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[[caption-width-right:224:The [[MagnificentBastard masterfully manipulative]] Eleanor Shaw.]]

Women in politics and business have to be meticulous with their appearance, lest they look weak, inexperienced, or unprofessional. This means that one of the most common and effective hairstyles a woman politician can have is Power Hair.

It consists of a short cut reaching the jawline, parted in front and coiffed expertly with mousse or hair net and swept towards the edge of the jaw, so you'll never see it cross in front of the face like many a lovestruck DamselScrappy does incessantly. Power Hair is patterned somewhat on the hairstyle commonly used by [[TheFlapper flappers]] in [[TheRoaringTwenties the twenties]] (emancipated women, the ones you always see in Al Capone movies with tube dresses to the knees and cloche hats shaped like little tea cosies on their heads). Another common variation is cutting it short all over but leaving it longer near the top and "sweeping" it upwards.

Power Hair is so pervasive it's worked its way even into Disney cartoons.

This trope is an example of TruthInTelevision. Numerous, ''numerous'' female politicians will have Power Hair or a variation thereof. It's a brave woman who wears a different hairstyle, and a political juggernaut if she does so and remains successful. Possibly justified in that shorter hair is becoming a fad with older women in the West since it's easier to care for, and few politicians get to the top in their youth. (All this also applies in business and certain professions.)

See also IronLady, who is likely to sport this hairstyle, and LadyInAPowerSuit, the perfect accessory for the hair. Oppose PowerMakesYourHairGrow. Related to RealWomenDontWearDresses.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* A rare anime example is Ryoko from ''Literature/TheCaseFilesOfYakushijiRyoko'', who isn't so much a villainess as a self-interested {{Jerkass}} 90% of the time, especially in comparison to her rival Yukiko, who has a much more traditional Japanese hairstyle of long black hair pulled back.
* Ran's mother in ''Manga/DetectiveConan'', who is a lawyer, mostly has this, although there are some strands that fall in front of her ears.
* Sylia Stingray from the ''Anime/BubblegumCrisis'' [=OVAs=] has this hairstyle, as does Prime Minister Kayabuki in ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex 2nd Gig''. Both of them were played by Creator/YoshikoSakakibara, who has Power Hair in RealLife.
* StudentCouncilPresident Nodoka Manabe from ''Manga/KOn'' sports this, although she's actually pretty friendly.
* Hildegard von Mariendorf of ''Anime/LegendOfGalacticHeroes'' tends to sport this sort of hairstyle through most of the series, as befits an IronLady out to leave her mark on galactic history.
* In ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'', Yui cut her hair short so that boys would stop bothering her.
* In ''Manga/CardCaptorSakura'', Sonomi, the CEO of an electronic/toy company, wears her hair like this.
* In ''Manga/DeathNote'', Kiyomi Takada wears her hair short. She is a respected TV personality, and "official" spokeswoman for Kira.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ComicBook/BlackCanary is one of the biggest {{Action Girl}}s in the DC universe. Occasionally her hair is cut short when not in a wig, though starting sometime in the 90s she grew out her hair and dyed it blond. This style was one of her shorter cuts.
* ComicBook/PowerGirl, another major DC ActionGirl and usually sports a bob cut, but from sometimes goes for the power hair approach.
* While Kate Kane's ComicBook/{{Batwoman}} uniform includes long red hair, that's a wig attached to her cowl. Her actual hairstyle is much shorter.
* Other notable female characters usually known for long hair who have appeared with short hairstyles include ComicBook/BlackWidow, ComicBook/CaptainMarvel (Carol Danvers), and ComicBook/{{Catwoman}}.

[[folder:Films - Animated]]
* Cruella de Vil in ''Disney/OneHundredAndOneDalmatians'' was perhaps the earliest Disney villainess with Power Hair. Accentuated by dividing it into half white and black. One exception is hers was not moussed, so it would sweep around across her head and face when her temper went out of control.
* Ursula in the Disney version of ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'' had the second variety of Power Hair, made all the more striking when compared to Ariel's [[HeroesWantRedheads billowing cloud of red hair]].

