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->''"Now you don't need money when you look like that, do ya honey?"''
-->-- '''Jet''', "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"

Pretty Freeloaders are a common HaremGenre archetype, and occasionally show up in other genres too: They are girls (or sometimes guys), who move in with the protagonist as InnocentCohabitation, and just stay there, without actually doing anything (or anyone, mostly), or paying for anything. However, unlike many such freeloaders this type usually manages to get away with it by virtue of being sufficiently good looking and sexy.

Related to FriendsRentControl, as the characters' ability to do this is frequently {{handwave}}d as one of the characters having a rich family, the main character won a giant house and commodities in a contest, etc., and the plot point is promptly forgotten for the rest of the series. If this behavior is tolerated or encouraged, it may be due to FavorsForTheSexy. If someone gets sick of them, usually roommates who are NotDistractedByTheSexy and just want them out, it usually turns into TheThingThatWouldNotLeave.

See also the GoldDigger, who may turn into a non-platonic version of this trope once they've got their hooks into a suitably wealthy sugar-daddy[=/=]mommy.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Jun's living doll troupe in ''Manga/RozenMaiden''. Justified, in that they are dolls and could not work for a living anyway.
* ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'''s treatment of the group as this versus a harem fluctuates depending on continuity. Ironically, Kiyone is the only character who is ([[AlternateContinuity consistently]]) ''embarrassed'' at being a literal PrettyFreeloader, as she's initially forced to mooch off the cast after being stranded on Earth with Mihoshi.
** This was addressed a little in the {{Spinoff}} manga. Mihoshi does give part of her paycheck to pay for rent and [[CuteClumsyGirl all the damage she causes.]] Of course, given that Mihoshi comes from one of the richest families in the known universe, she probably doesn't even notice her paycheck.
*** Note that a ''part'' of a [=GalPol=] officer paycheck is enough for Seina's family in ''[[Anime/TenchiMuyoGXP GXP]]'' to afford a BigFancyHouse. Even if Seina does the most extreme job in the Galaxy Police (as essentially glorified bait/bounty hunter combo and with his [[SarcasmMode "luck"]], he has netted more pirates than anyone else), which translates into quite a large income, the Yamadas move out ''before'' he starts doing this, and is still just a cadet.
** In the OVA continuity, especially later on, when it moved from its original RuleOfFunny-driven action comedy premise into a more straightforward SpaceOpera setting, it was implied that all Earth!Masakis' financial problems, whether real or imaginary, are little more than {{Masquerade}}, as their family is actually ''much richer'' than the Kuramitsu clan. [[spoiler:They are, after all, members of the Jurai royal family...and nowhere near as isolated from Jurai as they let on.]]
** However, Tenchi quit attending school and started farming for carrots for feeding Ryouki. That at least showed that they have had issues regarding fuel or spaceships...
* The entire cast of ''Manga/HappyLesson'', who tend to annoy Chitose at the worst possible times, and were once kicked out of his house as a result. [[spoiler: This makes the pseudo- LastMinuteHookUp plotline involving one of the teachers all the more unusual.]]
** The freeloader part may be subverted, considering all the mothers are full-time teachers or a nurse. It's implied they pay the food bill, since they once ask how much Hazuki spends on eating.
* ''Manga/HeavensLostProperty'' : Justified, because angeloids have been built to only follow a masters orders and cannot provide for theselves. The protagonist complains many times on how this is hurting his finances. Now he can't even afford to buy a DVD. Later, Astraea turning out to be a BigEater doesn't help (He and Nymph are reluctant in accepting her staying at their house). This leads to a new medical angeloid, Oregano, being given away to a rich Yakuza Princess (and being used as a weapon, only PlayedForLaughs). Later, the protagonist ends up trying to kick all of the angeloids out of his house in a comedy scene. SubvertedTrope: in a spin-off manga, Ikaros is seen working as a waitress.
* Anna from ''Manga/ShamanKing'', who takes advantage of her [[PerfectlyArrangedMarriage engagement]] to Yoh in order to do nothing that hasn't been paid for by someone else, usually Yoh or Manta. In the dubbed version of Trey (Horohoro)'s intro episode, [[HypocriticalHumor she actually tells him "No freeloaders".]] In Anna's defense she not only is Yoh's girlfriend but she considers the TrainingFromHell menus she organizes for him (and making sure that he follows them) as payment -- and since Yoh ''does'' become stronger, she's right.
* A sizable portion of the cast of ''Anime/ReadOrDie'' ends up living in Nenene's apartment by the end of the TV series. Any incidental earnings from their detective jobs is mostly squandered on their bibliophile habits.
* C.C. from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' showed up at Lelouch's house (after he thought she was killed) and quickly settled in, taking his bed for her [[ThereIsOnlyOneBed own]] and ordering [[TrademarkFavoriteFood pizza]] on his dime. As she points out, this kind of ''has'' to happen, since she's a fugitive from Britannia, and they're partners thanks to his Geass contract, but that doesn't exactly cheer him up. At the very least, she helps take care of Nunnally, Lelouch's blind and parapalegic younger sister.
