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[[caption-width-right:345: Personally, I'd prefer the high-carbon steel to the stainless, plus heft and grip make a big difference...[[ComicallyMissingThePoint oh, wait, this is about the girls?]]]]

A LoveTriangle where at least two of the members are [[{{Yandere}} mutually crazy in love with the hypotenuse]]. Leads to a massive amount of drama and generally lots of violence and attempts to MurderTheHypotenuse, only now it's working both ways, and if the third member of the trio is ''not'' mentally unstable and violent, expect them to suffer quite a bit. Sometimes though, the third member of the trio can be as crazy, if not more so, than the aforementioned crazies. And if they aren't, they may be soon enough thanks to the other two.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Manga/{{Adekan}}'': Anri flip-flops between {{Yandere}} and CuteButPsycho for his brother Shiro and Kojiro both of whom have HoYay with each other. Sakura is one to his "big brother" Shinohome whom also becomes more obsessed with Shiro after he manages to cut his hair to escape from him when he made him his SexSlave with him doing morally objectionable things when trying to get him back.
* ''Manga/AkuNoHana'': Eventually gets to this point with Saeki and Nakamura being the yanderes for Kasuga.
* ''LightNovel/AiNoKusabi'' has Riki being in a LoveTriangle with Iason and Guy, who are both dangerously obsessive of him. It went FromBadToWorse.
* ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'' has the Belarus/Russia/Lithuania love triangle. [[{{Yandere}} Belarus]] [[BrotherSisterIncest likes Russia]], [[{{Yandere}} Russia]] likes Lithuania, [[DoggedNiceGuy Lithuania]] likes Belarus, and it goes downhill from there.
* Hitagi of ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}'' shows some {{Yandere}} tendencies towards boyfriend Koyomi at times. And Suruga is {{Yandere}} for Hitagi and directs some lewd behavior towards Koyomi. Also: [[spoiler:Black Hanekawa]].
* ''Manga/BlackButler'' features Grell who has a psychotic attraction towards [[AnythingThatMoves numerous characters]], especially Sebastian, and especially if [[InLoveWithYourCarnage they are strong]]. Unfortunately for Grell, Sebastian is [[HoYay too focused on and devoted to]] eating the soul of Ciel and is implied to have yandere tendencies towards him. Madame Red had a thing for her sister's lover and went crazy because she was refused and had an accident which made it so she couldn't have a baby. She also flirts with Sebastian and has Grell in love with her and later [[spoiler: killing her]]. Season two has Sebastian acting especially possessive towards Ciel, Claude fighting with Sebastian for Ciel's soul, and Alois is yandere for Claude who [[spoiler: also ends up killing him]] and is jealous of Ciel as a result. Baron Kelvin also was yandere for Ciel as well as Undertaker to a more ambiguous extent. When Baron Kelvin first met a 7-year-old Ciel at a party held by Vincent Phantomhive, he immediately fell in love with him and came to worship him, viewing him as special and beautiful. However, he decided that only special people can touch other special people, and decided to undergo numerous plastic surgeries on his face with parts taken from actual children in order to become more beautiful to suit Ciel.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Loly and Menolly both think they have a love rival in Orihime because they believe Aizen has an interest in her. So they beat her up and attempt to kill her. However, Aizen has no interest in any of them. Loly also seemed to have quite a bit of FoeYay towards Orihime.
* ''Manga/DeathNote'' features one, in which both [[{{ItsAllAboutMe}} Kiyomi]] [[{{AmbitionIsEvil}} Takada]] and [[{{PsychoSupporter}} Misa]] [[{{LoveMartyr}} Amane]] vie for the affections of [[CuteAndPsycho Light]] [[{{ManipulativeBastard}} Yagami]], who is [[{{Asexual}} not in love with anyone]]. Both women qualify as complete yanderes, but [[{{AGodAmI}} Light]] is just as crazy, if not more so, than either of them.
** Played even more strangely before then, where Misa also seeks the psychotic [[LightIsNotGood Light]]'s affections, and instead finds herself the object of [[AmbiguousDisorder L]]'s attraction - that is, when he's not [[ExaltedTorturer torturing her for information]] (or perhaps especially then?). Then there's the pounds of FoeYay hints that Light may have a thing for L, which may or may not be reciprocated, despite the fact that L knows he's a SerialKiller and Light later [[spoiler:kills him]].
* In the manga ''Manga/DesireClimax'' both Hina and Shoei demonstrate some Yandere tendencies towards Mio.
* ''LightNovel/DogAndScissors'': Both Kirihime and Madoka have the hots for Kazuhito. Subverted, because Madoka calms down after Kirihime scolds and defeats her.
