A satirical view on politics and life through the events that transpire in a conservative college at Cambridge University (UK) after the appointment of a new and liberal master. Based on a novel by Creator/TomSharpe, it was broadcast over UK's Channel Four in 1987 in the form of a TV mini-series.

!!Examples of used tropes:
* BilingualBonus: The theme song is mostly in Latin, in the style of a college choir. Non-Latin speakers can usually make out the college motto 'Dives in Omnia'(which is a plot point, so they're sure to get it by about the third episode) but not the rest of the lyrics which tell the 'congregation' that the college is staffed by ignorant drunks. This is true, and something of a spoiler.
* BulkBuyOnly: A university student's attempt to procure a single condom becomes a TrojanGauntlet that ends with him acquiring two gross of them. He is then stuck with the problem of how to dispose of them.
* DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale: A college's only research graduate student is obsessed with his middle-aged bedder to the extent he is scared ''he'' will rape her. However, after she senses his feelings it is her who sneaks up into his room in the middle of the night and rapes ''him'' instead. They soon both [[DeathBySex die in an explosion]] though (as while sneaking in, she lit the gas without knowing the chimney was blocked by condoms which the student had unwittingly acquired and had tried to dispose of by filling them with gas and stuffing them up the chimney).
* OutWithABang: See DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale.
* {{Oxbridge}}: [[CaptainObvious obviously]]. It's acknowledged that Porterhouse is an extreme stereotype, but when the book was written there was still more than a grain of truth in it (e.g. many colleges were still all-male).
** Sharpe actually knew Cambridge well, having lived there for a number of years and the various locations of the Wilt and Porterhouse books are easily identifiable. Porterhouse itself is located in a spot which, in real life, is a small triangular open space containing a memorial if some kind; Skullion appears to live in the Gwydir Street area, and the pub is apparently the Dewdrop Inn.
* TrojanGauntlet
* UpperClassTwit: Most students and alumni of Porterhouse.