[[folder:Films - Live Action]]
* Glenn Close as the vice president in ''Film/AirForceOne''.
* Creator/MerylStreep's character in ''Literature/TheDevilWearsPrada'' is a good modern film example.
* In ''Film/SlidingDoors'' the Helen who catches the train gets one.
* Another of Streep's memorable performances was in the remake of ''Film/TheManchurianCandidate'', where she plays a senator and mother to Raymond Shaw, again with typical Power Hair.
* Creator/AngelaLansbury in the original ''Film/TheManchurianCandidate''. She's the the power behind the throne of her politician husband. Her Power Hair is poofier, but is short enough to qualify.
* In ''Film/AmericanBeauty'', Carolyn Burnham's methods of "projecting an image of success at all times" was a shock of Power Hair. Notable is that clips of her younger - when Lester describes her as happier - have her hair long.
* Creator/JudiDench as M in the ''Film/JamesBond'' series.
* Holland Taylor as Professor Stromwell in ''Film/LegallyBlonde''. Hilariously in a deleted scene from the sequel, she asks her hairdresser for a mohawk.
* Mon Mothma, leader of the Rebel Alliance, from ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi''. One of the few sci-fi examples of this trope.
* Elizabeth Perkins in ''Film/{{Big}}''. As she goes from a hard-nosed businesswoman to a more whimsical romantic interest, her hair softens from scene to scene.
* Creator/JodieFoster as the Secretary of Defense in ''Film/{{Elysium}}''.
* ''Film/ThePrincessDiaries'' features Creator/JulieAndrews as Queen of [[FictionalCountry Genovia.]]
* Creator/ImeldaStaunton sports this type of hair as Dolores Umbridge in ''Film/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix''. In the book, she wears either a black bow or fluffy pink Alice band in her hair too, but not in the film.

* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': A full season after her TraumaticHaircut, Cersei Lannister ascends as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.
* Claire Underwood sports one in ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS''.
* [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Regina]] of ''Series/OnceUponATime'' wears this style as Storybrooke's mayor. As she [[spoiler: undergoes a FaceHeelTurn]], her hair grows out long.
* Jenny Shepherd, director of ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' goes through a number of hairstyles, but this seems to be the most common.
* Angela Petrelli of ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' has Power Hair to go along with her painfully perfect cutthroat [[StepfordSmiler high society aide]]. [[spoiler: It really shouldn't come as a surprise when it turns out she's the EvilMatriarch and in league with [[FallenHero Linderman]] to destroy New York.]] In later seasons the actress's hair got longer, and she started arranging it in a very tight updo which creates an even more power-y effect. The comparison became obvious in a flashback to pre-season 1 [[spoiler:before Arthur's apparent death]].
* Major Kira Nerys in ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' started off with Power Hair, cropped it later, and finally grew it back to a more Power Hair-like cut.
* Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor on ''[[Series/TwentyFour 24]]''.
* Inara's client "The Counselor" from ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' has hair like this.
* Adelle De Witt from ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' has slightly longer than average Power Hair by season two, but it's still much shorter than her hair in season one.
* Maggie Walsh from ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' wore her hair like this.
* Eva Thorne from ''{{Series/Eureka}}'' has classic Power Hair, befitting her business-like persona and background.
* Leslie's mother on ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'', who is the head of the Department of Education, has this haircut. Leslie gets a cut like it for Season 1's "The Banquet," but it just ends up making her and Ann [[MistakenForGay get mistaken for a couple]].
* ''Series/{{Veep}}'':
** Vice president Selina Myers has a longer version of this in the first two season and most of the third, around a medium length, but averted this in the opening montage symbolizing her earlier career aspirations. Amy, her chief of staff, has hair ending slightly longer than hers while Sue, her secretary, has longer hair than both though she keeps it in some sort of bun most of the time.
** When Selina runs for President in season 3, she gets a shorter haircut.
* Miranda in ''Series/SexAndTheCity'', who is the least feminine of the main characters and works as a no-nonsense Manhattan lawyer.
* Stana Katic is an interesting example in ''Series/{{Castle}}''. In the first season, very serious Power Hair. Later seasons, not so much.
* Marcela and Margarita from ''Series/YoSoyBettyLaFea''
* In ''Series/OrphanBlack'' Rachel Duncan sports some pretty epic power hair. Incidentally, her power haircut is mirrored almost exactly by her rival, Evie Cho.

[[folder: Music Videos]]
* In the music video for "Stupid Girls," Music/{{Pink}} wears her hair like this while she plays a presidential candidate, while lamenting that young girls are being encouraged to be [[BrainlessBeauty shallow and passive,]] and buying into that expectation.

[[folder: Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/VickieGuerrero initially had long hair, but had switched to this around the time she became Official Consultant of Smackdown. Coincidentally the shorter hair coincided with her becoming a more straightforward evil authority figure, when beforehand she had been in a lengthy romantic comedy storyline with {{Wrestling/Edge}}.