* ''LightNovel/{{Durarara}}'' has Namie and Mika towards Seiji. Though its later subverted when its revealed that Seiji is not only as crazy as them, he's also in love with [[ALoveToDismember Celty's head]].
* In ''Anime/ErgoProxy'' both Daedalus and Iggy are yandere for Re-I.
* The Yuno-Yukiteru-Akise triangle from ''Manga/FutureDiary'', with Yukiteru being stuck between the uber-Yandere Yuno and the more subtle, but still violently obsessive Akise.
* ''Manga/GirlsBravo'' has two Yandere love triangles in the anime. Namely, Lisa and Yukina are both Yandere for Yukinari and Kosame and Hijiri are both Yandere for Kirie. Played for laughs.
* In ''Haru To Natsu'' Makoto finds himself stuck between the two twins Haruna and Natsumi who viciously fight over who will win him, to the point of tying him up, threatening him with a knife, and attempting to rape him.
* ''{{Manga/Gravitation}}'': Both Shuichi and Tohma are yandere for Yuki who is in a relationship with Shuichi who is the object of a crush from Ryuichi who is the object of a yandere crush from Tatsuma who also molests Shuichi as he resembles Ryuichi.
* ''Manga/HotGimmick'' has the Azusa, Ryoki, and Hatsumi love triangle. Between Ryoki and Azusa, poor Hatsumi is like some kind of Yandere-magnet.
* Played with in some Creator/MayuShinjo mangas. At first the male love interest will be a {{Yandere}} and BastardBoyfriend while his GirlNextDoor girfriend will be more or less normal. Then, the girl who will appear to challenge said GirlNextDoor will tun out to be a {{Yandere}} ClingyJealousGirl... meaning that the two yanderes do ''not'' compete for someone else, but the crazy dude is the target of both a crazy girl and a non-crazy one.
** ''Manga/SensualPhrase'': Sakuya (BastardBoyfriend), Aine (Normal Girl), Ayako ({{Yandere}} girl)
*** And played straighter with Sakuya (BastardBoyfriend), Aine (Normal Girl) and Tomoyuki ([[BrotherSisterIncest siscon]] love rival)
** ''Manga/HaouAiren'': Hakuron (BastardBoyfriend), Kurumi (Normal Girl), Reilan ({{Yandere}} girl)
** ''Manga/AkumaNaEros'': Satan (BastardBoyfriend - and yes, it's THAT {{Satan}}), Miu (Normal Girl), Sara ({{Yandere}} girl)
* ''Manga/OkaneGaNai'' has both Tokigawa and Kanou acting like yandere to Ayase.
* The 90s ''Manga/SailorMoon'' anime has Prince Diamond acting like a {{Yandere}} towards her when she's already in love with Mamoru/Darien and Emerald acting like a {{Yandere}} towards Prince Diamond. Another yandere love triangle consists of Ali having a crush on Usagi and Ann having a crush on Mamoru, when Usagi loves Mamoru and Mamoru doesn't even remember Usagi, thanks to amnesia. There's also Queen Beryl, Dark Lady, Fish Eye (anime only), Fiore (movie), Nehelenia (anime only) all developing villainous crushes on Mamoru some to a yandere extent.
* ''Manga/SakuraGari'' has ''two'' of them:
** There is initially a love triangle between Souma, Masataka, and Sakurako. With Souma rather obsessively pining (to a Yandere-like degree) after Masataka, who has a huge crush on Sakurako, who is a Yandere for her brother Souma.
** When Souma mellows out and stops being {{Yandere}}, DepravedBisexual Dr. Katsuragi comes into view, making ''both'' him and Sakurako {{Yandere}} for Souma. Katsuragi loved Souma since they were children, and is upset that Souma loves Masataka [[spoiler:so he rapes and tortures Masataka with the intent to drive him away from Souma. Masataka escapes, but is left scarred and traumatised. Souma finds out, confronts Katsuragi on his bullshit and deals him a brutal HumiliationConga... that Katsuragi's wife transforms into KarmicDeath.]] As for Sakurako, [[spoiler:she eventually snaps so badly that she tries to kill Souma and Masataka, then is DrivenToSuicide.]]
* ''WebComic/SayonaraZetsubouSensei''- although replace drama with comedy. Though, here, it's more like a {{Yandere}} LoveDodecahedron. They tried to make it more like a "Love Sphere"...but you can guess [[MurderTheHypotenuse what happened to most of the people]].
* ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' is the TropeCodifier, with [[AnythingThatMoves Makoto]], [[UnluckyChildhoodFriend Sekai]], and [[TheOjou Kotonoha]]. But then he [[spoiler:starts sleeping around and [[FromBadToWorse things go to hell]]]].
* In ''LightNovel/TheRisingOfTheShieldHero'' Motoyasu's death resulted due to him not wanting to chose one of his two female friends over the other. Both girls responded by stabbing him to death while arguing over who would go to heaven with him.
* ''Manga/SeraphOfTheEnd'' features Ferid acting as a DepravedBisexual yandere towards numerous people like Krul especially, Mika, and Yuu. Mika and Yuu meanwhile are implied to [[HoYay have feelings for each other]] which Ferid [[MindGameShip seems to like getting in the way of]] and Mika can be possessive over Yuu. Mika even cuts off Ferid's arm for trying to drink Yuu's blood and later [[spoiler: loses it when Ferid actually ''does''.]]
* ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'' initally has both Rize and Tsukiyama mixing murderous and amorous attentions to Kaneki. Tsukiyama retains his feelings for Kaneki into the sequel and it also features Kanae who is {{Yandere}} for Tsukiyama, Romo wanting to ruin Sasaki's life in order to get him to become the beautiful and tragic Kaneki she adores, and Eto varying between trying to kill Kaneki and declaring her love for him because of his violence towards her. Also there's a popular fan theory that Touka initially had yandere feelings for Kaneki as she brutally beat the crap out of him while verbally attacking him for leaving her and now in chapter 114 of re Mutsuki has joined the fray as he has a violent and romantic obsession with Sasaki/Kaneki. Matsuri is implied to be a yandere in regards to his feelings for Urie and Urie is violently protective with a implied crush for Mutsuki.
* In an ImagineSpot in the first episode of ''Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend'', the main character sees all five of his sexfriends as [[KnifeNut knife-wielding nutcases]].
* The yaoi manga ''Manga/UnderGrandHotel'' has Swordfish being a Yandere for Sen who loves Swordfish back. There's also Norman who's in love with Swordfish but pretended to be in love with Sen so he could get closer to Swordfish. He tried to persuade Swordfish to kill Sen but that didn't work. So, on one occasion when there was a scuffle going on he tried to get Sen out of the way by stabbing him with a pencil but accidentally ends up stabbing his inmate Walter instead who was trying to protect Sen in the hope of getting protection from Swordfish. When he finds this out, Norman holds a knife to Walter's neck telling him, "If you don't want to die, don't butt in again Walter!" And in the first few scenes we see Lain Brody he gives Sen a blowjob, strips him, drugs him and outright molests him as he's drugged (including telling him "No way in hell am I letting Swordfish kill you. Because he doesn't love you. I'm the only one that can kill you."), rapes him with a mop handle, ties him up and hides him in a dryer. And when Swordfish finds Sen he gives him CPR. Lain responds to this by stabbing Fish in the arm with a fork and tries to stab him again while screaming at him, "Get off of Sen! He belongs to me!" Immediately after that Lain is shot and killed by security guards.
* ''Manga/WolfGuyWolfenCrest'' has an interesting (and nightmarish) example in that both Ryuuko and Haguro are Yandere for Inugami's more violent side, and lust after him. They are also in a sexual relationship with each other and think about Inugami while having sex. When the two of them find out that Inugami, who wants nothing to do with either of them, has started developing feelings for [[HotTeacher his teacher Aoshika]]...it gets ugly. [[BreakTheCutie Very]], [[RapeAsDrama VERY]] [[NightmareFuel ugly]].
* ''Manga/WolfsRain'': Jagura, a {{Yandere}}, is in love with Darcia who's a {{Yandere}} for her twin sister.
* ''Anime/ElCazadorDeLaBruja'': Rosenberg and L.A. are yandere for Ellis who [[LesYay has something for Nadie]].

* In ''AudioPlay/YandereHeaven'' the listener/heroine is trapped between two yandere males - the situation changes between each volume. The YaoiGenre SpinOff ''Yandere Heaven [=BLack=]'' has a male trapped between two Yandere men as well.
* ''AudioPlay/YandereNoOnnaNoKo'' is essentially the same as ''Yandere Heaven'' with the genders flipped.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* During ComicBook/{{Superman}}'s [[DorkAge Red and Blue period]], the split Supermen had to contend with [[{{Yandere}} both Maxima and Obsession]] showing up at the Fortress of Solitude at the same time. While Maxima was horrified by Superman's situation, Obsession's reaction was that they now had one each.