** To complicate this, Lelouch and Nunnally were in some sense freeloading off the Ashfords, who let them stay there. Surely Lelouch's gambling was not the only thing paying for all the food that he, Nunnally, and C.C. ate. (An audio drama suggests that Lord Ashford's motives for taking Lelouch and Nunnally in were not selfless.)
*** The Ashfords even sent one of their maids (formerly Milly's) to help take care of Nunnally.
* ''Anime/PuniPuniPoemi'' has the titular character take this role after she "loses" her family.
* Aisha and Suzuka from ''Manga/OutlawStar''. Technically, they're not freeloading as Aisha takes menial jobs to pay her way and both usually end up working the same job as Gene (he's too afraid of Suzuka to actually charge her rent). They're more like unusual roomates.
** And they ''do'' occupy useful positions in [[CoolShip Grappler One/Outlaw Star]]'s crew, so they definitely earn their keep.
* ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'': Index, and by the end of the first StoryArc [[spoiler:Touma doesn't even remember why]]!
* Around halfway through ''Anime/{{Noein}}'' Haruka takes advantage of her mom's ParentalObliviousness to let Karasu and the other Dragon Knights crash at her place. She tells her mom they are bird watchers.
* Tsuna from ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'' has this problem. Reborn, Bianchi, I-Pin, and Lambo tended to be the more permanent moochers in his house (at least in the first half). However, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Haru also fit this trope every now and then, at certain points in the story. (And even though Gokudera and Yamamoto are ''supposed'' to have the job of protecting Tsuna, Tsuna has shown numerous times that he doesn't actually ''need'' their protection all that much).
** On the other hand, Sayoko's scheme ''does'' pay off in the end, so it's not really fruitless mooching. And Satoru definitely gets his money worth in other departments.
* Not part of a harem, but Faye Valentine from ''Anime/CowboyBebop'' invites herself over to the Bebop, seems to do much less work than the other three and eats and complains a lot. The others even openly wonder a few times why they let her do that, but [[IHaveBoobsYouMustObey the viewer can imagine]].
* In ''Manga/DragonBall'' Oolong kidnaps several young girls hoping they will take care of his house but they end up becoming this.
* In ''Manga/MyBrideIsAMermaid'', San, Maki, and Lunar all end up living in Nagasumi's house. In San's case it's justified, as she and Nagasumi are engaged, but Maki and Lunar just sort of moved in on their own. Maki tries to justify herself as being Sun's bodyguard, and she's often shown waking up Nagasume every morning by trying to kill him. (She is an assassin after all). Lunar moved in just so she can keep watch over her newly self-appointed man-servant. It is subverted later on, when Sun and Lunar's fathers (who are yakuza bosses) pay for the damage that they and their daughters cause to the house.
* The eponymous Niea from ''Anime/NieaUnder7'' is an alien girl who decides to live in Mayuko's closet, eating her food and generally being a nuisance with her boisterous attitude.
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', any shinigami stationed for an extended period in the living world ends up freeloading off someone. The most notable is Rukia, who spends months at a time living in Ichigo's closet and later rooms temporarily with his sisters Yuzu and Karin. (Oddly, Renji is called a freeloader, even though he stays with Urahara, who makes him earn his keep with chores.) Meanwhile Rangiku and Hitsugaya stay with Orihime, and Ikkaku and Yumichika stay with Keigo. (Mostly because Keigo's sister Mizuho has a crush on Ikkaku. Or better said, she likes him because she has a thing for bald guys.)
* ''Manga/NagasareteAirantou'' gender-inverts this, with TheHero Ikuto living under the same roof as the female lead Suzu. Neither of them, however, is willing to capitalize on the situation (even under the urging of Suzu's great-grandmother), seeing as Suzu is an InnocentFanserviceGirl that is ''very'' ObliviousToLove and Ikuto is a CelibateHero.
* Austria does this to Germany in ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'', although it is justified seeing as Germany did force him to come under his rule.
** Italy does this to Germany as well, during WWI
* Elsea from ''Manga/TheWorldGodOnlyKnows'' manages to move in with Keima and his mother... by telling the latter that she's ''the illegitimate daughter of her husband!''
** Although she does help out in their coffee shop quite a bit, doing most of the cleaning that Keima's too busy gaming to do.
* Inverted in ''Manga/AirGear'', where ''the main character'' Itsuki/Ikki is the one freeloading from his childhood friends, the beautiful and quite badass Noyamano sisters. (With one of them being his UnluckyChildhoodFriend Ringo [[spoiler: though she ''may'' not be that unlucky now in the manga]].) They make him "pay" via pretty much having him as their busboy.
* In another hentai manga called ''Maid Bride'', the first chapters concern a girl who blackmails her next-door neighbor into letting her stay with him as a [[PiratesWhoDontDoAnything maid who does nothing]] by telling him she knows what he does at night alone.