* This is the default [[ImportantHaircut haircut given to young girls who are selected as]] ''otokoyaku'' (actresses specializing in {{Crosscast Role}}s in the {{Takarazuka}} Revue, due to its ability to be styled into a fully masculine appearance when playing men onstage. Older otokoyaku are still expected to keep their hair relatively short, but some have it further cropped into a pixie-ish style, while others grow it out to a more tousled, feminine shag that only looks male onstage.

* Ruthless business mogul Ann Walker in ''Webcomic/ButImACatPerson''. Flashbacks show her in pin curls in her youth, with a hairstyle developing over the years until it settles on this one. (Averted with the comic's other major female around the same age, though she's even in politics: Congresswoman Karen Park.)
* ''Webcomic/StickyDillyBuns'' features Ruby, a recent business studies graduate with strong career ambitions among a cast of rudderless bohemians -- who seems to be cultivating a definite power bob.
* Megan from ''Webcomic/{{xkcd}}'' wears her hair short, and plays a much more active role than ''most'' other female characters.

* Courtney from WesternAnimation/TotalDrama has this along with her desire to be a lawyer.
* Mina Bonteri of ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'', complete with graying sideburns.
* From ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', the [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101231105750/mlp/images/5/56/Mayor.PNG Mayor of Ponyville]]. And in Season 3, the Games Inspector from "Games Ponies Play".
* The mayor of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''.
* Mom of ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' would certainly qualify to many degrees. Her hair may technically not be short but the heart-shaped upright hairdo has pretty much the ''same'' effect.
* In Book 4 of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', Kuvira, self-declared [[SheIsTheKing Emperor]] of the Earth Empire by way of military coup, goes for this haircut. In contrast, her brief previous appearance in Book 3 had much looser hair. Actually it's a subversion, since she tied her hair up in a bun than cutting her hair, as in one episode, [[SlipknotPonytail her bun becomes undone]] during her confrontation with Korra and again, in the GrandFinale during the climax between her and Korra.

* UsefulNotes/HillaryRodhamClinton is probably the most famous example.
** She always had a youthful hairstyle that that went past her shoulders... until she became first lady, at which point she quickly opted for a shorter, more "mature" style. This got her promptly labeled as [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen power hungry]], even though she never made statements stronger than general expressions of ambition (which is what politicians need to have of course).
** While she had this during her time as First Lady and later Senator, during her time as Secretary of State, she slowly let her hair grow back longer. Initially it was because her daughter Chelsea asked her to for her wedding, though she kept it that way during the two years between stepping down as Secretary of State and announcing her candidacy for President in 2016. Not coincidentally, in her announcement video, she was back to PowerHair, albeit to a longer style than she had sported as Senator. (The longer hair she had in her last few years as Secretary of State aged her a bit--she actually looks ''younger'' than her actual age with the Power Hair than without.)
* Angela Merkel, [[UsefulNotes/TheChancellorsOfGermany Chancellor of Germany]]. Even though, ironically, her hair was even ''shorter'' and more boyish during her GDR political career and in TheNineties.
* Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile. Also, several of her female advisors ''and'' ladies from the opposition, like right-wing senator Evelyn Matthei.
* Condoleeza Rice, former US Secretary of State
* Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives (and former Speaker).
* Kim Campbell, very briefly Canadian Prime Minister.
* Other prominent female Canadian politicians of Campbell's generation such as Alexa [=McDonough=] and Sheila Copps fall under this as well.
* UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher, former British Prime Minister. Her hair was in a perm when she was younger. The current British PM Theresa May also sports Power Hair.
* Tarja Halonen, former President of Finland. Unfortunately, this makes her a dead ringer for [[Series/TheTonightShow Conan O'Brien]].
* Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand.
** Subverted with NZ's current Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
* Carly Fiorina, a California businesswoman, is a prime example of Power Hair. Incidentally, she also headed up H-P (as Chairman, President, and CEO 2000-2005) and also ran for office (a US Senate seat from California) in 2010 (and lost to Democrat Barbara Boxer, who incidentally also sports power hair).
* Roza Otunbayeva, who overthrew the government of Kyrgyzstan and became head of the interim government, has this kind of hair.
* Considering what Cyndi Lauper used to look like back in TheEighties, it's astonishing to see her with this kind of hairstyle.
* The female presidents of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, used variations of Power Hair in their term of office.
* Played straight by Swedish politicians Mona Sahlin, Maud Olofsson, Beatrice Ask and the late Anna Lindh.
* The Brazilian (ex-she's been impeached) President Dilma Rousseff
* Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia from 2010 to 2013.