->"''We use a most unfortunate idiom when we say, of a lustful man prowling the streets, that he 'wants a woman.' Strictly speaking, a woman is just what he does not want. He wants a pleasure for which a woman happens to be the necessary piece of apparatus. How much he cares about the woman as such may be gauged by his attitude to her five minutes after fruition--one does not keep the carton after one has smoked the cigarettes.''"
-->-- '''Creator/CSLewis''', ''The Four Loves''

Sometimes, a man really has to get it on. So much, in fact, that it's totally worth spending an obscene amount of time and money if the end result is getting laid. If the primary plot of a work of fiction is an examination of this time and money we have a Quest for Sex.

The reasons for a man's quest can vary to a fairly wide extent--he might just be out to use SexAsRiteOfPassage. Other times the man isn't a virgin--he just really, really wants it very badly. Sometimes to the point of needing to commit [[GoodAdulteryBadAdultery adultery]] in order to get it. Because, let's face it--[[ImAManICantHelpIt he's a dude]]. What's he supposed to do about it?

This plot trope has been common in recent years as laxity from the MoralGuardians has made sex comedies centered on this premise easier to distribute. Still, expect many examples to eventually feature an {{Aesop}} about sex not being everything at the end, if only because building a character's entire motivation around getting laid often ends up seeming, kind of, you know, [[FlatCharacter shallow]] and [[ThisLoserIsYou pathetic]].

Popular in the SexComedy.


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* The main plot of ''Manga/BGataHKei''... although the one on the quest [[GenderFlip is a girl]]. Her explicit goal is to gain one hundred sex friends before graduating highschool. Now, she's a beautiful girl, so this ''should'' have taken all of ten seconds. But she has [[CannotSpitItOut no ability to communicate her desires]], actually doesn't know very much at all about sex, as well as surprisingly low self-esteem (She's embarrassed to even look at her own body down there), so hilarious misadventures happen instead of {{hentai}}.
* ''VisualNovel/GreenGreen'' features the Baka Trio, Yuusuke's three best friends, who are so depraved for sex that it is the only thing they can think about, and they will stop at almost nothing to actually get it. Most of the anime features them constantly doing perverted schemes. They ''always'' go wrong. At least Tadatomo can claim he succeeded: '''[[BlackComedyRape He got raped by a bear.]]''' Hikaru ''could'' have scored with one of the girls, but this girl happens to be Haruno Arisa, who is supposed to be the repulsively ugly one among all the girls [[InformedDeformity (even though she looks fairly normal compared to everyone else)]]. She ''wanted'' to have sex with ''any'' of them too. [[ArentYouGoingToRavishMe She didn't care what they did to her.]]

%%* ''Film/AmericanPie''
* ''Film/{{Porkys}}'' and the multiple movies spawned by its success use this as the main thrust (so to speak) of the plot. The same can be said of ''Film/AmericanPie'' from a decade later.
* In the movie ''Film/FortyEightHours'', Reggie goes out of his way to get some. It's not the main plot, but a subplot. He is in prison, and is going ''back'' at the end.
* ''Film/{{Superbad}}'' uses {{Deconstruction}} to take on this premise.
%%* ''Film/TheFortyYearOldVirgin''.
* ''Film/SexDrive'' is about a man who steals his brother's car and drives across the country to have sex with a woman he met online.
%%* ''Film/EyesWideShut'' provides a rather dark version of this.
* ''Film/DivorceItalianStyle'' features this as an UnbuiltTrope, as is to be expected since it predates current usage by several decades. The usage here as a result tends to be a lot more macabre and disturbing, as the main character in pursuit of his goal [[spoiler:to have sex with his 15-year-old cousin, devises a highly elaborate plan to manipulate his wife into having an affair so he can legally have her murdered, and then marry said cousin. Said plan includes knowingly destroying his entire family's moral reputation, and at one point (accidentally) killing his uncle]].
* In ''Film/TheSureThing'' Gib drives across the country to meet the titular "Sure Thing", a woman who is guaranteed to sleep with him.
%%* ''Where The Boys Are '84'' is a RareFemaleExample of this.

* ''Literature/YouthInSexualEcstasy'' is an inversion of this, the quest is for reserving sex only for your true love.
* In ''Literature/TheGame'', ([[TookALevelInBadass formerly]]) socially awkward music journalist Neil Strauss does research on the Pick-up Artist Community, meeting several other socially awkward types on this quest. They all end up having copious amounts of sex, but [[AnAesop it ultimately solves nothing because they still have deeper problems to contend with]].

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* Samantha from ''Series/SexAndTheCity'' has this quest as her main character trait, and shows no signs of giving it up: She's the oldest character in the main cast.
* Barney from ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' does this on a regular basis. How far is he willing to go to get laid? He once found a sorority that had gotten in trouble for lewd behavior, dressed up as an old woman, and had himself instituted as their new house mother, "Mrs. Stinsfire". And that's just Phase 1 of the plan.
* In ''Series/TheKidsInTheHall'', a recurring character simply (and [[GenderBender more or less]] [[PettingZooPeople accurately]]) called the Chicken Lady wants nothing more than to have sex. However, since the vast majority of the available dating pool is human, [[HilarityEnsues things tend to go spectacularly badly]]. They also have the character with the accurate name of Cabbage Head, who has similar goals. He fails because he's a sexist jerk that most women can't stand.

* In AphraBehn's play TheRover Belvile, Blunt,Willmore and Frederick are on this quest for sex.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* This is the premise of the ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry'' series: in the first, Larry, rapidly approaching 40, decides to finally lose his virginity and sets out to [[UsefulNotes/LasVegas Lost Wages]], determined to have sex with a woman by the end of the night. He ends each of the first three games committed to (what he considers) true love. There's even a whore in the first game, and if Larry uses her, he says outright that it's not enough (though it does remove the time limit). The second game is even subtitled "Looking For Love in Several Wrong Places."
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' has a quest to find a young mage who's run away from the Circle of Magi. When you find him, it turns out that this trope is the reason, and he's just about to have a one-night stand with the waitress from the Hanged Man. You can drag him back to the Circle before he can do it, get him to peacefully turn himself in in the morning, or convince him that he's better off skipping town.
* Largely the premise of ''VideoGame/HuniePop'', once Kyu gives the player a nudge in the right direction.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Hilariously, [[WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}} Joel's]] childhood cat Minus went missing for two years. He returned home twice as fat and ''every female cat in town'' pregnant. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws2s0eSWANg#t=233 See to believe.]]

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* Glen Quagmire of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' lives this quest.
* The ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Erection Day" has Jimmy trying to get laid, under the impression that it will help his inexplicable erections before the talent show.
* There are several episodes of ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'' where the titular characters come up with plans to score. Said plans always fail. In ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButtheadDoAmerica'', the two travel cross country to Washington, thinking they're going to get paid to "do" someone's wife.