* Inverted in ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'', where the object of the {{Unwanted Harem}}'s affections stays and eats at one of the girls' houses 24/7.
* ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' averts this: Tohru was offered to stay in exchange for doing all domestic chores. Maybe Shigure did it because he guessed Tohru wouldn't accept charity.
** The other characters are often blamed for staying in the house without even helping for the chores, just because they are family members. So many will point out that they ask too much from Tohru, even if chores are her rent.
** While there aren't a lot of on-page examples of it, Kimi is heavily implied to be this. At the very least, her much-younger self agreed with the idea that she could get by in life with her pretty face.
* Chikahito from ''Manga/{{Gate 7}}'' is a [[GenderFlip Gender Flipped]] version.
* In ''LightNovel/IsThisAZombie'', Ayumu Aikawa is forced to house and feed {{Necromancer}} Eucliwood, [[MagicalGirl Magical Garment Girl]] Haruna, and Seraphim, a Vampire Ninja. HilarityEnsues. Although they do help out in the house later except Eucliwood. Averted with Maelstrom, who doesn't live with Ayumu [[AccidentalMarriage despite being married to him]].
* Primarily subverted in ''Manga/{{Sekirei}}''. Minato's harem are expected to earn their keep, as [[HaremNanny Miya]] makes it clear that those that don't contribute won't eat. Hikari and Hibiki likewise earn their keep, working a variety of odd jobs to (barely) survive. Shiina takes up a domestic role, cooking and cleaning for Yukari. On the other hand, Mikogami's army of Sekirei play it absolutely straight, living off his parents' wealth and hanging around his BigFancyHouse.
* Zigzagged in ''LightNovel/HaiyoreNyarkoSan'' with Nyarko, Cuuko, and Hasta insinuating themselves into the Yasaka household. All three of them have steady jobs (Nyarko's apparently pays well enough that she can splurge on {{Otaku}} goods), but for the most part they just go to high school with [[OnlySaneMan Mahiro]] and laze about the house all day. On occasion they'll offer to help out (Nyarko moreso than the others), but since her cooking is almost always AlienLunch and their idea of cleaning house only makes it messier, it's probably better that they don't.
* The four bishounen boys from ''Manga/TheWallflower'' desire to be this so badly that they accept their landlady's deal of turning her niece, Sunako, into a lady and thus win free rent, essentially setting up the plot of the entire series.
* A rather disturbing example is used in one Creator/JunjiIto story, ''The Bizarre Hikizuri Siblings - Second Daughter's Lover''. The protagonist is contacted by a pretty classmate who's threatening suicide because she can't stand living with her creepy, weird siblings anymore. He stops her attempt, takes pity on her, and lets her live with him. From then on, all she does is laze around the house while he works to support both of them. Every time he suggests she get a job or go live somewhere else, [[WoundedGazelleGambit she starts accusing him of not wanting her at all and threatening to kill herself]]. [[spoiler:She's taken back by her siblings and seemingly goes through with SelfImmolation, which leads to her siblings blaming the protagonist for her death and forcing him to spend the night with her charcoal-like remains. After he dies of a heart attack from the stress of it, it turns out she's alive as well and fakes suicide constantly.]]
* ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDXD'' starts straightforward, then plays with this a bit. At first, it's just Asia living in the Hyoudou house's spare room - it was this or homelessness, and [[ChivalrousPervert Issei]] and [[OpenMindedParent his parents]] were hardly going to kick her out. Then Rias moves in as well, and she could very easily pay her own way. Then when the rest of the harem moves in, it gets completely flipped and averted in one move - the house is renovated into a palatial mansion overnight, and it's all but outright stated that Rias is footing the bills now. She tolerates Issei's parents, since she treats them as future in-laws anyway ([[ParentalObliviousness and they could be paying doctored bills without noticing]]), almost all the rest of the residents are members of her Peerage and do Devil work for her, and the one exception is effectively a VIP diplomat.
** Later the house acquires two more straight examples: [[spoiler:Le Fey, who lives unobtrusively in a room in the basement, and Kuroka, who's been after Issei's genes from day one and so just offers to make her [[InnocentCohabitation cohabitation]] less innocent whenever rent is mentioned.]]
*** They can be considered to be contributing (somewhat) in their own way in the later volumes. [[spoiler:Kuroka is helping Koneko and Gasper train. Her training helped Koneko unlock Shirone Mode thus increasing Team Rias' firepower. Le Fey on the other hand becomes Issei's magician contractor, so she may likely contribute in the future.]]
* ''Manga/MissKobayashisDragonMaid'':
** Discussed when Lucoa moves in with Shouta and Tohru points out that she can't just stay there for free. Lucoa does offer several gifts (up to and including sexual favors) but Shouta turns them all down.
** Ilulu initially just kind of hangs out at Kobayashi's apartment following her HeelFaceTurn, but after a while Tohru forces her to get a job and she starts working part-time at a candy store.

