alana (pink).
* ''WesternAnimation/AngelsFriends'': [[spoiler:The new costumes of the eight heroes at the end of season one- by adding pink and replacing indigo by turquoise.]]
* [[Characters/FriendshipIsMagicRainbowDash Rainbow Dash]] in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''. Her mane and tail are all of the colors of the rainbow ([[RainbowLite minus indigo]]) and her cutie mark is a multicolored lightning bolt.
* G3 Rainbow Dash in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyG3'' had a multicolored mane and tail, as did Rarity, the Rainbow Princess.
* The seven ''WesternAnimation/RainbowRangers'' are named, colored, and themed after the rainbow.