* While Love is quite a stretch, ComicBook/SpiderMan, Eddie Brock, and the ComicBook/{{Venom}} symbiote have one of these. The Venom symbiote is a {{Yandere}} for Peter that wants to [[IfICantHaveYou kill Peter so no one can have him]], Eddie is a {{Yandere}} for the Symbiote that wants to MurderTheHypotenuse, Peter.

* ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'': The three members of the triangle are psychotic in this story due to their allegiance to the ''[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Chaos Gods]]''. Asuka -a HotBlooded, [[TheBerserker berserker]] {{Tsundere}}- and Rei -a CreepyChild {{Yandere}}- love Shinji -a ManipulativeBastard and {{Jerkass}}-. Shinji is in love with Asuka and regards Rei like a sister. Rei gets frustrated about it and often fantasizes with getting Asuka killed, but she dreads what Shinji would do to her in retaliation. At the same time Asuka is ''very violently'' protective from Shinji and would slay with extreme prejudice whoever tried to take him away from her. A battle to death, a murder attempt and much drama and enmity later, the situation was peacefully settled [[spoiler:when they agreed to have a [[{{Polyamory}} three-ways relationship]].]]
-->'''Shinji''':''“I can see where this is going. Fuck… caught in a love triangle between a Khornate berserker and my Nurgle sister.”''

* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' there's Lysa towards Petyr, and Petyr towards Lysa's older sister Cat. [[MadLove Lysa]] [[spoiler: raped Petyr [[DudeShesLikeInAComa whilst he was drugged, delirious and insensible]] twice in the backstory, with him possibly believing she was her sister.]] Petyr, who UsedToBeASweetKid, was left unhinged and bitter after being rejected by Catelyn, so he decided to ''deep breath'' [[spoiler:manipulate Lysa into killing her husband and accusing House Lannister of the murder, all in order to draw Catelyn's own husband, Ned, to the DeadlyDecadentCourt of Westeros, driving a wedge of tension between Houses Stark and Lannister. The end result: Ned was executed for treason, fanning the flames of aforementioned tension, which grew into a spectacularly bloody, continent-wide civil war, leaving thousands dead, the land ravaged and the economy hanging on by a thread just before the start of a winter that could last for generations!]] All of this, just because Petyr DidNotGetTheGirl! The guy takes {{Yandere}} to a [[UpToEleven whole new level of insanity.]]
* The Ian [=McEwan=] story ''The Comfort of Strangers'' is about a couple who become obsessed with [[spoiler: the protagonist's [[PrettyBoy beautiful]] boyfriend, and ultimately murder him together.]]
* Creator/AgathaChristie's short story "Triangle At Rhodes" features two couples: one consists of Valentine Chantry, who's on her [[TheVamp fourth husband]] and seems to have no real regard for his feelings, and her very possessive, jealous husband, Tony. The other consists of Marjorie Gold, a very kind, plain woman who is desperately in love with her husband Douglas, who seems to be infatuated with Valentine (who is returning his feelings). When Valentine is murdered, it looks as though Douglas attempted to kill Tony so he and Valentine could get together, but actually got Valentine instead by pure accident. [[spoiler: In reality, there were actually two love triangles: the fake one (Tony/Valentine/Douglas) and the real one (Marjorie/Tony/Douglas). Valentine and Douglas had no serious feelings for each other, but Marjorie made it look like they did- she wanted to start a relationship with Tony, and they felt that the best way to get rid of their partners would be to murder Valentine and pin it on Douglas, who would subsequently be hanged. Poirot sees through it instantly.]]

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/BatesMotel'': Norma Bates, an emotionally scarred BrokenBird, sadly finds herself caught in the middle of choosing to be with the OnlySaneMan Sheriff Romero or [[IncestSubtext her own son]] Norman Bates. However, Norman seems to be the most dangerous one as he views her interest in Romero as a serious act of betrayal.
* ''Series/MagnificentCentury'' with Mahidevran, Hürrem, and Süleyman.
* In the fifth season of ''Series/TheWalkingDead'', a girl named Jesse Anderson is caught in the middle of a love triangle between her husband [[DomesticAbuser Pete]] [[FauxAffablyEvil Anderson]] and [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Rick]] [[SanitySlippage Grimes]]. Since the zombie apocalypse brings out the best and the worst in both men it's very complicated for her to choose who she feels safer with. [[spoiler: It ends with Rick coming out on top after he kills Pete in self-defense.]]
** Season 7 gives us Negan, Dwight and Sherry. Dwight and Sherry were married, but after their attempt to flee went wrong, Sherry agreed to become Negan's wife in order to save Dwight's life. Unfortunately Negan is an AxCrazy PsychoticManchild, Sherry is still in love with Dwight, and [[PunchClockVillain Dwight]] does whatever Negan tells him to.