* In ''AudioPlay/TheUnfinishedSpellingErrorsOfBolkien'', Elrond hangs out in Théoden's tent. Théoden gets a bit tired of it.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* [[GenderFlip Gender-flipped]] in ''Fanfic/AllYouNeedIsLove'' with Light, L, and Matsuda crashing at Naomi's place.
* When Keitaro first arrives in ''FanFic/LoveHinaLikeItCouldHaveBeen'', Kitsune hasn't paid her rent in two months. After he refuses to take over, Haruka steps up and informs her that she'll have to come up with the money before the next month is up, or else she'll be evicted.
** Similarly, she has to face the consequences of this in ''FanFic/AnAlternateKeitaroUrashima''.
* Subverted in ''Fanfic/ANecromancersWildCard'' with a male example, Minato Arisato. He makes food sometimes while living in Ayumu's home.
* Rai the main character of Fanfic/CodeGeassColorlessMemories though a Downplayed example. Like Lelouch and Nunnally, Rai is staying in the school clubhouse thanks to Milly being one of the Ashford's and thus having a lot of pull at the school. Rai at least feels guilt about this (despite Milly's assurances) and helps out at the student council regularly to make up for it.


[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'':
** Penny is a relatively mild version of this. She doesn't live with the guys, but she eats their food whenever they get takeout (most nights) and uses their wi-fi since she refuses to pay for her own. This is lampshaded many times: Sheldon complains about it and frequently changes the wi-fi password ("Penny already eats our food; she can pay for Wi-Fi. No spaces."), only for Leonard to promptly inform her of the change. Sheldon even changes the wi-fi password to "Penny is a freeloader" and Penny accepts it without seeming to care. Howard and Raj wonder why Leonard allows her to do this, even when they're not dating.
--->'''Leonard''': (''to Penny'') How can you walk around with no money?
--->'''Penny''': I'm cute, I get by.
** Katie from the unaired pilot was shown running out to parties in the middle of the night and coming back completely hammered. She even went as far as saying that the apartment was the only place she could stay rent free without having to sleep with anyone.
* Robin from ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' has apparently never paid for coffee, food or ''rent'' in New York until she got engaged.

* Music/TheOffspring's "Why Don't You Get a Job?" is about either a Pretty Freeloader or an UnwantedSpouse. The last verse also contains a SpearCounterpart version, a man mooching off his girlfriend.
* Hinted at in Julie Brown's "'Cause I'm a Blond" (from ''Film/EarthGirlsAreEasy''):
-->"When I see people working, it just makes me giggle.\\
'cause I don't have to work, I just have to [[{{Gainaxing}} jiggle!]]"

