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This was a widespread source of affordable fiction in the first half of the 20th century. They were essentially regular periodicals printed on cheap paper (hence "pulp") featuring original text stories, in contrast to the slick magazines printed on higher grade paper.

Inside these mags were stories of almost every genre possible depending on a particular magazine's focus. While the ActionAdventure series in the spirit of ''Franchise/IndianaJones'' or ''Literature/{{Pellucidar}}'' and ProtoSuperhero (like ''Radio/TheShadow'' or ''Franchise/DocSavage'') series are best remembered today, there were vast varieties like science fiction (like ''Magazine/AmazingStories''), crime & detective (like ''Black Mask''), horror (Creator/HPLovecraft's stories) romance and many others.

Very few involved, including the writers who often were paid a penny a word, thought the fiction created had real value the way novels often tried to. But the stories were at their best in the wild scenes of furious action, and influence their descendant media to this day. Many {{Dead Horse Trope}}s were [[SeinfeldIsUnfunny new and original in the pulps]]. For instance, the SuperHero and Spy Hero stories like ''Franchise/JamesBond'' owe a lot to the medium's influence.

Eventually, it was killed off by competition from movies, comic books, television and the paperback novel, newer forms of affordable entertainment.

See also TwoFistedTales, works directly inspired by the pulps. Compare with DimeNovel. SpaceOpera, PlanetaryRomance and SwordAndSorcery became distinct genres in the pulps. {{Airport Novel}}s are the closest [[SpiritualSuccessor modern equivalent]], although ExtrudedBookProduct plumbs some of the same depths as the worst of the pulp serials.

Not to be confused with the band called [[Music/{{Pulp}} PULP]]. The movie ''Film/PulpFiction'' derives its title, and some of its style, from stories in pulp magazines.

* ''Magazine/AmazingStories''
* ''Literature/TheAvenger'' - something of a cross between the Shadow and Doc Savage, but with a more tragic dimension.
* ''Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian'' and anything else by Creator/RobertEHoward
* ''Franchise/DocSavage'' - a big influence on {{Superman}}
* ''Radio/TheShadow'' - a big influence on Franchise/{{Batman}}
* ''Literature/TheSpider'' - a more bloodthirsty, violent and (in later installments) more Catholic version of above. According to Stan Lee, one of the indirect influences on SpiderMan
* ''{{Tarzan}}'' and anything else by Creator/EdgarRiceBurroughs.
* ''{{Franchise/Zorro}}''
* As the storm clouds gathered over Europe and the Far East, pulp hero ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operator_No._5 Secret Service Operator #5]]'' (1934 - 1939) fought attempts by various foreign armies from South America, [[ThoseWackyNazis Europe]] and the [[YellowPeril Orient]] to [[DayOfTheJackboot conquer the United States]]. The events are completely over-the-top as benefits the pulp genre, except for the time the Japs destroy an entire city (Philadelphia) with their evil atomic bomb. [[HarsherInHindsight Only Orientals would do such a dastardly deed...]]
** Sadly, due to the cancellation of the magazine, the "Purple Invasion" epic was left permanently unfinished at a CliffHanger.
* ''Series/{{Danger 5}}'' is a modern TV pastiche of pulp magazine cliches set in WWII. On its website, [[http://www.sbs.com.au/danger5/index.html it has an online pulp magazine edition.]] Its creators have directly stated their intent to pay tribute to pulp.
* Film/{{Gojira}}: Written and serialized by pulp novelist Shigeru Kayama.
* ''Magazine/WeirdTales'', a hugely influential magazine with fantastic, horror-themed stories. Authors who had their stories published in the magazine include Creator/RobertEHoward, Creator/HPLovecraft, Creator/HenryKuttner, Creator/CLMoore and many, many others.
* ''Webcomic/SemiAutoSemla'' is a webcomic that seeks to emulate the genre and the tone, complete with the often gratoitous amounts of damsels in distress and heavy-duty action.
* ''Magazine/ElleryQueensMysteryMagazine'' is a pulp magazine that's been active since the 1940s.