* In ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryCult'', Ally Mayfair-Richards is married to Ivy, who despite initially seeming to be as supportive wife is actually [[spoiler: in on the titular Cult, and in fact actively ''hates'' Ally, having sent the Cult after her to drive her insane and get full custody of their son.]] Their babysitter, Winter, is ObviouslyEvil and is [[TheDragon working for her brother's nefarious plans,]] and Winter ends up [[YourCheatingHeart fingering Ally in her bathtub,]] [[QuestionableConsent with Ally dubiously at best consenting]] to this. Taken UpToEleven after both the reveal that [[spoiler: Ivy and Winter were actually having an affair,]] as well as Ally [[spoiler: later murdering Ivy as well as framing Winter as TheMole and getting her killed by Kai.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/DantesInferno'': The innocent Devout-Christian Beatrice finds herself being fought over by her emotionally scarred, sinner husband [[BrokenBird Dante]] and the devil himself, who desires her as his queen in Hell.
* ''VideoGame/MicaApoptosis'': [[spoiler:Dynasty]] is in a PsychoticLoveTriangle with [[spoiler:Mika]] and [[spoiler:Tamora]]. Chances are, however, that he doesn't know the former is a {{Yandere}}, but he surely knows the latter is one. [[spoiler:He was so terrified of Tamora that he fled his country to escape her, but not before she poisoned him. When he survived the poisoning thanks to Mika's healing, Tamora arrived looking for him. Mika managed to out-Yandere her by snapping her neck and ripping her into pieces using her psychokinesis.]]
* ''VideoGame/IrisuSyndrome''. [[spoiler: Irisu likes Uuji. Ageha also likes Uuji, but she's not a yandere for him. No, the second yandere in this triangle is ''Uuji'', who likes Irisu but has [[InsaneTrollLogic completely]] [[DeathSeeker messed up]] [[TogetherInDeath ways of showing it.]]]]
* ''VideoGame/WhenYanderesCry'' gives poor Nishiki a psychotic love rectangle, which interferes when his relationship with his girlfriend.
* Happens in ''VideoGame/{{Yanderella}}'' with both true ends. Yatarou is friends with a GirlyGirl and a {{Tsundere}} {{Tomboy}}, both who are [[MadLove madly in love with him]]. Either way you choose, you'll make one angry and awaken the beast within her.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The main plot of ''VisualNovel/LimitPanic''.
* ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' has Makoto in the middle of a LoveTriangle with two Yanderes, Kotonoha and Sekai. The {{Anime}}[=/=]{{Manga}}[=/=]VisualNovel TropeCodifier. Note that despite the infamy the franchise has, in the original visual novel this is largely downplayed. Kotonoha and Sekai are both quite unstable, but most of the time it doesn't escalate into violence.
* ''VisualNovel/MyHaremHeavenIsYandereHell'' has a psychotic love ''rectangle'' with TheProtagonist and his three ChildhoodFriends.
* ''VisualNovel/YandereILoveYouSoIWantToKillYou'' has a love rectangle like the one mentioned above, only it involves ''one'' childhood friend, a teacher and an underclassman. Oh, and there's a ''lot'' of sex involved.
* ''VisualNovel/StarstruckLove'' gives you the option of pursuing two of these. The only way to escape the psychotic part is to accept one of the four guys for who he is... [[spoiler:If you don't, someone (including you) may be killed.]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* WebVideo/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses had a [[AllLoveIsUnrequited triangle of rejection]] between WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick, WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows and WebVideo/ObscurusLupa. The last one didn't do anything, but Todd bordered StalkerWithACrush towards her - and did [[NoodleIncident weird stuff]] trying to woo her - and the Chick in turn went as far as kidnap Todd to get his attention. ([[RealitySubtext Todd and the Chick are dating in real life]], and this triangle was abandoned after both ''Webvideo/ToBoldlyFlee'' solved it in-universe and Lupa being MisBlamed on the dismissal of [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment another reviewer]] made Todd uncomfortable)

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* On ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark,'' [[TheDevilIsALoser Satan]] is in a relationship with nice-but-boring [[InTouchWithHisFeminineSide Chris]] when his ex-lover, UsefulNotes/SaddamHussein, returns to Hell. Saddam kills Chris to get Satan back; since he's dead again, Chris just reappears in Hell the next day. Saddam refuses to make peace with Chris and kills him again, only for Chris to start fighting back, and the LoveTriangle quickly descends into the two of them murdering each other each day as Satan equivocates about who he wants to be with.