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/FantasyLife'': [[spoiler:After deciding she wants to stay in Reveria permanently, Yuelia ends up just living with the player and hanging around her usual spot in butterfly form. Since an important gameplay mechanic is tied to her and finishing the story unlocks her true form as one of the more useful combat allies, it's best to not think too much of the contradiction between the situation and one of the game's messages(e.g. "getting a job is one of the most wonderful things you can do.").]]
* In ''VideoGame/UnderNightInBirth'', Hyde ends up with [[RebelliousPrincess Linne]] and [[ElegantGothicLolita Vatista]] living in his apartment. Obviously neither of them are gainfully employed, but at least like that he can keep an eye on them, which is why this arrangement was his suggestion. Unfortunately, Linne is nearly always accompanied by her hulking bodyguard Waldstein, so eats all of his food.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Over the course of the three routes of ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'', the Emiya household sees a wide variety of temporary residents, a large amount of whom were never actually invited:
** Taiga doesn't sleep at Shirou's house, she does spend a lot of time and take all her meals there, leading Shirou to think of her like this. [[SubvertedTrope She's a subversion, however]]: the house actually belongs to a Yakuza clan that lets Shirou live there to repay HUGE favors that his father Kiritsugu did to them... and the leader of the clan ''happens'' to be [[YakuzaPrincess Taiga's grandfather]]. So in a way, Shirou's house is technically ''Taiga's'' to begin with.
** Played hilariously with Rin, who has a large home of her own and it's implied she's the only resident there-in. She moves in anyways to help Shirou during the Grail War and ends up staying. She even offers a totally made up line to Taiga about her place being renovated and thus can't stay there, to gain her approval.
** The biggest freeloader and least welcome guest, Illya, wins Taiga over effortlessly, then later does the same to Taiga's mobster father so completely that he'll shelter her over his own daughter.
* In ''VisualNovel/FateHollowAtaraxia'', the only one actually called a freeloader is Saber, who, admittedly, doesn't do much but eat.
** At the very end, Bazett likewise invites herself in for a while.
* Makoto Sawatari in ''VisualNovel/{{Kanon}}'' starts out as a Pretty Freeloader before becoming a Haremette. A little more justified in her case since she's a girl afflicted with LaserGuidedAmnesia and that's why Akiko took her in. [[spoiler: Specially considering that she's not even human to begin with.]]

* Rinnie from ''Webcomic/BlasterNation'' pretty much lives this trope
* In the webcomic ''Webcomic/SparklingGenerationValkyrieYuuki'', Norse gods Thor, Hermod, and Loki play this role (for certain values of "pretty," anyway) in Yuuki's home. Admittedly, Thor and Hermod are there to prepare Yuuki to be a valkyrie, but Loki hangs around just to spy on Yuuki and act like an all-around pervert. Later in the series, valkyries Otsana and Shebi force their way into a random Japanese guy's house while they search for Yuuki. They do this by alternately invoking SacredHospitality and [[http://sgvy.com/archives/Edda10/Issue7/Page3.html sheer terror]] (which the gods also used). They make their freeloader status explicit [[http://sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue1/Page6.html here]]
* ''Webcomic/RoninGalaxy'': Taylor is taken onboard Cecil and Giancarlo’s ship, despite not having any discernable talents. Cecil also proclaims her “his maid” though she is never shown cleaning anything. Not to mention she [[spoiler:almost got them both killed in the first chapter.]]
* Rumisiel and Vashiel are ''Webcomic/{{Misfile}}'s'' [[GenderFlip male equivalents]].
** Vash, at least, is happy to do housework in thanks for room and board. Rumisiel… is not.
** Vashiel also gets a job at Dr. Upton's clinic, handling appointment scheduling, since his tendency to get [[{{Nosebleed}} nosebleeds]] just from ''mentioning'' or ''hearing'' any gynecological terms is a downright terminal condition. If the poor fellow wasn't immortal, he would probably die of blood loss if he accidentally walked into a Hooters.
* The squirrel girls from ''Webcomic/SequentialArt'', who are useless at best and destructive at worst, having nearly got the main cast killed on two occasions. Strangely, they are in fact capable of amazing technical feats, which they could make lots of money off of were it not for their lack of common sense. It doesn't help that three of them are agoraphobic, and due to their HiveMind they can barely even function individually.
* Helle Belle from ''Webcomic/{{Devilbear}}''. She's the Daiva of {{Sloth}}, and more than lives up to the title. Normally seen planted firmly on the sofa. She's also [[http://www.thedevilbear.com/bios/png/belle.png ridiculously hot]] for a couch potato.
* In ''Webcomic/OwMySanity'', Nancy, Shubby and the various other {{Eldritch Abomination}}s who have taken the form of women, and are drawn to David, are a creepier-than-normal version of this.

* In the ''[[{{WesternAnimation/Sixteen}} 6teen]]'' episode "Cheapskates" Jen dates a guy named Griffin who is a cheapskate and has her pay for things for him. She wasn't happy when it turned out he was rich the whole time.
* In ''VideoGame/StevenUniverse'', after kicking Marty out of his van and going back to Rose, Greg Universe, then a LongHairedPrettyBoy rock star, was left jobless and moneyless, meaning he tended to eat out of the trash, play his guitar for change, and freeload off Vidalia. He eventually realized what he was doing, so he got a job at It's a Wash.