Professor Challenger is a fictional professor from the works of Sir Creator/ArthurConanDoyle. (Yes. [[Literature/SherlockHolmes That guy]].) He starred in a series of books (starting with ''Literature/TheLostWorld'') usually narrated by his friend [[TheWatson Edward Malone]].

* 1912 - ''The Lost World'', which describes an expedition to a plateau in South America where ancient creatures, including dinosaurs, still survive.
* 1913 - ''The Poison Belt'', in which the Earth passes through a cloud of poisonous ether.
* 1926 - ''The Land of Mist'', an AuthorTract on spiritualism.
Short stories:
* 1928 - ''When the World Screamed'', on Challenger's World Echinus theory. Considerably less scary than the title implies.
* 1929 - ''The Disintegration Machine'', concerning the potentially dangerous new invention by a [[MadScientist scientist]] named Theodore Nemor.

While fun and easy to read, the series never really caught on beyond the first book and many readers of ''Literature/TheLostWorld'' [[FirstInstallmentWins are unaware of the later stories]]. It seems like none of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters can escape from the shadow of [[Literature/SherlockHolmes that other character]].

!!Works in the Professor Challenger series with their own trope page include:

* ''Literature/TheLostWorld''