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An ensemble of EliteMooks more developed than faceless {{mooks}} but not as developed as the FiveBadBand. Occasionally TheDragon or other major villain is part of TheTeam, and will be the [[TheLeader official or unofficial leader]]. The competency of this group varies wildly.

This group is typified by an overarching design theme, but also an individual quirky personality to each [[ThePsychoRangers which may seem oddly familiar]]. They might act funnier than TheDragon. They mainly provide a [[{{filler}} distraction]] to the heroes until the real plot kicks in. The BigBad has little qualms with [[YouHaveFailedMe killing them off if they fail]] consistently, possibly because their jobs often entail a bare minimum of intelligence needed. Some groups are filled with [[EnemyCivilWar backbiting and betrayal]], with the occasional {{Minionshipping}}. Occasionally, one or two of the bunch will have a change of heart, and do a HeelFaceTurn. That person is almost always a loner to the rest of the group anyway, especially if they become the SixthRanger.

If the heroes defeat their [[TheDragon Dragon]] and their BigBad, some or all of them may survive. They usually don't stick around in-show after that, but if they do, they may become the TerribleTrio or a bunch of {{Sixth Ranger}}s.

Sometimes overlaps with PsychoRangers, if the squad members are also each the EvilCounterpart of the main characters. See also TerribleTrio (incompetent Quirky Miniboss Squad, althought may be made a threat with TeamRocketWins), GoldfishPoopGang (a sillier recurring enemy independent of the BigBad), and StandardEvilOrganizationSquad (a larger and more serious version). Contrast CoDragons for a situation where multiple characters split the Dragon role, but don't necessarily work together the way a QuirkyMinibossSquad would and are usually treated more seriously.

Contrast TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily.

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[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Rupert and Earl's crew in ''Fanfic/TheCalvinverse'' serve as this. They're very, ''very'' [[HarmlessVillain incompetent]], and the heroes generally don't pay them any mind.
* The Reapers and the Zodiac Family in ''FanFic/FalloutEquestriaProjectHorizons'', the former being a mercenary group made up of prewar genetically-engineered [[HalfHumanHybrids half-pony hybrids]] and various other freaks and mutants, and the latter made up of WesternZodiac themed bounty hunters.
* In ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/127451/comes-the-sunset Comes the Sunset]]'' Sunset Shimmer has a Quirky Miniboss ''Army'', the most notable being Virtuous Fury (a knight from another dimension), Emerald Ray (an evil Crystal Pony), and Shrike (the former second in command to Nightmare Moon).
* ''Fanfic/SunsetOfTime'' has the Deathwing, a group of griffon mercenaries. They're half in for the gold, half in it so they [[BadBoss don't get killed.]]
* Show up so often in ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' that they're automatically classified into the pretty one, the fast one, the strong stupid one, and one with freaky powers.

* ''Roleplay/DestroyTheGodmodder'': Piono and Binary both have one, and both of them consist of really nasty villains from other areas.
** piono has Sauron in his, as Tricky from Madness Combat, and had Dimentio from ''Super Paper Mario'' and Vriska from ''Homestuck''.
** binary's consists of GlaDos, bill Cipher, [=IKEA=], king of tabletopia, DocScratch and Lord English.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Some {{power stable}}s become so large that they end up having other power stables inside of them.
** [[Wrestling/DavidHeath The Brood]] for the Wrestling/MinistryOfDarkness, until they broke off due to being mistreated.
** Wrestling/{{Raven}}'s brainwashed {{cult}}, the Gathering, in Sports Entertainment Xtreme
** Team Wrestling/{{TNA}} and Las Gringas Locas in La Legion Extranjera, which would itself become just [[LegionOfDoom one of many]] members of Wrestling/{{AAA}}'s La Soceidad.
** Team Canada (which in of itself might have been the largest Team Canada ever with ten members) to Planet Jarrett (which was headed by "The Kings Of Wrestling" Wrestling/ScottHall, Wrestling/KevinNash and Wrestling/JeffJarrett rather [[NamesTheSame than]] [[Wrestling/ChrisHero those]] [[Wrestling/ClaudioCastagnoli guys]] from Wrestling/{{Chikara}}[=\=]Wrestling/{{R|ingOfHonor}}OH)
** Wrestling/{{Fortune}} inside of Immortal, at least until they rebelled against the larger group.[[/folder]]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'':
** Command Squads and HQ choices with retinues can come across this way -- particularly for players who assign personalities to the characters.
** Encouraged for Space Wolves players, where they not only have tons of named units, but also encourage the player to make their own characters with distinct personalities, plus the special rule that allows them to pick ''two'' HQ units for one HQ slot, meaning one can go to war with a large group of infantry choices and put two rune priests in a HQ slot and still have room for more HQ units like a wolf lord or one of the named HQ choices if you spend your points right.
** The Grey Knights' Paladins have statistics equal to most HQ choices, having an almost identical statline as a Librarian in Terminator Armor and having just as much equipment choices. They can be taken in as few as 1 to as many as 10. Another character can allow them to be taken as Troops, effectively allowing you to field a miniboss squad as an army. To a lesser extent, Terminator armies (Deathwing, Loganwing) are also this, as Terminators are often elite unit choices.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* An odd example is the Tennessee Valley Killer's posse, made up of a cow doctor who bred roosters for illegal fighting, and one guy who wanted to eat said roosters. Their case was dramatized in an episode of radio drama ''Gangbusters!'' on April 6, 1958, ''"Tennessee Triggermen"''.
* The turn-of-the-century "Molasses Gang." They got their name because one of their favorite crimes was to all go into a shop and hold out a really big hat and tell the shopkeep they had a bet as to how much molasses the hat would hold. He'd agree to fill it as full as he could, then with a quick move they'd clap it over his head, covering his eyes, and while he struggled to get it off, they'd make off with whatever they were after. Supposedly they also once got bored during a bank robbery and left without the money.
* Napoleon had his twenty-six Marshals who were the most powerful military and political figures in his empire and varied widely in competence from guys like [[MagnificentBastard Massena]] and [[TheDeterminator D'avout]] who probably could have taken over the world themselves if they weren't sharing time with Napoleon down to borderline incompetents like Victor and Grouchy. There was also his main diplomat, [[TheStarscream Talleyrand]]. Subverted, though, in that the marshalate was infamous even among contemporaries for being a veritable snakepool. The primary reason Wellington was so successful in Spain, beside superior intelligence, was that the up to five French marshals Napoleon had left to lead his armies in the Peninsula hated each others' guts and refused to cooperate until 1814.