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[[quoteright:295:[[Film/TheLastAirbender http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/race_lift.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:300: The first rule of casting club is this: make sure the actors look at least remotely like the characters.]]

->'''Frozone:''' Wait a second, what's this? Is that me? …I'm white! They made me a white guy?\\
'''Mr. Incredible:''' You're… you're… black… ish…\\
'''Frozone:''' They made me a white guy!\\
'''Mr. Incredible:''' Well… maybe the print's faded. You're tan… ish?
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles'', talking about [[ShowWithinAShow a cartoon show]] starring Frozone and Mr. Incredible.

A Race Lift is what occurs when a character's race or ethnicity is changed in the creation of a derivative work, also known as [[Film/TheLastAirbender Racebending]], and in the case of non-white characters becoming white, whitewashing. Sometimes this is a method to try and keep things politically correct. People can't argue racism if you have a TokenMinority in the cast, but you usually run into [[UnfortunateImplications problems]] when you change a character who is originally a proud minority into a member of the majority group.

For the sake of some organization the examples have been divided up according to the nature of the change:
* Diversifying a Cast: Changing the ethnicity of minor characters to prevent the entire production from being homogeneous.
* Changing the Minority: A character who was a minority being made into a majority.
* Changing the Majority: A character who was a majority being made into a minority.
* Minority to other Minority: Switching around ethnicity to other minorities.
* Uncertain Depictions: The exact race of the individual was in question to begin with, especially in the case of historical figures.
* Mixed Race/Miscellaneous: Characters and actors who are ambiguous to begin with and thus are interpreted differently.

If a character in a work changes their race within the storyline, it's BlackLikeMe (if it's voluntary) or ColorMeBlack (if it's involuntary).

See {{Blackface}}, {{Yellowface}}, and {{Brownface}} when the actor uses makeup to perform as a character of a different race.

See also: ColorblindCasting, BlackVikings, FiveTokenBand, TwoferTokenMinority, {{Mukokuseki}}, GenderFlip, AffirmativeActionLegacy. Often involves an AdaptationDyeJob. See GenderFlip when an adaptation changes a character's gender instead of race. See DivineRaceLift when gods are portrayed as a race different from their traditional representations. See FakeNationality when a character's ethnicity is meant to stay the same, but the person playing him doesn't have the same background.
* [[RaceLift.DiversifyingACast Diversifying a Cast]]
* [[RaceLift.ChangingTheMinority Changing the Minority]]
* [[RaceLift.ChangingTheMajority Changing the Majority]]
* [[RaceLift.MinorityToOtherMinority Minority to other Minority]]
* [[RaceLift.UncertainDepictions Uncertain Depictions]]
* [[RaceLift.MixedRaceOrMiscellaneous Mixed Race/Miscellaneous]]